The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Keeps Control of Trumps and Tims Defeats Contract dcfcnl Ilic contract; you nrnst keep 1 Herbert 1'oc, Aaron wilUamii comro of the inimp,* aim, «t the lie Ncc<lh R m, Ali eda Bwy Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV M'JJ. E. MeKF.NNEV Secretary, American Bridge [.ensue This is (lie fifth of six unusual hands played by the national open pair champions, Johnny KBU »nd Charles Loelnidgc, l)oih ol New Yoik A ereal many players can play their cards well, but have a luirci time cxptalnftiR to others how to make fine bids and plays. These t\vo young players nre liiu cxcci)- vlon. I have Iicnrd toili lecture on bridge and tlicy lire in a class 1)> thciwcliej. H would be « real (leal roi br.dec lans lo hoai 1 these, boys on (he fsme lecture platform, J3LTOHEV1LLE. (ARK.)> COURIER NEWS K 7 'f V K J 9 6 < 2 * 5 *!U 0 Duplicate—All viil. Somli \VVst Xorili Ku»l. } V 2 ,Ti 2 * I'nss 3 V J'SH. •! y )>,iss Opening lead—$ S In disarms today's Jmml IxjcliriricjeS explmmUon "was sliorl and <An but Jet's ee t down lo (lie [mint ol play fii'st. Tttn hay Lochridge was tilting in the Weol and against (lie /our-hcart contract he opened his singleton eight of clHmonds. Ran won (lie turt ttltn the ace. but, instead ol reluming a diamond, lie led a i-'ub in le.lioiifc to Ills partner'* uuo bid South put on Iho Jack and West, ivon (ho trick wltii [lie .queen. The next play was the critical one of the Imiul. Here's Lochridge's explanallon: "You- might say that it would look natural to play (he ace and Don't let them get alnrtcd. Fi-ht .them quickly. Crcom>.;Ision uomblni". 7 helps iu one. Powerful but hann- . Jess. Pleasant to lake. No narcotics. Your druggist is attthodzecl tc .rcfimd your money on the sjiol il - your cough or cold is not relieved by Creqmulslou. —Adv. 11 '.ek-k $1.10 Coiy Face Powder 69c Rubber Gloves ' Pair 19c Large Sponges 3.9c Floor Wax, Cleaners, Etc. $1.00 Citro. carbonate 69c Kleenex 500 Sheek . ...39c $1.50 Super D. Cod Liver Oi! 1,09 60c Italian Balm (Dispenser) 59c §1-00 Alarm Clocks 79c Liic Buoy Soap Sc ; (Uuilt 5) $1.00 Seventeen \ Face Powder.. 49c of Magnesia Pint .. 29c $1.00 Foun. Syringe-59c Toda/s Confrncl Problem • T|J:K is (In; lubl v! th liaiKls lilaycil l)j' Hio imlloiuil chain- lilons, llau and IjOtlirlduc. 'I'hc ooiilriK't Is ilirco no trumii by-North, liasl opens' n bpado. Can >'on w: any pot- Hlblc play Iliat i:as! nr'WDsl can iiiiilic tha( mlRlil outwit the declarer in iK'imltlliiii tlicm to ilc-fcul Iho lontiai-l? A A Q V K .! 10 f, f s 5 I ;: ft A (i:; sninc (imp, yon mutt Icuci u triiinjj, SO !!)