Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 18, 1961 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1961
Page 19
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ft'cd., Oct. IS, 1961 GREELEY TIlinUNE Pnffc 19 Hadl, Szykowny, Hoppman Top Midlands Players By SKIPPER PATRICK Associated Prcsi Sporls Writer John Hadl, Matt Szykowny, Dave Hoppman. Take your choice the Jayhawks lo llicir first victory of lhc season, 21-7 over Iowa State. Playing halfback Ihe firsl throe (or the top backfield job among periods and scoring the game's Midlands football players last Sat-jfirst touchdown, Hadl shitted lo urday. quarter the last period, scored the Iladl, Kansas' 200-pound senior winning touchdown and dircct- quarlcrback-halfback who was aiing the other. He averaged 45 [error to opponents last season,'yards on 5 punts. Szykowny filled in for the injured Wilburn Iletli? anl led Iowa lo an easy 27-8 victory over In- finally got in high gear lo lead Braves Release Sammy White; C i m o l i to Minors Coach Says Tito Results Friday: Gr««l«y 14, Boulder 4. Friday: Lafayette 32, College high 2. Saturday: Colorado College 24, C-State 13. The Schedule Friday: Aurora at Greclcy, 7:45 p.m. Friday: College High at Brush, 7:30 p.m. Saturday: C-State at Colo- Mines, 1:30 p.m. Coach Bill Trimble, College High: It was another story of diaua. He completed n'of 22 p nS s-! miKt;iiiCS - I( scelns 'hat when wo make them, Ihe opposition posts TMlher touchdown. fiDavis Heaps iPraise on CU's Somerville Colorado University Athletic Director Harry Carlson and Bud Davis were guests Tuesday lit the Quarterback Club luncheon nt tlio Trinity Episcopal Hall. Davis, former (ircclcy lootball coacli and now CU alumni director, described the highlights ol tho Miami-Colorado football game then showed the. movies of Hie A significant factor in tho playl. cs for 128 yards. Had Iowa Stale won, Hoppmann'""' would have had lhc weekly honori F « r _ Friday's game al Brush, Bob Kennedy HitS [j Notes from Sports World 'Complacent Society] CHICAGO A!'--K.'irly Wynii.' .Statistics from the NCAA Serv- tlic patriarch of the C h i c a g o , iuc Bureau U'cd. show Texas the Mrmi vmiv f Am r\ r n i . i iWliilc Sax pitching s t a f f , s t i l l may lolal offence leader with an aver- NhW YOIIK (API--One of, tennis stars lo South A m c i - ' , .. , . ,. , , . , , ... . . , . ! ,, ,, _ , , , , , , ., hit bawbal s charmed mark of age of 44(! yards in four games, nation's best known touch football!" 1 , and of chess Icnms lo hiirouc. : , (00 vk . |o| . ics m . x| sc:lsim . ' players kicked off Tuesday night on what ho said was the American clxiuading Notre Dome leading ; Wynn, 41. had liis ailing pitch- in rushing offense wilh a per- f^fi rri p re |hig arm checked by t'luh dot'lors game average of 320.3, Detroit v - n j i i i e i i l ( ] l i s wcc| ^ T|i( , v foum | t(ic S1VC |_ ( -| ]c f ,, lssill( , | c . 1( | er wi i h 211,7 jling in his right elbnw almost dis- yards per game, and West Texas iripiienred, and Wytm was able In State the scaring pace-setter with people s loss of vigor and stamina.; _ , .. . . . U.S. Ally. Gen, Hobert F. Ken- l O O t D a 11 Medal tlio^suVccf"^';! toosi P: from E 'in"i WA - SIMNr;TON (AD-Pn-sldcnl'.?''^^''' «''l li'is^ll'm'.'inineihing 15c"poiiils'in"ta- Rame^'a who£ well-known play-for-fun athlete. President Kennedy messaged ;tlic dinner at which his brother MILWAUKEE (AP) - The Milwaukee B r a v e s gave veteran 5 to himself. The 176-pound tailback!" 