Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 25, 1977 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1977
Page 13
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Mrs. Steven Ray Doerschlag Sand raK.Thoutt wed to Steven Doerschlag The Greeley Christian Church was the setting for the exchange of wedding vows by Miss Sandra Kay Thoutt of rural La Salle, daughter of Reinholdt Thoutt, 722 2lst Ave. Ct., and Steven Ray Doerschlag of rural Eaton, son of Mrs. Norma . Peterson of Albuquerque, N. M., and Delbert -Doerschlag of Fort Collins, late Saturday afternoon, May 21. . In the presence of approximately 150 guests the Rev. Tom Jeffries performed the double ring ceremony after the bride was given away by her father. ' Mrs. Donald Beckman accompanied Lori Kreps as she sang "The Lord's Prayer,'" "Wedding Song" and "Follow Me." Tapers in the candelabra adorned with bows and greenery were lighted by Larry Ehrll..n and Ron Kaufman. Altar floral arrangements included apricot and white gladiolus, white daisies and apricot carnations. The bride selected an elegant gown overlaid with 'white organza, styled with fitted bodice, the ruffled neckline accented by a sheer inset and lace to create the bib effect, the sheer lantern sleeves adorned with bands of Cluny lace and sculptured Venise flowers, the lace cuffs ruffled at the wrist, the long A-line skirt encircled ·by a flounce at the hemline, attached to a band of Cluny lace. The Cluny lace was repeated in the border of the chapel veil which was attached to a lace bandeau headpiece. She carried a bouquet of white daisies, apricot carnations and white baby's-breath. Barbara Kreps was the maid of honor, with Mrs. Robert Greenwalt of. Longmont and Mrs. William Shable, sisters of the bride, and Mrs. Chris Travis, as bridesmaids, and Jodell Thoutt, niece of the bride, as junior bridesmaid. Kerri Shable, niece of the bride, Eye exams advised for elderly people MINNEAPOLIS,(AP)-Persons over K should get their eyes examined every year, advises Dr. Burl Skuza, chairman of the Aging Vision Committee of the American Optomertric Association. "New lenses may not be needed every year, but the ex- Hints from Heloise By IIKI.OISK CHl'SK All correspondence pertaining to the Heloise column should be mailed directly to Heloise, Kins Features Syndicate. 235 K. 45th Street. New York. New York lorn?. Sheinwold on Bridge Wed., May 25,1977 GREELEY (Colo.) TK1BUNE 13 Produce bogeyman to save king was the flower girl, and Tracey Greenwalt, another niece, carried the bride's candle. All the bridal attendants were dressed alike in apricot gingham dresses designed with empire waist, puffed sleeves and eyelet trim, and wore white picture hats trimmed with apricot. Each carried a white daisy bouquet. Bob Brantiier filled the role of best man and Douglas Thoutt, nephew of the bride, junior groomsman. Other groomsmen were I.arry Ehrlich, Richard Herrera, Ron Kaufman, and ushers were Paul Pappenheim and Raul Helvie, step-brother of the bridegroom. Brian Shable, nephew of the bride,' was the ring bearer.. Mrs. George'Flot of Greeley, grandmother of the bride, was .among the guests who recon- · vened for the reception in the church fellowship hall following the ceremony. The bride changed to a white jumpsuit with jacket accented with black trim and a black and white polka dot scarf at the neckline,. to travel on the honeymoon to an undisclosed destination. A graduate of Platte Valley High School, the bride is employed by Mountain Bell Telephone Co. Doerschlag attended Sandia High School in Albuquerque, N.M., and upon graduation attended Aims College and the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He is employed fay Nordic Construction ia Fort Collins. The newlyweds will reside at Rt. 1, Box 14, Eaton. Rehearsal dinner A rehearsal dinner was held at Shakey's Pizza Parlor Friday, May 20. Bridal shower A miscellaneous shower for the bride-elect was hosted by Barbara Kreps, Mrs. Chris Travis, Mrs. Larry Tuxhorn and Mrs. Larry Ehrlich on May 2. Hi There! This lime I will let you sponge off me awhile and let you soak In some good info. I don't know about you but sometimes the sponge that I use in the kitchen gets pretty ratty looking and, frankly, It's one of those things that one really hates to admit. Another problem that I have with my kitchen sponge is that ol' "been through a lot" sour smell. I just couldn't stand the thought of throwing away a good sponge that