Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 29, 1951 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1951
Page 6
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Going Away For Winter? Rent Your Home With A Want Ad Classified Rates t . .- j 1 *: ILE« Lvt 8 i";* ru . us. j. ^ i; tit* cf ifisrrVii.'S. - (.,, ^ CLAS31UEU DISPLAY ] U-'c $^c tact* p*T cc/irjs I2ch out io- K-*.b I'uliiw*. Ad\Jw. 11M H T .b Su n K K S T -S rm. ftrn. ar*ttait:nt. ( K l h N T - 2 in. f u r u . ti- a l»:r§ *i-t. fci't. AH lilt fSwor. iti4 loV I\O:OM RtW. CO ..-plic.tioo.1 ' i ' A H . 1 . 1 lu.ii. 0 ro-. moa. .pi. iwni F.11FORTKKROR3 AT ONCE. Th, : ^ ^ /"Vrib^. "' ' r ^ .- thto cne incorrect inmUon c J ; l u K K K N T -- 3 I K I . ni.rb f u r n . *ft. i hon » r y »iitr-.i»e=eEU : 'n«u balh and vntraot*. 11)12 . L^J ( llth i. RM! Esi«t« 23 , IOK nw n A i i n n r i t · ft AY CAMPBELL f , R e a l t o r ^ 7 8th Ave. Ph. 2540 t -|~ FOB EXTKA NICE « · ms. See this today. tny 'IVn i . A c« u «A 1 i M I K RfcXT-- rm - «·'"· lu '"- 'i' 1 - ' 2 liKDKM. Full basement. At- tjnr Lest and Found 1 . i *,:*,. B^y ..*«,,,. tl«e in. taeh ed EaraEe. Maiilewood dis. TM, !' - - · "::.r"c. Fh. Lvi'.NM. lii-w-J'i. 1 1'OR K K M - 1 rrn. u n f u r n . base. «l't. · i Per« n ol s 1 i -- K i ' l l l ' K Permanent « a v ~ . »». I n !M Trailer Space 17B ·" i RENT-- Trillei ipact. Modern. ) 6th Ave. 160 -.! A-.vr VJleni-(J. i;r«) BcaiitJ i SU.NK1SE Trailer T«rt. Later, mod. f 15 S h,-o:. KM"; Mh St. j ,.,, jj.accs. 2 blixki ia.1 MilWi U S .No- Ycur'. K t i v . \ i ] ! . » n T . ' » n - ! Super Market. 506 llith St. I'h. 3693. 25 |. v,l !ilir.. " I h c t.rral l)n-"rry. ... !·»·.,,, H»Hkt .-him-h. k oYK-l.. MO" Transportation 3 I'h JKKN trailer »nactt fur rent t-lf 1 ei ' n day. w«k. or month. JOBS' Motel, Uxki South of Arlington ;hool. SO A I R M A N . »»_n!. ri'!i-_t" S«"' for Rent -- Rooms 18 CM- p.-.,. I'h. 5M. KO; S K-xuna, dt-a n . comfortiblt, Protessional Service 8 I fOK KKNT--'lit wtrra room, near COI.ON-hrisatton. Hydro-'lhcraliy. ... X.Kay »»d SonlUh mUiJKf. "20 ( |;7 fth St. Phone 2iOO. 14. Help Wanted U Sl K --11 i - "··'·· :··· m frAS'TKD-- M n r r i . d m H n . rxrt-neiuTii ,, fnr M-ar ruand (arm vork. I'h. La H Pallc SB-J1I. VANTED-- Girl for central housf- w woik, partial care of two children. M Live in. Good wapa. Write Box r WANTED-- Experienced mrsical _or. f: Weld County Hospital. Apply R YV \ N T E D -- Woman for iicnpral hmiso- I{( M,,rk and hdr care for children. * Hood wages, room, ix-nrii. Th. Wind- i t u r . 591-111. I'aul Kclte. ^VAJ^TKD-- FApcricnced married man for year round farm uorl;. Good vanes, modern hcrnc. Write Box CI-15. e/o Trlliune. \VANTKD middle HKetl woman for _ coni]i»nicm(-hi| and shire hou*e York with middle ated lady mi Sfi'2 after 5 p. m. WANTED -- Good raiwrieni-ed dairy mnn to operate large dairy on shnrr.«. i miles east of lone. Good house and eiiuipment. J. C. Warner, Kt. Lupton. Th. HuHson 11-111. \\'K WISH to rontnct man with executive ability who is thoroughly famil- finanee office. All replies confidential. We arc not connected with any timllar firm in Colorado. Write Box 0-H, c/o Tribune. Wanted. Waitresses. Day or night shift. No phone calls. Call in person. LONGS PEAK, CAFE Situations Wanted 13 CALL Mr». Sykes tor alteration!. 027 Stb Ave. Pb. 2C64W. WANTED -- WaihlnB and iror.lns. WANTED-- Washinc and ironing. P PAINTING, rJtperhsnBlnc, «Pr work. M. B. Maloney. Ph. Evan. 82 CUSTOM bay and «traw,.l)E!iaB. W or twine. Ph. Z661W. 219 16th St . RADIATOR clMnins. repairing. John .Thompson. Teiaco Sta.. 601 Sth Ave, TREES trimmed »nd removed, In- anred. Floyd C. Bowlet. Ph. 850. BUILDING and remodellnc. Fre« ei- tlmatea. Ixical references. Ph. 3121W QUALITY painting and decoratlni. White House Dec. Co.. Fh. 1645. Alex Hettmser. Ph. 2916J. CUSTOM hay grinding. Victor Keid Pfi. 3S38J. CESSPOOLS and septic tanks pumped Call Floyd. Greeley 1661 R. PAPERHANG1NO and palntinc o · ill kinds. W. E. Kilinc. Ph. 2E09N or 2051W. ed. S6.60 per ton. Ph. Evani 8353 ·Rei Cunnincharfl. WANTED -- Custom corn pkkins Have new E-row Int. and new Wood - Brothers. Ph. 1262R. PAINTING-- Exterior and inter o " Immediate service. Free estimate Reasonable. Ph. 3121J. D. F. Ten man. Wanted To Rent 1 WANTED-- 1 room House to rent i - Kersey district. Ph. 010-R4. rated or dryland. Plenty of nelp an good eouipmcnt. Write. Box 0-1 c/o Tribune. For Rent -- Houses 1 FOR RENT-- 2 bedroom home. Kur 1 FOR RENT -- 3 room House, i I : S365R. 1 FOR RENT-- 4 rm. house. 