Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 5, 1967 · Page 10
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 10

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1967
Page 10
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Idaho Free Press 4 Calthrell News-Tribune. Monlay, June 5, 1967-Al Astrological Forecast By Carroll Righter G E N E R A L TENDENCIES: You have every kind of thance (0 apply some new and more interesting methods to mike a success of whatever material and.', financial plans you find to be vital to y o u r f u t u r e w e l f a r e , so lose no time but delve into any such and find Ihe best m e a n s b y which to have a far greater p r o s p e r i t y than in the . , _ , , . past. Carroll Rlghtcr ARIES: (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Ideal day to keep occupied with m a t e r i a l , financial affairs that will belter your position in life, lie a c c u r a t e with figures, details. Clever business person can give accurate analysis of f u t u r e trends. TAURUS: (Apr. 20 to May 20) Impress others favorably with vour charm and special capabilities, being sure to show that you are e x t r e m e l y t h o u g h t f u l , i n v i t a t i o n s of w o r t h should be accepted. Slale your ideas as you cruise about. G E M I N I : (May 211o June 21) Ue on the alert for secret data that csn assist you in forging ahead w i t h a l a c r i t y in Ihe days a h e a d , but be secretive. You re- q u i r e assistance from experts. Ue sure to contact the right ones. MOON C H I L D R E N : ( J u n e 22 to J u l y 21) Getting in t o u c h w i t h socially powerful ac- q u a i n t a n c e s on be an excellent means for g a i n i n g benefits you want. Then shop for whatever 4554 MiSSCS 10-18 JK. UKS 9-13 vou absolutely need. Out to the social, clubs, etc.; in P.M. I.EO: (July 22 to Aug. 21) Certain i m p o r t a n t matters t h a t are vita! to you ran be handled better if you discuss t h e m w i t h i n f l u e n t i a l persons and gel backing. Smile pleasantly, t h o u g h . New mechanisms can make you more efficient in your w o r k . Buy t h e m . VIRGO: (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) lie more willing to meet fasci- n a t i n g individuals who can m a k e Ihe path ahead far easier and more pleasant, profitable for you. Gel d a t a that has eluded you before this. This can be very advantageous for you. LIBRA: (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Stating y o u r desires and aims lo others results in much backing and support. Certain favors lo close attachment can bring affection you desire. Show t h a t you have excellent taste. SCORPIO: (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) T h i n k over what you have to do in order to have a greater u n d e r s t a n d i n g wilhallies.W ork together m o r e harmoniously. Smile more and you rid yourself of opposition channeled in y o u r direction. SAGITTARIUS: (Nov. 22 lo Dec. 21) You can carry through w i t h a great deal of work provided you are more persevering; stop dreaming so much. Problems should be considered as a challenge to your skill. They can be fun if you change your atlilude. CAPRICORN: (Dec.22lo Jan. 20) You musl do something equally helpful for others if you want them lo give you their support also. Be m o r e interested in the c u t u r a l and amusing as well. Live a belter- rounded life; be happier. AQUARIUS: (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) More. t i m e , s p e n t , doing t h o u g h t f u l things for those w i t h i n your household makes for more harmonious living. Invite f r i e n d s in and be proud of your home. Have a charming soiree that will be memorable. PISCES: (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Making appointments and talking m a t t e r s over with others is best way to get them to u n d e r - slanii your Ideas, RO along with them. Don't neglect to make out importanl reports. See t h a t they are precise. IF YOUR CHILD IS BOKN TODAY . . . he, or she, will be one of those interesting youngsters who does so much thinking and analyzing that he fails to take any action at all, if you don't teach early to come lo decisions. Business would be the best outlet here, whether male or female, or whatever has lo do with monetary matters: He careful of diel. u ' "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of y o u r life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast for y o u r sign for June is now ready. For y o u r copy send your birthdale and Sl.OO to Carroll Righter Forecast (name of newspaper), Box 1921, Hollywood 28, California. AT SCHOOW -rov-p PAIN-TIMS. £0, Hi* CROSSWORD - - - -TO 90 A fMGtt. pip THIS TBJPBCTUREX MOTE THE STEAM FROM THE HOT THE HUMAN BOO* CAN ACCOMMOCATE TO ALMOST ANY CONDITION, EVEN BREATHING RAREFIED S THE PLEASANT ZONE SUGGESTS A VISIT. 42. Aries 43. occasionally 48. man's name 49. pitcher 50. ancient Irish capital 51. female awan A2. atltches 53. minced oath VERTICAL 1. inject larva, 2. Island (Fr.) 3. French article. 