Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 26, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX '-i.f,;' V*'-". LAS CfiUCES (N M.) SUN WEW1 1151' Las Cruces Sun-News PHONE 34 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Battered, Kansas State And Kentucky Fight Tonimorow For NCAA Crown M I N N E A P O L I S , March "Zfl'/r j ( i ( , t J j p wore at 72-72. 7-1-74 nml If yi\i believe everything you u,,.,, W j n the panic in the fin;il 18 limr. il v.-ill lie two tiicil t n n m n | HW)JU\» of piny. K e n t u c k y cinnc *fjmi i ing n l f t n t n n n o w night for j niic | ( f, ( ) , r , u l f t short end of u .'l[)-:i2 HIP .Vntion;i] Cftllrtfinlfi A t h l e t i c c o u n t n t lialf-tinn! to win. The AK.riclrition'ri hn.sltcllnll i · h n i n j n Hl . orft wa: , tier! i:{ V J I M M . i»KliI|. LinvilH- cnlcn-rl HIM gnmi* to rc- Iv:uis:i« S t a t e IH wrary fi'i'l P 1 '* I- ! place H i l l Spivny, Ki.'iilui:ky'H ,sev- t y well hcntt!n up f t o m i t f i fiB-l-l i-n-foot n i l A i i K - r i r a n ,)!vot whn VIT Ohl;i(icnnii l l l i l n y lliljlil In till- W n s l i ' i i ) piny- nlf n t Kaunas f.'Hy. miy ti';ini r ul- Kcnuirky. winner or (he':n [ilny-ff w i l l i ii 7C-7I ilf-ciiiiun i\ ci I l l i m i l f i I K n i t e r Ita t n l n l N C A A rluv.ii. Thr» \VIl'!c:iln ni'O til'i^l l i c ran.-'.t: Ilii-y Imvf I'laycd .'t:i i;:unfn mill t i n v i - l l i - i l iri.OIII) lullTM, i.ri.vs fcoi-li A ' l u l p l i Rnpi-. rnrlil I- Oil a f l i - i - : I I I | V | I I K I'.v 1'lnii' left w i t h l i v e f o n l i i mill U8 jmlnts. I-'l-'.llH O l t l J j n v i l l c hiniM-lf h f t f l he«n s i l l i n g out V.'ith 1'n'M- p e i K f i l l i l l foills Cilllcd im l i i t n us lie p N i y p i J lii.n re^iilur j;u;ii(l pnf.ilion. J11 tin i*"' Wi-i c mi' 1 nf Ule chief heiid.'iehr-H nf Coui-h .T;id Oartlncr of K.'iiisiiH Kl:ile. Mont scriounly i l . star H t i a r d l i l l i l i.'fljit.'lill. vvll" Illlii II ll.'i'l Klioi:!- :l*:r. At l i l - s t it v.'ni t h o n g l i t )if l ;:iij;lit h:ivi- iiiilloicil ;i l.lHiiildcr . s f ' i i n i n t n m , bill c . x i i i n i i K i t i i i n rihow- '·WVvi- n n l v plNy.'ci inu. K 'I,III| i - i i m i - ! |1 ' 1 ""' hl J" r ' wa;1 """''' "' " lc " 1 ""' in i lie 1-iHt nini- C(jni|i:iu'il w l t l i .inr j t ",' ; ." ''''"'· r ; i i l y !.i-:u-cin f u n n . Tlii'ii. I'm. wi- ' n '° ( ''"" : i r i i l l y Inul In sni'iill M i n i ,,,,,. I II": f ' i - t '·' i, ilium- w i l l b.- »' K: "' sa « H l l l l '- i - S ' ( ' A A I H 1 " : "" 1 insl lllillnl.'l. Slli-lliy M n v l l l i ; Ih' 1 ]I1!;L l l l l i - c tniflu'lH i i 1 TODAY TUESDAY nliitf Lfiv*! Story nf (If-oij;in'.H lijultWddd.'i NO. 1 ACE By Alan Mover THAT A'£t/ CONTRACT, tie MAS ALZO TOP 511166/ftS P/TC.HSR 6 HOMERS MD 25 IH W/f\'G, WITft 23, MNMSS P/TcHEP, ."n. ·! t a n l u n p t f l i i i i f i in ill'. 1 7 l n n l l l l l t i ' i i : ; an'l ()1;liitlonl;i AA.M will meet l u r t l i i H l plnrc in -i p r H i i n i n : i i y Clinic .'it.-litln/; lit. '.t p. in. i I K K T ) . ! K;m;!i'i Sllitc'ri nnf-.-;iilori v i r t n i y j ovri lln.- Xu. 2 i l i n k i n g tcnni, com- I p n n - i l v.