The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1935
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Served by ffie United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. MOl ™POM1NANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AHKAHSAS AND Btyllicvlllc Courier Blythovlllc Dully News " ~ ~ - — Mississippi valley Leader BMTUKVIUJC, ARKANSAS, TIIUUSJUY, MAKCIt V 1!)'!5 HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Study CoUoii Textile Irnporls From Japan WAS1IINOTON, Mar. 1. (UP)— Arkansas Senate •Disapproves of Huey liiviisfoii of domestic cotton IcxlI mtrki'ts b imports, p.irtlculnrl Films Beckon Radio Beauty Chief Demands lUmus , . 10:11 Jiipini.' win be subjected to 600,000 Small Producers Expected to Benefit from New Regulation WASHINGTON. March 7. (UP) —Cotton growers who customarily produce two bales or less today were exempted from the Bankhcad tax up to llie amount of their base product km. The exemption was granted in an administrative ruling: signed by Secretary of Agriculture. Henry A. Wallace and ;</fecLs an estimated 000,000 small producers. Several proposed amendments ID Die Bank-head net providing exemptions on from one to six bales have keen Introduced in congress but without AAA backing. Cully A. Cobb, chief of the cotton division, held the administrative ruling was sufficient. Under the regulation, a fanner whose production allotment i s based on production of 055 pounds or less during the base ]>erlod will receive tax exemption certificates covering that amount. New producers without fin established base wilt be Tecmired to pay the penalty tax on production in excess of allotment even if their harvest is less than two bales. Auto Thief Escapes From Pemiscot Jail CARJJTHflRSVILLE,: Mo.—(Spec- -inl)—James "Carlson,"of ''New ' York state, held awaiting trial for auto theft, made his second escape from the Pemiscot county jnll here last iilglit and a|, noon today hail -not been recaptured. ... ..»...•.-;;.>Carlson,; picking a ' time .when no officers were on duty at the jail, hit a negro trusty over- the head while the latter was in''the second floor bull peff, where Carl- sou was incarcerated, rah down u flight of stairs and fled through the kitchen and out of the building. ' . •..-.. Carlson first escaped . several weeks ago but was. recaptured'and returned to jail. w.Jjjlc nctiri? as a trusty he hid in a storeroom arid walked out unmolested.' He : was recaptured by Highway 'Patrolman Dace. •• ' ;'. •-. ,-.••'•• . '. Officers here believe that Carlson is wanted for a more•':serious crime elsewhere. Carlson',' ; n transient, allegedly stole'u car nt Hayti on December. : .21. '••"'•; ; • . Charges Huey Fails to Care for Own Poor NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 7. (UP) — Declaring that Senator Huey P Long's Interest in the poor people is "phoney" Francis Williams, chairman of the Jackson D=mocratic club Of Now Orleans, in an open letter to the united states senate today charged that sick people at the state charity hospital in New Orleans arc required to sleep two in a be<I. "The next time Long begins to shed crocodile tears for the wor in the senate he should be made to ten why i,e fl 1K |j t nx . IIIOT , OV tn b ,,,- H r?f , CwS< ; hools '" Ncw Orleo »s but ™mr? to fP ond any money to bvnW ™™««it 'ospilal bed space for the poor people," the letter said. Soap Comnany Employes Celebrate Dividends CINCINNATI (UP) _ En ._ Of the Cincinnati plant of Proc and Gamble company, soap ,™. Jp.clurers, celebrated at an r noon gathering the receiving 8217,631 In profit-sharln, dUidl tor 1934. Company officials nounccd that P. and a cmo] throughout the Unllet) states Canada received S535.000 for year In profit shares, as com lo $354,000 In 1M3. The profit-shaving' plan. Vra on stock ownership, was inau rated in 1887 by the late Col Until Cooper Proctor. Since 1 more than SI2.000.000 in cash gone to employes through plan. v ,)loycs Proctor anu- .ftcr- of iids and the ipnrcd Wil- th >en, has (he Kacteriology for iMr. Green COLUMBUS. 