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Nampa, Idaho
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Tuesday, June 6, 1967
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M-loFrt« Press t Caldwell N»ws-TrlbM«, Tuesday, Jim 6,1961 - 2 THi NfWS-TRMUNf an4 IOAHO HIE WHS H*Wtd twingi «»ft SunrJoy ol 316 Fen* A,.. Sxrtr Nompo Woho IW51 by Canyon f obliging Co. Eirtwtd 01 itcood (kill motttr ol lU foil O«ke of Nompo Idaho wufct OKI ol March 1, U79 All iwtkn rujvirtd by lo« or order ol court of tompelenl jurisdiction to bt pvbliilxrj wwkly Mil b* publ.ihtd in It* Soturdoy iuul M l h i i p o p t r p u r i u a n l lo S«lion 60-108 I.C. 1963 ai added Ihtreto br OM9*t »*4 1 933 Stiiion lo.i ol ldoK». SUBSCRIPTION RATE Corri.,. f,, monlh S I 85 Corn.,, p., »,,, S32JO Moil (in odont| in Canyon, Ado. Owyhtt, J«r-, Elmore, Woihing- Ion, loiw, PoyfKi, Uaho. Adorn,, Vall- r and Molh-ui Cauntiei. OUTSIDE ABOVE COUN1IES 'MflJitti S 1.50 I M o n l h S 175 } Mon * * 2 5 3Monlhi. . . . $ 4 75 SMonrfu $ 800 AM^-.t, ' « oAn 1 T *o r $1500 I Y*or ' ll^rri Arab Army Reels Under Big Attack (Continued from page 0 supply him to compensate his told Parliament Egypt has no losses " legal right to close the Suez ,, ^ clear lhe Egypaan Canal to peaceful nations and Wgh command was preparing U?,11? J ,'," ? n °' ^ " P the Arab peoples for a military with blackmail threats of Arab ^^ Earll t he government countries to cut off oil supplies. tod fc^ ,, vlctorr --M,-. Britain went to war in 1956 over tags Md told (he E^^ , 0 Egyptian seizure of the Suez get M wlth t te i vwor k. Ca f a1 ' ,, ., , Both the United States and An Egyptian communique Britain denied toe Egyptian said Its fnroos wore ffirtit liw -i.-- ._ ,. °'*. Obituaries Deo £. Moore CALDWELL- Deo E. Moore, 66, of 315 N. llth St., Caldwell, died in Caldwell this morning. He was born Dec. 7, 1900. Services are pending at Peckham-Dakan Chapel. Gertrude Krettingci NAMPA- Word has been received here of the death at Grants Pass, Ore., of Gertrude E. Kretlinger, 86, formerly of the Bennett-Seism community. Services were scheduled at the Hull and Hull funeral chapel at Grants Pass at 1 p.m. today. Survivors include two sons, John Krettinger of Marsing and Clarence Kretlinger of the Homedale community. ^ Vital Statistics BIBTHS SORRELL - To Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sorrell, Wilder, a girl born June 4, 1967, at Caldwell Memorial Hospital REAMS - To Mr. and Mrs. Willie Reams, Nampa Route 6, STATE NEWS BRIEFS Drowning Mishaps Claim Two Lives By United Press International establish a summer capital in Idaho waters have claimedthe northern Idaho. "It would be lives of two state residents who drowned in separate accidents while on pleasure trips. Latest victims were Shari Johal, 20, cashier from a Sun Valley resort, who tried to save her horse from the swift and muddy Big Wood River; and Danny Rogers, 16, Boise, who drowned Monday while swim, ming in the Boise River. Miss Johal drowned Sunday just west of Ketchum. The horse she entered the water to save walked safely out of the water. Rogers' body was recovered Monday afternoon. Bus Runs fo End BOISE (UPI) - The Public Utilities Commission gave per* mission Monday for Pacific wonderful for the seat of govern* meet to be locatednear a stream or lake for afew days or weeks," he said. The vacationing governor is scheduled to return to Boise Wednesday night. New Post Office FRUITLAND (UPI) - A contract has been let for a new post office at Frultland, it was learn* ed Monday from Washington D. c. Estimated cost of the