(• pjjiy Is lo Jinul !l small trumn." doesn't it look simple? , no way (lint !hc declarer ;can keep irom lositiu « trick to jlnc ucc of cluhs iiiul the ace ol jlicarts. Look ll;c hand over cun-- | fully and see II you would have iclurm-cl a small heart. Blmms . nilli. Fox and i K J 10 7;; V 3 S C 3 i o 8 V A Q I 4 K 10 C A 9 7 & I A II 0 -I « A Q ,1 8 li * K Q 3 iiolulfon In sc.xl IBSIIO K L. McHuney Heads Head Conner News Want Ads How One Woman Lost 20 Pounds of hi ot Leachville Seniors Lost Her Prominent Hips, Double Chin, Sluggishncs:' Visor— .Ark.— Tli<i Seniors U-achvllle hi B || f . C ),ool Duv<- (Ck'clwl R l,. McJfancy. prcslrttnl. I'l-imk MWrtlcloii, vice Dre.slilent. vclinu Sjiiitli, sfcretiuy-traiEiirrr, and Acllclit Kilwiinls, ri'jioi'to, Members of Uic class an- !•' L you're ful—/ rcninve .dlclon, iind Kvc'ictl Kernied. Ashabramier President of Manila Senior Class lioait, lo prevent dccju tlic ,L i"^V millly polUKls Of lUt llllVO VlllIIShMl. Noticu alio Dial you liavo gained in energy— your skin is clearer— you Jerl younger in body— KHU- SCHEN will give i,uy a Joyous eurpi-ltc. .e "I need to rnfl l( .iy clubs as rj! . <»:-,«, o,, i,, rldnc, o. ««,,«, ] Get a guicrtct 1 pound jar class 'KRUSCHKN SALTS iron. of mil bid and jump bid. Loetirldnc :oniinuecl: J ••There's only one; play tlml will Burton Service Ski. AUK. MO. STATli UNI! Super Shell Gas 1CCS .- We Deliver THE REGUUR PRICE Of CALUMET BAKING POWDEfl IS NOW ONLY 25$! POUND' AND THE NEW CAN IS SO EASY OPEN/ •it Missouri Prices I'ranees' Sandwich Shop In connection Cul Tin's 'i'. U. VAN HIHHEK, Owner and Operator Low,led in Old P. 0. «%., HI Gnst Main St., Ulythevlllc Out _ and Siivt!—TJn-su Prices Good Ulurch SuTToTiHWS^eiTlo Changes. THURSDAY,:MARCH 7, 1035 , \VWli-.'.I'ulatptv, l,li. Umiajins, Fuiu-y Jiipc ..„,,, „„. Kcil I.athif; l'ol:ilucs, I'k. ;»5«; S.-ii-Ji , l-'ancy l.clturc, Hp;i[l fa; Jumbo Celery* Onion Sets, Itccl or Yelloiv, Gallon sou 1-Ti-sh Turnips, Nice & Tender, u,. jjf,, Miccl relates, Ui. iji C ; llnsln-l . ' 7g r Caoliing Andes, I,b. 5c; IVch . i 5l . MEATS Swift Oiii-lr Bai-un, Hli, I,L: 17c; Hindlcss 21)u Daily liccf Steaks, Guaranlcrd I-'ancy, Ib mju Pure I'crk ff.'llltasc, Country Style, Lb. .. nv'c Hamburger, Grminri Fresh lln'ily, 1,1,. ,. ion Ikcf Koast, Tender, Rib or Clinch, Lb. 12J-'c JJiilk l.ajd, I,b. 17!.:.c; Cujiiixinnd, Bulk, Ih ISc 1'crl; Ch»ps, End Cul, III 2?c; Ccill. Cut II) 25c X-U Yeas). Cttlica 3c; Kraft Gralcd Cheese !lc ai,\i\i;i) ((oons lEraul, "X-Quisitc", Solid 1'aiK, No. I'...-, ,-;.„ !Jc !i I'int '. . > .°"!!''.'!'!']. . i "'"' i J:u lo< ' : j,. Lima Ucans, "Alay m.v". No. 'i Can liv J'eflMl Meat, I'icnu- ijrancl, Can •.!