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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, October 19, 1961
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Written by Horace Greeley In 1871 THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN VOLUME 54-- NUMBER 12 GREELEY. COLORADO THURSDAY OCTOBER 19, 1«1 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED UTt CD Meeting Set For Tues. Night By FRANK COLOHAN i t h c automobile or civil defense. A meeting planned to provide The film is one ptit out by the information on all of civil defense is to be held in the dining room at Ihe Community building al 7:30 p. m. nexl Tuesday, National Automobile Dealers ol America. The main program at 7:30 p.m. will slart with the showing of City Manager B. 11. Cruce a n - j l 5 - m i n u t c film on Ihe last sur iiounccd Thursday. I face test of an atomic bomb mad The meeting was arranged at'.by the U. S. in Nevada. OCD Official To Speak This will be followed by a tall by Angelo Manlasa, warning ol (icer for lire Department of De fense, Office of Civil Defense, o (he North American Defense earl Ihc rcquesl of City Council lo provide (he council with information regarding whal civil defense steps the city should lake. Open To All Interested The County Commissioners and representatives of the C-rceley| W arning system, which extend Highway Patrol office have been ( rom |] ie Norlh Pole all (he wa invilcd to attend. However, rcp-|to Greclcy. Manlasa will six) rcsenlalives of service clubs, vet-s ]j ( | cs c f |] le system, erans organizations and a..y| Orvile llansen, planning o groups having civil defense com- [icer for the D.O.D, O.C.D., wi mittees are urged lo attend, as! S | W ;ik on llic subjects of omer well as anyone else interested iiijency operations centers and she civil defense. jtcrs, including both public and Cruce said the doors of Ihe homo shelters, building would be open al 1 Firing of Ulbricht Seenin W.Germany By MICHAEL GOLDSMITH '.with Iho East German regime I threats against West Berlin. With BBULIN (Al'l - Officials andlmorc palatable to (he West. 'it Ilio Sonet Ihuon threatens to lcomn.enl.lor. in West U c r l l n j Soviet Premier Khrushchev,!.TM over to ho East G r m a n speculated lodav llial Moscow dealt Ulbricht a bitter l.low in lus| c.i.; conlrol o the eb c A may soon tiro Its Easl German! Kremlin speech Tuesday by aban-.lics access routo.s to V,cst Do in puppet, Walter Ulbricht. There was widespread lelief that East Germany's spade- bearded chief of slate would disappear from the scene in an ef- tort lo make direct ncgotialiuiislin-strumcnt f o r Mew Russian Note Is Said Unacceptable cloning the IX-c. 31 deadline he forcing them lo negotiate with tl-.c had sel for sigiiiii!; a peace Irealy East Germans Ihey have so far with East Germany. !refused to rccoRiii/e or fight their Tool Against Wei* way through if Ihc East Germans 'Hie peace treaty is the main try lo block their Iraffic. Robert G. Cummings Richard A. Boettcher Charles A. Gregory WARD TWO CANDIDATES for a seal on the City Council arc pictured above. Biographical sketches of the three are printed on page 2. One councilman will be elected in eacli ward. Mayor Tiissler is unopposed for re-election. The election is Nov. 7. Registration for voters is now taking place at the City Clerk's office at City Hall. m. and there will be displays of civil defense material in the lobby, including newspaper articles concerning civil defense picked up by Charles Elfcldi. building inspector, on a recent (rip to Seattle, Wash. For those who come -early, a 15 minute film will be shown beginning at 7:15 p.m. on the use of Personnel Needs To Be Outlined A representative of the State Civil Defense Agency or Truman Hall, county civil defense director, will discuss the personnel needed for civil defense and how cilies and counties may obtain (federal matching funds for civil fensc facilities. Hoffa Pleads 'Innocent' ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- Teamsters Union President .Tames R Hoffa, preparing for another lega bout with the federal government pleaded innocent