Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on January 25, 1975 · Page 1
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 1

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, January 25, 1975
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"4n Independent Daily Newspaper Dedicated to Community Progress' VOL. LV1 NO. 249 NAMPA, IDAHO. SATUHDAY. J A N U A R Y 25, 1975 44 PACES 15 CKNTS Vietnam cease-fire lies in war rubble ;^ SAIGON (UP!I -The Vietnam "cease.-. fire" signed nearly iwo years ago in Paris ; brought a Nobel Peace Prize lo Henry .: · Kissinger of (he I'nilocl Stales and Le Due 'J. Tho of North Vietnam. II brought no end lo ". the. war. ; Today the Saigon command accused the .. Communists of conducting more than .. 75,900 groundattacks.shellings and acts of sabotage since the signing of the peace . agreements on Jan. 27, 1973. It said 111,519 Communisls, 28,671 ·-. government troops and 5,721 civilians were killed in action since the cease-fire. The Communisls, however, insisted they "had thoroughly respected and strictly implemented the Paris agreement." They charged the United Slates and South Vietnam "had left no stone unturned in sabotaging the agreement." President Nguyen Van Thieu Friday warned the country that "the year 1975 will bring more danger lo the country than in 1972," the semi-official V'ielnam Press said today. Thieu told police officers at an academy six miles northeast of Saigon Iliat 1975 "is Ihe year Ihc Communists Iliink they will have more opportunity to launch Iheir final batlle to lake over South Vietnam with a large scale armed offensive. "Two years after Ihe Paris peace agreement was signed, there is no peace, (he people's right to self determination has never been implemented," Thieu said. "In Ihe battlefield, Ihe North Vietnamese have begun their armed attacks, and Iheir intensity lias been higher Ilian before the agreement was signed." In Peking, Tran Binh, acting charge d'affaires at Ihe embassy of the Viet (,'ong's Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam, Friday held a news conference marking t h e ' second anniversary of the Paris accord. He insisted the PRG and North Vietnam "had thoroughly respected and strictly implemented the Paris agreement while the U.S. government and the Nguyen Van Thieu clique had lefl no stone unturned in sabotaging Ihe agreement." Thieu said the South Vietnamese "do not lack or regret their lives to defend Ihcir land, but regret t h a t the country is short of means." The Saigon command reported Communist gunners before sunup today fired 18 rounds of 122mm rockets into Ihe vicinity of Bien Hoaairbase, 14 miles north of Saigon, wounding two civilians. Petroleum exporters agree to preparatory summit talk P±t'l RS p^ ; Tj h ,l^l" i2a 'i!"°! ^e second day of a ministerial-level in mid-year. ALGIERS __ .. _. 0 ..,,..,,. Pclrolcum Exporting Countries agreed today to hold an oil producers' summit meeting lo prepare for talks with the Western i n d u s t r i a l nations whose economies have been hit hard by steep oil price rises. "We have agreed on Ihe summit bul not on the date," Saudi Arabian Oil Minister i Ahmed Zaki Yamani lold reporters after the second day of a ministerial-level meeting of Ihe 13-nalion oil cartel. Jamshid Amouzegar, Iranian inlerior minister and Iran's chief spokesman for oil, said the talks between the heads of oil- producing states probably will be held in Algiers between mid-February and Ihe first week of March. It js expected la be followed by a conference with the United States and other major induslrial powers Tornado watcher poo poos theory KANSAS CtTY, Mo. (UPI) - Driving on the righl side of Ihe road is about as likely (o produce tornadoes as watching X-raled movies, the director of the National Severe Storms Forecast Center scoffed Friday. Allen Pearson, responding to a sludy by California scienlisls who concluded highway Iraffic has caused an increase in tornadoes, said, "I think it's awfully early f o r ' a n April Fools prank. I'm dubious about the sludy, and I would like lo see theft, evidence." ' The sludy released in London said that an increase in cars and trucks driving on Ihe right side of roads in Europe and North America creates an unnatural air flow that helps spawn killer tornadoes. "I'm surprised they didn't find the obvious correlation between tornadoes and X-r'ated movies," Pearson said. "Everyone;knows that hoi, steamy air is needed ' for the formation of tornadoes." In a more serious lone, Pearson said Ihe turbulence created by two trucks passing each olher is miniscule compared lo the turbulence generated by Ihe sun beating down on a large parking lot. He also disputed (he study's claim that an eastward shift in the tradilional "Tornado Alley" where most of Ihe nation's tornadoes occur corresponds (o Ihe concentration of vehicle Iraffic in the nation. Pearson said studies by (he National Wealher Service and private institutions show the concentration of tornadoes is moving south and west --not east. The forecast