3 r 1 base. 1st bouse W. of patro r- 1 tion in U Sails. 1 Attached garage. Anults. !76. 1012 1 I f t h Avo. Rear house. 1 . bath. Modern except heat. Call 1 Eallr S I W or me W. .1. Roth. 1 . modern home. c]o=p in. Kut n 1 loncd. Ph. 671. 1 "" 1 · Couple. 1M1 14lh 51. 1 Rra.onablc. I'h. S179.M. I scr. SHO mo. 1608 llth Ave. 1 FOR RKNT-- 2 rm. furn. apt. · drinkers. Th. 1324. 1 FOR RICNT-- Modern apartment, · Ls Salic 91J. I FOR RKNT-- 2 rm.. 1st S ""r a | f t i r n . Micrile npcxl woman. Ph. - | a r t . 7M 13th Avt. I FOR R K N T -- 3 rm. «r',. ('.round fl · P a r t l y f u - r . Ini'.nri '·-« 1 '.th St. I FOR RKNT -- 3 mi. f emi-bp«cn · p t . 1-10 12th Avr · P r i . a t r l,a!h. I'll. 3t:,:.N.l. · FOR RKNT- M a i n flo.,r r, rri. f · tf.. I ' j i i a t c bath. IVJ? '.th St. a H i'j- c -i. ?!-':'.' Vh. 'if--i. · F(in I'.KST- '-' rm. f - i r n . ·:; - .- v · i : t i H t i . . rv.i. A - l - . i i t - . i '·. · r..-'-W. ll'Jl Hh St. · n..j. In I'n-V rrtvr-:. I'.T.-iu r · Irer-. 5 i ; r r.tb s:. M foiTirf.Nf -M...^ ,·!..!.-,;-. .M N H Fir(lr'l:?H)'.'AI. " - . r p - -.'M^f · nr v.r.-n :,. j i - r r - if., il '·'t · rfc. IHM. · FOR I1KNT V.V:| ··..,. 5 ;rr. B Tri-.^t.- |..i-i:. A p r : A r t . N H .r-t. r.''-.'\' ra-'^l (:K r r f - ' r - · U-ir^rv f'-i:':-.. I'tiii'ie. V - 1 · rr«. A'.pii*' 1 :'' -Ion. iJt, 2110 · Av». ift.r .5 KT1N Hoti-l. 030 ?lh Avf. Chwr- . Mciim ht-atcd rooms. Kcnsontblt. L I'h. 875.IM. t JlKNT-- Nice tile«ting room. 60^ R KLNT-- Clean slcepinc rwnn. \t to lath. Semi-private cntnnte. 16 15th SU H rm. private rut ranee and biith. en iirefcrrvd. li«S 1Mb AVP. Ph. Board and Room 20 lOMS, meals. Ion nee. Earn* room. )OM and Ixmrd in qulvt hnme for d o r y i*o;de. 1211 9th Ave. I'h. '55NM. Convalescent Homes 20A ONTIKUOUS nursini: for up pm- fnts. I'lrasant surround ines. Gree. ey Convalescent Home. 1203 9th St Office Space 21 OR R liNT-- 0 f f Ice. 2 rooms In nrk I'larc Hide. Imi. 201 Park OR RKNT-- 1 room suite !n Greeley tide. Inquire 316 Greeley Bid?. Ph. 78. For Rent -- Farnu, Tracts 22 OR TIKN'T-- IrriitHtvil farm. Write ·/o Tribune Vox 0-16. Real Estate 23 OR SALE-- B room modern houiic in Au t. (ins Vicnt. 2 car purnKo. ynnA legation. Seu Mrs. Seawell. 837 9th St. Ph. S082 Greeley. X)R SALR-- 8Vj aerci with 3 rm. block house and furniture. Dale Larson. I mile \Vc«t of Evans. SPECIAL Jan. 1 poss. on 160 a. farm ml. Greeley on farm to nik hlway. No. 2 ditch water and IrrlR. pump. 100 a. level as floor, bill, pasture, fair impt $27,500. REALTOR -E. L. BROOKS-Realty Insurance 909 Eighth AT«. Phone 780 OPDYKE AGENCY REALTOR 316 Or. Bldg. Ph. 878 GLENMERE HOME Brick 2-bedroom bungalow completely finished basement 2-bedroom, tile bath, fireplac . and large recreation roon * Possession 30 days. WEST GREELEY FARM ' 145 acres, 2 miles west Gree . ley. Perfect location for cotir ^ try home. A very iiroductiv " land water right. Very reasor able down payments. Posse H siou Feb. 1. , ( KERSEY 80 «· a good return to non-residei owner, 65 acres Irrigated, u improved except 3 room hous ,,. Possession January 1st. n- ,'· JOHN 1 P. WATSON - Phone 38B8J th M. A. WARE Phone 2735W od ess ^ REALTOR t0 ' 712 10th St Ph. 3 "" Let us show you 1312 1" No Street. Completely redecorat anil modernized. Will plef ft- you if you are particular. C l i i e n l . full basement. sn - Arlington 1010 23rd Street '" j hdrms.. gas heat, attacied 1 rape, ha? KOOI! Gl loan, ow . tranpfcrrod. Immediate poss cn t : Rion. ,,,i. . Here's another new 2 bd ' bunfialmv. j:ap beat, para m. ?ir,n'i.iiii down; p a y m e n f u r lower ilian rent. !r " ' 1) room buncalnw. near sr i r " t;.ii'a.t;('. nire lot. Priced ST.r T - . Owner w a n t s offer. Tavern and cafe Fort Cnll *i.t. Hi'ick luiildini;. apart iilfiits rivi- pccuud floor, larce inco .., . Prit.fd beiow i n a r k r i . ^ec :,'.' now for an e x t r a gn"d dpa .