looked a little soiled and smelled badly, but otherwise was in good condition. Actually there are a few solutions. First, I usually have two sponges that 1 use. One stays on the sink and the other is in the dishwasher. I try to switch sponges every time I run the dishwasher. Even still, sometimes they do get pretty bad. So I simply pour a little nonperborate bleach in a bowl, let the sponges soak overnight and rinse well in the morning. Fresh and clean again... TWIN OB DOUBLE ^189 00 ^198°° KTUP I Knuckle joinled frame with headbench healer with control, storage space pedestal , lapseam mattress, filled liner.toampad rill-n-drain kit! BOOKGKe He/iDDO/ffiD 1 ;. p/roeo MILI » OTHCR exTiw AKO muvf. PRICES GO UP SLIGHTLY JUNE 1st A\\ Frames Handmode by an Independent Craftsman in L4vU£,COlOM[O 00070 weLDCO.BD.50 PHOn£:g84 -6269 If you don't want to use bleach, you can use some lemon juice and it will make your sponges lovely to look at and heavenly to hold. Well, maybe not that nice but it will help keep those sponges in good condition. Remember, everytime you smile it not only gives someone else a lift, it makes you smile inside too. ' Heloise II Letter of Laughter Dear Heloise: My husband says that things are getting so bad around our house that when I say, "Kids, it's time to eat," they go jump in the car! A Fan Dear Heloise: My nice scarves get wrinkled in a drawer. Well, this is how I solved the problem. I hung the scarves over the bar of a clothes hanger and fastened each scarf with a plastic spring-type clothespin. Several can be kept in perfect order on one hanger and they stay put and smooth. Ruth Webber Dear Heloise: Though we live in the city, my husband and I had a vegetable garden out In the country. During this time we had quite a bit of trouble with crows and other birds eating our young plants and the vegetables that survived. As soon as the birds got used to a scarecrow they ignored It completely. Then we made a set of eyes, large like an owl's, and put a set on both the front and back of the scarecrow's head. We found the crows stayed away from the garden. The large eyes did it. If you ore bothered with that problem try this. It works! Arline Dear Heloise: Whenever the kids cut a pair of jeans off for shorts, I save the legs to use for pre-faded patches. Now that the craze is "the more patches, the better," it is fun to see just how creative you can be repairing the rips and tears. . SudieStultz amination gives the optometrist a chance to check for the symptoms of eye diseases, such "as glaucoma," Sk'uza said. "At the same time, he might spot the symptoms of some general nealth problems, like diabetes, long before other symptoms appear." By Abigail Van Buren *. 1977 bv ine Cnicioo Tlibune-N.Y.News Synd. Inc. DEAR ABBY: Two years ago I married an older man. after waiting for three years for him to get a divorce. He settled out of court, giving his wife practically everything she asked for, including a beautiful home and all .the furnishings. He says he wants her to have the house for his children's sake. (They have three teenagers.! Last summer he invited his three children to spend two weeks with us in our small apartment, but they liked it so much they stayed a month! Now he wants to again this year. I would leave tomorrow, but I have a 7-month-old baby and another one on the way. He treats me well, and I'm not exactly starving to death, But it bugs me the way his ex-wife and three children always come first. Should I get out now while I'm still young and have my looks, since talking to him does no good? Or should I he quiet because he also provides me with a good home? NEEDS HELP DEAR NEEDS: Nowhere have you mentioned that you love him. It appears that you are concerned mainly with money, material things and getting the short end of the deal. Only you can decide whether you're getting more out of this marriage than you're putting into it. But I suggest that you do some adding and subtracting before you do any more multiplying. DEAR ABBY: Would you say it was proper to "neck" (or whatever you want to call itJ'With your ex-husband? And how about going beyond that point? He still turns me on. . .