Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1896
Page 3
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• Let ilic- Vi.iuuiv. i) or id;. . Know The Good Dr.Miles'Heart Cure Does '••'I- H EAKT DISEASE, has Its victim at a dtaadvantnt'o- Al^'-iys tnu^ht th<Kt heart disease is Ir.CUrablo, whontho symptom* become well defined, tho patient becomes niaraed and n :ic.-vous panic takes lilacs, r.in v.-hi-n n. sure r-jrnody Is found «\nd :L cure ctVi-cted, a't.or v^-ars of suffering, 'tbere Is r'reat rejoicing on<! dcsiro to "lot tho wluvEo world know." Mrs. Laura Wino- ln-.-i:r, o:£oll;Ivk. Kansas, writes; "1 desire to lot tho ^'hoio ivorld know ivhus Dr.'uiies 1 Ti*. 7V(i5,3<;' Heart Curo has douo for n-.e. For tec years I hud ]i::ln In ray heart, shortness of breath, palpitation, pain in my leftside, opprii3sed feeling in my chest, weak and hynjrry spells, bad dreatns, could not lio ou cither side, was numb and suffered terribly. I took £>r. Miles' JJo.iri Curo and before I finished the second bottle 1 felt Its froot.'. effects, I foci now that I am fully recovered, and that Dr. Miles' Heart Cure saved tny life." Dr. MilON 1 Heart CU^D is sold on guarantee that iirst bottlu beauiita, or rnouuy refuudod. Heart Cure Restores Heal tli,,,.... i Vandalia Shops at Terre Haute Being Enlarged. ,:.- VOLUNTARY RELIEF General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The work of enlarging Uu> Vandalla shops ;it Torre .1-Liuito, has commenced iiud it is proposed to have some of the best shops to the Wost when the contemplated -Improvements arc perfected. A Terre llautc business nu-,:i says that tlieci.riy.ensoi: tliat place are bi*gtnuing to 1'oel that Che aha.iige in ownership of 'die property aiul its control will be beneficial willwr than otlioi-wi.se to Ton-o Iliinti 1 . I-ii fad. after July 1 more oHk'l.'iJs jwid clerks will be located there,- tJiiin at any former pisriod and u > people are beco-mlug acquainted willi T. .T, Turner, vice president ami geui;ral mmiagci', Harry Milli'i'. the coMiing .seueral superintendent and AV. C. Arp, -UperiuU'iuloivt of moHvi) power, they in/1 these gi'nlk'uu'iit have l.lie iii'tiTi'sis ol' Ti.'rre llaule i:i m-ind Ln all diangi's mule. Patrolman Bishop Has u 5aao With a Gang of "Dusties." Pati-olmun Bishop had a limning light- with a gang oC tramps'at tlie Parker &' Johnsto-u placing will at Spear and Berkley streets ^ r oducsda.y night about 10:50 o'clock. He heard tlie watchman at tho mill calling 1'br help aud ran to the mill to find a g<mg' of eight or ten of tlie fellows about, Inside and out. They were evidently bwit OB sleeping ID the'mJ'll and as the watchman objected they attacked -him aud .would have handled hhii roughly but for the officer. The patrolman knocked one ot the fellows down and went after the others, but all of them wca-ped but two, whom h« dragged down town and lu-nded in jail after a hard struggle. The men arrested gave tho names trf.' Jake Mc- Ciirty a.ml James Fi:t'/.gei'alil, and were about as tough, looking specimens oC 1 tlie tramp species as can be imagined. REMEDIES DOCTOR YOUKSELF the De- A Ulijli standard ot eict'llsnco. Jlniii 'is:rs ot the "Hudson" consider It THE ,BEST. You wlli llnd It a valuable nsslstau: In sour ot- lice. Address lor jiarticnlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAXLTACTUKEK*. 2-1U-241 WcsH-nki) St., Chlcii^o, 111. YOl.UXTAKY KELIKK. It. K. Smitli s.'ii]HTiiitiindeut o l\.-uusylva.nia Vn'.untary Itelief lerday issued liis bulletin for Jia.v. vhich shows [.hut .•jsi.l'.-il} was paid i.ut .it di.-ai.li l>enolit.s I'rO'in. accident and ,;:;,"iOO in rltai.h bc.tieiits from natural causes; in iWsablivne.iit benefits I'i'oni i-ifi.u^iX making the total disbursi'iium'.* of .the moJitli !jilT,T70,S">, the li.glit.-st in ar.y monitb i,n the last two years. Jl'.ii 1 - ing rhe monith S02 member n-cciv.'d beiu-i'us. or in case of don-iJi, ihelr legal lioirs. In flu- W'ghiT-tlivee montlis t.iin association iia* beiin in operation !?1IJL!.- Oiii'i.iiU has been pakl on dea.ths 1'rom acekle.ii't. and ?-l-IS,l!)7.7S on dt-atlis from ua.rural causes, in disubleinciit benellls o.n-account of accident* ?-J-'7,0-10.1;": rtu account of sickness ,^O.j"',70S.