Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 29, 1951 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
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Saturday, December 29, 1951
Page 7
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Bills To Make State's Property Reappraisal Program Effective Will Be Introduced in Assembly Social and Club News : ,' L. Muss Kj-'.ej Pill:. A li ] vii-.h mauy s ' firistmas tve. et 'sf. le;or«.'.«(J U« i* »'»* enjoyed Tiis marked the Denver, Dec. 29--W--Bills to make Colorado's property reappraisal program effective neit year will be introduced in the state legislature about a week after It con- tenes January 2. The bills--just two of them-ire being drafted by a three-man subcommittee of a special group named by Gov. Thornton to study complaints the reappraisal program could not be put into effect without upsetting tax structures throughout the state. One will be an overall bill. Based on an act passed in 1913 when property valuations also were boosted, It will rewrite the limit on mill levies and bonded indebtedness. Basically, it will keep the cash value of these to no more than five per cent wore than the value this year. In effect, It will cut the rates of taxation. The other will be a part o[ the proposed new school finance program. It will exempt it from the overall law for one year. This Is to allow the new school program to be debated while using actual tax figures for examples and to allow school boards to figure out new levies. The plan was debated and approved at a meeting of Thornton's special committee yesterday after- * AOTICB OP DMTKIlMINATIOr; OF I I H I H S H 1 P STATE OK COLOHA1JO, ) COUNTY OF WELD ) In the County Court In Probate .No. OS44 In the matter of the estate o! FRANK B. DAVIS. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That on Monday, the 4th day of February A. D. 1952, at th« hour of 10 o'clock A. M., of said day, said Court will receive and hear proofs concerning the hplra of until Frank B. Davis, deceased, p u r s u a n t to the verified petition of Robert S. Davis administrator of said estate as heir at law of en Id Frank B Davis, dei-ea^ed, heretofore f i l e c herein, asklnE for a judicial certalnment and determination the helrahip of Raid Estate, and from which It appear» that Muriel B. Darin, 1H3G Grandvicw Place, Oreclcy, Colorado, wife, adul Robert S. Davis, 1705 Fa 1 mere; Drive, CJreeloy. Colorado, son, atlul Beverly D. Vornholt, 17^^ Fair acres Drive, CJ r e e 1 e y , Colorado daughter, adult Suaan N. Davis, 2600 KahL Cedar Denver, Colorado, d a u g h t e r , mtno are heirs of said Frank B. Davis, de NOW, THEREFORE, Any and al peruons who are or who claim t be heirs at law of nald Frank B Davis, deceased, are hereby require' to be and appear thereat, or abid the determination of the Cour t h e r e o n , . IN WITNESS WHEREOF I hav hereunto net my hand and the of said Court, dated at Greeley, Col orado, this 24th day of December A. D. 1951. - (SEAL) R. I. S H A K L K R , Clerk of the County Cour By A. B. SHAKLEE, Deputy. Dec. 29. 1351, Jan. B, 12, 19, 1352. BEFORE THK Oil- A N D G A S CON SURVATION COMMISSION OP TH STATK OP COLORADO IN TH MATTER OF THE PROMULGA TION OF FlliLD RULES TO GO"\ ER.N* O P E R A T I O N S IN TH GRBASEWOOD POOL, WELD AN 1IOROAN COUNTIES, COLORADi CAUSE NO. NOTICE OP HEARING To all Interested persona and whom It may concern: The Oil and Gas Conservatio Commission of the State of. Coloratl at the request, of J. G. Dyer G. C. Parker, has called a hearin to consider the promulgation field rules for the Greasewood Poo In Weld and Morgan Counties, Co orado, so as to prevent the was of oil and gas, either or both, «ald field. All operators and owners of wor Ins: interests or minerals and all persona interested in said field are hereby notified by the State of Colorado, as represented hy the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission of the State of Colorado, that the ab'ove entitled matter ha-s been set for hearing before the commission DATK: J a n u a r y 7, 1352 TIME: 10 a. m. PLACE: Hearing Room of the Employment Service Division, 