Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 18, 1961 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1961
Page 23
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Died Can and Trucki SI t U W A H U S L'bcvrulrt n h t K t a u I ' l r»r t«w »Rd uird Iruetft. KKI) «nH wtill* 1010 ForJ Tudor Clul »^]in with '» ThundcrblrJ Special Motor. He«L ctc«n. »TO. !'h. 184-6SZS. Died Carl and Trucki SI u*t1 t j t u i l t l.«rkf p u r u n r r eenlali Wt l)] Kl -766n TOR SAI.K--10S8 Jeep i l n l l o n »«s 4-oheel i!rKc w i t h hubi. 10)1 Z 4 l h Klrecl. ATTENTION HUNTERS TEST DRIVE THIS 1955 JEEP PICKUP 6 cylinder, 4 wheel drive, with free wheeling hubs. Green ..... Garnsey and Wheeler Co. Safe-Buy Used Cars 19GO Ford Falcon _ _ _ 51705 1900 Mercury 4-Door Sedan $2395 1959 Rambler 4-Door Sedan . _..§1205 1958 Ford Consul -1-Door Sedan $ 895 McMILLEN MOTOR CO. Llncolu-Mercliry-Comct-Knglibh Konl 1U2 Slh Avenuo Phone Kl. S-SWO Bank Terms lo Suit the Buyer Used Con and Trucks 51 NH\V Cunclte. r.irr o.T Cm- hi. :.|)21I. 20H r'Oll S A I . K -- U I 3 Kurd !i-tu WIIDI J vv h*r I:L Kill SAI.B--IIM9 aluminum lop. 'I' ·inn w mh si ·Tj rilK.V. VS II l.,n flrtnp .ell M a k e o f f e r . 2010 4 l h Ai 10. Used Con and Trucki 51 SAI.K -- \fit C-7iU iln IralliT. I'll. Kl. ,1-H Uicd Cars and Truckt 51 r.l. K i a l l s r j M O U K I . t 6lh AM'mir. I'.»5S C 1 I K V . I |,f-kii|, KI. ! . , fur sxlr. K^celk-iit «tler 5 :3P. voii BALK-IK.* *,r.i 6 w l l b ovcnlritr. t tu condilloi). I'riml r« 3-118S. .,,,,,,11956 JEEP PICKUP '·'*"' Four wheel drive, coin- -.Irlane S c , l a n l P ' e t e ' y O V e r l l i l l l l o d , g O 0 (I · iniJh.'i[i[Hiirullcr, new red paint. Hur- ^oi'rtl'ly, Kl ' . . . TOK SAI.K-- 1M7 OMtmubllc Suix-r »f. -ttoor hirilt(i|. One owner. Kxeollcnt on.llllor.. C«ll A n i l . AI. 7.3M6. KOIt S A I . K -- I 4-s^hrrl d r i v ^^ilh e.xlm «iulim;cnl. Acl»li!cr. I'll l l t n SI. Jcci- »,..! U«l!on w.m wind,, l.o. . H u r r y ! REYNOLDS E Q U I P M E N T CO. REPOSSESSIONS 'G3 Chevrolet Convert. 54 Plymouth 54 Chrysler These items call be financed. SEE AT AETNA FINANCE CO.; 708 9th Ave. KL 2-2508 A-l USED PICKUPS 1959 FORD ^ TON V-8 Motor, 3 speed transmission, new paint, excellent : rubber. This one is a top u n i t . 1959 CHEVROLET Vi TON 1958 CHEVROLET B B I - A I R COUPR \'S, 2'tti ongino, u rcnl low iiillcam; fi«r. $1450 9th Street Motors A L PUKDY 1919 9th St. EL 2-7918J KIH( SAJ.r^-l'.,5 VS. Kl. 2 - J I G J Fort! Dlrkiin, '.i t/ir Houso fail S A I . K -- ' l i Auiojrvoilm H|\Verf., O f f . i.S, 19(il (·'KKELEV TKinUNK Piiffc 2,7 ' " · ' Wall 5freef TOK K A I . K - I M ! Klt.r l«ll.