Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 6, 1957 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 22
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Aims for Real Vacation Musicians Seek End To Amusemenls Levy COLLECTOR: Fine Italian sluHed dolli and animals ire lour com. panions of R»nata Tebaldi, the Metropolitan Opera Star. By W. G. ROGERS Astoclaled Press Arts Editor NEW YORK W! -- Ren.ita Tc- I secretary and companion, Linda Baronr. "she is a very good the tax eventually may throw 50,- men! of a one-day strike by Car- 000 musicians out of work. Slanlpentcrs Union Local 515 lha't hall- BaUard, a federation official i n ! -charge of arranging convention de-! tails, said the tax "has us wor-i ried." i _ j "We have written commitments I from a majority of both houses of Congress to vote its repeal," Hallard said in en interview. "But Hop. Jere Cooper of Tennessee is chairman of the committee and he's keeping 1 it bottled up. "We don't know why. I suppose it's a popular stand with the folks back home, They don't" have many cabarets in Tennessee and there are a lot of drys." 1 1 L J 1 I J . U . I I . I X U l . 1 L I ~ I U L L Q 1 U " 1 II U i 1 j 1 · J 1 baldi repeated my question: "What d " n " r ' , but She d ° eS " ' uldulec will I do on vacation?" and then I l n " m u c h now ' answered: "I will nott hink or newspapers be men." bothered by newspaper- But she smiled when she said first talked to her, she had hardly It, and went on: "It will be fun not lo have a telephone to answer, not to have to keep appointments with dressmaker or lawyer, or for rehearsals. "I will not have to be on trains. I will not have to watch the watch" --lapping her wrist where at the moment, in the holePapartmeht in which she lives during the New York 'season, she had no watch at all. It is nearly vacation time ' for singers, though notv quite for Miss Tebaldi. Now on tour with the Metropolitan, her first cross- country trip with it too, she appears in 13 performances, mostly before audiences that have not heard her famous voice before. Isn't 13 unlucky? , "Not for me," she said. "I don't like 17, though. I am of course superstitious." . She travels with a basketful ol stuffed 'animals and dolls, made by Lend in her native Italy, and usually strings a dozen of them up across the top of her dressing room at the opera house. She is always accompanied by her mother, here and in other American cities, at her home in Milan, at her place in the 'country, on vacation, on shopping trips. On tour Miss Tebaldi's mother spends much of her time hunting through local markets for the foods she knows her daughter likes, and whenever they can 212:1- age, even if it is only on a hotplate, she cooks for the singer. Will Miss Tebaldi read? Not on vacation. Will she sew or 1 knit? No time for, that. Go .to , dances? She likes to Go for walks? Yes. Lie abed in the morning? Ah, that, yes! A couple of years ago when I mastered a "yes" or "no" in English, but now "learning ,by ear," she said, she understands most of what she hears and can speak for herself on. most occasions. For sticklers Miss Barone, who learned her fluent English in Florence, is always at hand to help. "When I sing, I see people all the time, at the opera, at parties, and so when vacation comes I like to be by myself." "I love New York department stores," she said, "even when I can't buy anything. I am too big. The sizes are not right." Miss Tebbaldi is in fact a lot of woman, as audiences see almost as quickly as they hear she is a lot of voice. Her fingers are long, pointed, expressive, graceful. Her jet black hair brings out the pallor of her face, as though she needed a vacation, In repose her features, though they are as beautiful as her photos show, nevertheless are severe. It's as if she never really got her mind off such serious .and hallowed