- 80 making a total of ?l,.Tp(>l,Si;3.32 di.--- Iniweil in Uiu CMflily-thrcc month's lo 72.1-1.'! nn-nibeiw, or. in ttisu of doatJi to rlielr legal heirs;. L.G.PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance office at 410 Brondway, up stairs, and eoliclts a share o£ the public patronage. None but First Class Companies Rcpre- nentcd. OAIIY JOURNAL Y, .7U.XE 10, ISO!'!. Tan shoes 1 at cost at TViilden's. Flora red ra^bi'iTies.—RothcrmoJ. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. The NowYorl/'Dramatic Times desires a eorrfcsuroflcut in Lo^ausport. C. J^jgp^ins's gallery at 414 Market street is now open. Competent workmen. . Work guaranteed. Choice of amy shoes iu Otto's mammoth -stock, ladies' or gentlemen's, ¥2.- OS, except patent leatLcr. Beautiful bonnets anil hats sold for half price for two weeks at ilas. "VV. J. rotter'*'. Broadway near Sixth. Hood's SareapariUa purifies the blood overcomes •that tired feeling, ercates.au appetite, and ^ives refreshing 1 sleep. . Jl/auclretb Seed Company of Philadelphia, hnve been seed growers for one bnnrlred and fifteen years. Harrison I* their agent fn Cass county. Iliinfcins'toii Herald: Sheriff Lcverton wont to r ,0sf."vnsr>oiit this mornin.;,' accompanied 'hy Charles Bondricks who will take treatment at the hospital.for •the insane. Tho yotinfr man. is a printer by trade, ami ha* lately passed through a long sic^'e of sickness, which had the effect of impairing his 'mind. A short stay at the hospital w.IJl no doubt bring liini around all right. It doesn't take much medicine to cure Marl.iTial Fever, provided you take Simmons 1,1 re r Regulator. It is just tho remedy for Malaria aud all Spring ailment". And you don't need to take inuc-h ot' i.t. "Simmons Liver Regulate:' broke a case o-f Malarial Fever .of throe years standing for me, and less than one botllc did it, I still use It when in need of any medicine-."—C. Hirnrod, Lancaster, Ohio. TIIE .TUNE INSPECTION. (!eoi-ge B. Eobertis, president of the Pennsylvania Hues on Tuesday staried on a tour o>C Inspection of the entire- system. Tli/is is Uie regular June trip of die prctsident, a.iid it ha» no s]>ecial signilicante. He will make the trip alone, that is to say, none of the general siiperin'tond.eutf will accompany him. Tho general superintendents will meet him and accompany him as far as theJr rot.i>eetive .jurisdictions extend, aud tlie same will be true of the division, .suporkiitcuictaits. All iJio new work that i.s nuder way will he inspected by tlio president, who makes It a-prlnc-i-plo to give pcfrsomii supervision to all knpoiitauit uew work. Iu U\o spring ho always makes these investigating tours, anil In Uio fall he takes the directors over tlie entire .^yesteni for an inspection rjui'to as rigid. NOTICE TO .TEWISH LADIES. You are most cordially tnvited to the Knigtvis of Honor hall Fri'day eroning, June 10, at 7 o'clock, to meet tho Vice President of rudiaaia- .ITK! organize a branch of the .National Covir4cU of Jewish "Women. Children Cry Tor Etcher's Castorla. ^ RAILROAD NOTES. Henry Mohaflio of the inacMuc shop is entertaining She family of M. V. Troulman of But'ler, lad. John Gleason, a conductor ou ihe W;x- bash, 'h-ad hi.s- .hand maslied wLily coupling cars Jn Km yards ou Wednesday. Superiiiftec'deiit -Bouebrake of the Louisville division of the Pennsylvania linos, is figuring ou pistti'ng on si.Lll faster passenger service over that division. Turn Journal: J. SI. Herbert has been appointed trahumaster of tlie thir- tooiitli district of tlte W.ab,'isl) at Lilcl:- iicid in place of Wm. C. Cotter, who takes t'lio .siiporwitendeucy oC the Mom- real d-ivfeiC'ri OiC the Grand Trunk. X. C. Dean, general tni'm-master of the Panhandle lines, hns decided to accept the position cvf suporiiitenduiit of •the Taiudalia line on Hari-j-.JfiHer talc- ing tlio general siipcrliUitciKleaey which it js slated will be ou July 1. Mr. De.nu'.s place on' the Paniha.ndle will be tilled by the promotion of A.. Mcn- deuihall. Ne\-t Jfouday the Brotherhood of Locomotive lingineevs and Firemen will have a mass ruecb'tug at Elm-ira, which will also be attended by tlie women's auxiliaries. P. SI. Artflmr, grand chief of tlie r.roUiorhood of Locomotive En- g'i-.'ieeiv, and Grand Slastcr