Thursday to charges of mail fraud. Robert E. McCarthy Jr., a De troit banking exeeulive indiclei with Hoffa, entered the sam plea. The two are accused in 16-count indictment of misusin more than $500,000 of Teamster funds lo promote Sun Valley, Inc a one-lime retirement Ixjusing d' velopment for union members. Hoffa spoke only once durin Ihe seven-minute proceedings i U.S. District Court. When a goi ernment attorney asked him h name and age, he replied, "Janr R. Hoffa, 48." His innocent plea was entere for him by his attorneys. Judge Dozier A. DeVane ga attorneys for Hoffa and McCa thy until Dec. 1 to file motion He allowed the defendants the UF Donations Here Over 45 Pet. Mark Donations lo Grceley United Fund spilled over the 45 per ccnt- of-goal mark Thursday as the residential campaign began lo pick at a heller pace Mian campaigns [ previous years. Report Luncheon Friday Second report luncheon Boy Crushed Near Loveland I.OVFJ-AXD ( A P ) year-old Frank Villaria! w Seven Khrushchev'sl "A peace treaty before the end of Ihe year" has been the keynote lot all East German propaganda !for months, It seemed almost as though Ulhricht had staked his career on it. Ulhricht apparently has been I r v i n g lo force the Kremlin's ' h a n d . Wesicrn observers said W \SH1NGTOM (AP)-A U. S. view that intensive Western prep-!Khrushchev's speech abruptly put pokcsman in effect rejected aralions now /or East-West IICRO- him back in h i s ^ p l n c c , and like hursdny a new Soviet nolo com- nations would .billing about Western use of air Kremlin as weakness. Instead, Husk scrvcii notice thai! possible grounds for nqjoU, Par.s has been cool to those corridors to West Berlin. Stale Department press officer loscph W. Heap did r.ot disclose n detail the contenl of Ihe nolc lelivcrcd Wednesday lo the Unit_,. Stales, nrilish and French cm lassies in Moscow. Hut he said it ·cpc.ilcd Ihe content of previous Russian notes on Ihc subject. j _ ... Heap said Ihe United States still j I" I. L O l l l t l S stands by its air corridor note lo i I n i l i r p H Moscow dated last Sept. 8 when '5 I f l J U I U U ihc Soviets were warned that a n y l l n n n m r , n t R l d S t lampering with the air lanes link- L O f i g m U f l l L M U i l West Berlin with the West ap;x;ar to Hie in t r u e puppet he accepted the sign of Western'new line without any sign of hesi- ilalion. Ulbricht Applauds in Wednesday when thrown from thej tt . ou |[| he "aggressive action." bed of a truck in a farm field! j[ oscow was said to have de,6',-. miles cast of Loveland. dared again its view that the air OLCUIIU .-aTM -··--· is | His lloal w a b crushed beneath L . on .j(i ors nre only supposed lo be scheduled lo he held at noon Fri- the wheels. The Iwy was the son, l l s w i fm . supplying Ihe Western If there is time afterwards, lhej c c u l i v e m, "A Tale of Two Cities," owing Ihe actual dropping o f . omic bombs on Nagasaki and s up momentum. day at the Camfield Hotel. New!of a family working on the Harrisons in Berlin. The Western building Mrs Frank 11 Warren UF ex- percentage figures on progress he- taio harvest on Ihc farm. S i n c e i ^ . , . rcgavll (]ie air i ancs as a | Jo i, n ' sccrclary, said donalionslhig made by each of 17 divisions the death occurred on pnvatcl v i l a l ml[ne fov ,,,,, n i l v i n ivmlnvn. 1 , $ T| , is , 5 goa , is year s drivc will be re property, it will not be iiic]urtcil| us , (1 for freedom on the same $10,000 iroshima, Japan, during World ar 11 will be shown. Dtcliiont Not Anticipated Cruce said that, while the pro ram has been arranged to inform le council and county commis ioners of what steps the city and ounty should take in regard to ivil defense, it was not antici ated actual decisions would be nade at the meeting by eithe he council or the commissioners The program also will provide ime for questions regarding civil defense lo be asked, but the questions must be addressed to he speakers and not to members of the council or county commis sioners, Cruce said. It is expected the program will last about an hour and a half. City Council has postponed its regular meeting