<..,\ icna hausagc, Can " llTO-linnl, 'if'oltlc ""''.. r '. ClUC '. S! '"' > 1 ' !!iCl:!)< . '« i'c.-ii'lics, Indian llunlcr Brand, Xo •> 'an, Kadi " .. Slilk, Coltasc, I! Small Hlr; a Tall'cam .. 3lli- Jliisl.-ird. Blayllowcr Br.-iinl, (Juait Jar .. iOc i'lcklci, Sum- cr Ulll, (ji,n r . ,lar .... i :>i - Tcniiitci. Hand l'a,k fl |, NB . 2 C3n 3 ' fw . ^^ !li' r ° sf r -" U ^'^""s. All Havors, l'i,,l •.-{•<.. •;r iVas. No. ;: Can, :; fu r -r.v ^ Ik $4.65 1'LOHR - illlvAL & CliltUALS (irld MsNl.-iI Flnur, 5 II). S3c; 24-lb. s. 51.'JS lii-lrt Jluilal Meal, S U,. 23 c; 21-lu. sh . SSl . Onifja I'lour, 3 Ib. an,-; lo n,. C0c; 20 Ih. 51.15 Whitnvaier it 0 s L . l | lim -, ij. | b . 55( .. 21 „, ol.05; ilbl. ^77~ iiellf .laiio t'lour, 0 lit. rife; I:', M». (j(ic: 21 LL\ Sack S1 jo Old Trail rioiir, K ll>. f,5c; ;M Ib. 51.00; Slilhli-y Wimclcr Flcur. I? lii] 'li)cV 'ii Ih P.H-: IIW. (in IVooill ST.j Smr;v Kins Flciir, IS. 1!. Only),' IS'iu.' -locP _,-'•! Ib. Sir: Bid S67 j Macdartl H!cal, ID |b. Ulo'lli"Vac: I'aiuTih.- Flour, Wnslibu'rii/siii-,- 'i'iilstmry 'l2^c HwansduwH ^Caki- n m[r , Ku \ tit i b . ltlc; "A Comparison" Ki(,'ill (Jllillity ill Kile Prices, Plus •Delivery ;i nd Courteou Service Trade \Vi!li VAi\ THE lUTEPUICEJIAiV ,-v' c Wrildmsr Premium (>als, 5m . 10l .. ,» ,,,. Drip Horn ri;,l ;ra , ]!l)s -, I'litTrd Wlieal. Hti.v ,?,,' m • Oil. I'H,I a-ir; CTmb. .Mi.vcr Si I -S«c .'•"ifc™ 0 ° n ' For Silh ' i * fryi " g> Pl Jnc: i ( :wr I'»rc Laid, I^iclcd'e, l-l'l,. •'tn/'Uc-'uiirkri vv 1'urc lard, I.adcdc, 8-11,, ctn ?Ut bkt SI 5 I'urc Lard. Uvledc, r,0-ll>. xa r"' «,,f Crcamo Oil. For flails rr F r , illr o . l( '£.,\ Hakr, \Yhlte, 100'; Vcj, -18-11, X/l' On |lw ^"'MM!',, ," li ' !i ' Vo '" lcrru1 "' I'nali. S-lb SI:« Uue (o I he Kiii'l H'c llai-c A Unified i Hpacu lo Lisl Our ''rites, We (Jivu ,hjs( A Few of Our Many liiirsains in I'ooil in ^ Had at Our Store. COME AND ,SKI-:: Ul'LK GOODS . .. , l.unj: Style, Lb. Jatkaji; . 10- r.huk PcpiH-r. I.b, 17 C ; Cocoanul, 1,1, •••)<. l-.vap. Teach..-;, (lioicc Grade, Lb. . .. l]r. r I.vap. Apilroi;, ciiolcc Grade, I.b. . -;;i" c>. {'riKlc;;, Choice 80-HO Size, .. V'.^c I,vap. Ajijilrs, Cfioicrr and Frcsli, l,b. lie 1 urr lib Cofur. "We Grind II", ;< 1,1,- ;,,.. I.rc-.Tii sugar, -Old Fashioned", I.I,. '-,, liirc. Faiu-y \vholc Head, Lb. (•rram Meal, l,b, ac: VI. cr S. It. \[, Jar . u, •„. I "lie or Beans nr 13, K. f', I.b n>c Ojsttr Sfirtl, i,b. 1!; C ; Com Chops, tb -'i-,. Salt. Mcrtinin Coal-be. LI) ' ,', NOTIONS liirrt Seed and ConcHliDiicr, \Vadr Antlscnlic-, Full 1'iiil ; Alcohol. "Kiss of •I'd", Box un- live.", Pint 15r .., .