Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 18, 1961 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1961
Page 24
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Paso 21 GHEELEY TRIHUNK Wed., Ocf. IS, 11)611 EALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR DEAL W8TH A REALTOR ALPHEUS W. DRINKWATER A Northeast Wind Meant Action Age Is No Barrier to Two of the Oldest Reporters The oldest active news report-'lymj; districts, similar to the Well, neither Alpiicus W. Drinkwater of Manlcn, N'. C., nor Jennie Hoyden of Smith Midifle- boro, Mass., has claimed the hundreds -- of nil ages -- wlw re- orar ,, c l»i! news ol their ureas lo llicir local newspapers. DrinkuTitcr, ,1 snlty character with a shock of gray hair, has distinction, both certainly must be; licen relaying news lo the AP r.ear the top of the list. from the treacherous shores of Drinkwalcr is 80 and probably the oldest string correspondent on the rolls of thc Associated Press. Mrs. Jennie Phillips Jlayden is 87 nud corrcsiwndenl South Middleboro for the New Bedford Stnndard-Timcs. Both lire correspondents in nut- North Carolina's Outer Banks lor JENNIE HAYDEN A Friendly Typewriter the coast north of Cape Hattcras Drinkwalcr manned the morsL key for the U.S. Signal Service the Weather Bureau, the U.S Lifes.nving Service, the Coast Guard and Western Union. For years it was his job tc sight ships in trouble and signa Norfolk for tugs tn grab the distressed vessels before the; went on the shoals. On Dec. 3, 1903, one of tin most sensational stories of lh Outer Banks broke righl in hi lap. One of the Navy's two sub marines, the U.S.S. Moccasii snapped her tow line and washa aground al Carolla, N.C. Drinksvatcr says (hat due. t to the Portsmouth Navy Yar then rushed to the wreck scene set up his instrument on crate and cut into til main line of Norfolk. For twc weeks he stayed 1 at Caroltn sent ing out daily progress reports o salvage operations. It was during the salvage the Moccasin lhat tlic Wright made their successful flights o GO years. He still calls regularly Dcc , mi at K i n Dcvi i m wilh the inevitable reports of lost fishermen aixl drowned mers. Whcti llurricatie swmv Efther Bigger Federal Deficit Than Expected, Dillon hrushcd the const in September, Drihkwalcr was right on the jub jwith details from bis area. Airs, lliiyifan, who was gradu- ted from nostnn Universitv ill a few miles south of Drinkwalcr station. Drinkwaler syus that due t the break in the line at Carolli he relayed the news to Norfo! western U n i o n (bat (lie fir: pmvprci! (light has been si:cces ful. Orville \Vrigbt was quoted has wovn out two typewriters ami is now into her tliinl| [hc lxxk .., Mir;lc , c at KiUy 1Iawk nice she hepin chramcluifi; t he, ; t ,, al u was j j Dr)she passing scene in South Middle- in d , a of ,,,,, K j u M a v Iraro in 1021 or 1022 -- she isn't (|iii(e sure of (lie starting dale. Elation, who rent out the origin :nc , s Weddings, nmiivcrsmics, church. p rnual)lv tllc j^ known ninn and G r a n g e a t l i v i l i c s arc flW| rt | sas i c ' r Drinkwater has cover ?''.'. St ,° n '° 1 ' ! a ' ly . CCr J CSp0 . n1C !l C _ 0 ;i«-^ (he wreck of the Belgi SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon Wed. broke the news of a further expected increase in llicj u l l t ^iimo k " mvs how l o . lu TM|steam Aiitigoon near False Ca federal deficit. This year's bud-. 0 " 1 a fc!lUlre slor . v TM (1 practically j n necombcr IMS. Hie strug get, he said, will be "somewhat everything in the village has been of . ho | ifcsru , i]lg u n i t from Ul more than S6.75 billion" out of lllc . balance. Dillon said that record harvests --requiring huge farm price support outlays -- and the growing . postal deficil have caused Hie red 1 ]! 