Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 12, 1972 · Page 46
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 46

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1972
Page 46
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Cm onJ Trucki 51 1170 vw BUB. "tK-i02«. «" . rhon« 3S3-339S. 1955 DODGE 2 door Jtdtn, SIT, «!00. »;-l|io. LATE 1060 Ch«v \'i ton pickup, 4 , r ,cJ. 353-4275. foil SALE -- 1871 D«t»un 1200, «m/ tm Mdfa. »1655. 3S6-OCSO. 51 ' M «w! OUT- Good """""»· HM. its- «w 1 1971 Bronco Wagon Radio, 302 V-8 motor, free wheeling hubs roar passenger seat, atix. gas tank with ' skid plate, 70 amp. battery, heavy duty radiator, hand throttle, 1,280 )b rear spring, nuid and snow tires, This Unit Will Be Solrt With Factory 'Warranty 12 month or 12,000 miles. Astra Blue Color with hmnr White Top --------- ...... _ ................. $3/95 Warren-Bunting Motors Fort! Agency, Eaton, Colorado Phone -154-2591 Wickland Motors . TOP QUALITY ar orners We Have A Few Cars That We Have Had A Little Too Long. We're Going To Sell Them. Come In, Look Them Over. Your Offer May Buy Them. 1970 Ford LTD 2 Dr. H.T. 390 V-8 engine, automatic trans., power steering and brakes, factory air conditioning. We've been asking $3195. What Is 9999 Your Offer \{\\ 1970 Plymouth Satellite 4 Or, Sedan 318 V-8 engine, automatic trans., power steering, factory air conditioning, low mileage. We've been asking 9 9 9 9 ?2495. What Is Your Offer __ '. '.'.'. 11970 Fiat S-124 4 Dr. Sedan L Economy 4 cylinder, 4 speed, radio, local j* owner. We've been asking 999? ·V- $1495. What Is Your Offer _ . I . . ! 11969 Pontiac Le fas 2 Dr. HI {X 350 V-8 engine, automatic on floor, JY bucket seats, povyer steering and brakes, "L factory air conditioning. We've been Y asking $2185. What 0 ? 0 9 ·V. Is Your Offer '.'.','. 11969'Buick Skylark 4 Dr. Sedan Nj 350 V-8, automatic trans., power steer- JY ing and brakes, factory air conditioning, ji We've been asking |1895. ???? J- What Is Your Offer '.'.',, 11969 Plymouth Fury II4 Dr. Sedan -JX 318 V-8 engine, automatic trans., power JY steering, factory'air conditioning. We've JC been asking $1805. 9 9 0 9 j: What Is Your Offer ( ' . ' . ' . 11968 Cadillac Coupe De Vilie · This one is fully equipped, Fully automatic, and power equipped. We've been asking ?3295. 9 9 9 9 What Is Your Offer ..._.. .... 1968 Oldsmobile 98 2 Dr. H.T. ' Another Fine Car fully equipped, power and all automatic. A Beautiful Car. We've been asking 52-195. What Is Your Offer 1967 Plymouth Fury III 4 Dr. Sedan 383 V-8 engine, automatic trans., power V steering and brakes, factory air. ^VeVe been asking $1495. What Is Your Offer 1967 Chevrolet Bel Air 6 Pass StWg. 283 V-8 engine, automatic trans., power steering, radio. We've been askinjr S1405. What Is Your Offer Corj and Trucki 51 OH SAI.B-- 155] Forr) I'.i ton. »lti l IxJ. C«ll 537-2413. ICE 1SG1 Impala 4 Joor hurdloL'. Liw nille.te. IstS. Tbon. 688-2014. '54 CORVKTTE ailrmray eoup 'ml injectto. Z5J-19JO »rcer Ml: *M32J04 ~ MuSl ""' Jr * I " J UNE buesr nialertM. '64 VW lodv Jian and Irani, axle, IS9. 362-9037 OK SALE - H60 Chcv. 14 Io i, pick"!'. S cylinder. (SOU: 353-IH5. JjZS V-S. Aulonnlic. J'honc 3S3.'(45S. '!? S L . DS Toron,ao. Pcrfctl. I3.1JO »tat offer, Lo^rlind, CG9-0183. I ulrkur wllh or without ' rr ihell. 