0 wil1 1)0 '" tll ° bcsl physical visibly worn down. .. iin the Cyclones' strong single^ 0111 '' 1 ' 011 since our season's open- Tho Buffaloes alsi wins, carried the hall 33 limns fur ing came. 1 hope that we can gel their first night gi of Colorado. Davis said, was the I kc . .., am ( , cli( ,| llcl | tha( you heat and humidity. The humidity , im , M ,,,,, a ,, m ,, ny al was so high that officials ex- 1 changed footballs on every play as if il were raining. Near the end of tho game, Colorado was our toneh team at tonight's dinner of Cham- Kennedy, an old hand al touchj' l! w " s lln "blc (o do most of last ping .Id-point average. Is football, is (he winner of Ihe N a-1 season. lioiicil Football Foundation and' The doctors said it Hall of Fame 1961 gold medal. I Wynn can resume pitching next ."' . ! l . _ .. . . . i l n n ' . - . ' O .AUHKU Md. (AP) -- Mrs. chard dn Font agreed Wed. raec her Kelso, lop thorough- Kennedy played some football,sPTM«- »= »° w owns 292 major |)| . ( , l| of (| , c Un)l ' c( j Sla[ |n (hc nL Harvard, Iwt suffered a backj lc '*" c victories, needing n to injury which ended his collegiate l c a d lll(1 30 ° "«rk. 123 :alcher Sammy White his uncon- , ft""' " , , '"', rfrnnnnl ml n .-,« anH hmTMH ,,,,.. l?«chdown and played release and shipped mil fielder Giuo Cimoli lo the minor leagues Tuesday in a wholesale; *ihal:onp of the -lO-player roster. defensive game. passed for his team's terrific Hie combination ol everything to Ihis one. Coach Joe Lindahl, Colorado Hoppmann could be (lie nearest I 51 * 1 " College: Well, we've played thing lo a nnc-mnn football show ! in the country. (he first half of onr season and uivc a "perfect" record. This is The moves announced by club' The District Five All America 1 -"! challenge to us. We can throw President and General Manager bourd which weekly singles out', 11 !' »"' hands in discouragement. ' John Mclfalc were designed lo||h c | op performers in the area, protect y o u n g farm prospretsj n |. w citcd G ale Weidncr, Colorado from the baseball draft. Iquarlerback; Tliunder Thornton, Cimoli. a 31-year-old vclcrnn'.Nebraska halfback; Alex Zyskow- oblained from Pittsburgh for Johnjski, Wichita quarterback; Phil Logan in mid-season, and out- Lohmann. Oklahoma fullback; An- fielder Wayne McDonald. 23, were dy Russell, Missouri fullback, and sent lo Vancouver of Ihe Pacific |,j oc ] scares, Kansas State Coast League. 'back. can work with Ihe boys we have and salvage a respectible record the rest of the season. We'll slarl three freshmen Saturday at Colorado Mines. (They are defensive end Bill Bibbey, halfback Dong Rnice and quarter- haf- back Frank lloppe.) It seems we arc the Kocky Iso encountered their first night game in some time, nut despite the long wail until playing lime, the Buffs held poise. Davis citcd the defensive play o[ Ted Somerville, sophomore from Greeley. His timely tackles protected Colorado's lead in the first half. One was Ihe tackling! pious. There is considerable truth j fooll);i11 career. He u.scd to play ii: ' ' ' , n (he grid!