1 '' nf ^ Mention. When Jennie reached 87 m, February Hie _^ story was close at hand. She told how the In |tc flf ^ o f f i d n l rc[i| Islal]( , (0 rKalc (f[c brcM ., ]M bl , . mndc Ilcw ap | lcnri | te fm . - (lavs . Ink lo run deeper Ihon expected.; But Dillon, in fin address for. ·age old-ngrr" felt on reach-! four score- and seven: stiff limbs, rounded shoulders, a cane WHEELER REALTY "GIIKELEY'S MOST COMPLETE R E A L ESTATE SERVICE" ft Realtor ft 1331 8th Avc. EL 3-0346 tlial falls down in unexpected silver , . Inlaces nnd gets losl. Thc ,,.» (he annua meeting of the A n i c n - ' | i n f . , at fi? s ,, c wpo|c js can Bankers Association, clis-j t])M i r j t _ ni] ( ivalcd counted thc possibility that the!' i natural. Pleasures are those of the mind. "Values liavc changed and the i with the . 1 . . . . e 'r- . ,_.,,,, iiunf^ua, nu.- i.iiij.iu^cu lo in- a balanced budget for fiscal l%3.j signi(ica , Kc ... shc iM hci . rcaA . starting next July l._ _ _ _ crs _ ,, A mlll , ilurie of wanls , lavc mcnl, Drinkwalcr works every riay selling real estate and in- suraucc and looking for news. He keeps a constant eye out lor a change in (he barometer and for \vinil out of the northeast ttial may meati action. excess of federal spending over receipts would in ilself cause in- nation. He also renewed the Ken- - m ^ O f kccping ncdy administration's promise of !|]ol ' nas ^^" "This is exactly what the President intends lo submit to Ihe Congress in January," Dillon lold the bankers. Dillon said President Kennedy shrunk to nctual needs. Tensions have eased and resignation to circumstances has resulted. Re- grot for lack of accomplishment has intensified his pressure on' rcflclc i io[li agencies for strictest economy and the postponement o f i ; n spending and already has pro-j * jor thwarted ambition, has faded Jennie snys of her experiences J i n news writing: .- . -, . . . . . . -,. ,· "Mv typewriter is one of nw duccrt what he called s u b s t a n t i a l . , · fdc] ! (|s A ^^ w)]icjl lavmgs. travel wilh me from room The fiscal 1062 budget senl lo;, n , VV1T] js mv M . Uc- , t ;. , . : . j .. r , ,;with an empty mum, but cc Dempcras cnt.c,«d the budge ; | ^ d h as "political 1 and "unrealistic.' |,....... _, .,...-..,., _ _ j .,, , u . Thc new administration revised it lo show a $2 billion deficit. In July the Berlin crisis prompt- 136 12th AVE. COURT ero fs one of the finest and ennost homes on today's mar et. Three bedrooms, large liv g room w i t h now carpeting early new drapes throughou house. You will ho plcapci lib the beautiful lawn nm rubs around t h i s home. Cal s for moro details. 320 5th AVENUE -E\V LISTING thrco bedroom homo in reclcy. Kxtras inclndo carpet , draites, disposal and Rovera ther Hems. F i n a n c i n g to sui our needs or will trade, NCOMK PROPERTY -15 23rd STREET \vo bedroom liomo for tho own r phis a Ijnsctnciit a p a r t m e n t li enl out. Tins homo is locate" ,osc to the college, NCOME PROPERTY -218 8th STREET % hrec-unit miartmeiif house his bouse lias an exceptiomUl ood Income and it Is priced be §11.000.00. :OVER 'bis nearly new home is v n c n n ml ready to be occupied. L/lviii ntl d i n i n g room carpeleil, ki' lien w i t h h i r n h cabinets an uilt-tTi r a n g e and oven, r m r t i n f i n i s h e d b c t s e m c i i t , covere a tic, also c n m p l e t o umlei joiiml sprinkler system. ilONTVlEW A R E A lay we show you (his n t t r a c l i V ' wo bedroom home located close Heath J u n i o r IIIi;h School it Orpfiley i i i p h School. Ideal · a small f a m i l y and it is I H i i K f n r tin ;it t r a c t ive price. Ctill us Loday. 