The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1931 RI.YTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE TURK) Colored Students flonor Rosenwald n • .OSCS DUSlllCSS 10 is but Gams From [Vlcmp! Country Report Says. WASHINGTON. March 10.—Bly- thcville's dry goods incrchnnts suffer stroneest competition Jvsin •M-mpWs, although oilier sraalbr Iciriis in tills vicinity compete for (he county trade. Although Ihe improvement of roads has sent many [ nuedTlle also orasentcd dn'u buyers to Memphis, his has larje- nowcd Mr Ro ^ n J ^\™ '" ly been offset by Uic numu?r f'.' The Bljihcvtlle Colored . Junior i Tllgh school observe:! Roseiv.vald i Day with an appropriale po-jr.!".!' Friday atlended by more than 2011 cilizeiis, Including pastors of all lh? j city r.egro churches, Presiding Elder Wade of (his district in thr j Methodist church, and a number c.'; Professional men. The licv. C. R. Carriujton was j the principal speaker, In his ad-, dress he quoU'd from an nddrer.s of i Julius Rosemvald in which lie said, | "I nm Interested in the njgro b?- . cause 1 am also Interested in while ; people. Negroes arc one-tentli cf! our population and If we proinoie • better citizenship 111110115 the n;-' grors not only are (hey improved , but our entire citizenship Is bsna- Tallulah Bankhead Is Neither Temperamental f>lor"Uppity C( , app ,. 0!!lmatoly 8M bul!d , > » people brought Into the cUy Iro.« jecls (or , tmall towns around Ulyiheville. : of scmhcrn sta ,\ 5 wl , lcl , tctal cx . These and ssvcral other co:id;> s are reached by the depart::, ', pendlture of $4.000,000. ,,. , . Other mi'mbirs on the imnram of conyiieree in a repm nrtlish^ : mcmded . ft .. , > , lo^ay following an extensive surve" | itoseiuvald Day " Einiyrll- made of the dlslrltaitlon oi dry| tHp . Ethcl E(lr \ jackson an, goods In the Gulf Southwest sec-' C!s . m^,, -Trih u t e i o jiii| US R OS i lion, L'icluding Blythcvilb and oth- 'cinva'd" Wilfr Wnlkhx:- rtn-n* ! er cities In Arkansas. , ,. Ark , n ' as ; Va ^' gi^ifthf^ j . '. Trade Area Maintained grac!«; talk. "Altendanc? anri'. T^" Eight cities in Arkansas were • AcliicvenienLs of (he Blythcvllle Ne- • 'visited by commercial Investigators! ero School," Gladys Gillette; po.'m,; . lor the commerce department—Bly-1 Robert Seahorne; trio. Lucite Walt? ' theyille. (Jamden, Fort Smllh, He!-1 an<1 others; chorus. West End Bap-' • ena,. Jonesboro. Little Reck. Pine.t'st church choir; talk. "Homo nnd j Bluff, and Texarkana, although j Church Improvements." Nathaniel Texarkana Ark., was included n r ,, Mabin: chorus. Bethel A. M. E, Texarknna, Tex., and the report i; 1 church choir. included In a summary of dry' goods distribution in Texas. Th; report on Blylheville, verbatim, h as follows: "The population of Blythcville. according to the 1930 census was 10.098, wilh a total of 222 retail outlets, cf which 13 or approximately 53 per cent were department stores and dry-goods stores. Three scores were visited in this to™.: representing total net sales of $355.-' OOO.vrhe trade area extends to Ca- riimmer nnd the financial losses sulli'iTd dmlng Ihe 1927 Hood were slvcn as the causes for the breaking down of the slnle's economic Since March 1, Evans said, Ihere hri', been :i marked decrease In the niimlici' of culls upon <hu Red i Cress. Ffo-estiibllshmein of farm : credit facilities. Hie avnllnblllty , of federal feed, seed nnd feillllzer j loans :nul veteran's loans were n i r> r*\ • r o A named as ihr cause for dimlnlsh- Ked Ll'OSS Ulief Sees Ar-1 Ing relief calls. Kvnns is of (he the lied Cross can wllh- ,„„„ - >,.,.,, ..'Oin Arkansas shortly, but 1930 Disaster. LITTLE flOCK, March 10 (UP) 1 —Smiling Arkansnns went to their tasks today expoc-.ant of u suc- CKsful farming season in 1931 and assured thai relief agencies of the American fled Cross would nol withdraw from the Meld until all emergency cases are settled. The smile, according lo Albm Evans, slnle dlrcclor of relief work for the lied