Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 6, 1969 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1969
Page 22
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Pair* 22 GREELEY TRIBUNE Mon. P Oct. 6 ,19 Radio Programs KCBL-FM S1.3; KFKA 1.-10; KCRE-FM «2.1; KYOU 1450 KUAD 1170 · Monday, October 6 4!00-KFKA: News, Music I , KCBL: News 4130-KFKA: Editorial, Musii 4:45-KFKA: Want Ads S:00-KUAD: Datz Show KCBL: Cont. Corner V ' KFKA: News, Wtr., Spts KYOU: News 75 s:15-KYOU: Markets, News 6:45-KYOU: Sports KFKA: This is Greeley 6:00-KYOU: News KCBL: What's New CSC KFKA: Circle J R Ranch 6:15-KYOU: South of Border 7:00-KCBL: Band Wagon 8:00--KFKA: News Music KYOU: Country Show KCBL: CSC Clubhouse 8:30-KCBL: Vignette KGRE: Music fl:00-KCBL: Concert Hall 10:00--KGRE: Sign Off KFKA: News 10:15-KFKA: Varsity Carousel 11:00-KYOU: Sign Off 11:15-KCBL: Night Tide 11:30-KFKA: News, Wtr., Spts. 12:00-KCBL: Tom'ow on KCBL KFKA-Sign Off Tuesday, October 7 n:00-KUAD: Scott Showtime KFKA: News, Music KYOU: News KGRE: Stereo Music KCBL: FM in AM 11:15--KFKA: Music 12.-00-KUAD: Waters Show KCBL: News, Periscope KFKA: Monfort Rpt. Weather, Spts. KCBL: Dept. state, soun 12:3fr-KFKA: Farm, Ranch 12;.!5-KYOU: Paul Harvey KFKA: Salctime, Mkts 1:00-KFKA: What's Hip'nin KYOU: Music U5-KFKA: Music 2:00-.KFKA: News It Music 2:30-KFKA: Profile, Music KCBL: Profiles, sound 3:00-KFKA: News, Music 3:30-KFKA: Spls., Music 4:00-KFKA: News, Music 4:30-KFKA: Editorial, Mus '4:45-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-KUAD: Datz Show KCBL: Cont. Corner KFKA: News, Wtr, Sp KYOU: News 75 5:15-KYOU: Mkts, News 5.-45-KYOU: Sports KFKA: This is Greele- «:00-KYOU: News KCBL: News, Periscope KFKA: Circle J R Ranc (U5-KYOU: South of Borde 7:00-KCBL: Band Wagon 8:00--KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Country Show KGRE: News 8:30-KGRE: Music 9:00-KOBL: Concert Hail 10.-00-KFKA: News 10:15-KFKA: Varsity Carouse 11:30-KFKA: News, Wtr, Spl 1:4»-KCBL: Night cap 12:00-KCBL: Sign off DENVER RADIO OA: 850--Music, news on 14 hr KLZ: 560--Music, news KHOW: 630-Music, news KBTR: 710-News 24 hours KIMN: 950--Mus., news 24 hour TV Programs KBTV, Channel 9; KLZ, Channel 7; KOA, Channel 4; KRMA, Channel Monday, October 6 4:00-KLZ: Andy Griffith Sh'i KOA: Truth or Consq. KWGN: Blinky 4.-30-KOA: Big Valley KLZ: Corner Pyle KWGN: Batman 5:00-KLZ: News KBTV: News KRMA: Mistcrogers KWGN: Flinlsloncs 5:30-KOA: News KBTV: Pepper's News KLZ: Ch. 7 News KRMA: Pocketful of Fui KWGN: Gilligan's Islanc 6:00-KOA: Hunlley-Brinkley KBTV; Dick Van Dyke KRMA: Once upon a day KLZ: Corner PyJe KWGN: Voyage Bot. Sea 6.-30-KLZ: Here's Lucy KBTV: Music Scene KOA: My World KRMA: What's New 7:00-KRMA: C. de La Raza KWGN: Movie KLZ: Mayberry R.F.D. KOA: Movie 7:15--KBTV: New People 7:30-KRMA: Vibrations KLZ: Doris Day 8:00--KBTV: The Survivors KLZ: Carol Burnett KRMA: World Press fl:00-KRMA: N.E.T. Journal KLZ: Gunsmoke KBTV: Love KWGN: News, Wtr, Spls. 9:15-KOA: Laugh-In 9-.30-KWGN: Perry Mason 10:00-KBTV: News KLZ: News, Wtr., Spts. KRMA: Inform 10:15-KOA: News 10:30-KLZ: Merv Griffin KOA: Tonight Show KWGN: Movie 11:00-KBTV: Joey Bishop 12:00-KOA: News KLZ: Movie 12:30-KBTV: Californians Tuesday, October 7 11:00--KOA: Jeopardy KBTV: Dream House KLZ: News KRMA: Math., Music KWGN: Jini Conway 11:30-KLZ: As World Turns KBTV: Let's Make Deal KOA: Putting Me On 12:00-KOA: News KBTV: High Noon KLZ: Love a Spl. Tiling Gall Jim Failing 352-2005 BUSINESS OWNERS INSURANCE D. C. ROYER AGENCY I N S U R A N C E 808 9th Street KWGN: News, Farm Rpt 12:15-KWGN: Capt'n Dooley 12:30-KOA: The Doctors KBTV: Galloping Go'me KLZ: Guiding Light 1:00-KLZ: Secret Storm KBTV: General Hospita KOA: Another World KRMA: French, Prin. Art KWGN: Steve Allen 1:30-KOA: Bright Promises KBTV: One Life to Live KLZ: Edge of Night KRMA: Social Studies 2:Ofr-KLZ: Dialing for Dollars KBTV: Dark Shadows KOA: Letters to Laugh-In KRMA: Lit. 2:39-KOA: Days of Our Lives KBTV: Newlyived Game KRMA: Food Choice KWGN: What's My Line 3:00-KBTV: Dating Game KOA: Concentration KRMA: Art KWGN: Movie Game 3:30-KOA: He Said, She Said KBTV: Mike Douglas KWGN: Underdog 4:00-KLZ: Andy Griffith KOA: Truth, Conseq. KWGN Blinky . 