2G10 18th STREET N e w L i s t i n g ! An e x t r a nice Dover in Hillside close to Jacfc E l e m e n t a r y School and H L - L t t h J u n i o r l l i p h School. It Cent n res r u r i i e t i n p . hot water hcnt, a f i r c n l n c o nnd a complete electric k i t c h e n , (JooiL \'.A. loan may he assumed. L 1 3 6 31st A V E N U E [,o \v \r f \y incut s of ?S 1.00 pe m o i s t ] ] n i n y he assumed on this · i l t n u ' t i v o throo hedrnom h o m e H hay a c - o n i p i n t o elctrtn kit len, a t t n c h e t t ^ara^e, ind : m v e n i e t u u t i l i t y area off the tchcn. 2'iO 12f!i ST. RD. :\rly American (Jem in p o p u l a r ealh-Mnpleivood Area. Benuli- 1 y a r d with s p r i n k l i n g system, impletely f i n i s h e d basement, ,-o-car garage, all electric kit- len, cnrpeti ng, drapes, and ecorntin:: n i l completed with s t e f u l Early A m e r i c a n charm. Marvin C. FUNK REALTOR 101H Slh Avenue Phone EL 2-2775 HEARTH and HISTORY IMMEDIATE POSSESSION ·Mno 3 liedroom home in TJelalr 'ark, fireplace, f u l l basement, excellent yard. LOTS OF ROOM Vear nil school?, 3 hcdrnoms, 2 taths, ilnublG garage, f i n i s h e d insemcnt. INCOME Jowl 5 apartment building shows Tine return on investment, close in. PANORAMA PARK ?ine new luxury brick, spacious ·ooms, b e a u t i f u l patio, basement, sprinkling system. CHOICE INCOME In good college area, 4 units, excellent condition, garage, fireplace, 1'^ bathsj assume good loan. HOUSE AND LOT Half Mock f r o m Heath Jr. High. 2 bedroom home p l u s excellent b u i l d i n g site. GOOD INCOME Fine 3-unil a i i a r l m c n t h i i l l r l i n g noar college. In good condition. GLENMERE LOT Choice corner lot in developec block. R e n d y to b u i l d on. GREELEY COUNTRY CLUB Surrounds tbese choice building protected area finest view In sites in fully city utilities, Weld County. Ted Funk lelen Williams Marvin Funk D/A it contact iscd train of thought and off she goes c!ickety-ciick. :! It hns been a different world i of news for Drinkwatcr on the ·!l "£L^t; -S!0u,er B^. A-retired te^. deficit to! 500 " m . ore s j man alivp. Last month Dillon indicated (he 1 TM 011 "" 0 " 5 ., deficit might exceed $6 billion.| Ju? C C ^ Thc lalest revision, he told thcj .'"· " 10 bankers, will come in the Budget-?°' n ? '° " 0 ' . . . a ^ rsc '« TM tm . . . from our large assort m e nl. We will set it in the beaulifu ring not make happy reading," Dillon said. Beef Supply Up Over Last Year During his long career along: Slezak In Drama NEW YORK (AP) -- Walter Slezak, wl-.o usually appears on the stage in comic exercise, is tackling a different kind of role WASHINGTON' (AP) - Poien- ;,, .. T1|C classmate." n drama supplies of good and top q»al-: r ecently added lo Broadway's ity beef on the hoof in (he na-js,,^^ f or (t,j s season, lien's feedlols were about 8 per. ,, c will po r i ray 3 man fighting cent larger on Oct. 1 this yearj l o ^ d cc | arc( ] legally sane. Tliej than last. (script is being adapted from a The Agriculture Department re- G c r m a n s , 11ire by the husband- ported the number at 5.551,000 w j f c t(?am of j, al ii s | aus mt \ Mary head compared with 5,127,000 a niish-Fckete, Robert Montgomery! year earlier. i is ,,, d i r c c t i A survey indicated that feeders; plan to market 66 per cent of ~ these cattle by Dec. 31. If Ihe intentions are carried out, thc marketings in thc fourth quarter of this year would be 5 per cent larger lhan a year earlier. Percentage increases in Ihe number of feeders over a year ago by major feeding stales included: Iowa 12 per cent, Ohio 10, Indiana 18, Illinois 14, Minnesota 18. South Dakota 28, Nebraska, 22, Kansas and Texas 6. Declines included: Missouri 1 per cent, Colorado 1^ and California I. styling y