Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on January 25, 1975 · Page 3
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 3

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, January 25, 1975
Page 3
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If Larry Gordim t ditor. Tht Fr«« Prtu Let me recite here pome ··f C° ach . Ha y Burwick stood up in chapel at NNC Friday ana shared an amazing talent wilh the assembled studenls - !md one intruder. He lold them that he had. taking his cue from a recent .speaker al chapel, committed to memory a poem ^pronounced pome). And then he preceded to recite: : '' "Here I stand, skeered as can be , Nol knowing what our newspaper will say about me." · ' And there lie was, bare headed at that. You just never know about them basketball coaches. I had been standing (loitering if you prefer) in the , i.yieinily prior to the hour specified for chapel when Burwick ^.suggested 1 come on in and listen to his presentation since he ' b . was on the griddle (or program, as I mentioned above -- lake , .your preference). ''\' For a last-minute fill-in, he wasn't that bad. In fact I /.think most of the students related to what he said; you just i 'ijever know. . . + + + Unfortunately (the silence was beller than this) one !; student did lake advantage of my offer to print rebuttals concerning the issues I dealt with in last Saturday's column. . Uut 1 promised not lo lake advantage by grabbing the last · ;.kord, so here is a comment uy Terry Martin: t .i . ' v - Mr. Gardner: '· ' In regards lo Mr. Sherill's social problems class ... of which I am a member, I feel that you were out of .'.' line in mentioning the conduct of the class without first regarding the behavior of the panel. When the panel opened to the class, it should have dealt with the questions of the class --or was the class actually wanted in the discussion? It seemed that the panel members were more preoccupied with pushing . their views down the throats of the other panel members. If you treat a class of involved college students ·· · · like a group of unconccrning high school studenls the · : outcome will be one of the unconcerning high school ·:·" students. If you wish to be treated with respect try 1 ' giving your respect. If treated like an adult I'm sure most adults will return that favor. ' : · ' Respectfully yours, '·- Terry Martin. . ··~ Usually we gel carried away with our enthusiasm (or the -kind of job being done al the Statehouse and compliment our ·'favorite legislator by suggesting he has trouble un- · derslanding Readers Digest (Remember -- it's wrilten for Ihe level of an eighth grade education) or something similar. -: i The lables have been turned in Louisiana this year where. -a legislator has corrie up wilh a few choice epithets tot the '.-. people who elected him. According to a U'fl dispatch from Baton Rouge, well, I'll just furnish the'entire dispatch. I wouldn't want to distort things any more than some of you may feel UPI already has: BATON ROUGE, La. (UPI) - A legislator says the people who gave him his job -- the voters of Louisiana -have the menlalily of a 16-year-old or a 14-year-old." "-'' Moreover, said Rep. Richard Guidry in a speech "Thursday, they have no idea what's going on cither in the 's'la'te or the nation's capitol. His remarks were greeted with cheers by his colleagues. '''!} Guidry was speaking in favor of a bill to prohibit the Aejjislature from calling itself into special session within 60 ·(lays lo write a campaign reform law. ., "If we're really for good government, don't try to come '.uji' here and tell me we're going to call a $200,000 special 'session lo call for an idiotic, asinine, silly campaign prac- \\ccs law thai you don't need on the books in the first place," .