Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 12, 1970 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1970
Page 2
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2 GREEUCY TRIBUNE Tues., May 12, 1970 ilth Fair Booth Compares Conditions of Past, Present Jflwl ww whw tiw ynlw its solutions, and was coordinated y"Glen Paul, director of environmental health services in lie Health department and Gail air polution control. jjied the work on the Health jarfeept's "" ' carpuseWike Biibit, communicable diseases, iutiijfculosis, ~w?re "the i 'of "tobies and "little i. fng 'alr'was clear and but"the water' became jjminjted early, Sousing an Jjniic" pF typhoid "fever and Ifined'mahy lives in 1871 . .. . . ^. - v. _ · · ·.- "i_ t_ " " J»T^* iv « «m.uww*») · · « " j--··« Interior Department has begun have (o do - a lot of shuffling liring more' men to inspect off: : · ·· - ~" * "^ shore oil operations iri the Gulf f Mexicp,'aiming to double the bride of 1870 might expecl " to; ' bear "average of five children, three of whom woulc dlt Before the age of three yejrs. Qld'pedple had to depetic for care upon members of their fafeiily, or face going to the pqorhouse. Pne of the'eight panels in the csjrousel memorializes the late Df. Ella A. Mead, Greeley pineer who dedicated her life to| 'he health' of the public Another panel shows the Welc C o u n t y Health . departmen' p^sonnel at work, and the las' two 'panels depict alternatives foffuture health conditions. Flanking the ;round exhibi ar* two displays', one showing heine health care in the past present and future, prepared by Margaret demons. Supervisoi off the Home , Health Can ptigram, and Marion Carlson Hfme Health care nurse. The Bfgley, sanitarian in charge o otter display " "depicts ' ai poll u t i o n problems and Also working on the exhibits are public health nurse Catherine Benson, tuberculosis project aide Lydia Torrez and Mrs. Kenneth Reisig, volunteer. More Inspectors Being Added To Check Offshore Oil Wells By STAN BENJAMIN AtMciiiUd Prttt Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The Should Congress unexpectedly ail (o appropriate the requirw money, Radlinski said -in "an- iwer to a question, "We'll just ambassador thlis" would be in a around." Liast-Feb. 10,- fire broke out on upgxssestfuffgss 'U^S^k ,,,, nK(oi ^ from 7 : wells.' dril$ in the gul| of this month: The department has obtained clearance 'fr-6m"tte"Budget Sit reau to seek a supplemental appropriation to'pay their salaries for the two months remaining in the current fiscal year',' said WiU liatri A. Radlinski, associated director of the U.S.', Geological Survey. ' Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel had pledged a doubling of the 17 Gulf Coast inspectors last March 25, when he reported that hundreds of violations of federal regulations had wel)s"drUle^"inlHe gulf lopr poured through' pipes to wellheads' bh the platform "arid will i ' ' - . . i ''.!·' _ _' i _ I l " I _'i_ "J.I;'" T T ' C to the 17 new inspectors. "We're in the process of hiring now," said Radlinski "We've got commitments from Goldberg N.Y. .iberalPkk : or Governor NEW YORK (AP) - -Hie Lib: ral party state committee pjcked Democrat Arthur. J. Joldbtrg'as' its candklai* for ov«nor and'Sen.'Charles E. Joojfcll, a Republican for sen* or Monday night. Goldberg was the choice by a margin of about 5 to 2 over Robert M. Morgenthau in the vote f the party's 300 state commit- eemen, with Howard Samuels inishing a distant third. "(Goldberg, the former Supreme Sirt justice and ipsition to mount a Democrat- c-Liberal campaign against the npumbent Republican Gpy. Nel r son' K~. Rockefeller by winning he Democratic nomination in next month's primary. roared, put of control, into the air in'a pillar of fire' and sinoke ' Firefighters using nigh expfo sives blew out- -the fire March 10; but then'the. fushing pi wured into the Gulf of Mexico uid'spread Firefighters using hjgh'ejplo sives blew out the fire March 10; but 1hen the gushing oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico and spread over