Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 6, 1969 · Page 30
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 30

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1969
Page 30
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Page 30 GREELEY TRIHUNE Mon., Ocl. 6, 1069 titotc 48 J-OK SALK or -- » l , c v t r o o n w S butha. fully CRi'i'dpiI. Unmco. Jitmr liimi unit i.mlure-. Wont or Amci'lcMi LrRioii. Cult Trunk Reynold*. own-?r «t I'rianKlp HrnKy. .-ililZ.KGOG. Real Eilol« 48 11UKTIO «ton« mid «l»b TMlln on br (iriil pinv m»l fir fori-iil lot n ]V«rl I»kf north of KU-«mlOAl Nlirlliln. Cull IU7-2:3I or writ. Jim Him), chrli, Colorado S028. AUSTIN AUSTIN 1203 Oth Street Ph. 353-0790 INCOME PLUS HOME niislnpss in from - 2 liilr. lioinn in rear. This properly has lots of p o t e n t i a l . Reasonably priced at ?13,MIU. For someone w a n t i n g small business plus homo m i l Ullhi for p a r l i c u l a r s M1LL1KEN FARMS 2 farms--Hid acri's nnri SO acres. Two complele si-Is of Mil- provcments. W a t e r righls under I b u I l i l l s h o r o Ditch Co. plus I Terms n v a i l a h l e . Call Koger PRICE C H A N G E -- R A I S E D $5,000 Tbis f i n e nirin has Increased In v a l u n dun lo an incrcusn in i r r i g a t i o n will IT values. ISII acres now $,Sl).llilll and located JUKI onal nf Li rni.. -- Especially nice home mill f a r m has road on two sides. K e n . i:?2'i lofii ST. 2 lull-. I n l i n e mi S d x i n n f i . | 0 |. zoned l!3 · A l u U I - H c K l d c n l i i i l ' excelloni. l o c n i l o n fur s p a r l i n e n l s . Cull for I n f o r i n a l l i m Carl. j \ p p n i . \ l i i i i i l c l y 7!l acres mined commercial, i n d u s l r i a l , and estates. Stanley. M e m b e r of J l n l l i p l e U s l i n g Service. Cbllck C u m l i c r l i i i . :ir,2-r,;;r,n A n n A u s l i i l , 3M-:i5(;!l C.-irl I l i i - K c l i , 3.'i2.2ii:M Ken 'Hoc' KcUorl. IIS.'l-lilMt; Hocer LihsiicU, 3B2-(iS!i2 K i l l a U u d u r w o o d , 352-7f..Sr, S t a n l e y F u r r o w . 3B2-IIII3-I K. K. "Kid" A i i K t l n , llrolicr Real Estol. 48 I-'OK SAI,M or trnilei £)iHctnun 1\ ft. inobllr' humv un M noi-H) in San hill. Valli-j-. J'rlccd lo Ml or will c-iinstilcr tnnta for property In aorth- prn Colornilu. 35S-73DI). 1K1MI-: for nil.' by owner. All lirli-li I'nncli In KolliiiK Ullta nrru. 1H16 Jtllll Ave. i;i. 3 U-dnwin, 2 bull.K. f u l l lu»imcia. flrclilnce up nnil '1'iwlixltdffl. built-in ilinliwiiNlirr null htuve. c:irpctii!K Dirouwhout. Oil SM.2III4 f,,r nmiolnlmeut. Real EitoH flor. A M O N T H , luw. Inw down , . llil» »iiutlTM 2 boln onrpi-t, ilrxp.-rt, Kt- rouin, \nni(t Knrnt;.-. lloul. Uo^lty, ^Ei:i-512 " homo w i l l pivrdU- u t i l i t y $n,'JCOI Dick ilX lii'ili-aoim. Convert two Inter (, ilnubli- Knrnk-0 or lionie oflttt'. Com. fijrlubli- Uvi.iK fur InrBo f»mlly Muni «f ln»luV t npproclntc. Why nit tit build. UM W. ISlh SI. Itll Cull for Inforniatluil luifi MOORE REALTY 922 llth St. 352-3437 N'orlheni Colorado B u i l d i n g y.i- MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE · Ifl f. f © Mobile Homoi 48-A NKW 1D70 12 wldcs, S2.OT! ului frclKbt. Nlmer S»l«, 1014 K. 18th St. NKW 11170 double wlde«. 