Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 12, 1970 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1970
Page 11
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Word of the Wizard By VONDA HEMMERLE There is an air of excitement a m o n g the seniors as graduation draws near. Anno u n c e m e n t s arc being prepared to send out to relatives and friends, and preparations are being made for the big event. Seniors will be dismissed May 22, Sunday evening, May 24, at the high s c h o o l auditorium and graduation will be held May 27 at 8 p.m. in the high school gymnasium. ElKtioni Speeches, made by the prospective candidates for the offices of Student Council, were heard by the student body in an assembly held Tuesday afternoon. Each candidate had a campaign manager who gave a short talk. The candidates were then introduced and each gave a short speech on their objectives. The four successful I In The Courts | DISTRICT COURT Divorcti Sought Three divorce complaints were filed in District Court. They were as follows: Mrs. Mary Martha Reese, 2305 25th St. Rd., against James Patrick Reese. They were married at Loveland June 16, 1962 and have two children. Mrs. Connie Rae Hughey against Timothy James Hughey. Married in Greeley June 26, 1965, they have one child. Mrs. Dorie L. Gunder, 4323 54th St. Rd., against Gary P Gunder. They were marriet here June 28. 1969. Mrs. Gunder a minor, filed the complain! through her mother, Mrs. Eudora Willson. candidates were Larry Nuss, iresident; Mike Metcalf, vice president; Debbie Schrader, secreatry-treasurer; and Mary Cay Schlothauer, reporter. These students are sure to do .heir best lo help improve WHS, and also to serve as a better ink between faculty and students. Election for officers of Pep lub was held Monday during activity hour. Results of the election were Jean Erbes, president; Carol Manweiler, vice president; Susan Lind, s e c r e t a r y ; Donna Branch, treasurer; and Loretta Pineda and Liz Wolfe, point keepers. New uniforms were also voted i. The girls decided to try something different next year. The new uniform will consist of a pants suit made with maroon and white houndstooth check material. Each girl will be responsible for making her own uniform. Athletic Banquet The Windsor American Legion will be the scene for the annual athletic banquet to be held Thursday evening, May 14. The banquet is held in honor of all [he athletes and their fathers. Speaker for the evening will be Bill Brown, regional director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Tickets for fathers are $2, and may be purchased from any member of the American legion, Lions Club, or First National Bank. Track Congratulations are in order for three Wizard cindermen who broke school records at a recent track meet. The boys are Steve Lutz, low hurdles; Chuck Anderson, triple jump; and Randy Hoff, pole vault. This year's track team has really displayed the spirit of the Wizards. 'so that the pores can function 1'ues., May 12, 1970 naturlly and the skin can breathe." Those with dry skin use night creams or a thin film of oil to help replenish the natural oils. To protect their skin from the elements, and the ravages of By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday, May 12, the city smog, an overwhelming majority of the models surveyed said that they use a light lotion under street makeup. The fact that models are often called on to be photographed in bikinis and other bare-look fashions accounts for the almost 100 per cent use of some kind of bath oil. Again baby oil came out as a favorite "because it is pure and doesn't have a heavy scent to conflict with favorite perfumes. Moving Produce CHICAGO -- The housewife who doesn't give a seconc CAR IS GOLF TOURNAMENT PRIZE Some lassies from the Alpha Phi sorority decorate the 1970 Hornet which will be the prize in the "Hole in One" contest during the golf tournament for the benefit of Cancer Crusade, which will be held at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at the Greeley Country Club. The car was presented to Ivan Gilbaugh, Weld County Crusade chairman by Wayne Holmes, Greeley branch manager of Empire Savings and Loan Association. The girls are from the'left, Terry House, Terrie Miller, president; Gail Gilbaugh, Cathy Lowell, Bonnie Smith and Grelhen Schmidt. (Tribune photo by Jim Briggs) GHEELEY TRIBUNE I'age 11 Today in History 132nd day of 1970. There are 233 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1937, Britain's, ing George VI succeeded to Jie throne on the abdication of lis brother, Edward VIII. On this date: In 1797, the city of Venice was captured by Napoleon after many centuries of independence. In 1820, the English woman who is considered the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, was