Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 10, 1973 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1973
Page 16
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GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE TIM*., April It, 1173 Hair needs shampooing Lilies herald promise of Easter -H,^^-^-^, ^-^^--w-* oily hiir does need frequent less time consuming. 1 he cut The splendor of spring can be days, you may want to cut the when part of an overall perpen- .iJLnooinj if you want it to is the thing - and it works juit seen, touched and felt in a stems and experience that dicular design which allows full ,^ itTverv best all the time as well for long hair as for single Easter lily. The trum- special happiness that comes play for the natural height of Un f or t U nately no one has short. But, do let a professional pet shaped flower of the lily is from making your own the flower. For added richness, come up with a'better solution do it. the herald of Easter and sym- arrangement. Famed for its any number of other spring 'this far so if looking good is So, if you've been afraid of an bolizes purity and chastity. loveliness in all parts of the .flowers can be used to fill out rea i ly important to you, switch old-wives' tale - forget it Some of our deepest convic- world, celebrated in song and your arrangements - all the to gentle baby shampoo and and look as pretty as you really lions and sentiments are story in all ages, the lily is the colorful pageant of spring- wa «i, us freauentlv as can - with a little common expressed through long-estab- perfect flower for the beginning flowering bulbs. - lished floral symbols. The arranger. Why? Because this purity and majesty of the exquisite blossom embodies Don't forget the beauty of Easter lily reminds us of the such simple yet dramatic accompanying green foliage. triumph over death we cele- perfection of line, texture, and Thelilyhasitsown.butyoucan brate in the miracle of the form that it almost literally further enhance this, if you Resurrection. A dry, lifeless arranges itself. . wish, with podocarpus, mag- bulb when planted, it bursts forth into glorious bloom and new life each spring. nolia, or huckleberry leaves. The Society reminds you not Floristspointoutthatthelily ^*TM T^ ^SSSiES .!,,,. ,,,.,,,.,,,,;,,,,,,. »,,,!,,,, ,.,ni with a guideline.or two, here u _ " ' ' / . , _ . , are a few: iifiS*. FINISHED PRODUCTS -- Bluebirds and Campfire Girls standing with .quilts they nave made for the ingathering are, from left, Beth Smith, Jenny Vander, Gail Ral and Wendy Bendt. (Tribune photo by John Seelmeyer) Camp Fire Girls, Blue Birds display sewing projects Greeley area Camp Fire linens. The items are presented In the past, these articles Girls and Blue Birds displayed in pairs so that one article may have gone to the office of the be worn while the other is Denver Council of Camp Fire washed. their annual sewing projects at an ingathering in the Blue Flame Room of Ihe Greeley Gas Co., last Thursday afternoon. ' T h e girls, along with their mothers and leaders, had a chance to view all of the work -from quilts to baby kimonos -done by the girls through the Needlework Guild. Needlework Guild collects thousands of garments and household linens each spring throughout the country and distributes them through United Fund agencies or other welfare organizations. Among the groups receiving the items are children's homes, old people's homes, and visiting nurses associations. The Camp Fire Girls have been a major contributor to Needlework Guild for many years, starting on a national level as far back as 1917. Each year the type of garments or household linens COOKING is FUN By CECILY BROWNSTONE AuwUted Prni Food Editor SUNDAY SUPPER Tomato Bouillon Figure-right Egg Sandwiches 'reshFruit Beverage FIGURE-RIGHT EGG SANDWICHES A minimum of mayonnaise is used. 4 large eggs, hard-cooked 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 2 tablespoons pickle relish Vs teaspoon salt White pepper to taste Lettuce 8 thin slices bread Peel and mash the eggs with Girls for distribution. This year, however, the articles will stay in the Greeley area and be distributed through -th Weld Information and Referral Service. Most of the children's items will go to the Migrant Day Care Centers in northern Colorado. Other items will go to the elderly and the needy in the county. Needlework Guild is one of the ways Camp Fire Girls and season, let this particular Blue Birds give service to the flower mark the beginning of a community. Chairman of the new chapter in your life: Needlework Guild ingathering flowers for every day living, this year was Mrs. Virgil Having enjoyed the beauty of Harper. the flowering plant for several plant you receive at Easter will combine fully-opened, half- opened, and completely closed In making small arrange- blooms. Each bloom when fully- ments, uneven numbers of opened will remain fresh for blooms are lovelier to behold about five days. This means you than balanced twos, fours, or can enjoy the beauty of the sixes. Only a few lily blooms flowering plant for several days are needed for the arrange- before and after Easter ment; so if you receive only one Sunday. plant, you can enjoy this ar- The Easter lily plant likes lots tistic experiment, of water, but make sure it has Thelily is especially beautiful good drainage. Place it in a bright, but cool, window. A south or west window is recommended. Be sure to remove the yellow parts, called anthers, when the blooms open to keep the white blooms from becoming soiled with yellow pollen. This will also help the blooms last longer. Remove blossoms as they fade so the water supply can nourish the remaining parts of the plant. After the lily plant has finished blooming, you may want to add