scheduled for next Tuesday evening until Oct. 31 in order to permit the council members to attend the civil defense meeting. Booklets and pamphlets on various phases of civil defense, including home shelters, survival leased al lliat lime. |in the state's Iraffic fatality loll. Most of the money collected to dale has come from advance gifts, business solicitations and .ayroll deduction pledges Payroll Div. at 88 Per Cent The payroll division of Ihe 196162 drive has accounted for $10,760 to date, according to Norman Noe, chairman. The collections Plane Hijacker Convicted Quickly represent about 88 per cent of the $12,139 payroll goal. Unilcd Fund workers continu optimistic about the current drive which appears to be moving along DAW, Ford Reach At-Plant Working ·al civilian purposes nd otherwise without Red ;rencc. Not Good Omen The Soviet note was not regarded as a good omen in Ihe simmering German dispute about which Secretory of State Dean Husk spoke at a news conference Wednesday. Uusk, giving the first H| lo notice Ulbricht "ap- ,ng his master like crazy every period and every com- the West Berlin newspaper B.X. reported. lilhrichl has serious difficulties within his own parly as a result of the wall of concrete and bnrb wire he threw across Berlin in August. I East German papers admit ( \ P 1 -- A Forll" 101 ' 0 aml morc °PTM'- V tllat tncre ' ' :is vigorous opposition to Ihe wall injured in a"j allt | lo n lc atmosphere ot Stalinist explosion and fire Thins, in llic oppression in East Germany. Moscow-trained, Ulbricht at R8 s an unreconstructed Stalinist. Us regime paid lip service lo about 10 fect'snnalily cull" in Ihc Soviet em- · me blast He was given med-ll'irc but never made the new line al treatment at a hospital aiid'cifcclive in East Germany. released. i C. J. Simonsen, vice preside n t j x - v i i and plant manager, declined a n j V J M C I . estimate of damage, but said the A cl-prl Tn u,.LM; nrt Inlnrmr U'ns ROVerelV M" IXCU I *J LOXGMONT Collins man was plant of Dualmalic Products. Inc.. as 22 olhcr persons fled from the «^° ,' blown building darnaged. The explosion was in a casting machine. Firemen Wednesday lo convict I-con Bearden, 38, of hijacking a continental airlines jet airliner over e'tta'possibilities of shop-lpublic U.S. government assess ^""million it^." ' mcnt ° f S0 TM 1 Prcml " Kh TM Sh Court sources said they New Mexico Aug. 3. Bearden to appeal in bis own bc- ihalf. He lias 10 days in which to kidnaping, found obstruction guilty of file the motion. Federal Motor Vehicle Theft Act. Bearden and his son, Cody, 10, both of Coolidge, Ariz., await his bonds that were posted slwrtly after their indictment last week. The indictment was returned last week hy a federal grand jury invesligating Hoffa's activities in the )93fi-57 promolion of the development located south of Cape Canaveral. Beans Moved Out Of Collapsed , and Conelrad, will be available at the meeting for persons desiring them. Attorneys told jurors the den trial was the first of its To Be Sentenced Cody Bearden went on with his father b A g r e e m e n t T h u r s . DETROIT (AP) -- Ford Motor Co and Ihe United Auto Workers Union were reported ^rsda.Mo f , guilty under the Juvenile Cor-FE t Vp^.hTpT'held Ihe have reached an al-the-plant ^ Acl (o lrarsporUn g a AlJ.I i a o., i P day, Nov. 13, 1083. The Beardens seized control by pistol point of Ihc 707 jet airliner over Columbus, N.M., on a flight 'from Phoenix to El Paso. Leon Bearden ordered the pilot tr ; a rlo head for Cuba, but Ihe pilot i _ . r T i.:.-- :.,4n ^llrt.ninir a lnnr{- Ohio. | £on sa id he would wail on pre-:' William Parker, UAI. Local 420 scn [ c ncing reports on both father] , production chairman, told the Associated Press at 2;30 p.m.: "We have reached agrccmenl." and son before setting a ing dale. Shriver Minimizes Nigerian Protesters hours. The Beardens ordered e pilot to lake o f f , but officers incturcd the plane's tires will to the congress in Moscow, dye- kept for 2 Missing casui.^ iudv,unu;. ii.^..