Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 1, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 1, 1891
Page 5
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if COMING EVENTS JUST RECEIVED, 10,000 Nickleby Cigars! Best Cigar in the City. Cunt Their SIuiili.vi ,, JUIiiMrri'lxy 11114] Ron (IV. Opera SOMETHING NEW THE COUNTER SALE. ;NOW Being Held at The Grand Bazaar, 307, Sbtpiin, if Only to LooR. ANOTHER STEP TAKEN Reported Fnvorably — Tlio T, P. A Amenu-uiciit to tile Iiilcr-Sinte Commerce Bill.-Other T. V. A. :Vote*. FREE READING ROOM, %en;£aily and Evening, 32JL Pearl Street. Welcome to All. The House committee on commerce reported favorably' to the House today a bill amending the inter-state commerce law so as to allow railroad companies to make reduced rates of transportation and to permit them to carry a weight of sample baggage for ommercial travelers who- travel for wholesale bouses. The bill' also permits the companies to carry its own mployes free.—[Dispatch to daily apers.] If this bill should pass both MONEY TO LOAN, n «nj nun at the LOWEST rates. Private ron<!i paly, Mousy always In hand. So red tape or delay. * Interest and principal' payable In Logans•port. Special arrangements as to payment of principal and Interest, mode to snlt tne wishes ol oorrower. 3Por farther particulars apply to Fred W. Mtmson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. • 214 Fourth . street, opposite Court House. MONEY, General Insurance and Loans. All Mods of In- inranoeplBcodin nratolaas companies. Endow ment policies pnrohaBod, Bonds of acretym.. written lor parties holding poslMeBS of traei •here a bond IB reijnlred. 319 PEABL, ST. S. M. Closson. MONEY TO LOAN! 'ind Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowe rates. Large amounts 6 per cent GEO. B. FORGY. declSdMwSm Daily Journal. SUNDAY 'MOKNING, FEB. 1. Will Griner is a new addition to the efficient force at. Kraut's new barber ,shop, ; Caaden Expositor: Mr. . Earl ; Stewart's little, daughter of Logansport . :is visiting relatives in Camden this week. Mrs. J. W. Warner returned to her home in JElwood yesterday, after a pleasant visit with her son. Alf. L. Anderson and wife. Notwithstanding the severe injuries received by a fall from a moving train at Kokomo. a week or more ago, Will Stewart has been ' 'on the road" all •week selling goods. He is not yet entirely recovered from his painful . fall.-:; : Harry Prank, jr. will start for New Orleans to attend the great Mardi Gras festival. ' He will seize the occasion to make a comprehensive trip of the "new south" and his trip of two weeks or mbrp promises to be a very pleasant one. .. • 'Mrs. Catherine Conners died at 5:30 ..p. m. yesterday, aged 70 years, at the .•home of Mrs. Carline, opposite the .Wabash station. Mrs. Connors' death V- 1 was quite sudden, she. having been -'•.-sick but a short time'. - ,The announcement of the funeral willbe madelater- Houses (we have the assurance of its passing the House of Representatives.) Every commercial traveler and every jobber in the country will be directly benefited, and to no one but the Travelers' Protective Association can the credit of the passage of this bill rightfully belong. In season -and out of season they have urged its passage, both in person and by personal letters to.Senators and Representatives. It was the last act of the T. P. A. of the United States, and one of the first acts of the T. P. A. of America, to send delegates to Washington to interview the committee on commerce as well as members of both houses, urging its passage. President McGvew personally interviewed every member of the committee, and did not rest until he had their assurance that the bill should be reported favorably. And still we suppose that when the time comes that the commercial travelers under this amendment will be purchasing thousand mile tickets at.§15, and being granted an allowance of 300 pounds of free baggage, hundreds of them will be propounding the same old chestnut: "What has the T. P. A. done?" We repeat and desire to have it disproved if we are not correct that the T. P. A. is the only organization of commercial travelers that has a national organization, and through its officers and members, taken an active part in securing this much needed legislation, both by personal effort and by authorized committee work.