4:30-KOA: Big Valley KLZ: Corner Pyle KWGN: Batman 5:00-KLZ: News KBTV: News · KRMA: Misterogers KWGN: Flintstones 5:30-KOA: Mows KBTV: Pepper's News KLZ: CH 7 News KRMA: Pocketful of Fun KWGN: Gilligan's Island 6:00-KOA: Huntley-Brinkley KRMA: Once Upon a Day KLZ: Executive Rpt. KBTV: Dick Van Dyke KWGN: Voyage Boi. Sea 6:30-KLZ: Red Skelton KBTV: Mod Squad KOA: Dream of Jeannie KRMA: What's New f:00-KRMA: C. de La Raza KOA: Debbie Reynolds KWGN: Movie 7:30--KRMA: Dr. Pap Odyssey KBTV: Movie KLZ: Movie KOA: To the Seventies 00--KRMA: Boy Power, P. II KLZ: CBS Special KOA: Movie 9:00-KLZ: Lancer KRMA: Firing Line Art Linkletter Blames LSD For Daughter's Fatal Leap B r DIAL TOROERSON Th« L*t AnfchM Tinttt LOS ANGELES -- His daugh Scr leapt to her death under th effects of LSD, Art Linklette said Sunday.' "It.wasn't suicide," he said ·because .she wasn't herself. 1 vas murder. She was murdcret y the people who manufacture and sell LSD." 'Diane Linkletter, 20, plunge rom a window of her sixth loor apartment in West Holly wood at 9 a.m. Saturday. A young man who was will ler grabbed for her as she uhged through the casement o kitchen window. He was loo ate. Her brother, Robert, 24, wa.' lurrying from his Hollywoot apartment to try to restrain her rom the self-destructive im wises she had just describe p him on the telephone. He also was-.too late. And, by Saturday, it was too ale for her father to do any- hing,. either. He had known for six months hat his daughter had experimented with LSD. She had talk- d to him about It. She fearec But he couldn't keep her rom taking it again. "A parent can do little in a ase like this," the 57-year-olc elevision star said Sunday. "No ne can do anything about it. xcept the young people them- elves." He and his oldest son, Jack, 0, discussed Diane's death S ay morning at the elder Link- etter's West Los Angeles apart- had the ment. The sheriff's office aid it was investigating ase as a possible suicide. But, they felt, although her eaih was self destruction, it asn't suicide, lan that. It was mpre Linkletter told the Los Angeles imes, in an- exclusive inter- iew, that he felt he had to ill what had happened to his oungest child. He wanted other oung people to know her story. "Otherwise," he said, "it's aste of a wonderful youn uman life." Speaking calmly, as dispas onately as he could, he tol story of a sensitive, emotiona irl, almost 21 but to him sti teenager, who mingled wit young Hollywood crowd whic sperimented with LSD -- bu iund she couldn't handle it. "It doesn't happen to every lie," Linklelter said. "But i an happen to anyone." Faced with minor problems e sought relief with LSI x months ago -- but didn' d It. Instead she had a fear- mely bad "trip" which lef r hallucinating long after the ug should have worn off. She d her brother she feared 11 as destroying her mind. r riday she tried it again and, erwhelmed by fears unimag- able to the normal mind, she ighl surcease again -- and und it in a moment's panicky unge from her kitchen win- w,Linklclter said. )iane was a pretty girl, with ent and promise, who hoped have a Hollywood career. 'She was a loving, happy girl mi a family which was al- ays very close and caring," id Linkletter. 'Why, just the past week I d a talk with her about her reer. I had some singing I nk she was going to do. Her troubles. She had problems that teens have had since time began. But LSD gives them a way of .avoiding facing.up to those problems. 