Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 5, 1967 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1967
Page 5
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Tda'io Free Press, Monday, CHRISTIAN CHURCH PUBLIC KINDERGARTEN held graduation exercises recently for front row from left, Kreg Owens, Barbara Goetsch, Biff Cain, Rodney Peterson, Jan Johnston, Quin Bridge, Carrie Kinney, Steven Fulton and Lori Dunn. Second row from left, Carrie Turner, Rusty Gould, Diane Rapfosh, Becky Wissel, Mark McMillin, Bob Sovy, Greg Bartlett, Jon Mills, Bare McKnighi, Melony Korn and Sharon Painter. Third row from left, Nola Cross, Benny Cale, Julie Gallinger, Rocky Pattern, Stevie Trimble, Carole Deppe, Brenda Dunn, DeanCranor, Lorraine Carruthers, Teresa Coggburn and Tom Hopkins. Fourth row from left, Traci Jones, Patly Bell, Sue Henkel, Tammy Simmons, Deubie Doughty, JoAnn Henry, Russel Keely, Brenda O'Harra, Blair Homer and Steve Lacey. Not pictured were David Nance and Bryan Weast. Teachers of the group were Mrs. E.J. Wiley and Mrs. Ted Vannoekcr. (Welker Photo) . gsasasiW^^^^ JFo£ Women j Jay-C-Ettes Announce Committee Chairmen Committee chairmen tor the headquarters to formulate plans -Nampa Jay-C-Ettes were an- for operating the concession nounced recently at the meeting stand at the Snake River Slam- of the club's board of directors, pede. They are Mrs. Cornell John- Also on the agenda will becon- son, attendance and member- sideralion of civic welfare pro- ship; Mrs. Gary Fearn, civic jects, reading of the proposed welfare, visitations; Mrs. Carl budget and distribution of the Budell, hospitality; Mrs. Ralph club's Sparkelle tally sheet. Howard, records and recogni- The club's yearbooks are lion, key woman award, parlia- ready for distribution. Mrs. mentary law; Mrs. Paul Abbott, lioss York, president, said, photography and club scrap- --^----^^----___ to; Mrs. Robert Price,, nro- grams; Mrs. Kent Tracy, raffle; Mrs. Wayne Grever, president's scrapbook, Junior Miss pageant, finance; Mrs. Roger Williams, secret pal; Mrs. Vic McLaughlin, Installation; Mrs, Max Fretz, dollars for scholars; Mrs. Dave Ross man, nominations; Mrs. Richard Roper, Violent Assaults ^ Shock Capitol By GRACE E. JORDAN in (tie Recessional "Mr. Tarn- WASHTNGTON-Another mur- bourine Man". ier has shocked the Hill, Judith The Tangerine Flakes were in Robeson, 25, a pretty research one transept, the Mysticals in assistant in the office of Sen. another, the Delphonics down them surprises me. Those who mourn a materialistic drift away from the churches may have missed something. In the letters I get is an Insistent phrase: I /\l~rYT\f l\l oor\ c \iircac /I / Illy 1 V cctio L V III ico Shortage Is Critical The Army has a critical shor- left shortages in other hospitals tape n f n n r q p q Of ttiPPsfimatcrl flirniurhniif fho \rnrM Merrills T 7 - ', T r ISlt 1 WO Daughters MELBA - Mrs. William Jen- Christmas activities; Mrs. Richard Butt, social and Mrs. Oren Campbell, publicity. The Jay-C-Ettes will meet at 8 p.m. Wednesday in theJaycee Family Holds Traditional Picnic on the am praying. People you never Choir, thought prayed are at It earnestly. With the country bogged in an undeclared war for gains it never sought, with no simple way out, with casualty figures mounting and the heartrending pictures of American utterly hopeless, it's time to pray. Prayer destroys no property, gets nobody gas-bombed or Jailed, produces no looting or wounds. II costs nothing. It may arm the spirit. PHONE 466-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad, (Braun Photo) MISS JUDY SMITH August Wedding Planned KUNA -- A former Kuna family has a tradition of having a family picnic every spring near Memorial Day. The group met in Weiser Park Sunday, May 28, after decorating family graves in (lie cemetery. The group included Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hedberg and family 8,000 nurses needed to care for Man who are