Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 18, 1976 · Page 34
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 34

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1976
Page 34
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\ TONIGHT'S TELEVISION 5 5:30 6 6:30 7 7:30 8 8:30 9 J:30 to 10:15 10:30 "11 11:30 12 12:30 1 KBCI(CBS) CBS Evening News ' ~""~ Np^uonFgfjjjp.^^ _The J e H e r s o n s Tony Orlando Dawn Cannon ~" K B C I tale Movie Morning Headlines " Ch.4 KAID(PBS) Elcclrrc Compjnv UgiHalure '74 Book Bedl N"rlh*i;$t Menus BntfSP With E»perls lmJ9es ol Aging Grcal P e r f o r m a n c e s Ch.6 KM (ABC) Mickey Mouse ABC Evening Ne W j Big Valley The Bionic Woman Barella SUrsky and Hulch Perry Mason News Scene 6 Good News Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) NBC Nightly News To Tell ihi Truth Circus Highlights Chico and the Man The Dumplings Pelrocelli Ntwsbtat The Tonight Show Tomorrow Ann Landers Tbo lil.-iho Free Press A- Tlif .Yews-Tribune. Wednesday. February )S. 1976 - 8-11 Beer drunk exasperates wife SLACKER TM**^ l " % * Bt ""VICE-AUTV-STIREO GE-APMIANCES-AU.8EF«IGEBATIQN -I:CIJ ( G J ABC .AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL - "Me ami Dad's New Wife" - The traumatic experience of a 13-year-old girl meeting ho:' dj'd'- new wife as her junior high ninth teacher Program Highlight beloved school bus driver who has been in hiding for years in Ojai is located by underworld connections he fears (Ml - LEGlSL.-m'Rt: 70 Jeff Seward .intl Mindy Cameron give a wrap-up of the legislative issues of the day from the Capitol 7:11(1 1 2i TONY ORLANDO i DAU'N -- Guests stars are Milton Berle. Sid Caesar and Joey Bishop 7:00 (Hi THE BIO.VIC WOMAN' -- "A Tiling of Hie Past" - I'nknown to Jaime, a B:OU Hi IMAGES 1K. -\GIXG- "Sn Preface To Old Age" Tins weeks segment is an examination ol the thesis thai no one knows what "old" is until he or she is old. 8:00 '71 CHICO 4 THE MAN "The Return of Aunt Connie" -- When Connie introduces Chico and Ed lo linnlio. a man she met ii: Europe, and announces her plans lo let him invest Ihe SIOO.OOO she won in a tottery. Chico and Ed devise a TV film fare ln-:]i) i 2 ' CBS LATE MOVIE "Strange jnci Deadly Occurrences" - Starring fiohert Slack and. Vera Miles -Michael Rhodes, his wife and daughter move into LI rustic house in Ihe country Alter several monihs. things begin to occur in and around 'he house lhat al firsl appear to lie caused li\ gophers. As 'he strajigc- haunctnjnjjs jjrnw : more [re|uem. the famiK liecmiies convinced that Ihe licuso is haunted scheme lo get rid of him and save Connie's money. »:"! ' 2 ' TKLI.Y SAVALAS SPECIAL - "Telly...Who l.oves Va. Baby 1 '" Musical-comedy special. staiTiii|j Telly Savalas tOL'eilicr wilh guest stars Diahann Carroll, Harbara EelTM and Clnris I.eaehman. 8:iW ' O i BAKETTA - "The Dlood Bond" - liaretta chases down a rohljer to retrieve a stolen envelope and ends up being accused of pocketing half a million dollars, and his friend Billy Truman is held as ransom. !»:0» i71 PETKOCKLLI - Jusl after having Tony make out his will, computer researcher Pnul Andrews is killed in an explosion. A man named John Fleming, claiming lo he a government agent, demands an envelope Andrews left behind and Tony finds himself in a tangled web of government intrigue, wilh deadly stakes. 