bulding is $13,000. Official Testifies BOISE (UPI) - An official of Inter mountain Gas Co. said Monday his firm is seeking to ultimately divest ilself of farm lands and non-utilily Irrigation facilities and to be relieved as guarantor of a $282,000 valiantly but that "the large to invol've the Western scale air intervention by the wlth the Soviet Unlon U.S. and Britain on behalf of the Israeli enemy has caused the The Russians Ignoring these Middle East. * x ., , L , ... -PPe-Jed to b important developments In the charges also tions of four local schedules in president of the company, festi- j't southwestern Idaho, efffective fled at a hearing on alleged July 1. These included a run Idaho laws and Public Utilities leaving Caldwell at 7:45 a.m. Commission regulations by Inand arriving in Boise at 8:45 termountain Gas. a boy born June 4, 1967 at a ' m ' ^ one leaving Boise at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. 5;15 Pm ' and arriving in Cald- MAN?, AN ARES - To Mr. and wel1 at 6:3 ° p ' m Mrs. Jesus Manzanares, Cald- D a rt rf ,int 11 mart well, a girl born June 3,1967, Res " omr vrgea at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. McCALL (UPI)- Sen. Frank HOYLE - To Mr. and Mrs. Church, D-Idaho, expressed the Lee Hoyle, Nampa Route 1, a hope Monday night that the boy born June 3,1967, at Cald- United States will not jump into well Memorial Hospital. the middle of the Arab-Israeli war. He told the annual convention of the Idaho AFL-CIO that funding Requested BOISE (UP!) - Idaho's Commission on Alcoholism wants Gov. Don Samuelson to include funding ot the commission in his call for a special legislative session June 19. 'Protection'Asked MARRIAGES "The enemy now is throwing " , , ' , into battle a gigantic air force TM , . a and in spite of the heavy losses 11Deratlon - ia planes and tanks, those who stand behind him continue to "holy war" of Tomas V. Cantreras Jr., 24, u, e Middle East fighting "could and Leopolda Cobio Acosta, 36, ignite a third world war." both of Nampa. The letter, released today, was written shortly after the fighting broke out Monday. Kosygin his not replied but Moscow has accused Israel of aggression and warned it would take "necessary steps" If necessary. It appeared in no hurry to act, however. The Soviet press accused the r.iiTMirK. i T.I. ^ United States and Britain of CALDWELL- The Canyon blockia a cease _, lre to ^ ve County Grassman contest will Isr ael time to seize Us primary take place Wednesday, rain or objectives - the GazaStrip the °*' .... ,, . Sinai Peninsula and Sharm El The candliites are Herb SeWkh the {ortress cotl t rollm g Pllne 4 Son of Nampa, Christ)he e ^ trance , 0 tta Gulf j ensen Bros, of Center point and Aaaha a third to be selected today. Tn( ,' w ; Summer Capital? PRIEST RIVER (UPI) - Gov. Grossman Contest Scheduled MARRIAGE LICENSES Tomas V. Cantreras Jr. and Leopolda Coblo Acosta, both of D o n Samuelson suggested Nampa; Roscoe Dale Tanner and facetiously Monday night that he Jeanie Pamela Good, both of be given legislative authority to Nyssa, Ore. DIVORCES GRANTED Mary Ann Byrd from John T. Byrd. High and Low .. . County Grassman of the Year. thr h tne Jordanlaseclor of At 7 a.m.a breakfast wi 1 b« Jmsllem ^a i srae ii radios held at Davis Uvestock Auc- u ^ d res|rjen|s to show the lion. Then at 8 the tour of can- wn ite flaz of surrender didates will begin as they visit Jordafl clalmed Isr ' ie , suf . ttr 4?