Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 12, 1970 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, May 12, 1970
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Denver Is Named as Site Of 1976 Winter Olympics Written by Harac* ~Gr«*l«y in 1(71 THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN VOL. U - NUMBER 143 Death Toll Mounts in Tornado By TOM DeCOLA Auociated Pitu Writtr LUBBOCK, Tex. (AP) - A tornado so powerful it ripped great chunks of concrete from buildings has turned this city of 170,000 into a disaster area, with death estimates today ranging from 19 to 26. State authorities counted 19 bodies, while newspaper and radio surveys reached a total'Df 20. Texas Safety Deparment officers said some dead may still be under debris. Authorities said 300 or more suffered injuries in the Monday night disaster. Properly damage was.unofficially calculated in the millions. "There is no doubt in anybody's mind around here," said a veteran newsman, "that it is one of the biggest and most pro-l longed tornadoes ever to strike 1 been GREELEY, COLORADO TUESDAY, MAY 12, 1»70 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1871 Dr. Norman T. Oppelt Dr. Donald G. Dtdttr E. Barnhart Administrative Reorganization UNC Shifts Top Officials Two vice presidents named in an have ad- Texas." . Access Restricted All person.5 except rescue workers .were kept out of the downtown area. The National Guard called out 300 men, in- ministrative reorganization at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. President Darrell Holmes has State safely department sent ·15"T A 7f.. i '"' units. The Red Cross dispatched! , £"'"'°; .six disaster teams with ,0 m o - » « bile vans. Cars lay flattened to within 1 two or three feet of the pave-j mcnt. A bus was .slammed; broadside into a building. The^ ground floor of the Lubbock Av-j alanche-Journal was awash from a cloudburst which came wilh the twister. The width of the destruction Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dr. Alvin E. Barn- ihart as Vice President for Fis- Hie Ihe president and Barnhart was director of business affairs. In his new position, Lakin will working wilh faculty and students on unusual personnel problems, developing new and be responsible for all academic i n n o v a t i v e programs, and matters and student services. Barnhart control ad- named Dr. Frank P. Lakin as minislrative services including finances and public relations. has also brought some other changes. Dr. Donald G. Decker, dean of the college, will become Provost of the University representing un.'versily at official activities both in and out of the slate. Dr. Norman T. (Ted) Oppcll, The realignment of positions dean of students, will become the assistant lo the president lo serve in master planning. A search will be initiated immediately lo find and appoinl U.S. Begins Troop Withdrawal; Laird Sets June 15th Deadline was the greatest from any toi'-! rc [ ar ,, nado observers could remember. The storm WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sec-ldia, more would come out by I namese would be able to handle byl of Defense Melvin R.ilhe end of the week and major Laird said today "several thou-i operations against Communisl left a path of de-j simcl " U-S- Irnops have already|sancluaries would be completed (Continued on Page 6 ) 'been withdrawn from Cambo-iby June 15. Inside The Tribune (48 Pages) Ahby 211 Amusements 17 Boyle's column 4 Classified 44-46 Comics 10 Commodities 6 Crossword 16 Economic Perspective . 4 Editorial page 4 Heloise 23 Horoscope 23 Late News 6, 47 Letters to Tribune 4 Mortuaries G Of Smith and Men _ 4 Real estate transfers .... 