Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 6, 1967 · Page 8
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 8

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1967
Page 8
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Idaho Free Press Caldwell News-Tribune, Tuesday,' June 6,1967-At Astrological Forecast By Carroll Righter Carroll Rlghttr G E N E R A L TENDENCIES: The nornias is excellent for winding up ind Snishinic whatever Siwnciil matters you h a v e been engaged in and for a n y - t h i n g o f * common sense a n d material nature hut lo- n I f. h I Inds you sparkling and interested in all sorts of fine and practical, mental interests and able to soar a b o v e I Ji e mundane and be very excit- injr. happy, ARIES: (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Being .sure to gel responsibilities met in A.M., as well as collecting monies owed you. Looking after property is fine. Then be more concerned with the recreational. F o l l o w through on originil ideas you have in mind. TAURUS: (Apr. Zfl to May 20) During A.M. you can do much lo improve both health and good looks, and then being very ? radical in maleria} affairs, lake more constructive plans early. Then carry through through the evening. GEMINI: (May 21 to June 21)' Confidentially getting certain plans in motion during A.M. can then see you pushing through on them by evening. Be tlever. Bt of assistance to those who can help you to get ahead faster in a social way. MOON CHILDREN: (June 22 lo July 21) Find some belter system that will give you an op- p o r l u n i l y t o m e e l n e w p e r s o n Easy-see Diagram ? l 4702 SIZES 10 alilifs and join clubs that are very helpful in your career. Show others t h a i you ire very charming. Strive to please. LEO: (July 22 lo Aug. 21) I'lan how to contact one who is i n f l u e n t i a l and then go right through w i t h y o u r plans. Show t h a i you have the well being of those in the community al heart. Become a more popular and successful person. VIRGO: (Aug. 22 to Sepl. 22) Show that you appreciate new contacts and desire to continue with (he alliance in the days ahead, i'lan how to become more successful. The evening h best lo carry through with such ideas. LIBRA: (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) By changing your present system you can now lighten your burdens and responsibilities. Gel important bills paid. Do whatever will make your loved one understand present ideas and improve relationship. SCORIMQ: (Ocl. 23 lo Nov. 21) You are clever enough lo see what a partner expects from you, and you can gel work done on same in P.M. Observe more and then you can be exact in whatever you have lo do. Show courtesy, thoughlfulness. SAGITTARIUS: (Nov. 22 jo Dec. 21) Labor diligently in A.M. at whatever your work may be and tonight show important people in your life you have fine talents, i'lan y o u r wardrobe for the evening. Dress in finest style. CAPRICORN: (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Ideal day to gel into hobbies you like during spare time, but be sure you call your friends early and make appointments. Be very p»rlicul»r at your finest skills at work. Gel ahead of others. ' AQUARIUS: (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) Make improvements at home, whether around the home or gelling more harmony there with kin. Give a helping hand to those who need it. Then an evening out on the town will be very enjoyable wilh them. PISCES: (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) Do your shopping, confer wilh others, come lo important decisions and you make routine work more efficient and profitable. Work out problems correctly. It only takes a little more patience and accuracy. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she, will be one of those youngsters who, in early life likes to start acquiring things, can also inherit much, but you must teach to be more sharing with others and have greater generosity with persons he, or she, likes. The sales field is good here or manufacturing, since there is ability to put across ideas, plans "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast for your sign for July is now ready. For your copy send y o u r birlhdale and $1.00 to Carroll Righler Forecast (name of newspaper), Box 1921, Hollywood 28, California. I'LL TAKE MYSH'Ri OFF, IP ITU MAKE ORDERED GIANT ESCARGOT FOR GUNNER vou TWO ARE STAVING, OF COURSE. ^ WHAT UTTLE HONEYMOON! VOU WONT EXPECTTO SEE. GRAMPS.WDYOU? KIDS ARE AT HOME WITH US THIS WEEK . secrete 42. mimicked 46. so be It 47. wash 48. Hebrew piieit 49. most excellent 50. dregs 51.droop VERTICAL 1. school dance 2. macaw . shallow dish 5. islands In Galway Bay 6. guided 7. New Guinea port 8. hard mineral 9. sharpen 10. Russian city 11. pare 16. March date 19. cross over 20. fat bacon 21. Oklahoma Indian 22. old card HORIZONTAL 1. son of Noah 4. formal dance 8. a store 12. native metal 13. scope. MAHY WORTH AND. IN THl SATEHOUK STUDIO '. YOU'K OFF DIET A6W(*!