The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1940
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, TOCKMBER 4," 1940 BIiYTKEVlLLE (ARK.) COURTfiR NEWS *PAGE THREE They See Action In A Hurry 'There's A Gun . . Ahead And Fire It" In-1 struclors Order BY WU.L1S THORNTO N'KA S<'mc-e .Stall (Jor FORT BENNING, Ga.. Dec. 4.— , Within 10 days after a newly in-j {'•u<:L«d soldier comes to i.his post j in tin inumtry, artillery, or tank j out/it, he is firing' the weapons he would use in war. Lives were last unnecessarily in i.h" World War. high ol'liffcrs believe, because men wasted precious i.ime in J-QLUIG drill in the training tamps, and then in emergencies had to be sent (o battle with<mi proper training in the use ol" their weapons. This must not and will not happen again, the ol'fi- c:f;rs say. "At St. Mihiel 1 had rifle companies sent up to rne who had never fired their rifles. They were .sent, out into the woods, given five rcunds to lire at tin cans on posts, so they could learn to operate the cUps and bolls before going' into action. IL \va.s all we could do." That is Maj. Gen. Lloyd R. Pre- dendall speaking, Fourth division commander and senior officer at Port Benning. Other officers have equally horrible memories, and recall instances where they believe World War casualties were uvice a.s.high as they might have been had men and officers been better and more practically trained. So General Fredendall'.s men. and men entering the army at nearly every camp today, are get- tin? immediate instruction in using their weapons. Firing practice with :ill weapons is made just as realistic as consistent with reasonable safety. "SOUNDS LIKE A WOODPECKER" Young tankers within a matter of weeks are firing the .30 and .50 ' caliber machine guns and 37 mm. guns of their tanks. They are driving those tank.s through a hail cf .30 caliber machine gun fire, and listening to reai bullets rattle off the tank armor—"sounds like a woodpecker." commented cue young tanker. This is not as dangerous as it sounds, since the tank armor is proof against .30 fire. No one has ever been hurt in ^his stunt. But it accustoms the. men to the thought of being under fire. New artillery recruits are often taken to thti, .range, almost immediately and told. "You're an artilleryman. This is a field gun. Pull, theManyard!" Such a shot never approaches :he target, of course. But it show.--, a recruit immediately what he's there for. It is to shoot cannon, and he starts immediately ^ to do just that. Infantrymen no longer spend wc?k.s and months on intricate "rls-hl by squads" and "right front into line" or formal guard mounts. General Fredendall is typical of most high officers in wishing to fiiminate all "spit and polish" that is consistent with order and good discipline. A tremendous advantage in training today's army is that almost oevery officer above a captaincy served in France in 191718. They knew what war was like as platoon and company leaders. As colonels and generals they are noi likely to forget these lessons. They are younger and more active than officers of pre-World War vintage. You see at Fort Bliss a cavalry brigardier outrid- ing his whole division through the greasewood and over the sand dunes. You find that in the new- .slmpe under the wln<», of Defense Commissioner Sidney Hill- iniin. K aims at .soiling up regional boards, probably John employer- worker affairs, whose job U would be to keep In constant touch with all important plfmls, offer modin- tion and i-oneilifliion services constantly, and in general try 1.0 keep dift>n'nt'i\s from rencliiny; tho strike ijjo. II imd when put into i'imU form and ok ay ml by the Defense Commission, the project \vouhl probably be .set up under the commission l>v executive order, •A* tiring their guns .7!). n development at Ifil'i st.ill dufrks Artillery recruits un> no i:s an American .split-trail The ammunition handler ly orgjuiiwd parachut [ho; onlv man hurl thus tar is Maj. William. N. Miley, its commander. who injured his shoulder making a landing. Amony tankers, i the outstanding casualty here iS| Ma.i. J. R.. N. Weavrr, battalion j commander who smashed his nose' when hi* f-mk leaped a barrier. VO ARM-CHAUt /i EN ERA I.S TODAY The point is thai today's field officer is active, with his troops. and the arm-chair general is out o f date. Soon among the 8000 infantry officers receiving courses *t the Infantry School at Fort Penning. there will