^" ---r-i Sheriff Tiob Welsh reported he flames from spreading to a Thursday he has asked Ihe shcr- painl room and tanks of nitrogen.Ljf at M us kogee. Okla.. to try to The plant, on North Main Street,l localc a Roggen girl and a Dens T he could pass preliminary judg mcnt because the full text of th long Khrushchev address is sti not available here. He declined (o say wlrether it makes (he prospects for peace better or worse. Khrushchev's relaxation of hit Dec. 31 deadline for his peace treaty with Communist East Ger- for trucks. JFK Clears Stand on Red China WASHINGTON (API--President Kennedy said Thursday thai, "The s,uLviiuu.» .^ U u u.= v,......... ...... United States firmly opposes the Berlin problems show little if any entry of the Chinese Communists many, reduci Rusk said, "may serve 'o tension somewhat But Khrushchev's "general observations aboul the German and change from what has been said before," Rusk added. The secretary of slate made a point of playing down the rift among the .'.Hies in their approach lo negotiating with Ihe Soviet Union on the German ques- isince last Salurday night. Sheriff Welsh said he made the request as a result of information he received Wednesday evening from the girl's father, Theodore Calvert nf Roggen. The lather reported ll:e missing "ill's sister, Mrs. Jonn Carter of Brighton, had called him and stated she had received 3 telephone call from Muskogee. Mrs. -aid she was sure the call- Icr was the missing man, Jay Cnr- 'lis Carler, l!l, of Denver, who is a nephew of Mrs. Caller's husband. All Ihe parly calling said was, into Ihe United Nations" or any of its agencies. _ t , , This was a stalcmenl Kennedy j "Coming home." and hung up had intended to make at a ncwsjji,. Si Carter told her father. asked i sheriff Welsh said he had given conference had he been about about , . 'Gem; Workers were still tra.. J ferrragj lhan beans out of a D D Bean. NEW YORK (AP)--Peace Corps Director Sargent Shriver said in the text of a prepared speech [Wednesday that "only 150 stu- (denls of a student body of more sonncl had been advised to stay 1 away. cent by reason of insanity for Leon Bearden. As an example, Pine pointed to Beardcn's withholding until bi r trial the. claim thai government ( intelligence agents were responsi-| ble for the hijacking. | Bearden testified Tuesday thai .S, intelligence agenls had! Beardensilion. And in doing this, in effect, 'he leclurcd against Ihe French ^Algerians Riot Again, 3 Reported Killed the situation. A question it arose Thursday at the -"d By OAVIO MASO, arrested away. j ' " When a reporter showed Lind-ituieuiL-uvu ^ ·«.. -i - ctrator; say's accent to Shriver, he said: wife, Mary Ruth, 34, in prison ,f| PARIS (AD-Uemforccrt Po!'«|TM e d ^ J .. . ,. T , i _ . !,::,,»[.:~,v ,,,icn't- / i i r r i n r i m i l i t i i i. -r t nnn A l r m n i n c ij'"^-" j _ o "I know attended a Nigeriajhave sources ,-;«rr M-ironr-u Miph-'this man doc - a D D Bean | m eeling protesting Margery Mich! this man Co. warehouse Wednesday, '""ow-'cimore's comments about squalor ing collapse of the floor and roof. jn (he A ( rican country. He omitted Another reference lo 'ounl to bnriver, nc ^^^Hl.|\%tlt, m ^ i y jm..., "., -.- i ( ......^ my figure is accurate. I j l h e hijacking wasn't carried oul.| c j, eAc(1 ., ,,..,,;, n f 4.000 AlRorir irces of information that I "Craiy Like Fox" j ^.^ {(J rio , t i, rol!f ri, | , doesn't have." | Proscculor Lawrence Fu l«r, Wednesday ni, ians. the!! regular news briefing held by presidenlial press secretary Pierre Salinger. Salinger was told lhal there has been some speculation at the U.K. on whether exploration of U. S. relations with Outer Mongolia was softening this country's opposition lo admitting Ihe Hcd Chinese to the world organization. Outer Mongolia as well as Red China are seeking U.N. member ship. Paar Jumps In , ...... tolcl the jury, Bearden a P The floor of Ihe warehouse localed just south of 12th St., be-. Iwen 6th and 7lh Avc. -- collaps-l- the comment on delivery. ber ed at mid-day Tuesday and caused the roof of the frame building to cave in also. Apparently no one was injured in the mishap. ,, c *t~^ at a fund-raising meet-, !iing of the Young Women's