0. (UP)-Whal', In a name? John Germ, Cleveland k p.amilns to spjcinlize in bacUrl' ology. He has ivrittei! Ohio stat« University for information on «mrw.! In that field, LITTLE ROCK. March 7. (UP)-, The Arkansas .senate today adopted a resolution disapproving .Senator Huey p. long's actions in th,. national capi'.ol and expressing confidence in President Roosevelt and Senator Joseph T. Robinson of A-- kansns. The resolution, submitted by Senator Ed Dillon, ot Little Rock, extended appreciation of the president's and Semitor Robinson's efforts in cimcilng legislation and administration of tlic affairs of the government "in tlic test interests of humanity." Tile resolution deplored efforts and activities of those who for selfish interests seek to obstruct the humanitarian program ol HID two leaders. Extension of Recovery Act in Modified Form Recommended to Commiltee WASHINGTON, Mar. 7. (UP) — Extension of NHA for two years, with. elimination oi all codes affecting intrastatc commerce, .was rcc- ommEndcd to the senate finance committee today by Donald R. Richberg, President Roosevelt's recovery coordinator. Admitting that tinder 'existing administration of the act many in- dividu\% had suffered.: "hardships or injustice," Richbergiubmittid 17 recommendations 56r,f'n!termg and strengthening the • rsppvery agency. **'Provision should ;.b2 :> made' for lie voluntary submission of codes," lie sjicl as the commltlie b'e-mr hearings under the. Nye-Mcctivran resolution to investigate alleged monopolistic practicj^jii NRA. , "However, codingKtidn; should )Jc limited to those ti$rlesr>arid f indus^ tries actually engaged in Interstate commerce, or affecting it so substantially that the establishment; and enforcement of standards of fair competition therein are necessary for the protection of interstate commerce." . IZ'chberg said the president should be given authority to imposts a "limited" code K-henever tliere is no cod? in effect but that congress itsolt should .set standards oJ minimum wages and maximum hours in such cases. He suggested five methods of strengthening code enforcement- 1. Prevent violations by equity procedure. 2. Make, violations punishable only by fine. 3.'Provide for compromise of liabilities incurred. 4. Authorize findings of fuel on employe comnlaints as t!;e bns's for cxtKrlitious judicial proceedings. 5. Make remedies under the federal trade commission act available for enforcement. China to Abandon Silver U Credit Is Established SHANGHAI, China. Mar. 7. (UP) —China w'll abandon the silver standard if an international crtxlil. 'iow h«!ii7 negotiated is established, 'he United Press was informed to- :iay by an authoritative sourc; As a substitute for its BIS old system nf money tased on the vrhUa mc'al the nations! government would establish a ma rowed currency linked with the British iwund sterling or the American dollar at levels below the present rotes, it was understood. sk Public Cooperation in Caring for Cemetery Women who are interested in the old cemetery on Walnut sivecl aro making an appeal to the pi:Wic not to trespass or pull Mowers. For a number of years these women linvs attempted (T keen the cemeterv in eood condition. The flotvere which bloom there during; the spring and summer add much to its appeir- ance. ' If the pulling