seriously injured Army personnel, only half now or wounded in Vietnam can be sen and family of Twin Falls fill (he Army Nurse Corps ranks, flown to fhe 50 Array hospitals have been guests of Mrs. Jen- The current war in Vietnam here in the United States. Here sen's brother-in-law and sister, has greatly increisedtheoverall again, the wir in Vietnam places Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Peck, need for nurses. At the present pressure on the need for nurses The Pecks two daughters, time, there are 630 nurses sta- elsewhere in the world. Monica and Julie Ann, returned tioned in 53 medical installations To gain an adequate number with Mrs. Jensen for a vacation in Vietntm. This accounts for of nurses,(here are i number of and Mrs. Jensen's son, Jon, is part of the nurse shortage. There programs designed to encourage staying with fhe Pecks, is not a shortage of nurses in nurses to join the Army, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Merrill Vietnam, but nurses, who have For registerednurses between relumed Friday morning from of Kuna; Francis Petty and fami- the engagement and approaching volunteered for Vietnim, have the ages of 20 and 35, there is a Logan, Utah, where they visited ly of Indian Valley; Hezzy Petty marriage of their daughter, Judy, direct commission officer pro- with their daughters, Am and and childrenand Mrs. Bill Kamp- to Edward F. Bel sly, son of Mr. gram. Depending on experience, Paula, who are students at Utah eter and daughter, Council; Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Beisly of Nampa. State. The girls have summer and Mrs. Roy Stuart and Mr. The bride-elect, a 1965 grad- jobs in Logan. and Mrs. Bruce Stuart and fam- uate of Burns Senior HighSchool, Mrs. Ernest Smith is in Poca- ily of Meridian; Mrs. Larry Heil attended the University of Oregon tello with her son and daughter- and daughter, Castleford; Mr. and Boise College. Her fiance in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mrs. Michael Hedberg and graduated in 1962 from Nampa which college, liealtli, and living Smithandcaringforanewgrand- family, Boise, and Mrs. Lois High School and attended North- troops in Vietnam are Negroes, expenses are completelypaidfor son. Gwartney of Salmon. west Nazarene College and Boise but only 5 per cent of fhe 11,000 Couple Church Rites In Oregon Mr. and Mrs. Neil Smith Jr., Burns, Ore., are announcing Frank Carlson (Kan.), was found stairs, the Vagabonds strangled andbeaten in her apart- steps of the Great ment. The duty of telling her Although dancing was supposed parents In a Kansas City suburb to be forbidden, Hie wigglerstook fell to the senator, who also ac- over, "completely but not companled the body home for violently," according lo a report- burial. Her fattier had visited er. the girl here less than a week It vriH be remembered that before. during the election campaign of prisoners of war paraded Inpub- People stillrememberabrutal 1964, a National Cathedral Dean lie, sick, dazed or drugged and and senseless assault on another said that neither Johnson nor young capital aide, whose Goldwaler was a fit candidate attacker was never found for the presidency, although anumber of senatorspul The role of the church in civil up $100 each as a reward. Tills rights, In peace negotiations, In girl, who had fought off her two family planning and In "culture" assailants with her only weapon, is emphasized vigorously in this an electric clock, survived. generation. What will come In our apartmentbuildinglives next? Well, churchescouldvolce a young secretary who was stab- opinions about women being bed while she prayed in a church drafted for active combat, end- near by. ing discrimination there. When even seasoned young capital employees come to grief, Though not employed in my women who know the dangers, husband's office, I get and answer take every precaution, givethem- a good many letters fromconsti- selves whole-heartedly to