things as her music. Yet when she docs relax, and break into a smile, it's as lively and interested as a child's. "I'm tired after I sing," she said. "I'd like to go home and have a-.small supper and get into bed. But. on tour there will be parties, and here there are always a dozen 'or more gathered in my dressing Toom after the last curtain, -and thon perhaps 50, or several times as many asking for autographs on the walk outside. I like to sign for them." After her summer in the mountains when her work will be only to prepare two recordings for the fall, she will be back here to watch, and according to her pretty open the Chicago season, and then (Test Run TOMAH,- Wis. Ifl - Auto dealer Clyde Lund has this motto posted vim.' "Tsdp it »n) Irv ied construction on the multi-mil-. reported (or work before the pick- Thursday, June 6 1957 '" lo"arplinl- : e u v,^re thrown around Ihe two -- ' -Kim Jones, public information j main entrance gates. CREELEY TRIBUNE Ftgt 11 } ,jj c e r i p c k e lines . USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS supposedly shopping for a new car, did just .that. They and Ihe car, haven't been seen sinct. End Aircad Sirike Neither Jones nor union cials would reveal the basis for!) hit DENVER U» -- Elimination cfl' 1 oul -" i withdrawn and normal work *vo-jld!| the 20 per cent federal amuse- " "filly two well-dressed m m , ; r e s u m e Thursday, mem lax is the chie/ goal ol the American Federation of Musicians, which opens its 60th annual convention at the Cosmopolitan I *. . n · i i Hoiei next Monday. iCarpeiifers Quickly The lax is added lo the bills run up by patrons of establishments that serve liquor and provide live entertainment. settlement but said the strike h a d l | been called olf. There were reports, unconfirmed by the academy or union :| officials, that carpenters had re-|| belled at doing what was de- i tjfl A i r ! scribed as common labor. COLORADO SPRINGS James C. Pelrillo, Ihe federa-! Force A c a d e m y officials an-'. Jones said 99 per cent of the lion's long-time president, has said'istinccd late Wednesday sctUc- work at the academy, already behind schedule, was slopped bv the picketing. About a dozen workers STO LL'S : Fruits"-^Vegetables -Groceries North llth Avenue Cantaloupes Ib. 15c Strawberries . . . Pt. box 29c Pineapples, extra Ige., for canning Watermelons, Klondike . Ib. lOc Grapefruit-White . . . 3 Ibs. 2 5 c Bananas 2 Ibs. 25c Winesap Apples . . . Ib. 19c Lettuce Ib. 15c Oranges, Sunkist . . . . Ib. 15c Tomatoes, No. 1 . . . . Ib. 29c New Potatoes, red or white 10 Ibs. 37c Red Potatoes . . . 50 Ibs. 98c Peppers --Mangoes . . . Ib. 29c Cucumbers Ib. 15c Flour, Champion . . 50 Ibs. 3.79 Beans, Pintos . . . . . I b . lie Peanuts . . . . ' , . . I b . 4 9 c Chill Peppers Ib. 35c .Yams Ib. 17c Celery Lge. bch. 29c Radishes and Onions . 3 bchs. lOc New Onions Ib. lOc · A Complete Line of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Groceries Tomato, Pepper, rand Cabbage Plants Last shipment of Pfitzer Junipers and Albervida Trees! OPlEN SUNDAYS 9:00 to 6:30 Week Days 8:30 to 7:00 TV sets are selling in Britain at the rate of aboul 1,350,000 a year. come lo the Met for the rest of the calendar year. After that Ihcre' will be Spain, Austria, Florence's Jlagglo Musicale, another restful summer and then Caracas--that accounts for her next 15 months. Miss Tebaldi .made her Met de- tut t SB .Desdemona in January, 10SS. Perhaps her most popular interpretations have been in "Tra- viala," "Boheme" and '.'Tosca." N O T I C E Section 5 of Ordinance No. 990; City of Greelcy, provides that owners of lots or trrfcts of land within the City limits must remove all weedg either by cutting or spraying, and that all dry weeds, brush or rubbish shall be removed or burned on or before June 15th. Failure to comply with said Ordinance carries