Sargent, o£ the Broli'heriiood o-C Locamot.ive Firemen, will be present and inalce addresses. Tho Lackawan-na, the Erie, audi tlio Leliigh Valley- wUl rim -excursions I'ro-m all points wi.tlxin a rad'his of 200 miles. TWO TAILS. Also Two Tales. SeviM-jii yrars ago one of tliu [iCfptilar lunnoriisl, scicnMliCvi^'iy inclined, con- <-:;:tli.'d 10 make sume t-xperiinonis witli iri'd Ii'a. lln; jirtpnlar s'ummer drink. T!ii' ivisuil 1 i:;' liis investigallon is gi-vuil in his invn wo-vds. "I ix-ciiiiTd a sample of rlio lea of one nf tl:e iTstanraills in (mm to get a fair avi-i-agi 1 r.f i!;i' arriflu used. I took a U'aspiiou-i'nl r.f i!i(! liciiil. 1 ! ro me Dmi.si:- liuld ini-mp; i: ivas stirred Into a large l.nl> lilh'd wi.th \valx'l' and in. a ino-mcnt Uio ciii'.o 1 . 1 of Hie tea had diisappuared, AnyiYi'.e will admit rhat. ihis soHilion would aiMint liaran-li'ifs even to ^tlii! liwililiy IOWLT aniniaJ-s. V,'i> liail sonn- yoiing puppies in I lie barn and I procured two of ihe sniallast ol! them; they wnru allo\('cd 10 la-p at the lionid and (•lien iht'ir li-cads were held under the water for fli'reen nitmirw. It resulted in tlie death of both the puppies find Mie dasigerous pro])eiiie.s of the de- (•.ocljon were made apparent." it Ls all very well to have a bit of fun from lh.e experiments in food and drink but. there arc ni-any nowadays who are really hurt, and lurct seriously from The use of coffee, A new breakfast beverage ha.s lioau produced wh-lch loots like coffee in the deep seal brown color and which changes lo the rich golden brown of thick Mocha wJien cream Is-added. It lias been introduced extensively this season and is made from cereals, the common grain of tlio field. It is nourishing and hea-lthl.'iil, without Having the hurtful properties-oil coffee. The weakest •stomach can handle the grain coffee and the tasto and the color is so agreeable and colTec-like that it (ills the place nicely. TJtiis food-drank, Postum, can bo given to small children regularly for coft'oo :it breakfast a,nd is nourishing and fattens fhe.ir bodies. It Ls a liquid food made from the grains the Creator intended for man's 'subsistence. 5Jau- ui:;in,-t:ured by the Postnm Cereal Co., Llim., Battle Creek, Mieii. Slnnyon's Improved l-luiuoeopathic Remedies act almost instantly, speedily owing tho mo^t obstinate cases. SJ.uu- yon's Kheumiatlsin Cure cures rheumatism i'a a few days. Munyou's Dyspepsia Cure cures nil forms of stomach troubles. Mumyon's Headache Cure stops headache in 5 minutes, Nervous diisoasas proaixptily cured. Kidney 'troubles, PJJes, Neuralgia, Asthma aud all Kemalc Com-plai'nt? quickly cured. Mmrj'ou's V'itadizer ijnparts -new vigor to weak men. Price $1. Personal letters 10.-Prof, liuuyon, 1505 Arcli street, riiiladei.pliia. I'a., answered with free--medical advic* for any disease. A separate cure for each disease at all ilmggislis—25t; a boitle. THE BRITISH The London filidtc. ronimciuiug on t-hi! iiolir.ical .sitnaiimi in ilie Unitoil Stiilw. says: "\V"e have no reason tn .siippose that McKinloy is a less ardcnr. |)roteeuon.ist iha.u formoi-ly, and his election to Ihe jiRwideney would undoubtedly be a c-X'i'ions nilsforlune (o British ccnu-inerce. lie has a plausible reason fur reimpoising liie tariff which Presiilnut CJevola.nd i.oi;ed ilown. Tho revenue of the Uuiiitl States no longer eq-u.-il-s tli-e oxpeJiditnrej! and iveun-ing deficits are as mui-i: tlie rule as rucur- ring snrpliisi's used ;o be, ni>r is Micre niiK-h room for' retrenchniem, except In the monstrously i-nilared ami scandalous jobbed ]>onsio;i list, and it is not in Ilk; least likely tiia.t McKinloy will apply ihe knife-lo ihal: upas tree. Pei:- Hlyiis are rhe most'convenicnr reward for cleetiwi scrv.ici'S. Kven Presiden! Cleveland shirked overhauliiig the Us', with the view of placing it on a less corrupt: footing. Tiia: melliod of retrenchment bdng i'lniiracticubU.' un.ul politieal virtue is moi-e robust. JIcKin- ley will be able to urge a. sirongly protective tariff :is absohitely nec-cssiiry to stave off bankruptcy." SUMflER SUITINGS. To those who are looking f or something light aud airy, something to keep cool iu, we would s>i y, try onv ¥3 line of .skelton serge coat* and vests. They are of exec lent tjnnlity, and' price is right. We also have thorn in any grad c and price desired. We also have fall line o£ Alpacas, Drat-atas an d light woolen garments, from $1.25 up. Get an outfit, it will make y ou feel good. BICYCLE GOODS Latest out In bicycle suite, with caps to match, ra.ngi.ug in price • from .