their tuents, and one recurrent note in work, not looking for shady adventure, it is obvious that Washington Is no place for the naive girl, although God still seems to take care of idiots and children. Girls who are coming herefor summer work should be met and kept by friends until they are established in dependable quarters. They seem safer if they live with one or more other young women. NANPA MY CLEANERS "Wh«f t Quality it Fir*" Atrau fiwn hit OMc* HMM4M-021I a registered nurse can enter the Army with a salary ranging from 35,250 to $9,900. For student nurses, the Army has an attractive program in A good answer to the charge that Negroes are drafted for service in Vietnam while white men equally eligible are passed over can be found In TIME for May 26. The proportion of Negroes in the service is greater than the population ratio, and the reasons given are pay, status, love of adventure, andlove of country. More than 10 per cent of army a period up to 24 months. The Army also has programs for the two-yeir associate'dej- 'gree nurslng'slu'dent andtneorie-' year licensed practical nurse, m addition to the exeellentpay that the Army provides for its nurses, assignments ire available in the United States and Army hospitals located in Germany, Italy, Ethiopia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Okinawa,Turkey and Vietnam. MELBA-- Mr. and Mrs. At- Sergeant Lane, the Army re- well Parry of Melba have an- cruiter for this area, encourages nounced the engagement of their nurses, or those Interested in daughter, Bonnie Lee, to Frank becoming a nurse, whether in Weston Burke, son of Mrs. Edna high school or college, to come Burke of- Alameda, Calif. A in ind see Mm at 222 North 10th temple wedding is planned for Street Boise, Idaho or call Mm early fall. collect at 342-2711 Ext. 527-220. Josephine Lowman Pleasure Is Ahead of You When You Visit Expo '67 "Meet Me at the Fair" is an and do not cause irritating per- appropriate title for a column spiration. If your feet are tired just now. Are you going to the at the end of a day, treat themto Universal Exhibition, or Expo alternate hot and cold baths. 67, in Montreal this summer If you have varicose veins or early fall? or ; a tendency toward them, you If so, you will be one of the may be more comfortable if you estimated 40,000,000 visitors, wear elasticized stockings which and I am sure you have a wonderful experience ahead of you. Don't let lack of planning spoil any of the pleasure in store for you. In the first place be sure that your feet are in good con- to match are a good idea. Don't dition, because you will prob- forget sunglasses or j ·« will ably be doing a lot of walking come home with tired eyes and ( although (ran sport alien will be some new squint lines. Today the great big ones are very | smart looking. Perhaps you might Hketohave ! my exercises to strengthen the feet. If so, send a stamped, College. officers are black. As to that, a Both ire music majors and will Negro psychiitrist says that 'continue their education at Boise though many Negro officers and enlisted-men complain of-discrimination, "Many times Ihave 'College. The Aug. 12 wedding, originally planned for the Episcopal found that the complaint because Church at Burns which was recently destroyed by fire, will be held instead in the Burns' Presbyterian Church. . as a To Attend PEO Meeting of race has been used . crutch." At any rate, Negroes re-enlist at a rate three times that of white men. TIME'S cover shows a Negro sergeant, and the bravery of Negroes under fire is the theme of the article. MERIDIAN--Mrs. Angus Hill No single minister, no single Merl Meyer will re- church can be said to be typical of and Mr; present Chapter AD, PEO, of of the whole sect, but it seems Meridian at the state conven- fair to report that the National tion in Twin Falls. Cathedral here sheltered a They will make their official "Mod" party on a recent Sunday night that, figuratively, has