4. a wash 5. to portray 6. god of love 7. put on 8. at any moment 9. certain lyric canuta .10. tea eagle . steadying ropes IS.bombycld moths 20. Spanish exclamation 21. ego 22. wed covering. 23. Revolutionary patriot 24. polluted air 26. soar 27. small hotel 28. wicked 29. river barriers 31. American and Swiss 34. Levenaon 35. an Arab 37. square of butter 38. journey 39.leveret 40. merganser 41.pronoun 44. be In debt 45. English halfpenny 46. period of time 47. woeful MARY WORTH THAI'S OBVIOUS, ALWT ·JUOfflNG fKW THL PRETTY GIIU5 1 itt GOING INTO VOUH sruoio! I'M A. HOPELESS SGUNi£,W«. WORTH.' ·I DON'T KATE ii MnriFK ALL MODEIS ADMIRAL YOU IK. WITIN HER MSKURIM fW GIAD YOU'RE NOT ONE OF THWE ARTISTS WHO WEIO PIECES OF JUNK TOGETHER AND CAIL THE R15LJIT "WO.'AAN WITH FIOWER," MR MONKOE! WI5EN, MARV tA5 FOUND IKE 6WEKAN, A NJRLY YOUNG 5CULPTOP, MONROE, A 1EASAKT BUT PUZZLING INDIVIDUAL- Answer to Saturday's puzzle BUT WRE L1V1HS IN A PRMMWORlP.BUZl SHE'S IOST, «ONE."CU MUSTWCEfACTS.TWRE . YOU NEEPA WIFE, A HOMELAND TOUR BOY NEEP5A WtLL, WHY NOT? WE BOTH \ SORRY, MVTZI. 1 STILL HAVE ENJOY THESJWE THINGS. [HOPES OF FINDING CHRISTY. WEPKWPPYTD6ETHER, IKNOWWEWOULP. BUT, M1TZI, HAVE I GIVEN VOU THE IMPRESSION THAT I Y*S IN lOrt? BUT I DOM'TWMtT 10 MARRY BOB.ffSYOU , uMjp-m I It HftVfc IO THINK HOVER, (O1K7, Kliw Features SymJ./Iac.) HORIZONTAL 1.t poiter 5. mother of Castor and Pollux 9. wooden pin 12. oil: comb, form 13. press 14. Indeed (Anglo-Ir.) 15. attestation 17. curve of ship's planking 18. electrified particles It. carries 21. Greek Island 24. farm building 25. Ireland a. boiled slowly 30. Yutang 31. small boat 32. girl's name 33. blushing 35. slender 36.CMne*« Itang 37. pares 38.topic 40. deceit Today' s Almanac By United Press International Today is Monday, June 5, the 156lh day of 1967 with 209 to follow. The moon Is between its last quarter and new phase.. . . The morning star is Saturn, The evening stars are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jniter. Born on this day In 1897 was Madame Chiang Kai-shek ot Nationalist China, On this day in history: In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill abolishing the gold standard. in 1350, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that segregation practices in Southern railroad dining cars were unconstitutional. In 1962, anAlr.France.707jet crashed in Paris, killing. 130 persons including 121 from Atlanta, Ga., who were on a European study trip. In 1966, astronaut Gene Cerium lelt Gemini 9 tor a Z hour and 10 minute spacewalk. JLONDIE MOW I'U- HAVe I TOAPOLOSIze I -. FOf* MOT APOUOSlZlNS , sS. J-HE APtxosiesARe I PHONE 466-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad. Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Tune · WHV, S0f£ OF THESE POOR KIDS ARE ONLY 25 OR "it- THAT'S TOO TO 60 TO WORK HE GRADUATE? IT'S AWFUL TO SIC HIM ON AH BACHELOR OF Jl UNSUSPECTING K WITH REX MORGAN, M.D. ( IT WAS LIKE A NIGHTMARE /· ASATHA.l WE WERE PRWIN'6 SHE'S STILL UHCON- SCIOUS, WIL.' THAT MEANS 6HE'S HAP A SEVEKE CONCUSSION! -- PERHAPS SOMETWN6 MOKE SERIOUS I CANT UNPfiRSTANP HER BEINS Ol/T WITH 6AKROWAY-ATTMAT TOEOFTHENI6KT/ PERKAFS ITS BECAUSE OU GAVE HER SUCH A HARP TIME ' EARLIER IN THE EVENING .' / HOME, ENJOYING THE 5?RINS VOUCAMTfiALL IT GRADUATION' NI6HT VV^EN THAT CK SEEMEP COME OUT OF N01VHEKE VN US Off THE ROAP AVVAITIN6 WRP ON WENWS NEUROLOSICAL EXAMINAT10N, WIL REMAINS ALOOf FROM CLARK GARRO- WAYWMOIS BEING COM- PORTEP BY /ASATHA.' I, WHAT A VOKIDERFUL '-X DISPOSSESSED LJ COUNTRY THIS IS WHEN OU THIWKTHATA LOT OF THEM WHO TOLD VOU? NANCY--CLOSE YOUR EYES .;·--I AND STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE ,^ OKAY THAT'S TO YOU NOT SO MUCH REMIND TO TALK I HEAR YOU BROKE A WINDOW TODAY THE PROFS HAVE A LAST WORD ANENT THE PIPLOMA 6RABBERS T/POFrHefiAr. - "ONE OF THE/A" /§ ^K. fiuaeiuin P f TEX.f ^.i DONALD DUCK TEN-PAV DIET }i, ENDED. 1 BEETLE BAILEY \ eive vtxi TSN \ SCCOMM TO set car ) TlWT BEP/ J THE FLINTSTONES I WANT TO STOP PAYMENT ON ALL CHBCK5 I WRITE FROM NCW ON... PROMISE ME YOU'LL PO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... OKAY ·? 6OT OUT OF HAND.' I "WINK I'M N LOVE IVE NEVER FELT LIKE THIS B£FO(?E,. Spring a surprise nl the next parly--show off R shapely waist In this ntpped-tn teuil- nlne princess. Beginner-easy to sew In soft paslels. Printed Pattern 4554: Jr. Miss Sizes 9, U, 13. Misses' Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16. 18. Size 14 lakes 3% yards 35-inch. S I X T Y - F I V E CENTS In coins for each pattern--add 15 cents (or each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Idtho Free Press Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. P r i n t N A M E , A D D R E S S with Z I P , SIZE and STYLE N U M B E R . Summer's Fashions are a JOY FOR ALL, SIZES! See 115 styles, 2 (ree hat patterns, fabrics, accessories In new Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog. Gift Coupon for free pattern in Catalog. Send 50*

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