Chris-.Wednesday tian Association. "In an AP release from Niger- sa hUhe week, Shriver had ia, we were told of a rally which 'the idea of blowing up a'was attended by ·-TM ""'"""' sa "e ea o ow . riot of 150 people to between 800 and, on the basis of this, there n e w - s a and ,, u ,* ,..,,.,,,,,. ,,,.,, 7,500 is the same line the!were headlines in many newspa- The roof appeared to be sup- Communists have been parrot-.pers calling for abolition of the ^ ^ I*;-- " director, figure of ISO JK Ksis of reports later Wednesday afternoon. [trasted with the figure of No definite plans for abandon- reported Sunday from Ibadan, Harvard Ear Scientist Wins 1961 Nobel Prize ail in Tunis to keep up| s a ij n ffer was asked whether : their demonstrations against new ( i iere j^ as been even a slightly! .'.streets of Paris Wednesday night'curfew laws, Algerian workcrs! 1)t , rce p 1 ij ) ] 0 change in American second night in succession. |hegan grouping shortly after dusk ip^y 0! , (his point. Alwrians were rcDortcd'near the Hond Point de la Dc| Snljllsor said pro b a bly the bes' -ay \o answer this was with t h c j iatement that Kennedy had had. -.01 squansi ' { )ast wcc| .. s nows con .| movement lo^ard| [er(i ^ c Jlo rend jt of[ . | leading" c'n.ral 1 "The United Stales has always s considered Ihe government of the ,[| the information he had in re- ;ard to the missing girl, Miss Jnda Mary Calvcrt. and Carter o the Sheriff's office at Mnsko- gee. Welsh said he had requested lhat. if the girl is located, for officers to try to convince her that she should call her home and [hat money would be sent to her. If Carter was localed in the girl's car alone, he was to he held, Welsh instructed. Miss Calvert was driving her own 1953 auto when she went to 'meet Carler in Denver last Sat- Paris. Steel-heln-.cted riot squads j blocked their .jYouth Says He Killed Brush Boy By CARL 0. BOLANG STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP)- |The latter awards the NoM Prize 1 1,000 Surrounded Between 1.000 and 1.500 were _ BRUSH. Colo., (AP)--The mys- Ucpublic of China the only righl- t f r y . (!(?a jh 0 ( a g.year-old boy fid government representing Chi-ip^'n^ n is sister in a wagon was ing or rebuilding the warehouse have been announced lo date. The Weather |eria, by Associated Press this raMy. undent Robert N. Lindsay, who "*' was at the rally. Reporter Replies Asked about the discrepancy, Lindsay cabled the following re-jstringer-that's n « l ' E P a P cr( ply from Nigeria: 'pitched gypsy music, was award- 'Another Lie" Jed Ihe 1961 Nobel Prize tor mecli- ·Anolher lie has been foisled on 1 cine Thursday for research on the the nation by the press. | human ear. in medicine. i Von lickcsy was given the for "his discoveries concerning,serious incident. Bui as itius, (he physical mechanisms of stim- mounted in chilly, driving ra ulalion tti'hin (he choclilen," said;demonstralors opened f i r e on official citation. The Cochlea police car, a headquarters "TM division of Ihe labvrinth o i l m a n said. Th 'surrounded for a t i m e by t h e ' n a and has always given full sup- |5olve(1 Wednesday by the confes- ·iicnviiv armed riot forces without I port to the position and (o all lhc| sj(m of a i 6 . yea r-old neighbor boy, - - · · l-!-i.i- -' '^-i ,.n,nrnmrni in tl.o snc[ .if{ Jerry Slroh said. of that government in the Nations. Therefore (lie :£S;as-?Ua^^SKaw/s-«:i is n rlivi«Kn Ol !C anyrinin ON.".!.] a.«li. n.t: A»IH.I; i^"..."" ·"- ".-» ··- ' he e aTM Von Bekesv's work fire, and hospital aulhori.ies in|any of Ihe component, of .uiL -." "' , , . . . . · , ,..- ·!,,, r l ,l,,,rl ,,! rOnnlnrrn sn\A 3 I T n t e d Nations. j..3. ..~ - - - · - , stroh said William Euger.s a!united Slates firmly opposes IhcJQj,,,,.^ following a lie detector Chinese Communists" l c s t i a j m it| c d he killed Handy or '"'-"JLanndon by stabbing the young- s-ienlry of the Chin The temperature at 2 p. m. Thursday was 69. Local for 24 hours ending 8 a. m., Thursday: Great Western: ^ "^' ~"^ ' s i^ s ' hc " csfi- l it"was really --. High 56; low, 26. Public Service: J^- ^ ^ , L i n d s a V p ( h c Associated Prc»s TIS-I. cc. io, u in I .._ . do staff member who sent the story, ly I asked the student union presi-'that a thousand ,---. dent, A. E. Dapo Falase, who pre-jing against this_young girl, wnen ^^aytCfcSSlX"^, valued this year at^l^ard-firsl of this year, '- """ ""·' ' . . _ i l * nen nnn ^,,-,.