^"uidry said. '·'·' "We tend to give too much credit lo the voters because Ihey really have Ihe mentality of a 16-year old or a 14-year- old. I (ion'l mean to be ugly about this, but I mean that people are taking government for granted and do not participate. They really don't know what the devil's going on in Baton Rouge. They don't know what's going on in Washington. "What Ihe people wanl is something for notbing and it hasn't changed since the days of Jesus Christ." "I'm going !o tell the people of this slate it's hypocritic," Guidry said of the proposed special session. "Just because Rjjchard Nixon was stupid and got caught, you think averybody's a thief?" The measure was approved on an 86-16 vote. :; : You can tell how much enthusaism they have for i'Sunshine taws" in Ihe South -- almost as much as do Idaho legislators. i'.; I have no illusions that such disclosure laws will do any -Rood. !f legislators and lobbyists were honest, we wouldn't inoert Ihe laws in Ihe first place, and if they aren't Ihe laws AWrtainlv won't inhibit their natural tendencies to sidestep ;lhem. marine life is subject Around about The Nampa area OLD TIMERS-Union Pacific Oldlimers will meet at 6:30 tonight al Wengerl Hall. Entertainment by Chorlectrics. Members arc lo bring a hot and cold dish and dessert. S I N G L E ADULTS-The Single Adults Interdenominational Sunday School class will have a gel-acquainted meeting at 9:30 a.m. Sunday at North's Chuckwagon, wilh 9:45 Bible sludy to follow. Class will dismiss in lime for everyone lo allend own church. For information, call ·166-3425. TOPS NO. 28-TOPS Club No. 28 will meet Monday al (he First Christian Church. Weigh-in will be from G:30 lo 7 p.m. with meeting from 7 to 8 p.m. Everyone with weight problems, including men, welcome. For information, call Evelvn Simon, ·1660509. B U S I N E S S W O M E N -The Nampa Business and Professional Women's Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday al Ihe home of Hazel Miller. 5IM IGlh Ave. S. Lavcrni* (inches, chief deputy clerk of the district court, will speak. C 11 U li C II \V 0 M E N UNITED- Jane Eisenrich, stale president of Church Women United, will be the featured speaker al Ihe annual meeting al 1:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. ;tl, in the parlor of the First Christian Church. Representatives from all denominations are invited. SENIOR CITlZKNS-Coimly assessor Bruce .Markus will be . al the Nampa Community Center Tuesday and Thursday from noon until 5 p.m. to discuss properly tax exemption for senior citizens, who can sign up for the exemption at that lime. S I N G L E C L U B - T h e DEMOLAY-Xampa Chapter, Treasure Valley Singles Club Order of DeMolav. will have Inc. will have a dance at Ihe. Mardi Gras in Boise from 8:30 to 11 p.m. Sunday. welcome. insinuation of officers at 7:311 p.m.,. Monday at Masonic All singles Temple. I'uulic invited. RECOVERY INC.-Recovery Inc. will meet al 8 p.m. Monday al the Community Center. Public invited. For information call 467-1171, exl. 107. Benefit events planned NAMPA -- Three events are planned as a community effort to help pay medical expenses of a longtime Nampa resident who died Jan. 4. Proceeds from a roller skating benefit, a dance and a merchandise sales meeting will be added lo a fund in memory of Mrs. Beulah Fern Scheffert. The memorial fund is being started by Mrs. Velma Stucki, 212 Venice Ave. Mrs. Slucki said that Mrs. Scheffert, wlio was 52 when she died, had suffered with a kidney ailment for about 12 years. She had relied on a ' 'kidney machine for fhe'pa'sl five years," with' frequent"'visits to Salt Lake 'City'foundation-'for treatment. Mrs. Scheffert's husband, i.eRoy M. "Roy" Scheffert, has worked for Storey Feed and Seed Co. of many years. Family roller skating is scheduled at Ihe Nampa Rollerdromefrom 7 to 10p.m. on Jan. 30. The benefit dance will be held from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Feb. 15 at the Mardi Gras, 615 S. Ninth Si., Boise. NElGHBOKS-Royal Neighbors of America. Mcllm Camp No. 9507, will meet al 2 p.m. Tuesday in Waller's Hutu- Grange Hall for a regular business meeting and installation of officers. Women are requested lo wear long drosses and alt members are asked to attend. REBEKAIIS-Thc Rebekahs will sponsor a card party at K lonight al the IOOF Hall. Prizes and refreshments. Public invited. KITTENS- Three housebru- ken killens, (wo male cats lo bo given away to good home. Call Joe Tague, Nampa Houle 3, Locust Lane and Apple Valley Head, at 4C6-7I5D. Radios sfofen N A M P A -- Police are investigating three reports of thefts from vehicles in Ihe vicinity of toil) lo 12lh Avenue Road. The Ihefls are believed lo be .connected',! , ., |. . .. ,.,,, ... .Ijarqld, Sellman, .715 IQ|li..Ave. S. Ext., reported his citizen's band radio had been stolen from his pickup while parked al his residence. Value of the SBK Calalina brand radion was $150. A similar report was made by Gary Shenkel, 319 11th Ave. S Exl., who told police a Pinto brand citizen's band 23-channel radion with a microphone was taken from his vehicle. Value of (he radio was S130. Mary Treasure, 303 12th Ave. Road, also reported the theft of a The Bestline Products get- together will be held from 7 to 10 cillzcnT band" radio." 