$3 to $7.00 per suit. We cany best grades of bicjt-le sweater*, belts, hose, racing suits aud caps, Golf patl/eru If preferred. We . keep a full lino of those good-?, aud can supply anything not in stock. " " • , i SPECIAL SALE KNEE PANTS. This 'week we are making a special sale of certain lines of children's knee pants, in wash goods, and medium summer weights, at from 0 cents to 19 cents per pair, Full assortment we make the price that will close them, out, simply to reduce stock. ' Those who are looking for bargains iu this line should call at once, and make their selections, before the lots are broken up. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. 0. FEKtiUSOX A. P Inventors and Business Men. "Just as good" as Postiim Cereal are words used to defraud the public. Merchants supplied by J. T. Elliott & Son. . FIVE ETNA WAYS. Fire boys ran away from the school known as White's Institute in AVa.ba.sh county Tuesday. The .lads walked.as far as Marion, but the authorities tvcre waiting for them- when they arrived, and after giving .tltcra'a square meal, handed them over to the superintendent of the school, who returned with them to tho institution. • • • , THE FASTER GAVE DP. • Mrs. Mershon, who has been conducting a religions meeting at Ki lino re for some tfaie, says tlie Frankfort Crescent, liad among her converts Newt. Sljecis, a youug man possibly twenty years of .ago. Ho claims to be saucti- ficd, and is said to frequently go Into trances. On last Wednesday lie announced in open meeting that ho was going to fast, and would 'neither oat nor sleep until Nathaniel Ilhodenbcrgw, .1 neighbor lad about his own age, bad boon converted. During all the week lie took an active part iu work, and steadfastly refused to eat. Ho grew pa.)e and thin, but as K'.iodcnberger's soul had not been saved Shoots continued to fast. Rhodenberger is quoted as saying that "Newt, might .lust as well dig Ills grave'' thereby hinting-that Shoots couldn't convert him. J\ewt. stood it all right imril the nwetlufr end- ixl on Siimlay, when he i* said to have given up the contest, and now cats and sleeps. /AITHT-STIKDKON. A quiet wedding occurred Wednesday night on Bates street, the; Rt'V. E. L. Si.'Uians ollioiaiiiig, Walter G, /ain't, who is tlie steward at tiie Indiana hospital for the insane, n young jnan (if promise, was uniied in holy wedlock willi Miss Alice R. Shedron, a beautiful and accotn- plished yoJiuvg lady. They were married in thoir own home which they had tastefully furnished and decora ted. After the ceremony an elegant supper was served in the most pleasing jiian- ner.' Mr. aud Mrs. J5ahrt leave today for Now York and other eastern cities by way of Chicago, where they will lake the steamer for Buffalo. They c>:- pect. to be gone about three weeks. Their boat is launched on the stream of married life with the brightest prospects for a k-ippy and prosperous voyage. ^«^« ra ««' HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Hewan] for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo. O. TVe, the undersigned, have known 'F. J. Cheney for the.last 15 years, and believe Mm perfectly honorable In nil business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made bytne firrn. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druff- pi.sts, Toledo, 0. • WAL0IXG, KINXAN & MAKVIN, Wholesale Drupglsts, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Js taken Internally, acting 'directly upon the blood .and mucous surfaces of ( the system. Price TCp.p.er bottle..;' Sold by all\ druggists Teatimbninls.free. .•'. . •' .,' '"•", r '• ^Ve caji s.i,vc you money on,.£rnmes, as we pay .small rent—O. iI.,Hanpa, '124 Fifth street. J : ••.',.'. J,- : . ' .