Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 28, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Wednesday, March 28, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN A l l . Las' Crucei - should" welconie' the more than 500'members' of the Future Farmers of -'Anwrica.' who will convene.for the state judging contests ;af. State. College tomorrow, ' . . ' . ' . ' LasCr SUNMff NgWSMPCA S£W/N9 SOV7VSIW NfW OVOUCO THE WEATHER LAS CRUCES AJJEA: Partly cloudy totliiy, tonight and Thui'H-' (lay; gttlo change In temperature; possible showers toniffht and tomorrow: Last 24 hours: Las Cru- ces'50-13-.0.1; State College, 59.-.O-.OG. Vol. 70--No; 306 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, WEDNESDAY EVENING-'MAHCH 28, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS State Conferees Juan ,- March -28 (*»-- New Mexico ..' conferees take another crack at ironing- out a dispute over division' of. San Juan Hycr water today, but with scant hope .for- agrcQmenti p .--oon. '.The matter ' probably can't he so. tiled until' the Navajo Indians talk It over. .at a tribal .council meeting in! May, assistant secretary of the .'interior' William E. Wame said. He expressed that opinion Jute yesterday -after listening to New Mexico conferees .wrangle most of the day without' ''progress; · " Fight River; Imue. At Issue }fj X proposal to 'divert part .'of the water -from the 'San Juan basin in northwestern' New Mexico for use Jh "the Rio Grande v a l l e y , down the center of the · center of the state. · : Any such diversion is strongly opposed by the Navajos. The 20-odd individuals taking part, in discussions "here planned another meeting this afternoon.] Warne said it would be only a . brief session, however, to make sure all have a · clea'r understanding-, of the points in dispute. Need Affrwmpnt Involved in the controversy is how New Mexico shall use nroftpO 800,000 acre feel of San -Juan water it is allotted' under the upper Colorado .RiVer .compact. Agreement is · necessary" ' t o 'obtain appropriation'.by Congress of irrigation project · funds. · . Backed by New Mexico Senators Anderson and .Chavez, state - engineer John Bliss rins 1 proposed thAt 240,000 acre feet' of water" a . diverted across the mountains to increase domestic and Irrigation supplies In the Rio Grande basin; . . . . . ! Chairman Sam.Ahkeah, speaking for the Navajo tribal council, and San Juan basin gp6k«men . contend all the water is needed there." 1 " '-l " - * · _ ' · . - . -''"·· " Their, arguments' were 'detailed in'.a closed mccttrigiyesterdny.' Ex-Diiplbmat Is SON'S 'DEATH' IN KOREA 'MISTAKE' Bribe Charges ,\VASHINGTON,.\ March 28-- i --. A young: former; 'vice consul at Hong Kong, Jolih Wayne Williams, faced possible criminal prosecution.. today' after. 'rep'or.tcdiy. confessing; he 'accept err. $10,000 . in bribes, to speed Up visas for. Chinese. '; ." '' ": ~ -; : .-..The SUito Departmcnt'said the Justice Department, is actively following up the case. The State Department said Its own investigation also turned up confessions of . homosexuality by Williams and three other consulate employes. AH four were fired, v Williams on Dec. 1 . . ' · " · ' " - . . . . .Meanwhile, 'the State Department and. immigration 'aulhorllie:: arc trying to .track down nny. Chinese in this country/ who m a y b e here on visas obtained, by. bribery. Officials said that, they could be expelled. · . At least 100 Chinese were understood to have entered the country as a result of deals with Williams hut most arc believed to have mode only short visits or to have gone. on to some other country. A State Department announcement last night declared that Williams had made-a full .confession of accepting gifts or presents to expedite visas f o r ' Chinese . an-:l that these totaled .about $10,000. Accident Results , In Severe Damage An accident at tha. corner ,of Church and Lns Cruces · streets Tuesday afternpon resulted in major property damage ito one vehicle, according to pulice* There were no injuries' or charges filed. The,accident happened-when a. vehicle driven by Harry Nifiht- Ingalc,' 20, State College collided ivlth the rear end of a Mack Truck driven · by Francisco Madrid, 46, ,202 East May- Street. Damage was confined to Night- Irgale's car--a 1045 Chrysler. THEFT CHARGED Tom "Monk, Las Crures, held on charges of drunk 'and disorderly conduct and investigation, was charged. Tuesday with 'grand larceny in connection .