12SO Sherman Street, Denver, Colorado. Pursuant lo said hearing In t h e ahove entitled matter, at the time and place aforesaid, or at any ad- oon. The governor immediately Id it sounded all right to him. The bills will be drafted by As- slant Attorney General Frank 'achob, Tax Commissioner How- ·d A. Latting and Education Com- issiouer J. Burton Vasche. They will be presented at the ext commitee meeting a week oui toiay. If the committee ap- roves them, they then will be re- rred to the governor and he will e asked to ask the legislature to otisider them, a step necessary nder law government the coming ff-year session. Senate Majority Leader Frank . Gill (R.-UillroseJ said he is illing to go along with the plan, arller, he had opposed putting the eappraisal program into effect ext year to be reflected in prop- rty tax payments to be made in 953. Churchill May Urge reater Exchange of iomic Information Washington, Dec. 29--Wl--Prime liuister Churchill probably will rge a greater exchange of atomic nformatiotf between the United lutes and Britain during his far- caching conference with President ruman. Atomic energy is amung the doz- n topics he has told the American overnment he wants to take up In he course of his visit here, start- ng laie next week. Both Britain and Canada, with which the U. S. had a partnership n atomic bomb development dur- ng the war. have long felt tight nierican restrictions on atomic ecrets were hampering develop- nents In that field. Any change in these restrictions however, would require not only approval by the president but ac Ion by congress. Whether either if these conditions will be met in he predictable future is something if which Informed officials will noi speculate. Zeckendorf Plans lo )evelop Courthouse Square in Denver Denver, Dec. 29.--wi--William Seckendorf, New York real estat operator, told the Denver Post yes terday he has plans for developin courthouse square in Denver a soon as building regulations wi! permit. "We now have the plans al drawn," he said in a telephone in tervlew from New York. "I will onl say that It will be something which Denver will be very proud Zeckendorf Is president and sol owner of the Webb and Knapp rea estate firm which brought the down town square In 1945 for 5818,600. now is used as an automobile park ing lot. The New York financier said reports that he is dickering to sell the property for ?2,500,000 are "absolutely untrue." He added that 'we are very unhappy about some of the publicity we have received in Denver. It's been unfair." Zeckondorf said further that his company "didn't buy the square for speculation or for a parking lot. All I ask Is that the newspapers be air and realize that we are more isappointed than anyone that we have been unable to develop it." Saw "Two Quick Flashes" Beverly Hills, Calif., Dec. 2Q.--WI --Jennings Lang told reporters yes- .erday that he saw "two quick lashes of white fire" the night Producer Walter Wanger shot him. He said his first thoughts on the way to the hospital were "how to save my children from bad pub- reeleyites Are on bruise of Caribbean Mrs. Gideon Dotuke and Mrs. arson W. Gilbert embarked aboard ae S. S. Alcoa Clipper from New irleans. La.. Saturday for a 16- ay cruise of the Caribbean. Their trip will extend to sev- lirtt holidav season for Lied*. RNA Officers Bridge club will hold its uex 1 . meeting on Monday, Jan. 14. at the home of Mrs. Mwy ) Oliver, $11 Fourteenth street. A iGreeleyile Says Baylor 'Should Go Great Guns' in Orange Bowl Bailie 'Chlpi Blank 'Credit! With Ann Johnston and "Bavlor covered dish tupper will be served Wer w setting the pace, at 4S». am 1 ""' '_ ^_ . 475 - respectively, the 3rd-llac Windsor... orthern coast of South America, j 'he Itinerary includes Jamaica, the I Jutch Islands of Curacao and Trim- ad. While in Venezuela, they will our Caracas, La Gualia, Puerto Cabello and Quanta. Mrs. Gilbert resides at 12'!5 Eleventh avenue and Jlrs. Domke t 719 Twentieth street. Ault Social Calendar 10NDAY-- Woman's Society, Mrs. Otho Wykert, hostess. Watch night service and social hour. Congregational church. TUESDAY-Pioneer club library club room, Mrs. Clarence Benson, hostess. Election of officers. 