-'" 10 Kennedy family touch football matches. A delegation Irum the foundation called on Kennedy Tuesday, 1 In the iinnor ran, at least--he principal signal caller." Fillh Anniversary is the team's . The .. , informed him of the award, anil l |'-l'"_l'!l'"" 1 ".."'"Ill'L_ Dinner of Champions | im . i(e( j h j m to lhc f oundil u 011 . s $ino,0on Washington D.C. fnterna- 'Uoiial N'ov. 11. NEW YOHK (AP) -- Texas., '11:c 4-year-old Kelso has failed N n l r c Dame, Detroit and West lo win only mice in seven races Texas State arc the team leaders Ihis year -- in the Washington Iin offense and scoring among nil- Park Handicap. Tho loss ended jlege football teams this week, an 11-race winning streak. marked lhc fifth anniversary of' anmla | ditlncr al Ncw y ork CH the formation ol Ihe "People to -- - People" program initiated by Dwighl D. Eisenhower when he was president. Dec. 5, when the award will be made. Kennedy did not indicate whether ho would atlend. of Miami's All-American End Billjcring, which included a , Previous medal winners include! Robert Kennedy told lhc gath-'Dwight D. Elsenhower, Hcibcrt; host of Hoover, Gen. Douglas MacArlhiiri Miller on the Buff 5-yard line aliwcll-known sports pcrEonalilics.;nnd Amos Alonzo Slagg. (lie end of (ho half. 'that there has been a tendency in Davis said Somerville will prob-;reccnl years In "our modern,! Rookie catcher Phil Roof, 20, Linemen commended were Shcr-|Mountain Conference's homecom- 11 will be Minos' Saturday, and we and southpaw pitcher Scth More-: wyn Thorson, Iowa guard; Benny! ing favorites, head, 27. were assigned to Louis- lioydslon, Kansas end: Bucky We- homecoming ville in the American Association. Promoted from Louisville lo the ably he limited lo defensive action until a knee bruise completely heals. The Buffs can't afford lo take chances on Somerville or Reed Johnson getting hurl on offense. Their defense abilities arc complacent society" for loo many to become spectators and not participants. The dinner bognn Ihe I%2 fundraising drive of Ihe "People lo People" Sports Committee, which gcncr, Missouri tackle; Lcroy Lecp, Wichita center; Dan Celoni, parent club roster was calcheHiowa State guard and Dallas Dy- Bob Ueckcr, 26. The contracts of Ethan Black aby, 21, a former Northwestern University football star, and Henry Garretl Jr.. 18, were purchased from Louisville. Also purchased was tho contract of right-handed pitcher Bill Ryan, 20, from Boise of tho Class C Pioneer League. While, a former standout for the Boston Red Sox who sat out the 1060 season after balking at a !er, Nebraska linebacker. Speedie Quits As Oilers Coach HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) - Mac Speedie resigned Tuesday as end coach of the American Football League Houston Oilers. Spcedie's resignation leaves (he iradc""to ^vclandTwrracquircd''"TM hc . n(i , TM ach '. ^ Lemm ' vonld like to spoil it. At any ratejsix points, ve have but one Ihing lo do. and' hat is to improve. Coach Bob Kula, Greeley: Last Kriday we were short of personnel and rose to the occasion. Still we arc short of players, but in- iitry-wisc we are in good shape. We are troubled wilh n siege of III. In Don Sessions, Aurora has he finest passer in the state of Colorado. But we hope our line will make him rockcl his passes outstanding. If a defensive backlnrrunges trips of Little League makes a mistake, il usually mciiiisibaseball learns lo the Far East, by the Braves last June. He appeared in only 21 games, hilling 222 TM" 1 Onc of , lwc fil ' st actions afl- Graves Likes Brown GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) When Ray Graves, University of Florida football coach, hollers "Brown" he should get results. There's Bill Brown, center; Russ Brown, end; and B a r r y Brown, also an end. ( cr succeeding Lou Kymktis icad coach Monday was to ask Spoedie to remain on the staff. Speedie announced his decision after a conference with K. S (Bud) Adams Jr., owner of the Oilers. Speedie said he is a close I-RO FOOTBALL OlltEN HAY, Wis. -- Paul llorr. NF1. .scoring Irfvtcr and haUbaclt Packers, and lir.ebnckcr Ray called to acllvc duty in Army. B O X I N G LAS VEGAS -- NBA middleweight Fullmer will meet Bcnns- ( K M ) P a t e l . New Vcrk-MassachuseUs.kuror.ean chai p:o:i in t i t l e fiphl Dfc. fl. 