be 100 generals noil!" back i.o carrying a nflo. and studying new techniques r:iid new weapons on the ground. Gen. H. B. Fiske. now retired. '-, ut one of the A. E. F.'s greatest iflclica) and training officers, came ir. Fort Benning to watch some ofi the training activities there/ He was pleased with the thorough - '•ess and practical nature of the training of both men and officers. "In France." he said, '"we soon fcund that the training of company officers was so insufficient snd cost the lives c-f so. many of- llcsr.s and men that when the armistice was signed we had 25,000 Mich officers undergoing special training courses. Mind you, that -,vas a peak effort after nearly two vears cf actual war. "The Benning program, by ~hich 8000 v.'itni-i -.t roupli- of weeks oJ induction into the service. This of me French World War weapon, in nclion at Fort. S just -t uiile at the .sharp concussion of ihc jjtin. Langston Buys Bader Property In Major Deal BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON C. C. Luiiy.slon has UK; one-half block ol' 100 AVtv.l Walnut .sired through io Ohirkn- avtrnUf. from J, W. o! B.ulerviUe. Mo. The- jaxiperty includes vho build- in!; no\v housing U»- Lung:uon- VYrou-n Motor Co., the Used Car lov MIC! tlx 1 lormer J, W. UtutiT M^icU'MC^ lacing Chieka.sawbu av<'- inu'. Apijroximatoly $20.1)00 was in- volvaj in Uu> doa!, 'riu» principal bulldinsi. HO by 150 I'rt't. i-xuMuis tmi'-hair o! Iho Jlock on Walnut ximn, l'^tn:t.(Hl n Jirj'f uy Mr, Bader, lb<> fireproof rii'k and Concrete sl.ructun"! in- udt-.s the MI!L-'; room, .sorvitM* ile- artrnt-nt. siornge and ^arayo. The Used Car lot i.s dirt'ctly North on Chteknsawba avenue ;tnd Uio eiuht room residence is adjacent on the West. Mr. Liuujston has not yet decided whether he will convert th'e residence into two a part menus or .-will erect a storage, building there but the remainder of the i.u-'oporty will be left tis It Is for the present, he snld. Caruthersville F. F. A. To Hold Barnstorming CAHUTMERSVILLK. Mo.. Dec. 4. —The Caruthor.sville Chapter of i-''ui.ure lAirmers of America will fiolci .its unnunl HiLnnvarmiiH 1 , on Saturday night. Doc. 7, at the sL-hool beginning at 7::iO, i( wiu; announced Tuesday by Lhu cOimnltUie in charge. The Chapter elected Oscur Tunui^c and Bill .Stnalny as its n'pi'c.scntniivcs 1,0 the Rccn % ntloiiii.l School at Maiden, Dec. 'i, ;{. -1, and ft. which i:; being sponsored by th Slate Extension Hy UltUCE CAT'LON Courier News WiisliSngtoii Corresjiondent WASHINGTON. Dec. 4.— A showdown on the long-sUindiny west coast "Harry Bridges case" is just about due. There are several ingredients. They mostly revolve about the ancient fight between Bridges' International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union and Ryan's A. F. of L. outfit, the International Longshoremen's Association. A labor board decision two years ago made Bridges' union sole bargaining agent for longshoremen all up and dovJ,n the west coast, including- certain ports where Ryan's union had practically all the men. This decision is about? to be reopened—by the labor board, and by Ryan's union. Bridges recently negotiated a new contract with the west coast employers, and the contract is now up for a ratification vote' by his union. Ryan's men are threatening a strike if the contract is ratified. They say the strike would tie up such important" ports as Seattle and Tacoma, and hint that If by any chimec it .should reverse, its lormer decision und grant bargaining rights by ports Instead of giving one union rights for the entire coast, the power of Bridges' union — u n d consequently o f Bridges himself—would be seriously curtailed. HILLMAN Joe j HAS A PLAN One more serious strike in a defense-industry plant would probably start an almost irresistible sweep in congress for some sort o law limiting the right to strike and setting up compulsory urbitratioi machinery for labor disputes. The sweep is already in motiot but it hasn't picked up much mo mentum yet. The administration's labor ad visers are giving serious though to finding some new means I. head off and-or settle labor squab bles. Most ambitious of these plans iirm 1'ra.ining. .ve never had it might even spread to the east officers are to get such I coast. BOARD KEAUV TO RECONSIDER A thin edg r e of. the, strike actually training, this year, before there is any • \Y£U'i means the laying' of a foundation -.such as before in peacetime. broke