\vlth theft of a wrist watch from Mrs. Rafael Giion, 821 East Airmdor Street. * Monk attempted to pawn the watch at a ( local bnr, according to police, nn'd was apprehended before a ^report of tho theft was made. AT HIS HOME in Grande Junction, Coin., John Case poses with the suit-case and pej-sonal effects of his .son; Amore Case', which he, received from the Marine Corps tagged "deceased". Hoping that a mistake had been made, Case requested the Red Cross to check. Young Case was found very much alive as he stepped off a troopship at Oakland, Calif., 'on his way back from Korea. Another Leatherneck' of the. same name had been mistaken for the Colorado Marine. ;' - (International Soundphoto) City Soldier In Korean Fight Rushed Home To III Mother Corporal Adolfo Serna, a Hatch 1 soldier with the much-buffeted j second infantry division,'is on h i s j way home from Korea on .in emergency leave granted through the -work of the Dona Ana county chapter of the American Red Cross, it was learned here today. Corporal Scrim's mother is critically 111. He applied for leave. But tho Army required vPriflcalioti. of her condition. 1i Mrs;':Ha?cl : M : 'lrwIn, : the Dona Ana''coimty Chapter's execulive secretary;- got. confirmation'' from the attending doctor through Mrs. Everell- Bowers,: Hatch chairman in"'the current fund drive.. And the leave .was granted.". ' It was -the second emergency leave secured this week for- Dona Ana county soldiers in the Pacific, Mrs. Irwln said, .-Ttic. other was for Sgl. John L.' Gnives, a .son of Forrest B. Graves'.. . ·· . · ' Sgt'. Graves' had been spparat- rxTfrom his family here for several -years: His last known address \Vaa Syracuse, N. Y. The family here didn't even know he w a s ' i n the. Army... With his father seriously' III, the' Red Cross was asked to locale hini. Mrs. Irwin did--through Syracuse's Red Cross chapter. She then got, word to him of his father's illness and, through the adjutant general's-' office in Washington, followed, up with an emergency leave. '-·'; Up to - this wpefc, the Il«l Cross here had been /able to Kct.HU.eli u leave for only one man. serving In .the Pae.Iflr. That was when Pedro Nevarro's mother, was'hilled. The Red Cross located him aboardship, b^y radio out. of San Francisco, broke the news to him 'of his mother's death; then not only'got him an emergency leave but later got it extended, two'weeks. Two. more .kindred .cases are pending, Mrs. Invin said. Private Aircraft Owners Invited To Air'Meet Tonight All private aircraft owners are invited to attend a meeting at the headquarters -of the Las Cruces Civil Air Patrol at 7:30 p. m. tonight, Murch 28. Thft headquarters building is located In the area of the single men's barrack's just cast of the dairy bams of the Stale College campus. ".The line of private airplanes in the event of an emergency will be the topic discussed and Hie points which arc nt present confusing will be cleared up by Major George Wilder. All plane owners in the Las Crucea area are Invited to attend. LOOTKK AUKESTE1) D. Wilson Davis, Houston. Trx., waa niTCftlcd nnd charged with larceny from an automobile Tuesday when he vtnn found allegedly looting a wrecked car west of here on U. S, 70. State Palrolman Car-' Solas anid Davis was removing the radio from the wrecked ear when' found, · Drive