'Midland p.m. on March 3 at the Nampa bra|]d| from her vc|licl( , ,,, a i, three cases, entry was gained through (he wing window of (tie locked vehicles. In arrests Friday. Omer Evans, III Elmort 1 , was picked up on a felony charge of driving while inloxicaled and is being held al the . Canyon County Sheriff's Office. Kenneth Huhbard, Nampa Route 7, was arrested on a charge of pelil larceny ami has been released on his own Community Center. Mexican courses scheduled it*; IttBLSBOKO. Kan. - James Chfjrtcnsen, Nampa. Idaho, a NAMPA -- College credit classes in Mexican-American culture and language will begin Tuesday, Jan. 28, 4-7 p.m. at South Junior High School. Conducted under Boise Slate University, Ihe 15-session class will offer Ihrce cretlils in graduate or undergraduate work -- 114 credits in basic conversational Spanish, and I 1 ; credits in cultural dancing, customs, and cookery., Cost of Ihe program will be $20 per credit hour or (15 per credit hour for auditing. Instructors of the class will be Migrant Education Resource Center's ciiriculum consultant, Sonia H u n t , and Consuelo Pearcc, Child welvare The Idiilm Free Press. Saturday. January 25, 1975-3 Permit issued for addition NAMPA - A permit for a S70.WHI addition to a local nursing home was issued this week b\ the city inspector's office. Hoiili'varu 1 Nursing Home. 472 Calclwcll Blvd.. will construct a ·,(W square-foot addition lo Ihe fadlily. Thi addition will include a now kitchen, patient nuiins and storage, according to plans submitted lo the inspector's office. A n t i t h r r permil issued icrailly wenl lo R.W. Moffat lo Iniilcl a new house at 1110 W i n l l i v r in Hockwood Park Sulnihsinii Value of the new liiuisi' is $11.100. An infanl cotlontail rabbit has only one chance in 20 of reaching its first birthday. K K V I N \Y.\I.I.IS, i-enler, w i l l he installed as niasln roimdliir (it N a m pa Chapter, Order of Dr.Miiliir. in a r c r o m n n y Mumtay. Jan. 27, In'^iiminK at 7:3u p.m. al the Masonic Tcni- |ih'. Tlir now master councilor is Ihe son nf .Mr. anil Mrs. William Wallis and w i l l succeed Ilkl. I l i i i l i i n . Morgan Persons, right, w i l l timmif t h r new senior councilor and Philip Dtiifi'i 1 . l e f t , u i l l lc junior councilor. M i m m Askcy. past master councilor, a I'lwiilifi 1 . anil pasl stale master cmuicilnr w i l l tic tlie inslallini* officer, assisted by Kcilli (InpriiiR. Hnss Weeks. Kick l.ano and I l i n t i m . all past master I'liiuirilurs of .Vainpa t'lniptev. The I'vdil Is open to all f r i e n d s nf t h e nriler and a reception w i l l be cniulucU'il In tin- D e M o l a v Mothers' Circle (ollowinx the inslalhliiin. i S l i i f f l ' l i i i l i i ) DINNER SPECIAL! A T . . . ThoSANDIUIl · Ullf Ml (HOUND IEEU... · WNOUDCOMISM C M E H M Including soup or lo'od, potato, coffee or lea. THUKS., SUNDAY ..... Also serving our olhtr tint rfmnert. RESERVATIONS (95-233« Idaho Youth Ranch program described NAMPA - Ynung people have changed in three ways since World War I I , ' N a m p a Kiwankins were (old al their mooting Thursday by Neil K. Howard, executive director of Ihe Idaho Ymilli lianch at iiuperl. These, lie said, are the changes: 1. Modern alfhiency has bred delinquency in our youth. 2. There is ton great a concern for individual rights rather than concern for ijur fellow man. :i. Television has changed the altitudes and personalities of yuiilh- ill per cent of the waking hours of youngsters is spent watching television, which means it is a mode of educalion. The Idaho 'Youth Ranch.i Howard' sttiil.'-Oii'compass'e's ; 25- acre* near Rupert. 