o u choice, Jewelry 8 1 8 Eighth Street "Who Are These Unitarians?" Lecture By Rev. Eugene Sparrow Chicago, Illinois Greeley Community Building Sunday, Oct. 22, 4 p. m. OPEN NO TO THE PUBLIC CHARGE Ph. EL 2-751' Ph. EL 2-853 Ph. EL 2-5416 NOT EVERY REAL ESTATE MAN is A REALTOR! OKLY M ACTlVt MEMBER Of 1MB NATIONAL AKOC/ATIO/l OF RIAL tSTATF. BOMBS ANPHS AFRLWTEP BOiCOS.WW DESIGNATE HIMSELF AS A MAITOR, WH;CH is A CCKXECTIVB MARK (SIMU.4KTO A TBAOEM4RK) REGISTERED IN THf US. RTTEKTOf HCfi. VfAlTOR WAS COWEDT DISTINGUISH ETHICAl PRACTITIONERS. , CHARLES M. CUAOBOUHN, PAST PRESIDENT Of THE MINNEATOMS CEM. ESTATE BOAB^WAS PiSHESSEP TO READ ftHi.WSPAPtHH£ACMN£:"REAl. ESTATE MAN SWINDLES POOR WIDOW." RaAtlZINS THAT THIS RE- eifC.TEO OH THE BOARD *«M8EeS, HB Ca.NtO THE TERM/W^iiTQ? 'ID IN' tXCATE THOSE OF EEPurE IN TOE BtlSI- S'tiS. TUC TEDM WAS ADOPTED BV NARE.B IN 1916. 910 NINTH AVENUE GREELEY, COLORADO H I L L - Real Estate Greeley Building, Rm. 318 Ph. EL 2-0604 1015 7th STREET Combine living with excellent iness location, and income. Only $8500.00 for thia prime property. ALLES ACRES B e a u t i f u l s e t t i n g with large older 3 lio'lroom borne in l'/4 acres, phis corral, horso bfirn. r i d i n g ring, f r u i t trees, berries, many shrubs, Call for partlcu DELUXE HOME In Oreeley's X'o. 1 r e s i d e n t i a irea. Spacious, with 2 ceramic tiled baths, 4 bedrooms, all elec t r i o k i t c h e n , etc. Call us to see m a r v e l o u s home. U n d e r ·?0,00YOO. GREELEY'S FUTURE BOULEVARD Oth STREET HD. SW. We ave a wonderful large horn sale, w i t h plenty of van ooni for a growing family, eilrooms it necessary. Wil hoiv hy appointment. 811 10th St. ELgin 2-3833 Merle McXulty, EL 2-7004 Freddie S c h m i e t e n k n o p EL 2-4600 E l m e r H. Slolte, EL 2-5609 orace E. Atkinson, EL 2-7966 all EL 3-034C or any of salesmen on Saturdays and Sundays. 2345 7TH STREET 3 hdrni. hung., living room, "wall- to-wall carpet and drapes, full 'smt. Call to see this home to- ay. 2029 5TH AVE. 'wo bdrm. bung., large living oom, wall-to-wall carpeting tility room, single attached nrage. 1420 10TH ST. 'his nice 2 bedrm. home with i 4 room apt. will bring you 50 per month. Call today for ippointmcnt to see. 202 IGth AVE. Two bdrm. bung., pood loan can bo assumed, immediate pos Ray Larson REALTY 2305 10th St. Phone EL 3-2355 1125 8TH ST. Close In 3 bedrm. home with MAPLEWOOD SCHOOL Jest buy on n 3 bedroom bricl, only $15,500. Xetirly new ''nil bsmt.. act. Ear., many othe, Chvner w a n t s snialle iome. SPECIAL st he sold this week. Ko reasonable offer refused. 3 bedroom homo, nil elec. kitchen, itt. sar. Extra storage space. Will F. II. A. with JoOO down. ONE-HALF ACRE Country living at its beat, near new golf course, 3 betlrooms. Brick home. 2 car attached garage, lawn is In, the best, part of t h i s home Is the price, reduced to $20,5Cft. OWXRR LEAVING West of Greeloy a bedrm. brick homo, less tlnn 2 years old. Will be sold for ?1S,000. small down [ayment will handle to a quaH- icd buyer. $15,000 TO $20,000 We havo several new brick and frame homes in west Greeley, Hive us a call and let us show you thia week-end. FOR RENT New a p a r t m e n t s JS 5.0(1 to jftS.OO. Furnished 3 bedroom home for $125.00. Four bedroom country home for $S5.0(V .arge- living room, separate din ,ng room, full bsmt,, single ca garage. 