The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT BLYTHEVTLU3,(ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3,' Doggin' Deer Tennessee Has Three, Mississippi-State Two Men On Team ATLANTA. Ga., Dec. 3. The football heroes have had their filial hours of Saturday afternoon glory an dthe United Press today j presents Dixie's best, the All-South j team as selected by coaches, sports writers and staff correspondents. Seven players from the Southeastern Conference, which had two unbeaten 'teams, and four from the neighboring Southern circuit were awarded places on the first team which is comprised of nine seniors, one junior and a lone sophomore, Prank Sinkwich of Georgia. The UP All-South: First Team Paul .Severin, N. Car Buddy Elrod, Miss. State Abe Shires, Tennessee Tony Ruffa, Duke J; W. Goree, La. State Bob 'Suf fridge, Term Bob Barnett, Duke Harry Jordan hunts ceer in -Maine from a little rubber-tired wagon drawn by a huge "Labradoi retriever. As the dog quietly draws the cart along tote roads, Jordan keeps keen eyes on surrounding woods. The veteran Eddington guide uses an old nuzzle loader with a single ball. It is a good conservation measure because when he sees two or three deer at a time he can, shoot <at only one and takes no chance of. wounding the others. Redskin, Eagle Stars From Texas Keep Pro Game Air Minded Montgomery Winner On Mat Card Bob Montgomery, one of the newcomers on last, night'.s mat card at ihe American Legion arena, came through with an impressive style last night in winning his first local engagement. Montgomery swept the second and third falls after losing ihe first to defeat popular Eddie Malohe, the Shamrock kid, in one of the fastest and best mat matches Elliott Sflliba, George Trusty. Carlos Deal, backs; W. H. Eolianning, Charles Thomas PurUe and Clyde Perry, managers. Mosley, Wright, Harris, Sims and Trusty are seniors. Sweaters will be awarded at the annual Red Pepper club banquet at Hotel Noble, December 18. H APPY UOUR GRO.& "MKT. Jim Lalanne, N. Car ............. B Prank Sinkwich, Georgia ........ B Harvey. Johnson, Miss. State — B Bob Foxx, Tennessee ............ B Second Team Blalock,- Ciemson . . '. ........... E Rast. Alabama .................. E Fronzcek, Richmond ............ T tCimball, North Carolina ..... . . .T Molinski. Tennessee ............ G Fritts, .'Ciemson ..... ........... G Gude, Vanderbilt .............. C Jones, Richmond ____ . ........... B Nelson, Alabama ............... B Hovious, Mississippi ............ B Thibaut, Tulane ................ B Any lingering doubts about the greatness of two of the bucks, Sinkwich and Johnson, were dispelled Saturday when they led their teams to stirring victories over tra- j ditional rivals in final regular sea- , .son: games. Johnson, whose brilliantly executed 47-yard run enabled State to. defeat Alabama, will show his heels again when the Maroons . play ill the Miami Orange Bowl on New Year's Day. .Sinkwich was a heavy tank in action against Georgia Tech, covering 128. yards with his rushes and hurling two touchdown passes as his mates won a 21 to 19 victory. In addition. Sinkwich knocked down two Tech passes aimed at receivers on the goal-line. When the game was over. George "^Tebb, Tech end. went into the /.Georgia dressing room and, congratulated" Sinkwich as "the best back I've ever seen." -•Jim Lalanne will go down as a -Carolina, immortal. The Tarheels didn't 'have!' such a good season in the won and lost columns but La. lanne was -. a one-man touchdown threat every time he got the ball. And when he elected to pass, the fleet ; - Severin was usually in a clear spot ready to receive the ball . with glue-tipped fingers. •Shires, Suff ridge and ' Foxx became .men of steel in three straight • undefeated seasons .with. Tennessee nnd were almost unanimous choices for, their •positions: Foxx was ne'vei the flashy performer like his ureri- pcessor, George Cafego. but was the key man in the plays that clicked most ;. often. Suff ridge was without peer at 'shooting 'through the line to nail backs in their tracks, and a I" whipping 'out of the line to block on offense. Suffridge nud Foxx. j n'r-ng with the big. durable Shires, will also play one move panic. ^amst Boston College in the Su^u- Bowl. Buddy Elrod was an end that did everything right and the roueher : the going got the better he liked it. He never failed to vise from a brui<!