—Fort -Wayne Gazette. Do the members take and read any of the commercial Travelers' papers? We fear not. Of all these purely class papers started within the last few years, only the "National Commercial Traveler" • of Louisville, and the "Traveler's Age" of Philadelphia, have prospered. This is not as i should be. Chairman Pottlitzer- has not only interested himself in securing week ead tickets over the Wabash, but i endeavoring to secure a 1000 mile ticket over the same road, similar to those issued by the Big Four, Monon. and Pennsylvania railroads. Boys, the T. P. A. column has come THE (JOUJKGD J1INSTIIEI.S. •> ••Do you know that a line minstrel show is as a matter of fact, the best of all entertainments." The speaker who was one of a party of gentlemen discussing amusements, in the office of a prominent hotel in this city, continued: -I mean by the best, that you-get more for'your money, and can come nearer having the varied taste of a greai audience suited, than you can by any otbei class of entertainment that I know of. Take a show like Cleveland's colossal colored carnival minstrels, that is to be here Tuesday, night. Now, there is a troupe of artists—not novices, but perfjrmers—all of whom bear the stamp of approval of the most critical audiences. Such a number of players, of their conceed- ed merit, are bound to please,, so great is the variety of their finished work. To the sentimental there is nothing sweeter than the touching ballads of sweet-voiced Minstrel singers. Here you get tetider- ness and pathos. To the humorous, the end-men, with • everything that's funny, make sunshine out of darkness. The comedians in their specialties are 'side splitting,' and the startling prr- ductions' of novelties hold all in admiration. The stage settings used by tLis company are of a magnificence not conceived of by those who have not seen them. To the average person their splendor seems like a dream, and in i-ichness, holds the artistic eye spell-bound. Nothing is too good to be used by this company, -when their reputable manager thinks it will add to the enjoyment and entertainment of his patrons." KEEVES' FAUST. Of ihe opera bouffe company to bo here nax-t Thursday night, the Louisville Commercial says: "A genuine innovation is Reeves and Munroe's operatic burlesque of •-Faust." The main feature of the show is not the. acrobatic song and dance man .with his striped clothes and electric light dia- i monds. The fair skipping-rope artist with her set smile and supple limbs has been relegated to the second rank; the serio comic has not been heralded in big letters at the top of the bill, and even the acrobat and aerialist have not been secured at great cost as special attractions.Of course all the artists who.pursue specialties of this ilk .are there, but they are merely asecondary consideration—the extra baggage, as ii were, of the real features of the show. The performance on the opening night proved highly satisfactory and the company has been drawing was .the largest of the week, every seat being filled and the space around the walls being occupied as standing room. The case 'will be continued tomorrow morning. A lMeiihu.iic4Jelcbca.tJon. Those who are best acquainted with the genial Geor-g-e W. Immel. would scarcely believe that he bad passed the GOth milsetone in the journey of life. Yet strange as this may seem it is a fact, admitted even by himself.. The celebration of this auspicious event was duly celebrated by Mr. Immel last night and his pleasant rooms on Broadway were thronged last even ing by a crowd of congenial spiciis who met to wish their whole souled host many happy returns of the day. The best of refreshments were served during the evening, and the occasion was one of much jollity. Mi'. Immel, although one of the old school, proved himself. an entertainer- ot the new school, and made the celebration a pleasant one for his