Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 28, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1951
Page 3
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Much It, 1151 LAS-CHOCES (N. M.J.SUN-NEWS PAGE THREE Girl Scouts Have Skit ]f ighi At Branigan Library · A city-wide -Girl Scout, program will, be held. at 7 p. m., Thursday, In 'Branlgari. "Auditorium. Sk|ts to; be. given' by the Girl Scetlta are: Troop 25, Flag Ceremony, leader, .Mrs. A. Kirkpat- rlck. Troop;. 34, Mrs., '. Bowers, Hatch.'leadc'r; '."Little Brown Jug." Troop'43, Mrs.'!?. V. Amlinlr, leader; "Girl Scout Memories." Troop 37, Senior troop,, Mrs. A. Nclburh, Hatch,' leader; "The Thing." Troop 15, '.Mrs. Leah Schneider, leader; "Scout Alphabet." Troop 3,-Mr3. J. Brown, leader; "Square Dance.!' Troop- 1, Mrs.' K. , Etherton', : leader; "Dem Bones . Gwnn Rise (-Again." Troop 26,- Mrs. Q. Statcji, leader; "Is Any Job T^o Biff For The Flag."- Troop 11, Mrs. . · K . , . -Valentino, leader:, "Scout Laws." Troop 27. , Mrs. J.- Greene, 'leader;. "The Thing." · . ' Tfrop 12, .Senior .troop, Mrs] B. Klcholtt, leader; "night and wroilfl or 'First Aid. 1 ' Troop 13,. Miss N.' Hcr'rera. leader;!.:" Ai Qanc'e." Troop J4,\Mr«. R.. -:,Wiiliani»,- '..leader;. "Shorieriiri-Brcail," Troop 19, Mrs, R: .Tellcs, !cader.;vi'A''" ·; - . · · .'.'Mrs. Irena Lansing. Is in. .charge of.'ar'rangoments for' Uie^program. Parents are iftvited;. to 'attend. ' Beta Sigma Phi · T^I '-' : -" i · r IttfTl? JplcULo . Beta Sigma- Phi riict Monday In Ihc home of Dorien Kraegcr. · .Ethel Baker presided over a · flhort ; business meeting. '..·Xtfficcra'clected for tne new year are '.na follows: 1 president, HrUy St'cvfcrisoni- vice : president. Opal .Graves;- recording secretary, Billy Wooil; corresponding; secretary, 'Allcft Foglc; treasurer, Elizabeth ' pivis;' extension officer, 'Mary Al. ice Jones.- " - ·, '·· ,. , , · "A"Foun"ders 'Day "meeting \vaa planned for next Thursday, There will: be initiation arid : "Ritual of Jewel'* ceremony. The meeting will be held in the home of Mary Elaine Persona. . · . t . Members present -were: Ethel Dafcer, Colecn Barnctt, Chris Cay- nnaugh. Alice Fogl.e, Elizabeth .pa-. vis,' . Billy- Wood, Nadlne l-ang-lin- ais/ Dorothy Stroman, Betty Stev? . enson, Opal GraVes,' and ppricn Kracgcr. . . . . . . Dog Training To Be Discussed At Meeting Thursday All-poisons interested In training their dogs for obedience are urged to attend a meeting to be held'-'at the -. Tortugas'. cafe at 8 'p, m. on Thursday Jn the banquet room. ; . · - Plans will be discussed for training dogs, holding classes, dues, and whether' or not to affiliate with the American iCcnncl Club at this time. · Obedience trained dogs are a pleasure both to owners and the general public. Training. your Jog takes a little, time each day at home and attending 1 a class .once a week.- Obedience- .trained dogs like-well trained children are much happier thftri when they are allowed to run' free' arid be a bother to themselves and others. 'Upholstering. Classes ;Wili Begin March 28 .; Plans, have been* completed for the' upholstering and slip centring school, to. be Held from l p'. -"in/ March 28, through Vp. m. March 30, at the Lions Park Clubhouse. . . ClRsacs .will .bo : under the supervision of: Doris MircUs, county home .agent: tnd' Billy Sue Tyson, assistant, home agent. . t To date 25 women, have regla-J lei-ed for'thb.clasBcs. · ' . ' " : GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening K O B E . 1450 Oii Tour' Dial . ;. TONIGHT -- WED. · .I'.M. . · : - . . . . . . ' . , i :30, Evening Buyers Guide , 5:00" Mark.Trail ' '"' . i 5:30 Clyde. Bcatly .0;00 .. Victor. Borgc 6:00 UT News · G:T5** FouJton Lewis, Jr. 6:30 Let's: Waltz ., . 