-illi K f i i l u i - l i y ' i i n u r i m v i | i - j I I V I T lllinuis. iv;l:iWi.u|i((l il I K - K l n l i - f a n s p i i i n l Hi t i n - f u r l l l m l l l l i n i i l . ' i VIM:, I m i l i l c v l n H I - 7 2 i l l l l l i l n i l l - I" « pnirln'.' KiinU' Mr r n l t y hy K:in;i:is S l n t i ' In holster llii-h- n i p i r . i r n l K . . C N K W K : 1!. ;;. KilKi'ii .IMM 11 t ·! · ·· W 11 == ·'·" ' -/'-"f. A ^! Exhibition Kail A n i t . u n r n t I h i n t - IM.Hiii^yji ' Nowt'Sl CarliiDil | A l : -:l!i - "i:.IO - (|-..|ft - (1:00 j ".V 'I'lii' Ai-kiirlnli'il I'ITSK P I A Z A i T ENDS TONIGHT l-Iioin- Kio Cirnuili- -|:;0 ' '1,17 . , . Plniril l l n s l i i n i , X I 2 . C i n i - l n n n l l l.N'l I . HI. L i i l l l i i l.N'l .1. Rrraililyn IN) DHn,It IA) K. I'llllnili'lpllin ( N ) MISSION A(linl«sliin ullc - :ini: - I llo riioMit -ii.'t Last Time Tonighi tig£i mm WAVNE · HMIKIN OIURA ·:)fAr.HilUU)nHNtfL is^-s^,. TONIGHT and TUESDAY -- March 28-27 HIS THUNDERING FORCE STRIKES AGAIN! " . HANfllt COMBnt ' Plus Thrilling First Run Artlon with ,w, Hitsn* rosiw · mmx mi · m DAVIS ,.-.,. ... Oklahoma Captures NCAA Wrestling Title In East H E T I I L E H K M . Pa., Mairli*2fl f/I'J - · Thr. U n i v e r s i t y uf Oklahoma is I ho new N C A A w r c s i l i t t f j champion - »s t:xp«'cti:il · h u t it lonlt qiijtt? n hit of K n i p p l i i i t f (n win t!n» litlL'. Thi! Snoneis, p r o - l o u r n n m u n l :"a- voiili':;, (-ilgi'tl t l i c i r )iom(;tt(! l i v u l Oklnliouiu Ai-M. Ijy a KhiKli* p n i n L . 2-\ tn 2.'t, Snitirdny nlslit to j i l i ' t h r o n n ]n\v.\ .Stulc Tfiichcr.s cnl- It'Ke. Th« di'fuiulin^ champions finin!i- cil r o i i t t h w i l l i H I i u i n l H . I V n n Shili'. Kn.'ilt'rn I n l p m i l l c f t i t i l t - lit l i s t . srinrd IS p u i n t H for thin! plm-v Sharpshooters Set Sights On Coronado Natch By .1OIIX KKDBETTKK (Sim-Xews, ASM Student Writer) Las Cruces Rifle club members iet yesterday 'on the club's .30 caliber range of Munlcpal airport for practice firing :n preparation for the Coronado Cup match, which will be fired on April 23 and April 30. The Coronado match, sponsored annually by New Mexico Rifle mi Pistol association, is of special interest to local target shooters, since teams of the Las Cruces club hitvc won the match for two successive years -- 1049-50 -- and a victory this year would give them permanent possession of vh? match trophy. Members of \last year's winning team ~ Jim Flanagan, Max Beene, C. L. PC trie, Rupert Cliholm and Don Law -- will he on the f i r i n g line again this year along with, several other club members, in an effort to win the match for the 'Dial System To fie Installed In Stale Capital · -- FE, March 24 W) -Santa Ke's telephones will switch over from a manual hoard to a dial system at 12:01 a. m. Sunday. Allan Carroll, district manager for Mountain States Telephone Telegraph Co., said the changeover will mark completion of one of the largest phases of the company';! current expansion program in New Mexico. Baseball's Famed Eddie Collins Dies In Boston BOSTON, March 26 I/I 1 ! --- Edward Tiowbritlge (Eddie) Collins 63,'a big name in baseball for some 45 years, died last night of a heart condition- which