6E6-JJ53. . MS I'l.YMOUTII ttiO. Call GOOD lunnlnx 1^5? Uulck ISo, 1'hor.c SSS.'iOM. 1G64 IMI'ALA 3(0, Apt. A ; . Used Con nnH Trucks 51 . Cots and Trucki 51 j Uwd Cerj and Truckt 51 i-'OU SALK: '.'.I · """·· l drhc. tfin »tjttu:i ^ c"tidltlun. n»n. ' I I R O N C d 1569 4 vrl.Ml drh«. tit,, fnow lirn KnT ihtKki. ExeiLknt ton- _dlllon. 31S.0220 b«(oT« i p.m. ! IIHONCCi. All mutlimcnt. IMOO or sil^offtK^tal! 7SS.3956 I'kttevilJ.. KI) of ev^rydny »pcrli can? Want unlriuc? Call Hruce al '69 V\V camper. Kxeellent ruiiHhluu. i A M / K M : isn ioih A e . NU. s. 352. "il-Mo 1 ;:!.- 5 -" 61 " 3 6 '"- 3J3-H37. ·71 CIJEVY Suburba --- - . LoiOcJ. H.OOO. 13, 5(0. IxlVflnnj, SfS. 1087. 19G1 I'OHSCHB. Ilchullt cngin.. Net, riflia] tirps. Fine looking e»r inttdc *ntl out. t230. 353-7407. FOIl SALE7~1SS3 VW. txctllcnl can- dillun. See After 6 p.m., 1929 6lh Av«. FOIl SALE -- My nice whltt '70 VW lirtllt. .ra/fm. Oil Bruce ·(. 353- SI37. · '7 Mtill Ruiilstcr. CocxI CLmilillon, l.jts *if 28S3. Wrekilas 62 CHEVY (irtrnlri.r «iS5. Mel Johnsun. Nuni 2251. 737. an. Clrxn. Colo., SOI- FOR SALE: '56 Jcei CJ-5. Full vinyl lop, new rkelrie ulneh. Mechanically iQUDd. 353-1844 evrninej. '«( JKK]' Waioncer. Nfvvly ovcrhiuli:!. Comi lirei. Cood overall condition. _2_S(-7S67. Nom»d l«llon «a- . Sharp. K«ellent condition. 280J l«lh Ave. 65 VW Square-Dirk alRtkm Kniflne recently rebuilt, nevr Kit. 353-«955. R-12 Renault 4 Door $2295 P.O.E. Front Wheel Drive BENDER AUTO SALES AMBASSADOR, JAVELIN, MATADOR AMX GREMLIN, HORNET, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MG 1 Ave - 352-4358 66 PRONCO pickup !M with cuMci craft citnpcr. Rtceltent condltioi tllCO. 765-2444. MUSTAN07~1%S hardtop. Sundnrd. (lood Ihet 1'erfecl enitine, 353-9595 1ayc: 352-5061 evenlngn. 1969 Chevrolet % Ton Pickup Radio, heater, atuomatic trans., custom cab, V-8 motor, near now tires, one owner $2195 Warren-Bunting Motors Ford Agency, Eaton, Colorado Phone 454-2591 Auto Discount Center For This Area IT'S NO SECRET WE SELL SO MANY THAT'S THE REASON WE SELL SO CHEAP Low-Low Overhead Over 175 New Used Car« Pickups To Choose From Wheeler The Dealer Hi-Way 85 at 16th St. Harold Croissant Phone 352-7000 Harry Wooldridge Bud Wooldridge Jack Wheeler, Salef, Mgr. 965 \l, TON Korri pickup, 3S2 V-«, 1 epeed, rcilri ramper. Kxeellenl eondl- lion. 352-3629. IS03 Delwood Ave. Falrlani SOO. J63-V301 or «« al 'OR SALB (75.00. Call 1110U «lh St. XJK SALE -- 1IS8 Rum Kooil, Cr»Kar mRE9. 3IS8-4E93 or nee «t 1111 23rd Aw. C(. PE3 DODGK ^ ton Innr box llint 6. Good rondtllon. T500 or bell offer. 3E3-179S. 957 KGA. GKX| condlllort, tood Ion and tide euiUir.i. Eulra* inelujed. Call 3j6-C'.'i?3. aulomallc adtr Anl4 ·'E STIIA, accUlli tranimUslan repair*. Bilci. 156 SIS Av«. 62 l,i TON UorlB« pickup. 1.OHB. * Vwj. l.atr inilejisp. Excp]!rnt rendition. 2201 J l t h fit. 9SS friiUMi'ir Rporl 6, i passenger convertible. Coll rl(cr 6 ;3» j 3M-7S41. 1069 CHEV "i ton pickup. 3SO V-S 4 nlie«l, lonz \vtdt biix. (2000 'AKF. ox'rr paynn-nu liamenppr wucon. )inrer. FM alrrro, r»8h needed. I'Byi niotilh. Call afte p.m "65 CHRVBOl-BT Toter I lm. Good condUton. Excellent for towlnz mobile home*. Call and make offer. 