Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 20, 1962 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 20, 1962
Page 15
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Nanc v Engagement '^ rs Leslie Grimes rp j n . r .. loJeiTv IJ.\\ inters Announc e Mr Tom Kicin-iibe^er of 21'«J A \ t - . annouriiei !::,· enlace men! of her i;iu:;::!e- Nancy, to Jerry D. Winter- -,n ,,'. Mr. and Mrs. r'red J Winters of north east of Greek). Miss KichonLK-rncr i- a 19j7 graduate nf GrceK-y ll:i:!i School She is ;i r;! livadi.utc of the I'ni- ver_s:!_v of Colorado where she was a niemk'r ol Delta Gamma Sorority. This past year, she was in Boston. M a - s . ·.iM,, working at Harvard. Winters v. as graduated from Cieeley Ili^i; School in 1952 and received hi* degree from the I'ni- versity of Colorado School of Law ' in 1908. Me «as a member of Pi '·_ Kappa Alpha Fraternity. \ After rniiitary service, he re- ·- tunned to (Ireeli-y and is now a partner 1:1 '.lie la-* lirm n\ Winters and Shade Wod'hn:: plans are indefinite Gives Book Review i M's Leslie K. Grimes review-; ed William Faulkner's "The Reiv- ers" for 42 members of the Facui-i 't Wives Club of School District; ;No 6 last week at Greeley High 1 j School. ; Mrs. Grimes also gave a sketch] o! the author. ; , Hostesses were Mmes. Mel Ad-; 'ams. Bill Blair. Tom Elliott, j ;F,arl Faulkner. Jim Miller, Kich- iard Simon. Glen Smith. Carl Erickson, and William Clark. Next meeting will be Dec. 12, at Greeley High School. Nancy Eichtnb«rg«r YMC Club Entertained By Mrs Ed Pearson ('h.:, u a - i-!:icrtami:d The by Mr Barne Tlie Mrs 'Social Briefs Gti.'eley I'nit of National Parha- iiifiiianans held their regular mec-lav at the home of Mrs .John Guide to Books Wilson's Love Utters Reverse-THE PRICELESS GIFT. Edit-j ed by Eleanor Wilson McAdoo.l i McGraw-Hill. ] There have been lew occasions when a major public figure has llc-ft such a personal, intimate- even passionate--revelation ol his| inner feelings in this book. j ee are the love letters of! r ow Wilson and F.llen Axson] Kd P.'; tin- M , 1 i'arlsun. Guests were Mrs Kenne!i: A. Day of Denver and Mrs C l i f f o r d .1 Gobble of Brighton "rs Day i- the stale pre.-idenl Annual meeting of I'arliamontari- i an* will le held April 30. at Pine .hurst Country Club in Dcnv Wilson From ID83 to 1885 there v. as the period of courtship when the pres:dent-Io-!te was taking hi? rradualt- work And after their marriaiie. unli i in 1914. the; (Social Briefs Tiies., Nov. 20. 1962 GREELEY TRIBl'NE Past 13 Evans Members Guests Mrs. Martha P^-.^. 6^1^ WCTlT""" ^"P^ ^^ ol ihe Weld County jat a meeting las', week a; Boneil ;Home. The Marine ui-rulln- Igave a program on how :·, d.sp!ay !the American flag ar.d in-lory c! |the flag. Mrs. Lena Wi:iuemo:e. Idelegate to the PN.V convention. ^^ gave a report on mat meeting ^,3, and also on the disaster nursing ,,, w meeting. Mrs. Frances Sherwood, yy,-,, 'state honorary member uave a V | r . [memorial for deceased members. tjo " n j" Greeley WCl'l welcomed mem-- \[ i,er- ...f'the Eva::- WCTU at a - " covered ci-h iur:c:-,e"T'. '3-'. w^ek i .,,, artr.e .', ^-. 0 S isir.'.-en. Lighthouse was the M f c i arena , Wallace 12th Ave . !a! week. si. was a iuesl of tne d v s l-ocal presides:. Mrs. J l.. ;V yal'ace in VTM~ M , !merr.l*r Ciav lav.yr £a\e devo- ; ! Mmes. Her.rv Hi!! George Peters JShe lighted a large candle C. C film?. Wens 2a\e reports ,. The Fdt .,,. ,,', jjr,^^, Wlnf , and Ak ., jhol - and on skid- The Rev. Leslie !.. Bowers Jr. 2ave the Thanksgiving message. He reviewed the stories of two boats thy, came to the shores of ;;his cocr.'