Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 6, 1957 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 20
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Page 10 GREELEY TRIBUNE Ft. Lunton... FORT I.UPTON -- Twine Friday for California arc Mrs. Annette Travis of Kansas City, Mo., mil Mrs. I.ucinda Young of Kansas Cily, Kan., who have been the houseguests of (heir hrothor and listcr-urlaw, Mr. and Mrs. C-eorge During their slay here iiic visit- «rs and their hosts have taken several trips. One day was spent In Idaho Springs with a niece and family, Ihe C. I 1 '. Coles, One day ol the first class to receive diplomas uudt-i' the iiisliluliuu'a new status as a university. Since finishing bis course lie has become c~'.2b!i5j!cd in ?. p'? 1 :!!!'*'* '' wilh Ihe State Mutual Life Ajsur- 'ante company of \Vorcbestcr. | .Mass., and works out uf the coin · pany's Denver office. He and Sirs. ! Vetlcr, Ihe former Miss I.inda Myers of l.oveland, and llirir Iwo j year-old son. Steven Alan arc scl- ; lied in Denver. Mr. and .Mrs. U-i- J. i \'ctler will attend Ihe g r a d u a t i n g j exercises Friday wilh their daugh: tcr-in-law. Plot Sly Conspiracy vicinity. The women will spend a n ] [ ) n a j P n n l r a r l c I al Indefcnite lime in California w i t l i l K O a O 1,011110115 L6I relatives. Mr. Frink's olher sisler, j Mrs. Alice Young, also of K a n s a s ! ,,. ...... UK.NVEK Ol -- Thr Cc-iorailo ; City, Mo., had just completed a ! Highway Ocpl. Wednesday a w a r d - [ visit here for a m o n t h , leaving ied contracts for reconstruction of just before the other sister's a r - ! approach highways to Iwo West, j rival. ! cm Slope cities. i ! Tin. Shnrc-Bailey Construction! Air. and Mrs, B. L. Moore and ] daughter. Dcnicc, of Fort Worth, Tex., have jusl completed a visit here with the parents of Mrs. Iloore, Mr. snd Mrs. Jess Popino. °~ Lllllc lin IO-ATS! of 11 j bidders for rebuilding 4 2-3 miles 'of Colorado H i g h w a y 13 on cither side of Meeker. Work will s t n r t Mrs. Moore is the former Miss ! J l l n c . ? B . " n ' t h c ".14,018 I'«Jecl, T.aVonne Popino who grow up i n ; " " W 'TML' ''° P r e l i m i n a r y estimate Korl I.iiplnn and was graduated from the Fort l.upton High school While here she enjoyed visiting the was S3-1S.11!!. products from drills and pow*rlTT Tr TUT J. "n~l~ facsimile transmissions. HWI .0 tractors, slressmz " . . Haill RCCDS Meil at FOlC Now Lil.le America and Me- lighl enough for the woman ol the! " ia - CC F° . , " """I" ««'« the "AnUrct.c Edi- hoiise lo use." \l n Ct\r\^*\f4 With HniTIP lion of the Syracuse lUrald-Jour- A case in point is the gentleman «* VXlIUaCl \V 11H IlOnit ,,al." put letter twice , «eek »ho informed his wife he h a d ! I : I 1 * the Herald-Journal stall. The bought a new magnesium ladder, ,, BOB POWELL i Message Service center. The Red \transmissions are made on equip! that would extend lo 16 ft. "light' · Crots teletype network brmps i CCIi - -;--'--- a ·-- ~c- c} t-c l o n o i i B h , " he added "(or vo u to. SYRACUSE. N. Y. Ifl - To 315',,,,,,,,,« frtm acris (he nation! *·«? " "? International Ceo- 'use." She beamed, glancing at men at '.he seven t r n i t f d States lo Syracuse for relay by RAGS I Physical .ear operation. ' Bay Plclurti Nut As an offshoot of the facsimile j work, the RAGS soon will embark j their old wooden space rider and j bases in Antarctica, the n a m e . Io m f n j n Inc Antarctic. Messages! | then suddenly mumbled, " W h a l | R A G S connotes a warm oasis in a , [ r0 ni the bottom of the world re-1 I would 1 want with 16 feet oj air." frigid expanse of desolation. ceived by RAGS arc put on thc ! i (She'didn't know that he was t h i n k - 1 The RAGS are a sroup of am- cull! use J C2:l ol! ?.CUr !3d'0 operator'! in North paint.) i Syracuse who lend the night watch i Salesmen are in on thc pitch loo. ( a shorl-wave radio sets in the Red Cross network here for trans-: on "Operation Baby Face." . 1 found myself "picking" o v e r ' c c l l a r »' le "»"'« o£ t h e l r tinair ' lo relatives 7,000 Morale LiHeri Since their first transmission on May 1, 1956. informing a Deep- ,,,,r,r-,i;,,,, 1 l Ifrec7.e sailor of the birth ol a son, . . . . . operational | i u _ n n c , processed more the papas can see their offspring. notify new 2SCS UTIC U5fd t" fathers of additional dependents, now the RAGS will insert pictures of the infants in the "Antarctic Edition" so that Dffsp: nium can't explain precisely some lawn mowers, 16 use n term j '"an. Paul Blum. frtm the bargain basement. Thc: '' ne cellar is thc iiiHimtrioim c a l f t m p n rif-vLT i.ncp '· "shack" of the Radio Amnteurs jiijuMriuu.