Cross, has been the saving gnicc during billlcrlng slid wiuit this winter. Eva in esilmaled lhal 125.000 garden plots will be phuited this year, re present In;; almost llml many families who have received aarden seed from relief agencies. Cites Cairn* of ilrcakdiiwii The i.ick of home yardcns. de- pendance of Ihe majority of farmers ujton one crop, colton. the collapse of the stale's banking syslein. the drouth o! the past Ing From c l )!lllul1 1 lom ;tliaw fn i (his will nol occur unlll every | emergency ens? hiu been ireaicd, he sdid, selling nl rest rumors of Naluval HUtory ;o fln;s has published 280 books In Its regular re- len In iwpular^ style and designed rlcs ol anthropologlca!. boUnlcal, — geological, TOolojlcul and historical works, director Sleplien C(. Slins nimouiiu'd. fn uddlllon, the scum has puliUihcd subjects, writ- 1 for tlw lay reader. thai ImmedliUe wllhdmual of the I Hrd Cross was plunncd. I Mine Wrrkeis Suflrr 1 One Bloomy coiulllloii waa pic-1 lured by Evans. That wns Hi; siif-j terinu of mine workers nnd their families In northwest Arkansas where It was estimated Unit up- wnrds of 3.000 persons are filllli In need of help and where Immediate sclf-suslnliiing pluns had nf.lj been completed. Evans stild repre- i senlnlive:; of Uio miners linil. iolti | him withdrawn. 1 of relief among lliiMii would inenn untold suffering.! He sold local chapters had been' Instructed to (ell these people llmt they must shortly make theli i own phins lor making lliemselves: sclf-suslnlniiiK. Hcmi'vcr relief will nol be abandoned iinlll this is done. Attention, Veterans! \\V know of a feiv nice little homes thai can be bought for a trifle. Invest part of your Ixmus where it will do the most good, See us. Terry-Worthingtpn Title Company W. Walnut Street. I'hone 617 C1I1OAQO. (UP)—Field Museum Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 Tallulah iBankhead Is rJiown hero a from "Tarnished Lady." Thi> man In Alexander Kkklaud, she appeared irt lhrc«. scenes' Ihe srtr.c al tlie upper left Is SEB PEBHITi,. ruther&ville. Pascola. and Ke^nett on Ihe north, to the St. Francis river on the west, and to Wilson on the'.Mississippi river ts the south. Allow Reopenino of souri Institution. BY GENE COHN NBA Service Writer NEW YORK.—Over nl Asisria, I-. , where movies are made v.'heti , Ihey don'l come from Hollywood, '.tho manners, customs and isabn i Englnnd, a favorilv 10 wil of London's Mayfair are bslns ; of q : n singe, with dlo scene. llP ° n " , Tallulah had not exactly knocked Broadway dead when she went over- sens less than 10 years ago to try her fortunes. She returned with the acclaim of of salons ant! the American , What with Ihe one and only Tal| lulah Bankhead on the jcb for a CAMPBELL. Mo. March 10.—Tile'number of weeks, everyone had slu-! pholographers pursuing her for Ipliotos and tile reporlcrs trying to gel a few paragraphs. 1 have it from Director George Cukov that she has a'rc.idy passed (he icily of Blylheville. : Memphis Cains Trade "It was stated that the chief ccmpctillon comes from Memphis, where much of the cily trade goes to purchase high grade merchandise"; the country trade is said t; lmy-_ largely nt home. Tl-.e smalbr ^JJ-ATIS of Osccola. Kennett. Steele. JAi?sboro and Caruthersvllle compete; with Blytheville for Mme of the;countvy trade. the development of be". leprescnlative of that office had j :?"™. . l "rS^f"".. 38 " UUCky '" been fully met but that lle con-! dear ' C and dahimg ' sidered it unadvisable lo re-open! . Qu ' tc diflerent from many of the at tho present tims. According io '; w 'de!y advertised yowigslars from no rilizier than the average. Hera she keeps n supply of light readlnj. with which sh3 relaxt? wliile waiting fcr a call. On a desk I ob- Ihe letter of refusal, U \vas not ] " le Hollywood lots, Miss Bnnkhead i served a pile of film and stage mag- Ihis time \ dilj n °t 'nmc Into one of ihe obvi- ' ar.lnes. which she reads avidly, , thought conditions al v;arrim nn esler.iion of nankins Institutions and for this reason permission for reorganization was withheld. The First National bank was closed three.'