9:K1 Hi CHEAT PEli- KOKMANCKS THEATER IN AMERICA-"Zalmen or the Madness of God" - .Inscph Wiseman stars in Klie Wiescl's mystical drama of one rabbi's im- Dr. Lamb veins helped by different exercises By Lawrence E. Lamb. M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB - Would you please let me know if playing tennis, dancing or strenuous exercise can be harmful if one has varicose veins. I will be anxiously awaiting your answer, along with two of my friends who also have varicose veins. DEAR READER - i\o. it will not. ff you just have dilated or varicose veins over the outside of the leg and the veins deep inside your leg muscles that you can't see are all right, the exercise will actually help. As you exercise, the venous blood in the legs is milked out of the leg by 3 massaging action of the contracting leg muscles. The superficial veins drain into the deeper veins and emp- tying the deep veins helps drain (he superficial ones. If the superficial veins are all that are involved you will not have any trouble with - significant ankle swelling. When the deep veins are also involved you will have persistent swelling of the involved leg. The best thing you can do short of surgery for removal of varicose veins is to prevent further dilation of the veins. To do this you need to avoid prolonged standing without moving, and to wear some external support hose. The external pressure helps prevent distention of the veins. V a r i c o s e veins develop because of overdistention. The veins have valves inside them lo help move the blood uphill back to the heart. When the veins are overstretched the valves no longer meet and the blood leaks downhill distending the vein and you see the varicose vein, f think it is a good idea for women to wear support hose of some type during pregnancy as the pressure on the deep veins in the pelvis contribute to overstretching and laler varicose veins. This is particularly importanl to women who have a family history of varicose veins. If you have swelling of your ankles with your varicose veins then go ahead and exercise bul you might want to wear some support hose while doing it. For more information on varicose veins send 50 cents for The Health Letter number Hints from Heloise Bread loaf mailed in jug Dear Helcise: We had a pleasant surprise in the mail today. Our son knows how fond we are of zucchini bread so lie and his college roommate senl us a Inaf. It was his roommate's firsl baking experience and the bread was delicious. I thought you might tie interested in how lie packed it. Me cm a plastic jug in half, pul in the plastic-wrapped loaf nestled in shredded papers, and taped the jug back together with masking tape. He then wrapped the jug in a brown paper bag, tied it. tightly with heavy twine, addressed it and sent it off. We received the loaf in perfect condition, fresh right nut of our own rural mailbox. fsn't he a clever follow? Mrs Haj Bailey Clever, l-ilenlcd anil also, thoughtful: What a great way lo send something that might otherwise IK crushed. . . . . Helmse LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: 1 am the molhe: 1 of seven children \vho range in age from 21 down to six. However, I'm nol a grandmother yet or, unfortunately, even a mother-in-law. (And I need the room!) Barbara Well, don't plan on having more room when you become a grandmother. You might be in for a surprise what with all the paraphernalia most grandmothers collect for !he little ones. Right, gals 1 Heloise Dear Heloise: My hint ir for those that use a cream deodorant and find that sometimes in a hurry, you have not pul the lid on lightly and the deodorant has dried up. Well, you don't have lo throw il away, just put a few drops of water in the jar, screw Ihe lid back on tighlly and, in aboul three days, it will be moist as ne«- again. Mrs. Wm. Scolt Dear Heloise: You will probably laugh al this one bul it was «iven to me by a friend who worked in a hospital. She said a doctor gave il to her When fixing eggs for breakfast, pour out about one tablespoon of Ihe egg white and using your fingers, pat it all around the face and forehead avoiding the eyes). I usr- Iwo coats of the egg white. When it is dry, wash off wilh cool water and put on skin freshener and moisture lotion. 