-8E FAT ANO HEKRY |t THAI'S WHAT YOU WANT! \ BUT m TOUCH 10 BL fH AND V_ MARW! 6RACIOU5, NO! WHATEVER flAW YOU A STRANGE v. IDEA III \ THAT? game 23. high cards 25. solitary 26. repeats 27. carry 28. period of time 30. a beverage 33. native ability 34. broad- topped hill 36. stings 37. king of Israel 38. buffoon 39. poems 40. dwell 42. sick 43. Miss West 44. Guide's highest note 45. excavate SUCH ^ DEAR. BOY, MARV! · · · W 6 I F T E D " . WHEN 1 PICKED IT UP fOU HIM, 1 COULDN'T HUP READING IT: "PV6AMHO.M, IK." IT 5AID!-"AIEXAUQER 'ALL*' MNME, OOH MR. MOKROE HAVE A COMPANY THAT TUW OUT opening 15. steep bold cliff 17. arrow poison 18. war god 19. fishing line 20. shad* of green 22. headland 21. aconite 25. a place 29. fish egg. 30. female adulU 31. pedal digit 32. foreordains 34. girl's name 35. the dill 36. tree pest 37. soap plant 40. Peruvian city Answer to yesterday's puzzle «E'S CONE! I'VE LOST HIM! I'LL HAVE TO KEEP ON WORKING...IF ON WIP HAP WORE TIME.' BUT THERE'S NOTHING TOTHIMK OVER, BUZ. YOU'RE LONELY FOR A WIFE /WP A HOME. AW YOUR BOY SHOULDN'T JE REAREp BY HIS GKANPMOTHER. SHE'S TOO OLP. OF COURSE I'M BHT.l EVEN SO, I MUST WE WEREMAPE FOR 1 THINK IT OVER EACH OTHER. gflPY SMS SO.' iW COUlU K RIGHT, MlTZI Arena* due «f »tlU9i 1 (0 IX!, KIn t Future: Synd., Inc.) Today's Almanac By United Press International Today Is Tuesday, June 6, Uie 157 day of 1967 with 208 lo follow. The moon Is between Its last quarter and new phase. The morning star is Saturn. The evening stars are Mercury, Mars, VenusandJupiter. Born on this day In 1755 was American patriot Nathan Hale. On this day, In history: In 1816, 10'Inches of snowlell in New England beginning the so-called "year in which there was no summer." In 1933, a motion picture drive-to theater, the first of its kind, opened Ln Camden.N.J. In 1944, the greatest invasion in history began as Gen. Dwight D, Eisenhower sent his troops Into France on D-Cay. In 1962, leaders of the Secret Army Organization of Algeria called on their followers to resume terrorist activities against independent groups. A thought for the day- American poet Eugene Fitch Ware said: "Man builds no structure which outlives a book." PHONE 466-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad, IkQNfili A ripple of a ruffle adds a touch of pure Joy to this sew- It-tn-a-hurry shift. See the diagram -- make thfe delightful dress your very own In crepe, cotton, shantung. P r i n t e d P a t t e r n 4 7 0 2 : Misses' Sizes 10,12, H. 16, IS. Site H takes 3H yds. 39-in. FIFTY CENTS In coins tor each pattern -- add 15 cents for each pattern for Brat-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Mho Fret Press Pattern Dept., 2M Weal 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. P r i n t N A M E , A D D R E S S with ZIP, SIZE and STYLE N U M B E R . Summer's Fashions are a JOY FOR ALL SIZES! See 115 styles, 2 free hat patterns, fabrics, accessories In new Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog. Gilt Coupon for tree pattern In Catalog. Send 5X Ratio's They'll Do It Every Time RaMEMBERWHEN SCHML CAFETERIAS WERE NEW-AMD IT WAS A STATUS SYMBOL TO BE ABLE TO BUY MXIR LUNCH? THEV'RS THE ON6S WHO DI^EV^ " YOUR NAME OUT OB NO, AGATHA! ITWAS MY SUGGESTION -- NOT WENDY'S.' LIVIN6 IN I ROOMS IS A PRETTy LONELY , EXISTENCE/ IT'S SORT OF NICE F1NDIN3 SOMEONE TO TALK WITH OCCASIONALLY.' A LA MODE V SWISS PLEASE OH, BOY- ON RYE, 1 WE FOR NOT HAVING TO CARRY A LUNCH PLEASE- / PIE' WOW; NErrHEK Of US FELT iLEEfY AFTBJ THE SHOW --ANP WE HiCIPED TO TAKE A DRIVE! STOP ASKING QUESTIONS LIKE THAT WIL/ I'M SURE IT WAS WENDY MAR LOW'S IDEA --, NOT CLARK'5 .' TELL ME ONE THING, 6ARROWAY-- WHAT WERE. TOU AND \V'£MY COINS OUT AT THAT HOUR Of THE MIGHT I JUSTSUY A. BOTTLE OF POP WERE TCWORRDW I'fA TOTIHS Birr WHAT'S THE STATUS s S/MBOL NCW?- £ MY EATS FWVA /I BRIN6 MY SAME OLD STUFF, 1 COME ON---I'VE OT TO START TRAINING COFFEE TEA OR MILK, THE CARD SAYS I'M GOING TO BECOME AN AIRLINE HOSTESS DONALD DUCK BEETli BAILEY THE FLINTSTONES WELL JUST MARCH YOU RI6HT HOME TO YOUR MOTHER. BAMM BAMM. BOYS CAN HIT A BALL LOT FAP?THE;R THAN IRL.' MDO LIKE TO HAVE liFE TO LIVE OVER IFW KNEW (iWATVOy«NO(J N(W? WHAT LYJ I Knew NOU) ?

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