Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 10, 1973 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1973
Page 25
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Tues., April 19, IKS (iREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE^ · |-|--· ·--T|- ----· ·,,·/·»·· Iff . ·^·\}4 '\'; PANORAMIC VIEW Bright and cheerful with a feeling women's lingerie section toward the new Junior shop. (Tri- GREATER ACCENT ON DRAPERIES - Plenty of back- has been enlarged and more stock added. (Tribune photo by of order might well characterize the newly remodeled J. C. bune photo by Red Edgerton) · light in the J. C. Penney curtain department allows a good idea Red Edgerton) Penney store in downtown Greeley. Photo here looks across the · of how curtains will look in sunny windows. This department NEW SHOE DEPARTMENT -- The J. C. Penney Shoe Department has been moved to 9th Street in the location formerly used by Penney's for Christmas toys. Photo here shows a small portion of the more than 800 shoe styles available for all the family. (Tribune photo by Red Edgerton) SPACE AGE REPORT DECOR Rocket finds safe Print i path to Jupiter ties in colors By FRANK MACOMBER Military-Aerospace Writer Copley News Service Astronomers: will have to rewrite some of the chapters in their textbooks. The reason? Pioneer 10's safe, seven-month journey through the asteroid belt gave them a new look at an old boogie man in space -- that band of rock and dust 25 miles thick and 175 million miles long that circles the sun out beyond the orbit of Mars. Pioneer 10's conquest of the belt and the data it has returned to earth have proved this heretofore mysterious and consequently feared girdle around the sun is not a door tightly closed to space travel after all. Dr. Robert Kraemer of the federal space agency's Planetary Program Office says the TRW-built 570-pound Pioneer 10 spacecraft, during its 22- month journey to the region of Jupiter, "told us that the asteroid belt is more of a pussycat than a tiger." And Dr. Martha Banner of Dudley Observatory, an investigator of the spacecraft's zodiacal light experiment, quips that "it's easier to get from the earth to Jupiter than it is to get to Washington, D.C., from Albany." She lives in Albany, N.Y. Pioneer 10, launched March 2,1972, emerged virtually unscathed from the asteroid belt last Feb. 15. Its successor, Pioneer 11, will be launched from Cape Kennedy some time between April 5 and April 26 -- its only launch "window" for the next 13 . months. Pioneer 10 is to arrive in the vicinity of Jupiter next December. Pioneer 11, if it duplicates the performance of its near-twin predecessor, will reach its Jovian destination early in 1975. The Pioneer-Jupiter spacecraft are the first man-made objects designed to journey beyond the orbit of Mars. After encounter with Jupiter In December, Pioneer 10 will become the first crnft to escape : the solar system. Scientists nt National Aero- nautics and Space Administration's Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif., manager of the Pioneer program, were as surprised as they were pleased with Pioneer 10's open-field run through the asteroid belt. The largest asteroid, Ceres, is 488 miles across. The smallest is a bit of dust too tiny to be seen without a microscope. But there are perhaps 50,000 asteroids one mile across or larger. Astronomers know the precise orbits of 1,776 and have a rough idea of the orbits for another 2,000. Space scientists and engineers didn't worry so much about the big asteroids as Pioneer 10 threaded its way through the belt. It was fairly easy to avoid them since their orbits were known. But how many little pieces were zinging around? How dense were they? Would a spaceship be pulverized by them? No one knew for sure until Pioneer 10 penetrated the belt. Some scientists had predicted flatly that nothing could get through the asteroids and that man consequently never couid venture forth to investigate Jupiter, largest of the nine major bodies that orbit the sun. However jubilant scientists are that there is a path through the asteroid belt, Dr. John Wolfe, Ames project scientist, warns that while Pio^ neer 10 took only a few glancing blows from tiny bits of dust, "we should be careful about our conclusions." "We sent one spacecraft through one portion of the belt. It may be that's the only place you can get through." 80 countries helped JERUSALEM -- Israel's technical-assistance program, in operation since 1958, is by far the most extensive of any developing country's. Over 3,000 Israeli experts have served in (10 countries and nearly 15,000 trainees from developing countries have been taught In Israel, Cardigan coats, shirt jackets sums up boutique sportswear By ODETTE MENGIN AP Fashion Writer ROME (AP) - Cardigan coats and shirt jackels summed up the sportswear line of Valen-. lino's autumn and winter boutique collection recently. Although the styles could not be hailed as a novelty -- other designers have already tried them - - the clothes displayed that well constructed look that characterizes Valentino. The Italian designer also relied on the variety and coupling of fabrics. The tweedy knitted coats and leather jackets worn over gabardine pants or flannel skirts, were trimmed with great fur collars. Corduroy velvet coats and gabardine trench coats could be turned inside out to become tweed or gray flannel coats. Gray knitwear lined yellow raincoats. In the colors of the collection, mostly gray, bottle green burgundy, black and yellow, jackets were often shaped like a man's shirt with rounded flaps. Apart from the bright golden yellow, all colors were subdued. Pants remained classic. As Record keeping is help to taxpayers By BARBARA HARTUNG Copley News Service Q. I have just bought a home which I cannot renovate for a year or two or possibly longer but I would like to fix it up the best way I can. In the meantime, I would like some suggestions on how to do my living room and dining room area. I have white wallpapper with a touch of gold in my hallway, living room and dining room. I have a colonial royal blue couch, gold chair, maple rocker, maple stereo, red, white and blue oval rug, white sheer curtains, red drapes, maple tables with colonial lamps and royal blue shades. I have no furniture in my dining area. Can you please give me some idea how to redecorate these rooms. I am a young bride of a year and a half. -- M.D. A. I would imagine you could tie a red, white, blue