the water at J.S. attorney ilempcratic "carididate"'in 1962 uid Samuels,"an Vjpsfate iriiius been uncovered following a fire rate of 30,000 gallons a day. I on a Chevron Oil Co. platform. ' '"'" "111 TM"~" h " '" " h "' "' Radlinski said in an interview that about 10 supporting person- look until March 31 to shut of the last of the wells. On March 25, Hickel told a nel would be needed in addition news conference he was seeking 15 to 20 people already. Some regulations. a grand jury investigation d Chevron's operations in the Gulf. And he said inspectors hac ound hundreds of violations o are already being out on board. We should have the hiring completed by the end of this month." Son of Retired Navy Captain Dies Fiery Death of Protest Last week, the grand jury i: ew Orleans'returned indict mcnts against Chevron on som 900 counts. Chevron has deniec ilt. Hickel has said still olhe companies might also be charged with violations. SAN DIEGO, Calif. (AP) - Cdjlege senior George Winne Jr;, a retired Navy captain's sci who was being called to mil-j itaiy service,'died Monday after 1 pouring kerosene" 1 over himself wyl setting it afire as'a protest against war. f!}e was just too sensitive," £aJ4 his mother. · friends said the 23:year-old Wtane, majoring in ancient his- toty'at the University of California campus here, became witli- dr«wn and brooding after his dnjft'notice came a few weeks ag. fin the name of God, end the war," said the cardboard sign ht; carried Sunday afternoon into Revelle Plaza, a campus carter of recent antiwar demon- leating out'the flames suffered multiple burns on the arms and strations. 'About two dozen students rqihed to smother the flames. A cqid in the group said he "tried to* help us" to put out the flaimes. He died about 11 hours lafer. Scripps Memorial Hospi- taJ attendants mijrmering the until he died. said he kept Lord's Prayer ihoulders, "He was not a radical stu- lent," said his mother. "He was lot affiliated with any political groups. He was in any lemonstralions. He was just too sensitive." His father, red-eyed, declined o talk to newsmen. The family ives in nearby La Jolla. Winne, who wore his hair long jut not shoulder length, was 'brought up in a military atmosphere and he had respect 'or it," said'his mother. She said he was once turned down 'or the U.S. Naval Academy because he was nearsighted in one ye. Winne attended the Colorado School of Mines, where he was honored as an outstanding student in Ihe Reserve Officers Training Corps. Three years ago, he transferred to the San Diego campus. Winne had completed degree requirements in March and was to graduate next month. Army Truck Kills 7 UDINE, Italy (AP) - Six children and their young teach e'r died Monday when an armj ruck' fan them over while the; were walking along a roaq Three other children were in ured. aged uck a be and The chillrcn were tween 8 and 12. The truc speeding car brushed agairis each other and the true swerved and hit the column o children. LAGOS - U.S. Gulf Oil ha new wells off Nigeria.' GM Head Says Bugs Hay Delay Installation of Air Crash Bags By CHARLES C. CAIN AuociiM Prttt Writer DETROIT (AP) - Edward N. pole president, of General Moors Corp., said Monday that in tallation in all new cars of air come for some time because .of foreign nations were represent- Impact in collisions. ecKhical problems in develop- ed at the meeting which marked ng the safety device!' """' the first ftiH-scifle International Enemy Rocket Hits Grounds Of Thieu's Saigon Palace SAIGON (AP) -- Enemy gun- lines in that area were knocked ners slammed three rockets into iaigon"early Tuesday and one iit on the grounds of president Nguyen Van Thieii's palace and another landed 'just 25~"yards nm the Nationalist embassy. His opponents in the primary ill be* Mpfgenthau, a former ' Just hours earlier the embassy was host to the visiting ipnalist "3hinese deputy' rnierj'Ghiang.Ching^ao, son of ..jHsF"wK6"sered in the sd. ministration pi former Presi denf'Lyndon B.' Johnson. Republican nomination, was thj getting almost" twice as many rates 's the combined fotall for second.