Is Well Received Here Early reports by workers canvassing Las Cnices f o r . memberships in the Las. Cruces Community Concert Association indicate an enthusiastic response by local citizens, according to Mrs. L. E. Freudcnthal, secretary,. Members of the local concert association" will"no.t' only be 'able to enjoy the artists oh the Las Cru- ces'program,' but they wilt also be a b l e ' t o a t t e n d the concerts-in El Paso und Junrez. She said both cities will h a v e - f i v e concerts'each during the coming season. Some of the artists scheduled for El Paso- include .George London, called by Time maguiiinc thf: operatic find of the year; the Robert Shaw Choral Group; Virtuosi do Roma, a 13-piece Italian ensemble; . find' Nun Merrlman, lovely, mezzo-soprano. Community Concerts is by membership only. Tickets arc 55 plus federal t a x - f o r idults and J2.50 plus tax for children. Those wishing lo do so may secure memberships by calling campaign headquarters at 1211. Two More State National Guard Units To Be Called WASHINGTON. March as'upi- Two New Mexico Notional Guard units were ordered yesterday to report for active duty at Fort Bliss. Tex. Sen. Anderson (D-N'M) said he was advised Uie units -- 717th Anti-Aircraft battalion and the 181st Anti-Aircarft Operations detachment -- go back into service between May 1 und 10. Thr 717th is rondo up of men from Farmington, Gallup nnd Albuquerque nnd commanded by Lt. Col. Earl D. Falzer. Personnel of the 181st, commanded by dipt Robert D. Mosher, is :*r6m Albti- querque. Future Farmers Begin Meeting Here Thursday Registration for the New Mcx-1 Ico State Future Farmers of j America judging contests will .be held on tlie New Mexico AM j campus tomorrow. 'Thursday, j March 29. j Assignment to quarters will be ' m a d e ' during the day for more t h a n 500 members of the FFA, who will represent 52 chapters over the stain here in a three-day meet. Thursdd'y" 1 night, members will \ hold an instructors' meeting i n ! the Sun Room of Milton Hall, fol- i lowed by a. session of entertain- · ment at 8 in the ballroom. Members of the student commission of New Mexico AM will provide entertainment -for flic guests. Plan Hrriikfnst Friday morning the first activities get underway with breakfast at Milton Hall cafeteria at G a. in. At 7 a. m. a third of the members will be transported lo Juarez for a tour while others remain on j the campus for Departmental dem- [ onstrations followed by poultry j demonstrations through the morning. In the afternoon, another third of the members will take, the tour to Old Mexico, while livestock and dairy judging will continue through the day. Kntertainmi'iit In the evening supper will be served the entire groAip in Milton Hall, followed at 7 by entertainment from the college band and the Coronado Pltiymakcrs. Saturday the final group will visit Juarez while members assemble for Farm Mechanic judging and u meeting of FFA'officers to plan for the annual state mcqt- ing in Albuquerque in August. At 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon, members will attend the first Tractor Driving contest--the first ever hold at a judging meeting. In the evening, Gov. Edwin L. Looks Like a Swap |(; a |j| enien J 0 Wage War On Price Controls Al.HUQUKRQUE. March 28 W New .Mexico cattlemen are cm re- I cord to p u i s u e a vigorous fight against government price controls. j They even called for suspension of farm .subsidies. The anti-price 1 control theme dominated the 37th a n n u a l nuet- i'ing which closed ye.sterr.lay. But { t h a t opposition was run it close ' second by .strong support of a pro. posal tn u n i f y public grazing n d - j - . / r h e Senalr ; ministration undo:- the interior de- j Committee sc partmcnt. Resolutions were cd on each. Drop Suhsldies another rpsnlutinn. dim-tod of agriculture Hmn- Government To Order Price Control On 60 Percent Of Food Store Items Late Today Crime Probers Dispute Further Investigation WASHINGTON. M u r c h 28 ~'.PJ -The government late today will order a new system of price con- trol.s on about BO peir-enl of the j food in your grocery store. ! A f t e r weeks nf wrestling with I problems involved, the office of ! price .stabilization ( O P S ) has com- 1 pleteri two retail food orders and one wholesale food order. rime invoslip.lingj^'^l."