'HURSDAY-- Olive Branch Social club 12 o'clock luncheon and election of officers, Mrs. Jake Seilhach, hostess. Jetty Jean Southerland Bride of Laurence Dlttman Mrs. Ben Carton of Pierce recently learned of the marriage of ler sister, Betty Jean Southerland, o Laurence Dlttman. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Elsie Siglinger and the late George Sis- linger. The groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Dittman of Scottsbluff, Nebr. The double ring ceremony took place at St. John's Lutheran church at San Francisco, Calif. The bride was attired In a navy blue suit, with white accessories and orchid corsage. Her pearls were a gift of .he groom. Attending the bridal pair were Mr. and Mrs. Richard'Mustae. Mrs. Mustae Is a cousin of the bride. Reception was held at the Cliff House, after which the Dlttmans spent their honeymoon at San Francisco. They are now at home at 322 S. American. Stockton, Calif., where the groom Is stationed with the navy. Mrs. Donald Decker of 809 Nineteenth street has had her faith restored In Santa Claus. For her, he is Harley Bennett, owner of Bennett Cleaners. . Many, many mouths ago Mrs. Decker greatly admired two Java figurines in a gift shop. They were much too expensive, even after a fourth reduction. On her rare trips downtown, because she suffers from multiple sclerosis and is in n wheel chair, Mrs. Decker discovered her dream objects in the window of Bennett Cleaners. She let it be known that if Mr. Bennett ever changed his display she wanted first chance to buy the figurines. Just before Christmas . time, Mrs. Decker came into her own living room to find the figurines. Mr. Bennett had changed his display. The figurines were his gift to her. Mrs. Lee Roy Goldsmith was hostess to the Worthwhile Work- Erua id ice Spud Chips, Inc.. wrapped up three wins over leaders General Credit, to tighten the Bowling Club Ladies chase. South Greeley Fuel Keed notched a pair of wins over Musick's Frock Shop to come within two games of the lead. Peter's Pop corn accomplished double decisions over Kiley the Cleaner to complete the card. Spud Chips. Inc. 719. 723. 7U5-- 2179: General Credit 67S, 1W. 707 . -- --. --2086; Mustek's Frock Shop 620. holidays in the homes of their 654. 679--1953. So. Greeley Fuel should go a Tech in I Windsor. Dec. 29--Mrs. Ruth Pitts of Fort Collins was a dinner guest ou Christmas eve in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cody Pow- rs. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Powers and daughter. Judith, of Hermit, Tex., motored to Colorado to spend the parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Tre- hearn and family of Loveland, and Mr. and .Mrs. Windsor. Cody Powers, near Mercury vapor lights to replace those now in use are to be Installed at Windsor. Twelve are to be placed on Main Street, one on railroad avenue and another at the rear of the Masonic building. Edward F. Heinze, day marshal, injured his knee on Monday while making au inspection of a man hole in the Windsor storm server system. Captain M. Eugene Nagel, Mrs. .Nagel and two sons of Wright Patterson Field near Dayton, Ohio, were holiday guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Nagel. They left ou Wednesday on their return trip home. Mr. and Mrs. G. 1. Richards were Denver visitors on Thursday. Members of the Past Presidents parley voted to begin work on Cancer dressings and supplies in the very near future. The group enjoyed a gift exchange and canasta. Mrs. Earl Stonemets of Fort Collins, a member of the parley, attended the meeting. On Wednesday afternoon, the Windsor-Severance fire department was called to the Emanuel Laufer farm to put out a fire in a straw stack. Two sons of the Laufers had gone to .the stack, some distance from the farm buildings, to fill a sack with straw. In some way a match in one of the boy's pocket ignited. In his haste to. rid himself of It, he- threw It into the straw. The boys tried to put out the fire, ut failed. Mrs. William Nuss, the former auline Clous, died at her home n