out two montlis ago lira-lew We are building, perhaps not sol northwestern cities. It was an ','ast as we firmer and did in 1918, but, on a broader foundation." PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate mr Prescription Druggl** Fowler Drug Co. Flnt Ph»n« 141 Store Has Unusual Glass PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Merchandisers and architecLs are en- husiastic; about a new .glass-front dress shop 5iere. The .structure has facade of diamond-patterned ivory structural glass and crystal- :lear doors \vhi2h make currant fashions displayed on a platform the rear of the store visible from e street. fort by the Ryan union to break out of the strait-jacket lo which the old labor board decision confined it in the ports where it had a majority. This strike ended when the labor board agreed to take an- cther look at its old ruling. Right now the labor board is about -ready to do that: For two months, ii has been, a two-man board, with Members Leiserson and Smith unable to take a joint look at much of anything. Now it i.s up to full strength and ready to tackle the longshoremen's case. Johns Ice & Coal Co. Good - Clean - Co;il \Ve Deliver 100 Ibs. or Carlouil' All Coal Lv Kail COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES Call Ifi DBLTA OKKICK SUITLY StO K.It, unil Ash Sts. •Dr. Saliba>8 Clinic 13YE,.BAR, NOSE and THROAT 128 K. Kentucky Av< 1 ., Corner Franklin & Kentucky GLASSES FITTED J. A, Saliba, M.D., M.E., PIi.C. Office Fhone 418, Re*.: 410 Suite Of Offices For Rent Wo now have 1 , available *ti live-room suite or olTiais lofuU'd over the First National Bank, suitable for physicians, lawyers or other professional uses. These offices would also be particularly well jidnptttd to the needs of a company or corporation requiring spacious, well-lighted quarters.. These offices, cellent condition. For the newlv dei'oruh'd and in mt'onmukm, write or apply to First National Bank KIR6Y DRUG STORES Phone 83 BUY YOUR HOLIDAY LIQUORS & WINES BY THE CASE AND SAVE MONEY .Complete Stock BLYTHEVILLE LIQUOR SHOP L07 S. 2nd Phone 167 LOOK! ONLY fOR A AND YOUR OtO TIRE. SIZE 6.00 x 16 STANDARD TIRE BUY NOWI PAT LATERI BUDGET PLAN TltCaslowas WIK PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5ih Si Walnut Phone 810' Calvtrt .MAIN SECOND— BROADWAY— DIVISION tOoUjreerx </kjencij Dnuj. StJrc PHILLIP'S 50c MILK ol MAGNESIA (LIMIT 1} ...... HILL'S COLD TABLETS 30 SIZE (LIMIT D 7 SOAP (LIMIT 3) . BARBASOL 50c Shave Cream HINKLE PILLS BOTTLE 1 POWDER PUFF COUPON CHRISTMAS CARDS YEASTFOAM TABLETS 50C Size . M eat ORLIS Tooth Powder LARGE Size utplice! Gillette BLUE BLADES Package 10 Rtgultrly 49c .. ^|Q< Now . .09 Carton 50 BOOK MATCHES $1 8IZK REM forCoufbs 79 e ANACIN TABLETS tsc TAKE PICTURES DUWNG THE CHRISTMAS SEASON! FRESH FILM RUSTIC WOOD NUT BOWL WITH MALLET & SIX PICKS NATURAL BARK AfiC WOOD FINISH . . , IT** Floss-Tex Toilet Tissue (LIMIT 3) Speciil at s-ir MENi'HO- MULSIN 51.00 89c LIFEBUOY Shave Cream 25C Siic . FREEZONE For Corns AROMATIC CASCARA l-ox. Bonle BENZEDRINE INHALER 60c >iA c SIZE . 4Y MEAD'S PABLUM LARGE PRO. FITCH SHAMPOO 75c BLENDED WHISKEY Calvert "Reserve": 86.8 proof-65% Grain Neutral Spirits...Calvert "!Jpedal": 90 Proof—72Vz% Gram Neutral Spirits. Calvert Distillers Corporation, New York City. WITCH HAZEL FULL DOANS PILLS 7$c Size . SHOE POLISH *-- I!). ASSOKTKI) CHOCOLATKS I M). CHOCOLATES EXQUISITELY WRAPPED EVENING IN PARIS 2-PC. CUT SET A GIFT SHE'LL LOVE A GIFT OF BEAUTY! L'ADONNA 2-PC. SET FOR MAKE-UP In a Lovtly $1 Gi/t Box .... * LETS KEEP SCORE! DART BOARD TARGET & DARTS For Xwr 119 Round Fun! • • GAY AND COLORFUL :REFUGEE DUTCH DOLL Your choice of Boy or Girl . Kiddies Really Play It! TOT MODEL GRAND PIANO With Book of Q9 75 Song:. . HANDY 14-INCH COVERT CLOTH ZIPPER BAG Waterproofed Lined . . QUICK-HEATING ELECTRIC MASTERCRAFT HOUSEHOLD IRON Underwriters' 1 1 7 Approved . . EFHCIENT - MODERN STREAMLINED BREAD TOASTER Quick Heating f/ement HE'LL WELCOME THIS PO-DO 4-PIECE SHAVING KIT Attrtetivt Mo- Jtrn Gift Box DOES HE GOLF? GIVE GOLDEN CROWN GOLF BALIS CHIP SMART- LOOKING 119 A ^ •* Poeker Chips LADY ESTHER 4-PurpOM CreaH 35c <9f*c Size . XV POLIDENT POWDER 3OC Size . SURGICAL GAUZE [Perfection^ ' Free! 4-ot Botue SQU1BBS MINERAL OIL with 15-oz.Size GLYCERINE Medldaaily Pare IScSiie BOHLE VICK'S Vapo-Rub 35C Size . HAND CKKAiV PERFECTION 39c 5c MEDICINE DROPPER .

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