-..'. 1'"" ;:T-= Platlpullc. this w 'j'h'. '.-mly. i.rvfl. fijitf well f l i n t i . nv-do-n lutmo. c ·'·; lii)lldlni;-~. I m m r d l a i r pn« r-iun. il^p f:tnd loan, *'." s.a ni-rcs ''.ilcrc^t. m o d e ' ' , "mine. 2 wf-lls. cued Imildi -.-··. : l.«-v«-l. hic'i plate of ( i i l t i v a t a-i'r. i Ssleamen f--'\ Nml Adams, Ph. 2MO ' i C. J. Andsruon, Fh. 1523 M A U FARMS win Acres. 140 irrig. farm land. w asture. MO.VOQ. 30 per cent |^ Sol Acres. 145 acres farm laud. s« 000.00. jttB fit Acres. Close to town. Mod- The home and citv water. Eis FOH Acres. Peckham district. tf OOO.iio. AT YOUll SKIIV1CE AV AT ALL TIMES. i- 0 i nt ver ilrc lia Evenings Phoue i» ouls E. Warner, 35U6 (Res.) J'j Ralph Ennls, 359UR er WELSH | and "' ANDERSON REALTORS R 2 Sth Avenue Phoue 124 | A AAiiceUouoiit 27 j Fan* Equipmut 13 Houi SAtt-- iW x* 1 b'.c«: *.«^k. ;fs£El beds foi uJc~Het? SckAen. KOB t»M WK. Mil ISti SL Pt ZS48E. 2«J S Vs*'7il^"7 * pJI ''cip*' ot'^ i IOK . SA '- l: ~ 1 * 51 '»*· k*" k»f«tK. WKJ *'' li'« new. Rc^ntlv. fb. ' »»' SAUT-llth «tlti« ot Kwyclo- ; '"""" i Brilanniua. 24 voluxoc«. Very onfe!f Fb 5. KENT-- Hilco ftoor woder. «dr- 1 1 at) polkher. Boi*e-P»yetU Lum* 1 Co. Ph. S5. U StW hwvr Tlon uplift in *U -i ·s ol jai-kcls . . . Jones' Greeley j t and Awning. SIS Sth Ave. RENT-- Floor under. Uble top ) * n er, iprajr gun. poli*her. Grteley 4J K to ordec cabinet*, itorm dows. farm machinery parti '49 « Plaaing Kill 1 block W. of eUry on 16th St road. Ph. C60R5. 48 EWKITKR5, addinz machlnea-- !. repaired, rented. Office and ^ ool iuppiiea. Ray's Typewriter vice. K*» 16th St. Ph. 467. \ U1LT generator* and tUrteri to t mc*t all cTMn, priced risbt. John mpson Auto Electric Service, 601 ^ hth Ave.. Pbont 2248. SALE-- The most complete line ' (juality cittneraa, Hoceaboriej!, mo- camertia. pn;ri-tors. etc.. in them CtJurado. We buy. nfll Of de. WilM-n and Wilson. 1513 Sth e. Ph. 71. S ALB-- Lady's fur cunt almotl v. $511 ; It flat clariiH't, uutin xiU finish. $35; new unyaintwl vanity ·si ilk' table, $5 ; eumbintttioii »y wttlktT and t,t roller ustd very V. $»; combination baby swing h at urn! und car aeal, uood {5. rp t Sth strct-t. lt: K A K A N C K ! Used Universal wahh- J 1 5 0 0 - useil i-Ivclric Hot Point iU'C t:^: used Huutid U«k t-»al nut', like new. $'.il) : ii;»cl Klcctro- aster elwrtrit: riuiye ^B5. Clone (Jut: ·w «HS rannc, wits $250.'J5. now 09.95; Nt-w KalHniHHM ;«» ranee. as ^19.i'5. now $17'J.»5. Consumers Co. 714 Gth St. GKAXT BATTERIES Priced $7.75, cxcli. and Up ebullt Batteries, J4.50 and up JOHN THOMPSON UTO ELECTRIC SERVICE GDI Sth Ave. Phone 224S FOR UENT S bdrm. bung., Arlington T TNT T -TEX chool District. Call for par- (J1NJ - J - J -'-' i - TMiai-B. - YOUR ROOMS FOR 1402 10th AVENUE LOVELY NEW Spacious S bdrm. h o in e, rip » r"TV tleally located for income DJ-.AUJ.I ropertv or home, tip-top con- Just use UN1-TEX, the ition, owner says sell. perfect one coat OIL paint and completely cover old 1825 Sth STREET wallpaper, plaster, w a l l See this home today. Modern board, casein, and other xcept for heat, full price only dingy surfaces. 5 ' 00l) ' 00 ' it's low in cost and easy to 412 21st A V E N U E apply. Dries In 2 hours . . You can have immediate leaving a beautiful, durable wasession on this 2 bdrm. easy-to-wash Imish. nine., a good buv at only Primes, Seals, and Finishes ;6,500.00. In One Coat. COUNTRY HOME Not A Water-Thinned Paint! 2 btlrm. hung with fin. bsmt. apt., 2 fireplaces, double ga- $4.20 rage, about an acre of ground, Tnl'lnn Immed. poss. CAMERON HOME MOFPAT Ideally located 3 b d r m . ITJ.WJ. J. xix home, best of condition, car- PAINT AND GLASS CO. peted, 1% baths, call for ap- PV,nnp 111 pointment to see. 1 519 »tn bt. 1 none dlS MAPLEWOOD BUNGALOW New 2 bdrm. bung., near school, close to bus line. Priced to sell. EAST 16th STREET TRACT 5 acres, all fenced, share of water, S rm. bung., one of the few good tracts on the market. · FARMS ' 160 acres, north ot Greeley, good modern improvements with plenty of outbuildings lays nicely, a tip-tou farm ?45,000. M. S. ANDERSON Res. Ph. 1054 * JOE W. MURPHY Res. Ph. 3194-R Washing Machines 28 BKNDIX repair, waiaer lerrict anc refrigeration repair. Ruck*r'a. 1228 Sth Ave. Ph. 100. ALL MAKES washers serviced and repaired. Ellis and Capp Mnytac Store, 814 7th St. Phone 496. WASHERS repaired. Wringer rolli and parts for all make*. N«w and used washers for sale or trade. | John Thompson. 