'She, tried it. The J.SD that people shove into their bodies -- it's like diving m\o a pool when you don't have any idea of the depth. They don't know if it's deep and clear or shallow and dangerous. "Diane was in a group of young people who were experimenting. Now, our kids talk to us. About everything. We talked six months ago. Since then she's told me about not touching LSD. She told me of going to parties where they were using it, am leaving, because she didn't wan :o take it." But, he and Jack believe, she must have taken it again when some problems arose. A friend Edward 'Durston, 27, of Wes Hollywood, said that Miss Link etter called him Friday nigh and asked that he come to her apartment because she was 'very upset." He said he go here at 3 a.m. Saturday. He told Sheriff's Lt. Norman Hamilton that she was despond ent and depressed, concerne about her identity and her car eer and complained that she 'could not be her own person.' Hamilton said drug aspects ol he case were under investigat- on, and added: "We're still talking to Durson. He's cooperating. He's be- ng very honest, laying things out. At 10:30 a.m., at the Los An- gtles County Medical Center, she died. , Linkletter's lawyer called him in Denver and told him. what had happened!' "it'was like lightning out of the summer sky," said Linkletter. "I didn't think about the LSD thing at. first. I'couldn't understand. .Remember,. she wasn't a drug addict. It was something I hadn't realized was that serious. I thought it was all experimental." Diane and Durston talked for lours, but his attempts to calm ier failed. She was apparently growing more desperate as Sat- irday morning dawned. She wanted to talk to someone in ier family. Linkletter was in Denver, pre jaring to speak to Air Force Academy cadets on a subject n which he had lectured on many college campuses -- the lermissive society and the need or young people to face up to their own problems. Shortly before 9 a.m. she called .her brother, Robert. She was fighting a terror she couldn't control. He told her to calm down, to relax, that he would be right over. He and she talked about drugs, to Durston, and asked him i he could handle things until he got there. Durston said he could. Rober dressed and hurried to his car 3n Sunday his father 'tried to magine what must- have happened: "The-mind-bending drugs com iletely obliterate all judgment," le said. "Any problem becomes enfold." Her brother told her to re- ax, it would wear off," said ,t. Hamilton." And she' relaxed a few minutes. Then it hap- iened. She went for the window, t was a kitchen window, high inougli she had to get up on lomething to get out. "Durston saw her going out. le tried vas too late. Durston went downstairs, told i man on duty in the lobby to :all police, then went outside. Diane was dying. Los Angeles wlice got the call at 9:04 a.m. md a city ambulance hurried KOA: Hun for'your-Life KBTV: One Man Show KWGN: News, Wtr, Spts 9:30-KWGN: Perry MasonKBTV: Cinnamon 10:00-KBTV: News KOA: News KLZ: News, Wtr, Spts KRMA: Inform 10:30-KLZ: Merv Griffin KOA: Bronco Highlight* KWGN: Movie 'I1:00-KBTV: Joey Bishop I KOA: Tonight Show |12:00-KOA: News KLZ: Movie 12:30-KBTV: Californians KOA: News other and I had a gay and ppy time with her just two [hts ago. She was planning on ing skiing with us at Christ- astime. 'She was not in an abyss ol elancholy. She was young. 11 in her teens, it seemed, d, like all young people, she problems. Emotional prob- ns. Boyfriend problems. Caer problems. 