- ins; contact without a grin on his face. Huff a, the goal-kicking tackle. mid Bob Barentt. C3»r>Me s'r-pc.s^r to All- America, Dan Hill at center. were stars for Duke all season although. the Blue . Devils drooped games to Tennessee and North Carolina. Today's Sort Parade ONE FOR THE BOOK - By Art Krem By HKNKY LINCOLN, Neb.: Dec. 3. (UP) — This city continues to celebrate -.vhat it conMders the biggest moment since the territory of Nebrask i became' one of ihe 48 states. Nebraska's football team has been •re3 \o the Ross Bowl and "there is not one citizen who, ;;ince the invitation came from Pasadena, •.as tailed to show his apprecia- ion. For more than 24 hours factory i vhistles have been blowing.' For : more than . 24 hours the streets :ave been choked with parades oJ ••turieiitr, bands, housewives, busies men. moppets, tots and what have you. There was no .school at Nebraska U. yesterday. The students yanked , down the order of business from the bulletin board, shouted a yell of triumph through the chancellor's window, and started parading through the streets to the tune of "California. Here We Come." They bounded over the "keep off the grass" signs at the $10.000,000 r*ipitol. swarmed through the marble legislative halls, ruffled the porpbre ri' -Dc « ^f the ^fnte sunv'^" court dignitaries, and demanded t'ip.t the governor come from his stately chambers and lead the sing- iivr of "There Is No Place Like Nebraska." Earlier, when the invitation to play Stanford In the Rose Bowl " r a.s o^lv a few hours old, they charged the home of the Nebraska coach. Major :Biff Jones. He appeared at a bedroom window in his pajamas and gave the rally his blessing. "Come on and join us." ihe thousands of students and townsfolk shouted, "we're up for the night and celebrating." The maior pulled on a pair of oants and wrapDed himself In a toncoat. and went out for the niaht. Snow was falling, the wind was j howling, and the temperature was I nivtins. with dear old xero, But for | three hours Lhe narade wound in 1 and about Lincoln. The colder the wind got, and the more the snow fell, the noisier Lincoln became. I know you won't believe what went on, because this is .perhaps the only time a cosmo- cltv h*ts inst turned )"W3o cent mark made last seen here in months. Malone scored over Montgomery with flying tackles and double jack- kuii'e 10 take the first in ten minutes. However, Montgomery came back and floored the Irishman in 11 minutes with the old Strangle- Lewis headlock, one of the most Jimmy Lott, the other newcomer this week, won two out of three Dillman. Lott succeeded Sn downing Dillman in three .seconds with fly- } ing tackles and body pin for the first fall, but dropped the second fall in 17 minutes when Dillman j clamped the crab hold on him. Dilhnan's repeated choking tactics the two struggled for the third fall which went to Lott on Dillman's foul. NEW YORK, Dec. 3 (UP)—Statistics usually make dull reading but a couple of Texans named Baugh and O'Brien combined this year to make the final learn figures for the National Football League interesting enough for any grid fan. While official individual statistics are not yet available, it was the •-orsonal accomplishments of Sam- mv Baufch of the Washington Redskins and Davey O'Brien of Philadelphia were mainly responsible for! punishing Isolds in the business" erasing six team forward passing j He uaec j j_ lle same weapon to sub- i-ecords in the league this season. I duc xmh Eddie in four minutes to Led by ihese two graduates of; luke the final an(1 deciding Texas Christian University, the; fugles contributed three records : and the Redskins one. With the;,,.. ^ . , other eight teams in the circuit j lalls OVer lhe veLeran Greek ' Joe they helped wipe oui two league! records. | It was Baugh's remarkable ac- i curacy that enabled the Redskins j to set a new passing efficiency record of 59 per cent. Washing-ton passers completed 144 out of , .. . ,.,. , 241 aerials to break their own I ?, a ^. Jl^... 1 ^.? 6 . dis , ClUahned , a * r )8.2 per year. O'Brien's field day against the j Redskins in the'final game Sunday.; •vhen Eagle passers snagged 33 of his 60 tosses, gave Philadelphia its 'hree records. Thirty-three comple- lons in one game broke the team ••ecord of 25 set by Washington earlier this year. The 316 yards gained by those U3' passes broke "he record of 312 yards for total vards gained passing in one game •iso held by Washington. And, fin-j Nineteen ^embers of the Blvthe- ••Hy those 33 completions sent the j ville Chickasaws> 1940 ^ rk ansas Tagles' total for the year Co 152. • m h School Gonference champ i onS) ^mashing the record 127 comple-' and three student managers have tions of Cleveland a year ago , been