-r. )5xS. x r f l l r n l rondillon. Jlcrmniblc. K l . elc/in. li'll - I S B I IJlh Slrrtt. ichcr i | c n h i CHICAGO (AP) - Most Brain ' nil' futures and soybeans inovcil K J M I t nirtMi|i. -I'jcn e. Kl. -l'doir ^ni Auto . r n l l «inl luck ·« t'h Kl- . K - N I Che lc-Bl eon.Htic . Kl. n.*10). D o V J l l o t mr.ditto I'Olt K A I . K - - I W S Konl Kulrlan h a r d t o p . 1PJ9 Th-j[n! I T O t Klh St. moT si Iv'r'iT nth H l?30 CM!', «lw;.l I'll*. CMIU, h u n t i n g mid fMiiiiB Inul.lle. ·i hole lilMc. ice 1.JH. 4 L nnl,.',.· I re.vlj li xu. C u l l n Kl, 2.0111. IN vJ r » U M "IiaV l « By ED MORSE NEW YORK (AF -- A scalier- ward on Ilic Hoard of Track 1 I m e ' i i i f c of wide gains featured a lotlny. Jsonicwhal higher stook market i,, u-53, c/o T r i b u n e I Near the close of Iniiling rye Intc Iliis afternoon. Trading was ,n,me 2.fccJ. !=«!« o i v v a s Independently slrong with ii(l-|mciilcralc. i" Inj'":ih" st 2 ' 5 wciV. lva " ccs ra "l!' n B "P '° two ' c "' s Volume for Hie day was csti- n hiLsliel. Demand for other mated at 3.2 million shares com- i-i iniu grains and soy trams also in- pared with 3.11 million Tuesday. ^'"^"Hcrcnscrl after a lower trend most I Gains and losses of fractions to ter 3:30. of the session. a point prevailed nmong most key i Estimated carlol receipts were'slneks. !t Q°TM*J jwtsent 11 cars, corn 01, oats 11,, Among faster steppers, Zenith nr-'^rntrt |rye none, bjirlcy 3 anil soylieans Iwunilcd alicod more tliati 5, Xer- «r««ici TM " i r « i n . sion iIniUi" 1 o"c i rM'TM KI. J.2SO?' QUALITY USED CARS ·5!) BUICK J,KSAURR .. Kailio, hca T,l VOLKSWAGEN 7.850 n c l u n l miles. 6 cylinder motor., 3 speed transmission, excellent rub-! ber. This one is in top condition. $2095 59 PON'TIAC Cnlalina l-Dr Seiliin. linillo, healer. iiow-i v -S -l-Dr. Slut 'or brakes iiuil slcwine, l i y r t r n - f?'")^, ' mv SAVE $500 Aljoa Trailer Sleeps 5 Kxci'l., h i B h -' r - '47 S T U I H M I A K K I t Hi Io »nle. TVo Mice.l Kile. l.c- mllo « l n r e merlmil. N t w s r n h i an.I itock r u c k . I'rirc.1 S-W3. C. l.nnrhan:, ^OOS 2 C t l i SI. KI. *.'J K N U I N I - S ileam clcanij. '··i.SS up All lyi-r* txuly iinil f e n i l e i w u r k A - l |:ainl join, km its 1*0 Julir rl,i,rr.innn (iara^e. CHI f t h A v , _JL_I5_N s |^_ Ar « K l - *-l s «- INcil rnrtiMora. All tyixi of aulr. And l i u j k rcpftirlnR. John Thumpson A M Kl. 3-11 KAMm.KiTToi i!e:il (or *orr VS, !rip rilffo Ouncr lj Kl, 2-'jni:n r ulc lr o eone. 1061 n. S.CGU n . Good milt! ro\v 17.1C 17.23; U.OO-15.75. Sheep C.500: at auction: mixleralely active, itrori, slaughter latniiii choice I arul prime 17.LD-17.50: mostly choice Ili.GO- · a l l ! Al Ilic close wheat was nil-metier. B.ixtcr Laboratories also ' g j' clian|;cl lo 3 .'t higher, DecTinber'ltatl a 3-point ccljje in furtlicr ro- .?2.03^.().'