·· LYNNE DEAR LYNNE: It is just as proper to "neck" (if that's what you mean, that's what III call it) with an ex-husband as it is to neck with any other single man. However, past relationships confer no'special privileges. DEAR ABBY: .In a recent column, one of your correspondents stated that she had signed a contract under pressure from a door-Ui-door salesperson. She said she couldn't afford the monthly payments, didn't really need the product and was afraid to tell her husband about it. You advised her to call the company immediately, explain the circumstances and ask them to please cancel the contract. Abby, in most states there is a "cooling-off period" between three U five days, which gives the consumer'the right to back out of such contracts. B.L.K. DEAR B. L. K.: It is my understanding that in most states if the consumer sends a registered letter to the company within three days after signing such a contract, his request to cancel the contract will be honored. Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For A personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope please. DRAPERIES DESIGNED WITH YOU INMIND! INTERIOR DESIGNERS "I " "U U " U and INSTALLERS jlj CUSTOM DRAPERIES fil AND COORDINATED ACCESSORIES n .WOOD WOVEN SHADE · BEDSPREADS . SHUTTERS ,«_.»».. · FABRIC WALL -v~2MB*j COVERING · Piompt. Acctiiate Estimates · We Solve Space Picblems Wide Selection ol .'.'Hauls 353-7774 71612th St. --Greeley UQt^H I By ALFRED SHEINWOLD How can you stop declarer from taking a successful finesse in the trump suit? The best way is to take the bogeyman out of the closet and shake it under declarer's nose. North dealer East-West vulnerable NORTH * A K J 1 0 6 ?J1072 0 7 2 + KQ WEST EAST + Q 8 3 + 94 of trumps and led the queen of diamonds. Two diamond tricks then defeated the contract. Daily Question As dealer, you hold: Spade 752 heart AQ9863 diamond K3 club J8. What do you say? Answer: Pass. You have 10 points in high cards and 2 points · for the doubletons enough for an optional opening bid. You might open the bidding if you had two low clubs and the A-3 of diamonds instead of the K-3. Avoid opening a borderline hand when you have to count a doubleton jack as one of your high-card points. (c) 1977 tas Angtlu Times Dear Heloise: I have found a very useful way to use empty egg cartons. I use them to carry deviled eggs on picnics. Line the bottom part with aluminum foil' or plastic wrap, place the eggs in the egg cups, then cover with plastic wrap. No dishes to wash or to carry back home and the eggs can be served right from the box.. Mrs.IdellaLaVigne Copyright, 1977 King Features Syndicate, Inc. O A 9 8 6 4 O Q J 1 0 5 + 10752 + A 9 6 4 3 SOUTH + 752 ? A Q 9 8 6 3 O K 3 + J8 North East South West 1 * Pass 2 ? Pass 4 ? All Pass . Opening lead ~ + 2 East took the ace of dubs and saw that he had a reasonable chance for two diamond tricks. This would not be enough to defeat the contract. East needed a trump trick also, and his king of trumps was clearly in a very dangerous position. Just in time, East thought of a way to save the life of his king. At the second trick East returned the nine of spades up to dummy's long suit. This return was so "obviously" a singleton. that South tried to draw trumps quickly to avoid the risk of a spade ruff. Besides, East's failure to lead a diamond gave South hope that he would find the ace of diamonds in favorable position. Draws Trumps South won the spade return with dummy's ten and drew a round of trumps with the ace. Then he led a spade to try a finesse with dummy's jack. This worked, as expected, and South continued with dummy's ace of spades. It was now time to come out from the closet. East ruffed with the king draperies slipcovers with our Sanitone Drycleaning ' THREE DRIVE-IN LOCATIONS 11214 9th Ave. 2800 W. 10th St. 2543 11th Ave You have just 7 days to save 40% on open stock pieces of Tow/e sterling!! Hurry in! --don't let this week go by without coming in to select your favorite Towle pattern -- and save 40% on open stock pieces! It's a rare opportunity to begin or add to your sterling service; to give a gracious wedding or anniversary gift! AM Towle active patterns are on sale for one week only -- Don't miss it! Silver. Use The Denver's Silver Club... select the flatware you desire and take up to 24 months to pay, with never a service finance charge. Cost of credit included in price quoted for goods and services. Your monthly payments can be as low as 10.00! Closed All Day Sunday, May 29 and Memorial Day, May 30 Open 9:30 to 5:30, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 9:30 to 8:30, Thursday. Telephone 353-2111. 8th at 8th, Downtown Greeley

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