The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1937
Page 9
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Unbeaten Chicks Meet WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1937 Unless Weather Changes Chicks Will Get Chance As "Mudders" Bimcli and JriRira lioljci'ls will be 1 at the ends. Alvln Justice mid Uoyd Wise will hold down the tackles. Alternate Captain Calvin' Moody nnd James Uiirtou will ijct| the guard assignments ivitli the, ii|j-:uid-cQinlMg lilll Godwin over! the ball at center. Captain Mere-1 tilth, Russsll Mosley. Homer ne- sharse nnd I,eRoy Brown will be' in the b.'ifkficUI. Dan WniTinglon, star right end, injured at Greenwood, Is improving but is not yet able for action. It Is not definitely known whether Jit will be okay lor! Jcmcsboro. ' The ollicials have not been decided n|):in, Djldy has announced. j Whirlwinds, Papooses To Play Friday school 1 ™ IV SOU, .north Fpnngs. Green By i. 1'. FlllKNI) Unless Jupiter Pluvius lets v itli his u.itfr supply, the \;)le Chitknsaw.s will get n chance t > ;:ho-,v how well they can play in U.e mud when lliey close out 1937 home football schedule!) the Scarcy Lions, tomorrow '»& rncon at Haley Reid. Ilie tame \U11 Ire called at 3 p.m. T n the sever, games this year tin Chicks have been favored with lair weather and have breezed Thc niytlieville Junior hi- l/.ruigh all without n. great deal Papooses , v |ll meet the Jo r; dilliciiUy. They haw whlppsd' hmior hi,h wl>OBl whirhvlmkTt .h Uttle. Rock. Hot miey Field here Friday night nwood, Walnut Htdge.i 'n, c whirlwinds, beaten onlv In •Famgould nnd Hope. North Lit-'(he 1«.M c tvf minutes of i»°ny by tie Rock Hot Springs and Hope the Hot Springs junior team In n vere conference foos. i battle thai apparently decided (he Ram has handicapped the Tribe mythical Junior state clmm nlon- f'l tncir week's training for the ship, the visitors will be heavy lions, n non-confcrincc opponent, favorites to win. They were forced to go inside for' The Papooses have shown moH n triel workout Monday, but did Improvement since the start of the menage to get In a full hour aud season but still rate considerably P.. half yesterday. If the showers below the crnck Joncsboro asgrc- continue it is likely Unit Hfnil gallon on paper. Coach Ace Puckctt .Coach Eihly will again take the bus a scrappy team and nt le'nsl (Quad to the national guard arm-, a pair of nifty ball carriers who cry for sotting up exercises and t i»ny give the Whirlwinds a few FQssibly n bit of running, ue'pnxlaus moments. l:ad planned for an extensive slg-| Chicks To Be Guests How Lions iiml NO. 77 57 54 30 37 •SO M r>r> lit! '.I'J HKAHCY II. Walker Jny Monls- W. Onrrlson Alton Cooner H. Mitchell • L. Singleton 1). Garrison I.. (1. Noekolls C, Wulkcr Hob Bell Ploy Evans WT. 185 170 170 100 150 185 170 IBS 135 I'll) KIO Chic PCM. UK U'i'. 1/0. c. a.o H.T. U.K. Q.I) I-II. ll.II, F.I!. ks Will 1,1 IK; Uj) WI'. 178 1«5 •201 200 195 IPO 175 155 105 l!)f> BI.YTHRVILLE ) J. R/iberts I loyti Wbe Calvin Moody Hill Godwin •1. Ism ion Alvln Justice 11. Hunch A. Meredith H. M us)oy 11. Hesharse l.elioy Brown \'X (tt 70 01 00 03 (13 05 71 Mac Tiimbl, and Tom- At Dance ers of thn para lively heavy but inexperienced i tram for their engagement with' mll lonm wj ]| ue „.,., , tl-.e Chicks. On'y seven letter-1 Amcrk-in I^irlnn ni n,n i . men returned, (he others being m± v nK t» itfaudito" lost by graduation. Among th«,e rium when Rudy 1 ise vi ay' niL-slng are George "Budrty" All the money 1,1 excess of e ,,e' se,' Woods, forward passing .specialist, will be turned over to Ihe By I c- r,nd his ace receiver, Leon Woods,, ville school band nnd Ralph "Bull" Williams, cap-1 The auditorium will bo decorated tain and guard, who gave the In reel, white nnd blue bnmin., and Maroon Maulers some trouble de-.: serpentine, confetti nnd horns will spite a 51-C score. ' [ be given as favors. The Lien are banking on Cloy A large number are expecte-1 to 1 five Yards" Evans, ins-ixim ;i attend the dance, according to jlm- lullback, and Ecb Bell. 170-pound my Edwards, chairman of the tu- tack, to bear the brunt of the! rangemcnts, Approximately 500 Ill- attack. Evans smacks n mean' vltnllons have been sent lo peDple line and earned his nickname b^- < '» nearby towns. ?ause of the fact that he av- Htirriless Goat Breed Object of Experiments P.rajcd at lenst five yards every time he carried the ball last year —e\cem aoainsl Blvthcvllle. Herbert Walker, 185 pound end; Jay Morris, 170-pound tackle, L?on Singleton. 185-pcunri tackle, sm;l ! CLEVELAND (UP)—Dr. Cnsvell Eennis Garrisoji. . no-pound end,i Ellis, director of Cleveland College are the bnlrorts In the forward In Hie hearl of downtown clcvc- wcil that averages na pounds. E.i la ™. is experimenting to make Milchell. guard, Alton Cooper, cen- civllizntlon safe for goats. ter. lVCl?ll bill tfift nn/1 IRO ,--1 Dr. V.l\\< nu-nc tn.n ^^™f r , , ier, weigh but 160 and 150, . Or. Ellis owns two goat farms in , , - . a spectively, accounting for the low Tc! <a.s. He has purchased . Scarcy's record for the year is not impressive, liming won but three and lost 5, Th:y hnvc • scored 118 points lo 130. "Their com- |:lae record: . three hornless angoras nnd has sent tllcm (o ll) e Lone Stoi- slate to cross lh(ln »'Hh short-horned Mex- iran '""imtain goats, ' " Go ' lt 5. In an attempt to find i something better to eat in the nex ' e nex lions 39, England 0; Lions 0 ].l x ! 5t . l "' e - of 'en gel their horns ftutl«art 12; Lions 40. Hcber C!U| 8 1 "- between fence wires and Springs 12: Lions 13 Newport 14- • lmnt)t iced. until they die." Dr Lions- 0. Wnlnut nidge 41i- Lio-is EIIis a * id ' "Evcntunlly. by my ex- 7. North Little Rock 42- Lions 13 ; I )cnni!lnls - I hope | o | mvo „ llm , North Little Rock 42- Lions 13 McrrHton 0; Lions 0. Hatesville n. Tlie lions h:W n, c powerful Korth Little Rock Wlldrats to 7-6 \ at the half, but v,i:tcd under a last Unit assault. Lack of capable \rcscrvcs hns handicapped them M the year. " f llDr "l<M» goat.s." , ~ ' m . v . l '"" <w Sl 1 IQ W A CITV la. (UP)-Pursuln» ,,.',? ° ' c!can "'""ScmcnU for '"' !o "' a st «*"^" ns an lo campus escapades, the amber of commerce $4.000 roller skatin Iowa City chamber of i chaperons and an edict. £'ii::lc;cn; Guard:, V. Garrison and E. Mitchell; center, Alton:' Ccoper; quarter, L. C. Nnclrols; i J-.alvcs. C. Walker and Bob Beli-^ fullback. Floy Evans. ' j Eildy announced that he will i open with the same crew which started against Hope. Hildrcd! Shoes Are More Comfnrl ahlc When llcpaircil at Smifh Shoe Shop 115 So. 2nd. TO MARTIN'S AIM SABE THE 08FFERENCE GAS 9c I-css Than jor Companies Hi-Tost Rop. Cas .,(Tax Paid) Anti-Knock Gas 13i( (Tax Paid) All POPUCAR BRANDS of CIGARETTES Pkg. With Each 50c I'lirchase of Gas or Oil. FREE PREMIUMS MARTIN OIL CO. STEKLE, MO. 2000 MILE Pennsylvania Motor Oil 20c (35c val.) NOW Famous Surgeon JIOHIZO.NTAL I, 1 Famous American surgeon pictured here. 11 The sun god. _ 1^ M.-ipk tree. 13 Cod of war. 14 Negative. 1C College oHlcial. 17 Note in scale, 18 One who « frosts c;i)<es. 20 Sun god. 21 Striped fabric. Answer to J'rcvlous Puzzle 0 52 weeks. 