had benched him off and on for several years. Death came lo the Hall of Fame vice president of the third straight time. According to John Van Noy, club secretary, practice firing- will again be conducted at the range on April 2 and April !), with present plans callih g f o r ' m o f i t of the filing to be over the 600-yai^-. course. On April JIG, the local «;rmi:) j ° 1 '' 1 ' 1 h l m aL Lheir ""inner "for .'on;; plans to go to Ruicloso to compete meritorious service" to ihc sport. He J c f t his beloved Philadelphia Boston Red Sox at'_ Peter nent Etrigham hospital where lie was admitted March 10 with a recurrence of the malady. It occurred less than two month.-: after "his 'last public ' Feb. 1, w h i n b:i:;elj?;ll writers !ion- Ex-Raton Gage Star Almost Upsets AAU DENVER, March 20 W) -- Fans credit a former New Mexico high school star with a major assist toward the Colorado Aggies' runner-up finish in the · National AAU basketball tournament. He is G-foot 7-inch Bill Oossett from'Raton,-a center with a deadly accurate hook -shot. Colorado AM, playing for Poudre Valley Creamery of oFrt Col r lins swept through to the AAU finals before bowing- 7G-a5 to the. San Francisco Stewart Chovrolcts. great Kport's hall cf fame in 1939. He compiled a .333 hatting average in 25 .years of active play. His is the first death among- the members of Connie Mack's fabulous $100.000 infield which was broken u p . a f t e r the 192-1 season when Boston's miracle Biavcs whipped the A's in four straight world series games. 'Obsorvcra;....aid -· the 'Aggies' showing _ _ . t h e y wore the first college, team to "reach the tourney V tiths "round since 3934-- was | attributed-to a n - all-around game highlighted Ijy the performance of \ three players. . . · ' These were Gosselt, 6-foot 4-inch forward G-lcndon Anderson nnd guard Johnny O'Hoyle. Anderson returned to top form after suffer- | ing'a broken foot during th? regular reason, IL circnnistanco which figured in Colorado AM's winding up tied for last in the Skyline Conference race; And G'Boyle kept the Aggies from bowing out In the AAU semifinals by sinking a spectacular | field goal from Gft feet down court. It was the last second shot whirh beat the Pe'oria, IH.,"Carterpillar Diesels 59-57. Of the ten players on the 1 tucky U. freshman basketball! team, seven call Kentucky their! home state. Of the eight clubs now in the, National League, Chicago and Boston are the only charter members which have never been out of the League. ! M t t K l n i r j ; l i (N) 0, Chicago (A I Chicago (N) in, Kl. Louis (A) Has ton ( A ) (i, NV\v York I N ) 1. P h i l n d r l p l i i a ( A ) 8 , IJn^tnti ( N t College Coaches Seek To Put Fix On Fixers MINNEAPOLIS, March ^G l/I'i - - Tlir Nntioiuil AHRiifiation nl' B n K k f t h n l l Hooches will dlscuHf. ways anil moans to eliminate 01 at lunst ininimixi; gambling on col- Icgiato h:iskc:tbiill games today :i' the opening session of t h n i r a n n u a l meeting. · Vtidal Pi-lc-iHon 'oT the University of Utah ill 'Salt Lake City :inrl president of thi! coaches, said the association'!; power to take police a r l i o n in the gambling situation was l i m i t rd. Insertion of the discussion, Jitlo UK- agenda was prompted by ir- testimony about gnmbliny on college panics before Km. K u f a u VM - 'S crime invpsligntinu romnill- Ico. M u i o than 200 of Ihe cnuntry'B top coaches 'nit; here for the Ihro.p- day meeting:, coincident with the finals uf Hi.' MKional Colleigia'te A.'