.; torn unchiingcd lo 'A S|X)nsc lo its slock split news. hiijlicr, December $l.C!i^- r ji; onls| Avgo Oil cniscd an early bulge ' In ' j IOMCV, U:nmlcr BRTj-'/i; of a |X)iut on news of a purchase rye 1 to 2*» hi|iicr, Dcccmlx:r[o[fcr. 1'lymouth Oil and Honolulu '$1.41'i-V'; and boylw.-ins ?i to Hi Oil were up more ttian a point · sull. CHICAGO ( A P I - ! Scott Paper Jroppcil n point of Prcv. Tuesday's tialf-do/.eivpoint run up High !/v Close close :on stock split news. Ilelcno Curtis I shaved a 3-point los.i lo a point 2.0I'.» 2.U3'.'i 2.01 2.04 ,ns it described explosion damage 2.03'.= 2.0S1» Z.OM'.'i 2.0fl 1 .'ijto ils Chicago plant as small and 2.12 2.Ill's 2.12 2.IP/i(covered by insurance. 2.13=1 2.12^ 2.13'A S.lSi-'i 1 Ford, holding a 1-point gain, 2.1G!i Z.lSli 2.16^1 2.1G I was tlic best performer among 'motors. Slecls were irregularly . 1.095» 1.09 1.035k 1.09V: I higher at best. Coppers were un- l.MVi 1.14!s I.M'.i 1.14'i fhaiiiied to lower. Aircraft-missile 1.18*!i J.18 l.lB'.i l.lfl'i'slocks showed a string of small 1.22'J 1.21*a 1.2214 1.22'.i'lo«ses. 1.53'.i 1.2.T l.23'.i l.S.'C.l ·en I lyinR 1. \vni Bcrrrt i 1!'52 rciorM. KI, J.2C03. ever . nil Callle 1 BOO; Ala tablishcd; hcikrs i I 0;i(s ·icvrj nw is- p. liiw Mc.tily (o L'CC covis arvd utt i al nut slrn:! r r5«I.|.OCA ll)S r unil utility lifr.^ t.-ir^cly T8 FORD K l n l i t i n WriKou, n i c e l y ; mileage, esiiociiil- satcty linlts 1957 FORD % TON ' $2095 V-8 motor, automatic transmission, just completely re- '58 OLDS 88 built, new paint, good rubber. . |.n,-. sedan, power in-tikc* nm · i t e m i n g Kiulio, healer, liydra 1953 FORD i/2 TON V-8 moloi*, 3 speed itansmi^siuj), new paint, top condition throughout. $1595 '56 JIERCUKY l - l i r . ijuiluii, lo\v mileage, * OPEN EVENINGS * SEE ONE OF THESE S A L E S M E N : Ed Fritzler -- Dave McDonald Art Steinberf;er -- Kay Wiedeman Warren-Bunting Motors John Warren Jim Bunting FUKD AGENCY, BATON. C O L O R A D O Hlione Baton 28 u n t i e . Diie owner. owner. r;irtin ( he filer, seal .Merc-O-MiLtld cxlrub. otic COY- n n d other car.ners -- jchofcc 525-500 'UO rnrtl Fairlane S 4-tloor j CPJVCS 200; ch-iioc 330 Kortltnnalic, (WM-or hraUes ami calv « "bout Mca.iy at steering, im-tory a i r cond.. r n O H A H A L I V E S T O CK" ' M t C i - silaHg. p n r l c l P U f l n s l l S^ccp 1-500; v.oo!cH ! n l l i m e l c r . · «cak 10 w kwrrj Excellent con ili lion, low mile' ;ige, Pricorl rlrJH. Plioun 2S4-7S1? a f t e r 6:00 P.M. $1695 $795 1002 8th Avc. 815 l l t h St. Weld County Garage BUICK -- PONTIAC -- CMC TRADE YOUR TROUBLES! See our big selection of late model, low mileage cars today. used' BIG RAMBLER Leader of the Compacts by 10 Years First in Economy (Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on all others) First in Owner Loyalty First in Mechanical Advantages Lowest in price too. Prices s t a r t at $1846 f.o.b. factory For Sale 1947 Dodge 1% Ton ri.:/]-in..