.rv in 1519 and 1620. The Touslee assisted Mrs. : serving dessert to 23 and a guest. Mrs. Albert Lake of Big Fork. Mont, a ~ jn ^ · former member ... . .. _ _ . .., Two burned during the sessions. A Christmas Party will be Dec 110 at the Tea Mrs. Walz ~ B '^ mA ihe Skyscraper- and Mrs. Whittemore served re- ro , v - ttere 5 v. own freshments. Hazel Hill and Mrs A ' ]( , Her (r(im Mr; Sherwood wil! be hostesses next . ... - ,. · .,. - - - - - , ' AI.O is ird\° in i..c ia».,.i, rou2n! ji^-.,, an( j destruction to Mexico while the other brought w i t h their Bibles and the virtues oi truth, liberty and equalitv. Mrs. T"uslee. president, announced that the Thanksgiving ,, ., dinner. --"'·-·---·-· ,~.-«u --.·--^u, .,« Reservations are to be made to * started in Bhutan D«.osin* Mrs S. P. Toussaint After the "; ls '"'"rmation. the Premier of dinner, the group will go to the p TM·*··· J-^e Dorji. .old press -""·· n Darjeelx? that all- month, was read. Mrs. Wen? and Mrs. Mrs. Leonard Ray entertained, v «a Forbes sang. "Now I Belong | the OG Club with a dessert a: her To Je5 ' J ; " jhome at 1938 7th Ave. last week. i Plans were made lor the Christ- Start Postal System v Dec. 15. at the Garden Mr. and Mrs. David Krept. Photo by Nash ,r' r were Vi ma n n s iDavid Krepses To Celebrate y I'nion Sen 'ice would be at 10 a.m.. Thursday at the First Christian '^Church.' The Christmas lighthouse, wil be W cnm- the N'- in K,2o Shi' facls = :,th.-n- history .ii-p.V tB!M! " 10 \ ascd he; talk on; fri.i: 1 . liradforrl's "I'lvmoiith Plan- ·s that passed between them I -- f \ n 4 · C 1 1 Pucram was ,,, ,r,arge ^'^-^enever they were_se P arated for!;)()tl] AnniVeFSaUV SlUlCta "a gift exchange Each -Preliminary person is to bring a dollar gift. n2 of Mrs. Charles Buckingham will be lna " OR assisting hostess. Mr?. Obera c j' m P'? Doubenmier and Mrs. Frances ; Picket! are new members. Hearts were played and prizes were won by Miss Helen McCandless and Mrs. Vie Oliver. work such as print-'at the home of Mrs. Glenn Porter ps of various denom- 1 "''-^ 2!st Ave.. Dec. 20. London, has been USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AD! U. S. IkTilman who presented a mode] meelinc. Next meeting w i l l be Dec I I . w i t h M i s 0. W Ix.n,. in- !3th Ave Court. than a few days The revealing thine Ihese Idlers are as ardent and ft-md in marriage as they were lhal Mr. and Mrs. David Kreps of] David Kreps and the former 1810 their and t w i . um In Mr* 1'i-a her daught G ..... i c y . and h F. W \ who i Tin Mrs were ; ' I"TM"' Friday's Calendar related: hitter were s II U'it "1 -i--ter. Mrs I f Katun u; courtship. You would have to .cu back to tlx? poetic Brownings jto find such exuberant expres- ·sions of raplure as you will read lunch- j n tne s ( , p :i( . C s. To most people, the image oiLsent Wilson is that of i The Get-Together Club has i . . ,. , postponed its meeting to Nov 28 19th Ave.. will celebrate Lydia Lesser were married Nov.|£ st £ d o[ Wednefdav as Ori2in . 40th wedding anniversary 29. 1922. at the home of the bride S| allv ^.j^]^ Tne mem berf ' MI-\! incrtini; of V\H' club will' im-i'.ide ((.(· annual Christina* li'iichii.n mi I)t-i- II. at 1 p.m . al the Camfii-ld ll"!i-l j · - I Sunday at their tome with an;parents. the late Mr. and Mrs -^ ^ ^ ^ of ^ mm open house. [George Lesser of Kersey. Kreps '·· Friends and relatives are in-jparents are the late Mr. and Mrs. vited to call from 2 to 5 pm.(Peter Kreps also of Kersey. No formal invitations are being; si nce their marriage, thev have- . , . _ , , and the couple asks that; f a r r n e d in , he Kersev and Gale-lff . l s TM*«.But shake an egg reserved. im-!gifLs be omitted. :ton areas. They moved to their'^ 5 tes lhan f r e s n ' ana the in January, but Bradbury'. 