The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEHHEMLLE COURIER NEWS '' THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOHTHBA8T ARKANSAS AND SOBTOTA8T MI880UR! HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 185 Blytheyllle- Dally. Newa. uiytbcvlll* Court*. Valley l>td*r Blytherille Htntld. HLYTHRVII.l.K, ARKANSAS,' 1 i'. OCTOBER 21, 1038 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS OF RUSSIA BELIEVED NEAR I-IST SIRE HIED Love Heals Bullet Wound Leaders Hope Millions o(; Will Join! r reducers Movement. CHICAGO. Oct. 21 IUP)— Farm-', cis of the middle west, desperate; l)i:r:nmc of failure of farm prod-, uce prices to respond lo the na-' tional recovery program, struck lo-. day in an effort, to force federal '• relief. Farm organizations ylainilnfi a i membership of 2.nQO.OCO fanners in [ 2V slatfs called on their members i lo halt movements of livestock and | food to rnai/.ft and to boycott' i."f rcliiinls until furm prices reach | C'jst of nredueiion. ' The dfelp.rnlion of "economic \vnrfaiv" 'ii\s i.-.sued t>y Milo Reno, mililiitil president of the national Fanners Holiday association, cf-1 fi'dive ai noon today, and to con- j • linuc until farmers receive a "fair, l>rice" for their products. Opinion as lo th'- suptxirt which .'he movement will receive from the great majority of fanners not :iffili:iled v,'ith ihc association differed Leaders of oilier organizations, b2l:evin£ in more conservative action, withheld comment. Support of forts to focus federal attention to the came from at. least Ohser rations =T^ llV 0. It. B; \Ve Can Co Ahead Faster Than Dictator Ruled Nations Says Roosevelt. WASHINGTON M(l COLLEGE. Oct. 21. (UP>- Britain's Ruler Takes to the Road d *«llll HERESULT Pruhidcnl Ruosi • ell loday predict-. The (ine.slioii raised In this pu- I lk-r tin' olhn- diiy by John M. j Quarli'.s of )ln]i<iia. who wanted lo know whv Mi^issipnl cotton farm- rv-, UPI IMOIV for ihelr seed limn ilii ArkuiiMis fnniiLTs. is nol. II n|>]H n'-.s. us uernlexiny as it appear?. Thp answer, riminiing to l j ces!-| tlrhl Wanner c>[ Die lilythevllli: Cmton Oil Co.. is Him us « nen- crnl IhliiK they rioii'l. Thill Is. hi> rays, oil mill:; in bolh states buy iced on the .same base price. Mis- ifflpiil sml, on mi avemijp. commands ;i slightly higher price because of lunger iind whiter Hut and lower moisture content, but than "the flve^ pr JCC( | of CQlin | nuul | ly brings nn rqunl price at mills In both stales. There luive n\fo been instances uf liins bidding for business by cd ntilional economic recovery in a shorter time sen year plans of dictatorships." ! The preside!! 1 .suo'icu in hlslorlc Washington collide, where he r.' ':eiv«l Ihc honoi-ary degree of i!oc- laws. believe," ihe president said, "in this cmimr.v. which Ins nol gen a dictator, we can move further in a shoili-r ]>eriotl w-ilhoul naming a deflnlU' length of lime." The president, whose speech ira.s rMemporanr-ous, pleaded for cooperation "in carrying fuvward u profuim looking to national rc- lialiiliuulon." Dr. Gilbert W!ic<ix Mi-ad was IH- ruigui-n'.cd as Iho 19lh' pre.siilc'nt. of tlie college at the same exercises plight of farmers Lmi- lriiun]]hed over justice when Mr.s. Clara K'Icr, -San FnincLsco, iasi five governors I e.x]if:ciant mother, lefiiMd lo prosi middle western stales—Okla- prosecute her hiLsbatid, Fred Kier, after in miuaie western siaies-u/.ia- | shl , charged he had shot her In a drunken rage. The couple, rccon- homa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa \ ., , . . , and Minnesota. Endorsement of the I c.lei!. are shown above .in the hospital. . i ,i.rike as a method of obtaining relief was not, given hy all the' ;;(jv'rjiors, howex-cr. Ciovenor Charles llryan of Ne-'; haska declared "the farmer's throat' is being cut foin ear lo ear," and "he Is entitled to protest." nutting up the price of seed, and such Rln fights, according lo Mr. responsible for nnv v.'iile spread between Arkansas and Mississippi seed price, thtii hiis been iinlad in recent yrtii-s. Mississippi gins, li appears, do nol pay above the market (or cotton in an i-lfo:-l lo iillntcl business, as not Infrequently haopcns In some Arl:- niisas communities, but Ihev do '•omellines .snciillce lln-ir profit or lake an ncuml lo.'