-'ii . , rs-LHa: Jul | Dec lambs. Mw feeder ; prime s 1C 50- .73'/i .72- n i .75 l /i .7J S .74''i .74 1.41'= 1.3B 1.W; UK .no"4 .73'.« .75Vi with heet heel, extra Achziger 931 I H h St. S t f i 90-312 lit v,eclctl i l a u j 17.V3E cl.oict 1 incluJlr.s p r i m e ig] »: i shorn sla-jjthler Inmlii 16.75; mil lo choi .slnyghicr CT.CX 300-1.75; choice 67 western f*e«!Jns lambs 15.75. ij ; , HOJ;-' S.OX; harrows ami pills filror.^ (n 25 Higher (or two clays; sows mMily|M. steady: JOO-JW Ib butchers 15.25-16.50:,. AO\-.S 1-3 arouiKi 250-360 Ibs 15.H-10.OU. 1 M! Cattle 7,500; calves COO; mlxcJ Kixxlj .. 1.43^4 l.'IO'.'i 1.«'.i 1.41 1.36'i ].34'.i l.SO'b 1.3o' ' The tiiiirkcl was higher from the stail. hut gains were spotty and no leadership was displayed 'l)y any group. Prices were irregularly higher .74' 'i .74',j on the American Slock Exchange. .7.j .75 iTi-ading was moderate. U.S. government Ixjnds im- l.-ll'.'i 1.39 proved a hil this afternoon. Cor- l.W* 1.41 ||iorntcs continued mixed in New York Stock Exchange trailing. N'ov 2/12 2.-1G nstly s Uicd Can and Trucki llu!]y iicadyi heifers mi ·weafc to mosllj' 23 I\ciile 15 itcady: hlKh. ehntci prime IJOO-I.^35 Hi steers ---IJorlly 5\ 24 M h ? ilo,,^ - . cul|ori 2.4H1 2.47^ 2..13'.' z 2.48 2.50Vi 2.52'.i 2.51 li Wlicol . 2.53 2.54','i 2.5ariUnts, c«t -- 2.55'/4 ! 2.43- v i 2.40^ Local Market (Corrected to Oct. 18) ma- j i.»- / · I K ' I SPECIALS .. U.9MS.OC; canncrs "" tor TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY 1958 DeSoto Firedome y choice 9»-Jj350 Lb alters 2.1.5C- -» , « . ', Mth choice and prime 1.076 Ib I a c h -.ra n rs a.»; utility ami commercial o o » s , U G J l l U I Q I I I ·: CHICAGO (AP) -- No wheat, corn, oats or soybean sales. !s -°°' ____ _ KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK C'M-.f 4,200; ralvcs 150; ila'JsMM slccn ar.J heifers n««dy! eoivs slroM lo 2550 hUhcr; ralvrs slconi li 1.00 higher: ilcfs sltady; slockrrj nnd teXrs' 1.G2 11; feed 30-1.02 II. ·ady; Rootl Br.:l chcir« Mcits 21.00-' 1:00,1 lo choke hci!c« 2J.25.M.TO:i Harlcy 1501 Pinlo Be.ins ....... Uutierlat A medium cpgs A large eggs Light hens Heavy hens Barley: malting choice 1.35- $1.67 »200 SI .85 .. SR .. AO . .05 .. .12 Strike Cuts Paris Power CHICAGO (AP) - (L'SDA) Hogs 6,500; hnlcliers steady to 15| lower, later 15 higher; mi.xctl 1-2[ . ,, . , land 1-3 190-240 Ibs 1G.7.M7.00; la!e 4-Door. Auto-! a , ps mosl , ua -. nm . 2 . 3 220 . .matic transmission, radio, 270 |bs , 6M ., 6 . 73 . mixc(i w 300- i heater, p o w e r stecnng.U |h SOH .i M-75 . 16i00: 2 . 