Portland, Ore. Saturday. She Tew to womanhood in Windsor, nd lived here several years after ler marriage. Surviving are two daughters, WIN na and Nadine; a son, Bill. She ras the sister of Mrs. George Schlitt and John Clous, both o£ Windsor, Mrs. W. C. Koohler of reeley, Mrs. H. W. Schmer of Lincoln, Neb., and Mrs. J. E. Sauer of Portland. Windsor Wranglers are having a New Year's Eve party, which will nclude a covered dish supper and square dancing. Hosts will be the Clifford Goffs, Bob Abbotts and E. E. Martins. journed meeting, the commission will enter such orders as it deems appropriate to prevent the. waste of oil and gas, either or both, in the operation of said field, w i t h E artleular reference to rules regu- ulng; spacing of wells and practices relating to the. d r i l l i n g and completion of said wells in said field. IN THE NAME OF THE STATE OF COLORADO THE OIL AND GAS CONSERVATION COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF COLORADO HY A. HOOSETT, ASSISTANT SECRETARY Dated at Denver, Colorado, this 28th day of December, 1951. Dec. 23, l a s i . licity." AVanger told police he shot Lang 'because he tried to break up my home." ers home demonstration club at lier home, northeast of Greeley. Mrs. Neil H. Johnson assisted the hostess. Roll call was answered by nine members who each gave a Chrltmas poem. Three children were present. Group singing anc games were enjoyed-, during the afternoon. Gifts were exchangee among the members. Next meeting will be Jan. 9 at the home" of Mrs Neil H. Johnson, with Mrs. Rich ard McKee assisting. Roll call wil be suggestions o£ a motto for the club. William E. Mussers Enjoy Annual Reunion Annual holiday reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wil Ham E. Musser, 1719 Ninth street Ihildren and grandchildren of the lussers attending were Mr. and Irs. Wesley Johnson, Kit and Tin if Denver, Mr. and Mrs. Willian r, Musser, Barbara and Jackie Fort Morgan and Mr. and Mrs HOTICE OP I)l-)Ti;milXAT10\ or iiKinsmp STATE OF COLORADO, ) )ss. COUNTY OF WELD ) In the Cnulity Cnurl In Probate No. 0831 In Hie mutter of the astute, of O A K L E Y i;. PIERCK. DcccascU. NOTICK IS H E R K I J V C1VEN, That on Monday, the ISlii day of Feli- ruary A. Jl. 1952. at the h o u r of 10 o'clock a. m., of paid day, said Court will receive ar.d h e a r proofs * concerning the heirs of mild Oakley G. PioriT, dcccancd, pursuant to the verified p e t i t i o n of Bessie V. Pierce as h e i r at law of said deceased, heretofore filed herein, asking for a j u d i c i a l ascertainment ftnd d e t e r m i n a t i o n of the hell-ship of said Kstate, and f r o m which it appear* t h a t Hcsslc V. TMcrcc, Uripgsdale, Colo., widow, adult liiti'llle. C. I.croux, R a d i u m , Colo., d a u g h t e r , a d u l t Dorothy A. K n n p p c l , Cirovcr, Colo., d a u g h t e r , a d u l t K t h c l v n n e A . M a n n i s t o . H M O Chuse St., Van XUVF, Calif., (laughter, a d u l t Orel c;. .Manpan. 1 2 J H I B t l i St.. Santa Monii-a, Calif., d a i i K h l r r . a d u l t Hazel M. Totter. 12"! Hiuli St.. B e a t r i c e . Xebr.. d a u c l i t c r . a d u l t Ada C. KosllHK. Hnx 23.1. HI. Riverside, C a l i f . . ilauclilT. .idult (lalley (i. Pierce. Jr., lirlpgsdale. Colo., son, a d u l t K " n n r l l i S. i'invp, H r i C R H Colo., son. n d u l ! Circeley, Colo., Dec. 12, 1351 .NOTICE OK A N N U A L MKE'l'iNC. The a n n u a l m e e t i n g of the stockholders of t h e Greeley and J.oveland Irrigation Co. will lie held in the council rooni In the City Hall, Greeley, Colo., on Monday, Jan. 14, J9B2, at the hour of 10 a. m. for the p u r pose of electing seven directors for Hie e n s u i n g year, l e v y i n g an assessment, and for the transaction of such other business as may property come before said meeting., C. H. RANDALL, Secretary. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Ko. 6S31 ESTATE OF ) OAKLEY G. PIERCE, ) (Deceased) Notice Is hereby given t h a t on U 2Slh day of December, 1051, letlert of a d i n i u t s l r a t l o n were issued to the undersigned a s a d m i n i s t r a t r i x of the above named e s t a t e a n d al rsons liaving claims against sah estale are required to f i l e them for a l l o w a n c e in the County Court o Weld County, Colorado, w i t h i n sb months from said date, or said claims w i l l in: foi-ever liarred BKSSII-! V. PIERCE, A d m l n i s t r a l r U . Waldo and Waldo, A t t t o r n e R Greeley Hldg. Creelcy. P u b l i s h e d t t i m e s In The Dail T r i b u n e , ll.-c. 29. 1951. J a n . S, 12, 19. 1952. See Nick Lucas Tonight at the Rosedale Feed 747. 706. 663--2116: Peter's Popcorn 595, 649, 59S--1S42, Klley The Cleaner 640, 634, 588--1S«. Spud Chips, Inc.--Ann Johnston, 482-178; General Gredit--N'ita Calvin, 436-169; Musick'8 Frock Shop --Charlotte Linden, 380-132; So. reeley Fuel Feed--Lillian Ehrlich, 484, Janet .Vewlon 178: Peter's Popcorn--Trudy Todd, 391-153; Kiley The Cleaner--Nelson, 392, Jerry Benson, 146. Reed's ind Henry'* Knotted Boosted along by a 602-236, created by Sponsor Henry Stelu- mark, Henry's Auto Body Shop swept to unanimous decisions over Reed's Mobllgas in Thursday night's 'crucial" tilts, thereby moving upward into a tie for first-place with the Gas-men, at 31 wins, and 14 de- teats apiece. Klmer Frlstrom's tall- 30, 629, provided the power punch as Toffler-Iloblnson outgamcd the Ideal Cafes across the board, plus racking up best team series for the session, 275S. A 586 for Jess Cornwell helped Scott's OK Rubber Welders along the road to a pair of triumphs against the Towne Taverns, and Al Grcbb's 562-224 were the strong-shots in the KFKA twin-wins over Coors. Ideal Cafe 878, 901, 826--2625, Toffler-Itoblnson 950, 910, 898-2758; Reed's Mobllgas 831. Sl3. 798--2492. Henry's Auto Body Shop 845. S93 992--2730; Scott's OK Rubber Welders 865. 831, 926--2022, Town Tavern 808, 906, 813--2527; KFKA 874, 898, 803--2575, Coors 836, 775, 827--2438. Ideal Cafe--Si Yngo, 644. Earl Osaki, 243; Toffler-Robinson Motors --Elmer Fristrom, 629-216; Reed's Mobilgas--Richard Schmidt. 632, Roy Johnston, 204; Henry's Auto Body Shop--Henry Stclnnwrk, 602-236; Scott's OK Rubber Welders -- Jesse Cornwell, 580-207; Towne Tavern--Tom Urano, 565230; KFKA--Al Orebb, 562-224; Coors--Buck Hatch, 549-195. That's hw Virginia liatstouf, daughter -jf Mrs. Uae liatstoue. 170S Seventh avenue, fyels about the New Year's Day grid classic in Miami. It uiuft be explained that giuia. an attractive brunet. is somewhat prejudiced about the game. She's a senior In drama and education at llaylor and althij she won't attend the Orange bowl battle, she'll be listening to the radio and pulling for Baylor's bruisers to win. R**. ?« GREELEY DAILY TRIBl'NE Page 7 SportsJRoundup j Pueblo Central Wins By HUGH r^LERTON. Jr. i GYBf Coll^S 1311^5 New York. Dec. 2S.--'.?--Mon!e · salary increase (subject to WrfB · l'it!ro a n d " Sele's^'co "kf.'v·"·' approval) when he Disced bis Ii52 [n-oied 12 J-MHI'.S each a^l i^cel contract with the Giams. Itgures j j'ueMo Central to a 43-to-lii vi-'.ory he was ready to play major league |t ,v.r Kurt C'yllius tonight in a prep baseball as soon as he got out o f ; linked.*!! zanr". Th? Ken CO'JES hUh school . . . It didn't evf n re-^Tve.-; m^pf-l V/PllniL'tor:. K to 4'J i sound like bursting when Moir.e. · ii . ... Vir- ; wea «"x a flashy si'ort jacket and Pueblo Cent. (43) Ft. Collins (35) looking quite at li"''.» In Horace Players StoiH'ham's bright blue ollicp. said Khzundo f I he could have stuck ID the bis ! IPSKUPS a dozen years aco . . . "1 : could run. hit and throw better ; then," Irvin taid. "I wasn't as I smart or experienced its 1 am now hut 1 didn't have to be then. 1 did , Ihinus naturally." . . . Monte also Virginia will return to Waco, i thinks he c-anic out better than Tex., home of Baylor, next Sunday . some of his negro league team- after spending the Christmas vaca-, mates of 193U. Satc-h Paige, Willie Boulder Beats Grand Junction Delta, Colo., Dec. 29.--un--Some dead-eye shooting and a tough de- 'ense produced a 53-37 victory for Boulder over Grand Junction in the opening game of Delta's round- ·ohin basketball meet. The meet which opened last night is part of .he dedication program for a new ?240,000 high school gymnasium. As a crowd of 1,000 looked on, Price, Utah overcame Delta, 43-31. Local Market (Corrected to Dec. 29) Wheat, bu. ? Oats, cwt. j Barley Butter fnt 80c New pinto beans, cwt. $6.90 Eggs in trade 43c Double A whites . Double A browns 48c A large Double A mediums 36c Current receipts . 