of flowers contin- ces, steps will bs taken for arrest of the guilty persons it was announced today. lommiMlon instead o! the present live members. One member be appointed Irom-each congressional district. There would be ten maintenance cilslricts, Instead of •even, Garner explained, lo permit [lore adequate supervision. i Rep. Sam D. Crawford, of Union :ounty; urtjiied for the "bill and a 'chance for equalization in distribution of hlgrnvav funds" Garner had criticized ibe'more than S590,- 000 spent in Union county. Mur- Phy's home, during tbe past year as compared with $14.000 .spent in Columbia county. "Tho most- beautiful girl in • dio,",if-|iev-loyai fans'art r-oirf-" peient judges, lioi'e siciis rtmvis from Hie air, dreaming of new coiuninsls. She's Dorothy Pase, who has won fame on the other. returuiiis to Chicago from Hully- V'opd,','u'JuTe slip \vci\t fvi- ' u : scrocu test. Proration ot liighway funds would ba on four points, including cpn- =ideration of the area a pvoiscte;! highway wcuki serve and ;tlie amount of traffic. '" i The senate already has passed a similar bill that would have forced removal o f Cargile and Murphy.. If Murphy follows Cavjlis imesigh'irig only four new members would be I ippoinled- should the Garner bill be I enocttd. Dave Block, of Wynne, membor of llie present coinmUs!on, was mentioned- ' proiirincn!!}' torlay ns a probable 'successor lo; Cargile as chairman. H. B. Maslcrson Receives Appointment Position burning the feet of her nvc-'vc-ir " lo State CARHTHERSVILLB, Mo — The ippointment of H. B. Mistcreon, of Hayti, as, state high school inspector, hns been announced by slate school authorities. Masterson formerly siiperinlendent of Hiyli schools, entered upon his dutte his week. His district will embrace 27 Bounties, pom? west to and in- cludhi? Oregon county, north to nnd including Gasconade county, east, to and Including St. LoiiU citv and county schools, and south following (he Mississippi nver lo the Arkansas slate line. This is the first time that a Pemisrot teacher has received recognition of mis kind by the s'ate department of education Masl.-rssn was also president ol the Pomisco', County Hlsh School n.'-scciaiinn. lib Is marriErt and has one child. He cnme to this county as superintendent nf schools at Wardcll 1927. .vVic in that capacity three ye.irs. In 1030 he was elected superintendent of schools at rip. Hnvli. serving there until l.Ls uointmcnt. He was born in Dimklin c"untv an-l received his rarlinr TUicnlion 'here and nt the Caw. GU'ardravi Traehers follow. He also did unts v;ork in the school of education at Iowa -State University. Iowa City. „ Before cmnin? lo Pcmi^cot cotin- ', v he laur'.i'. in the lural, cl'?m."n- lary and high schools in New Madrid county. io Sues Parents FAIRMONT. W. Va. CUP) - Cl,iimm<; that her parents made her carry hesvy five- rjallon cans of milk so that she slipped and fell am! iired herself, M(uy Katherjii Fetty Is suing them for $25,003 dams In circuit, court here. ver One Billion of PWATunds Unspent WASHINGTON. M nr . 7. iUP>- Moro than one Miir:i Ihr SJ?SV C09.COO allotted tbe public vnr'f aci- ministrolion In 1933 lcm aii;s unex- pendrd, the United p r ,. w i ; \v,'iird today. Fi»urrs compile^ to .Tanitary ) rfion-cd tint H-hiJc Administrator Havoid I,. Ickes l u d tilb'totl $3,- j2GO.134.G57. actual c'sprmllltirc lo- [talcd M.die.