6:4S UP. News . · 6:50 Sports Cast 6:55** Bill Henry News 7:00 'Serenade in Blue' · 7:]5 Concert Miniature ·7:23. Eddy-Arnold. · 7:30*° Family: Theatre : 8:00.- Faistarf :Screriado 8:13" I 'Lot-e- A Mystery ·' ·S;30' · Hidden -Truth - · '0:00 UP News . - i · j - ·BilB" M u t u a l - N c v i ' s r c c l . - · 8;.lp Skylight. Concert 0:55»* News ' lfl:bO ' SiRn'-Off- "" -' ' TOMORROW. -- THUHS. Ai-.M. 6:00 UP News 0:05 E] Corrido Mcxlcano 7:00 Rohert llurlelgh News · 7:15" Tell Your Neighbor 7:30 Morning 'News , 7:15 Trading Post S:00 First Baptist Church 8:15 Gather Hound Kids , 8:23' News 8:30 Morning Buyers Guide 0:00 Morning Devotional . 0:15 Music of tile Tropics 0:20 News 0:30** Quc-m for a Day 10:00" Kate Smith Speaks 30:15 Lanny Ross · 10:25 -News ]0:30 Facts and Fun for Everyone 10:15 Ruth Perry Presents 11:00 Cedric Foster 11:30** Luncheon'with Lopez 11:45 Tony Fontaine 12:00 Jackpot Jamboree 12:30 UP News 12:45 Lean-Back and Listen 1:00 Anthony Arc You 'Listening K 0 B E Your Friendly Station A MUTUAL NETWORK · AFFILIATE Adventisl Church Contributes To Missionary Fund Expansion of 'Seventh-day 'Ad- ventlsft' medical and educational \vbrli in South Africa will be 'nade pos-tllile through a -special-foreign mission offering to which the members of th'c Las Cmces Adventist church will contribute Saturday, Marcli 31, according to L. K. Ferris, Elder. .' ' The offering, which will be taken in all Advcntist churches :n North America, ia expected to reach $250,000. of which $40.000 beyond regular budget require- mcnta is carmarknl lor special projects in Africa. Training School H New buildings for two training schools -- one in Angola and one In the Congo -- and a new wing for the Malamulo hospital in Nya- saland, will make it possible *o train additional African workers BO ,that they can help, their own people. """Seventh-day Adventlsts art; now operating 10 training schools fur the education nf teachers an:l pastors as part of this 'program of self'help. One of bur own Dona Ana county girls m helping in this e'duca'tipna] work. Miss Norma Lou Rhodes, formerly of Alcsquitc, is now -teaching Home Economic at Somerset, West Capetown. South . Africa. MIKS .Rhodes has been in South Afrion more "than three years and writes 'that* she greatly' enjoys her work as missionary-teacher/ Already more than 3,000 native teachers, pastors' and mcdicn 1 workers- are spreading Ihc news of a. happier, more healthful way of Hfirin 1 thouaanOo of villages. Last year. more than 60,000 students attended little vil'agc schools to. Icaj-ri about the Bible and th^ 3 's cpftr Colonies Malamulo hospital, located at the domination's- largest mission station in Africa, operates oivi f Bis Advcntisl leper colonies wnich cere for 7'25 patients. .Use of newly developer! treatment for leprosy, using- the sul- phpncs and derivatives, is msk.'ng It possible to discharge patients' after.two or three ywa. Yet Icp- cra, who sometimes walk hundreds of miles for treatment : muai often be .turned away for lack of medicines and space. . " . · The Korean tiger often measures 12'feet fronv^iose to tail tip imd Has a shaggier, heavier coat than the.Bengal tiger. IT'S A WISE BUSINESSMAN The alert merchant prepares for the things he cannot prevent. Fire Is one of thoml Take out a policy today and avoid losses tomorrow! PHONE 600 ? \ ' . . . (u ceitplitt Weiiennoru Papen Ag«ncy 137 S. M«!n 'BEST TRESSED 7 ACTRESS TV ACTRESS Joyce Mathews, a "best trussed" woman, as is plain to sec, is prepared .for Hastcr with a coiffure of t h e type worn by ladies of the Louis XVI period. The ship commemorates a French naval victory. The bamboo blond wig is nearly a yard high, weighs three pounds. Ladies of the French court sometimes had to stay up all night before a big event in order tojtecp their hair straight, (Inter national J' MARRIAGE LICENSES . Marriage licenses issued by the Dona Ana county clerk, March 20, were lo.lhe following couples. Burbani 1C. Cmnp, 10, Las Cruc-es, and'Ilryun W. Uarnett, If), Falracrcs, ; Cuceliii Hinojojia. 