1 like this beller lhan any facial I have ever .used. KatherinePatlison No, I won'l laugh 'cause your hint sounds great. Bu! if I used it before breakfast, I'd be in a heap nf trouble. I don'l even have my eyes open thai early Heloise passioned rebellion aguinsl religious persevuliou in Hlissia. The prochcrlimi is performed by WiisliiiiKtnn's Arena Stage (Yunnany. (2 hours) 9:HO i2l CANNON - ('minim faces a cjn.-mifnry when John Hwr hires him lohunl ilmvn the would-hc assassin of his wife - was she nr her husband HIP nal Uu^cl aiul were they or liis syndic'nlc- head undo iinpliriilcil in Ilic :illem()l? THE FAMILY CIKCUS IX-ar Ann Landers: I've never heard uf another grown mini wild (lie prohlciii my husband has. We've gnl to find a solution before I go mad. He's well (bought of in the community and successful in business, llv slops frequcnlly afler working 'ale and has a few beers, lie says it's never over six in- seven although I'm sure when he and his buddies gel to talking, nnlmdy bothers to keep count. Then he comes home mot really drank but feeling good) and goes to bed for a while and Iliis is the problem. He jji'ls uj) In go to Ihe biilhroom, only he dnesn'l (|iii(e make it even though the bathroom is only five feet from his side of the bed. In his sleepy, beery slate, he proceeds to relieve himself, usually in Ihe corner all over the carpel, or between the bed and the hatliroom by his chesl-of- drawevs. Last night was Ih worst yet. The chest of drawers was open niid lie soaked his socks and T-shirts. I've tried gelling mad. I've also hied appealing lo his sense of pride. Nothing helps. It just keeps on happening. Any advice? - His Wife Deal- Wife: Your in-house sprinkler system lias n deeper problem lhan Hie one you are complaining about. It is called ulcnhnlism. The guy is a beer drunk. If you want to continue lo live with him in peace, join Al- Anon and learn how. L«k in the phone hook or contact Alcoholics Anonymous for more information t ( t Dear Ann: Recently you printed a letter from a ynung girl whose boyfriend broke up wit!) her every Ihree weeks and asked for all Ins gifts thick. He siiumls so much like the sick, immature buy I married. 1 had to write Alter ;i year of lighting, breaking up. returning all his presents and making up iigain, we finally got married. Then, every lime we hull an argument he'd move out iind t;ike the TV. stereo, camera equipment, etc. A few days laler he'll move hack in wild all (he stuff. I'm Mire the neighbors ([itestimu'd our sanity. The end of my story is tragic. Last year I killed him \\iih ; i loaded handgun we kept lyinij around in case someone broke in Please warn all young girls to run a mile from relationships like that. The man I married drove me cr;i;.y. I am now under psychiatric care Irving to find my way back. It's a living hell when I think of what I did I'll never gel over il. Sign me - Too l.ate. Baby Dear l-Vicml: I arn truly sorry annul your nightmarish ev ui'rici;ce liiil I'm glad you wrote. I wonder how many people who read your letter ;ils« have a gun lying around "in case somronr breaks in." According lo the Civic Get acquainted with VALUE! STEAK DINNERS ITFor 5795 By Bil Kt-ano 8 oi.Chel Cho=ee 5:eai SiaiHrSalid- Veg.-Pjkpd Polilo- KotRa'l-Co'fee Served AfteiSP.M, THOROUGHBRED Reslaurant · Lounge KarcherMall -Nampa 2.- --^^^^^^v- "I'm glad Mommy doesn't have whiskers. If she did we'd NEVER get breakfast." 