-lOO.fial Resignation of E! Dorado Man Likely to Follow That of Cargile "LITTLE ROCK, March 1. (UP) —Resignallon of C. il. Murphy, of El Dorado, as a member or U:e s'nte' highway commission, following close on the mlgiritlon last nig°ht of Ctiulritian J. S. Cargile. of Arka- delphla. was predicted in legislative corridors today. The prediction came with J the passage in the house of a bill by Rf'I). Exra Garner, of Columbia i'l'.RA Treasury Is l'.mply AcJministralor Announces I.1TTI.K HOCK, Mar. 1 <UP)_ Federal relief fuiuls In Arkansas l)Svc lu'ra depleted, Sfiile 1 Administrator W. U. nyess said lactay, ami care of 400,001) persons on (he relief rolls depends on nclion of II"-' I'.'i'lslaturo or the Iwlcral gov- cniinc-ni. "I inn absolutely out of funds," Dvcss said in n conference with newspapermen, "iuid unless tho county, suiting up a seven member legislature takes some action , no chance of Retting additional would .fuiuls; din whole show wilt stop unless the legislature or Ihe fcd- ifiiil government acts soon." Tlie federal administration has spoilt $45,000,000 in ArkiiiLSiis the |nst VI months. Dyess reminded, i Replying lo a charge by (Senator Huey p. Lorn,' !( t Washington i yesterday lhat Arkansas has con- ' , tributed nothing toward Us relief.! i ryfrss snkl the stale conlrniuled . j SI. 103.000 from last. April 1 to ' January I tin:; year. Nearly $30n,- j MO of that was In materials sup- ! pi let! for construction projects. Counties contributed $303,003 in ! the form of aid to the sick and in'Jignenl. i A vote on the Hall two per cent Inx bill has bscm expected I'cdcslrian PITCH BURG. nt 03 Mass. (UP) Charles Palfrcyman, 93, walks five •uiles oy more dally to "keep jny- boy's Torture rtnily all this week. Indications today \vero_thal definite action would ue .taken".in: Uic haii^e.tomorrow. , Forgotten Electric Iron Cause of Fire Damage "We ilon'i cure how Hie bonus la paid, lust so li'a [laid, uud wu want n bill that can be |i.issed," Frank Itelgrano. Jr.. innloiial coiniiundor of Iho American I.e- Klon, assorted. emuliailcally liliiadliili. ns slioini olmi't'. Deloro tlie House Ways ami Meatia Commiiiee In Wuslnlig-ioti. lor mluiulon o( the legion plan, .which prnvlilcs uo way to ralno ttie uiociey: Burglary Suspects- Facing Hearing Today Elois "Red" Hampton nnd Thom,ns Bynum, negroes,-charged with [burglary of the Coca Cola Bottling A forgotten 'pressing Iron, left company.'.plant here jost. aatu'nlay switched on, causet! a fire nt the »'.!!ht, will bs given' • prcllmfiinry home of W. C. HigRinson, loic bearings ',u municipal court this at- Wcst Chickasawba Avenue, late tcriioon. yesterday afternoon. The iron burned support. or ironing I It Is understood that neither through Its Hampton nor Bynum will waive ex- board, falling animation and that the stiite . , on an a st e ll ono ho _ floor and biirnfng a hole be rcdulrecl tt, produce sufflc lent ev entne! liro ' IRONTON, Q. (UP)—Accused o£' out --... ..,,. . »i Lilt, I, 1JUJI, IJ^ 1 ttllNHJH U) entirely through Ihe floor of the idence lo have them h c i ( i IT f lcl ; ce " M cxMiHeyB-mimvemtle' Smoxe was discovered seeping in havlDR l!ie negroes nelcl. from under the house and .study by the NUA lex pbuinliiK I'ominltire, n, was ly rtjjnrlod Icxljiy. Tlie coinniltlcc, worklnij towanl "lutlon of problems of production, :uiistiiii|jtloii niid labor rclntlons In uii' cotton icxiii,, industry, hns full on uf the cod<. authority |ji worklntf out ,i broad program lo .iii-ivasa consismcr demand for cot'.on fabrics. The NUA liuiiorls section h-is . mitation orlcnlal ntgn. hat bodies, shoe laws, table damask, handkerchiefs, fishing lines ,„„! j, Ue Fot Springs Confess at Hot lo Lnlcn'ng ---- ------- _ ,,..v. •• ii.j HJH-^I \u y ^-'' firomnn «-ere called. cxtlnsiHshing Cola plant 'and , ~ * ~* "•- •'- " Jitt'liK-n HULL: c;iU('CI, CXCmTUlSI E lia Dn i^on, h 1o, PQk wa S he* '"" """ " U1C d " flC "" y here on a lunacy chp.jge. Coca Cola Plant Here The second of fiirce burglary at- "iilJls nt Die Ulytliuvilh! Coca Cola BotUlni; company plant, Ash and :ixth streets, one ol which was suc- ""- ul, was cleared up yesterday Hie confession ol n trio ot men and one woman, held nt Hot Springs, that they participated in in unsuccessful effort February is Hold at HOI springs on numer- iiisi clinrses Ed Klllian. J, n. Hunt, Hoi lo O Brlen and Mrs. Ionian art- mf'cd, under que-stlonln; i, y sher- :H Clarence Wilson nnd police ch!