15 School page - 10 Sporls 18-20 Stocks ..._ 6 TV and radio logs 16 Women's pages 21-23 The secretary told the Senate Armed Sevices Committee thai while Ihe operations "have exceeded our expectations" anc all U.S. forces will be out ol Cambodia by June 30, the Nixon administraion remains opposed to a proposed limit on U.S. forces in Cambodia approved Monday by tile Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Such a limit, Laird said, might interfere with President Nixon's ability to protect American troops. The secretary also held out the possibility that future drives will be needed into Cambodia but said that the South Viet- these. "The South Vietnamese will be in a position by the time the dean of sludents Faculty, students and student personnel officers will he included on (he search learn. President Holmes also announced that the School of Arts ind Sciences and School of Educalion will be changed from 'schools" to "colleges." A committee is being established to locale a dean of arts and sciences. A native of New Mexico, Lakin earned his B.A. and M.A. degrees from UNC and his doctorate from Oregon Stale Universily. He has been con- linuously employed by UNC since graduating in 1955. His positions have been instructor al College High, admissions officer, assistant to the dean of the graduate division, and assistant to the president. Barnhart received his B.S. Summer Games To Montreal AMSTERDAM (AP) - Denver was picked as site o£ the 1976 Winter Olympic Games Tuesday shortly after the International Olympic Committee, in a surprise move, Rave the Summer Games to Montreal ovei the bids of favored Moscow anc Los Angeles. One of Four Denver was one of four cities bidding for the plum and all made -presentations on Monday here before the International body. Up to early afternoon today the outcome o£ the IOC's voting was still very much in doubt. Vying with the Colorado capital for the games were Tampere, Finland; Sion, Switzerland; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Following the presentations, the IOC went into private sessions to vote on the site. The announcement had been expected much earlier and indeec a premature release was made on the Summer Games, but in error. Retraction Tass, the official Soviet Union news agency, early this morning released a terse statement that [he IOC had awarded Moscow the Summer Games. The news service, however, sent out a bulletin two hours later withdrawing the announcement but without any explana- Summcr Games subse- lon. The quently were awarded to Montreal, Canada, one of three :ilics in the running. The third ,iad been Los Angeles, the site for the 1932 Games. The award was ;i surprise victory for Montreal, considerec by many as running third for the designation. rain season ends lo handle any i from Southern Oregon College, such operations should they belhis M.Ed, from the Universily necessary in the future, Lairdjof Oregon and his doctorate said, adding that such renewedifrom UNC. He was a teacher, efforts would likely not be need-|oach and principal in Riddle, ed until next November at the Ore. for 12 years before joining earliest. I h c Educational Planning He said thai "The South Viet- Service at UNC in 19112. He DIFFERENT TUNE - Two unidentified Aims College students demonstrated their feelings toward Nixon's Cambodian move Tuesday by writing "We Back Nixon'' on their T-shirts. Aims students staged a "forum" at Jefferson Park in order to discuss (he issues heard al olhcr college campuses around (he nation. Aims president Dr. Edward Bcaty opened the forum by leading those present in the Pledge of Allegiance. Other students carried sipns supporting Nixon. (Tribune phulo by Ron Stewart). DU Shanties Rebuilt Strike Impact Is Widespread By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSIto build a general workers A student strike against the Indochina war continues lo have widespread impact despite the official reopening of many colleges. However, student efforts The Weather 1:30 p.m. Temperature: 72 (UNC report as of 6 a.m.) High Monday 76 Low 50 Barometer 29.90 rising Precipitation 01 Total for year 3.05 strike have had little effect. A survey showed 129 colleges and universities in -13 states atid the District of Columbia officially reopened Monday, some with Town Board OK's Windsor Zoning Plan WINDSOR - A public hearing was held Monday night on the comprehensive zoning plan for! NORTHEAST COLORADO -- classes virtually empty due to I (continuing boycolts. I Meanwhile, strikes of indefi- 'nite duration were still in clfcct at 192 educational institutions, according lo a partially complete survey by the student strike information center at Brandcis University in Waltham, Mass. Mostly Calm Although most of Ihc nation's Normal through May .. 