friends. If it were not beyond the bounds of human expectancy the Journal would wish George another sixty years of life, but can safely wish him as many as he cai-es to enjoy. Grocery IB Open. Kemember the bargains: 25 pounds C sugar, $1; Golden drip syrup, per gallon, 35c.; good Young Hyson tea, 25c.; pickle pork, per pound, Gjc,; sugar-cured hams, per pound, 9c.; choice plug tobacco, per pound,, 30c:'; smoking tobacco, per pound; 20c.; and many other bargains in groceries and tinware very low. . Come and see us; square dealing guaranteed. DOLAN & TwoMEr, ' Opera House Block. Urutirylnsr 10 All. I The high position attained and th« universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs, as the most excellent laxative known, illustrate the value of the .qualities on which its success is based and are abundantly gratifying to the California Fig Syrup Company. DeatliofJ. W. Moi-jinn. J. W. Morgan a prominent resident of Jackson township, living near Galveston died last evening aged 55 years. The deceased leaves a wife, one SOD •and two daughters, all grown, to mouro bis death. The date of the funeral will be announced later. Excursion to New Orleans and Mobile. On account of Mardi Gras festivities the Pennsylvania lines will sell excur- -'sion tickets to New Orleans and Mo- 'bile, on February 6th to 9th, at one fare, $23, for tiae round trip. Tickets will be good for return until February 24tb - febU2t LEAVE YOUR ORDER, Suits made to order, $15 ur> All-wool Pants $3. Spring Overcoats to order, i Melton and black Thibet, $15. j Black Cheviot suits $10 to $20. No extra charge for long and slim men '' Short and stout men. all can be Fitted. No advance UT)0n ready Made garments. Custom made Or ready made, ALL ONE PRICE. Spring styles now on exhibition. JN o advance Payment required and If eoods ordered are not perfectly Satisfactory you are not required to Take them. ' -- * OTTO KRAUS, Of Course. SMOKED ME A T Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered and Cured by W. C.'- Rt)UTH, Logansport Ind j , For Sale bv Leading Dealers. crowded houses' ever since. The I FACTS BRIEFLY STATED. company is vastly superior to operatic 9' iver T ' • Iohns <Jn, the oarsman, died nrfyFt.ni7nt.innf: nf n mm.n c*~..:~..~ * I -' organizations of"a_ more serious turn I of mind, in'that all its members are young and good looking. The satire is clever and consistent, and the singing-, dauces, ballet and tableaux are just what might be expected from the skillful management of Mr. Reeves. Lafayette Courier: The Logansport ;.? Natural Gas Ocsapany which is.com- ' -prised largely of Lafayette capital, .'•••;.-has' just won an -important suit. The . -Logansport Brewing Company.'brought suit to compel the gas company to fur• nisb"gas at 5 cents per thousand. , - The company claimed that the' ordin- ' ance specified 7| cents as the proper • rate, > and the court sustained the latter. atay. Lookout for it every Sunday morning-. You can help to make it a valuable auxiliary by sending in to the press committee any news notes, personal or otherwise. Let us hear from you. Post A. of Fort Wayne, held their regular meeting last night at the Wayne hotel parlors. They wanted only five new members to put them in the lead and they were hustling for them last week. What about Post F. What will Post F do this year at the annual convention? It is not much too soon to begin, talking it up. The Fort Wayne people will expect us to maintain our standing. Mr. Downing, the State Secretary of the Indiana Division, thinks of immigrating to the wild and woolly West. If so President Taylor will h ave a vacancy to £11. ' The boys are all kicking- on the mud. The. man that has a drive to make between points can make no calculations as to time. SHAPTEfi'S OWA T STORY. The Defendant in. tHc Murder Trial Testifies lor HImKelf.