-i hdiLniiiiii ucvir unit: i lh-in 7 (WW1 menaces lo and from i i mentioned Ihe a f f i n i t y of men ind | .1 Grc.1 ^«eu,. A |»' »- \, r^'^V^'s t.heTni why he and his cohort, get ": ( l a w n mowers, "It's Ihe easiest one! » t a r a B° B l u m aml llls o r 6 n n \ ,,,,,,._:,., a kick out of lhc work." available for w o m e n " he s a i d ' ' ' " ' 1 0 " j"»ed with thc A m e r i c a n , ·· .... ,__ --. ·.- i i. 'There's no strain. No puff. H h a s ' Kcd Cross to form thr Morale speed control, adjustable c u t t i n g ! ~ heights, safety clutch. You c a n ' yesterday you were dizzy and got Thc project will extend south, cast from Ihe Colorado Rivor school and mcelinfi her "former i ' )r ' rt . RP ' an !'. lntll11 ", l . M " a v i n « n! , ' h teachers [ h i g h w a y . Completion is scheduled; Sergeant and Mrs. Lester T. i !in five months. Ritchcy and son, Ricky, ol Seaside, j i T · Calif., and Mrs. Kllcn Ilicod of 1tL 1AU( - Slocklon, Calif., arrived Monday for a visit wilh Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Anderson. Mrs. Ritchey is Mrs. Anderson's sisler nnd Mrs. Ricod is her niece. They h a v e been visiting Mrs, Rilehey's f a t h e r in Grand Junction and arc en route, lo Biloxi. Miss., lo see hcr daughter. Mrs. Ttitchey will be remembered as Irene who established thc beauty shop which has since been known as Irene's Beauty Nook, now owned and operated by Mrs, Anderson. Mrs. Ritchey is recover- ! ing from injuries suffered in an automobile accident about three years ago. She sustained n broken jielvis, left, leg broken in many places, knee, cap lorn loose, left vvrisl and arm injury, ribs broken and culs on face and back of head. She WBS in thc Forl Ord Army hospital many months and hcr life disnnrcd of but she is now able to walk wilh difficulty, "hnl hopes lo j cnnlinue improving. Lilllc five year | old Rickey was adoplcd by lhc | couple while Sgl. Rilchcy wns sln- lioned in .lapan. Thc-visitors left Tuesday. Sgi. Kitchey has just been separated from service after 27 years service. Mr. find Mrs. Marion Johnson of Humboldt, Iowa, are spending several weeks here wilh their son and daughlcr-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Johnson. Thc Eldred Johnsons own and operate the Fort Luplon Cleaners and Clnlhicrs. The Johnsons came especially for Memorial day as Ihcy have several relatives whose graves in Denver cemcleries they decorated each year. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dcvercaux of Long Beach. Calif., arc visiting in Greelcy wilh Mrs. Dcvcrcaux's niece and family, the Orlo Nnuglos, to be and wilh Iheir aunl, Mrs. S. G. Montgomery al Ihe Bonell home in Grcclcy. Mrs. Montgomery and Mr. and Mrs. Devereaux visiled wilh Fort Luplon friends Ihe day prior lo Memorial day and also attended Memorial services al the Forl Luplon cemetery. They were dinner guests of Mrs. W. P. McWilliams Thursday. The Devercauxe. 1 ; are formcr Fort Luplon and F,stcs Park residcnls. They are on vacation and aro spending a part of their time resting snd fishing al. Estcs where'they were accompanied by Mrs, Montgomery. Mrs. S. J. Rhode returned Monday from a very enjoyable trip In the west cnasl which consumed over Iwo months. She saw several friends on Ihe trip including a visit w i l h ' f r i e n d s in Seattle and Portland and in Anaheim and I.os Angeles. Calif. She spent lhc Mother's day weekend with Mrs. Frank Burl in Los Angeles. Mrs. Burt is a former For! Lupton resident. She was mel at the plane In Denver by hcr son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jnhn Dal- ' ton, Kitly Lynne and Chrisann. j Mr. and Mrs. John Lampshire i arrived in Forl Lupton Monday | frnm Glcndale, Ariz., where Lamp- | ·hire has just graduated from Ihe i American Jnslidile of Foreicn ! Trades. Prior to graduation he was ; interviewed by several companies · and accepted a position in Sail Lake City where he will undergo 18' monlhs (raining. lie will then go ! to California for f u r t h e r t r a i n i n g i before being established p e r m n - ' rienlly. En route home they slopped in Salt Lake to find an apartment nnd gel settled. They will return (here for Lampshirc to begin his , work June in. Here they are Ihe guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar I Anderson. They arc dividing their lime between Iwo homes, the