'of American rugby learns to Bril- OWLING SCO AT BOWLORADO- COMMERCIAL Scores: 1). C. Royer Coors Beer 0; Harris Oil Co. 4,',aco891. [Frank Reynolds 550; Marv. nolds 532; Richard Hirsch the slars. In the Boulder game we had a terrific tram effort, and we have nothing else to say. Rcy- 531. Ins. 4,1 Top team game: Hunters Tex- Moose I,odgo 0; Weld Co. Garage 4, Morions 0; Wilburs Marine 2Vi, Charleys Service IVi; Greeley Na- ional Bank 2, L T r 2. High team scries: Harris Oil Co. 2579. High team game: D. C. Royer [is. 929. Ed Machen May Get Title Opportunity LONDON (AP) -- America's jEddie Machen flics Ironic Wed. | afler a victory that could bring) him closer lo n shot at Floyd j Patterson's world heavyweight boxing championship. | The victim was Britain's Brian: London, wlw was outclassed by Machen in five one-sided rounds Tuesday night anl retired from Ihe scheduled 10-ronndcr complaining his nope felt like it was' broken. "Now I waul a fight wilh Hen- Bowling Shoes For Men and Women 5.95 to 10.95 THE CO. SPORTING GOODS ZBSthAv*. Phone EL 3-3333 922-24-28 8th Av*. Top individual games: Gcorge ! ''y Cooper (British champion) lo I J " " " ' Matsusbima 218; Jim Failing 212; Howard Kabler 200. friend of Lemm but felt obligated to depart with Rymkns in lhat he had been hired by Rymkus. Adams fired Hymkus Saturday and fired Fred Waliner, the defensive assistant. Sunday. Lemm said he would finish out Ihe season wilh only two assistants, Walt Schlinkman, offensive backficld coach, and Joe Spencer, line coach. Hunters! Deer, Elk, Bear We invite you to shop all other prices then stop and see us! FREE Coke with the purchase of each hig game license. Everything For Your Hunting Trip Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Nights until 8:30 Where Hunten Shop By Choice, Not By Chance 1015 8lh Ave. EL 3-15G7 High individual scries: L. SaU' ler 562; R. Herrick 542; B. Wakeman 539. 20; L. Hauler 202; George Wolfe! B u f f s New R i g h t H a l f b a c k R u n s 60, 65 Yards BOULDER (AP) -- Speedster Leon Mnvily ran 60 and 65 yards for touchdowns Tuesday 'as (he varsity scored six times against a scouting leam in Colorado's warmup for the Kansas Stale game Saturday. Mavity, a 170-pound sophomore, looked great in his first test in practice after being promoted to the slarling team. f End ' Jerry Hillcbiand, wliose ield goal enabled Colorado to' Top i, lc j iv: lual scries: beat Miami last Friday night, re- c]ark 512 . Marlyn Lauridsen 488; decide who is lhc No. 1 contend- GREELEY MAJOR er for the world litlc," Ihe unmarked Machen told reporters after his light exercise in lxn-. The scores: Freeman Cleaners don's indoor Wembley Stadium 4, CascncJe Marine 0; Flot Elec-| "i am willing ( 0 fight Cooper! trie 4, H nnd R Liquors 0; I.a|anytlme and anywhere. It some- Salic Sinclair 3, Bowlorado Lnnes|body can arrange the fight, I'll 1; Jerome Co. 3, Classic Lanes he there." British promoter Jnck Solomons has been negotiating for months urn 549. i ' , . . , , , ,, , . . High individual game,; C. Koch T °P «*·" Eer "* ; TM F - led « c 12554. 