22, and Antonio S. Chavez, 2G, both qf Tornillo, Texas. ; . Amparo Guillen, 18. and Jcaua j'.-SUya,'20. both of Bl paso.. .·Evelyn Dickson, 19.'; Hatch,, and J. T. Brow-ley. 2-1, Rincohr "'; Flora May Smith, 38. and Virgil W.-Covey, 34. both of.El Paso.. Dorothy S. Toshlro, 20, Mo- sllhi, ·and' Yorchl IE. Sakaryc, 27, Sacrnmuntu, Calif. Kidney Slow-Down May Bring Restless Nights Dmi'i suffer ivslliflrt nik-lits willi Uicsi- d i n - - c.minms'if ru.UifL'd UliliiL-y f u net inn i;i «i-l-1 lini: j - n i i . d D W i i - i l i i f . ' t i i MJi-h ruiiiMiini \ or cMiosuru to col.t. Mitwf'lilniMiT* i n i t a - ) Upus tJuc to uuM nf wrotiit did niny cniisc- Dun't'ncKlccL ynur kiilncyn if these coinli-: ·'tiiitiK Imthi-'ryim.-Try Duah's P i l l H - n mill! iliurrlir. Uni-il .·'iiccrH.Hfully Hy nifllinns f.-r u v c r C O y w i r u . W h i l u often ullicnvisc eauci-ii; il's aiimziiii: liaw nmny lhn«- D)mi.;l K iv, ; lintiliy relief from thwc iliitcimiforts -hcl|i the 15 Jtilli-s tit kidney lulx- m«l f l l l i - i » (liiah out,waste. Cut Doan'a i'Ult) luduyl C O T T O N ' P R I N T "-, C I R C U U A R S K I R T S S i z e s 22. fo./30 $ ' For Spring into Summer wear . . . 80 square cot- ion percale with polch print or character print. W a s h a b l e los! colors. Sizes 22 to 30. Circular ^fi : « LAS CRUCES C - A - P \ ; civii AH: I'ATiioL Wrakly N«ivsli:llrr The weekly meeting of Iliu Las Crttces C i v i l ' A i r Patrol had for its theme the coming pre-Armed Forces Day parade. Mar. 18. M n n y j plans arc being made, to get ,the ' unit ready for this big day. A contingent of cadets will train under the supervision of HIL Commander ot" Cadets and prepare themselves by drilling to bo ready for H #ood show when the time rivi's. Bob Bradley, Kpccinl Events Officer was absent from Ihis nirct- due to an Horn wnich it is-hoped thai hu will liavo a ipoccly rccovc/y. Bob tect-ntlv joined the" CAP tind liin c.xpurlutiuc will be invalualjle to the unit. The recruiting program is going full bloat and an appoa 1 to the truinud men who work it thr White Sands Proving Grounds ?ias buen" inudc: 'The Nuvy men .stationed there are all specialists ;n their fields and their knowledge will aid the local CAP in ihc traiu- inp pvogrnm now in progrcna. The hongor-boiiml Linh Ti-Hini'r was' kept busy all ovrninj,' hy t-n- [rta and senior officers. Those taking training in this equipment ·ere Nancy Scarlett. Nancy .Olinv. Junii Dri^ga, Jint Filliins, and Frankic Stoele. Next Ti^esday, Apri! .'! .at 7:00 |). m. a new phuue of training will ! begin and ail cadrts nrc urj;c'l to attoiul early imd bring :in in;created recruit along. Levering Smith Is' . . Made Navy Captain Mrs. 'Levering Smith, the former Jjeulah hcwlw of Mesill.i Park, haq tmnouncud Unit hoi- husband, I.e.v- eriny Sjnilii, has been wised to the rank of Cup tain in the United Slatey Navy. Smith, who is stationed at Iny- okycrn, California, graduulcd from Annapolis in I!ia2. He aaw con, siderabl? aelion in the Pacific 'luring th/j larft war and survived four sinkings, J\lr::. Kmith is the daiip;hter of Die hitc Kuvercnd Iluntei 1 Lewis. Kpisrop.'ilhin mlr.niontiry jil St. Jumcs Church. Mcsllla Park, for more than M years. COM INGE VENTS I*ela Sigma Phi will hold y Founders Pay Meeting loui^ht. Tliero will bo an initiation and "Ritual of Jewel" ceremony. The meeting will be, held in the home of Mary Elaine Piirsnns. ' · . * Trie Las C'rut'cs Drove No. 11, Kenevolenl, Patriotic- Order of Does, will hold a regular meetuii; .Tl R I), in. \Vodin:.':d-iy nt the Klltrf cl'.ii). · All iriembors arc urged ''in a t t e n d . lieta Sigma Phi will hold a Founders Day muiiting. Thursday night at Lliu iiuniu of Miary Elaine Honor Roll A!o.