° r{0J fl! armSl '««» l* av y casualties in T*e candidates are sponsored Jerusalem ^ a , Jenln ^ by the Canyon County Soil Con- lmia tovra _ Israel ldnlltted semtion District, the South- 500 wolinded by lrtmery ^ side Soil Conservation District mor|ars in Jeruysa i em . and the Nampa Countrymen's Two American newsmen were Bismarck Calgary Chicago Cleveland Denver Des Moines. Detroit Fairbanks Fort Worth Indianapolis Honolulu Club, The primary purpose of the killed. Paul Schutzer, a Life was grams up on their farms. fjre in the sinal Tsa Yate a NaUoMl televlslon Bob Woollard is chairman of the contest committee. Other members are Lee Ellis, Gene in the bead suffered Monday in Jordanian Jerusalem. The Egyptian Ministry of Gardner. Livestock Prices NAM PA LIVESTOCK MARKET REPORT DAIRY COWS June 1, 1967 Salable, 169. Market about steady on all classes. Top Holstein cows $370; top 10 Holstein cows average $352.50; medium Holstein cows $ZZO-3QOj Holstein shlpplnj hellers, top, $397.50, top 10 average $370; medium Holstein heifers $235-310; fresh and milking cows and heifers $175300; Guernsey and Jersey springer heifers $170-235; Guernsey and Jersey springer cows $160-245; common mllk- Inf cows, all breeds, $100-210. GENERAL LIVESTOCK June 3, 1967 Salable, 492 head, Market stronger on all classes, demand good. Slaughter cattle- Good lo choice steers $23.50-25.60; fed Holstein steers 21.50-23.40; common to low good heifers $22-23.25; utility heUers $19-!2; commercial cows $1719; utility cows $15-17.50; canners and cullers $13-15.50; Jersey and Guernsey steers and heifers $14.17.50; good bulb $21-23.50; light bulls $18-21; dairy veal $20-23; choice veal $25-30. SlocXer and feeder caltle- Ltght WF feeder steers $2933; heavy, $14.50-28; plain, $21-23.50; light Whitetece feeder betters $25-28; htary$22-24.80; plain, $19-21; light Hoisteln stwrs $24-26,50 heary $21-23.50; light Holstein Iwifcrc $25-29; n*ivy $21-24.50; plat*, $11-20; stocktr cows £140-200; feeder cows $14.5017.50. Hoc*- Fat DOES, lop $23.30; Mk $11.50-22,50; teairy or No. } |1».21{ sows $13-16; fe«ters , fi7,M-20; w*u»rs, small, $- 1M«J Urc* $13-17. (tons in what i attempt to curb the "victory spirit" of its people. The Israeli campaign to force President Carnal Abdel Nasser's armies out of the Sinai and lift the blockade of the Strait of Tiran was developing with such speed military sources in Tel Aviv expressed surprise. PROBATE COURT Petition for probate of will i the estate ot Alberta Lutteman, also knownasAlberta Boise M. Lutteman. Boston Petition and application for Caldwell letters of Administration filed In the estates of Edgar A. Guffey and Nellie M. Guffey, also known as Mrs. E. A. Guffey. Letters of administration and oath entered in the estate of Erma R. Obendorf. Decree of distribution entered In the estates of John A. Hoi- ton and Myrtle M. Tobias. Decree of final discharge en- Jacksonville tered in the estate of Maggie M. Older. Decree for final distribution entered in the estate of Cameron Dale Jones. Decree of final discharge entered in the estate of Jay W. Sanders. Nampa Order dischargingadministra- Kew Orleans trix entered in the estate of New y otk James N. Smith. Omaha Letters testamentary entered Philadelphia in lhe estates of George G. porQjnj ore Barrett and John W. Thomas, gt. Louis Letters of administration and Salt Lake City oath entered in the estates of g^ Dj e g 0 Ruth R, McCoy and Elbert A. San Francisco Brower. SeMle Decree settling final iccount Spokane and distribution entered in the Washington estate of Lawrence Miller Winnipeg Travis. NATIONAL Max. 72 Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Memphis Miami Paul 10 61 80 68 66 68 82 14 70 83 62 99 82 83 84 