601 8 Ave. Ph. 2248. Business Service' 30 GREELEY Curtain Cleanm. No pin marks. 706 9th ATI. Ph. 1316. SAWS filed by machine. P. C. Mann 1 East of school. Evans. UPHOLSTERING and furniture refinishing. Myron Furnifcura, 2305 Sth Ave. Ph. 1406. ELECTRIC vacuum cleaner repa r- inc. Muall Sport Shop. 704 Stb Ave I'h. 671W. TREES trimmed and removed. Hcav 1 power equipment. Insured. Floyd C Bowles. Ph. 850. 1329 llth St alarm clocks, quick service. Howar _ . ,, ... ii 1 Weian. JcwElnr. 818 10th 5V.» Opportun,ti« 24 | j^gijjfojf rro!llrlng , nd ,,,,,,,,,,, ; FOR SALE : GO · Vending Machines Ph. 928R Money To Loan 2 u it 47. HOUE loam, new or refininct , Ph. 210. BUI Ulrindx. e. MONEY to loan on r«»l wUU. P 11. Albert S. Km. lit Nitl. Bid FARM RANCH LOANS LONG TERM LOW RATES No commission charges No stock to buy No closing fee J. W. FIELDS Loan Correspondent Equitab S22 9th St. , Greeley, Col FARM RANCH M LOANS Long term, low rate ,,, ASA T. JONES, JR. ei l The Savings and Loan Bldi se 1019 Sth ATO. as 25 years exclusive Colora loan correspondent Kans 2 CITY LIFE INSURANCE C w P H A es ' HOME LOANS m. 41/4% interest, 20 yr. pe- term. 1 s Buying-Building Re-financing mil Wheeler Agency In 809 Sth St. Phone 2 HP. Money Wonted H P . W A N T 1" borrow from private J ! tr,.ii(;(l. firV. mortise, re inl.lf r' 115 ity. Writ' llc'5 0-12. -/o T r i t u n r LKT your money earn more tor it the Fint Inriiutrlll Btnk. XVc f c k a?, on ritpc,8lt» of $100 or rr ir|( 725 Sth SL ce ^. ' B u i l d i n g Morcriolj CONCRETE Bloc*» -- Tour ctst r 11 Rptconsbl* pricM. Qoxlity Con nsiF:. Prod^rt^ Co.. SOS Sth Street r j on i 2303. dared Sstsrdur* and Sun Miscellaneous KOR SA1.F.-- Boy. let ( l»t/-i«._ti FLOOR *an!er*. edc^rit und roil . for rent. MoEfAt T» nt Jinii C (19 (th St. new and used radiators, reaionabl I prices. John Thompson Auto Elec trie, 601 Sth Ave, Ph. 2248. Refrigeration Service 30) RADIO and refrigerator aervice Modern Appliance Co.. 2606 Sth AT Ph. 2633W, - Ash Haulers 3 ASH and trash hauling. Fred OlUm d- Ph. 2897R anytime. ASH hauling, prompt service, «rea traps. Lee Helton. Fh. 684J. I* PHONE Barlow 152 or 772. Ash ban ng and greas*. traps. ASHES and trash nauled. Gr«a trapi cleaned. Quick, dependal ·ervice. Ph. Bob J14S. CESSPOOLS, septic tan*s and jrraa traps cleaned. Modern equipmc L. E. Wbittaker. Ph. 3562J. CESSPOOLS anfl septic tanks pum 1 e ed: Modern equipment. Ph. 2179 or 169SW. R. S. Abbott. n ['.ALL Mike Davidson Ph. 2R20W * Ernie Hiatt I'h. 304HM for ear Farm Equipment DE LAVAL Dairy Equipment-- Mi ers, heaters, separators. par Schank Feed Store. 608 Sth St. I 60S. 1 R A I N F O R T H 0- A-C tandem disks. A-C power take-off siderak New Idea pideral\ep. New Idea spreaders, Jiowry-Herp elevator?. West State land levclers. Dempster renovators. Truk-Spreaders and feeders. -UHKD- " JerKiison siderakf. Intcrnatitnial 4-b;ir sit prakc 26 Hpreadci's. ··; No. -i£ plow. IS inch, cuf. '2 fl. olr.vator. · Pcrapcr fur Frari. p»y v ii' Jnhn Drerf "B" wiih ci or*. vat nr. A-C "'"' with r.iiltivRlnr. '. 6 * A U K M I N D K I l b»i Machinery Dealfrs' Anc.ti ,',« Sale Is January 2lh! ion? ! ··"· D A I M C A D T U n KAmrUKIH ;: EQUIPMENT CO lwi ' ; 2207 West 9th St Ph. SALE -- SmtUey b« «find*j-. FOE r uoi'. on truck, lal* »tyle Karat- Myr on F-2V trtctor, 2 power buck ZJO! s. Call Csfc-Ki cv«ifiKc. ^' mn SED TRACTORS i tm ^EADY TO GO *gS Model "U", Moline. roB Ferguson. TM John Deere "G". John Deere "A". LOU can purchase · -- hese tractors at a pr remendous savings '," intil January 10. Our N E ased inventory must si je reduced by that ·« time. "" See Us Now! co We Will Trade! S rms Can Be Arranged! LC d CONTACT US FC 1 IMMEDIATELY A C( For a Winter ! Overhaul Job Get your tractors and plows in condition for a trouble-free season j ahead. a MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY! Phone 1346 Remember! SATURDAY, JAN. 12th IB The Date for the Machinery Dealers' Auction Sale E L L I S and C A P P Equipment Co. Your International Harvester Dealer EOS Sth A.TO. Livestock 35 FOK SALE-Rec. Guernsey bull, 21i yr«. Ph. PlaUcville 91-K13. Ray's. 1115 7th Ave. LIVESTOCK sprayine. 