8 bedroom. tii.DOO. NdBicr Knlw. 1031 K. 18lb J-'OHUMOST cinUjm built 21x00 .'I. 3 bfilrurim, U ImUis. ;ti'|,itraU- i l i t i i n K Hinl utility. To bu niovLil. W-1-TM'J. 1U6» N A S H U A mobile home, u n f u r - ii)ft)K'J except stove nntl rcfriwcrn $·1.10 tiiul iissiime C'/jVr lonn. JOYNER-SUTHERLAND Healtors 1018 91 h St. 353-110!) M u l t i p l e Sorviro Pi'operly ManagcmenL 1!)2G-14TH. ST. KM. Kxccllcnl local ion on I l i i s ,'l beilroinn home, f a m i l y room on one floor. A'ice y a r d . I m m e d i a t e possession, yhow a n y t i m e MOUNTAIN CAR IN I m m a c u l a t e 2 bedrm. n a t u r a l f i n i s h l i i o i i n l a l n h o m e c o m p l n l i w l l l i all f u r n i s h i n g s . Thin h o m e Is modern. We can provick excellent f i n a n c i n g . ?l(l,fiOll. 2-108-flTH S'J'. I m m e d i a t e possession on Mils 2 bedroom home w i l h f u l l base m e n l , garage. Kear schools. fM.IIIIO. 700-13TH ST. Business lot w i t h older home now railing. Priced to sell n | 308-12TH AVE. 2 bedriioin house, s m a l l l o l . I n f a i r r e p a i r for only ft!,not) w l l l i $7IH) down S'.i';;, inierest $7S.oi per m o n l h for 111 years. 113.1-GTH ST. E V A N S I m m c d l a i c possession. A c h a i n l i n k fence surrounds t h i s two bedroom homo w i l h garage. Nlra largo lol. A l r e a d y f i n a n c e d 1210-8TH AVE. High ( r a f f l e business corner, business b u i l d i n g and 9 a p a i - f m c n l s f-fd,(1(1(1 lo clone eslalc. A t t a c h e d gnragc, t w o bedrooms, very good condition. Only flM-UTH AVE. . r,0x7r, business h u l i i i i n g . Kcll or lease. Very high t r a f f i c count. BUSINESS LOCATIONS 1024'Pth SI. filixliii) lol zoned for all business uses. Corner lo 1 2 l o . m i i A v e . I n s u r a n c e , real cslalo, loan offices etc. chock 01 t h i s one. f:i,li(Ul. PRICED R I G H T f Vou won't f i n d a belter liny for ?2'l,Df,f). Professionally f i n i s l i e i l f o u r level home, w i t h 3 bedrooms. 1 % baths, r a f a m i l y room w i l h f i r e p l a c e a n d panelled liln-iiry-den. li'!^ lively c a r p e t i n g and drapes w i l h m a l i i r e trees. Con- v i n c e d ? Call for an !ip|(inlinc.iil to sen II. N O W ! The Nation's Top Skyline Dealer M K MOBILE HOMES f:p! OlTer you Ihe 1070 Models BEAUTIFUL SETTING The l o v e l y s u n k e n l i v i n g room w i l h uniiiuo, f i r e p l a c e is Just one of t h e a l l r a c l i v e f e a t u r e s of I b i s homo. ;i bedrooms pins a den. 1 ·]', halhs. and f a m i l y room m a k e it. a real f a m i l y home. Vou won't b e l i e v e your eyes when yon see. I h e l i e a n l i f n l yard m a n i c u r e d lo perl'uction mid t h e p r i v a l e p a l i o for outdoor e n t e r t a i n i n g . It's one of a k i n d a n d worth c v i - r y p e n n y ! MAKE AN OFFER x Owner w i l l g i v e yon t|nick possession on I b i s lovely clis- K! him b u i l t lirieli ranch in Ihe Maplewood area. Your w i f e ,fi* w i l l bo i i l t r a c l c i l lo t h e f a m i l y room a d j o i n i n g the '''·' en and ·'!.', b a t h off Hie m a s t e r bedroom. K u l l f i n i s h e d liasemenl. d o u b l e garage, and fenced yard. W a l k i n g