200. G R E E L E Y LADIES Tlie scores: J. M. McDonald 3, A-II Cement 0; Bowlorado Lanes 3, Home Light and Power Co. 0; D. C. Royer Ins. Hi. First Nat'l Bank 111; -Krciger Accordion 2 Greeley lAimber I; Caper Club 3 Sinclair Oil 0. Top team series: Caper Club Ito match Cooper againsl Patler| Top individual series: T. Ma-jpon. Sonic reports say Patterson quire 571: J. Conlin 551; D.jmay defend his title sometime Schmidt 550. next year against Cooper, who is Top learn game: Flol Electriciin a class by himself among Brit- 2209. Euleta injured an ankle which has troubled him Ihis season bul il isn't believed to be serious. The Buffs start tapering off drills Wed. and will leave Friday for Manhattan, Kan., sile of llicir first Big Eight test on the road this season. Record 23-Lb. Brown Trout- Caught Tuesday DENVER - The Slate Game and Fish Dcparlment says a 23-pound trout pulled from Ibe Animas River at Durango Tuesday is the biggest Brown trout on record in the stale. Jesse E. Brown of Durango caught the monster from (he Main Slrcel bridge in Durango, using a worm for bait. The (rout measured 36 inches in length, malching the longest Brown trout ever taken from Col- .orado waters. The previous rec- orl was held by n 21 pound, 7 Mary Cohea 467; Joan Schreibcr 40. Top team game: Caper Club 757. Top individual games: Eulcla Clark 104; Mary Cohea 192; Marilyn Lauridsen 188. SPORTSMAN'S The scores: Hunters Texaco 4, Sober Service 0; Reynolds Farm 4, Ehrlich Milk 0; Austin and Aus. 954. Top individual games: T. Maguire 215; D. Slroman 21-1; Har-' old Dorsey 214. TUES. MIXED Tllc scores: Hunters Texaco 4, Guys Frontier 0; T and R Corn- ish heavyweight. pany 4, R. Gordons 3, Rommel Greeley Builder 0: Paint and Glass 1; Dairy Queen 3, A M Glass i Painl 1; Caprice 2'.4. Cozy Cafe l',4; Allrhan Electric 2. Kimhrcl Music 2. Top leam series: Gordons 1826. Top individual series: Men -Warren Giles 515; Eddie Zyhack] W7; Marv Ream 506. Women -Helen Ring 449; Ixjis Wakemnn' 447: Pearl Held 42S. Top team game: Gordons 661.: Top individual games: Men --' tin 4, Gill 0; Frigidaire Sales 3,jErIdie Zybacl; 213; Wayne Waller Sinclaire Oil 1: Greeley Maytag!209; Warren Giles 196. Women -3, Moose Lodge 1. JHelen Ring 172: El McClinfock Top team series: Hunters Tex-j 171 ; Pearl Held 164. aco 2515. Tnp individual scries: Jay Cops Comeback Award in NL By BEN OLAN Associated Press Sports Writor NEW YORK (AD-- Joey Jay, ounce Brownie taken from Mon-Vho bounced back from three so- ment Lake near Trinidad in 1040. Iso seasons wilh Milwaukee to be It's Sticker Time Get BARGAIN PRICES now at GOLD'S On Your Auto Parts Needs: 'come Ihe ace right-hander for the USE THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS Cincinnati Reds, was named the .[National League's c o m e b a c k |- player-of-the-year for 1901 Wed. Jay received 59 of the 151 votes by baseball writers in Ihe annual Associated Press poll. Frank Thomas, the Braves' slugging outfielder, was second with 45. remainder were scattered I j among 21 different players. Duke Ijsnidcr, veteran Los Angeles out- lifielder, was third with eight li votes, and Sandy Koufax, Dodger I pitcher, was fourth with six. Jay, acquired last Dec. 15 in a Iucky"' AT COLUMBINE- TEN PINS ; The scores: Greeley Beauty School 3, Campus Cleaners 0; Basey's Shoes 3, Gambles 0; Branens Food Market 3, VFW 0: Campus Pharmacy 2, Greeley Building and Supply 1. Top learn series: Branens Food Markdl IBM. Top individual series: Shirley Forbes 5*8; Joyce Redman 458: Rda O'Neal 433. Top team game: Branens Food Market 572. Top individual games: Joyce Redman 1B9; Shirley Forbes 185- JSE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS ATTENTION DEER HUNTERS HAVE NO FEAR WE ARE HERE To Process Your Deer Ben Invites You Out To See His Place REICHERTS PACKING CO. LaSalle Home Phone EL 3-020S Business Phone 284-5571 2x4» 2x6« S P E C I A L ! $90 ft. to ft. to 6 ft. Lengths 6 ft. Lengths I'ci' Thousand PLYWOOD · ALL KINDS · ALL SIZES PICK OUT YOU II CHOICE DHI-M1X CEMENT · KEGULAR CEMENT · MASONRY CEMENT HARDWARE · TOOLS · G R A V E L SCREEN SAND · CLOTHES LINE POLKS · W I R E HUNDREDS OF OTHER ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION OPEN UNTIL NOON ON SATURDAY GREELEY LUMBER CO. 2406 I Oth St. EL 2-5171 ITS; Relo O'Kesl 167. The COLUMBINE scores: Colo. Grain and Storage 3. Mikcls Men and Boys Wear 0; Jones Sporting Goods 2, Als TV 1; Reese Gear Jammers 2, Steclc's Grocery 1: Weld County Lumber 2, Columbine Bowl 1; Millers Super Market 2, Western TV I; General Tire 2, Torre/, Rros. 1. Top team scries: Weld County Lumber 2581. · Brake Shoes · Mufflers Lifetime Guarantee · Tail Pipes · Tail Lamps Corner of llth St. at 6th Ave. Top individual series: Jorry deal'lnvolving shortstop Roy Mc-!Bnwn 575: Eddie Miller 536; Bob Millan, lost his first three games Sitzman 530. Top team game: Weld County Lumber 916. Top individual games: Bob Silz- man 217; Tom Tollinger 199; Ed Miller 194: Wayne Sullivan 194. Dial EL 2-0133 the past season. However, he recovered to finish wilh a 21-10 I record as the Reds won their first | pennant in 21 years. In 1960, the 26-year-old bonus : playcr won nine games and lost 'eight for Milwaukee. Thomas, former star outfielder for Pittsburgh, regained his old form shortly after moving from the Chicago Cubs to Milwaukee jiin a May 9 trade for Mel Roach. A .238 batsman wilh the Cubs IftCO, Thomas finished the 1 campaign wilh a .283 average, ^homers and 73 runs batted in. ] Snider was sidelined five weeks) | ! wilh a fractured collarbone early ^n the season. Ycl, he managed Ijlo hit 16 homers while compiling 1 a .296 balling mark. The previous^ liyear Snider had a .243 average' I.with 14 home runs. i Sport* Briefs THE ASSOCIATED P*E» By 1 GOLF PINF.HURST, N. C. -- Eson Quittner of Rydnl. Pa., defeated Jamu FLIjpat- ricV of MjncSfJKr, Ccnn., 1 up, lo Ihe North anaI Kiulh Senior Amateur. IK -- Independent* »1«.»! rand Nation a] Sleep!echue 8t ( ' An * a CAMPEN, N. J. - sho Maple Shatle GUARANTEED TO 60 ·*" thru ice, mud or show or we pay the low WINTER TIRES * ] 1. AKainlt (-.. ' ihifi nnrl rnateri*ls for the. I life of Ihe original liud. J. /\jfai:nt r.orrnal read h^t-irL. ' (except repnirjihle punctuml e n c o u n t e r e d i n everyday riivr£er car u« for t h e : number of month, specified. M nrirfe without charge. ' rerrwnt* prorated on tread ' nnd havd on li^l prices . it at time of adjustment. EACH 6.70-15 Black Tube-Type Rayon 'Plus tax and trade-In tire ALL SIZES · ALL TYPES · LOW PRICED Store -- Flr*l Round (Jlfi nen'a I'ark. i TORONTO -- Fair Juror set a world ercrd of 1:14 It-S (or 6'^ turtaajri. c l t p - j ilax one nrth erf tt jecond from TybanX'S; ecnrd set In T3i1. ! l.EXI.VOTON, Ky. -- Wealhertr* (U.So). ton the, Sur.njside rurje al Keereland. i Hatch's Service Station Corner 8th Ave. at 16th St. Corner 8(h Ave. al I2lh St. Also, available at Service Station Dealers displaying the Firestone Sign. '

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