-iiot-intion'.s basketball j)layoffs. w i t h Kuidoso Rifle club members in a special practice match over the Coronado course. Las Cruces gunners will go to Hatch April 23 to fire the 000- j yaid stage of the Coronado match with Hatch shooters, and on the following Sunday, A pi il 30, the two clubs will fire the 200-yard nnd final stage of the mutch here on the local club's .30 caliber The public is invited to attend match or practice firing sessions at the local range. There is nn admission charge. N(!»ro not sUir AHhea Gibson was f i t cd !)\* A l i e n Marble, a tennis star us having the best over- \ l i!. :i«'\'i'l:ini| ( A ) If), S a n Francij;- ( P C L ) 1 f i i i u r i i i n g ) . r l i ' V f l n m l ( A ) M . Oakland ( P C . ' hpad smash and the arcatcst n n l - NVw York ( A ) 10, San F i n n - 1 »' ; i 1 "Wily or all women players i-liicit I P C L ) 2 ( a f l i - n i r m n ) . I of Uin '"si 25 years. Now York ( A ) -I O a k l a n d (PCI.) I ( m o r n i n g . ) C.'lMYngo (A) "0" fi, San Diego (PCD L. ADULTS . . . STILL SQc, KIDS UNDER 12, FREE--[ When With Parents! OPEN 6 P.M. NIGHTLY Last Times Tonife! Cecil B. DeMille's Screen Masterpiece "KING ·OF KINGS" WITH 18 STARS And Casi of Thousands AfOF He Will Not Have a Sour Stomach He Always Keeps TUMS Handy! Gin ou fiiioy n rirli, liisij-, Miti-.fyiiig HUM! u i i l m i i i regrets? Or do j m i ' f r e - iiu.l iruiini-silonj' Keep .1 mil of Turns flimity ni ptK'kci or purse. T.H I or 2 after i Turn's i|nii-l.|) imiinilm 1 aciil, I tiring Miii(hin| r t l i c l n l r n m i iiijunily. I i i M t - l i k e mini.Mini)-, tari'i urn-alkalise ! your * \u-in. Si ill u n i ) Hit;. TUMS FOR THE TUMMY \ More Life for Your Engine WITH WAY SUMMERPROOF SERVICE He Also Bats With Ii, Mrs. Gusher L A K K L A N 1 ) , Kla., f/7'l __- M:tl Ni-wlioiis DIIP. on himself. An elderly feminine fan mil .lonhiiled him for his a : Shc ^iif,]icil ahuut how H:il \vns her "favorite, p l f r R r " a n d she'd rmno. a Ifing way to f-c him. So tiic K t a r Detroit southpaw UTolo his nainc In her book. '*.My JV n0( l |1lss -' -^''- Newhous- cr," sh« s;tid, "I never Itnrw you were Icll-li.nniled." Athletics; with whom he broke into the game in 190U while a Columbia University student, to join Tom Yuwkey when the millionaire sports enthusiast and business man, bought the Moribund Sox. Collins participated in six world 'scries, played more games than any other second baseman in baseball history and was elected to the y o u r belongings ! were lost in a fire at your home, ' w o u l d your insurance cover I your loss?" COLLINS Ins. Agency 108 N. Church 8t. PHONE 52 .C - N / P R E S S ·):.-· S e r v / i c t - f.!_L Ml\.:.· "My suit, my good suit, I just had it dry cleaned at the Quick Service Cleaners." For'Prompi, Efficienl Service - Phone 402 Today! 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