20 scan «p Brantner. Ph. Evans 691. FOR SALE or Trade-- Frcih ind aprincer cows. T. B. and Bang'i FOR SALE-- 2 milk cows, 2 heifc en ves. I'h. U60-J11. I'/j »i. E. on 16th St. road. side. 2 registered Polled Herefor bulls. 7 E. Ft. Lupton. Ph. Hudso 67R4 or 571111. Poultry 3 FOR SALE Friers. Ph. 2600W. SCHAEFEK wants your poultij. Wil call for. No. llth Xv«, Ph. 2S8B-J BOSE pays top price lor poultry. Wi pickup. 1010 7th A»e. Ph. 449-W. FOR SALE-- Spring roosters, 25c It JlonstinK sire. Ph. 054-R6. FOR SALE-- Choice corn fed turkey Ph. 054-R2. J FAT turkeys lor ssle. 1 Ml. W., '/, S( o£ Lucerne. Across road from Flue School. Art Renke. " try. Bay "poSto* House.' 111S 71 ; and pullets. Leghorn, New Ham shire Reds layins. Ph. Eaton 197-J tl Hay, Grain, reed. Straw 38 - FOR SALE-- 20 tons ear corn. j Ph. 1960J. ,. and delivered. Ph. FL Collins If ,, 63-R2. I. ville 96-R4. FOR SALE -- 1st and 2nd cutting h 1, FOR SALE -- 16B ton corn onsila Ph. 1604R. .. 76 TONS first cuUinu Rood err 1 altnKn in stack, tenant mov r must be sold. Ph. 1338J. WANTED-- 10 ton 3rd cuttinR h A Galeton vicinity. Andy Ne son. I Eaton 178.16. ", r milo. Herb J. Barr and Sons. I 6-K6. Leoti, Kansas. i-'Oll SALE -- 30 ton ear corn. 4 a F,., I 1 /- mi. S. of Evans. W. Monroe. 5| Household Goods, Furn., etc. TWO army bunk beds complete tlO FOR SALF, -- Breakfast »et »'W SOS 2Uh Ave. I-'oldinp bed. aix ft. ivardrobc, a m new. Ph. 3510NW. FOR SALE-- 5 rm. oil cirtula or rm. oil circulator, cli-ctric ranne. Maple Katon. Ph. Eaton 220R. "" FOR SALE-- Used kitchen tabus dinette sets. Lew Dakar, and 1S17 9th St SF.B Haun's for new ana used la lure. We buy. Mil »nd trade. No. Htb Ave. H«un'« Merchar, Eichanzc. Ph. 2S46. FOU SAL?:-- Upricht ulascr pi dininK rm. »cl. electric Cold S rcfriccrator. new Noree elec ranKC. SinKcr Ircadle f f o nz ,-hine. linoleum. Owner leav nc f I'h. Kntnn im-J2. KITCHKN- CABINET Usrd hut like new. . $2 IIABY I1KPS Exceptionally nicr; » H K i m O O M PflTB K I T C ' I I E N SBTS Ail styles at rrrlticrrl pri in used. GREELEY F U R N I T U R E C . 2SOO S. Sth Ave. Ph. S 344 Open Evenings 'til 8 *koli G«4s, For*., (tc. 39 / SALE--* rm. oi! hc»ler. Ctll H. )LEUM Sseclii lilt ru»» orlj i. Lew Daiu ud Co. HIT 9 SL C SALE-- Hew «ca ou4 (umlttut. va's Fcrutur* fjai UpholiUruix. So. Ctli Ate. Ph. UM. tK d (urn«.ec p«ru for all ces. Ummilton r'uraiturt Co. 109 TRESSES rutcnued and rebuilt d furniture tor ule. f roetc-r UaV t Store, lit 2!ad St. Ph. let. SALE-- 10' ft. deluxe Devpfreere er. Double bed springs and mats. Muvinj, mut »lt Ph. 30S1.NM. NEW aui! tan turnlture. home liinee* SM Hamilton Appliance Furniture. 709 Sti ATe. Musical Instrument! 40 tIGHT piano for sale. Good cond. ;ORD10N'S. all sues, reasonable ces. Lessons, rentals. Convenient atton. Lesser'a Accordion Store. 1 Sth Ave. W pianos from (19 up -- Lester, oninfer, Kimball, and French. Mu al instruments, records, sheet mu. . radios, and record placers. Cam' s Uusic Store. 907 16th St. Cool and Wood 41 r AL-^]ne ton or a truck load de- ered anywhere around Greeley, onest weight, fair prices. Ph. Evans tA 6. E. A. Trenary. ^ Autos, Used Cars, Trucks 42 ANS to purchase can. First In ustrial Bank. Fh. 188. R SALE-- Cheap. 1929 Olds coupe. q ew tire.s, 1st bouse west of Greeley " utu Auction at Kvans. MPLET generator and startet r«. air nt:. Used batterln. Battery re- air. rebuilding. Radiator repairing nd cleanini. John Thompson Auto Electric. 601 Sth AT.. Ph. ttU. '51 Plymouth 4-dr. Cranbrook ood as new, $1650. See at 827 7th Ave., Basement Apt., tier 5:30 p.m. JEEP PICKUP 1949 SEE PHELPS ' "We Don't Want ALL The Business- Just Yours!" Kins MOTOR CO. DeSoto-- Plymouth-Reo Trucks Main Office Used Car Lot 020 Sth Ave. 8H llth SL Phon« 286 '46 2-Tone CHEVROLET Radio -- Heater $850 SEE PHELPS U U - E I D d E f l l - D P 1 NOW is the time to trade, because we are selling f 01 LESS and giving MORE i on trades to reduce oui used car stock. . REMEMBER - 2 ' you can depend on ! 