5.43 The highest temperature over] 1.5(10 campuses were calm, Gov. recorded here on May 12 was 94 i Robert McNair declared a slate degrees in 1945. The lowest onj°f emergency at the University record for Ihe same lime was 28!°f South Carolina in Columbia degrees in 1943. after rampaging students ran- The sun will rise Wednesday at 5:47 a.m. and set at 8:06 p.m. (MDT). Windsor which the Town Bnard|Parlly later adopted changes. three, nesday !a n d cloudy through wilh chance inunderstorms sacked Ihe first floor of Ihe administration b u i l d in g and clashed with slate troopers and National Guardsmen. The troopers and guardsmen . used nightsticks and lear gas lo campus The changes were suf!sesled|cvenings: low tonight 40-50; by town attorney Gene Kishcr.jl'ie 1 ' W e d n e s d a y H5-75. He suggested thai Ihc $25 filing.Precipitation probability ;ill per, showers! L '' car " le campus of ;i rock' m n s |]'jllirowing crowd of 1,1100 In ii.fliiO 'students who were protesting Ihc arrcsl of 'II persons last Thursday namese have performed very|moved from EPS to director o f l f e e ' bp sll i,j C (.| f n c | lanEC b v the'ccnt Ihroiigb Wednesday, well in this entire operation." (business affairs in January. B{ , arcl of Trustees, j Laird said the Nixon adminis-|1968. (ration has "lived up to the lim- Decker has been a its of Congress" which barred U.S. combat ground forces in Laos and Thailand. But he noted faculty member since UNC 1937. During World War II, he was that the proposed restrictionsIwo rk on on leave from the universily to for Cambodia would go beyond those. Tennessee Eastman Corp. Hej all " I ' 1 ? cy - r ,, . . .. . President Nixon is now so was a professor of scienccl Fisher further suggeslcd that firmly committed to a June 30 American forces from Cambo- rievelopment special atomic! , , work with ih fi ! rc P rcsnlllctl He further suggested that the ; word "agent" be stricken from the statement of representation of a petition leaving the clause'nr' bel. d u r i n g a campus on against ihe w a r . ; In Denver, about 1,000 Nation!al Guardsmen were placed on E X T E N D E D FORECAST j a l c r l ns aulhoritics prepared a Outlook Thursday through 'sennd attempl lo dismantle Saturday: partly cloudy chance "Woodstock Nalion." a coin- to read thai a petitioner by himself or P" education and deadline for withdrawal of science division for seven years local showers and Ihim-j mime on Ihc Universily of Dcn- Idcrslorms at lower elevations jvcr ciimptis which Ihc univcrsi- ·*" and snow showers in mountains!ty chancellor. Maurice Mitchell, wilh besl chance Friday orjdescribed us a "do^y bay, ,oui m O^M^I .. , .. r --. .. . Saturday: h i g h temperatures-diilv-wii.'-h, squallm' camp." chairman of Ihc ? stl l«'lal'on of some time limil ;il p pcl . h0s )o )owcr 70s . !ows . ' prior to being appointed dean dia officials doubt he could pro- of the college in 1955. Decker earned his B.S. from to Michigan his M.A. : in State Normal College, long the operation even if lie found it militarily advisable do so. jhis M.A. from UNC, his PhD. Despite this commitment, I from Columbia University, and Nixon may yet be faced with I a doctorate of science from pressure from field command-JEastern Michigan. be added lo Ihe clause corning appeals of zoning board TM"-;.'!Os and 40.=:. decisions being made within a reasonable lime. After some discussion, Ihe ers for more time to complete the destruction of North Vietnam's Cambodian bases. Oppelt received his B.S. from! Colorado Slate University, his M.A. from UNC, and his Ph.D. RIVER FLOW May 12 Location Depth Ft. board adopted a 45-dsy' l i m e i P l a t l c limit. I Denver .|.8!t .11 Wilh these changes Ihe zoning; Kersey 5.00 --.25 Iplan was adopted lo be in effect!Cache la Poutlre afler ihe plan is published ini Ciinyon moulh Some already are reported to'from Michigan Stale University, believe they cannot do the whole! He was director of student job within the two months Nixon aclivitics and assistant football has specified. coach at UNC for three years, The June 30 deadline applies'an a s s i s t a n t instructor at to all support units and advisers Michigan Slate for Iwo years. attached to the South Vietnamese as well as to strictly American outfits engaged in the (Continued on page G) and has been continuously with UNC since I960. He was dean of men for four years and has (Continued on page 6) entirety by the Windsor Beacon.' 