it to your garden. The bulb can be planted permanently in the garden after the danger of frost is over. If you are the lucky recipient of a stately lily plant this Easter be too hot. Give the blossoms cool positions in full light, but no direct sunshine. Your success with the lily can inspire you to create a continuing series of tiny fresh arrangements to beautify your home. A fresh flower a day reminds you and those you love that every day is as ,fresh and full of promise as Easter. wash as frequently as can - with a little common necessary -. even if that means sense and a helping hand from everyday.. babv ' "'' Many hair authorities recommend using baby shampoo for frequent shampooing because it keeps hair its cleanest possible while insuring the gentlest cleansing action. It leaves hair soft and bouncy no matter how often you wash and that's the secret of really beautiful hair ; right? And. it gives hair that beautiful young shine! Getting a style that needs only a blow dryer for manageability can help make WALLPAPER 15% o« AT MARYLEE'S FARM FARE CAFETERIA needed will vary. Some of the mayonnaise, relish, salt and suggested items on Ihe list this Pepper- u = e as a fillin g with HERALD OF EASTER -- The trumpet shaped flower of the lily is the herald of Easter, symbolizing purity and chastity. By Frances Dietrich A reader in St. Paul, Minn., The man-made fiber people Be ready for Spring. Have your , clothes drycleaned early. f Sanitone ( drycleaned. \\ ^ TWO DRIVE-IN LOCATIONS 2800 W. 10th St. 352-8521 12149th Ave. 357-3210 year were aprons, baby the lettuce for the bread, mak- wri t eS : "I see the word 'tex- came up with the idea of textur- kimonos, bibs, diapers, crib ing 4 sandwiches; there will be tured'in front of the word poly- ing the rodlike filaments by quilts, towels, wash cloths, dish about 1 ' 3rd CU P filIin B for eacn towels, pajamas, bootees, Cut each sandwich into dresses, and pillow cases. triangles. Makes 4 servings. To be a member of Needlework Guild, each girl must The first telephoto network make or purchase two new was opened by the Associated articles of clothing or household Press in 1935. Fine Fabrics for BUNT'S 901 16th Street · DRAPERIES · UPHOLSTERING · CARPETING · KOMAC PAINTS Dial 352-9595 · ART SUPPLIES ester in advertising, in mail- giving them a permanent wave. 4 order catalogues, and on hang The process developed in tags of clothing. I have a pretty Europe, was originally applied fair idea what polyester is, but what does 'textured' mean to me, the consumer?" "Textured," is the big word in textiles today. The reader was perceptive in wanting to know the significance of this prefix to polyester. To thoroughly understand, first try to visualize polyester fibers. Emerging from the spinneret, they ar.e long, smooth filaments. Magnified, they look like glass rods. Tightly woven fabric made from yarns of these fibers do not have "give," or resilience. Nor, is there space between the yarns, which would permit the circulation of air. Natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, have a built-in curl. In addition, they have a cellular structure, which permits them to nylon for woven ski wear fabric, which would have a degree of stretch. Though polyester became the number one fiber in permanent press fabric and in double knits, it was realized that there was room for improvement in its use in knits and in lightweight wovens. Texturing was the answer. Shape is provided to polyester filament in various ways; by mechanically bending, by coiling and uncoiling, and by twisting into loops. The distorted filaments are then heat-set for permanency. to "breathe." 2 LOCATIONS TO BETTER SERVE PUS SHOES 911 16th St. "On the hill" ON ANY PURCHASE Good thru Saturday ( Apri[ 14th Jffi^^ 5672 B nth Ave., Hillside Moll Opposite Brcsclr's Ice Crtim and adjacent to Adventures Awaiting SHOES THINGS Fabric of fine textured polyester has a luxurious silky feel, instead of a harsh feel. Texturing also adds a degree of stretch. When used in both directions of the fabric, there is a two-way stretch. An example is Ultressa by Burlington. · Textured polyester fabrics have more opacity and depth because of the new bulkiness of the yarns, even though they may be light in weight. New interest can be given to the body and surface of fabrics with the creation of pebbly and crepelike effects because of the three-dimensional shape of textured yarns. Polyester knits made with the spring-shaped yarns are softer and have more slretch and better recovery. Both knits and wovens have more "breath- ability." The crimp in the yarn provides distance between the fibers at intervals so that air can circulate. This provides greater comfort. An added feature is better wearability of the fabric's resilience. Textured polyester fabric will cost a modicum more because of the extra cost of production. Reader Service: Use polyester fleece as a shaping material for polyester suiting fabric. Write for "Guidelines to Shaping With Fleece," which includes directions on padding sleeve caps, adding body to lightweight fabric and giving subtle shape to heavier fabric. Send-long, self-addressed and stamped envelope to Frances Dietrich, P.O. Box 57SO, St. Louis, Mo. 63121. Your Home Owned Store ANNIVERSARY SALE We are 6 years old and to celebrate we are having a Store-Wide Sale this week only. SAVE UP TO 70% 1 large rack of SPORT COATS As low ds SUITS $ 39 88 - $ 49 88 - $ 59 88 ALLMEN'SSUITS SPORT COATS Double Knit PANTS 15% OFF All New Styles and Colors SHOES men's and women's 6 22 Ladies' Fall and Winter SPORTSWEAR Values to 16.00 $ 5°° PANTY HOSE 4 pair $ 3°° by Kayser Remember All Merchandise 15% off Except Fair Trade Items Open 5 Nights Till 8:30 Hillside Center

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