And- i ersons and her parents, Mr. and Jlrs. Charles Herb in I.akewood. Gordon L. Vetlcr of Denver, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Vcllrr ol Tori Luplon, has recently received , the honor of being invited into the membership of Pi G a m m a Mu. National Science Honor society. He is : also a member of Sigma Alpha ! Epsilon fralcrnily at Colorado Stale university, Fnrl Collins, from which he is being graduated ; Friday, June 7. Veller finished his requirements for his bachelor's degree al lhc middle of the year, but will allend the commencement exercises as a member of thc graduating class and receive his diploma Friday along with (he 700 other graduates DALLAS, Tex. 1*1 -- H. H. Eves told officers a stole two of his hives loaded wilh bees and honey worth $120. By VIVIAN BROWN AP Nswsloaturei Writer Get yourself a good assorlmenl of secret weapons, girls. Thc male is p l a n n i n g - t o hitch you to r plow. Time was when Ihe lady of the house d i d n ' t even put up IIIT own c u r l a i n rods. Go up on a ladder? Peri.ili the thoiisM. flut now tiniti have changed. Nowadays any w o m a n who can't discuss power, leverage, precision l i m i n g and a u t o m a t i c gear shifl is just p l a i n old-fashioned. Ill just a few shorl years men h a n g it up in the garnge." But spots before your eyes from climb- best of all, said Ihe man, "it is [ ing up on Ihe kitchen step stool. lightweight." Thoae aro the magic words be- 2. Attack his pockclbook-- that's where it will really hurt, ft nothing passed from male lo male and { ing else works, that should. When then lo women, Iho subtlest propa- · he suggests you drill the holes in iliai-c educated women lo Ihe me- sanda of Hie age, when you notice the 2x4's say resignedly something age. They repair the drip- who is reclining in Ihe hammock , like, "Well, better make a date for " ! ping faucets. The. modern kitchen ! on a lovely summer day. resembles an airport control --levers, gadgcls and knobs galore as engineer. Hai a Catch '['lie i'imiM'wii"e ullu u u s recognized as chief cook and bottle Timo for Action ] What every bright -homemaker : needs is her own subtle retaliation. If you want to. debunk the idea of woman working while man is lurking, here are some suggestions: a manicure now, then." One small painl job calls for a new hairdo, maybe even a permanent wave if lisir is loo pninl spattered. Emphasize the possibility. 3. Nothing drives a man crazier than lo answer the same "dumb From Ihe message service, the RAGS 'have expanded to break- other communication barriers. In addition lo the exchange of messages, they operate "Operation Facsimile," "Operallon Baby," "Operation Greeting Card" and the latest, "Operation Baby Face." On May 5, Bl siatcs became know II mcsns so n;uch lo Ihe men In Operation Deepfreeze," he says. Only once have the RAGS been rebuked by their friends 8,000 miles away. That came May 7 when an AP wirepholo of a pretty leurs lo successfully romplele a transmission lo the Anlarclic of a page of pictures, comics, greeting cards and news stories. Four days after Sugar Ray Robinson regained his middleweight title from Gene Fullmer in Chicago, the meri at Little America young thing wai marred, by a . necessitated code signal. The «ig- and his asso- na] in comp i iancc w jth FCC reg- Ihc first ama- ,,].,ii nnc ri-enlior) in a black line I. Try thc "pecking away a t ! questions" lime and again. After V smv Asociatcd Press \vire- the nerves" technique. When he ! he tells you not In touch thc power washer has graduated lo UK; power suggests you use the ladder lo j mower parls while Ihe machine is engineer and field superintendent j clean the windows ask him if Ihe · running, bend down in front 'of it --and " . . . there's thc rub." disability insurance is paid up and as if you were going lo. That will photos of Ihe knock-out barrage. The McMurdo Sound base joined the picture network late in May. Men at Wilkcs, Cape Adarc, Ells- The subtle t r e n d is found i n ! whether the doctor is in his offices | bring him off Ihe chaise lounge I worth, Byrd Base, and thc South widely used ads for all available | lhal day. Menlion casually that | wilh a spring. | Pole are not equipped to rcceiv-e through the face and form of the charmer. We'll never forgive you Paul," the receiving operator said. "You have blackened that doll's face." Chances are. however, t h a t Paul and his 'gang .will be forgiven. 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