3 an l 3s power brakes SH95: 40C . G75 lhs ,.1.00-15.00; most 350450 lhs 1-1.25-15.50. Barley I 05-1.12S I urnout in S.A. The strike by personnel in (he government-run uiililics ami rail-- · ways was largely lo support rte-' inuixls for higher wages. '61 Plymouth V8 4-Dr. Sedan . $2195 '61 Valiant V200 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. $2295 ! '60 Plymouth V8 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. $2395 '60 Ford Custom 300 2-Dr. Sedan $1795! '60 Renault Dauphine 4-Dr. Sedan $1095!'4g Chevl , lct Sc(l!11) _ '59 DeSoto Fireflite 4-Dr. Sedan $2195ki smdebaker'/. TO,. Kckup, commander G cy im- i r n r\i i i n i A · n n n J ( M o n r i ^ " ' - ler motor, radio, heater, overdrive and 59 Chevrolet BelAir 2-Dr. Sedan $1395Up.r b.*. AH ,,· __.._ __ _ RAMBLER SUCCESS TRADE-INS Collcgc Founder Dies 1960 Ford JOHAN'NESDURG, South Africa] i ( A P ) -- A light Uiruoiit mavkcJ| BAI.TIMOKE (AP) -- Dr. May- Cillle 13,000: calves 100; steers onr |y morning balloting Wed. inlir.rei A. Clemens. 1)2, founder of ( stci:dy lo 25 higher; Ihrce loads parljanienlarv elections eallcd for Easlcrn College and Hs affiliate, Falcon Fonlor. Custom in- prime 1,175-1,350 Ib steers 2C.25 south Africa's v.-hilc voters lo!the Mt. Vernon School of Law, terior, radio, and heater with prime I,-100-1,450 Ibs 2S.CO-! c i, 0()SG - anolhcr all-while govcrn-'dicil Tuesday. He was born in Art._ _ 51585^25.50; choice 1,400-1.900 Ibs 23.50-; mcn ( p idison, N.Y. '24.50; clwice 1,000-2,«X) Ibs 15.00-' · 1Q^fi D l u m n i i t h ! 25 25; hulk choicc ancl i )rimc 05C '' I j J U n y i M U U l l l 11.400 Ibs 24.00-26.00; good 900-1,300j Belvedere '1-Door. Automatic transmission, V8 engine, radio and heater, SjG88 1960 Ford 'CO r«^rJ r n ;..\ nnn \IO 0 f\ r 00 r O r O r a i r l a n e VO Z-L)r. )n ni IL n UO A n no. U/ ,, /hi nrir 57 Plymouth Cus V8 4-D St Wgn $1395 '57 Hudson HoiiyWOOd 2-D HdtOD $995 »cc PU i \- oin o n c A TCQf; v)D UlieVrOlet Z1U Z-Ur, OeOan . vptDyO '56 Plymouth Belvedere V8 4-D Sed $795 '55 Chrysler Windsor 4-Dr. Sedan $695 'Ci^ Do(1 S e v 8 Wixgon. Radio, heater, automatic. The 04 mo t or needs rings. Wehavon-t the time ito fix it, so take it away for only --------- lljs 22.50-24.00; a load 1,100 Ib! standard Holstcin sleers 21.60: utility and standard 19.00-22.00; a few loads mixed choice and prime heifers 24.00-24.25; a load of prime 1,025 Ibs 24.40; bulk choice 23.0024.00; good 21.50-23.00: few utility Falcon Rauchero. 