—The Argument BCSUJI. The Shaffer murder trial is drawing- to a close. Yesterday at 11:30 the evidence, was all in, closing with/Shaffer's own sto»-y. and the argument began. M. D. Fausler-,' for the State, opened the argument and* spoke for an hour and a half, three hours being the limit. Prosecutor McGreevy will close the argument. After Mr. Pans- ier. D. D. Dykeman, for the defense, segan his argument and continued un- fil five o'clock when court adjourned. He has fifty-five minutes yet to speak and will resume the argument at nice o'clock to-morrow morning. His plan of defense is one which will probably "What a Change Is wrought in people -who suffer from rheumatism when,they take Hood's Sarsaparilla. The acidity of t^blood, which causes the disease, is neutralized, the blood is purified and vitalized, the' aching- joints and liinbs rest easily and quietly, and a feeling of serene health is.. imparted. Hood's Sarsaparilla has accomplished wonders for thousands sub'jeet to rheumatism. Try it yourself. - 8 lave its weight with the jury in mak- ng up the verdict, that is, that the racture of the skull, which resulted in Lowrey's death was caused .by Lowrey falling- under Shaffer's blow and striking his nead on the sharp corner of the saloon steps, making the crime manslaughter instead of murder. Dykeman gave much stress to this circumstance yesterday, also claiming that the preponderance of the evidence introduced was in favor of the defendant instead of against him.' • j Shaffer was put ' on the. stand! to testify in his own behalf, being the last witness in the case. After relating- the day's events up to the hour when the fatalily occurred he said that be was standing outside the saloon when Lowry came out. Lowry turned to him and said "•I'll break your d—d neck" at the .same time striking at him. The blows proved ineffectual and Shaffer 'struck at Lowry hitting Mm in the face and felling him to the ground. Did not retaember^ien whether he kicked or further struck Lowry or not. The crowd at the trial yesterday Burglars entered the post-office at Roseburg-. Ore., opened the safe, and took therefrom 81.200. Colonel George S. Mann, a veteran of the Mexican war, died at San Francisco Friday, aged 93 years. The Great Northern Railroad Company has filed with the auditor of Jvit- itas County, AVash.. a mortgag-e for SC.- 000,000. The store of J. II. Moeteel at Swan fovva, was burglarized at an early hon Friday morning and then fired. 'The loss is estimated at 88,000. Katie Kophef, 8 years old, died Fxi day at -Pittsburgh, the result of L XTOund inflicted by a stone thrown last Monday by an unknown boy. Dan Porter was found guilty of the caurderof JS. D. Smith at Quincy, III.. Friday. The crime, committed June' 28 last, .was without Drovoeation. .Directors of the Anglo-Nevada Assurance Company at San Francisco Friday resolved to i-educe the capital stock from $3.000^)00 to ,5500,000'preparatory to going out of business. Owners of twenty-one furnaces and rolling- mills in the -Mahoning-. and Shenandoah valleys, representing a. capital of, §0,000,000' and employing- 20,000 men. formed a combination Friday.- The Bcllefonte (Pa.) Furnace Com- ASSEMBLY PARK. Guam n tec* It'CPKK 01' tin- £210 00 210 00 300 10 .... 100 00 100 00 pany's furnace, ore banks and quarries shut down for an indefinite period Frid&y owing to an iccrease in freight tariffs, throwing- GtiO men out of employment. An insane patient of the Kankakee (111.) asylum, William Steitteng-er, formerly a prominent business man of Fairbiory, 111., was killed Friday by- taking refuge tinder a freight train which was standing still at the time but started before any signals could be given. . The anmial contest in oratory for the prizes established by Mrs. J. H. Swan •f Chicago, was held in Lombard University .Hall at Galesbm-ff, 111., Friday night. The first prize was awardec Robert F. Anderson, of Yates'City, and the second to W. f\ Smith, of Galesburg. TUe Vailure Record. NE\V YORK, Jan. 31.—The business failures occurring- throughout the country during the last seven days number 320, as compared with 350 last week. For the corresponding week of'last year the figures were,291.' . Alexander Hardy Jwhu F. Johnson., Georee Halgh .T.P.Webster Martin Bligh Gsorge B. forgy Jeliu Elliott 1000(1 Mrs. D. C. Elliott '. ,' ' ]m ™. Will it Elliot 7500 Harry Elliott. £ XX Henry Tucker inn m W. H. Snider (verbal) \~~^"I""^"".".". l!)i) 00 K. S. Riie&Sou . yrjn nn H. C. Thornton m nn mieri-Wtse S, ffi Wm. T.Wilson .'