."' ""'" """" """" '""" !.l down imliiy In I lviu , hl UlL , ,, axl Mr.v to «-lilp into sliaiu- Icsislulivc Directol . M '^ j Mows UKiilnst tlie umlri-M-orlil. It Mels Ul . lt t h o |worhi-,l on its final report ,iml,f nmnbfl . ' l|u . ,,,,. continuing demands? t h a i its sen- ' n a t i o n a l probe bo continued beyond · March 31. Committee members and 1 staff ;irranged a closed-door .sion a f t e r calling a h a l t to their public bearings and echem will be featured speaker Republican Receives Nod As Slate Head Of Welfare Office LT. GEN. ' Maithew way, U. S; 8th Army commander in Korea has swapped his, grenade for an M-l rifle as ho climbs a hill to an observation post behind the U; S. front lines. (International) U. S. Artillery Pounds Koreans Before Attack Il.v O1,EN Cl.KMKXTS TOKYO; March 28-- -i.Ti--Amer- ican artillery today poured heavy fire into massed Communist units on the rain-swept central -Korean front. ' · ' Their'.Him appeared lo be twofold: to clear the way for advancing Allied infantrymen near the In : tu secrtary . nan and Xew Mexico congress- j men, the cattlemen requested that l subsidies on a g r i c u l t u r a l products | be dropped "until the end of Hie. . present emergency.- Such subsi- l h c n 1]ft!( , lln(I(T ,,,,,,,, ;inill , UM . lK-lp keep feed prices high. j l ) i l l k v w i [ n e s s a m i vol(1[j |() ^ President ftoy forehand of | iwo others for contempt. Carlsbad nnd other officers were ! \Vants Cumprmiiise re-elected by the meeting which 1" advance of today's session. Forehand described as-"one of the \ Senator Tobey ( R - ^ N H ) spok best we've ever had.'* The r a t t l e - j ; i compromise in tne m'spule over some 'price increases r.tixl few weeks. Price ?l V.. Dlsallo pre- ·ollhaelcs will out- · Tn He Onleml i The nation's approximately Sflfl,* OnO grocery stores will be nrdon-il not to exceed certain "mark-up" percentages on about -it) calc.j;or- ie.-i of foods. Tho orders- are expected to cover canned goods, baby foods, coffee, sugar, salt, butter, packaged cheese, cookies and crackers, breakfast cereals. shortening:, j. j flour, flavoring, peanut butter, ; j a m s ami jellies, and ninny othe.r i Hems. men picked Albuquerque for next j cxtemling tho probe. j ncms. year's convention. ; Tobey told reporters he wanted i I'lir-sii'l Cover Hems j ' Reflected with Forehand were j vice presidents H u l Cox of Las | Cruces. J. K. Culbrrsnn of Lonls- burg. Ed Hcrtngii of C l u y t o n and W, R. Thompson of Santa Knsa. Oppose Increase at a banquet when awards will be Red Korean bonier, and to stall presented winning teams nnd in- any,R{jd attempt at a counlerof- dividiials. fcnsiv'e. ' ' "· KOKS Atlvniici" - 1 -- 0 " On the rast coast, South Korean troops advanced behind a rolling ban-age of naval gunfire, to a point six miles north of Parallel 38. They occupied Yangyang. first sizable coast town north of the border. Republic'of }Kurea ( R O K ) forces lo have "a l i e a r t - l u - h e a i l t a l k " ; They are not expected lo cover . w i t h C h a i r m a n Keuiuvei- i l - T e m i l .'bread, milk, isggK. fresh meat, and other mcmbe.i'S to "HIM* it we i fresh fruits, or fresh vegetables, can't work - f i t a r ' ^ m p i t i m i s f . ' j At present, the retail and wholi;- K o f a u v e r has f i r n l y insisted sale prices of most foods are frox- that the committee, should slmt up I en ;it IHe highest levels charged Opposition to any increase mil freight rates for livestock wnx j S'" 1117 - 1 '' 1 I: voiced by John Woolen of Clayton, j [r;^ ')?'