10 Beautifying; America. -1 Possesses. 22 Type standard. 44 Sun. 2-1 Waists. 21 Airiingcd Jn threes, 32 Dream. J(3 Twice. 3-J Portuguese tillc. •3fi To help. 37 Negative word. 38 Musical note. 3B Looks nlilie. M North 45 Mineral spring. •17 Sorrowful. •IB Fell Iroubled. 50 Turkish chief ofllccr. 52 'i'o chastise. 54 Not wept over. 57 He and his brother arc (he uest- knoivn •—— team. 58)k' is eo of a huge clinic. VERTICAL 1 lie. has donated larjfe. sums for uses'. 2 At this place. 3 Beer. 4 Laughable. 5 Behold. 6 Domestic stave. 7 Enrages. 8 \V;n- llyer. Ill Inclines used in training horses. 21 Melodies. 23 Principal. 25'Onera air. 2(i Ciod of love, W Bad. M Drives. 3(1 Indian mahogany, .1!) Tableland. 3C Capable. 39 Semi-diam- eteru. •1C Orcatcv in numbers. 'II KKKS of fishes. '13 Mann.s. •10 Crew old, •17 To woo. •I 8 Tea. •I!) Duel. 51 Monkey, f>2 Afternoon, S3 South ' r Carolina. 5Ii Chaos. Transposed. Rossi Will |Face Powell On Thursday I'li-tro Rossi, who nptieai-cd here !<.] (hi- lii-st lime Moiuluy nlglit as tiiv oiipunciit of Charles Sinkcy, llio <;«riiitJj, Ml-w., 1,-srlx'i-, will n','nl[i ili>.|)l:iy liis |jr»j)]jlii]^ warc-.s for Die ainii'cin^nl of local runs v.licn lie takes on "Chuck" Powell in lhi j feature muttli of Die Aiiu-rlcnn U>- (iioii's six?cliil Ansilslke Day alh- li'ti;: program at Hit- arena ui:noio.v Tli'ilK. Kossl is a mat, showman of tin? ll'lrf- ;i|jp,i!'i.'iu)y pufMjI.'ir nil 'vcr tlji- eoiiiitry. [lo wears a Van Uvke. lit a I'd iin:l h:is luin; curlv hair wliicli vivcs hi; oppiinciiM plenty of opp-jr- limily fut- fill-King tli<; tMisUmiers l:v .siH'lj stujjt.s ;t,s tyin^' it, lo tl>c in,]!";. Moi an ovf-rly skUlln] wj-i';;i- 1<T In; nevei thc-lf^ss inunaLjes Lu keep liis opponent cm the run uy his wild l;aiic.s. ,'IIK! usually glvts Hie referee us much trouble us he gives his opponent. Powell has appeam! here on vu- rioijs ni;c':iMiuii.s- In Hie past, nnd is a creditable perfomier, H e kno'xs more v.'rcstling titan Rassi and will probably give him an interesting evening. As a .special attraction [Vomatcr Clarence Holder has arrsui^ccl several hoxing boiils. hcnilcd by a six rounder between Don Burton, former state welterweight title claimant, and Nolan Lambert, another local buy who has done considerable righting In the past six or seven years. Prdjjiminrios between Hilly Price. am! Omer Misho and Afton Chcno- weth nnd Aaroii Eyixl will open the show. The latter l\vo bouts will be four rounds eneli. The Dope Bucket, Jly J. 1'. Friend Ulythovllle should turn out on went out and blocked for the ball | Dantonc rattled them off in Syrian t.wier . . . unselfishly he toiled ... Tomlnello and Serlo were in | Etimc after game . . . He was too the backfield . . . Charlie Parker i valuable because of liis proficiency who played a few games with the j in clearing u, u way for the runners j Osecola Indians, batted .323 in 48 j . . . lie did the job too well . . . He { games before the 3-1 loop broke tin i id not share In (lie team's head- :. . . coach stub Allison takes blame mes mil the coaches knew who i for California's lie with Washing- Played u hand in the team's sue- ton . . . 'Pears that there were n ... A play was designed for ^•JIMVVILH.- SIM™in nun out en "- 1 " • • • «• l> la y was designed lor guys to blame ... All Huskies masse tomorrow to honor the ten " 1|11 las l S'^ai 1 mid lie did get the The cape Girirdcau Teachers' goal Chicks who will be pluying their I f: O11CI> - - . In Die opener under line has not been closed . Cotn- 'iist game us Maroon and" White Co »«n mldy he nmd t . a touchdown Isky I'ark is valued at 2000000 standard bearers . . . Blylhcvillu ; • • n wi »s ').'