dis- lance lo schools! i? 18,250 I 1 ' · b e i i r n u m f r a m e house w i l h t-y, bulbs, spacious liv- iniv m o m w i l h fireplace, large k i t c h e n w i l h e a t i n g space and d o u b l e garage. A f a m i l y size home at a small price. Don't, miss seeing ( h i s one! .;,, MAPLE WOOD %' ^' Win-Ill every p e n n y ! Custom brick ranch stylo liomn in KJa V,J b e m i l l f i i l ( - ( i i K l i l i d i i . ll.'s impossible lo l i s t all ( if (he do- 0(S| .;., liixis f e a t u r e s : lo i i n n i n a f e w -- f u l l y carpeted I n c l u d i n r af\ .(/ tin! f i n i s h e d basement, formal d i n i n g room w l l l i a d j o i n i n g '*F W glassed-in piin.-li. p a n e l l e d rue. ruom. m a i n floor u t i l i t y $S| *i room, air c o n d i i i o n u d , I m i l l - i n k i l c h e n , spriiihl(;r system, g'x, v !., f cd yard. I,urge, loan j n a y liu assumed! " '···' V/J ' «A ·h "SPACIOUS A N D GRACIOUS" ;?,. ChoiTM l l u l a i r l o c a t i o n . Over l.illll) s(|. ft. on Mm m a i n '^ y floor p l u s a f u l l basement. Spacious l i v i n u room, f o r m a l ^ M d i n i n i ; area and first, floor f a m i l y room w i l h fireplace 3 JL iKiili-oums, M', iniMis, l i u i l t - i n kitchen and i i l i l i l y room nd- J« J o i n i i i K l u l c l n m . l,(ivi;|y p r i v a l e patio, s p r i n k l i n g system a ami d o i i l i l u KiirnKi!. Hurry! '$ WALK OUT BASEMENT w l - o v c l y c u s l o m l i u i l l . hrlck liomn on larpro lot In Bclalr. h Vou w i l l f i n d a l o l i i l of li hodronms, 1--J.1 b a t h s and a J b e a u t i f u l f a m i l y room with fireplace in this b e a u l i f u l ip home. You will adore Iho liiruo window area and n i r l - Jgj ness of tho walk-out b n n o m n n l . f.ovely terraced yard L and douhlo KariiKO. Quick possession, so why wait? Un- W dcr ?.1(),(I(IO. with now floor plans. ATTENTION BEET FARMER! lo you need ;i t r u c k ? Chec' Come and see tlie fricmllyiniis: Form Equipment l-'OIl SA[,K 2 row corn hrnil for GlTM -r "A" eomblnt. Call 384-8824, Be - '^' Ilffltr - ^"'o- 80747. roil SAI.K -- IMS Knlitlit 300EI Hlirviiilcr, liydruullc (ijiruu dH l-'Oll SALK -- 2 row Fnrmhniic] li tulMlor. 8%0 nr ivill lcn«e for 6 ]ior Ion. Call 35.1.2.-I55. Uiod Con end Truckj 5 '52 l.BMAN'S-- liuckptK, offer. :I63-21M. »p«d. Dm D I I N B bllfityT 'CO Corvnlr, $100. 35 71118. COKVETTE 327, t «nt«i. Chromd. new rubber. 362-6335. I I W ~ C I I E V . Impala 2 door hnrdti ggljr,. $100 ,lnwii. 588-2014. 'K2 C H K V . Make offer. Call 86 05.1Q » to 6 ivcekdnys. I'jr.f, SlIl'EK Sliort Chevy. A-l. 36: .-iftr non an MIDI Olilsmobilc nlso 13C IlunlH'villc. 2St-i;r,01t. people at M K. We give you Skyline quality for less. Open Sunday South llwy. 85, Evans 353-5881 1!I)8 CliBV. 2 ton. V-S 327 ell. In motor. 4 spuod, 2 speed. Excep l i o n a l l y cloan, like new cond: tion. 352-D635 evenings. Farm E q u i p m e n t l-'Oll S A I . K U I-'OK SAI.1-: -- Cd 50 KOK SAI.K- MiMlel CI ilnrliret lirol tuniior. !32f,. 352-22HI1. Automobiles S TRACTOR CABS ?249.95 fits all tractors "Western Home ImprovL'inent 3JO N. llth Ave. 353-JB03 Greeloy, Colo. 