60 82 85 10 84 91 69 63 88 81 15 81 85 81 79 70 58 80 74 83 70 Min. 63 54 52 59 52 40 61 60 48 62 61 43 9 68 74 71 43 69 60 57 66 65 62 53 69 62 63 55 55 61 48 59 54 50 51 57 47 RUPERT (UPI) - A spokesman for a group known as the Magic Valley Potato Growers asked Gov. Don Samuel son Monday to protectthemfromproces- sors who grow their own potatoes. O'Dell Smith, Mlnidoka, said he had talked with "hundreds of farmers" in the last tew months and has found them in agreement "that whatweneed is a bill tostop processors from growing their own potatoes." Inquest Possible RUPERT (UPI) - An inquest may be conducted to determine what caused a weekend accident that killed Mrs. Mary Robinson, 41, and her son, Fred 9, and seriously injured two others. Seek Sewer Bonds McCALL(UPI)-Voteiswent to the polls here today to decide the fate of a $381,000 proposed issue of sewer bonds. Stock Market THERE'S NO SUBSTITUTE for Claisified Ads for quickly, economically Mcuring tenants. Dial 4M-789I 45°-44o4 now. High was 100 at Buckeye, Ariz. This morning's low was 32 at Ely, Nev. GAS TAX HIKE? Three /ferns Certain For Special By RICHARD CHARNCK BOISE (UPI) - Gov. D o n Samuelson p 1 a n s to meet with legislative leaders in both parties next week to plan a June 19 special session he hopes can be limited to three days, an aide said Monday. "The governor hopes for a speedy and swift special session," slid Douglas Bean, his administrative assistant." Hesees no need for it lastinglongerthan three days at tne outside." He said Samuelson would meet with the legislative leadership -- probably the first of next week--to discuss the a g e n d a which will follow the official call for the session late this week. Three Items appear certain to be on the agenda: --Correction of a mistake which removed from the statutes state participation to Medicare and other state - federal aid lo persons over 60. and limit a call "to must legislation only." Possible additional subjects include a supplemental highway appropriation, payment of a $372,000 1966 fire-fighting bill and correction of inadvertent mistakes in enrolled bills from the 39th regularSGSSIOD. Chairman R. Doyle Symms, Caldwell, said the Slate Highway Board wants Samuelson to include an additional appropriation of $3'/ ? million for the highway department to match federal aid. He said the method of raising money would be left to Samuelson and the legislature although a penny per gallon increase in the state gasoline tax would be the preferred method. He added the money also might Cenarrusa, House speaker in the 39th session and a key advisor of tne governor, said he felt the legislature and its 1 e a d e r s should discuss the matter with Samuelson before the gas tax Is considered. He noted the House twice had rejected proposals to increase the tax, »i^jin/.u. ,uk/ai"*v . . .)/ o/·* Bean said budget director Rockwell Spring 4 Axle 34 7/e Pennsylvania R.R. A. J. Industries Am. Airlines . . Baxter Gamble-Skogmo Phillips Petroleum Radio Corporation Republic Sleel . . Reynolds Tobacco James A. Defenbach had been told to determine the size of the unappropriated surplus in the general fund when this bicnnlum ends June 30. Defenbach said the total surplus appears to bn $11.1 million, adding most of it was earmarked for spending by the 1967 Legislature. This would leave ail un- appropriated surplus of$2.6mll- Meridian Rules On Fireworks CAPT. VERA M. 