4, used car bought fron cars properly, so tha t they will give goo ie service. '50 Nash Ambassador ' " Dr. '50 Nash Ambassador '. Dr. »·· '50 Nasih Statesman 4-D ,n '50 Nash Statesman 2-D '49 Olds 98 4-Door. rni. '" '49 Nash 600 4-Door. 3S '40 Nash 600 2-Door. M - '48 N a s h Ambassadc oo. Club. ^j '47 Dodge 4-Door. 2 '47 Chevrolet 2-Dr. 233 '47 Nash Ambassador or TV co. Dr. TM'- '46. Chevrolet 4-Door. ai " '42 Hudson 4-Door. p°i '41 Buick 2-Door. trie ?u. '40 Chevrolet 2-Door. '30 Mercury 4-Door. .93 '36 Chevrolet 4-Door. '47 Ford 1 Ton -- hca »25 duty-- box, duals, n overloads. rs; N 1 r n n 1 !« ' L) , "A«l! Your N'ichbor 06.J Ahollt Vs " 30 1100 Sth Ave. Ph. 2 lutos, Uitd Con, Tracks 42 .; ^ FOR SALE j 1 'lean 1946 Ford one 1 ton pickup. $700.00. · E. A. TRENARY 1 Evans · A I Lifetime 1 Service 1 Policy 1 Goes With Each 1 of the 1 Following Used 1 'rucks and Pickups ! 1 7 C h e v r o l e t y* Ton I Panel ._. "$735 | 0 Chevrolet y^ Ton Pick- i up $1285 5 Ford LWB Truck with beet bed . ?535 EDWARDS CHEVROLET CO. 721 10th St. Auto Service and Supplies 43 OR SALE--Us«d Firestone auto ieat«r. Perfect running order. Complete with electrical attachments, 1019 14th St. I 1 hone D194NW. Auto Trailers 44 .OOK1 At this rcnl bargain: mi Columbia trailer house, 25 ft ORE. completely modern In every way. m a veteran and must Roll becMiise of hospitaliEation fur indefinite time. Trailer may be Keen at the Ko*cbu Courts, Lovelaml, Colo. Markets Denver, Dec. 20.-- (AIMJSDA) -- 'attle, compared last weeks clone, re- uced bupply ffd sU-ers uneven ; ve ehta undor 1200 Ib. 25 tn 50 richer; some under i l l O O Ib, 50 to 5 up ;' nteers 1300 Ib up ateaily to 25 higher; heifrri 25 to 50 higher; cows scarce ; averaging about 1.00 ligher; bulls and vcnlers fully steady ; stock ers and feeders icurce ; about steady at recent sharp declines ; bulk average good to average cnoice fed iteers 33.00-35.25 ; clioicu mostly 34.00 up ; oad lota average to high chu ce 1080-1325 Ib 35.25'35.85; later pr ce for 1140 Ib; few loads high choice lo ovv prime 1300-1420 ]b 35.00-35.50; low good down to 32.00. Sheep -- Compared last week c ose 3 aughtcr lambs steady to 25 higher; instances 50 up ; Din weights showing little or no improvement meager supply sheep fully steady ; feeder lamba scarce but in poor demand ; weak ; late snlca good to prime 100-103 Ib wooled s aughctr amba 80.50; choice and prime 106112 Ib throughout week 20.50-30.25 eood and choice 109 Ib 29.00. Hogs, compared lnat weeks c ose butchers mostly steady ; sows un even ; steady to 25 or more higher weeks top 19.40 paid Wednesday by small killers for choice No. anc No. 2 butchers 220-250 I b ; c osinR limit 18.25; for the \Veek, bu k choice 190-285 Jb ranged 17.75-in.40; bull- Rows medium to choice 1100-550 1 14.00-16.00. Chicago, Dec. 29.-- (AP-USDA)Sa able hogs 1,000, total 5,000 est muted) ; compared week ago; mos * offerings ended the week 75-8 lower; instances off more; HOWE 75 i 1.25 lower; receipts light early, heav ,, n later sessions with Friday's ru the largest for that day since Ju y 1946; at the close most choice butch ers 170-220 Ibs 17.65-18.00 : 230-27 Ibs 10.50-17.76; 2SO-310 Ibs I6.0( 16.50; sows around 400 Ibs and cs 14.00-15.75 : few lighter wcteh slightly more: 400-600 Ibs 13.50-14.5 Salable cattle 20fl (estimated * total not given ; compared week age -I Choice steers and yearlings 50-l.fl higher; two loads high primp 1026 T steers 39.00, peak prire for Deren t b e r ; cows around 1.00 or mo higher; bulls 50-1.00 higher; ven p d steady to 1.00 higher. Salable sheep 1 00 f estimated total not given : compared week HJ, s aughter lambs gained around to 1.00 for week: closing top 111. on choice to prime 98 Ib woo - lambs, 30.50 on comparable gra No. I skin clippers ; hulk wool lambs closed 30.00-31.25; utility choice cwcs 12.00-15.50. Grain Market Chicago. Dec. 29.