5-8. Enclose a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for mailing, Adress your letter lo me in care of this newspaper, P. 0. Box 326, San Antonio Texas 78292. DEAR DR. LAMB-! have had my thyroid partially removed and am on two grains of thyroid a day, also Hydropress and have been on it for years, one or two a day depending on my pressure. Mow I have been put on a medicine that I hate, in juice or not. Not only do I dislike the taste but (he cramps and gas that I get from Kaon elix- er is mean. Now I see you lell another person to drink three glasses of orange juice a day. Perhaps I may solve my problems by doing just that but what size glasses please. I have always taken six ounces for breakfast but that has been it. I'd appreciate any information thai could help me get off the awful medicine. DEAR READER - You should follow your doctor's instructions as he knows what your potassium level is. You can discuss other sources of potassium with him and he may agree to lei you take Ihree 8-ouncc glasses of orange juice a day. You can also eel a lot of potassium in milk. There is almost as much potassium in a quart ol milk fortified with Iwo per cent nonfat milk solids as there is in a quart of orange juice. MOVIE RATING GUIDE For Parents and Young People GEM STATE 4-WHEEL DRIVE ASSOC. 1976 WINTER CONVENTION nANPP Saturda Y. Feb. 21, In The Old UnnVL Elks Building, 815 Arthur, Caldweii MUSIC BY CLOD HEADGATE FREE BEER AND DOOR PRIZES t.DReqitirtd OPENSP.M.-OANCtSP.M. Couples... Sa.OO - Singles ... S4 00 TICKTSMTMWI-rlilllCimimD NOW SHOWING HUSTLE- CO-H/T "THE LONGEST YARD' -P/us- 'HONKERS" HELD OVER ... 2nd Smash Week! "HARD BARGAIN" Stirring BttlyBtll Mat "tVe/rrf, Wtt I Wild" TOP CINEMA RATED XXX Undtrlt Not Admitted Doonoptn n5,-JO 454-1731 5eur Palw, HvoiiwoL-'ttboolfcn ded by o dim ot o ^exiju' rxiluie your pavanorjc »s nol solicileij. CLOSED MONDAYS! fetlc HOME OF FINE FOODS Beginning Monday, Feb. 16th BREAKFAST SERVED OPEN KM A.M. -Man. through Sun. CHOOSE FROM A COMPLETE BREAKFAST MENU Wt 'ft still S»rrlng Our Famous SUNDAY BUFFET 11:00a.m.lo6p.m. OPEN TILL 9 P.M. SUNDAYS Disarmament Committee For Handgun Control in Chicago, about Ci per cent of all murders are (lieresult of family fights or disagreenunts with friends. If Ihi-re were nn gun handy and Ihe angry person grabbed a kilchen knife, his victim would have five limes as Rood a chance lo live. There are about 31 million handguns, pistols and revolvers loose in Ihe I' S for our own sake and for Ihe sake of others, we must give iheni up CONT1DKNTIAL loWanl To Conlrol My Mean Tongue: Make up your mind you're going to treat every person you know as if it's the last (iii e sou will ever see him. You'll be amazed at what a difference in your behavior this one though! can make El KoraK Cemple 12th and Idaho St*. PLAYERS and UNIFORMED UNITS present LOVE RIDES THE RAILS or Will the Mail - Train Run Tonight? A Melodrama in 3 Acts General Adm. *2 50 Per Person (Inc. Tax) * BIG CABARET 0 NIGHTS Fit, Feb. 20 Sat., Feb. 21 Fri., Feb. 27 Sat., Feb. 28 Fri., Mar. 5 Sat., Mar. 6 SPECIAL! Dinner/Melodrama Reserved Seating and Dancing in The Oasis $10.00 Per FtTM Buy Tickets at: El Korah Temple, Ford Drug Purcell's Western Wear, The Light House ana 1 Idaho Interiors in Boise CURTAIN TIME 8:15 P.M. STARTS TONIGHT EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT! It's Ihe same two dudes from "Uptown Saturday Night'.'., but this time they're back with kid dyn-omite' siiaev POTIER · BIU eosev CO-Hit MOONRUNHERS "DO-IT-AGAIN"7:I511:09 "MOONRUNNERS" 9:07 only! GS United Artists DIA1UM251 STARTS TODAY AT They're hot She's the call 4iri. He's ttx cop. They both take their jobs sertogsty. CATHEWME MNEUVE .,JAQl«HTB). ...nRftSgl SHOW TIMES, KARCHERTWIN 1:00-3:05-5:257:45-10:05 Matinees Every Day Box OHIce Open 12:30 -- PLUS CO-HIT TERRACE ONLY "THE LONGEST' * YARD"

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