1222 12th St.. a: 2 p.m 1 No noise is heard when a fresh About People You Know Dr H o w a r d .1 Akers ol Salem. Ore . is Ms'.mc In* lather. H W A k c i * . !(« Place. Chapter E7. of PF.O. eun. Country Club. in»'i:. honor- in 11 Mi s James H u f f m a n of Fort f- N USon is mat Ol a it-st-i * ru. I M I - . K U L . S in- imiuivu. .Lull areas. I l i e v Illiuru m UH.-H , , . . Collins, state first vice \^-; pa ^ onMe inte liectual without I Hosts for the occasion wil! to prcscnt home 'in Januarv. but! contcn ' ? , ma , .^ heard bcatJlg dent; meeiign. Mrs Dwaim- w a r m l h And as a president, he:the couple'? six children and their| K r e p s continues to farm at Gale-I 3galn?t '" e sne "' K u r t / . !«« 10th SI . 2 W i h . JS bw , n ^.rtraved a « an egg-·families. Mrs. T. B. ' M a r g a r e t ' j t o n Both are artjve members of! ~ SOOH. Masonic Temple. 2 00 .|, c;i( j w | ln was cmapulted IromiKell of Lakewood. Calif. who will! Our Savior's Lutheran Church. 1 Some cooks like (o put cran Hookworms. Mrs A"*' r ':Princeton University into thelbe unable to lie present. David] berries to be used in a pie through Clounh. l'.»42 8th Ave . kitchen rnui ,|, an( ) tumble of politic? with- Jr. of Galeton. Mrs E I. -Doris '. , a food chopper shower for Mrs. David Gilbert oul ;m y \-^ ln ^ f,, r same ,Fitl? of San Diego. Calif., and A m e r i c a n War Mothers CARPETS DRAPERIES Fine Fitted Furniture Covers WINDOW SHADES FURNITURE REUPKOLSTERIMG rr-J BUNT'S 901 Sixteenth Street 352-9595 Naomi Circle. Mr*. Henrietta 1 Morris. La Salle. .-3... desert romantic passages are couched | grandchildren USE THE T R I B U N E WANT AOS i i n lerms vv i,j cn ,i n 01 , r day sx?em ] " ' stilled and Vic-1'.rian: but l n c . v ipfi r p n f c e I U l t J I l l a NOVEMBER SPECIAL Monday-Tue*day-Wedne«day Only SHAMPOO AO. and SET ilOC Greeley Beauty School for n p p n i n t m c n t phone 3")2-2S07 By V I V I A N BROWN AP Ntwsftatures Writer arc vibrantly alive. And on the political score, they are ample proof that Wilson would have preferred politics from tne very start, and took reluge in proles- sorships only lor the sske ol earning a living. , , . . a n d that parents The general reader may getj,,,,.,, ,,,,,' afiain . ilwgged down before he has fin-i lished this book Bui lor anyone inlcresled in biography or his- itory. these letters offer an un, usual insight into human nature. Miles A. Smith the'Donald. Kenneth, and Robert, all j c I the.of Gale'.on. They also have 17.Plan Cooked Food Sale American War Mothers met' for the first time since their election of new officer?. Mrs. Vera Timkin. president, presided ,at the meeting last week in the iBlue Flame Room. I Are parents getting touah': ' T-,vcr, !; , Six meinbeu pi^- j Mam voung people claim that'll- They reported 66 calls made Icarte blanche in the home is out d « rir * *e month A cooked food are rulinc - is scheduled at the Safeway Store, llth Ave. and l2Ui St.. on "Mv parents have been verv.Wednesday. There will be no work good'to me. until now." wTiteVi^'^ 5 during the balance o 18-vear-olrl girl. "They sud- November or for the month of De cerr.ber. In addiiion to Mr?. Timkin iSINCER PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE don'l want to do anything Io help me. They gave my sister and me our own rooms, but myjother newly elected officers wh furniture was so heat-up thai 1; assumed their duties were: Mrs akcd for new pieces. They re-lstella Tempiin. firs vice presiden fused. I gave the old stuff away, but thev didn't budge. SLANT-O-MATIC Automatic Zigzag by SINGER NOW-save a big $30 on the famous SLANT-O-MATIC machine -- and make Christmas the merriest! This automatic zigzag machine ouisews them all --just dial the stitch you want and sew. Lets you create hundreds of fancy stitches. Darn, sew buttons, make buttonholes, overcast seams, and blind-stitch hems with a minimum of effort. Wide choice of cabinets and portables. Buy now and save. Pay as little as $2.75 a weekt and corresponding secretary Mrs. Gertrude Jacobs, second vie 1 "My mother gave me an old j president; Mrs. Arvilla Johannes 'cot to sleep on. and my personal'son. third vice president; Mrs possessions are in paper cartons Ix)uie Ashmore. recording secre- stackcd m Ihe corner of Ihe room. : lary: Mrs. Linnie Cunningham I do not even have a chair, and;treasurer; Mrs. Lillian Paugh thev don'l care. I can't invile:hislorian: Mrs. Lillie Casseday anyone as the whole thine is soichaplain. [utterly slupid. My mother says xi u , nc ;t business meeting wil i i I'll have to get a job after school'be held Dec. 11, in Ihe- Blue Flam I | if 1 want to get new furniture. iRoom. A covered dish luncheo iShould 1 hold out until they come w -ill be served. Hostesses will hi Io their senses"" Mmes. Cora Mackey. Bertha Ni-\ i | Your parents having spoiled Minnie Orton. Paugh and Cec I you are In-ginning to see the light.! sever: '.They don'l owe you any more, than they've given. You should try io make amends by finding! la job and fixing up your room' the IK-SI you can ' Meanwhile, since you've got the I selling, why not try Japanese 'living" You might gel to like the |mistcrity Put talami mats on the 'floor for sloepms: Get good 'suirdy colorful cushions lor your I friends Io sit on. Buy or build in folding screen 'Some people iuse fabric swatches on Ihe slwji I panels .1 Paint the cartons in col- 'ors and screen them oul. . I' u I inexpensive malchstick. 'bamboo blinds al the windows or; some appropriate icift wrapping paper and bani; it up collage-curtain st jl'' w1 " 1 r ' lv A 17-yiw-old writes. i "My parenls have forbidden me jli. go io a dance w i t h my Ixn !friend because we always dance ·'tocolher. They say I should dance; j w i l h others How could i dance Villi others when everyone does Vxactly the same Iliioi:'" j Maiiy parents «,MTV aKnit Ihe 'conslanl companionship routine of \ m m g people. The; fed il d,'e-i''l SALE f f We have reduced this group of wool skirts and sweaters 25% Straight skirts with matching sweaters in Apricot, Green and Pink. Now is the time to get an early start on your Christmas Gifts. The 907 16th St. for Smart Casuals 353-4523 Having Friends or Relatives for Thanksgiving Dinner? ',.\l a fi;!un- .ianco wln-ie you can 'mlliicnce Ihe commilU'c. suggest ,, dancr caul II would plca-e your!- .md you miilil even - SINGER SEWING CENTERS HEADQUARTER; FOR »n YOUR «,iwmr. «MD noon C*RI ntto 908-A 8th Av«. Greeley, Colorado Ph, 352-4939 "My (.-.Ihi-i w i l l not !c! me use Ihe famiK c.r unless 1'r.i dnv ir.i-lhi-r s,i!n,,«hi-rr i"' need it lor of pu filends s'.^pi'c- 1 · !' in,: me because d.- n.-! I'.ivi c,i:s .mil a i.l.ili' is li" iin,-l\rd Wr live in the coimliy " He probnblv has tin- "Id last' .ii-fixl Ivlii-f Imf will luiil «.i\ \i«l it should A yum: ma '\vl;o c a n s about you slnm!d inmil iiicoinenicni'cs ne. cssary ' ,i-s, orlilli: yon I" a dance or parly 'Yiilir f.illn-r An-sn't bk.' In Hun his r,ir i mo! r popub ,ilian you nrr For diilinclive gifti vnil EM jqilt Cifti, 107 lllh SI.-AHv. / / w 9 Serve Golden Crusted, Energy Packed Biggie Bread" with Your Meal Nutritious · Good Eating · Baked Fresh Daily · A Glass of Milk In Every Loaf · HACKEH WALTERS BAKERY 7)0 Seventh Street Phone 352-0591

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