.s on seed for Ihe f.ame purpose. oOo While ihe above' may be of Interest in an academic way It is, rf course, scnrcclv n .sntlsfaclory 'l do not think," Mr. Roosevelt [answer- to ihe problem of the cot- .-•ald. "I could soy anything that ton producer who must sell his cefon- a audience, which mi'ludtil Governor Hltlchle c.1 Marylanil. • - - -.-- - •> NSt Nit A's "Fauli' *" ^ WASHINGTON, Oct. 21. (UP> — Recovery Adminislrator Hush S. Johnson in a Ir.Ucr tor^av to former Gov. Keith Neville of Nebraska said that ll.e NRA is primai 1 - iiv concerned wilh industrial revival and is not to be blamed for .-lownc-ss in the farm relief fiililic works programs. j Little Rock Man Named j National Life Receiver; would ue adeqin'.e alter the splcii- (.':(] uonl from the. new president ol Washington college. He has took™ ol today !.nd tomorrow. But in comliiH heiv ! cannot help but lecall the pas'.." • 'I hen Mr. Roosevelt made a brief .-.:ip»al foi- eGo.icrailon. iWjssissippian Answers Cotton Acreage Reduction Question. . LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 21 (UP)George Brennan, Little - Rock In- nurance niari. today 'was appointed receiver of National Life Insurance Company of Ihe U. S. A. The home office of Ihe company, which was. thrown into re- ri i ! W/'ll r> • T ceivership Wnlnesrtuy. Is In Chi-j Husband Will Kemam 111 cago. More tlinn 2.COO of Ihe coin- i. PIT! IS FREED DN O at a ruinously low price. That is part of a much greater problem, involving tlic question why half th" pevle of this country can find no profitable market for what they produce, while the oilier half can find nothing wilh which lo buy those products even at. ridiculously low prices. Mr t Roosevelt _and his associates at Washington are. trying to work out a solmion. .They have made tome process but every. Uonest observer. niusii7aj[n>e. that (jhcy. ; 'still ----'" Soviet Foreign Minister Coming to Negotiate With Roosevelt. It lakes more than a rheumatic allinciH lo keep King George confine to Buckingham Palace these fine nutumn days. Hero's the sirikln study lhat was nuule ol Britain's ruler as he !>al In the Royul car nl liie palace before » inolur Journey to Kandrlnghom. Italy Will See First Title Bout Tomorrow ROMfJ, llaly. Ocl. 21. (UP) — The "eicrmil city" bustled with activity today n.s throngs of vlsl- j tors pained In Irom all parts of] llaly and Europe to witness to-i _ _, .unow'i; world heavyweightchain-11'onilRf (..OUtllV piunshlp flgnt between I'rlnio Car- 1 '• WILSON. tii\... Oct. 21.—noclnr- . , . I iug that Hie Miisissippi Delta sus- rhe letter was In reply to Nn-| la . |ls a grralor ]05S fro[II », m der- villes resiiiiation as head of the, livn( , ge( ,.. ml]los „,„„ Irom Jn y Nebraska recovery board In which. c .,, or mlp a , u w E AvevS| a . ne had complained that Ihe NRA] rcc , or of the Mississippi Delta Ex- liad not increased farm prices. ] rector of the Mississippi periment Slation ai Stoneville, told Mississippi county farmers at the annual conunimity fair and bar- here of yesterday that the food and feed stuffs "I knot- that It is not your contention and not ihe contention ol agriculture thai, nothing whatever shall tv.' done lo take hungry.j . r.nnelcss men utT cily paveinrnu ai lands farmuly planted lo col-; MemrllinilS Al'C i-i'lil the agricultural and public! ton, together with Ihe establish-] w; .', ,,' , voiks programs reach the peak olji-ient of |K'i'innnenl pastuivs, i< iheir effects," Johmcn svrolc. ihe answer in | : f;rl to tlic query Jolui5nn noted Hint NRA was "What to plant it) the place of only one part of the president's -olton?" \\r.olc recovery program. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. Anaconda ^elhlehcm Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola 112 1-811 1-4 24 1-2 37 3-4 •2 1-4 91 General American Tank 27 1-2 General Electric 17 r.eneral Motors 24 3-4 International Harvester 33 1-4 Montgomery Ward 15 1-8 New York Central 26 1-2 Packard 3 1-2 Phillips Petroleum 12 3-4 Radio G 1-2 Rimmors Beds 14 1-2 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 3-4 Standard of N. J. 38 1-2 Texas Co. 21 5-8 U. S. Steel 35 1-4 ! Hi 1 urged an intensive study ofi he use of ciilton by-products—' meal 1 and cake-as feed for live"The food and feed side of cotton product 1 ."