4iin Colored hens, 4'/2 IDS. and over 20c Colored hens, under 4 Ihs. 15o Leghorn hens, over 314 Ibs 15o Leghorn springs, 3 Ibs. and over 25c Leghorn hens, under 3y a Ibs IOC Colored fries, 3 Ibs. and over 28c toanoke Wins Bowl james on First Downs By Ben Smith Lakeland, Fla., Dec. 29--wi-- toanoke, Va., won the'Santa Glaus Bowl last night, but little Jerry Vodicka of Omaha, Neb., won the hearts of the 4,100 fans. Roanoke and Omaha were al tied 13-13 at the end of the game and the Virginia team won the till because it had seven first downs to five for Omaha. Vodicka scored both his team's touchtowns and sparked Omaha on a drive down to the Roanoke sit when time ran out. The first half went all to Roa noke and to Omaha in the second The Virginians scored in the open ing quarter on short plunges by Bob McConnell and "Walter How ard, with McConnell going the fina eight. Howard's attempt to run th extra point failed. In the second quarter, Roanoke drove 45 yards for another score with McConnell going over from the two. Howard's pass to Johnnj hurt for the extra point. The score stood 13-7. Early In the third period, Did Woolwine of Roanoke fumbled on the Omaha 48 where Vodlck scooped it up and ran 62 yards fo a touchdown. Jerry Gould plunge* over for the extra point. Omaha kept clicking. Vodick tossed a 23-yard pass to Gould the Vodicka ran 28 yards to the two Gould took it over. Vodicka' plunge for the extra point failet and the score stood 13-13. Las Vegas won the sportsman tion with her mother, a teacher at Uiu'oln school, and attending the wedding of her sister, Barbara, to Gus 11. London. But to get back to the Orange owl battle. Virginia flashes a ulck smile and says: "Baylor's football team resumed ructlcc just before the rest of. the hool left the campus for Christas vacation. Coach George Sauer id his staff have made sure that ic Baylor players won't be over- mfldent." "This will be the last gamp for large number of Baylor seniors, .eluding Ail-American Larry Isell, our passing ace, and they'll ant to end their college careers a victorious note," she contln- IS. Isbell, says Miss Uatstone, docs verythlng . . . . runs, passes, and icks. Larry in a brother of Cecil bell, former Purdue ace who later arrcd in professional football rcles. Virginia said the Baylor team, hich tied for second in the South- est Conference this year, actual- pointed for the Cotton Bowl in alias all season, One of the rea- ons for this was the bitter feeling hat followed Baylor's victory over uulhern Methodist this year. The M U student piiper charged Baylor Ith 'dirty football" In that game, aylor figured to "rub it in" H little y playing In a bowl game In Dalas, homo of SMU. The personable Miss flntstono urther pointed out that this year 'as Baylor's best in 22 years and Imt Coach Sauer, wlKo guided vansas U. to the same Orange lowl in 1947, was very popular dth all Baylor supporters. All Baylor students who can at- end the game at Miami will be xcused from classes, which re- ume Jan. 3. Ever appreciative of your friendship and patronage, we extend to you our friendly greetings that you all may enjoy A MOST PROSPEROUS AND A Spike, Ren and Staff . . .vow. T H K K K I ' i i m - : . Any ami all p e r p o n f \vtf .-u« r wl-o ciahti in ),,, hoirs j i t l a w nf paid Oakley fi. t'iorrf. dc'Tar 1 -*! itro h r r M y ~r- n'lired to IT JIIH? n n j i f a r tll"ti-*{. MI- *bl(Jc lh? rtcu-rmilMlioi! t f t h e ('!urt thrrerin. IN' WlTNi:.-K Y V H K I i K O K i liavr h f r ^ u n t ' i f.( t rnv hM:rd ar.d til* tTil nf saM C-mrt.' d.Ttrl at : r r r - l n y , OoI^ra'J'-. I.MH 2Sth d a y of December. A. P. ISM. (SEAT.) B. 1. S H A K I . K K . Clork nf tlic i-niinty Tnurt. WnMn and Wa)fl,», A t - ^ r n r y . * nr#d"y BHe. Die. Sis, I?,M. Jan.