-months a:;o by ord;r r.f its board of directors after a ously rllzy hotels end take a great j whether or not sho. is mentioned. v • —•»- *»*..v*^r»ji..tjLL u, IA;-.^. . _ • j ,, ., .. roads there Is a' tendency for part! . £u - tain<;d Period of heavy wilh- suite. She picked al quist. out-of- the-way place In ihe Fifties. She does, lo be sure, app2ar work in a most expensive locking j car, with a Iricky chauffeur. She explains that she wants to catch up to all the "low down" she at may have misse<l while away. Hi-r attendant Is an English wo SUNSHINE MELLOWS Heat Purifies i man— a Mrs. Ijocke — who became She does, also, carry n secretary her "right-hand man" shortly afler and dicates lelt-rs and newspaper tlie lirst English successes Mrs of th- better trade to go to Mem-' drawals ha ' J J-ediired its r:iour:ss ] quotations when not .. phis, although the mcrc'-anls'chin- I to a dan s erou5 P° lnt fcr the ccn-; fore Ihe camera. She does ____ _,. ... that this has been ofTs=t somewhat I tinued °P- r3lton of th= institution.; certain gestures when flicking trie icr of sorts. bi- - Locke has the combined job of o ave secretary, nurse, manager and mch- by the number of people brought in from the small towns around good reads." The eight cities visited in Arkansas represent a combined population of 180,645, with a total of 3,487 retail outlets, of which 150. or'4.3 per cent are department store and retail dry-goods outlets. Altogether, the investigators Interviewed 33 merchants In ihe eight cities, their stares representing a volume of ne'. sales In excess of $11,500,000. Fr -nch Will Print Anne Lindbergh's Poems PARIS, (UPi—The "aviation society. Les Allcs Brisees (The Broken Wings), has translated one of Mrs. Anne Morrow Lindbergh's r.icst famous poems, "Remembrance," and is seon issuing It In Paris. The Amer Madiscn, rccc rr.uiic from of Reno Nazollea. It was stated by officials of the 'r\ bank that a large amount of frcz- Di ' en assets wore held at the time. Following the closing of , o „„. over o , bank a representative of the office ;and general behavior is of the sort' ° ]t /hii<H commltfee tarhrlrTLr nf thr, r-mv,^»r^ii«v ™oH» o ^M.I-V I that «nmo «fv,nr =» „, , . 5iik.-n3i.eo committee. Doinering her of the Comptroller made a check: that some other actresses have of the institution and made cer-! tried to imitate en the screen whan tciin recommendations to be fol- j playing ihe role of a "lady of maii- lowed in the event it was decided • ners." to reorganize the instllulion. These, | After observing Tallulah it's ob- according to officials and the com- :vious that lew know hoa-'to do it municatlon from the Comptroller's j Tallulah. just a girl from Alabinn office, have been met. tco much. Car Burns in Garage CARDWELU Mo.— Friday nljht who made" good in London. h'aTbe'cn i lh Pc>nt!ilc; - Mdan ^' to J. F.' . In the ..meantime the process of ] around quite a bit in the past eigh! : L3cl<i llurr "^ in his garage at his limiidatton is being continued tin- j years. She doesn't have to allicl ''"" ..... "'" " ---- "~" ..... ""' "" der the direction of John A. Me-1 What some might take as a salon Anally of this city who was np-1 pose is natural to her. She "is ani- liointed receiver scon after the fail-.mated, dynamic; quick at repartee ' "•- v "" 1 ' :» swe" wise-cracker, sophisticated' i quite a young woman of the world.' j apparently trying her darndest nol to be understood. ure of the bank home about Ihres miles west of Cardwell. Tee cause of the fire, is unknown, Tho car and garage were both entirely destroyed by the fire. Arkansas Car Abandoned After Wreck Near Cardwell i ^ Ham Bankhead, representalive from af- i the 10th Alabama district and niece UAituwcoju, .-.tu.—o3u::™»> ui- line luiu /iiaoania aislrlct and niece rican composer MnurJ ternocn, about five o'clock, a Ko.