-f !il Rice, that they mnde an uii- iiicccsslul attempt to rifle the Coca "Ola plant safe but were frightened away before their effort was successful. The safe was forced open during tne middle of January when s»v"-' hundred, dollars was, removed successful allcuijjt resulted In a clean get-away, no suspects hav- •ng been jailed In tbe theft. The ;=coi!d attempt, m which access was Tallied to the company vault, biit the- safe- was unopened, was uorpc- -rated by the group questioned yesterday. The Ililrd attempt, early Sunday monitor,'. March 3, resulted in the capture ol Thomas Bynum negro, In the plant and tlic shooting of Elo.'s "Red" Hamilton, ne"ro win was arrested at St. Louts Monday Jfter allegedly eluding officers ivhcn *hey surprised fbree negroes nt the allcsrtily captured hi Ihc'coca i Hunt "tolil "vS' nnd Rice tint n5nTi! nnd TTMTnurn.i ~m • v,~ . . . . ({lcc lu^t . The fire damage was covered by Insurance. pay, Ed Rice . scene while Hamp on l ™' i ;' from X-CELFROM ALABAMA-THE \\JORLD9 BEST succeeded In forcing ooeu tbc vault door but that he nnd i,j s com- •>.infons were frightened away b^ fore they attempted to force O p«n Ihe safe, others In the group heW at Hot Springs substantiated h's story. Tlie quartet is lo b c turned over lo federal authorities who have crnrgos to place against them in federal court. The men are cx-con- vlcls with long records. They were ! which time they Plltll Wlfll] ICT Circuit Judges Responsible for -L i q vi o r Law Enforcement ..::.'...'• ,L m 'LK ROCK. Ark,, Marl "7. (UP)—Liquor supporters .'.today r enforcement of liquor law.s after reports were heard that Opv. J. M. Futrell would not s! S n the riiorn liquor legalization bill until nn enforcing measure- >as eii- acled. Tlie vole was 69 to 20 with the emergency clause ntloplc'K : .'jo The governor hns not rend Hid Ihorn bill and there was no indication that he would sl 8 n or Veto • It today. •• ; •:• ' rhc , wiforeln s bill against IllcBal mamiincture and sale of liquor was written by Rep J. c. Daraon, :ot Faulkner county, nnd is similar to ills bill which was defeated In tho house yesterday. Ajiliroprfnllim Cut The prludiial (Ilircrcncc Is In np liroprlallon of $30,000 Instead of $300,000 for administration of the enforcement ofllce. Not less than six assistants lo a state Hmior law enforcement adminLstratloif are- provided instead of not. more than 40 prescribed In the measure defeated yesterday. Circuit Judges would he "inlmar- lly responsible for the enforcement of laws against the unlawful manufacture and sale" of liquor. The point . would have authority to ap- an officer in lieu of the u e sheriff nuct a special prosecutoi in the place of the prosecuting attorney It ho believes 'those "officials duty lire not |Jcrformlng their with respect to liquoi law violations. If the "governor bel cvrs the circuit' Judge Is not performing his duty, liq • would have nu- thorlty fa call a "'special session ot the legislature to impeach him. It would be nn Impeach able, offense for the governor to Issue a pardon'to' a person*convicted of manufacturing or selling liquor. Tbnrn Urges Adoption Speaker Harve Thorn, author of the legalization measure pasa=d by both houses and awaiting the governor's signature, left his chair to plead for the enforcing law "Give the governor a chance; to enforce the liquor lati 1 " Thorn pleaded. Dry leaders charged that some members who voted for the liquor bill sought to "salve their consciences" by supporting the enforcing measure, Hep. o.