!! has never been considered seiiously." he said, "and yet an acre of cotton on typical (pita soil produces half as much ;=cd as the same acre planted to ! ecru, in addition to the lint produces." With Harboring Urschel Kidnaper. MEMPHIS. Oct. 21 <UP>—Lang- j ford HamsoyV young Memphis attorney, and John C. Tlchnor went l ' 060 ' ~ •' One thing I think can be ns- Ferlrd wilh safety and that Is that wherever the ultimate cure 1'rr economic difficulties will be found It most certainly, will not be in any such procedure as U proposed by certain leaders in the grain nnd dairy belts who are ask- inp farmers to quit buying and telling until Hit value of their products reaches some uncertain leveJ referred lo 'as the "cost of newborn infant born to Mrs". I production." Pruitt's unwed sister, was released] Anybody who wants lo do Ills from Ihe county Jail today under! Mtlle bil lowa'd prolonging nnd this depression has on- adopt a similar program. Tail Pending Grand Jury Action. Mrs. Mae Pniitt, .who with her husband. Raymond Pruilt of Armorel, Is charged with drowning pern, Balliiu till!' holder,-and 1'a- ollno Uixudun, Spanish challenger. Camera was p nine to live la- to retain his cro\vn In the WASHINGTON, Oct. 21 (UP) — Formidable obstacles In the path of American recognition of Soviet will confront. .President . Icosci'eU and Maximi'*' Lllvirioff, - : Uusslnn foreign minister, when. ;hey meet in the While House lo •.' bring Ihe two nations together after 10 yeans of diplomatic • iw- transemenl. - • j Political experts generally ex- -• peeled the obstacles, to Ixr over- •'••' come and recognition lo result from their series of talks. ,).._,.' ,-: 'llic 67-year-old Russian diplomat, who once proposed total world dburinumenl and who also has strengthened Ills country's position by negotiating a -series ,of non-aiiRressloii jiaWs with po'."n- tial Kurojieiin enemies, i? expected here within two weeks. ' ' The fioal Is the exchange of ambassadors between Wiishlngton and Moscow and stimulation of profitable trade between two of . the world's, mast populous aiid richest nations. ' The obstacles they must overcome are: Face Big Problems •••' 1.—Financlnl claims. Russia's obligations, to tlui United Stn'les nre heavv. The nation defaulted on MB1.riOO.OoO In loans made from the U. S. treasury lo the Kerensky n-'rC'Jlme. some MO.OCO.OOO ot mls- ' ccllniieous notes given American at .bankers bv the Czarlsl government, I nml Intllvldiiai claims by American citizens for property In Russia totaling-about, $300,000.- Cheered Whitton Friday. .. ..'HITTON, Ark.-'-Miss "fLawson; former ' Counts'• stiperin-• 3._cnminu'ntst proparindo in |tendent of schools, wns accorded |) 1P 'united Slates. Th? Soviet un- nu ovation when slip appeared as Ion it , 5 . understood, is prepared a surprLw speaker on the program lo ne , 0 liate an aereement with of the County Council of Parent u , e Unlted gtatcs dial both pow- Teacher Associations meeting here ers lm j er tal(e not to Intsrferc tn Frltlny. Mte Luwson. coming rrom. tlu . domestic affairs of the other Llltle Rock at the retiucsl of thej 3—Trade relations. 11 Is ouUe. prcgram committee, talked inform-Ipos'jn,!,, lhn t during Lltvlnpffs ally on subject!! of Interest to the .. . _ . . — T. A. organizations. Ninety-one P. 1'. A. member. 