'J'om H p n n r , ,1fi2-nriiri fii'ne (insick, .irin-riioD ^fe) i f c l i ' l l liny, 3ii3-2-IJ L Home? Buying Frank Mourn, 3S2-3313 Kay Schoonmnker, .'15.1-07.13 .loan Thrnpp, ;iri3-0o71 A NEW rinn R i i l l i c r l a n d . Sr.t.Vi l l n r l a A u l t , 3!,2-liill!l Vern Ault, 3r,|il Sylvia I M I I c h P l l , Sr.2-M!0 Save on funiishing's -Read classifications 27 and 30 for real household bargains. USED SELF PROPELLED SPRINKLER SYSTEMS 1-- U A I N C A T 131)0' (1311 Aero) UNIT, Updated to wheels, Kueomlitiuned, J ' a i n i e d , Kroe- led on silu il 1,500.1)11 1--VAI.LI5V IMS' (125 Acre) L'XIT, D o l i v u r u i l to , s i t u S! IRRIGATION POWER One of these Salesmen To serve you Frosty Stutz Jack Wheeler Harold Croissant · Ed Keberlein Harry Wooldridge By Popular Demand Open Evenings 'til 9 P.M. Shop 111 Daylight -- AH Nlfht At The Brightest Spot In Town I K K I b A n U j N fti-'UVVEK I I M 1 Tl rv I ,,= MEN V^;J*eler The Dealer (Jrooloy, Culonido Mobile Homes 48-A j l G t h 3t. at By-Pane S5J-7000 Mobile Homes 48-A MOBILE HOME OWNERS TIME TO PREPARE FOR WINTER CALL US FOR: Furnace Check-Up Cleaning (Filters.) Heat Tapes Insulation. All sixes available. Air Cooler Covers Winterizing. Aluminum Roof Coating. 5 Year Guarantee. J M MOBILE HOME SERVICE SUPPLIES 352-3900 -- 353-2732 Und Cin onj Truekt Uud Cm «n Trucki Delmont 425 H.T. Coupe, full power, factory s i r ' 966Buick . . . Riviera Coupe, full power, factory air, SHARP! Uurj;pss .loynpr, 352-2KM STOLL REALTY 2T01 W. 10th St. 3ri2-5CS7 -MULTll'1,1-; LISTING SHRV1CR i\IAIT,K\VOOn SCHOOL AREA D( New I.lsiinir. l i e a i i t i f u l ouslom l i u i u brick home. Newly D( carprleil l i v i n B nuim w i t h l o v u l y drapes. Larjjo opon k i t c h e n w i t h b u i l t - i n r a i i K O plus s l i d i l l K Rlass doors t h a t look mini a larne covered p a t i o . liasement Is b e a n l i t ' i i i l y f i n i s h e d w i l h a f a m i l y room. »i h a t h and hedroom. At- tacliod 2 car nariiKe. O u t s t a n d i n g landscaped fenced yard w i i l i nndei-.m-onnd s p r i n k l i n g system. U n o b s t r u c t e d » view of Hie i n o i i n t a i n s from Ihe hack palio. A real choicu \ home. - T I R E D OF LIVING IN TOWN? Real c u t e two liedronin home w i l h nice, size l i v i n p room. A larfcp k i l c h e n w i l h ample e a l i n K area. Larco u t i l i t y and work room. H e a i i t i f u l shade (rees to enjoy I b i s conn, try living. Most i m p o r l n n t , t h n c h i l d r e n can h a v e horses. Also has a i 1 car K a n i R p . (Ivvner will help f i n a n c e . ^ TJNUMPROA'ED TRACTS--WEST ^j We have 3 t r a c t s l o c a t e d Wf-st of Orenley. Has pipe if^j l i n e w a t e r , l i v e s l r e a m year aVound and n a l u r a l pas. On ^ «v^ oiled road, lip to H:! acres available. B e a u t i f u l home build^^ iiiK sites. Call Henry. ^ LOVELY HOME IX ARLINGTON AREA r? ~ H e a u l i f i i l two beilroom h o m o in picturesque selling. This £'_X home is in i m m a c u l a t e condition. Carpeted living and t?j d i n i n g room w i t h built-in corner buffet. Covered flag .,. 