15 acres of which is under cultivation. The ranch can accommodate a maximum' of 30 boys, and at present has 25 boys ranging from 10 lo 10 years of age. The program at the rancli includes: 1. An active work program geared lo everyday life. 2. Aulo mechanic shop for farm equipment, wood shop, and arts anil crafls shop. :l. Scout Iroop. t. Teaching financial responsibility, self disciplines anil personal everyday life habits. The ranch supports public education and plans its program in coordination wilh it. Howard said in Idaho we do nol have the hard-core kids found in larger cities, but chiefly youth from rural areas. The Idaho Youth Ranch has a $3(M.OOu budget and is supported by public fund drives. Directors hope lo enlarge it in Ihe future because of the need. . '-'We can be proud of Ihe activities'-of Ihe Idaho Youth," he declared. "II is one of the best in Ihe country." (.'lub members were reminded of the interclub meeting with Homedale Kiwanians Wednesday, Jan. 19. when Ihey will meet at the posl office parking lot al I I a.m. for Ihe trip. I n C . Q c 3 C I T , M Drink exrro. I $195 All You Con Eat! Sunday Hours 12 to 4 p.m. SUNDAY DINNER · BAKED PORK CHOPS · FRIED CHICKEN · APPLE PIE DENNY'S Lhe-A-Diner 1923 2nd. Si. So. Nompa 466-9824 "Register To Be A Complimentary Guest" NAMPA CRUSADE TONIGHT, 7:15 P.M. "A Day to Remember" The Christian Sabbath -- Saturday or Sunday? Does it make any difference lo God? Has the calendar been changed? What about grace and Law? Did the resurrection of Jesus cancel the Seventh-Day Sabbath? SUNDAY NIGHT, JAN. 26 "Why So Many Denominations?" · The Christian Church through the stormy centuries. · Is everything in Christendom really Christian? · Who changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday? Crusade Programs Begin at... 7:15 p.m. child cart is provided lylt D. Albrxht CRUSADE SPEAKER Nampa High School Little Theatre 12th Ave. Rd. Nampa, Idaho recognizance. licipanls are visiling Chfjpcnsen, .\ampa. loano, « laboratories in Newport,sea lion ·mujjjal Tabor College here, is caves, the Weyerhauser lumber R p c c j a ii s t. According (o Ihe nnJ»Jfive Tabor students taking mill to watch logs processed i r . s | rlic i ors (he purpose of (he ' ' ' '- '· from rough tree lo finished product, commercial fishing boats, and a Japanese freighter a marine hiology trip Ic 'n during the January period.. grnup of science majors is to observe loading of lumber for (!re{5o;n three-week study of marine l i f e . Par- students - A total 664 sluSnls al Ricks College were nnni5{J lo the honor roll for Ihe (alt-fcmeslcr, college officials reputed. c named earned grade Averages of 3.5 or above .aking a! leasl M hours of k. Enrollment last fall % two-year college owned ·rated by Ihe Church of Chris! of Laltcr-day [.exceeded 5,400. honor roll students m- cluWtl Nancy Christiansen, I!cl£c ; -'° McKnight, Steven J. Tijj£ and Jeanne Tuft of Natjjia; Enid Nelson of Meratan; and Karen Ann Kent of KSncdalc. trans-Pacific voyage. The studies will include both (he biology and ecology of the Inlerlidal zones of Southern Oregon and its coast. Daily Ihe students are collecting in Ihe mornings and practicing laboratory identification in Ihe afternoons. Sludenls from 34 associated Colleges of Central Kansas are participating in Ihe study. Medical arts honors listed POCATELLO - Students from Idaho Stale University's college of medical arts named to (he fall semester dean's list included: Department of nursing -- Kalhryn S. Choal, Nampa; and Ann C. Ruffing, Meridian. Department of denial hygiene - Linda C. Yamada, Nampa. program is to promote better communication, understanding and Irusl. "More and more people ask for basic Spanish conversation and cultural awareness of the Mexican-American people," said Ms. Hunt. The community, nurses, aides, teachers, administrators, and any other interested persons are invited lo participate. More informalion may be obtained by calling 467-3351. Sir Winston Churchill was » years old when he retired as British prime miniler in 1955. DRAFT BEER 5 ( A GLASS WW wrvtd wilh dfnner -Hmil 5 gl«»M ptr ptn*n. (WMbpmmtivpplybtH) The SANDBAR Highway 45 i i i · Helping him grow up is a grownup job Careful planning can provide financial security lor Ihe (uture of those we love those who depend on us. Modern Woodmen can help wilh your plans. Since 1883 we've been providing the finest life insurance and fraternal benefits for our members and Iheir beneficiaries - their dependents. Ask your Modern Woodmen representative how you can best plan for your future and Ihe future of your family. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA One )/ ilic iinir'oji's touting Iraicrnal li/c iiisiuance organizations. Home Office. Rock Island, Illinois 61201 ARTHUR D.PEDEN Dii'iict RepreKMative PHONE, 444 0507 P.O. Box 845 Nampa, Idoho 83651

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