1310. S3 I ' l . V K O D r t l Rondrinmer. Rl.ik vinyl Inlerinr and lilack Ti[tyl top, Kelly green, automatic trans., Z door. .153-676 n. _ .970 FOIID conditioning, lent conditio door Bro^Knani, afr rou-er slcerinc, excel- S!.3-23fS : 352-f!.S? YKt.I.OW Suhmnrlne-- 'K7 Olils Cutli Rnprem* 2-dr., »pt. ere. orlir. owner Tellow »vlth black Inter., new flinch rrcn- hrake. Call after f. 356-339S. 19G8 MALIBU ·1-DOOR SEDAN Knrtio, licalnr. iiowcr sleorlng 1964 FA1RLANF, 4-DOOK SEDAN nndio, healer 1966 WESTCOASTER 3-W11EEL MAIL SCOOTER Healer, defroster and more! WINOGRAD'S 431 6th St. 1969 CHEVROLET STATION WAGON Air conrtilioiicrf, 327 engine, barrel, filniidarrt trnns., low mile xge, 2 way tall pnle, 4 ne\ tires ( S B E x l i l Ian color wit' tan interior. Astro ventilation HnadroEtB jilus many other ex trns. Will finance. ?1350. Krncr; Aviation Inc. 3S2-S421 S-5 p.m. BM miner, c.r. « rj'llmler, S irt»d. now tire*, good condition. Call'kfter Cl30, 356-3?23. t05 MUSTANli. 6 cylinder, itlrk. Nor Irnkcpe. CNhansl. snnw lire) and lune up. Kxilm, header, ami overloadi. Alk for Htry Ann. 352-9735 or 352-96SU. 3 AMKIUCAN It.niblrr. K«celletit condition. Overdrive, rebuilt engine, Musi nee to appreciate. »Z7l. 3«. 0664 a l t e r :30 p.m. til 1NTKKNAT10NAI. rdckup with lied Dale ramper. Can IK- seen at !.»' f5 in Kvani. ^41l5t i f e to ap- vrcclale. SSS r'OKI) LTD. Hark blue, black vinyl top,~fuod condition, 5 new tire*. IMS or beit o f f e r . Call 6S6-715S after 6. _ :5 ClTEVV~2 door hardtop, power aleerlnr, power brakes, atr conilltlon- Inc. new p a i n t . Will consider older pickup nn trade. 2S1-77S7. '0 CHEVF.I.LB Kallbn, 2 door n.rj top, 4 apeed, llurnt, vinyl top, Cran- «r m»rs, new radial tires, n;any **- trai. 363.1188 arler i. ««5 PONT1AC Cnlalina conveillldr. Kxcellctil L-undilion, B I I O W lirrs In- eluded. Call 2S4-5240 after 6 or ivrek- t3 INTERNATIONA!.. ZMO Series d[esr] Irattor, tuln tcrew with 10 speed Road Ranger, l»ower tak« off vet kit. Days, 353-1183; nllti. 8S3. 7367. 'OR SAM-: -- 1962 Cher. In,., J H'tril, bucket aei condition. 362-1961 da 2 rinnr hi f. Vrry K ·i, S62-01S3 mi 1972 ford 429 encme, al f.OM mUrt. N rnU, 314fi re i«72 1 TON Cticvy with f l a t hed, ·! l.onded u i l h r.Uras. W i l l cll tkup One 5i Inn C M C . Trnvcr iteerlnr Vnwer lirnkeA, air, V-6. Call Kcono Ituildcrs, 35C-0OT. ilEArilSn'Tr.7 NYC. Must leave beau- t l f i l l T.S J R C "K" Iwhlnil. 5 + 2, 4.2 litre, f.iettir? air. llarliak. I iirril I3CP5. Plinwn liy apimlntment. f7 V-- 1070 Chew Kl Canilno Aijua, lilacx interlnr, power Rleerins poi^er disc brakes. I.RTpe auto. Irans Tinted KlflFS, 3SO en. in. engine l i r n v y duly nir hxul «hnck«. 1^v mileanF, olenn. $2SIM. Call SSJ-OOZI d.y. ___ T R A P B -- ~ M » e k traclor, 1847 n-fi' willi F,N!)T Ci3 turbo enilne. 15 *peed liiplrx, laK nxlc, ileepar, ex ccllcut titci anil condition. Trade fo: 35 1n 40 ft. tnndeni asle fTnt hrd trailer. Irrigation nntt Tower Kqnip mrnt. US I l l f h i t a y So. Wi, Oreeley Auto.Service and Supplies 5i enslne. Ji o. 3fi2-on:i7 ! relralll. In En CFM Hollr 3 li.irrel. S5VJ237. FOn~SMTR~-- Ford KilelbroeV ntch riso nianifoH; t;aiter 760 CFM barrel carlmrclor; full race cam 2 barrel mnnlfolil. Call Jo6-20I7 if Irr B ]i.m. Troifers and Campijri 5: 87 VOUtKWAOKN , ilillon. 353-1721. atnper. (Jood eoi FOR fiAI.F. -- ft fl. Colorado eampe !i esnm-er, pnpnne hollle and jarV Inrluded. Call 3S3-9B12. KONOM\ KAMPKRS *0 MODELS ft Wlnnubago T Aljo fr Trailer Hitches ·it Duno IHiKKlt'S vJ Toul Trailer Rentnls SUirago ·ft Umip Mini Cycles -, A f Cuinncr nnd Trailer Economy Roily Shop No. of Mnmnda Inn 352-6628 ' jA. pjril 12, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 47" Trallin and Cmp«ri AMTEH trailer. !