The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1937
Page 8
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WEDNESDAY, NOVKMBKK 10, 1037 (AUK.) COUHIKK. NKWS t'ACU SEVER CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per Hue for consecutive Insertions: Otic time per line lOc Two times per line per clay ...08o Three times per Hue per day ..Me )\x times per line per day 05c Month rate per line GOc Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge 5Qc Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times Ihe add appeared and Cljuslmcnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy Mibrnllted by persons residing out- lide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above tnlile. Advertising ordered for irregular i serlions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad, For Sale Cl!«ip, WM I'i ton long ivlicel base ChevroH't I nick, uilh Wsh stock rack. Full luipauliu cover. A-l conclitlnn. Phone 127, lllytlu'- vitle. O-ck-3 Shoe Repairing Streamline COAL •I by 2 feu fo.00 p,>r ton ti by 4 lump Sli.25 jH-r ton] Klin Tiaiitliam i i 1'hmie '17 Quality Shoe Shop Today the only bargain In shoe it'imlrlui; Is Quality materials & u-or)u»nm)iii>. Kubbei- Heels, 2oe ii)). Soles 50e ui>. Dyes, Polishes, laces. Any shoes dyed black, USc. Free delivery II. K. Campbell Phone 120 WALLPAPER New 1938 pnllr-rns. Some bargains in 1D31 slill left, ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 fl room modern house at 1500 \V. Ash, for sale or (rnrte. See J. W. Maloney, Clark and Hallroart Sis. fy home place. 2 acres, 5 room house, electric lights, electric - pump. Ooort smokehouse. Good Have your Mattress rebuilt, made stables. Price reasonable. \V. D. KAI.K Nollre is hereby given that the- nckrtiigned commissioner, in coin- uilh the itrms of a decieo the Cliniuery court \VK .DON'T WANT TO Insects aiv the most wvlous thiviil to mnn's siinronnu'y niu'nrth, yd nut a single siiede (ji-o\vt> t» n li-ncIJi i.XTiH'dJiii; 10 liicbc.-i. Business Directory like new. Our plant has the best equipment and our workmen are Franklin, experienced. Our prices are reasonable, B'VILI.E MA1TKESS FACTORY Thonc 589 200 Sycamore TEXACO GAS 13 ftc Gnl. Nice Fresh : RKELFOOT CRAPPIE 35c Jind 50c COAL Delivered in Hl.vthcvilte 1'or , S-1.75 and up. All Coal Guav- ; antccd. •HARRY BAILEY'S At HID State Linn 1'lionc 5-F-4 A 87R. Two completely modern re-nodelcd hcuses on Holly. Call Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberf! at 084 or come to 1209 Holly before 10 a.m. 30cktf Batteries BATTKTtY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 et Tom Jacluon'i Radio RADlolERVICE~ WADE FURNITURE CO. '"PHONE 155 : ToBuy" WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Huhhanl 2nd Hand Furniture Stores Phone 1031 Phone 521 Nexl lo Goff Hole! Main & I,alie Furnace We Repair All HEATING EQUIPMENT GRATES INSTALLED Blyihcvillc Machine Shop Phone 808 or after G, 848 or 877 Tailors TRADE YOUR OLD SUIT IN A NEW ONE OEOR'GE i,. Minn "Blytlici'ille's Only Tailor" On nnllroad south of Main '3d Ford fardor sedan. This i is in perfect condition. City j rendered liy ... ... , driven. Priced for quick sale. See l<"' <!