8,000 anl ] standard J7.00-2l.50; commer- actual miles. Like new. C j a i cows 15.50-16.75; bulk cutter Standard transmission. De-|and ulilify 14.50-is.24; canncrs luxe heater $1(505,12.50-13.75; cutter and utility bulls 16.00-10.00; standard and ge d vcalers 15.00-25.00; culls down lo 10.00; a load of choice and fancy 875 Ib feeder steers 24.00; a part LOUVERED HOOD 1957 THUNDERBIRD SPECIAL V-8 MOTOR Straight stick and overdrive, radio, heater, on this *55 Ford Club Coupe. Jet Black finish. '55 Plymouth Savoy V8 4-Dr. Sed $595 '55 Plymouth Belvedere V8 4-Dr. Sed $595 '54 Oldsmobile Super 88 2-Dr. . $495 '54 Plymouth Savoy 4-Dr. Sedan . $395 '54 Chevrolet 150 2-Dr. Sedan . $395 OPEN EVENINGS A f t e r Hours . . . Call thece Salesmen: Martin llasenaticr, p;i/ 2-8312 Douglas McNeil '55 Nash Ambassador W. Sedan $595 '59 ^ w comerier lOO'/'i Warranty, radio, All new rubber. 6 cylinder w i t h brand new and automatic transmission, heater, non slip differential. _ _ $1495 James Marcs, El, Tiill Gentleman, Kl- The best buy in town. OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 9:00 AND ALL DAY SATURDAY RAMBLER OF GREELEY Home of Rambler Select Used Cars and the Economy Kins Rambler 1321 8th Ave. EL 2-9038 JUST ACROSS FROM THE BUS DEPOT WICKLAND'S Your Plymouth-Valiant Dealer USED CAR LOT 404 8th Ave. Tel. EL 3-1050 Auto Service and Suppliei 52 A u f o Service and Supplfci 52 WARDS AUTO SERVICE CENTER Tires. Batteries Installed freo. Wheel balancing, lire rotation. 6 wheels Set of 4 brake shoes and I n s t a l l a t i o n M u f f l e r s a n d Installation Open Evenings 'til 8:30 Edwards Chevrolet Co. USED CAR LOT 1310 8th Avenue LIVESTOCK AiJCTION Weld County Livestock Company 52 19SI IfKRCURY motnr n ,-omplrle. KI. 2-5! OLD ENGINE Giving You Trouble? Buy . . . . P \ PTd U V li v\i\ 1 r I 'P P VTf r Mir i I 9 i cn ifJiek tted. 0; unifier nl F A C T O K Y K L B h l L r h . N G I N b ; v f r t «i 0; arrived Coro. 1; trucki new engine with a antee. All popular m a k e s and available. e uar TW jsfis s' , s_al« m models 'jji^v MONTGOMERY W A R D Sli I01h Street 20-1 Kas( I S f h St. Oreeley, Colo. FRIDAY, Oct. 20, 1961 Our regular weekly livestock auction at the Weld Conn- - ty Livestock Commission Co. starts at 10:30 this Fri- day, October 20, 1DG1. Another good sale is expected, O f O 1U» AVtUUL f i V l ' C i a *, a J J Q L L · ' _ i r . i l £ I ' l l . 1 load medium 000 Ibs 20.00. i K O ]t . vo " are '" llect ' °' cattle of any kind be sure and Sheep 1,500; all classes steady;!attend this sale. A few of our early consignments in- four decks cl-.oice and prime 90- elude I h c following: Ib fed Western wooled lambs , , , ,, _ ,, , , , .,, . i , · i i i , 150 hd. WF Sirs., one oniml; will be .suiil in loan lots. 150 WF llfrs., one brand, guaranteed open. 21 WF Strs., 30 hd. W K Strs., one brand, good quality. 29 WF Strs., 45 hd. WF light weight yearling Hfrs. 40 hd. Angus Str. Clfs., 21 hd. Angus, good to mix. 30 hd. Angus Str. Clfs., 30 WF Strs., 550 Ibs. 20 Angus Hfr. and Str. Clfs. 60 WF Sir. and H f r . Clfs. 85 hd. WF Str. and Hfr. Clfs., one. brand. 