• ' A XliW DTSCOA'-EKX BY THE SHAKERS. For more than a hundred years the Mount Lebanon Sb.akcrs hnve studied tho eiiltivatlou of medicinal plants aud sought to extract from them the'r heal- ins essences. Their labor has not been spent in vain. They have made a discovery tliat will prove a Wesslnjr to uwnkind. It consists of a cordial that causes immediate ix-iief in cases if Indi- scstiou. Tlic importance of this discovery will be apparent when we realize that nearly nine-tenths of our suffering arc caused by dyspepsia or indigestion, Nearly every person you meet has this digestive iron Wo in .some of its varied forms—sick headache, distress after L-atiiijr, pain aud fuUtrcs,* in tho •chest after eatin?. paJpiiation ot the heart, etc., are but symptoms of indigestion. To. relieve these snEering-s lias been the study .pi' the Shakers, and they have succeeded. The reason tin: Shaker Digestive Cordial Lns such .in immediate and salutary-effect is that it is causes the food eaten to be digested, for it is undigested food that causes the distress. The Cordifil causes tlie food to bo digested before there is time for it to ferment aud sour on tiie stomach. When the food is so digested it gives strength and .vigor to the feeble body, makes one fee] bright and cheerful, and makes one gain in flesh. The Digestive Cordial is so prompt in its action that the very first dose will have a perceptibly favorable result. It gives immediate relief. . Every druggist hns been sent a supply of our handsome Donkey J.'uxxla Books, and a copy may be had for thn asking. It .fells all about rhe Cordial as well as La.vol, the new castor oil. Try a twenty-live cent bottle .of Digestive Cord-la,! aud sec what it will ; do for you. Designs for leuor heails, bill head s prepared for business purposes. Drawings oJ: all kinds prepared for ue wspapers, etc. Claims Tor letters ot patent prosecuted. BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. -Logansport^, Natural and Artificial Gas Sillsdustha Firs of each month, ten clay's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, Ju!y, August and September. Service Are built lathe Largest and Best Equipped Factory in the World. are Milll u> stand for years. We Iiav8 a reputation' established BBiTo Viioiiey can produce Tlie Wavsrleys sliow it. Scorcher, o li«Ulits, SSi.OO. •X> ami 28 locii, «7i 00 and $S5.00, Call and see them. Hade by IXDUN A BICYCLE CO., Indianapolis, Ind. CLINE BROS, Agents. THE DELPHI BATHS. The-pelphinn;Eaths of'Delphi, ludi- anit.in cases of Itlieum.iitlism, EaGrippo, and Nervous, 'Blood and Stomach Dis- .orders; never fail. . • < Subscribe fOf.The Journal. INDIANA UNIVERSITY CATALOGUE. The Journal is" iu receipt of the catalogue of. Indian:! University for the year 1803-0. It is a neat pamphlet of 140 pages. The total enrollment for the yctir is ST9, ail increase of 10S over last year. Of ihe ninety-two counties o£ (he Slate eighty-eight are represented. That Indiana University is a growing institution is slio-wn by ihc fact that in TSS-J-5 the toijil altend-ance was only ,1."0. Oiiring the lust four years the at- leudnncc Jms increased about .100 an- iniji.il:,-. This rapid increase in tlio number of sturtcnU has made the appointment of new teachers necessary- There are now sixty-i'jvo members ot tliu faculty a-..;d there are 215 courses ort'ered. These teachers are trained in tliirly-cight of tho best universities o£ this c-onntry and Europe. Throe thousand volumes have beer, added (o the H-hi'ary during the year, tudinna. University, as I be bend of the scltool system of the State, lins mors ami more idcntiiled itself with the best interests of the' people and with eacl) year luvomes more aud more an instrument for good iu the State. Catalogues will be sent to any person on application to tho Registrar oC Indiana Uuivewity. BJoomicgton, Indiana. THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and suusWnc, with plenty of exercise Jn the open air Her form glows with health and 'jpr face blooms willi its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by the California Fig Syrup Company. TIOPiSES WANTED FOR THE >'EW YORK MARKET. At Dylcemau's Feed yard Friday, Saturday and Monday, June 10th, 20th and £2d. Drivers, eoacncrs. drafters and business cliuuks iu good flesh from !> to 10 yo.ais old. TVi.ll pay holiest market price. J. A. BRIDGE. **?.tcher f s Children Ciry for

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