-ic, m Aih-Mo Petroleum .icily, 3 j, m Schocl Tablets, 75 Wide Sheds Tor I-loalliif Toilet So-,1), C Die Haft Miwli Li{tl,t Globes. Up | 0 75 M'alf I'enclro, "Suet Salve", 25c Value Cama,-, I'almollvc or l>,olcv Toilet' Sl .a,,' -l"- Noithcm Tlauc, 3 Rolls .... ' , Turpmtlne or Cas(or Oi , v ^.'iot'tic 4 IOc l^dJ^J^l,, box Cl.«!jfc- OUTS - NO '1'rnncsscc -Sorgliuni, C.allon Troth Vajtc, Jl.-issntsia, 51.09 \- a i, lr ; rcrelaii Datrs, Iiiiiiortcd, 1 i'.J [(,. |i( Kalail Drc^iiii;. 8 uz. Sc; 10 o^. jj,. 1'irklc::, s«cct Slix cr I'l. Sour, <ju. 1r t Xmas Nuli;, Mixed, I,b. Salt, ,klTcrsi)n Island, oil |,| )s . I'rcs^n-r-s, linilalion, All Flavor, I'i i> : 'ot SnnshiiiB Syrup, CinlloTi Can ' ' II i- K fofToc. <JI. Jar 2lr; 'i'' |, Gal. Can Tomatoes 49c Pineapple, Chcriio'v Modern Saiad Dressing Gal. 'Jar t.ic ^^c 1'Jc '.."ic lie JJC 4,'n- COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES NRA BERTY CASH GROCERS SPBNl) JOUK SCKIP IIBIJE ' •••*• n Scales in Our Store-G^,,,,^ Ouimg ^ ^ ^ Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday .CARROTS I-itrgc Firm Hcnds Each 4c Large, Krwsh Bunch V. S. No. I While 10 I'oumls FRESH TOMATOES SPINACH Garden Fresh I'ound SQUASH Wh!le - rresl ^r^6ic or Turnjp Hunch I'urc'Canc. Paper Bag 10 Pounds Tic * 5c 4l7c Can Florida, SO's Bach GRARyRUf SNAP BEANS~" resh :il ^£F CELERY~~~~~ 8c 3c C 1 ^ \Viiitsaii-'- Tancy I /\ 1 ' .lunibo Stalk lOc 'x Fruit O 1 *» Kaoii «i2"C __ CRAB MEAT • •art'c Size CKlif. Naval Doxen 2-Lb. Sack - - ,J9 C • Satk - - 87 C __ MACKEKEL CRACKERS WA COFFEE Lb. O1^ " 1TS ,VM.^OOD n ^^ 41 C Sliied I'oiJIK) FRYERS ''"»- Snow While Compound Pound 35c 1>II1. School Girl Size 2 for MACKEREL I'illsburys Best" 10 Lbs. - -T7.'." S3( . PJ- °r S- R. 20 Lbs. §1 03 stmxwjw t SOAP Small Can arge Can r.'k - 7i: I'. & G. 5 Giant liars ___19c MLAIHTOSII^5S 24c 18c lAJAJl SYRllP COFFffi Wilson's No. ^aii^ '\ Stuanjboat Vt Gallon Sunny Brook SARDINF^"^' r ^ rted - 1> ^' k ^ in^ ^i!*W/4n|jk> j,, Olive Oil. Can lUC Red Sour Pitted No. 2 Can TOMATOES BEETS" Phillips .3 Cans 17c Stokely's No. 2 Can IOc IOc ilPTONSTEA Orange ^T^S COCONUT tifokcly's Finest No- 2'A Can Baker's Southern Stylo Yellow Ubel. Can PEANUT BUTTER House Coffee TO THE'LAST fARM Coimlr.v (jenlk-nian \JUU1K is' 0 . 2 Ciin PINEAPPLE "-2, [j 1 ^ Sour or Dill ire (Jnart -13 |j^^_ No. 'i Can _ -CMNEPBEKF'aiy VEAL LOAF BUTTER lirooktU-Id Lb. C KRAUT Bcslcst No. 2"/, Can .8 C 5ANS \V. • fv. rc Brand. Can J SPAGHETTI Btec S r POTTED MEAT S .VIENNA' SAUS ^5^ MlJf^iS' sCim lfl c rnroA ^^^. % y>. ™«iic tULU/l i. Llx Can 19c DEL MONTE SPECIALS ~ gis """..a r 2S C i'jucli i ..C'Tn's UUiJ .Sq. Can FRUIT SALAD s \g31 c PEARS''""•" 2K S 23° i.

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