born in Florence, Italy. In 1932, the body of the kid- In 1963, President John F. Kennedy disclosed that federal troops had bases near ham, Ala. been ordered lo riot-torn Birming- Ten years ago -- The United Slates sent a note to Moscow saying the U-2 flights over Soviet territory were for purely defensive purposes and had no aggressive intent. Five years ago--It was csli- maled thai 12,000 persons had wished in a cyclonic storm in Sast Pakistan. One year ago--General Motors announced a halt in the production of its rear-engine car, the Chevrolet Corvair. Artist Occupied With Octopi By TOM BR1LEY Associated Press Writer cized severely for killing them." But she pointed out (hat she JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) - Inig ives tne octo P' to hallbut flsh : a dav when it's fashionable fm-lermen-'Thcy're very good artists and would-be artists to!bail, you know-or I cook them do their own thing, Diana Tillion if°r Clem." Besides, she said, has been doing just that for arone^can lay up to 300,000 j nl I..1 _..!..»! P n i T R . dozen years. She catches oclopi and uses their ink for painting. Nevertheless, she hopes lo gel Most of her painting-and allja 25 to 30 pounder, put him in a of her oclopi catching--is done at her Halibut Cove home on 1s- mailof Island, in Kachcmak Bay live lank, and anesthetize him when she needs a batch of ink. Diana does a lot of painting-about 125 air miles southwest of jshe also uses oil and water color Anchorage. She is married to ; -in a sludio adjacent to Ihe Til- Glen Tillion, a member of Ihe lion house. Benefit Golf Tournament Has Automobile as Prize Ihought to the fact that the head "aped baby son of Col. and Mrs of lettuce she buys may have Charles A. Lindbergh was found traveled 1,000 miles or more in a wooded area in Hopewcll, might be amazed to know jus how much fresh produce move across the country every day. Shipments for last Dec. 1 fo instance, put in terms of niilcn capacity, added up to 2,374 ca ols. If that had all been lettuc t would have totaled 59,976,00 leads. Alaska House of Hepresenta- About 100 yards away the lives. They have four children. |fnmily has built a geodesic "As far as I can find nut," she dome, but Diana isn't "sure I said, "I'm the only professional'feel comfortable in such posh artist using octopus ink." (surroundings. In the studio, thp But she added, "I'm sure myigarret, 1 can lose myself; make position of holding il to myself!a mess. I'm not sure I can d won't last long." jthal with wall-to-wall carpeting Diana said the dark brown ink j But the dome is a very fine ga' is a difficult medium with which,lery." to work. ! She. has taken a "terrible rib "It's pretty disciplinary," shcjbing" because she uses octopu said. "It's much more indeliblelink, but maintains it has "on than water color. Once you putjlhirri again the shade range o To kick-off their 10th anniver- ;ary celebralion, Empire Sav- ngs and Loan will offer an aulo- mobile to the golfer scoring the 'irst hole-in-one on hole number ;o during the Cancer Crusade ;olf tournament, according to Vayne Holmes, Greeley. branch manager of Empire Savings. The tournament will be held at the Greeley Country Club Thursday at 10:30 a.m. "We are pleased to be able to play a part in the fight against :ancer," Holmes said. "Contri- :utions from the tournament will go to the American Cancer Society and we can't think of a Detler way to start our celebration," he continued. According to Ivan Gilbaugh, Weld County Crusade chairman, the golf tournament will conclude the 1970 area crusade. "We have entries from Greeley, Fort Collins and Denver. Participants include state repre- senlalives, slate senators, and other well known personalities," ilbaugh said. "The response lo the crusade y Weld County citizens has been greal," he added. Anyone interested in registering for the tournament can cal Dr. James Allely at 352-7733 (of- ce) or 352-9481 (home). The egistration fee, including 18 oles of golf, and an evening inner and banquet, is $25. the ink on dry paper, it's there. And (here's no way lo cover il up." Mrs. Tillion waits until low tide, then looks for octopi under rocks along the shore of the family island. She sometimes uses bleach to flush them from beneath rocks. She uses a hypodermic needle to extract the Ink. Criticized She said she has been "criti- any other color. It depicts « mood; it's a living color." Mrs. Tillion, who grew up in California and studied in Ne\ York, has lived in Alaska sino 1939. She has had a couple of show "outside," in the lower 48 conli nenlal states, but has enough o a market righl al home for he work. The uniqueness. of he medium doesn'l hurt sales a all. T t V 5 Formal Affair Enjoy it more with "AFTER SIX" FORMALS Heading for a formal? Rent