2f] s i o n e patio. Perfect location for homo mill college r e n l a l f^/i r-_^ in the f i n i s h e d basement. J u s t 1 block to A r l i n g t o n v L''.J School. Owner will finance. *}C V WALKING .DISTANCE TO TOAVN ti r ^ Vou w i l l find this very comfortable, one bedroom homo i-Vj c-".j very well kept. No steps to climb. N'ico sized utility room *}C gQ off k i t c h o n . Underground sprinkling system which you cu? r^i w i l l enjoy those hot summer months, plus a one car (-'^ tAj tarage. Immediale possession. ^ VA APPRAISED FOR JUST $9,000 ± cv? on (his attractive older 2 bedroom home. Located In ^ quiet area with Jots of trees and fhruba. Large living SS room and separata dining room. Eating area in tho kit- V' chen. Detached 1 car Rarag*. Nothing down VA with KS payments o[ just ?92. c ;v, rw? EVENINGS WEEKENDS HOMES FARMS A RANCHES Ivan Fanning, 353-5159 Leola BUSB 252-6f)S6 Leon Stoll, Jiroker, 353-2921 Henry Stencil, Jake Schmidt, 853-4605 SCOTT REALTY CO. ^ Real tors -fa PHONE 352-1212 1212 8TH AVENUE MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE COLO., WYO., MONTANA, NEBR. TEXAS INTEREST IN EAST GREELEY Three hedroom h o m o -- no liasemenl - - u t i l i t y on m a i n floor -- single gai-ano. This home is f a i r l y good sized and may be just t h e homo to fill your family's needs. Drive by 1!:!7 l O l l i Street -- Owner would like an offer. WKLL KEPT OLDER HOME Tills home has lols of room lo offer i n c l u d i n g I h r e n bedrooms, l i v i n g r o i i m - d i n i n g room c o m b i n a t i o n a n d p a r t i a l basement. The. back yard is completely enclosed w i t h stockade fence. NKW LISTING Well arninxed I w o hedroom home w i l h M e d i t e r r a n e a n concept. Q u a l i t y c a r p e t i n g in b e a u t i f u l l i v i n g room and bedrooms. Spacious kilcbcn w i t h attractive c a b i n e t s and b u i l t - i n range. Access from k i t c h e n to full basement. Two car garage. Priced at ?1S,500. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN INCOME PROPERTY? Here is a piece of property which is presently under- rented and 1ms considerable potential to Hie liiiver in- lereslcd in income properly. Throe u n i t s plus four garages in college v i c i n i t y could provide e x t r a income lo yon. O w n e r w i l l carry a second lo right huyc.r. Call for appointment today. DON'T MISS THIS ONE -Here is a -l-PIcx you should see. The price is right and includes m a n y extras. INCOME PROPERTY 2 Four 1'lexcs t h a t , havu had loving cure by the same owner for the past 20 years and need someone'else for tho next -- years. They are always rented, close to college and will he a good investment for a n y o n e t h i n k i n g of tho future. NEED IMMEDIATELY Older. 2 slory, single family homo in area zoned for business. Long term lease or lease with option to buy. Type of business will not alter restdj«itial character o£ the properly and the tenant plans on extensive refurbishing in keeping with the residential nature o.