- -(AP)-- A. era canines* for the nnst sevcrn dn re-rlfd backward today under hm iquidation, concentrated particu n in soybeans. Broker* attributed Uir selling n number of fnctors, rspccinlly the nc that t the United Nations md _ ma Korean truce negotiation*. Pro ij 1 taking after Hie long ndvanct w i got underway last rummer ind FC year-end tnx pelting were added f tors, brokers unicl. Wheat: Mar. 2.5R 1/4. Corn: Mar. 1.90 1/4. Oftta: Mnr. 93 3/4. live: Mny 2.07. Soybeans: Jan. 2.90 1/4, 4- K A N S A S CITY WHEAT Kansas City, t)rr. 2IV- AP Whrnt 110 ran. 1/4 hijrhrr lo 2 mvcr. No. 2 hnni nnrf dark 2. No. 3 2.1* 1/4-Z.RO 3 / 4 N : No. 2 2.^n l/4-2.. r ,7 I / I N : No. 3 2.47 1 2.5R 1/4N. Wall Street NPW Y"rl. Drr. 2?.-- ' A P I -- T wn.« n ptrndy inn* 1 about th" r marVct t/idny dr.*pilr lh" rro*P-i rcntx of ycnr-rnH fjix prllinc. Prirc.i run HP to armind a p it t the br»t. and p n i n n of t h a i rr yy \\PTP hrlH down srvrrrly in n 1 lid Vnlnmr r a m r f f an r*1tmP.I"' ni ill inn s h n t r s f.- ( r !hf two-h'.-ttr thr nih! Lei That Man Work i A Thf n-'s no r«.i-«"ii w iv m ' V pr should do pvprytljliic w , i J it comes f n family on "rt - ing. The man nf th* ht should pitrh in and hflp ^ j t h e rhnrr? whodif-r it is in ' l i n p r l f a n i n ? . rnnkinc, sen )27 or after-party clean-up. ^·^w ;' . ·'^M^^^^^^Z9WI^B tk iyMRpfflBllittSaKi 4 0 ,P 1 P E D R E A M S H \'urla Schoenberg smokes her favor nt study period at the University Anticipate Higher H Sales of Pepper N black pepper exporters hope for increasing sales to Soviet Russia, once an insignificant buyer of the spice. " Russia bought 1,000 tons or » Indian output In the 11 months ° ending October 1951, Bombay d exporters declared. The United States bought 0,000 tons, h followed closely by the United b Kingdom with 2,000 tons. I Russia is buying the pepper u with rupees gained in the sale n of 1(10,000 tons of food-grains o to India during the spring s food crisis. Soviet purchases S have eased a recent crisis in the Indian pepper industry, t which has felt the pinch of 1 competition from Indonesia 1 and other countries. I Geographic Briefs [ I (iRAIN ( the world's worst volcano tragedies was the frightful erup- .ion of Mount Pelee in Martinique in 1902 .which killed 28,)00 people. The explosion oC Krakatau, a volcanic island In what is now Indonesia, caused a sea wave in 1883 that snuffed out the lives of 36,000. Along the lower Rio' Grande valley, fossil oysters have been found 30 inches in diameter, the National Geographic Society says. Lahrador'a puffins, rivaling in dependability the cliff swallows of San Juan Capistrano, leave their summer and winter haunts on definite dates and arrive at their destinations I with equal predictability. 5 _ A meteor from outer space be- y comes a metorite by surviving n the friction of passage through ; the earth's atmosphere and o reaching the ground. Although j have become meteorites since . the dawn of time, only about · 1,450 have so far been found. o* One weighing 36% tons was t discovered in Greelaud in 1S95 '- and brought to the United 1 States by Robert 'K, Peary, discoverer of the North Pole, says ; the National Geographic So- 25 ciety. 0 \ f c Cowboys with their liigh- 1( j heeled boots go to movies on to Saturday night in parts of the west, chiefly to sen Western films. They love to criticize the riding and anything else which does not square up with ranch life as theyknow it. ,1 Sea level in the distant past yn dropped many feet when untoU Y tons of water were locked up y in advancing glaciers. In 'the n Inst 100 years, says the Na "" tional Geographic Society, wa 'he ter released from melting gla it- ciers and ice sheets has raiset jj sea level about S 1 ^ inches al IC . over the world, If all the na tin-ill ice on earth should mel today, it would release enougl water to bring sea level u perhaps 100 feet, flooding ou niitny coastal cities find low and areas. i '·J 4 . The California gray whale rH low reappearing in growin /*· numbers aloim the Pacifi Coast, hiis been counted out a R X t i n r t three different times i history. The last time it wa lost, it was found again shortl after the t u r n of this centur uff the coast nf Korea. « r- Body armor for aviators ha i!nl turned (he wheel of warfar i, f h brick to t h n dnys nf \in rAc- Arthur, tho National (Jpogr ,, pliir. Society notes. Today's a ,,r K - mor (-(insists of a thin sheet c n'f nlinniniim Iwi'kfd by pcvi-r?. rrri '''1 ' "y' 011 - NVHhor tlio iilun r- ,.f ! mint nor t n r nylon alune won be stroiic fumugh to R op F h f l l friifiinetit. or a PtnfiU-ta I bf'V linllpt: tnp.