-d | cf Senator-elect John B. Dankhead. cently set the pcem lo 1 rood£ter wilh Arkansas license and; -- - --a Fi-ench tra-islalion' occupied by two unidentified men. : -"»i""««ir»llirv» laMlKKSOBB 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds, Headaches, Feve; 666 SALVE Cures Haby's Cold The poern-song, was wrecked on tl* 1 higwoy has been offered to the 'Ailcs Bri- n mile east of Cardwr11 - T 1 ^ c;ir M ?s. In French the pcem is known : heacted east, went into the dllch on ; i!^"Souvcnance." i highway 25, thro'.ving both men i Tlie po;m, which slarts with the | f rom 'he car, which was without j lines: "Your hands .have curved ' a top. Neither of the men was in- i otjbtit this bowl; Your lips have ! jured. They soon went away and; fejt a kiss upon Ihe teacup's rim," have not as yet returned for th? ' wns written by Mrs. Lindbergh be- car. Tile car. a model T Ford road- : fofe she married the trans-Atlantic ster, received a broken wheel and i . ether minor damage. j C6tlghcd Nights So Bad That 1 that came with bottle she had used.! She Couldn't Sleep Well. 1 Spent Hundreds for ". Medicines ta came w oe se o use. [ J at once ordered a bottle from ouri druggist. The very first dose sort | of relieved me. I took it thr?e limes A day after mcais and at PlVAr T V RPT TPVPn bedtime; that night I was slcepy : FINALLY RELIEVED J rnd COU(?h TOS so mllch tete T ^ IN A bJMl'LE WAY. slept soundly all night. U was the •" ~ ! first night's rest I had in a long TTm so delighted and grateful, time and from then on 1 coughed (hire Isn't anything tco good for,] C ss and less until really I can't ma to say about this wonderful ray enough good about Lin-O- Lln-0-Nlne," declares Mrs. F. P. i;i ne ," continued Mrs. F. P. Mas- Massey of Kingsville, Texas. . r cy> Box 933 Kingsvllle, Texas. ';! suffered with a bronchial'Thousands of men and women have cough for the past twenty-five I cblainrd the same results so no years and during that time I spent i one should hesitate or suffer an- scvfral hundred dollars for cough | other day. Lin-O-Nlne Is sold by medicine but never got any relief j druggists.' 5Cc or SI bottles or may • at:all. A tickling in my Ihroat• ix; obtained direct from Ihe nalion- caflsed me to cough incessantly ally known Kcrr Chemical Co.. of night and day. I coughed so deep nrentwood, Md., v.ho gladly mall „. ,nri3 to hard I could nol sleep, bottle prepaid to your door on re- Ll fights nnd had about decided Ihere! ceipl of price in cash, check, | P« no way to get relist. Then' rtam'ps or mall order. If nol de- ff-0 weeks ago a friend who knew, lighted nnd completely relieved fcofr t suffered told me aboul Lin- _ they cheerfully rffund money nith- O-Nlne nnd handed me lh« circular: out quibble or question. —Adv. We're Sorrg— We could not supply Ihe •demand last week for our new low priced Lerlroum suites hut have just received another shipment of (hem and can lake care of your order no\v. Vanity Dresser $^fe,A(75 Chest of Drawers Full Size Bed Ueriufifully finished and strongly constructed. HUBBARD FURNITURE LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Everyone knows that sunshine mellows—that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE -madeoftheflnost tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-THEN -"IT'S TOASTED"-an extra, secret heating process. Harsh irritants present in oil raw tobaccos ore expelled by "TOASTING." These irritants are sold to others, they are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. The advice of ytntr cr'an is: Keep OM of c^ors, in the open air,~breathe deeply; take plenty of exercise in the mellow sunshine, and have a periodic check-up on the health of your body. TUNEIN- Th< Luck, Strike Danc« Orchciira, every Tuesday, Thnri- day and Saturday tvrnlnf over N.B.C. nttwtrta. It's toasted Your Throat Protection — against Irritation—against cou I. TW Amtricin Tcblcco Co.. Kin.

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