~B. Elgin, of Cralghead county,* ana Rep. Sam Crossno, of prarfklin county.-denied tlie alligation, dcclsrhij they were not ashamed of their" votes on the Thorn bill and were^not afraid io lace their constituents. Rep. Ray Blair, of Lo_?an county, said If the senate passed the state, police bill which it Is considering dulics of enforcement set out in "** c »*a*gi.^£Eg?-gyfc^agftafefEfiSffCTg.. SUPERIOR COAL & MINING CO.'* HE SUPERIOR COAl. AND MIMING co.rwc. STRIVES TO Keep COAL OF A SUP- vn ?F ^m AL|Ty FOR BWM VILLE AWO VtClMTY. MR SAYS A WCH MAN5 home of a relative I tn e Dawson measure. " ••"ink-. v/l n It lit 11VC of one of tiie group, living at Lux- Police Find No Cluss to City Hail Robbery Investigation of yesterday's city ball theft in which $202 was re- today. Police continued a quiet check on visitors in the city hall during t>io icon hour, when the money was 'tolen. Apparently, however, tfie bold thief had failed to leave a trace -is to his Identity. The bouse defeated the bill of Rep. W. E. Fletcher, Lonoke county, that would have prohibited stock- ninnlng loose on highways. The vote was 12 to 62. Seeks Smaller Legislature A constitutional amendment was offered by Rep. B. p. McC.raw, of Lincoln counly, to reduce members or the legislature to 35 represen- tallvcs ami seven senators, effective January 1, 1939, should It be adopted at the next general election Rep. B. K. Mason, of camden, opposed further Issuance of la^- exempt interest bearing federal bonds m a resolution submitted today Tlie house defeated n bill bv RODS Homer Pox .and W. M. Thompson, both of Independence county, that would have exempted timbsr cut for fuel from the excise tax of s»v- en cents p;r thousand boird feet. n»S RaciiiR Rejected Legalized belting on greyhound - , -.-,.- ^wwcia racms In Arkansas was disapprov- •cfriRei ation costs this winter. ( ™ b >' tllc House yesterday when They have adapted for domestic use l!lc KI 'Iian bill was defeated 73 to inmo of the thousands of tons of '" "" '"'" ' ' Cold Weather Helps Cape Cod Residents BARNSTABLE .Muss. (UP)— Salt water ice is saving Cape Codners sr.ore. sea iralcr piled tip alonjr the A cranberry concern has stored LOW tons cut from the harbor and will use it for packing purposes. Golden NESTLETON Chicken STATION. Ont (UP)—A clilcken killed here Vocent- y by J. Goff was foiiiid to ii.ave a $300 golden mu;rt In Its gizzard. WEATHER Arkatifas—Fair, colder in e.ast south porlijns, cold wave, p.-it> : r, miivj tcmpsratnres in no-.tli and wcs*. portions. 1 " »li.*\.<\itU, IO IO 17. The original vole was 50 to 42 but before the vote was cast no 2n members changed from aye to nay. A bill by Hamplon of Lee, re- miiring owners of vehicles operated on the highways to nltach reflectors as a safeguard against accidents, literally was "kidded to death." It was defeated, 47 to 30. Crawford of Missl^ippl county Caraway of Dallas, Horton of St. Francis. Rector of Pulaski Christian of Yell and Prater of Lonoko county spoke against it, while Hampton and Nybei-g of Phillips urged its passage. Approximately 50CO to 6MO stars — ..w.,, i.u.v.vii... c i'? v'siMe to the naked e"c but Msniplns and vicinity—p.\fr and | only half of this amoi'nt in.v- ••>* colder tonight. Friday fair, rising seen at one time, since the other temperature. 1 half Is below the horizon.

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