'JONES, a former area resident, will leave from Travis AirForceBaseWednesdayforassigamentin Vietnam. She will become the first woman Marine officer in the tiny country and will be the first officer for a contingent of woman Marines that will eventually number 750. She will serve as personnel officer in the headquarters of Gen. William Westmoreland. Woman Marine Officer Is Bound for Vietnam lion which, with about a $1 mil- be raised by increasing fees lion cushion in the 1967-69budget £ oun f tow " s !« ! under motor vehicle licen, could te used (0 proville ^ ^^KS plates which, he noted, hive re- creks ed. welfare funds. Aibcrtsons . . . jo 1/8-10 5/e maloed static since 1945. Treasurer Marjorie Ruth Union oil 56 Symms said he hoped lo meet Mooo M( j aud | (or Joe R wj |. Affiliated 8.66-9.37 --Appropriation of some $3'/j with Samuelscm before both the )latns repor ted the generalfund F'«i««iy C»P · 14.18-15.41 million to the Department ol legislature and the h 1 g h w a y ^ ln the blad( 110,97^532 a t Am- Mu ' ' ' 10 - 23 - S1 - 19 Public Assistance. --Funding of Idaho's new Commission For The Blind. Aside from those items, Bean said, Samuelson Is going lo try board convene again June 19. Bean said Samuekon would be "glad io meet with Mr. Symms and listen to him." Secretary of State Pete T. . . . , Putnam Gr 12.58-13.7S the end of May-bearing out De- Miuipor* 3fl-39 fenbach's estimate. Continental LUe . 4 1/4-4 3/4 1/2 PHONE 46G-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad. It's last, easy ft economical. MERIDIAN-A "safe and sane fireworks" ordinance which approves pyrotechnics that make pretty lights but no "bangs" was passed Monday night by the Meridian City Council. The ordinance, similar to those put into effect recently by Ada County and Boise, per. mits temporary fireworks stands to be set up away from buildings. Their sales will be limited to such items as cone and cylind. rical "fountains", sparklers and dip sticks not more than 10 inches long, "snakes" wheeli and whistlers. Persons wanting to sell must obtain permits by June 15 at a fee of ?10 from the city clerk. » Other types of fireworks will be allowed only under official supervision. Fireworks stands, under the ordinance, will be permitted to operate between June 15 through July 5. The original Meridian ordinance forbade possession of fireworks of any kind. Also passed was an ordinance annexing a business area beginning at toe north curve of High, way 30 and running east for 625 feet along the north side of the school teacher, highway. Depth of the arearuns from 70 to 80 feet. The council announced that L. L. Peck, Boise city engineer, will teach a radiological training course in connection with civil defense. The course will NAMPA - A former area A former woman, Capt. Vera M, Jones, Cap'- Jones joined the Marines will leave from Travis Air in 1961 at Seattle, Wash., when Force Base Wednesday for South she found herself searching for Vietnam - to become the first something "interesting." woman Marine officer to serve Although she didn't volunteer in this tiny war-torn nation. for duty in Vietnam, she is look- Capt. Jones, daughter of Mr. ing forward to her assignment t e attended by firemen, police- and Mrs. Erie E. Jones, former there and expects it to be "tre- men, public works personnel residents of Parma and Cald- mendously interesting. She has well, and niece of Mr. and Mrs. just completed a crash course L. C.Jones of Nampa, will head » Vietnamese at the Defense the personnel sectionof Marines Language Institute in Monterey, attached to the Military Assist- c alif- In accepting her assign- maintenance man, was author- ance Command in Vietnam, she m ent, Capt. Jones will replace ized to attend a twwiay sewage