*1S rt. mountalni. Call 807-2413. S3 Tor ISHEKKAN'R hut. Travail. Sieve. k« Vox, healer. Kxfellent condition, uitd verr little. 284-7762. 910 S rT. Ked Pale tauiMr. eab-over. (In lljhu. «tovc, oven. Kscdlent con. dlllon. 3i3-nSj after S. 070 VAfcATIONKKn lent trailer, ilcep* fuur. See or call after 5:15 p.m., T23 Uolden St., Kvani, Phone 352-4405. ftl Mobile Home Service Supply aria t'ottt -- hltclies -- gas/ leetrlc refrigornlorB. See us tor our camper Kunnliea. 630 26th St. 3B3-9200 Franchitert Dealer TERRY, MONITOR, YELLOWSTONE, CARDINAL Sales and Rental D R Service ·422 llth Ava. 352-371S or «52-5288 J M Mobile Home Service Supply RED DALE Nomad s and Travel TrnllcrE 030 26lh SI. 363-9290 FAA Charges Air Passengers Not Screened WASHINGTON (AP) - The ''crtcrnl Aviation Adminis- ration lins accustxi (wo airlines of failing lo screen passengers Fire Damages Truck on I-H r Patrol Reports A tractor of a semi truck waSl damaged an estimated $4,000^1 vhen furniture lied on the back;;' iarl of the tractor's cab caught? "ire about 11:10 a.m. TuesdayV^ he Highway Patrol reported. · ·; " Tile accident occurred as^ Roswell I,eon Pinckard of Santa-~ 3osa, Calif., was driving a 'urnitiire van south on Inter-stale 25 about a half mile norlfr/^ of the junction of Colorado 66. : "-_ Patrolman George Campbell" said apparently the furnilure;;;- ticd onto the cab was set on^i fire by a spark from the'--; exhaust of the tractor. "·,, ;'. Pinckard drove the unit onto .·!! Ihc shoulder of the highway and-.'-, a passing Iruck towed the'--'! burning tractor away from the;';] trailer it was pulling. '_V.^j However, grass on both sides'.-^., of the road caught on fire. The : Mend fire department and 'a 1 ;' fire fighting unit from Ixmg^J mont were called to extinguish, J- tho fires. -!.::. Smoke from the burning grass'':; caused ]xior visibility on IheV highway until the blazes were" pnl out. Two highway maintenance crews which were in---' Ihe area helped direct traffic.... while visibility was poor. - "·''. Two oilier non-injury nc- ·'· cidenls also occurred in the } county Tuesday, Hie patrol re- ) pnrlnd. . \ A 1956 car driven by Douglas ( Harmon Person, 718 37ih Ave;; { loarding flights that were later »'=« damaged about $501) when njackcd. · i' 1 wns struck by a hit-run One of Ihe airlines-Pacific-(Vehicle about 9:20 p.m. ! Person was driving south oh lath Avenue about .-1 mile north il the U.S. ,14 bypass and. topped for a red light in front if Grnoley West High, Palrp.l- nau Frank Holmes said. Another vehicle driven by ah midcnlificd person failed tn ,[op for Ihe lighl and hit the eft rear of Person's car, then cfl the scene. ; A 1S172 pickup truck mill the wo-whcel fertilizer trailer the tickuii was pulling were , lamagcd about $200 on Interstate IMS one mill; wcsl i of Keeneslinrg nboul 1:15 p.m. 