[ chairman of the Lransporlation committee. In his report. Woolen such increases would be ".self on i--cjH''hiii'. s u b m i t its rec- n i t a t l o i i K for K l r i k l t i " at or imtf uml try t sals i n t o law. tween Pec. 1!) ami stockmen · Tobey has been the mnsl |ior- .i.stent member of (he cummitU'i! n urging t h a i the H i r - f l u n g tete- defe;itiiif"' wniild divert shipments tci trucks. K( "' i n V ( l i i t l P l t l ( m '' carri-M on. , lie wild lit: pUuis tu address t h e ^ P l a i i H to continue awards to ; Senate on the subject e i t h e r lo- FFA and 4-H club members for i morrow or t h e next day. by each seller b Jan. 2. r . The new food orders will jillow food sellers to pass on any increases in the cost of food Items, an'l will it!(|iilre them to lower their prices whenever their own co;it.-i gn down. I Objects In Ocean outstanding unimuls wcl-r u n n n i n i - 1 Uop.iWu.Mn floor loiui^r WheiTV i M-,-.r T}« ueil in R,,y Sun-all's report on the of Nd,n,.sl;i MI|,| he ln-iifvca nil I I'ldV JJC Junior UveskK'lt committee. Sto- I HOP Si-iwtnrs f i i v u r :m oxtonsion ! ,, , vail Is f i o m Culler. N. M. U. S. -Mexico far I I ) Contimieil coopcmlion to wip moulh (Hscnse r'l Inrn-iLiml fed- I mtelon I)C scl "P l o ' . . - oul fool iiml ' l'°-' ic(l t h a l " fTMl''ral . pru- com- j close 1 l appropriations for highways. . tl ' i "' l; " f umlcrworld aclivities. but ' SANTA FE. March 28 ifft -Appointment of Alva A. Simpson as State Welfare Director last night brought another Republican replacement for n Democrat. The Welfare board rianicd Simpson to succeed Murray Hint?., vvho ifined a f t e r six years in the job under Democratic administrations. The .selection was announced :if- tor a day-long session of the new board serving under Republican Gov. Edwin Mcchcm. Simpson, from Albuquerque, .served as U U. S. Army Major in Europe during World War II Since .that time he has spent t l n e u and a half years as deputy chief of Ihc United Nations Refugee -r- t-anlzations in Greece and 'Italy. The Vatican decorated him last year for this work. The new Welfare Director is to t a k e up his official duties April l. Hint?.' resignation is effective Lhe :lny before hut he speed to continue as advisor until April :;0. BASKKALL TO UK P L A Y K D Las Crucrt/ Bulldogs' f i r s t giime o! thr- season, scheduled for this nftarnomi tit the rnm- press dinninml uga'mst K! 1'iiso. starts at 3 p. m. ('each Mark ( said the- Kl I'nsn team retilii'slcd a ean- \vralhcr, but I n t e r rlrclrlpd to play thr gnmr'. villag have occupied jon^ bonier and .four'. North Korean since their-drive began Sunday. Oh the' western. front. Allied forces north of Seoul pushed-within seven, miles --of 38. They had full control of- the road Joading northwest from Allied-held t l i j n n - bu to Munsan. Italns Slow Spiinij rains -hampered the Allied air atlack and in places bogged down their muulmnized ground forces. . The center of Communist troop massing'activity was the central f r o n t , north of Cbunchon. AP Correspondent William C. Barnard said 10.000 Rciis were strung along the. border and held a t h i n .slice of land to t h e south. . Front line observers watched for any sign of a Red push down the center of the peninsula. If the Communists counterattack they may choose this' rainy season as jumping-off time. Their lightly- weightcd. forces' would have some advantage over the more heavily burdened 'United i Nations troops. J A I L E D FOU n i l U N K K X K S S Ernesto Medina, Anthony, was jailed here Tuesday on ehn rges of driving a motor vehicle muter Lhe influences of liquor by State Patrolman Dwlght Marablo. A n - 13) No increase In federal R f l s o Ji»l'»'«istratiini line lax. H ) "Proper s c i e n t i f i c re- j n i } l KW ' (f H'I« "« 't 1 '"' search" before passage