\:;ndei- f l i a h a m Bell, inventor nf thr Kik'ltiione. .kept a rotiiii in WnKhin^tnn cool during oppressive suiiinii'f heat by 'in nntalln- tion involving lnr;;e blocks 3t" ice in thu attic. Sophititor( L s Frances Adams, Keith Guthrle., Ltolihy Kohli'.s, .June Alcotl, David Ivey. Clenevievc Uodrigncz, Kl.slo iJanlen, ROKCI- Johnson, Samlrn Schlutliauer, Naomi liavousetti. Jo A n n e Kinp. Joe Silva, Chrislian fjliinl 1 :. Barbara K u r t z , Norma Strickland. Palsy Burn. Rertha Mnese, James D. Strode, Mary L. Cuii[iirij;hnm, Pally Make, Frank Tala'mentes. Doris K. Davis. .Mered i t h Malune, M t i i a n n n Taylor, Clarice Douglas, Hector Maynez, Fnuilue Tellea. M a t y Jo Fanipy. Clundio .Mirubal. Rtiyinuiul Telles, Mary Feather. Paulino Montes, Ma»y Loe Terry. Mary Lou Ford, David Mulling, Andy A. Torre:;. Mary K. Foster, Norma .N'eal, In- OL-enta Vnladez, Helen tjanlncv, Freddy Poteison. Jackie Wilbur, Eeulali Gnrrard, Burl RawlinR.-, George W. Woods, Mary R. Gibson, Virginia Roberts. Donald Wunsuh. J unions " ^v; Shirley Alf6rU,*'J'osie Pcnii, Jimmy Bnson, Else FrdudcnthBl, -John, Schnllcr, Nancy 'D. Redan, Patt'y Hughe's, Dinnn 'Shmvooil, .Irnin" BOWCII, Joe Irving, Henry II. Stair, Konald Bmvra, Sally Kennedy, Ra- qucdl Torrus, Carol*Chittick. Victor MiirtiiiH!. Stiles Woffonl, Dale Knibrcc. Eva Lev -Moore, Bub J. Wood, Uicea ^Ficrro, Wanda Ppr- Lcn, .terry Woodward, Dolores Lu- ceio, Ann VIClters, Shirley Mitcn- cll. Sailors Jon . Adcrhold, Mary L. Davit;, Carol Martinez, Carol June Ady, Wnlly Drckert.- Robert Munnon, Jo Ann Bavouselt, Jerry Emerson, Stan ton Ncodhum, Rose Bonton. Homelia Knrlquez, Arlono. Piitchctt, Knrold Cnle, Otilw Kres. Clara Kivas, Jody Cothcrn, Jean Fotlenberry. Dolores Ruiz, Leonora Cnlbert, Alice Kurtz, Toniasn ( Singh. Filinion Hernandez, .Mars- cry Nonlft. Clnricii Smith. Eleanor Slcplicnson, William Weiss, Bu'.i Prichard. L E ! G ll«Um»n Uni»m[ Cu, Wn.olmt ALL SPRING COATS . Full Lengths' Finger Tip Lengths Short" Toppers - Others A Wonderful Assortment of Colors and Fabrics 1 l / 4 -OFF _AND A Rack of SPRING DRESSES DRASTICALLY REDUCED Some As Low As *H yij IN Crepoa -- Gabardinoa -- Tissue Faillo More Valuable Now Than Ever Before Every day that passes set's these wonderful U. S.' Royals increasing in value to Ihcir owners. ··-·- To every owner they have become precious, if not price/ess, deserving all the care and attention ihny receive. Tln;y are the tires that practically revolutionized all modern automobile riding nnd driving. They give tho genuine and original Air Rid* design and construction--they are the only AIR f.lDC tires in the world. For several years, tho enormous public demand for these tires has taxed all possible supply. W i t h every shipment, orders are being filled. With every order, a nev and lasting friendship ia established. Wherever you live or wherever you arn -- if your U. S. Royal Dealer can't fill your order for new U. 5. Royal tiros immediately, he can render complete, responsible service on your old tint toward keeping you in safety and comfort till \ your new tires arrive. U N I T E D S T A T E S R U B B E R C O M P A N Y SHOOK TIRE COMPANY 717 N. MAIN PHONE 1111

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