>'' Oscroln nistricl of Missis- Joe SlKinks or call 811. s-ck-lf si|>|Ji C'nimly, Arknnsas, on tin 1 'ii du.v of Hc'iJtejnljer, 1937, ivliorcln 11. J. Hnli. 1 nntl Iciii Hnle Tucker, Kxeeiitors. et nl. was PluiolilV. and J:\nses Floyd Harwell et nl were UcfUKhinls. uill sell ni puijijc aiie-l lltsn lo Hie niiO best bidder, for cash, on 11. crfrtll of three] months, i\t the front clcor of tlK'j Couit House, -iictween the lioursj \.rcscribed by ln\v, in the Cily of! Blytlieville. AikansKS, on (tic Siidj day of December, 1937. the following rail esUile. lo-\vit: Lot No. :)B of Ihe OrlijinnI Survey to the lowu mow City) of lilytlieville, Aikiuisris. Said sale will Ij? had to sulLsfy .said decree in Hie sum of $52,- 715'j.GO, with 10 per cent interest,' from September 27th, 1937. The inn-chaser at said snlc will; 1 b? reqiiired lo execute bond with Reproved security, lo .secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lieu will be retained upon said properly as tutuilicnnl security for (lie jiaymcnl nf such purchase money. Witness my hand and Ihe seal of said Court, on this, Die 9 day of November, 15)37. ADDISON SMITH, Special Ccmmissioner in Chancery (Scai) 10-17-24 I r.(l DSHD CAHS iNJUS'f HH SOI,!) 'I'llIS ftlONTIl TO MARK ROOM i'OU T1IIO TRADHS ON T1IK NICW Ml.'IS CHKVKOI-HT. JUST A KK\V OK ODK OUTSTANIMNd 1 »AI!(JAINS. lil'Jfi Clu'vcok't 'J'own Si'iliin, iK't'lccl unulilion ,$1<ir>.ll(li l!).'!(i Clicvrolel Maslor Coii|)o, roal buy '.',.'. Siusioil ID,'!;') Chcvroiel Coii|u>, iu>«' ruliluu' SjWUIi.Ud 1 liKil C'devvok-l iMiislor Cmu-h, A-l I'liiulilinn SaitrUHll lilUS I''ord V-S Cnupo, ruilin it lu'iili-r, nnlv ......'. .^;l"i(l!llll Ii).'{, r i t''nnl V-S Deluxe Kednii, huilt-in trunk ^:t2r>!lMI> I'.K!5 Kurd V-8 Tudor, radio, spedii) .'!.'.'.'"""" 10,'!7 Chevrolet Deluxe Sport Sedan. This is » lieiiuly. Uiulio and lienler, \n\\ inili';i.r 0 ID.'ii Chevnili'l I'ick-tip (ruck "...'.'..'.'.. 'j:i5 Clu'vrolel pick up (nick, new rubber 1 ll.'Ki Chevrolet I'kk-up Truck '., OI'KN NKJI1T.S AN'I) SUNDAYS IT CO. Osbornc's black.sinith shop, 133 10-pk-ll-lC Itnndnrd Reference Books. Cotn- plclc 10 volume set with Loose Leaf Binder. Cai! 2.1S or 792. 29. ooo For Rent Rooms for boys. Adjointni; bath. 70s W. Walnut, j'nonc Til-j. lC-pk-15 Rooms with meals. Near balli. Mrs. B, F. Loflin, 100 Kentucky. 9-pk-10 Steaitihcalcd front bedroom. llcinen r.nly. COS C42 or 20. W. Main. Call 8-ck-15 Ne\\ly decorated bedroom adjoining balli. Gentleman only. 713 W. Main, Phone 800-W. 5-ck-tf front bedroom for couple. Adjoins bath. Use of kitchen if desired. Phone 912-J, 226 E. Davis. '4-ck-ll Well located stone business building, living quarters Included, on highway .sonlh of Manila. Rent reasonable. See owner, O. M. Rural Route 5. Room'adjoining'bath. For couple. Call G3S, 818 Chickasawba. 