*,,\. ^rrM.nc_US !«!«_ SPl'lc subu , 15 injure One borly lay spra\vlcd in the High, 56; low, 26. , . l "Falase P r said: COLORADO -- Generally fairiyou think?' tonight and Friday; increasingl "I replied: 'From 'How many Cambridge, Mass. 31 Years Research Von Rekesy began his career in cloudiness north late Friday; warmer northeast tonight and east Friday; lows tonight mostly 3040 lower elevations, 15-25 moun- tins; high Friday 65-75. WYOMING -- Fair south, increasing cloudiness north tonight; Friday mostly cloudy north, partly cloudy south with showers or fc u.^jt wj«^^. .*.**.*. -- - local snow mountain areas and ion officials. None of them gave Paar did not north portion; locally windy soulh an eslimale of less than 1,000, andjAssociated Press ml-firsi of Ihis year's One borly lay sprawled in me ... 'swedisV'^w-nsl^W-isei-ies of Nobel prtzcs-was givcn'rain among a ,spring »^hocs, R a y b u m So M ;a!h . went to Dr. Georg von after .a three- our f session o '-dropped by .h^ mob. ( ^^ Cdn ' t 62, now of Harvard Lni- Boar, n r,, s.o ^at^.c ^. ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ MIC: choice. " ! mass of sllo ' ltin g demonstrators 1920 Discovery Von Brkcsy in Hungary as cializins in communication ster'in the head with a large nail last Saturday. The nail pierced Randy's skull. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage. ! The sheriff said Cheng's motive .was unclear. The boy said some- I, . _ . .. . . . MlfTI one had tca.-cd him, Slroh sa:d. and he was "striking back at Ihe from reaching the heart of the' " . . s . ro t, 5.-,;^ n,e boy ap- taricu his career city, but several hundred man- DALLAS f A P i - Doctors mdi- p f i r c r t i v was an ir ,n 0 cent by. an engineer spe-!agcd to slip through by subway cated \\edr.esuay that H ° u -e; t . . " l«h-or on foot. Crying "Algeria for .Speaker Sam Rayburn is so ,11 of £SisSI^£^^ii'»K sercswiv- = ·- · --;»: ztttt^^^^xFt^vsg^^TM inn onr over d nuu u n i i i i ( i i . t j j i .. ,i n r ( i n iirtn rontrr.? hp rpsumeo when nis conuinoni , _ _ , . _ _ _:j : »,. u-^i.,,.-, ;nce of crowds in man A ^ a L^ ^nr-JSiiSJ-sr* 1 ? ^"i^issi r d r c - Crowds at this university and:1045, and, was asupo^or «g^^ t ^^- ---,!,,,,,, u H i m a l c W ,,. rj-a^tJ^^^^^^ . ^ . . ... . . I . .n/-n A«.1 l.nlrwi^l cftl-fT I h n i W l X ) an deep i wound in the head. Randy's 8- ar-old sister, ridin" backward eaguua; |i-«..(,- _ . "Falase asked three student un- er major stones in A nca. . , . . . _ . . .1 _ I Tt - j r J nnt r-neirlt li'l Friday; warmer most of slate to night, turning colder north Fri day; lows tonight 30-40 lower elc I that figure." Lindsay said that as far as'Ihe air sevcra w- vations, i Friday «-S5 north, 60s south. ^£AA^£=^=^-^=liiWfJS ' J - - · Ipline Medico-Chirurgical Institute Ifor which hc r.ow receives the and in a barracks 'area in sub: treatment might also C cart" workTas" carried out Nobel Prize urban Vincennes. ' ^ " " el """' nc C Royal Hungarian Inslitntel At the end of Ihc war hc moved. There they joi Research in Telegraphy in.lo Stockholm and from there to^.MO ^ «^;"-|;- li^lnB^t'toxicil, in WhiCh 'n^rto' "='a icchnica, point of view- rt.c^ four l^urs. The govern- TM'v^r Von Brkciy 62 set out to prove ir.cnl today began deporting about Neither drugs r.or "orics'in a series of remark- 1.500 of those .an;estcd_ Tuesday offerjny hone for able experiments, among olhcrs started.]" 1 irn's'ly- mcm !at Ihe rally. U.S. Embassy pcr-'h.s eslimale of the crovu\ wagon, felt it stop sudilen- ,e turned to see her brother on Ihe pavement. No one tas in sight. N T o weapon was near the scene. ! -«.mg C-herig was taken from irradiationiMorfian County jail in order for i cure, the 1 the lie detector lest to bo given , on Ihc car of a corpse. follow. lite.

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