40 hd. Cows, 25 Hereford Strs. and Hfrs., 500 Ibs. or better. 37 hd. Hoi. yearling Hfrs. 10 hd. Hoi. first Clf. springers, real close, 5 Hoi. Breeding Bulls. 1 A n g u s Bull, 2 Brahmas. 2 Hereford Bulls. 35 hd. of fat hog?. 30 Ewes, 1 yearling, 1-2 year old Sulf Buck. BRING IN YOUR D A I R Y COWS AND HFRS. AS THIS IS NORTHERN COLORADO'S L E A D I N G MARKET. A at 7:00 a.m. for the market re- 18.25; choice and prime natives 18.00; good and choice 15.00-17.50; cull to good 10.00-15.00; double deck choice and prime % Ib shorn fed lambs with No 1 pelts 17.50; cull lo choice shorn slaughter ewes 3.50-4.50. D E N V E R BEANS General tiifl t« c rowers 1%1 crop l.'.S No 1 pialoi 6.35 f.o.b. Denvrr rate shipping points, U.S. No Sj 50 !rw; 1S1 crop firral Norlfcrrn! 6.U-S.M lor U.S. J.O Is, No 2s K Jus. D E N V E R EGCS s carxlltd ar.rt graded in Denver, r? re-turned: Larg* whiles AA 42-43; larne mixeil A 37-3? ; medium mixed sd mixed AA 33 -^: larce uhiles A 33; JTEC mixotl A 37-3S: mtilium mired hiles A 20-31; m E r f f t m mined A 28-31; small A 11-22; lirsc whiles arxl mi.\cd 32-33; medium D 20; u rx!#rgrac!ej large .13, small 7-8. h t l y ueaktr; sa!oi ·:! v.t:n. ·fcet in Its? than rarlct q-jan- iuji"i.«:i.SO!'2'4' in. mhi. 250-2.65: U.S| i.N'o 2s I7i: Colo, nijstl* si/cd 6-3 or: S.:0 c*. 50: bakers V oz. min. or 6 H ii. 3.W: unwashed 4 01. mio. J5-35 r" rvl laipor 2.75; Colo, red . C.99J 13.9S 11.99 Al Wards you can depend on fine products--Fust 8«r v u« 615 8fh Ave, . Phono EL 3-0204 USED TIRES Still Good for Many Miles Available in most sizes. Priced from $4.50 $15.00 Montgomery Ward 611 8th Ave. to . . . l 2 in. min. 30; ruiseli 4 07. min. 15. _r"i: slar.danls 31; checks 3! 1 .;. 3IV; INEW YORK DRESIED MEAT Steer carcats pric* 50 lo^en ecw IbccC Ktrady lo ueaV; \ r a k BIM! ft't |teady; lamb fully 1.00 lower; steer hfc( | .ehoic* carcasses 6*0-700 Ibi 4].50-42.50i I hindquatlere 4!.00-S3^0i arm chuck* 3S.OO-' 38.00; ribi 4S.CO-52.00; lamb cho'.cr and I prime 3S-45 thl 37.50-41.00. ' the above list. We would like to stress that you let us know what you are bringing into the auction so that « we can let the buyers know what you will have in any. " particular line of cattle. If we can be of help to yon in sorting or advising you on your livestock, please call us collect at EL 2-0274, Grceley, Colo., or drop us a card and we will be glad to talk it over with you. COLORADO'S FASTEST GROWING LIVESTOCK Astronomers at the) Naval Observatory in Washington lasl saw the Milky Way in 1921. J FASTEST AUCTION Claude Redman Ralph Greenwood Chris Wierlerkehr--Aucls. GROWING MARKET Tom Kime, Mgr. Elmer Slorgensen, Scales Ollie Swanson, Office

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