( the home. Will consider land contract providing that down payment is minimal. - 1969 SKYLINE GRAND WESTERN LOT MODELS AT REDUCED CLEARANCE FRIGES W 12x24 Fl. Whirs, -II to (M Ft. Lengths. ^ it 3 Hedroom Selections. fj- 1,'nils Completely Kuniishcrt a liiiiiippcd. Selection ul' Decor, K u r n i s h i n g s t Floor Plans. Vi- A l l U n i t s Hoady For I i n n i n i l l i i t e Delivery. YOUR SKYLINE DEALER M K MOBILE HOMES, INC. South Huvay 85, Evans OPEN SUNDAYS ' 353-5881 Used Cars and Trucks ··H 51 Used Cars and Trucks EVENINGS WEEKENDS HOMES--BUSINESSES Ralph Cooper 862-5670 Leonard Borowekl S5S-2SSS Ed Anderson 852-120! Mylos Lundstrora 853-3SS3 Bill Abbaa 353-S331 Jim Saa;' 352-OS70 John Schell S52-6S18 FARMS--RANCHES rionn Avers 352-4910 Rex Scott 857-6767 Henry W. Herbst 352-S441 COMMERCIAL Doiiff Sears 353-3840 BROKER Ernie Scott 352-86S3 OUR BUSINESS IS TO | | Serve You ^ You Will Benefit $| When You Buy I A Wickland Quality Used Car if/ 1 j |f Our Salesmen |j Have Had Many Years of sfo Selling Experience gb Let One of These Men s$ Serve You |.jji Gns Mohrman, 353-2532 j$ Floyd Cummings, 352-4G58 ^) Lewis Hoschouer, 352-3270 ij) "Spike" WaMvogle, 352-3510 |2 Harvey Nelson, 834-2370, Used Car Manager | Wicklands !/ I Top Quality Used Cars ^'' 8!h Avo,...!fh St. Phono 353-1050 111..4, ' P-.{SV-*J V ,r,-.**^.t» v: t- Greeley, Colo. Open Eveaings Drive In Auto Discount Center Acres of Parking Acres of Automobiles Shop from Your Car Over 150 Cars 16th Street -By-Pass PHONE 352-7000 1969 Cadillac $5995 Coupe I)e Ville, f u l l power, factory n i r 1969 Chevrolet.... $3195 Custom Iiiipala J-I.T. Coupe, full power, factory air 1969 Mercury.... $2595 Monlfigo -1 Dr. Sedan, 28!) V-8, automatic trans., liower steering 1969 Dodge . . . $3195 Custom Sportsman Van, V-S engine, power steering, a u t o m a t i c trans. 1968 Chevrolet... $2395 Sports Van, 3 seats, economy (!, 3 speed trans. 1968 Chevrolet... $2395 I m p a l a H.T. Coupe, full power, automatic trans. 968 Chevrolet.... $1795 Nova. -1 Dr. Sedan, economy 6, powergllde 967 Cadillac $2895 11.T. Coupe, f u l l power, hydramatic 967 Dodge $2095 Polara j Dr. Sedan, f u l l power, factory air 967 Oldsmobile.. $2395 , factory air · " · ' $2995 Ir, SHARP! 966 Pontiac...... $1895 LeJlans Convertible, f u l l power, liydramnllc. 1966Comet..... .$1795 Cyclone H.T. Coupe, 3'JO V-8 engine, 4 speed trans. 1965Buick $1595 Special H Passenger Statio'n Wagon, full power, a u t o m a t i c trans. 19650ldsmobile.. $1595 Cutlass -1-1-2 Coupe, -frill V-S engine, 4 speed tram. 1965 Volkswagen.. $1195 Slalion Wagon, radio, 4 speed trans., while tires 19640ldsmobile.. $1495 S l a r f i r e H.T. Coupe, f u l l power, hydramatic 1963Corvair $ 295 4 Dr. Sedan, radio, 4 speed trans. 1963Dart $ 595 H Dr. Sedan, economy 6 engine, 3 speed trans 1963 Pontiac..... $ 4 9 5 Ciitalina 4 Dr. f u l l power, hydramatic 1961 Oldsmobile.. $ 395 Super H.T. -1 Dr. f u l l power, hydramalic 1960Ford $ 195 Slarliner Convertible, V-S engine, automatic trans 1956 Chevrolet... $ 150 BelAir HIT. Coupe, V-S engine, 3 speed floor shift 1948Ford $ 695 noit' 1 " 1 trl " !lf ' ' eet 1OX 2 8 " ee(I axle ' H II ' Blfl « Yes... The Only Differences Is Price 150 To Choose Prom ALL MAKES MODELS Trades... The Brightest Spot In Town Open Evenings 'til 9:00 To Serve You 'rosty Stutz jack Wheeler Ed K rt^] t Croissant . H^y Wo«,ld fl d t o Wheeler The Dealer (The Automobiler) Harold Croissant

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