1410 14TII AVE. This two bdrm. bonie is only a iialf block from high Large living room with fire place. Give us A call today t« this home. 2322 24TH ST. RD. Assume a 4',4% G.I. loan o this three bedrm. home. Paj menls only $83 per month. NUNN Two bdrm. bungalow on 3 larg :o(s. sale. FOR RENT 2 bdrm. apt., partly f u r n i s h e d -i d n l t s only. $60 per mo. Two 1 bedrm. apts. Partly f u r n i s h e d -- $35 and $45 per mo. A v a i l a b l e to rent November 1, 1961 -- 2 h d r n i . duplex, un f u r n i s h e d . LOOKING for a real good business investment? We are offering ono of ' Hob Foster Kddle Zybach Sarah Carbaii^ rls Russell Kay Larfon EL 3-23S1 EL 2-547S EL 2-0127 EL 2-7665 EL 2-S5S3 Herman K l i e w e r -- BL 2-3234 Bob Hill -- EL 2-1329 BeUe II. '.oss -- EL 3-1210 3ray Harrison Realtors EL 3-4254 812 18th Ave 80 ACRES Fust two Find a half miles f town. Five bedroom moder onie, good level ground, No. ater right plus an excel 1 en well about 3200 gallon. Averag gross per year $22.000, down and owner will carry ha nnce at S 1 ,^^. 40 ACRES Just two miles east of town als n Pleasant Valley, Good lev ground, fair Improvements, e cellent water right. Enough w ter for three times this muc ground, low taxes. Ax-era g gross per year about $11.500. EXCELLENT LOCATION One hair block from Heath J High. Three bedroom, ext large living room, very nh kitchen, attached garage. PrEi $13,000. HJ20 2Ist Avenue. V HAGAN Agency, Inc. Realtors - Insurers 7 ROOM BRICK yra. old -- iMftplewood. Ful nishert basement. Family room mptotc kitrlicn. Sprinkler sys m. Inspect 2125 15tli Street. COMFORTABLE BUNGALOW 19 14th Avenue. Fireplace n r m p l i v i n g - d i n i n g nren. Fnl .sement. C o n t r o l school locn Oil. BRICK a m i l y home. Quiet street. Par- ally finished basement. Double irnge. Mature yard. Check 1G11 Oth Ave. Ct. CRANFORB slahlished neighborhood. Com ortnMe ol. 5 BLOCKS FROM DOWNTOWN Clean -- New 1iot water healer. New furnace. 1,0(10 square feot ol economical living. Asking $5.000. SPACIOUS 5 bedrooms. 3 uatlia, built in kit Chen, cnrimt, drapes. 20 X 2t rec. room, imHo. Asking $19,500 2 CAR GARAGE 3 bedroom, brick, with lull baso incut. $650 dnwti will handle. SHOPPING CENTER Arlington pchool, bus lines nr» all handy !o this culo 2 bedroom home on 10th Avenue. This owiver has been transferred and will give quick possession. , can be assumed at $93.50 jer month. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY Owner transferred. Nfiat 3 heel- ·00111 w i t h attached gnr.igo, b e a u t i f u l interior decor, beig« i v i n g room w i t h carpet and trapes to match. Not even n year old. Call to see this at only $12,550. A b e a u t i f u l view of lovely Glenmere Park ia offered from the arge picture window o[ t h i a inndsome 3 bedroom bungalow. Included is a large fireplace, ^ornml d i n i n g room, large kitchen, full basement partly finished wllh ?i bath, bedroom, rec. room, nnd office. Nice land- scapert lot. Upstairs carpeted and draped. Immediate possession. SPLIT LEVEL i c u n t y w i t h faimlj- sized kitchen. Spacious living room with l u a l i t y carpeting a n d drapes. Garden level features, tiled recreation room and utlllts room. H c a u t i f u l l y landscaped vard plus oversir.ed 2 c u r garage. Will refinance or assume, present loan at $SS per montli. older home on large FAIRACRES bedroom hotnn \vltli fini.sliet s n n i R n t . Fn top c o n d i t i o n , car eU, drupes. I l i n i n g room, f i r e I nee. 1831 6TH AVENUE Rented al ?165 monlli! Pays n andaome return on Ihe Invest Tient. Calt today to Inspecl Ihls roperly. SMALL TOWN Imp slore and living quarters, iasy term?. JIAPLEWOOD "inishcd hnsenient has 2 adili- ional hedroorns, rec. room, util- ty, hath. Carpets, drapes, fire- ilace, altached garage. ECONOMY Tome at 1002 5tli Street. Part if the furniture goes! Priced at inly $9,000. 