center d i r e c t o r also disagreed with Ihe study's explanation t h a t Ihc decrease in tornadoes on weekends is because traffic moves away from urban areas. "If tornadoes decrease on weekends it might be readily explained by (he fact thai many factories have shut down ralher than Iraffic is leaving the cilies," Pearson said. "Certainly truck I r a f f i c throws pollution into the air (hat has an effect on the weather. But if the traffic has an effecl on tornadoes, that's a new one on me. and I've been studying lornadoes for more than 25 years." in mid-year. Amouzegar told newsmen afler the five- hour conference of OPEC oil, foreign and finance ministers lhat the summit will discuss all issues related lo oil, including ways Ip spend the vast flow of dollars the producers have received from mas-rive price increases in the past year. A m o u z e g a r indicated lhal OPEC members are Jeaning toward an American proposal for a summit between Ihe producers and the major industrial powers, probably lo be held in late June or early July. The developing countries would be left oul of first contacts bul brought in later. "When you have a problem to solve, the fewer involved the better," he said after Friday's talks. · "At a big conference everyone brings along 'heir own problems. Everyone is trying to get something for nothing," he said. A CAMBODIAN GIRL cradles the body of her dead child in river accesses lo Pluiom Penh, some 12 miles south of Perk lirr arms as she wanrtrrs in Ihe slreels of Perk Plmcou I'lmoou, are cut and chances of their bring open in the near following sltelling by Communist artillery. All roads and future look dim. (UPI Photo) Ways and Means bargaining chip Tariff delay chained to debt WASHINGTON ( U P I ) - The House Ways and Means Committee wants (o delay President Ford'* new oil tariff and believes it has a h a l f - l r i l l i o n - d o l l a r Economist confident recovery under way M I A M I ( U P I ) - A New York economist said Friday the nation is a I the "end of the beginning" of the recession and the most difficult part is over. "We now are emerging from phase one,"said Albert T. Sommers, senior vice president and chief economist of .the Conference Board, a business research organization. Sommers, speaking lo Ihe Economic Society of Soulh Florida, said the economy will continue lo decline in Ihe nexl few months, but at a slower rate. "II will slop declining by fall," he said. "\V? can expect a recovery in Ihe automobile and housing industries anil in allitudes." Sommers said the main weapon in rebuilding the private sector of the economy should be a federal budget deficit. "We will be looking at a S50 billion lo SCO billion deficit later in Ihe year," he said, "I am not frightened by " i t . I would be frighlened if it were much lower than that. Tiic problem is how to finance (he deficit and il is well w i t h i n Ihe powers of the federal reserve lo finance il." bargaining chip, the national debt. The committee volcd K lo 15 Friday lo delay f n r O O d a y s l h e S l a barrel levy which Ford is imposing on foreign oil Feb. 1. The lariff would increase lo S3 a barrel in April and would raise retail gasoline prices by 2 lo 4 cents a gallon. The committee lied (his legislalion lo a bill raising (he ceiling on the national debt from Ihe present S-195 billion lo S531 billion through June 30. The adminislralion wants Ihe ceiling raised above a half trillion so it can borrow more money from the private economy. Treasury Secretary William Simon says the ceiling must be raised by Feb. 18 if the government is In go on paying its bills and salaries. Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee hoped Iheir strategy would pul Ford in a bind. If he would veto Ihc tariff delay, he would also thereby veto the higher ttchl ceiling. While House Press Secretary Ron Nessen called the tactic "old fashioned polilics" and accused Ihe Democrats of acting "truly beneath Ihe magnitude of Ihe issues." Rep. Herman T. Schnecbeli, R-Pa., ranking GOP member of Ways and Means, predicted Ford will velo the debt ceiling legislalion if it lies his hands in the energy field. Ford designed the import levy as an interim step while Congress considers the rest of his energy package, including a $2 per barrel tax on both foreign and domeslic oil. Ford says Ihe whole package would boosl retail gasoline prices 8 or 10 cents a gallon. Rep. John E. Moss, D-Calif., released a Library of Congress study which said the enlire energy package will cost American consumers S50.3 billion in 1975 alone -$20 billion more than the While House claims. *«**lnside **** *"'"'' e ""use s p o k e s m a n has abeled rumors the U.S. is readying Nampa High tuned up lor tonight's game with Twin Falls by whipping Minico 45-53 Friday right. Page It. fclot a single tear mars Antony Ramirez' first haircut -- in/fact a look of apprehen- "sion, an itchy nose, the finishing touches and a proud father's grin was all there was f*«« * Nick LMf S '

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