-place Pa'uTp'SWyer an; ,·. --i?--*·-_· ·_'-· TV:riJ.Li_V *i*l third-place"Rep. Richard .,_. Carthy".* SepV'Richard pttinger and "Theodore Sprensen fini'she; fourth sHOftirin tKe'ballpting" The 'four"I)em6crats all ate vying iii" "their" party's "Senate primary.' The Liberal party vote in bptl the gubernatorial' and Senal' races could be decisive j particu larly in view of the fact that th Conservative party is fieldin its own candidates--Paul Ad ams for governor and Jame Buckley for senator. The Liberals and Conserva lives "each polled a little pve half a" million votes for thei separate "gubernatorial ' candi dates four years ago. Goodell was appointed to th Senate two years ago by Rocke feller to fill the unexpired term of the slain Sen. Robert F. Ken nedy. ready for volume production," Cole said. He said there are ,. '-'still some serious technical restraint lystem is now ready problems to be resolved." Cole spoke at a two-day conference on auto safety spori- cannot say when pur ajr ushion restraint system will lie Ctole said it would be "unreal- stic to assume the air cushion sored by the North Atlantic from the different sizes of autos jags to cushion crashes may not Treaty Organization. Eleven o the variance in severity of sfiaring oT aut'q" safety tech- rogues. John A. Vplpe, U.S. secretary of transportation, told the delegates he is pushing'to make'the from 'the -driver or passengers,. air bags mandatory in all new cars by the time 1973 models down."Thieu usually stays at the L.- laceTwt also'has two other residences. It could not be deter : mined whether he was there Chinese during the attack. At the Chinese Embassy, the rocket hit in 'the street. Power Junker, now iri Washington for consultation. The third rocket hit a building at the 'eastern edge of the"cityX two Vietnamese were wounded. The "rocket that" 'hit"""the grounds of Independence Palace jurst in some trees and power ed In those'"»ttacks7 come out. "These, air straint systems have shown a potential for saving thousands f lives," he said. The conference centered were knocked put there "was "not there at lines also. Ihe time" The rocket that fell hi the pa- vho "escaped assassiriatipn" by a lace grounds hit about 10 yards junman' iri New York on April inside the iron a'nd barbed" wire 24. ' ' " fence". It landed in a grove p: 'The Chinese Embassy is twp trees abpur3C)p"yards from the -locks "from ' the""residence of palace itself," tearing up some J.S"." Ambassador 'Ellsworth tree's". ' last rocket attacks on the capitaf were' ' April "13" and "l The"'ehemy"theii bracketieii the " " palace" with eight" rockets, bill lulled'arid more than'SO wound 'or mass production," He said :he air bag has involved almpst innumerable problems ranging passive restraints, majflly th* air bag safety device which it under study by U.S. and foreign auto firms. They differ from active restraint;, such u Mat belts and shoulder harnesses which require cooperaton from the car occupants in putting them on. The air safety bag, once life stalled, works without any helf inflating itself in crash situations. bag passive re- NEW YORK -- Some 330,006 people in the United SUtts -900 persons a day -- will di« of cancer this year. But «bout on 208,000 will be cured. Wedding Invitations And Announcements Hallmark Wedding and Anniversary Card* Wedding and Guest Books Anniversary Books Wedding and Shower Napkins Thank You Notes 807 8th St. Ph. 353-024* Animaj Insurance SALISBURY, Rhodesia (AP) -- Ray Smallwood has resigned as private secretary to Prime Minister Ian Smith to establish a medical insurance plan for animals. "It w i l l b e exactly like the normal industrial or business medical aid scheme--except that'll will be for animals and will cover veterinarians' in stead of doctors' fees," he said male student among those Hlixon Aide Quits Over Viet Policy WASHINGTON (API - A consultant to the National Security Council has quit over disagreement with the Nixon administration's Vietnam policy, the Washington Post reported in its Tuesday editions. Morton