penalties and cost of GREELEY POLICE DEPARTMENT Doing A Little Back Yard Work? WINOGRAD'S » Clothei Line Po»»i · "Gl" Garbage Cam · Reinforcing Iron · Traih Barred · Fence Post! t Metal Gross-Stop Edging Thousand! of Other Useful Items FREE DELIVERY IN GREELEY WINOGRAD'S UNK YAR 5th St. at 5th Ave. Phone 161 or 1133 Enter loVs $ 32,000 contest! You may Hy-u-uppL. \ Enter now! You II \ ihave fofs of fun! LKO 1st Cash Prize... $15,000 Money Tree 2nd Cash Prize . . . $7,000 Money Tree 3rd Cash Prize . . . $3,000 Money Tree plus 7 additional Money Trees each worth $1000 cash Laugh with Sgt. Eilko on the Phil Silvers Show each Tuesday night on the CDS Television Network Fads thai can help you wrlie a winning last line Let's face it. Nothing can make dishwashing fun. But new gentle JOY does make it--well, almost nice. JOY, you see, puta nn end to greasy dishwashing. Takes the greasy look and smell and feel out of dishwater. And JOY is gentle to your hands--it's been changed, you know--JOY i« now milder than any other leading liquid. There's nolhing else like JOY. Try it and sec. Write a last line for the JOY jingle in the entry blank below At last money does grow on trees! And the guy who's done it (wouldn't you guess?) is Sgt. Bilko, Fact is, Bilko's gone and raised 10 lovely Money Trees with a total of $32,000 in real cash sprouting on 'em. And you may win one just by writing a last line for a jingle about new gentle Joy--the one liquid that makes dishwashing almost nice. It's easy to enter! Lots of fun, too. The first thing to do is buy a can of Joy arid read the label. Then try Joy and see how it takes the greasiness out of dishwashing. You'll get lots of ideas that can help you write a winning last line. So buy Joy at your dealer today and get started. Print your last line in the entry blank below. FOLLOW THESE EASY RULES i at fre right. Print yovr (art Vn- to lirft. of a ih«l of pop! r. Pri-rf 1 . CoTplita tti« JOY jmgU Aow Ihe pngle in the entry falonfc er ew your name and addreu plainly. 3. Mcil e "WcFiey Trei", Depr. t tcm It. CrtdMtafJ 99. CMn'a. Y« can enter rfat contest ot ofUn 01 you £kt, but each infry nunt bt accompanied by thi n-jrr.b*/ you copy from tfi» boMon ol any vie JOT 3. fnlrlei nuil b* poftmarfatd no loUr ffton rm'dnighf, September 30. 1957, and mrrt b» ncer*«d rvol later than Odob.r IS, 1V57. 4. Eirtriii win bo pidgid Iff ariaknlilr, jtryme, rnelrt and apfaen in completing the [ingle, Hie jucfgei' demon vffl be final. Except for incidental h«lp Irani family and iriandi, tntri« muil be wholly rha worV of ifie pvnon h wfooia nom» IHo inlry h wbrvHrd. Entrin prepared h wholt er In port by profniienol or tofp*rnotid eonitrl -riien, icnoon, or urvieii -^ bt o"hqucmntd. Onfy me priia vOT b» oworo'td to any pmnan. DupCcaN prirtf awarded hi eat* ef tin. Mo Mlriti returned, tr.lrim, eon! inn, end Ideai therein btlong uoquclifiedly lo PrcOir Gambi* for crty end all purpoiii. 5. Any niidtnf of rS« eenttnural UrAteJ Slal.i (indudlng AloiVa) and Hawaii nay ea-ipfli eiupt employ *« of Procter Gambli, Iti odvertipng agencJei, and rti*lr (amilrM. Cofrirttf vubjact lo govim- men?al regi/tatiam. 6. Tneri wifl b* en« flnrf prii* ef 1I5XWO, en* ucond priit of i7,OC.O, co. rhird pmc of 13,000, and 7 addilJorwl prim of i 1,000 cacn. AH vnnncn viTl b« ratified by noiL ENTRY BLANK-clip and mail JOY is gentle, JOY is fast; . ' mates suds that last and last. In this box copy the |prinl V"" lo " lin h " e lo rt ' lfm wil!l "°" oy -"' number stamped on th'e bottom of your can of JOY (any tiis). (w , i(1 ,,,,, d[oij ,., ,,,,,,. herej ' Mail to "Money Tree," Dept. E, Box 24, Cincinnati 99, Ohio. Read rules carefully. All entries must be postmarked before midnight, September 30, 1957. Your Name_ _Address_ \ City Zone Sta(j |/ '; (Pl.oi. prinl plainly) ' / j

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