1 !, Letter BrillBS R. F. C. «pr«entlng practically every or_ . . _" . „ pnnl»ntlnn In Mln rftnntv ntlenit. S5.GOO bond. E. E. Alexander, attorney for the Pi'iiitls. asked Ji:dae G. E. Keck lo allow Mr.s. Pniltl freedom i:endii!g invenigation oi the ca'e sciilx 1 !y lo "Economic warfpic." as those be- is nol going lo cure n I kfl r | 1 g)!IU7.ITlLUIL ilL IU(; CUU1IU), .IllclLU- Board Member 'Into ed the nil day meetlnR. which was nv the yianil jury week after next!ll:e f:irmer's li'utibles, and particu- on the grounds lhal Mrs. Pniitl is on expectant mother and thai further confiiicmenl in Ihe county jail niiyht prove dangerous. The bond was sisneu by J. N. Hassell. falher of Mrs. Pruilt. and ... trial hero today on a trial of! 1 * B. B. Hodge, a justice of the harboring George "Machine Oun"i peace. Kelly, notorious southwestern out- Alexander said no atlempt would law/ '• he made to secure the release of As Ihc trial opened in federal | Pruilt penning action of the grand court. Grr.ildlne Arnold, 12-year°:old Texas girl who revealed Kel- ".ly's hideout lo federal agenls. was | wailing lo testify. She arrived TV which convenes here OclolK-r .Chase Inquiry. , WASHINGTON. Ocl. 21. lUPI — A letter piirpoil-lng lo have been hind tin- form strike coirecily de- signed by Hnrvey C. Couch, u di•- - - - :'<*clor of Ihe Reconslruclion Finance Corporalton, relating to c.atitactions In Ecciuitlcs of the larly not when it is directed at ihe great mass o! consumers of fcrm products, whom the depression has hit jus', as hard as it has Ihe farmer. The reason farmers cnn't sell Ihelr products at a profit is because t"0 many consumers lack the money to buy them. That condition v.on't be cured by refusal on the part of farmers lo Edl tiieir own products, or to buy ihe goods or services on which Ihe buyinc power of consumers of f:'rm products depends. What Is i also attended by visiting groups ' from PolnBctt and Crittenden Counties. Mrs. W. R. Burkett of Tlassctl, president, presided, with Mrs. Otto of Fllythe- villc in charge of lliu day's pro- Brain. Mrs. Ed Toulon, of Memphis who Is prominent in P. T. A. work In j Seaboard Airline railroad, may lead si ic iby county, Tenn., was the couch to ihe witness chairJn .'.he' principal speaker, discussing publicity, publications, and home ser- senale's stock markcl InvestlgatlffiT ct the Chose Nalional bank, the 1 United Press lenincd today. The letter found by senate investigators was said lo be written on Ihe R. P. C.'.s Idler head. U was addressed ti> C. S. McCain, chairman of Hit- board of Ihc Chase bank, and referred lo previously undisclosed discussions of Uansnctions In Seabourd securities. The United Press asked Couch vice. Superintendent Crawford Greene of Blythevllle talked on the need of curriculum revision In the public schools, and Dr. Hayes of Ltt- ile Rock, state chairman of tuberculosis .^eal sales, made a short talk. The organization voted to sponsor the sale of tuberculosis seals Ihls year Instead of having llic. visit the United States ami Rus-" may negotiate n commercial', treaty. Some financing by the U.-S. Kovernment may be necessary to- slimulaic Russian trade. The R. P. C. Is considering an advance of $15,000,000 for the purchase here oy Russia of cotton and metals. Concession l>v Russia MOSCOW. Oct. 21 (UP)—Soviet Ilussln. In agreeing to ncgollist<f_ outslandlni; problems with the." United States before formal recognition,, lias made a concession .ttint marks a new sta;e In its foreign policy, it. was emohasized today^-Heretofore, fearing rebuffs that' would dim Us prestige, the Russian government has Insisted that formal recognition by world powers precede negotiations on claims, trade, propaganda activities, and oilier problems. President Kalinin's letlev answering President Roosevelt's otter, "of negotiations made It plain thot Russia, In ihe Unlled Slates case, departed entirely from the policy oilier grain anc" TOO pounds of cot- and Ttchnor. the government call-! on murder charges to awail cd W. . me government can-; on muiuer cnargcs 10 await ii.fj_ . Rorcr. department of action of the grand jury In muni- Keck AuVOCatCS to Save Court Expense New York Cotton meal or cake, all of which' justice agent, as its first witness.; rica' co'.irl yesterday aflcrnoon. should be produced on Ihe farm, i Rorer unfolded the story of a, Tommic Lee Madison was held for[ Answering queries about ihe! dawn flight from Birmingham lo i murder in connection with the : mount of colto'isecd meal or cake Memphis, the arrest of Kellv and'slaying of anolher negro Sunday OSCEOLA, Ark.