'Hie wheels on (lie tratl6r locked, causing the pickup and trailer lo slide off the 1'oad, Patrolman Mike Carey said. The iinmc of the driver of the pickup was no I reported. -- denied it violated lew FAA regulations airncd at preventing liljackings, and Ihc other--United--said it was con- Ineting a full investigation of ill secnrily proceiJiires. The FAA Tuesday gave Ilic ·urlines 20 days to reply to the charges Hint could result in penalizing the carriers $1,000 for ench violation found. In the United hijacking last Friday, a guninnn held the plane for $500,000 ransom and pnrachulcd willi the money. The PSA appeared sus PRICES SLASHED FREE TANK OE GAS AND OIL CHANGE WITH PURCHASE OE ANY OE THESE USED CARS: "ft "ft -ft "ft "ft "ft "ft "ft ·ft "ft "ft "ft i -Ix * * * -Dr * 1967 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 Dr. Sedan 283 V-8 cnjrine, automatic trans., power stccriiur, radio. We've ben asking c ' 1 '"' What Is Your Offer 1967 Volkswagen 2 Dr. Sedan Radio, ·! speed, air conditioning. ^'TM been asking $1095. What 7777 Is Your Offer THESE 12 OARS MUST GO. COME IN, LOOK THEM OVER, DRIVE THEM. MAKE US A REASONABLE OFFER. THIS MAY BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO BUY A CAR AT YOUR OWN PRICE OPEN EVENINGS TILL 8 P.M. IAJJI( $2795 1970 Pontiac 2 Dr. HI V-8, antomatic trans., power steering and brakes, factory air, vinyl top, balance of factory warranty ...... _____ ........... 1969 Olds Cust. Delta 88 4 Dr. H.T. V-8, automatic trans., power steerinsc, faclorv air, electric windows, 48,000 miles. 'Sold Gold with Gold Interior. $300 Under Book .... 1968 Plymouth Eury 111 2 Dr. H.T. V-8, automatic trans., power steering, local trade-in .......... 1967 Mercury 4 Dr. Sedan V-8, atuomatic trans., power steering, (p QQC ..... __ P J«3J one owner, local trade-in 1965 Oldsmobile 98 4 Door Power steering and brakes, factory air, electric seat. Heal Nice. Local trade-in . 401-404 8th Ave. 353-1050, or 353-105-1 Greeley, Colo. $795 ,, 1965 Volkswagen St. ij-v'» 'I speed, radio, loc; y!" ·£ Very economical .. Vv* i 1964 Mercury 4 Door Automatic trans., power steering, radio. " ' $245 IX)lS Of transportation 1970 Datsun 510 2 Door 4 speed, radio, low mileage, local trade-in. Below Book . $1495 CUSP. lwn days later paltornccl after Ihc Unllcd iiicidcnl, hul the hijacker was cnpUired Ijctnre anj money was paid. The FIM has arrcslwl wets in holh cases. The hijackings were Ihc firs since adoption of new FAA ulcs Feb. (i requiring airlines o screen jiasscnficrs fo proven vcapons or explosives fron icing pul aboard commcrcla aircraft. 1969 Volkswagen Eastback 4 speed, radio, low mileage, local trade-in Queen E l i z a b e t h viay Get Shock On French Visit LONDON (A1 J ) - Qucei Clizahcth II may be Ihc. nhjccl of some shocking news during icr slate visit lo Franco nexl month, according to Ihc Sunday "iincs. 'Die newspaper said it Umk survey of Ihe gossip lhal hn« ippcaml alxinl iicr over Ihe 'eiirs in the French press Among Hie results of Ihc sur vcy: She has aluiicalrd 03 lime $1495 1967 Eord Galaxie 2 Dr. H.T. V-8, automatic trans., power steering, local trade-in $995 1966 Valiant 4 Door Economical ulant 0 cylinder, automatic trans., pxiwer steering. (f Real Nice ..._ ....... __________ ......... V 1965 Pontiac Catalina 4 Dr. Sedan V-8, automatic trans., factory air, power steering f and brakes .. 4* 1964 Plymouth 4 Door Kconomical G cylinder engine, ? K\ trans., local £ trade-in *p 1963 Chevrolet Wagon V-8, automatic Irarifi., power I/ots of Transportation In This One For ONLY _..... $295 De BROWN Chrysler-Plymouth -'-''6th St. nth Ave.