will work as a personnel officer a Marine and free him for com- treatment school at Twin Falls in the headquarters of Gen. Wil- bat duty. There is only one beginning June 15. Ham Westmoreland and will be other woman Marine assigned (o The council commended Boy the first officer for a contingent Vietnam, a master sergeant. Scout Troop No. 1, sponsoredby of woman Marinesthat will even. The 35-year -old officer is a the American Legion, for tually number 150. graduate of Bellingham High School in Washington and received her bachelor of arts degree in physical education from Western Washington College of Education. and city councilmen. Classes will convene at the city hall at 1 p.m. June 7, 8,13,14 and 15. Bruce Stewart, sewer plant Mortars KHI8 Marines Outage Probe Starts (Continued from page 1) DOW-JONES AVERAGES (Noon) 30 Industrials 858.54 up 10.77 20 Rails 248.29 up 3.83 IS Utilities 132.45 up .74 65 Stocks 313.26 up 3.69 FROM DALY i CO., BOISE Allied Stores . . . . 28 1/4 American Bosch . . . 37 1/4 American Tel. . . . . 56 1/4 American Tobacco . . 32 3/8 Anaconda 93 1/8 Bethlehem 33 7/8 Boeing 96 5/8 Chrysler 40 1/8 Continental Oil . . . 69 3/4 Crane 42 1/8 Crucible Sleel . . . . 23 7/8 McDonnel 41 1/P. DuPont 153 Eastman Kodak . . . 134 1/3 General Electric . . 85 1/4 General Foods . . 72 7/8 General Motors . . . 79 1/4 idaho Power . . . . 35 1/4 IBM 475 Kennecotl Copper . . 44 1/4 Liggett i Myers 71 1/4 Lockheed Aircraft . 56 3/8 Montgomery Ward . . 23 3/4 National Biscuit . . . 45 NewYork Central . 77 1/2 North American Aviation 45 7/8 Parfco Davis 27 Pan American . . . 32 1/2 J.C. Penney 63 1/4 (Continued from page 1) and. 15 injured in the blaze which swept through the storage area and an adjacent medical evacuation center 275 miles north of Saigon. The spokesmen said all the wounded men in the medical failure was caused by any facility were rescued. He said sudden strain from the use of the blaze was apparently caused air conditioning, by an aerial illumination flare It started at 10:22 a.m. when, which dropped blazing into the for some unknown reason, the fuel dump. Pennsylvania power Light The dump is at a forward Co.'s plants at Yards Creek and base of the 1st Air Cavalry Muddy Run in Pennsylvania and Division in the Central High- its Brunner Island plant in New lands. Jersey were all knocked out The spokesmen said the blaze simultaneously, damaged a Mohavric reconnais- The loss of power at the three sance aircraft and several plants caused line tripping all helicopters a n d destroyed along "Operation Meridian Polish," a clean-up program conducted last week aimed at elimination of litter and debris. The council urged the cooperation of citizens in keeping alleys trimmed of excess plant growth. Mayor Don Storey, who visited the Boys State session in Boise,, complimented Steve Mikesell, Meridian, Boys State governor,; on his performance. Jail Term Listed : CAbDWEbb - Nelson Martinez, 42, Nampa, was sentenced to 15 days in jail Monday by Justice Court Judge John W. Gunn. Martinez was charged with battery, a misdemeanor, on June 1. Americans Counted WASHINGTON (UPI)-About 13,000 American citizens still are in the Mideast countries of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria 'and Jerusalem, U.S. officials said Monday. There had been 22,000 Ameri- ,, an interlocking grid 150,000 gallons of helicopter fuel system known as the Pennsylva- ,.., and large quantities of ammuni- nia - New J e r s e y . Maryland cans in the area at the UrnTthe tlon, he said. (PJM) system. crisis heated up but about 9 000 In