--Circult Judge it i'.ouln be Fafe to feed work I his wife. Katherine. the rapid as-1 Rftcrnoon on the Ezra Hampton G. E. Keck of Blytheville, adrtrcss- ;iock. he sa;d the maxinram semblance of federal agents here, i farm. His bond was fixed at $1500.j Ing the luncheon mcetlntr of the - ~ - ~ • - NEW YORK. Oct. 21 (U!') — Colton closed barely steady. open high low close Oct 911 912 90C 907 Dec !>30 B31 920 921 Jan 040 943 925 025 Mar 954 957 940 942 May !)6G %9 D52 955 Jnl 985 985 957 310 Spots closed quiet at 940, unchanged. nnount had n<H been delcnnir.edi and subsequent developments, l.ut that exper.'nunts at (he delta ;l9licii had shown thai conslclcr- ahly more than the heretofore accepted two pounds per hend per day could be used 'safely. Accompanying Ihe experiment i t.ilion director vvere C. C. Smith.' ATHENS. Oct. 21 District agent from thei Tnsu "- 7 -*">' c - Oscar Stevenson, negro, was | Osccola Civic club here 'Hiursday. the communication, j supervisor, talked on the safely ; campaign, calling attention to the | many hazards which menace rural school children and iwlntlng out ! that schools having the greatest A'cw Orleans Cotton NE WORLEANS, Oct. 21 tUP) -Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Oct 922 922 904 90 Dae Jan . Mar May Comes lo Court .. C i j;i* ' ijanana Aiooay wss nu to Oppose tXtramtlon j on n reckless driving charge j ordered held without bond in con-1 advocated changes in judicial prac- 1D33 cotton would benefit also un- of the Ulythevllle High School, necllon with the slaying of a nc- ttces to the end that the courts tlcr t"e 15. cenls a pound loan tnlked on "Projocts." Mrs. N. B. gro on the Lutes farm. might function more economically. \ F ltl " 0[ tne American Cotton Co- Menard 'of Blythevllle on "Study 15-Cent Loan Would A' J AII r 1 V ' LImL SCHOOLS naving me givivii'si Aid All Lotion farmers number ot hazards are the ones . with the least facilities for fire NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 21. (UP) protection. -• Fanners who have already sold \ Miss Rosa M. Hardy, principal High School, Mrs. N. B. has of prior recognition. From Russia's viewpoint the concession is one of great moment. an indication of Us desire In ihe present crlllcol state ol v:orld af- farE to consolidate relations with the last great power to hold aloof Maxim Lltvlnoff, commissioner, of oreign affairs, .will leave Moscow :or Washington next week. He will be accompanied by a staff of two or three secretaries and perhaps by his wife. Garland Moody was flucd $25 ling out of an accident on Illch- 61 north of Blythevllle re- centlv fatally M °°*' S M:al»ippi drt.i.anVj. W. Whi^ i/''« ^r.a^ared before ^.e "^ '«»f ^^ aml baUcry aker. county ^cnt from Wash- • <*™ ot fa ^ n ^jj^51^,^:!; against Bill Jollff were dismissed, ir.slon county. Miss. Speaking on « orls > ° l "* ^ l ™ h ^ al ^ ch ,., SOnc mnn wns fined S10 for pub- D'p fvftrti-ti^nn r.rnprnm u-oc ni- . Crilmcm IO CXiraOHL nun lu ^i . ir:c niicrnoon rrogrom was ur.i •• •"., j .',„,!„„ „, ,i, n lie Hrimkeiinew Tol! Butler, of Memphis, editor!"«° , for [ lllc f d " 10 '±" <"««"« drunkenness. of the Progressive Farmer. Fleemans Incorporat American bankruptcy laws. .backed by «sstuff of >>rii-;Heirs Warned Hard lawyers, was broueht Into: Manils Gin for $15,000 | the coiirtroom at 9:15 from the • hcspital where he had been de The Jul Plccman Gin company at aui jvi ' lns r '' 0<l P 3 ^ 1 '" ' or ' ll 929 933 915 920 i corporation. The capital stock Is 937 931 925 927 415.000 with members of (he firm, If. M. Fleeman. h-s wife, Ollie Flccman. of Manila, and their son. , of this city. 937 948 9fll i74 931 953 055 977 925 !)3fi 949 965 927 <UO Labor Ecquired Estate ORAND RAPIDS, Mich, (UP) — Heirs ol Fred Cassell. cablnet- Watthman maker here, nave been Informed - . C i by his will that he earned his Upset by aOUna Sleep «n.OOO estate through "hard and • ppinstaklng laror " He especially urged that the courts be allowed more discretion In deciding cases where technicalities arc Involved, and poinled out defects, from the standpoint of economy, in the Arkansas statute which provides that citizens are eligible for jury service only once in two years. Prosecuting Attorney Denver Dudley