and gold color scheme together with a print of those colors. You could use the print to skirt a large round of plywood which you can cut or have cut for a dining table. Add simple legs and you have an inexpensive table. Buy some unfinished chairs and enamel these in blue. Do print chair cushions for the dining chairs and repeat the print again in the living room--maybe as a pad for your rocker, a drapery trim or pillows for the chair or sofa. Do interesting- wall arrangements using colonial prints and accessories for inexpensive yet effective decorating drama. Keep to this color scheme with accessories, picture frames, and then as you can add new furnishings. You can do it piece by piece and still have a good- looking room. When a wood window has swollen so that no amount of lubricating or forcing will enable it to slido up and, down, the stop molding will have to be removed and the edge sandpapered to provide a wider channel. By ANN CUKLEY For the'Associated Press When Geraldine Coppola suggests to taxpayers the importance of keeping complete and accurate records, she has a good basis for offering the ad.- vice. Miss Coppola works at the top level of the administrative appeals system set up by the Internal Revenue Service to try to resolve differences between the taxpayer and the IRS without court action. "My job is to decide those cases where .there is a gray area or a conflict and, believe me, there are many of those," says Miss Coppola, one of six women among some 650 IRS appellate conferees across the country. The diminuitive 30-year-old is the first and only woman on the 16-member staff of appellate conferees in New Jersey. She has held the position six months. "My best advice is to caution taxpayers to keep records," says Miss Coppola, looking back on seven years with IRS. "Nobody questions their honesty but returns are subject to audit." The Newark native points out that United States tax law is "quite vast and sometimes is open to several different interpretations." For this reason the administrative appeals system was set up, with the taxpayer first taking his disputed tax statement to the district level and then, if not satisfied, to an appellate conferee working under the regional IRS office. The taxpayer can move his case into court at any point in this procedure but Miss Coppola points out that most ap- peals can be handled administratively at the district level. In an average year nationally, the appellate division considers about 30,000 cases -each of them could involve relatively few dollars or millions and only about 1,000 end in Tax Court, she says. 'Miss Coppola stresses the effort made by the IRS to give the taxpayer a fair hearing of his views. She also emphasizes the work of the taxpayer service division, which offers assistance in the filing of tax returns. "And they don't charge a penny," she adds. "If people have a tax problem, this is where they should be." "It is unusual to have a woman in this job," she says. "I sort of fell into something which wasn't completely outside what I wanted to do." With sights set on becoming an attorney, she joined the IRS at the New Jersey headquarters in Newark after graduation from Rutgers University with a degree in political science. After promotion to the district conference staff three years ago, she began classes in the Evening Division of Seton Hall University Law School. She expects to receive her law degree in June, 1974. Firm in her support of the opportunity offered to women in government service, Miss Coppola calls the government "very female conscious." AUTO GLASS For All Cars A M GLASS 624 13th St. Ph. 352-4248 usual with Valentino, he flared them out from the hips so that they skimmed the ground, completely hiding the feet. Flat pleated skirts just revealed the knee for day wear and ranged from ankle length to ground length for the evening. The shirt-pajama, shirt- like tops in jacquard silks or prints worn over the pants also were for evening. Art works and Pakistani embroidery inspired Valentino's designs. Ballet dancers from French painter Edgar Degas set the pattern for shirts and knitwear while Austrian painter Ciustav Klimt's small flower designs were printed on dresses. The most feminine part, of the GIBSON A PIRATE? PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Star pitcher Bob Gibson of the St. Louis Cardinals picked the right place when he said he hoped to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Gibson was at the annual Pittsburgh Dapper Dan dinner in early February. "If I'm going to ho on a title team," said Gibson "I better get Brown (Pirate general manager Joe L. Brown) to get me in a trade. I don't see the Cardinals doing much the next couple of years." The Cardinals are building their infield. Third baseman Joe Toree is the exception. Torre hit .289 last season in 149 games. collection featured short cocktail dresses with low-cut necklines and shoe-lace shoulder straps. Feather boas, crisscross frills to underline the breasts and chiffon stoles completed the look. 2 'super-carriers' added M I N N E A P O L I S -- Iron-ore prices remained stable in 1972 but the basic cost of lake transportation was about 5 per cent higher than in 1971. Two "super-carriers," with capacities more than 50 per cant greater than the largest vessels previously used, entered service in 1972, and unit costs for transporting ore from Minnesota to lower Great Lakes ports are expected to drop in 1973. HALL SETS NEW MARK COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (AP) -- .The baseball Hall of Fame here attracted 231,589 persons during 1972, treasurer Howard Talbot has announced. Since the Cooperstown shrine opened in 1939, the museum has had almost four million people pass its turnstiles. ·Best month for visitors was last August when 94,872 fans turned out. The Hall of Fame game this year is set for August 6 with the Philadelphia Phillies facing the Texas Rangers. Did You Know?? We Moved Just Around The Corner Collins Muffler Shop 2401 W. 10th 353-2573 Large Selection! Patented and unpatented. Many varieties to choose from. FRANK'S Seed and Hatchery 709 10th St. 352-1096 KERRY IS BACK! Formerly at Joslin's Wig Department NOW AT HR BEAUTY BAR Style and Cut $3 353-3009 Uncomplicated Excitement 1973 OPEL GT · Concealed Headlights · Rack Pinion Steering · Power Front Disc Brakes · Sport Wheels uality'Service- ^Integrity 810 10th St. 352-

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