20-MD-if Building on Railroad near courthouse, suitable for warehouse. Will remodel for right party. Phone Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg at 984 before 10 a.m. O-ck-12-9 2 or 3 furnished apartments reasonable. 014 Hcarn St. Announcement ALADDIX I,A3IJ- PARTS OKN 25c UIMv miRKG in>w. co. We Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 104$ Chickasawbn riione 07H St. Furniture -. * Furnlliirp at Priccf,. TH ADI; _ Nc\v and Used Rock Bottom WK i!UV, SEI-I. Arian-Morris Furniture Store I2fi E. Main Phone Personal MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. New Ostrex Tonic Tablets con- lain rnw oysler invigorators ami other stimulants. One dose starts new pep. Value St.OO. Special price COc. Call, write Kirby Bros. Drug Store. Expert Glass Cutting Aulo plass, desk tops, bathroom shelves cut to order, circles & picture frame glass WK DELIVER Blythcvillc Paint & Wallpaper Co. rfionc 880 in So. )inil Modern Beauty Shop Moved from Glentne Hold to 1^1 n W. iA!ain. Phone 219. For Trade '35 Chevrolet Conch. Color Wnck, green \vhccls. Clean n.s a pin. See or phone O. D. Grimes. Phone 822. 8-ck-U I'hone ii;i;t ^Hollineld, N. c., is (he home ofN. C. llnllilield. *FREE GIFTS FREE GIFTS* 1 . (Jiveu Away Until Ciirisfmas Only it Short Time U-fl to Prepare for the STATE ftUTO TEST Have Money On Auto Purls and AiTessorie.s ARIAN AUTO PARTS 'ILS \\\- Spci-iiili/e In ft PRESCRIPTIONS^Phone 1(1 FOWLER DRUG STORE r SAVE MONEY ft mi usi-:i) TIIIKS .mil ISAT'I'ICIUKS K. M. LARKIN I'lum,, 10.1 A comc-lerj- at Wubsler, Muss., l>liifes Iftna 1 field stones over the Uinvi'.s of old uioii, and small stones •jvcr Ilios:- of young men, Ambulance Service DAY * NIMH? CALL 661 Holt Funeral Horn* J. C, EVANS llox (101 lilylhcvllle, Ark. District Alainiivr IMAIII.i'ON TKUST I'UNI) lliimlllon Oepositois Corp. Ilnvn-y Hti'\vnrl Dr. V. A. llobliiscii'. STKWAUT-ROHINSON Siirn-i-ds City lliiif; Kliiii' We Hju'clallKe In THUSCIlll'TIONS Medicinal \vinp & l.lciiuns 2011 W. Mnln PlHiuu 20 HOT Ward i Ciirullicrsvil Ruslam Miimoflor and liis wife. Sayal, of Armenia, are said to Ire the world's oldesl married roiiple. Now I.ncatcil at 101 North Sciond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DOiN EmVAKDS, Prniirlelnr All main's of Itcliullt TyycwrUers, Aildlng Jliu'hlncs i Calcqlaiors—Itepntrinc—runs—Itiliiiuiis Used Trucks & Cars io;i(i Chevrolet pick-up ..?:iV5.iM CiOOd M'llTS. 1334 Hi Ion Clicviolel 155" W, B. stake body $325.00 Till. 1 ! truck Is ti good Ijny IStil Hi Ion Cliei-rolel H3" W. Ii. SliikK Hocly $250.00 A-l Mcclwivtcnl coiKllllon. AW, THUCKH CrUARANTKEl) TO I'AHS SlWl'i: INBI'KCTION Delta Implements, Inc. N, W. TUANTllAiM OOA1, CO. PHONE 964 mith Shoe Shop nr, so. -tM\. FARM LOANS "•"«** ir.oo nut) »r ArkniiKH.i utul MUsoiirl [.DU'r^t niU's—linvt'st rtpcnsi 1 Alsn i-lly prnpi'rtlrs DON H. KASSKKMAN Tliom.ifl Lnnil Co. Oltlco P. O. l!o.