H. Halperin, a Southeast Asia specialist, submitted his letter of resignation to Henry- Kissinger, Nixon's assistant for national security affairs, last Wednesday, the Post said. Halperin said he disagrees with Nixon's decision to send U.S. troops into Cambodia and, to: resume bombing of North Vietnam. He said it "demonstrated that th$ President is still seeking a military victory." i"The evidence is that this w i l l ' not work and it does divide; America," he told the. Pnsl. j ijlalperin, 31, worked for the. De'fense Department's Inlerna-; tiohal Security Agency before he':'was hired as an assistant to Kissinger a month before t h e j Nikon administration took of-i Jicp. He quit last September to| accept a Brookings Institute fel-1 lowship but continued as a con-, suttant and had submitted two Stadies on Vietnam. On Monday, a day set aside on campus for mourning Winne's death, Chancellor William J. McGill said, "We must find a way to mourn without cheap gestures and without rhetoric." WONDER WHERE WE DETHE WORD HONEYMOON? Ai newly wed , prescription for fertility, newiy w.a couplet In tome p.rti of old Europe "rink mede-wlh. '"""honey, for an Thlt brought about th. term ^hon'eV month" which eventually w« co honeymaon. Helps Solve 3 Biggest FALSE TEETH Worries and Problems =J«»t WrtnUlnr FABTMTH on i ntl to healt DOG OWNERS All dogs ninety (90) days or older within the City Limits of Greeley MUST HAVE A LICENSE and each dog must be VACCINATED FOR RABIES before a license will be issued. No Person shall KEEP or HARBOR any Dog WITHOUT A LICENSE AND RABIES VACCINATION. Owners, Harborers, keepers of unlicensed dogs, summoned to court are subject to fines of $300.00 or HO DAYS IN JAIL OR BOTH, PLUS COSTS. No dog shall be PERMITTED TO RUN about or at large or stray beyond the limits or premises of its OWNER, KEEPER or HARB.ORER unless under the control of some responsible person by LEASH or otherwise, within the City Limits of Greeley. A doe shall be considered running at large on a leash or not on a leash if within the boundaries of a PUBLIC AREA so designattd by resolution of the City Council which shall be also designated by signs. Designated Public Areas are the ZOO AREA of Island Grove Park, ad jacent to the Cache La Poudre River, Glenmere Park, Highland Hills Municipal Golf Course, Linn Grove Cemetery and the Civic Center Complex. Owners keepers or harborers of dogs running at large SUMMONSED INTO COURT are subject to fines of $300.00 OR 90 DAYS IN JAIL OR BOTH, PLUS COSTS. Dogs are being impounded at the City Dog Pound and owners, keepers or harborers summoned into court are subject to fines and court costs of handling and impounding FEES of $10.00. All dogs impounded, owners, keepers or harborers will pay IMPOUNDING FEE before the dog will be released from the dog pound. Unlicensed dogs impounded SHALL BE LICENSED before being released from dog pound plus paying impounding FEES of $10.00. Any person that keeps any dog, calf or other animal shut up or TIED UP in any yard, house or other place which, by BARKING, HOWLING or other noises, shall disturb the PEACE AND QUIET OF ANY FAMILY, INDIVIDUAL OR NEIGHBORHOOD, are again subject to fines of $300.00 or 90 DAYS IN JAIL OR BOTH, Plus Costs. The above are covered by City Ordinances, and are being enforced. GREELEY POLICE DEPARTMENT tnfU 9ttf nfjlhf' t.90xllwttltwill tubtlm plui J1.7» Patf. tx.Ti«. NolHdariMi'ii OOODYEAR "AIL-WEATHER IT TIRE · Clitn tide-wall design, radial darti on shoulder · Triple-tempered nylon cord conittuction · Buy now it these low pricti NYLON CORD TIRE ANY OF THESE SIZES, ONE LOW SALE PRICE GOOD/YEAR mtHLYiuitu for minus nut Ask about our easy pay plan · Free Mounting NYLON CORD TIRE FOR PANELS, PICK UPS,VANS CAMPERS III . - , M «nd Atcappablt Tlr«. Fidtral . Ixci»»T«x»2.40 Strong ind tough to tiki truck work in stridt Sec Us Far Your Mag qqd Chromt Wheels -The Most Complete'Stock In Town! Consumers Oil Co · GREELEY--714 6th St. · GILCREST--Service Station Ph. 737-2973 Ph. 352-4562

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