...' m nn J. C. Deweatsr ^5 00 Meclt Wins., W e desire to say to our citizens, that for years we have, been selling- Dr," King's New^Biscovery for Consumpt-, ion, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buck-, len's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters, v and have .never handled remedies that sell as well, or that . have given * sucn.universal satisfaction. We do not£ hesitate to guarantee them every time, -; and we.stand ready to refund the pur- '1 chase price, if satisfactory results 'do^ not follow their use. These remedies^ have won their great popularity purely V f on their merits. B. F. KeeslmjrDruo-- " §' ist - toSl Use Tonic. J. B. L. Blood and Liver ^ Holbruneri nhl (verbal) .".".'.'.'.'.' JOD to I Henry BrooKmeyer (verbal) 50 to. 100 on ' rta "" 25 «> Salesman's Un'ioii.'.'.,'.'..'.',!'.'.','.',.'.".!.'.!!!'.'".'".'.'..'.'..'.'. lijfl 0-) Send names and amounts to AVeldon P, Webster. Protect Your BfcaltJ). Gold and moisture combined have a torpor- IsUig effect upon the bodily organs, and ttie d! jestlve and secretive processes are apt to be more tardily performed In winter than in the fall The same Is truo.also, of the excretory functions. Tha bowels are oftjn sluggish, and the pores o he skin throw offbut little waste matter at this eaaon. The system therefore, requires opening up allttle, and also purifying and regulating, an.i he safest, surest and most thorough tonic and 1 alterative that can be used for these purposes Is ' lostetter's Stomach Bitters. Persons who wish »escape the rheumatic twinges, the dyspeptic sanies, the painful disturbances of the bowels lie bilious attacks, and the nervous visitations' o common at this time ol the year, will do well o reinforce their systems with this renowned egetable stomachic and Invlgorant. It Improves IB appetite, strengthens the stomach, cheers the spirits, and renovates the whole Dbr- Pickpockets Get a i,ar s e Sum. CHICAGO. Jan. 31.—A man aged about 60 years, name niftnown,- was robbed of ,51,000 by piukpoyk-L-ts Friday evcnin" while passing-.through thp Wa.sliington sta-cet tunnu-l on an Ug-Jur. avunue car. The news of the killing of Wallet McClure at Crawfordsville Thursday morning, an account of which appeared in the-Journal yesterday, was received with much sorrow by many friends of the young man in this city, he being quite well known to many of our young society people. " He attended the party given by Miss Flora Murdock less than a. month ago and was one of the liveliest and most companionable of the large number of guests on that occasion. His untimely death is indeed lamentable, Worth Hundreds of Dollar*. »My Wife used only two bottles of •Mother's friend" before her third coniinment. - She , would not ' be without it for , hundreds of dollars, lad not half as much trouble as he- ore. Dock Miles, Lincoln Parish, La._ Write The Bi'adfi'old Regulator Coj ; , Atlanta, , Ga,, for particulars. SoW by Bun Fisher;. to8 Both tie method and results -whet w? .byrip of Figs ia taken; it is oleasai* ' 1 and refreshing, to the taste, and acli *8 gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,/! Liver and Bowels, cleanses the eys-'J tern effectually, dispels colds, head-' aches, and, fevers and cures habitual' constipation. Syrup of Pira is only remedy; of its kind ever duced pleasing to the taste and ac-'1| ceptable to .the Btomach, prompt in/i its action and truly beneficial in its',tf| effects, prepared oniy from the mosfr-y healthy and agreeable substances, its""" many excellent qualities commend it^ to all and have, made it the 'raosfr popular remedy known. ' .' byrup of Figg fc f or sa i e in 50c aud-^1 bottles by all leading.. drug- S gists.;-- Any reliable drug-gist may not have it on hand will cure it promptly for any one, wishes to try it Do not accept any "2 substitute. , * r , '* CALIFORNIA FIG, SYRUP CQ SAM FRANCISCO, Cfl. '* '"'• isutsvuie, KY. H ew mac, H&V For sale by B.JF, .f *. i , „ <',,. * M,' t-K L V

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