« llrsl . . . Since then smackers .. Bob llaak Hid tackle owes the,,, that much . . . Jilythc- ] {"•' "; ls scol «' >i>«e more . . . That has been known to consume 2 chick-' wile .should 1 K! proud of them . , . '"'.boys appreciated him was evi- ens after a game . . , Roxie Lawson 1 hey have fought a good fight . . . | ' lt -' llc « 1 >>>' ""''r selection of him beat every team in the American They have run a good race . . . " s tiu ' il ' u'Ptam . . . Oildy wisely League except the Yanks , .Those I'^ather limp is exut'lin^ hi* inct ^,11 • tnrnej over the nlav caMini' rlniif>y 11-,,,,^, \7^,,i.^ ..., rt ^ *~ ^^" ',..,... ..^..,, ii,.r K>a " 1act • • -I i , *•"'"""" • • • ln '"> wisely Lcaguo except the 1 I'Vitlier time is exacting his just toll j '"''."^ ove1 ' »"-• play calling duties same Yanks used I :.« fine yoiingstcis are the ° """ • • • SI" 1 "' up and lake a for Arkansas' "Sell victims . . . i/.rs nil go out mid ' • (; -<> >lat » .Merwlillii to be duck soup 'School Boy" Howe, The robin ha.s an average life span of six years. la.KCTRIC & ACETYLENE ELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdalc Mfg. Co, Boiloms Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY • BROWN-FORMAN DISTILLERY CO. At Loui&illt in A'cnruc^y SILBF.RNAGI.K * COMPANV, Exolusitt nlslr'lbntors^for Arkama, Ullle Jiock, rinc lilufr, „„„,«„, , m , Smil) , You'll Say /('. s SPECIAL At The PRICE , . uu , ,*,» ,v^,victims . . . i/n-.s m) go oui (llld I >><>«, Cnjilam Meredith! '_? let them know by our presence lint; The wife of a rural mail earner we do appreciate lliem ami Uu-ii' ;' " !l ; rll » n «' >"r the opposing cannot be appointed postmaster .splendid football record. j '";>••• * «-Mch the Urtmwood sig. I accord!,,. to Jh,, ^stal ui ws and i. ..:.•..;.. C -.'" t ' l!s iiwis ' lil;lt H'osslc Heyuhiticms of the United States. Captain A!fr«l "Slick" Meredith Is winding up a remarkable rccunl . . . Thursday's game will mark tht> thirty sixth consecutive football same that Cap'n Meredith lia.s played . . . count 'cm . . . Nj )le in 1931 . . . Ten in '35 . . . Ten in 'lie "'l seven so lur this season Three more to go . . . Me.eilitli came here the same time Carney Unslie assumed the Big Chief duties and has not missed a game . . . The closest he came was last, year when a bruised hip caused him not, lo start in the Plggott game . . . But his record remained intact when Laslie put him in ... The 1-0 defeat by Columbus was the only losing game he ever ployed . . . ici '.'(5 he played In every minute of every game. Meredith is really one of Blylhe- vllle's unsung- heroes . . . During hts first two years he did not carry the bsll once . . . Play after play lie MISSOURI FARM?& CITY LOANS Low interest Rates Essy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in stales.' WE WILL PAY YOU Highest Market Prices A\V QUANTITY (lultlslein Hide & Fur Co. Rear Joe Isaacs' Store Phono 2G5 BlythevUIc. Art;. Gel Oiir Prices Ui' Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities' OSCEOLA, ARK. Styling as different as U is beauliful, for thii bigger-looking, better* looking low-priced cor. Smooln—powerful— poiillvo . . . ihe safe brakes for modem travel . . . giving maximum molor'ng proleciion. [WITH SHOCKPROOF STtERlNG) ' So safe—10 comfortablD —io different . . , "the world's finest ride." 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