formal wear by "AFTER SIX." "AFTER SIX" is your assurance of the finest quality for that important occasion. All new formals in stock . . . no waiting. All the latest colors, plain or fancy. Sale or Rental: · Dinner Jackets · Cutaways · Tails · Tuxedos · Strollers · Accessories · All Colors STYLE STORE FOR MEN 8th A v e n u e at 7th Street OtiA OS Open Friday NighU or Summery Skin Use Mild Baby Oil Now your pretty neck is ou f hiding. Those long knit scarfs thai rotected it all winter long are eing replaced with a full view f one of Ihe most vulnerable rcas of your skin. If you want to make your skin eautiful again, let a coating : pure baby cream replace the eavy scarf. Baby cream has healing effect, but won't stall our clothing -- or the silk} jring scarfs you may be 'earing. It will keep Ihis lender tin baby-sofl and smoolh as protects it from gentle, bu lapping, spring breezes. LONDON -- Mechanization ill reduce post offices 90 per ent. In Today's Classified Section for Real Savings. in a N.J. In 1938, a Japanese fleet cap- ,ured the Chinese island Amoy. In 1949, Soviet occupation au- horilies in Berlin announced that the blockade of land routes to the isolated city had been lifted. Advertising PERTH, Australia (AP) -Kristine Sobiesczcanska, 21, moved lo Auslralia five months ago to join her immigrant parents. Life on the farm was dull, so she hung a sign on the fronl gate reading: "Nice girl wants to gel married." She and Ihe family now are weighing the merits of 200 suitors. Flower Plants LARGEST SELECTION IN TOWN · 60 varieties Petunias · 30 varieties Geraniums · All colors Pansies · All varieties other flowers · Peppers · Egg Plant · Cabbage Miller's Vegetable and Greenhouse Z mi. South on 1st Ave. (from Sugar Factory) BRIDGE BENEFIT PRIZE--Donna Murray, left, and Jan Creed look over the portable television set which will be first prize in the bridge and card benefit for the Cancer Crusade at the Greeley Counlry Club Thursday starting at 12:30 p.m. John Griffith, manager of Curtis-Mathes Showrooms of Greeley, donated the TV set. The women also are invited to attend the evening banquet which will feature Pete Smythe and Sieve Tensi. (Tribune photo by Jim Briggs) You Can Care for Your Skin Just Like Professional Models Do Models have to have beautiful skin, right? Without it their whole career can go right down the drain no matter how beautiful aid slender they may be. Maybe you think they constantly have facials in salons, spend hours with their dermatologist, and go around in mud packs whenever they're not before the camera? Absolutely not, according to a recent survey. Simple skin care is Ihe way models keep their skin in top camera condition. And, the camera doesn't lie I Although they vary their skin care somewhat according to whether it is oily, dry, normal or combination, all agree that thorough cleansing is their number one rule. A gentle soap and water proved to be the favorite with oily skinned models and teens. A large percentage of the models with dry and normal skin swear by baby nil for makeup ra- | moval because it dissolves even I stubborn makeup so it can be ·wiped away withoul hard rub- ;bing. Thorough rinsing was stres- jsed by most of the models, who recommend gently patting the skin dry, or allowing it lo dry by itself. Most of the models survcy- with the exception of those ho consider their skin dry, ·efer not to use a night cream RDRMSDN H. ROSS ADAMSON REED P. ADAMSON PHONE. GREELEV 353-1212 p t !H[ OGDl» Ol t»l G O i n t l W i l t IN funeral arrange- ments must be made from a distance, expenses can easily get out of control . . . but not if you entrust the matter to us. We will take care of every detail, including transportation . . . n o matter how far away bereavement occurs. JUST A SNACK, PLEASE - Begging food from the people who come to view him is an everyday occurence with Goliath, the 4,000 pound hippo with Carson Barnes Circus appearing here on Monday with Iwo performances al 4:15 and 8 p.m. in Island Grove Park. A snack may mean any- Ihing from Iwo or three pounds of vegetables to a half bale of hay for Goliath, the biggest hippo on display anywhere. His usual meal is 10 to IS pounds of vegetables, 20 pounds of mash and a bale of liny. Goliath is one of more Minn 65 animals in Ihe circus whirh is being brought to droolcy ly Ihe Grcclcv Suburban I.inns Club. Harold Morehead ASKEW-MOREHEAD AGENCY Formerly Field Insurance Agency 1019 8th Avenue 352-3940 Altho the firm is new, neither Bill Askew or Harold Morehead need to be introduced to Greeley. Both have been o part of the insurance community for a dozen or more years and are knowledgeable in ways to serve you. They invite you to their new location. our concern (I :ern 16 people

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