6 UNIT APARTMENT Owner will consider trade for mall farm. Nets nhout 52-100. Cnll f or rmrlioulnrg. KENT WITH OPTION TO BUY 2100 14th Street. Kent IB ?2(tn 6 mc. lease hasis. Call for appointment. Perk Carlson Leo Vandenbos Hay Schoonmaker Bill Donnicksen Clyde Williams EL, 3-271! EL 2-8648 EL 3-0743 EL 2-1081 EL 2-474 S To h n y or sell a business call Sonny Johnson EL 2-5407 45 Years in Business in Greeley 914 lOlu St. Ph. EL 2-73S7 Ernie Scott, Res. EL 2-S633 Carl J. Anderson, EL 2-3454 M. E. Hagan, Res. EL 2-54S7 Dean Avers, EL 2-4910 Howard Wilson, EL 2-:i7-l Mel C. Bedinger, EL 2-4753 Vic Hill, EL 2-2210 MOORE REALTY ft Realtor ft 1506 8th Ave. Ph. EL 2-3437 "WHF,RB BUYERS AND SELLERS MEET" Don R. Franks, ED 2-3564 surance Bonds Priced lor Immediate cant nnd we have Ihe key. BRICK DUPLEX nrand new . . . Each side has wo hedrooma, corner lot, only ive blocks from sciiool. This a very H4.000. 'nil finished basement, large liv- ng room, extra nice over-sized 'amily kitchen, huill-in range and oven, dining room, two car attached garage. Price S17.000. WE NEED YOUR LISTINGS Colorado's oldest established cafeterias for sale. A real chance for a good restaurant Wo have cash huyers lor 2 and 3 bdrm. homes -- with or without Income If you are planning a move, why not contact a firm wllh over 60 years of l!eal Estate experience to help you solve your problem. Joe W. Murphy Rea. Ph. EL 2-4968 Jerry Murphy Res. Ph. EL 3-0820 Jako Pflclgcr EL 3-1724 FARMS and RANCHES Robert J. Mitchell Res. Ph. EL 2-1550 good Inveslment at SUBURBAN brick two bedroom with REALTOR 316 Greeley Bldg. EL 2-5747 RETIRIN'G? bedroom frame, no bsmt. dinette, patio, close to shopping Priced to sell. $10,950. EXECUTIVE HOME JLovely brick, 3 yrs. old, excel HAROLD R. COWAN AGNES COWAN BURL K. HARRISON ALFRED WINTERS Call EL S-4264 Days or Evenings ienl location, throughout, 2 c a r p e t fireplaces, rec. room, 2 baths, built-ins, separale dining room. HEATH 3 bedroom brick, full fin. bsmt., 2 fireplaces, baths, patio. See to appreciate. Make us an offer. DUPLEX 2 bedrooms ea. unit, w-w carnet drapes, stoves and refrigerators separate furnaces, near new. MAPLEWOOD 2 bedroom, immaculate In and out, w-w carpet, drapes, under ground sprinkling, beautiful yard, detached garage. NEW LISTING Hillside area, 2 bedroom frame, carpets, newly redecorated, 2 car garage, $1300.00 down will issnme good loan wilh payments of $77.00 per month. NEW LISTING Three bedroom frame bunga lou-, detached garage. Owne' moving out of town and cal givo immediate possession, lul price 512,500.00. SPLIT LEVEL n Jackson area, 2 fireplaces nlly carpeted. 3 bedrooms, al: elec. kitchen, 3 b.iMis and manj other extras not found In ih* ordinary home. SPACIOUS LIVING !n this Belair home, all electric \itchen. sprinkling s y s t e m . 1SOO sq. ft. in this beautiful irick home with full basement Carpets, drapes and m a n y othei extras. 1810 19th AVENUE JIaplewood, 2 DH frame wilh 1 sxtra BRs and recreation room In the basement. Good loan to be assumed. Immediate possession. $700 DOWN moves you in this 3 BR brick Coloradoan with full finished basement, recreation room, halh an'l 2 BRs. Covered pallo, chain link fence, immediate possession. 1450 Z4th AVENUE Near new 3 DR brick, combina- ion kitchen and family room, 'nil basement, beautifully landscaped yard, completely fenced, ill electric kitchen, good financing. Full price $2I,S50. $400 DOWN buy this charming 3 BR frame buncslow, carpets, drapes, curtains anil many more extras. 3 blocks from Jackson school. H'ull price $12,500. WE H A V E SEVERAL GOOD F A R M LISTINGS WITH AND WITHOUT GRADE A SETUPS. Dora Lund, EL 2-440! John Watson. EL 2-0383 SALESMEN Frank E. Moore, Res. EL 2-3313 Al Moore, Res. EL 3-4043 Jim Anderson, Res. EL 2-7266 Ivan OIlbMEh. ET, 2-0037 REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR -- REALTOR \

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