of hroarl l Il1 ' ir " 1 ''' police. r a i n m n k i n g Icgistation. (Til i n - | ' creased conMcleration of draft ik- ! TM K K r «KI*O"TKI) s|i»kc.1iinn l«'vo leiHlin^ lo en ferments for raiu-h labor. (6) Kar- liest possible election uf district advisory boards ,-i State (listriiU judges to s t i f f e r sentences "on L -r Theft ot a in cash was reported Tuesday t c i t y police by Mrs. C. R. RnluM U, 2^:) South M i r a n d a s t r e e t . M i s . Ruborts Kaid the roh!)pry occurred :ibimt -1 [i.m. Comity May Have New Mexico's First Woman Grand Juror In May. C o m m u n i s t Berlin Police, Open F i n On U.S. Tourists BERLIN. March 28 i.Ti East German Communist pnlict* opened fire today on American t o u r i s t s in downtown Berlin. II. S. ntilhor- ities demanded 1111 i n i n i K t l i u t e ·mdi- oncn w i t h t h e Uiissiiins f n i nti 'X- p l n n n t i n n . The Communist uollfr pistol shots at lour i 12 (.-nrry- n m t -Mvilian I personnel on 111* 1 regular \Vi.'diH!s- day tniir of Berlin sponaoit'il by the Army's specinl sL-rvices. ing Americim A r The were, ex horrid 1 .sepni'Hlm;; tilt tor from the West. Three of the shuts 1 ictly on the .Soviet iici'- f.f the .hony. Charges will be prefenod in : buses and broke -i window but Justice of Peace Court. 1 none of the occupants was :i - :n:k Dunn Ana county, which made New Mexico "i-nuul j u i y oons- fiojs" in 19-10. may have \ new dislinetitm this year. Dist. Jtulpe W. T. .ScngKin. Jr.. who it'Cciilly HiinounctMi -ie vvill r s l l Ji g r a n d jni-y fnr Hie . t p i i n g term of Hie t h i u l j u d i c i a l :ouil when it opens May '21. .said today it is entirely possible t h a t the ^rand J u r y may number a w n m a n a mring its members pussthlv the first in the slate's history. A new bill r e c e n t l y passed by en shiill scrvit on Ijntb p r t i t nml grnn.l juries. March 23- (.-Pi Rescue aircraft searching Hie Atlantic for a U. S. Air Force' transport pliine m idling- with 53 persons aboard have sighted n "number ot" small yellow objecLs" .some Gnu miles southwesl of Ireland, T h i n i Air l*"oicc headquarters said loday. I The American Glob pinaster di.s- inHalning J l f l ' appeared on Good Friday on n f l i g h t from tho U n i t e d States ID England. The objects arc the same color as life rufls carried by U'. S. aircraft on overwute-r flights. Indi- v i d u a l life bclU r -known us Mite Weals · -\vor.i hy ph.ssengt-rs on siirh fllg-hl! also are yellow to aid In spotting t h e m from I he air. WeilllHT Mmlenile Weather in the area was moderate, w i t h clouds at 2,Mill feel t and a fl lo '2Q mile wind. j Air Force headquarters said tho i yellow objects and "nomc long j hoiu-ils" wt-rt! spotted approximately lift mile.s southeast of the position nt which u charred d u f f l e bag belonging to mu of the plano'n passengers was picked up by a ship Saturday night. The bag has been the only trace so far o!' the inLssing I r a n s p o i l . The pilot of an A m e r i c a n Air Puree i escue plain; f i r s t reported seeing tin: objorlH at ',',:?,{) p. m. yt:st«nliiy. A b o u t [wo lumrs later, Air Force U Alsn the coin t Inn ollipr room in Hi ers. "That hits In he fixed, fi fiairl .Judge -Scoggin loilny. - IflMl.- j u i y ji Snow Falls In Northern Part Of$$te, Blocking Roads, But Valley's Farmers Welcome DrbughtJZreaking Rains | ( i o u i i l y ( l a n c r | ] leads A p p o i n t e d For A p r i l i lurs here said, a no (hot* plane reported "dvbrLs" in Uio l m -y j.iamo location. wv- j Sin-face lOiips Wt-rc. ordered to . I lie area but no f u r t h e r information lias been received lu i :-y. A I.'