-*, 12, 1?, 135J. Body Fender Repair Complete Auto Painting Free Estlmatet Wichland Motors Body Shop 817 7th St. Ph. 2945 Make your Reservations now for our New Year's Eve Party. Dancing to the music of Smoky Mountain Ernie NOVELTIES « FAVORS · SURPRISES ERNIE'S CLUB CAFE Wells and Kay Daudrige. They were sood enough to be big leaguers, too. but when the chance came they were too old. Monte, an nil-round athlete in his si-hocil days, Isn't goins to aim at A] Dark's title as the best C.iant solfer when he starts a Florida vacation In the next few days. . . . "I'm not n golfer," he grinned at a question. "1 only drive a gnlf hall." Tackle Hob Miller, one of Virginia's representatives In today's north-sont!! xaiiie, IK thn son of a Norwulk. Conn., dental technician . . . When Bob. 201) pounds plus, showed up In Charlottesvtlie as a freshman, he brought his own uniform and helmet because he thought Virginia might not be able to outfit a player his size. . . wasn't necessary, hut Hob discovered another kind of shortage when liilfbuck Jim Ashwoll busted some of his built-in dental work. . . Ash- veil couldn't get his choppers re- laired and worried all week about ils Inability to bite into the thick slab of beef that had been promised he athletes after the final game inainst William and .Mnry. . . . rhero was a SOS and on Saturday naming Miller, Sr., showed up with he necessary spare parts to re- storo the Ashwell Incisors to normal condition before game time. Uiilh hydrogen and helium aro Ightrr than air and so can he used to fill balloons to lilt objects. FRIDAY NIGHT'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL Dixie Classic Southern California 80, Navy 64. Cornell 66, Columbia 64 (over- ime). N. C. State 58, North Carolina 51. Duke 79, Wake Forest 74. Big Seven Colorado 68, Nebnmkn 63. Steel Bowl Michigan 66, Virginia 52. Penn State 62, Pitt 40. Hoosler Classic Indiana 67, Notre Dame 54. Purdue 6D, Butler 51. Boston Invitation Boston College 86, Bucknoll 64. Holy Cross 78, Arizona Stste Tempe) 65. ship trophy with Roanoke second, Omaha third and New Orleans fourth, t Omaha got to the title game with 21-0 win over Las Vegas. Moa- noke defeated New Orleans in a semi-final contest. The 94-pound Vodicka also starred in the preliminary game. He .cored two touchdowns, one on a 1011-yard pass interception. He passed to Robert Campos for the other. YOUHK f Hames f Koch" c Blake f DiPlPtro ; t'livarr; p F P!ayer« 4 Wilniar'.h f · Button f ! (larwood f " Waylar I M P O A n C TM iw.,lff K 'Johnson g Tolals 16 11' Totals 12 H Halftlme score: Pueblo Central 21. Fort Collins 16. Don Newcombe Eligible for Military Service New York, Dec. 29.--Ijfl--Th« adjutant general's office In Washington thru the department of the army, announced today that Don Newcombe. fire-ball pitcher of the Brooklyn Dodgers, is eligible for military service. The announcement was made here by the army's public relations department. Newcombo has been one of the mainstays of the Dodger pitching staff for the past two years. Ho was ordered to report to doctors for a medical examination shortly after the end of thn season and his status was not determined until today. The LI. S. Army's "hex" tent has a ground cloth to keep out cold winds and seal In warm air. MAC'S AUTO REPAIR Motor overhaul, brake«, tune- up, brake and light Inspection, battery charging, greasing. i. M. MCCARTY Ph. 1140W 311 13th Av«. Just Fire Insurance Is Not Enough There are other losses just as serious and damaKing. Entended insurance coverage protects you Against windstorm, hail, explosion, aircraft and m o t o r vehicle property damage, etc. Phone, Write or Call 725 9th St. Martin G. Field Field Insurance Agency Office with Pint Industrial Bank Phone 739 USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS TIRE and BATTERY SALE 3 DAYS ONLY Saturday, Sunday, Monday t\ HIT V F r On All Firestone Tires and Grant Batteries John Thompson Auio Electric Service 601 8th Ave. Phone 2248 Greeley, Colo. Gilcrcst, Colorado Ph. 786 The Following FURNITURE STORES WILL BE Monday, Dec. 31 and Tuesday, Jan. 1 AMERICAN FURNITURE CO. CHLANDA-HARRIS FURNITURE INC. CLOUGH FURNITURE CO. SOPER FURNITURE STORE

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