the air, American jets The effects of the power ' " streaked through heavy Com- failure were as varied as the munist defenses to bomb North areas affected by it. Although Vietnam's industrial heart Mon- power was restored to Philadel- day. They shot down three pnia by 12:10 p.m. and to some MIGs f i g h t e r - interceptors sections of New Jersey at the spokesmen said today. same time. have been pulled out at the urging of the State Department. YOUR GIANT Hl«B in wiving probWffli: ClauttM Adtl Uw fhtm ·wy ctwnc. you g*. Coll 446- 7W114594464 today. Livestock, Produce Jun Aug Oct Dec 132 153 139 82 64 3/4 4 3/4 81 3/4 60 3/8 26 3/8 58 1/2 50 1/4 « 5/6 37 3/4 Satewiy 23 1/4 St. Rejls Paper . . 30 Sears 54 Sinclair Oil 70 l/t. Mobil Oil 43 3/8 Southern Pacific . , 31 3/8 Sperry Rand 31 5/2 Slandarri OH oi Calif. . 55 3/4 Stand. Oil of N. J. 60 3/8 Union Pacific . . . 40 1/2 United Airlines . . 78 U.S. S«el 43 5/8 Westlnghouse 52 Woolworlh 23 30 5/8 Idaho 1st Nal'l. 30 1/2-31 ICA 13.85-15.14 Dow Theory . . . . 7.35-7,95 CHICAGO (UPI) - Live cattle on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange: Open High Low Latest Units 26.80 26.80 26.60 26.75 27.15 27.15 27.65 21.75 28.10 28.10 27.91 28.07 28.20 28.25 28.20 28.22 PORTLAND (UPI)- Livestock: Cattle and calves, receipts: 100, including 150 calves; slaughter steers high-good around 1,000 Ibs. 25.90; few standard and low-good 20.25-22.25; slaughter heifers good 100-1,000 Ib. 21,75-24.50; slaughter cows, cutter, 14.25-18.50; earners few at 13-14.75; slaughter bulls commercial 23.25-25.25- good 22.25-25; feeder steers good and choice 700-1,000 Ib. 23-25. CHICAGO (UPI) - Livestock: Hogs 6,000; barrows and gilts steady to 25 lower; opened rather slow, lather rather active; sows steady to 25 lower, fairly active; No 1-2 200-225 Ib barrows and gilts 23.75-24.35; No 1-3 350-400 Ib sows 19.0019.50. Cattle 10,500; calves none; trading on slaughter sfeers moderately active, steady to 25 lower with most decline on good to average choice; heifers moderately active, steady to weak; cows fairly acdve steady to strong; bulls active, strong- prime 1,175-1,400 Ib slaughter steers26.75^ 27.25; high choice and prime 950-1,100 Ib heifers 26.00; utility and commercial cows 16.75-18.75; utility and commercial bulls 20.00-23.50. Sheep 300. Fatrly active. Lambs and shorn slaughter ewes steady. Several lots choice and prime 90-100 Ib spring lambs 28.0CW8.50; deck choice and prime 108 Ib shorn slaughter lambs with No 1 pelts 26.50; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4.00-7.50, CHICAGO (UP!) - Produce- Poultry. Broilers 27-29; special fedWhite Rock Fryers 19-21'/ r . Cheese: Processed loaf 48'/J-52%- brick 46-52; irmenster 48-52; Cheddars: daisies S' ITM.* 0 " 15 5 °- 52l/ ; 40 lb bl °:ks 48-49%; Swiss: (wheels): Grade A 58-66, Grade B 55-64, Grade C 54-56- Swiss(80-100 I b blocks): Grade A 5541, Grade B 54-59, Grade C 52-54. Wholesale prices as reported by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange- Butter; Steady. S3 score '66; 92 sco-e Qn sc ° re o 63 ' /4; 89 score 59 '/4. arlote: 90 score 64; 89 score 60 3 /, ***y While 'large extras 25; scents 953; ar- 69; supplies "e ht ; demand 215; m a v s n ^ market slightly weaker to steady Track sales: (100 Indicated): unless e u, Ida} ' c russets *6 ^: Wte- reds i n " imesota -«orth Dakota round Itn TM !' · (New California 4.004.50, round reds 3.25-3.15; Arizona 4.00- Galons: Arrivals 15; track 89: yellow granex yeilow * nd medlum 5; Texas Urge«admedliim2,35^.50.

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