of Jonesbroo also addressed the club, urging the necessity of an Institution for delinquent children other than the reform school. He said that such a place was now In operation on a small scale near Jonesboro and an efforl will be made to secure financial f.upport from the several countj 969 Spots closed at 915, unchanged, fteady. Chicago Wheat oixin high Dec 82 3-4 84 Moy 85 3-4 86 3-4 low 81 1-2 84 close 82 1-8 84 1-8 tor having been burned. Chicago Corn N". Y. (UP)—Wil-i The will wis nied in prob.ite :nls. nlcht watchman. I court recently. It asked the heirs fell sleepy during the eoilv hours to have the "greatest enjoyment" a r -of n brisk fall day. To make sure! In spending the cslate. but warn- nothing would happen to the cash j ed them to realize that he worked register he was supposed to guard, I h:ird to scqulr» it. he rested his head on the money machine as he decided to take a little nap. Albino Skunk in Zoo iperative association, according to Groups," Mrs. E. B. Woodson of O. Moscr, vice-president and secretary. In the proposed program producers would ue allowed to buy on the market as many bales as they have sold r.nd borrow on the iS-cent basis from the federal government. At the present market rice Ihe grower would profit over Blythevllle on "Pro-School Groups' and Mrs. J. T. Lee ot Joiner on tlie "Duties of Presidents of Local Units." The next meeting of the counci will be helrt on January 19. a Osceola. Service Men Resent Slur by Huey Long LAFAYETTE, La., Ocl. 21 (UP) —Senator Huey P. Long lias been challenged to repeat before a meeting of ex-service men a statement. made in a spnech Thursday at Tranklinton that most of the men saving in the United Stato army during the worM war were "drag- cert In against their will." Declaring Long's assumption to n n n tinn " ts " an '"su' 1 to ever >' patriotic r.-ev. Ben Bridges Will wrt _.. „ Tr" ,no> miii^ min who smoct hls countr > v ' W1 " C 1 » D i- i TL. L N ?° ALES . Arlz - (UP'-Cat'e.p Cnimd i er , commander of the apeak at Baptist tmirch rustlers, scourge of western ranch- ^ i^ si(in p^; telegraphed pro.—_ ers, are reported active In Santo l ksts to Ung sn(! Larry Fox , stc te Plans arc underway for a mis- Cruz County of Arizona. • legion commander. Cattle Rustlers Active Again in Arizona —^-.- ..- ...-, Ion conference to be held at thfl Instead of "stringing up" fro rus-1 courts lo enlarge the scope of Ihc First Baptist church Tuesday mor- tiers to the nearest tree, the c.U-l Institution. Speechless Banquet Drew 500 Diners BOSTON (UP)—The New England Traffic Club drew an attend- HUBBARD, Ore. (OP)—A pure|ancc of 500 by announcing Its an- Inlng. 10 o'clock, when the Rev. tlcmon are considering asking o I Ben Bridges will be the principal cattleman In another county to act I speaker, P &s a mediator and persuade cattle Tr.e purpose of the meeting will thieves to abandon the practice. be to organize the church In the The rusllers are sntd to receive open high He woke up an hour later. Hlsjwhite skunk with pink eyes has| mm] banquet would be .'speech low close head had been moved. The cash been added to a zoo collection at Dec 43 1-4 44 1-2 42 7-8 43 1-8 register, which Contained only $4, n local auto park. Albino skunks May 48 ?•* W l-S|h,it) stolen. l are great rarities, less: Interest ot mission. Zeppelin On Its Way $5 for each, "extra calf" they bring in off the range. Arkansas—Partly cloudy, local rains In north portion and colder in northwest tonight. Sunday cloudy and colder. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy and colder tonight, possibly show- unse Dahlia Rn-orled \ (srs Sunday fair and colder. MTLTON. Pa. !UP)—A dahlia of PERNAMBUCO, Brazil, Oct. 21 Ihe Jersey Beacon variety that' The maximum temperature here (UP)—The Graf Zeppelin, on Us measured nine Inches in diameter yesterday was 82, minimum M, WEATHER Instead of speeches, an enter-! way to Akron and Chicago, was was cut here recently by Hf^rt clear, according toSamucl talnment program ww provided, lover Porteleia, Brazil, early today, JfcKham. I Us, o,,,c,al TMtUw observer,

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