^ther they a 1 nt'arlv inui^nptrflh'p rth- i ' · --. !i-n i Historic Church HFf- IfifMli anniversary of the ro vllh l i n e nf M p l l i n r l l s m . t n St. Jo ·oii- was crifbratod a\ C^ntpnar inp ' t j n r c n Squnr* 1 I'ntlofl r h n r r wlio?e conKrejiation was foun 4 n^MHMK^ -^ f i^S ^·^^·BSSEK/. .^L jt^*.^~.~*~ibia. E R E Fre-med student te pipe ts she hits books dur* of California at Los Angeles, appy New Year ay Be World's idesi Greeting. Washington, B.C. -- "Happy ew Year," said in one way or lother, Is probably the world's dcst and most universal boll* ay greeting. The coming of the new year as been marked and cele- ·ated since prehistoric time, has not always been Janary 1, however, and even now any peoples celebrate some ther date as New Year's Day, ays the National Geographic odety. January 1, in fact, Is an arbl- rnry date set by the Romans efore Julius Caesar estab- shed the calendar that U th« asis 1'or the date used in most ·estern countries. January 1, n ancient Home, marked the ay that consuls and other ot- Icials took office, and until juesar set things straight it vas sometimes juggled con- iderahly for the political bene- it of one officeholder or another. Caesar Made Mistake An error in Caesar's calcu- ations (365^4 days), however, allowed January 1 to creep away from its original astronomical place, and by 15S2 when Pope Gregory XIII Instituted the reformed Julian calendar in use today, spring's first day had gained 14 days on the stars. Gregory in 1582 ordained that October 4 be followed by October 15, thus adjusting the calendar to A.D. 325, the year of the Church Council of Nicea. The Gregorian correction of the' Julian calendar is close to mathematical a c c u r a c y . It makes allowance for the fact that a year is about 11 minutes less than 3651.4 days long by · not only Inserting leap years- hut also by omitting "leap days" in the even century years divisible by 400, such as 1601), 2000, 2400, etc. Practical as it is, the Gregorian calendar gained slow acceptance. The British empire, including its American colony, did not adopt it until 1752. Young George Washington, who had turned 20 on February 11, 1752, had to wait until February 22, 1758 to attain his majority. Reforms Suggested Calendar reforms are' frequently proposed. The Gregorian calendar is so widely used, however, that even the Chinese, who celebrate their next New Year in February, have in recent decades recognized January 1 -for business and governmental purposes. The Jewish New Year tn 1952 will begin at sunset September 1!), and the Mohammedan year starts just 24 hours later. In both cases tht celebration Is largely religious. A change of the -western world's Gregorian New Year's day would involve consider- L able difficulty, Race horses would change their birthday, ) because they always add n t year on January 1. Accountants - and tax collectors would have to reshuffle their fiscal calculations: schools would lose the , convenient Christmas - New ; Year vacation schedule, and c Rreeting card makers would n have to revise the plates saying i\ "Merry Christmas and Happy s New Year." v Celebrations probably would · remain tho same regardless of the da£ New Year's Day is celehrntcd all over the world, T no matter whether It Is Janc uary 1. September 19 or the J vernal equinox. All religions '. nhserve the start of a new year r . with prayer and services. [ Elastic Stocking A now sheor nylon flsstlc ," ilorklne la said lo be complete Iv non-dlsrolorlnp when ex- f nosed lo light. In thn past worn- p.n who found it necessary to wear olasllc stocMmts were em- barrasfcd frequently bevnusfl pxpoFiirc t.n light formed nprk- t s nod arfa? on the Rtockinpn. in ·· fd in 179!. The roncre^mion- i. hns worshipped In a new »ton« d- church Since 1939.

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