--817 7th St. Ph. 355-0000, 353-9902 Open Eveninfffl Till 9 P.M. Saturday Till 6 P.M. Tarr Named To Slate Post WASII1NCSTON ( A l ' l - D r a f t : I )i reef or Curtis W. Tarr l i a s ; ; named by President Nixon'; as an undersecretary of slate lo'''·- coorilinale m i l i l a r y aid. N i x o n miidc Ilic announce- - ment Tuesday. . · Tarr, 47, look conlj'ol of the Selective Service in 1970 nflcr a ' tlircc-ycur stint in Ihe Defense ." Deparlment as an assistant sccrelory of tlie Air Force. ; . lie succeeded LI. (Jen. Wi!-,v. ]iam li. llcrslicy, d r a f t dirccloi! . for 21) years. At Ihe lime, Her- ' stmy wax u n d e r liniivy criticism '" has on Ihe polnl of| f o r Having Jain-la) draft_ rcsisU; ircaking up wilh liiishand'""" ·rincc rtiilip 7,1 limes. She has been 'crcd pregnant 92 limes, Mfl accirlcnls, had suf- miscarriages and gone on Ihc pill I I flines. Tlic lop score in French head- Ines went lo her iel;iliii.sliip wilh lirnlhcr-in-law l/rd SnowIon: .She's reported I'' have ejected times. him from court 151 sliey shirkers" ;md "slack-. Grilles also iillackccl llcr : for snndinf! a leltor In'.' drafl boards suggesting immer. · diate induclinn of all antiwar. 1 dfiiiionslralors. . : (ingress crcnlcd Ibe $10,000: fi-yeiir job ' f a i r will lake under a law passed in Fcbru- '. ary. No successor has hern named, for Tarr al Selective .Service. · Kidnaper Frees Girl Unharmed PANAMA CITY HBACII, Fla. (AP) -- As prclly seventh-grader Slicrry Ijiyri Daw.son ale her favorite tomato soup early loday. Fill agents ringed her kitchen table trying fo find out wby her abductor (reed her unharmed. Her kidnaper was slitl al large. Tha ll-ycar-old step-granddaughter of wealthy Panama Cify Hracli commissioner liarn- ry Uray was grabhrd in a res- l;nirmil after jj;irkiiiK Inl in had rltnngc'l clolhcs following a bt'ficl day aflornonn. ouling Turs- A playm.'ilc. f'Hliick Hurgess, was art eyewitness and set off the alarm, lie fold FIJI agents and Bay County sheriff's deputies Sherry was forced inlo a blue Volkswagen slalion wngnn, fiohorlsnn found the seventh grader wandering in the words in Hie West Bay area. The spot was some five miles from Ihe l)(';itlifrui]| p i n k i n g Inl. Caulcy and Koherlson said IJii'V had disftivcrrjil some Vnlk.swa;;cn tire Irncks on a . :lirl rriarl Icatiinp into the woods as they (jro|cd Ihroiigh (he. area in darkness. As Ihcy followed Ihc (racks, Ihcy said,. they suddenly spullcd fool- . firinls. '"Hiny jnsl ko|il I r a m p i n g . lfirni|[;li Ilie wnnds frillniving ·* Iliosr- foolprints u n l i l Iliey f o u n d ' her," a sheriff's spokesman ;- "Stic was scared and un-f harmed. Tliey immediately, bundled her up and took h c r i - bomc to her family." \ 'Hie moliv3 for the kidnaping wh'ch m;iy have hnd Alahnma was still a mysfcry, authorities license lags. ;said Nn_ ransom demands had ' Hundred. 1 ! of deputies, (tllior been reported, law agency officers and voiun-j Aullinrilics refused lo say . leers combed the wooded area what, if anything, thn girl lold surrounding Ihe Florida I'an- I hem annul her ahduclion. handle beach city as KUI agenls inoniforcd all telephone calls coining Inlo (he Dtiivson lionip. Ahoitt \2:M a.m., May County deiHitics Jim Cnuley nntl Cluick Sherry's stcp-firandfafhcr CHIP of the (oniidiiig fRthcrs is o( Ihe Miracle SI rip beach rtls- , Iricl, a haven for (iiilf Coasl Imirisls. He o\uis Ihrce water-" (ronl mnlels.

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