2.72 4.17 Senate OK's Judge Blackmun Cu-Ft-Soc ^ . WASHINGTON f A P i - Prcsi- 2.5110 I- 20 tlcnl Nixon's nomination of 3,100--490 Judge Harry A. Bl.ifknuin In lie .;; Supreme Cowl jus! ire was .confirmed by the Scnale loday Will -- HO al'lcr scarcely anv debiile. Commissioners Say: Sewage Lagoon Will Be as Advertised Moonlight Sale To Feature Wide Selection of Bargains WELD COUNTY FAIR QUEEN-Pretly Becky Anderson, right, was crowned queen of the 1970 Weld County Fair--which will be held August 2-8 at Island drove Park--at Ihe noon mceling of the Grcelcy Lions Club Mon- day. Placing the crown on the 18-year-old Roosevelt High School senior is Diane Fagerberg, last year's queen. Miss Anderson is a dangltlor of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Anderson, III. 1, Johnstown. (Tribune photo by Jim Briggs) By FRANK COLOHAN I Tribune Staff Writer , A public hcarinj; lo be held by Ihe County Commissioners on an application of the city ; l o locale lagoon sewage A wide selection of bargains;shoppers three full hours in'lrealment facilities al a sile will be featured Wednesday!which to lake advantage of lhe;designated Site Seven will he night when Greeley merchants'many bargains in the par--hcld at 3 p.m. June 3 as orig- join to present a Moonlight Sale. | ticipating stores. jinally scheduled. The gala retail event gives' Practically all of Ihe down- This was announced Tuesday families an opportunity lo shop town stores will be open for by Glenn K. Billings, chairman together and to fulfill t h e ' t h e sale. Thus shoppers who of Ihe Board of County Coin- shopping needs of each member.want to gel a look at the wideimissioncrs. |of Ihe family at bargain prices, -variety of bargains will need! Billings' announcement in Or, with dad al. home, mom.lo begin their shopping early.effect amounted lo a denial of can set away without a baby- in the evening. a request made by Grcclcy's siller and shop leisurely f o r . The moonlight sale is spon-'City Council last week that the outstanding values for herself sored by the Retail Committee i County Commissioners hold the and other members of Ihe of Ihe Greeley Chamber of public hearing Ihe evening of family. : Commerce. Many of Ihe; June 3, rather than al. 3 p.m. The moonlight sale will gel bargains which will be offered Billings said Tuesday it would underway al 7 p.m. and c o n - a r e advertised in today's be impossible for ihe c«m- linue until II) p.m., giving 1 Tribune. missioners lo change Ihc time nf Ihc hearing now .since legal announcement of Ihe hearing has already been made. Notification Out He explained a 30-day nolice 'of Ihe public hearing has been published in newspapers. Also, he said, all interested land iowniTs in the area involved were senl registered letters sometime ago, notifying Ihem ;as lo Ihe date and time of Ihe hearing. "The reason we decided lo give 30 days notice nf (he hearing is because we are always vitally interested in Ihr feelings of all Ihc people of Ihe county, including those residing 'in the 27 municipalities in the jcounly," Billings said. Referring to a meeting May 1 »\ \\hicli Mayor Richard I'crchlik had asked the com- missioners lui- ;in i ,\pi,in,ilmil why a 30-day public notice was being given, ihc board chairman smd: "We definitely It'll Ihe Mayor's demand we act on Ihe application sooner would not give Ihe public adequate lime lo present any technical d;ila it might have in regard to Site Seven." Opinion Quoted Observing \i a y o r IVivhlik also had questioned the Board o f Couniy Commissioners' authority regarding approving sewage treatment sites, Billings quoted as follows from an opinion prepared for the commissioners by County Al- llorncy Sam Tclcp: "Section 3-(2) of Ihe Weld County Zoning Regulations, (Continued on page G)

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