. S. Destroyer which senrch- cil Hit- nrea whtii- t h e di-ln is was sifillU-d radioed n ; midday ( h a t .she had so f a r been u n a h l e lo find the yollinv obje.cts. · ·. . j The n u m b e r of planes p a r t i r l I J r i \ ' C paling in the hunt was reduced today to fifi, including iJ'i from tho Carrier Coral Sea. My Thf Associated Press Winter started a comeback today and had spring reeling over all northern New Mexico. Snow drifts five feet deep on tho Raiton-CIaton area nioved t r a f f i c to a crawl over' Raton pass into Colorado nnd stopped a u t n a altogether between Raton and Clayton. Schools were closed at Haton and snow swept down from the mountain tops over Ix)s Alamos, Santa Fe, Grants, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, and Tncumcnrl. It reached ILS far south us the tops nf the Orgnn mountains east of LP.K CrucoB. Stntc Police warned motorists lo drive with caution over all roads tn the north half of the slate. Six inches of snow on the level blanketed Raton. A high wind piled up five-font drifts: . One inch of snow covered tho atomic city of Los Alamos, lint high wind and slightly warmer temperatures were putting an end to it. At Clovis winds up to 2fi milrs an hour were sweeping rain over thirsty, croplands. And farmers In the IjUjf Cruces area were a bit happier'.with a uontlnuing drizzle. It snowed through the night o n J the Sandia and Mnnznno motit'lalnn oast of Albuquerque. About mid-morning snow flnr- ricfl flpreml down Din sloped nnd Htftcd over Albuquerque. With overcast skies and intermittent drizzles in I h n MrKilla Valley, farniers are beginning to brighten up ;iftcr beinjc lielil in the grip of onr o f ^ t h r most .severe diotigliU in reut ; nt Southwest history. Whetliei'' the little- rains here will have any l i n p n i t n n t bciiring on cotton and other crops this yrar i.s problomatical, but wlmt gives the farmer hi.n sunny dls- imsition .arc reports from upstate that snow is piling up on the Upper Rio Grande watershed in northern New Mexico, Less than .15 fnebes of pre- clpltattnn has been i-vcAnlcil hern In thn two-day light raiiia. KorInnately a wind ( h a t came in ahiind of the.rain fonnrl moU- turc-ladctr groiuul, and dlim't Jjlowl away much lopsoil. Toinpcrnlures have remained fairly, conslBlnnl .11)rough iho cloudy. (Inys, i p nngiiiK from a low of 30 4('Stulu Collo|;o lo high ut fl!t both at S t a t e College »nd In Las Crnres. The weaihor 'ffireeaslcrH pro- did more of tbn sumo for Ibis area today and tonight, but have failed tn tag responsibility for llio showers mother Nature 1 , or t h e ralnmakcis. KiHipr way, ihfl rains Unit Mow In from the rinnli were m l ^ h l y woli'omc In Ihltt area. Tlio last l a i n o( any consu- qurncu wa» l*'eb. 2fl when ,2,'( InrhcH wcio ixcordcil, Tbi'c.e lenders nave, been In Dona Ana county lo din A p r i l f u n d s campalgn.of t h e lean Caiu-or Society, it was announced today. Tliusu inclii'ilu: Fnmk r.. I-Vath- crs, cluilrman; Don T. 1.miner, cochairman; an.I Uoheit Thompi.on. Mesllln. A p p o i n t men Is wore made by llalph Jones. Albuquerque, at alt; ciimpf.ign rhainuan. It ban hren recomniended by slatr leaders thill earh a rex attempt a b e n e f i t project as well us (ilHlrihutlon of the v o l u n t a r y omi- i r l b u t l o n contnlnors ami special R l f l H . A m n j n r portion of t h e funds olitttincd tn this campaign go in finance the New' Mexico ACS division's program of trea Inmnt, cduniUoii am] research, It was said, SANTA KB. March IKS I/TI ._ Dist. J i u l » e K i l w l n . L . Swope of A l b u q u e r q u e will preside over thu t i i n l for k i d n a p i n g of Iir, Nnney Campboll at A l h n q n ^ i q u e next moiiUi. Judge Swopc was named in a» older .HiRiicd yi-stenlay by Diyt, Jiuhjc OiivUl Camiody of Santa Po. Karlier Dlsi. Jud^r Waldo Rog- ei.H, Alhuqnorqvu'. w i t h d i e w n^ Uiu t r l n l Judge in the case. lie had boon kldiifipod in 10U nt the ni-c of Hirer', Dr. Campbell, admitted kidnap* ur of nlne-yoar-old Llnrla St'imiu In Santa Fc lo«t Nnvombcf. gow on trial at Albuquciqiic April 1ft of vemi^ from Fe county.

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