'And always there was the nily name to contend with -- u know how hard that can be. You're prejudged by everyone. All of my kids have had to adjust to it, having that name riding on top of them. "Diane was very loving and happy -- but very emotional. "You add LSD to a girl who is somewhat emotional and dramatic, and it can be disastrous. She told me about taking it, about her bum she wa^ being driven her mind by 'LSD. "She was a girl who was not psychotic, not under treatment, happy girl, with no money Then he called Robert, who told him of Diane's last call, and he knew. Linkletter canceled'his Air Force Academy talk and flew back to 'Los Angeles. Linkletter, his wife and Robert planned to fly to a skiing cabin .the family owns for a re spite 'alone before Diane's ser vices. Before, they left, however he had a story he had to tell He told it. Would it have saved her life had Robert reached Diane's apartment, hi time? ' : "It would've saved her life,' ! said Linklelter. "Temporarily But there would've been a terrible wild animal lurking in her blood stream. She could have been alone, and despondent, another time, when it hit. . .finally taking her away." California Rules Against Fish Type LOS ANGELES (AP) There's not enough room in Cal- Believe /torJVW/ '4h- ifornia's fresh waters for the walking catfish--a native of In- of Asia, the California Fish arid Game Commission has ruled. The commission has banned importation, possession, or sale done.sia, Africa and some parts of the predatory fish--saying the breed crowds out other spe-' cies. 33. : Ascend 34. Speak 36. Perished 39. Sheltered side 40. Kettle 41. Japaneso sash / HIKE GRIZZLY BEAR WHICH BECAME A NUISANCE IN YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PAKK WAS PUNISHED' BY CHARLES J.JONES, A SAME WARDEN IM THE R\RK IM THE FIRST YEARS OF THE 20 1h CENTURV BYHAHGING IT UPSIDE DOHH FROM A TK££ LIMB BILL PHILLIPS, JR. OF DUBLIM, H.H. A BOY 14 YEARS OF AGE HT IN HAiP A 7ENPENNY NAIL, DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS I. New England state t. Sudden muscle pain 11. Fossil resin 12. Teutonic sea god 13. Mortar man 14. Smoothing tool 15.100 square meters 18. Unreal 17. Whether 18. Navigational hazard 21. Hail! 22. Tattered cloth 23. Coffin 24. Of bees 27. Animal sounds 28. Team 29. Fuel 30. Epoch 31. French painter (1684-1721) 35. Music note 36. Millpond 37. Skill 38. Chief of the wicked jinn 40. Lay down asa principle 42. Slumber 43. Fat 44. Plant ovules DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE -- Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X B Is L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A ia used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. a A B c w a - G T LONDON - Granada TV attacking British immigralio laws. USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS WE'VE MOVED TO 3133 W. 10th St. BOB'S WESTVIEW TV Ph. 3ED-8553 Service All Make* Greeley A Cryptogram Quotation H D B L X D . -- S G J - .- USED BY SCANDINAVIAN HUNTERS Ikl THE I61h CENTURV WERE TRAINED TO HMK HITH SHOUSHOeS Saturday's Cryploquotc: IT IS PART OP MY RELIGION NOT TO HURT ANY.MAN'S PEELINGS.--W. D. HOWARD (O 18G9, Kin? Features Syndicate, Inc.) By Carl Anderson By Bob Montana I CAN'T BELIEVE JUSHEAD HAS FINALLY INVITED ytOACHBD A ©IRL FOR. T-fS HIM AN INTIMATE. H ON THE DINNER/ ,,/ WHOLE BIT.' SILVER SERVICE AND CRVSTAL SLASS ON WHITE LINEN....BY THE FIRE ....ROMANTIC CANDLELIGHT..... ANDREW COSULONI MUSIC. THERE'S YOUR DATE / WE'LL SLIP OUT THE DID YA BRING THE TWO HAMBURGERS REX MORGAN, M, D. By Dal Curtis aer to the hospital. Robert got to Diane's apartment after they had taken h K A TOUCH OF SHERRV /OVLO BE Pi THERE'S SOINS TO BE AN INQUEST/SOMEONE SAIP " MI6HT BE Z MOKE LIKELY A HEART -7- ATTACK/ ister away, Lt. Hamilton sai COME IM KOPgLL IS ON A DISTANCE CALL / W f S T A Y IN \\\ H0T JOHNNY HAZARD By Bob Montana NOW I'M SURE HE HAS ID AMAN..7THEy THINK PEAP ? UH-UH,BAB;.THIS E-HOST' IS GOING EAVE5PROPFING-.' EX-BOy FKIENR LE BEOJUE, IS A CENTLEMAN FARMER WHO SELLS N2 RICE Adequate For Your Family's Needs SNOW LEOFAKPfe GAMINS- TABLES/ LEOfARP'S CASINO,' GREELEY PLUMBING and HEATING CO. Let Us Install An A. O. Smith HOT WATER HEATER 1009 9th St. 353-1962 TITLE--I.i'l Alracr Jier. U.S. P«t Off. ... C50HN DID Enjoy the better things in life . . . open a SAVINGS ACCOUNT at STATE BANK OF GREELEY

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