\- 170, I'liono G'J7. Used Car Values! IMS? OlilsmoblJe I)i'iu, <c Sedan, perfect in every (IIMI Bluster Clicrrolcl Co:ic» Low mllcai.'c. Iksl In town .................. JllJS.tW 19SS niuslrr (Jlicv. Coach $350.00 1UHO Clievmlot Short I'/i ton, pole A-l condition . W, II. trailer, S625.0S 193(1 I'oni l'U'k-u|> 19,'M ClKWili'l I'lc WE HAVE THE BEST IN SHOP KQUll'MI'.'NT. I,OT Ufi CHl.'CK YOUIl CAR FOH WINTKll—1H- Sl'KOTION. Lee Motor Sales, INC. iinil (i.Sl.C. Trucks J U lll( Auto Tires Also Pecans trcin & <X •118 PHONE 76 GAY& For Sale or Rcnl Store room ami resilience 610 Lake St. Sec Dr. Ealiba. Welding Will accept one good used automobile as trade-in on a new m -Tohn Deere tractor outfit. Prefer! [W ,1 '35 or '36 Chevrolet. Call 244.J I Osceoln Implement Co. 8-ck-15J Kirhy's Taslctesa^ i CHILL TONIC Conlalns Slorc Qnlninc—Jlorc Iron T&e Rcoommenttcil Treatment for MALAIUAI, CHILIS and FEVER SWAMP FEVER —AGUE FEVEK At All Klrtj Drug Status "WiiTSeil" or Trad'c' '34 Ford V-8 Tiirtor. Color black.) cream wheels. Nc\v seat covers. Motor and tires good. See or /Uelylone * F.lcclric WELDING Dcll.i Jmp!enien(5, Int>_ Found 1037 Ark. 255-310. truck license Owner can News. cost of ad. Courier 4-un-tf! For Sale or Tnu phone C. O. Graves. '30 Model A Coach. Color black. Runs good. Phone or sec A. Na- tors. Phone 153. 8-ck-lf Position Wauled Teacher with 8 years experience wants private tutoring In grade Phone 247. or High'school work.'Write 8-ck-'_f Courier News. Wanted Help Wanted White woman to dp housework for : Maid for seneral hoiifework. Musi .couple, 2 children in country. G03d j have references. See Mrs A G pay. Call 2H. O-ck-16 \ Shiblty. 310 E. Kcnluckv. 9-ck-lf . Their ages are 140 and 110. rcspsc- tively. ALLBY" OOP •Si'OTS HKf-'OKK HIS KYKS MEBBD iT FELL OFF BLOO 600FU5 WMORNING AGAIN "•i soLiy.r H/^OPA BI& BLUE BLOTCHES, AIL OVER ME! )R THAT STUFF VVE f-^ WEEE HONTIW 1 FC I.M. BEf.. V. S. t'>T. OFf COPR 1«7nr'UE* SERVICE. INC. BOOTS AND HER RUDDIRS YOR. W VEU_IV= £.0 MUCH , 0-VrttR. OW MV )VASH TUBBS NOW, MI'S? KELTOtyVOU DCNT THINK POR A MINUTE VVE'D.HUAcTA HAII? OF YOUR HEAD DOME ENOUGH OICTV WORK, YOU CLEAR OUT, ISAV! WHV,TO BE i-UkE, MISS KEL7OM , CEK1MNLV BUT WE'LL TAKE VOU WITH U7,6\RL\f'.'-Jr.i} SET WE WILL.' T. M. RfC. U. S. PK.T. OFI. i-L FIX THAT GUY! HE'LL WISH ' LAID OFF ME: ! I'LL RDM HIM RIGHT OFF THAT FOOrBALU FIELD! I'LL DISGRACE HIM .' V/HArYA , GOMWA DO, CRASH ? I'LL SIT IM STAWD THE &AY SHADYSIDE PLAYS KIUGSTOJJ ,' THETfJ JUST LET EOME MISTAKE... JUSrr ONE? /OWE LITTLE RUMOR ~,C<S UP MOMENTUM fM A FILLED WITH •' PEOPLE .' I'LL START 1O k'OLLER ABOUT HIM SELLIUG OUT SHADYSIDE BECAUSE HES GOOFY ABOUT "THE DAUGHTER OF . COACM .' ITEK WOT TRY IT, CRASH A FEW MORE S7UWTS LIKE THAT, AMD V3U'RE GONWA RUKI OUT OF EVES Plate. NO. i FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS have by'

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