shaken the great carillon above. Suffragan Bishop Paul Moore of the Diocese of Washington called the party a terrific success. Response from the public came in a steady stream of out- give you added support. Be sure not to bay a size which is too small for you. Wear comfortable clothes. Shifts and easy shirtwaist dresses with a Jacket or sweater MRS. ELIZABETH STEPHENSON of Marsing announces the engagement of her daughter, Susan Ann, to Thomas W. Hayes Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hayes of CaldwelL An August 11 wedding is planned at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Nampa. (Hall Photo) report at a special meeting of the chapter Thursday evening Mrs. Voris Botkin will be hostess for the special meeting. Mrs. Leroy Meyer and Mrs. Bill Williams, Lewiston, and Mrs. Robert Teeter and Mrs. Marvin Jeppesen of Emmett will rage and delight, travel to Twin Falls with the In a way, "Sound and Spirit of Meridian women. '67" followed an Act of God, After the convention Mrs. Mey- since though planned for outside er will visit Meridian and Boise the Cathedral, rain drove it in. relative and Mrs. Williams will Rock and Roll with Folk singing be a guest of her aunt and fam- by costless boys and miniskirted ily, the Damon Flacks. girls went on under the vaulted arches for 3 '/ hours. It ended available. Have any corns or even slightly Ingrown toenails taken care of by a chiropodist or podiatrist. WINTER CALLUSES Begin working on any leftover winter calluses. When in your bath, use a bath brush or rough washcloth on these areas and massage them with a softening lotion before going to sleep at night. And shoes! All of you know how shoes which flop -jp and down on your heels or pinch your loes or cause excess perspiration can absolutely ruin your fun. Be sure that you take at least two pairs of comfortably fitted shoes, remembering that your feet will swell some after being on them for hours at a time. Some women are more comfortable when wearing shoes which have moderate heels with a generous base rather than flats. You know your feet best! Be sure that tl.e shoes give you adequate support for a long day. LEATHER SHOES Leather shoes are best he- cause they give tho feet some ventilation as well as support self-addressed envelope with your request for the leaflet "Take Care of Your Feet." Address to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: Plan Your Day at Exposition So You Have Time to Relax. PHONE 466-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad. NAMPA cmncifi AI.VO.VS FAST oumrT* OPEN - TONITE 'TIL 9 P.M. BULLETIN! A NEW CLASS STARTS JUNE 12th REGISTER NOW! .lOilSARKPLKNTII'l.U'OK TRAIM:i) S T Y L I S T S . . . AM) SUPERIOR WKSTEK.N G R A D U A T E S ARE A L W A Y S I N D E M A N D ! SUPERIOR WESTERN Beauty College V rilr or Call far Itruchurr Phone 466-8444 11714th Ave. So., Nampa ATTENTION MOTHERS! The Green Fairy Photographer is Coming Again! Thursday, Friday and Saturday June 8-9-10 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily No pictures will b« taken after 5:00 p.m. Beautifully finished... Professionally made PHOTOGRAPHS in LIVE COLOR ... lifcamfiM 1 Vn«i» r\rry jlirl of rv.rrrhanili*** i* "loji ilrjwir" ignalii) ami ilioy'lllr .Irlipl.lril tuth uhal ihry (mil. l\ulirnUr |TO|-lf arc mi' !rl rustnmrr* atiH mi[ liipjyM Ufi'lrrs. \Xrs-;inji!) rlnn'l 'li|ld or «·!! jri) form! if re nnt uptu Mttrrtarfii^'stanctjrif 1 * for pom! la Mr in ilrsipn, n. lirrials am) r\pri1 rrafljn:m?lkip. SiirttTunir.^d* tanr. Thnnu«i1if. Ililihrll. lU-rii. |,r*. M. r*nun. Krnl-ljiflr;, Drnrl. Sllffrl. Slmmnu* anil many nlhcf- I'nnif-rl'r our rinlinp lU'filayv fe.fl frw lo browse oi Case Furniture NAMPA KING SIZE WALLET FULL COLOR PHOTOS · Completely finished · Professionally made · No shipping charge · No obligation to order 99* · Non-glare lights · No age limit · True color CHILDREN'S DEPT., TOP FLOOR

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