aeclftred eligib i e to , eceive . The great passing on these two lefct Head Coach Joe Diw an _ jlubs led to two new records for, nounced today> oral league passing. The 966 com- | Induded in the m Qf { oletions by the 10 teams out of ; participating in at leasfc 12 quarters 22o3 tosses for 42.8 per cent em- , were tWQ ^^ fom . gua ^ St IWQ tackles, four ends and seven backs. They were: Captain Norman • (Monk) Mosley, Alternate Captain Transfer Ignored ' Mayfield (Sonny.) Lloyd, backs; PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Three Elmer Stone, Roland Rounsaville. letters, mailed at an old city post- centers; Everett Croslow, James Dffice building at least seven years Cobb. Tommy Little, Jimmy Allen, after the postoffice had moved to guards; John Oliver (Bo) Cop- different quarters, have been de- pedge. Charles Wright, tackles; Uvered to their destinations. The. LeRoy Ross. Wallace Smith, Alvis letters were discovered by a city [ Harris, Hunter Sims Jr., ends; :a>: collector. Herschell Besharse, J. T. Victory, Dr. Saliba's Clinic EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT 128 E, Kentucky Ave., Corner Franklin & Kentucky GLASSES FITTED .... J. A. Saliba, M.D., M.E., Ph.G. Office Thone 418, Res. 410 DOUBLE-RICH 19 Chickasaws, Managers To Get Sweat ers 3 iency broke last year's marks of 351 completions and 42.4 efficiency, i There's "DOUBLE-RICH" pleasure in the handsome holiday box that coniains ihe largesi- selling straight Bourbon whiskey in the world.. .Cream of Kentucky. Make your gift "DOUBLE-RICH"! Make it Cream of Kentucky! 90 PROOF...SCHENLEY DISTILLERS CORP., N. Y.C get a Rose Bowl team we just go to pieces. •As a warning to Stanford, let me tell them that- this spirit _ in honor of boys who play football. WiB Be Sam Owens' "Sugar Bowl' 7 Guests Monk Mosley and Bo Coppedge. members of the championship Blytheville Chickasaw squad, who -^ade all-state selections will re- •"•ive. invitations to be the guests '•(- Sam C. Owens, local drugyist. a f ' the Su»ar Bowl football gams ••" New Orleans .on Jan. l with all -penses paid. Owens is said to havs announced me time ago that he would take "Ivtheville's "all-staters" on an "11- expenses paid" trip to the ugar Bowl game and is reported o already have tickets for the Ecston College-Tennessee game. A nroininent Li^i'Mn inafnu explained it to me this wnv: We have no theatre to jspenk of. and less art. Almost everything we care for is wrapped up in the footbill team. M\- husband -played for the team, aiid the girl next door's husband played for the team, and when we been up by the team that will leave here on the 21st for Pasadena. T listened to half a dozen of r.he.'boys speak last night at a banquet. And as they talked, you :ould not help but feel that they were not going to California for personal glory, but rather to justify ill this excitement over their choice as n Ros-? Bowl team, all this civic diphtheria, all this howling by light and day. I'm not picking the winner of the Rose Bowl now. because I always reserve my judgment until I am fully convinced of the loser, but I would like to sav this: The STEAK SANDWICHES SERVED from the wind-swept, snow- swept, sleet-swept steppes and plains of Nebraska are either going to win, or they're going down vyith their long drawers on. They are not going to be scared. When you have to call the weather bureau to find out whether or not you can rim a flanker play, you're not going to be scared where you can see orange groves over your shoulder. You can't have all this and heaven, too. DANCE EVERY SAT. NTQHT BT.UE ROOM HOTEL NOBLE BONNIE-BUTTER The Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal is east of the Atlantic entrance. ' BUY YOUR HOLIDAY LIQUORS & WINES BY THE CASE AND SAVE MONEY Complete Stock BLYTHEMLLE LIQUOR SHOP BELIEVE ME, APPRECIATE PRINCE ALBERT— A TOBACCO THAT GIVES ME FASTER, EASIER ROULING, MILDER, TASTIER SMOKING- ANDTOFINE'MAKIN'S' CIGARETTES TO THE HAKOV TIN! 107 S. 2»d Phone 167 TWN& AiB&r B. J. Reynolds Tob. Co. , N, C. GRAND IN PIPES, TOO! * ine ro ^'T our ' own cigarettes in every handy tin of Prince Albert In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, Prince Albert bumad 86 DEGREES COOLER than the average of the 30 other of the larc«st-*«Hinz brands tested... coolest of »rtl BIG SWING TO PLYMOUTH Plymouth's 117-inch wheelbase is longest of "All Three" new low-priced cars .. .gives you a smoother ride! WP" New High-Torque Performance with new power- gearing means less shifting! •F" You save with Plymouth—in what you pay and what you get! 4 OUT OF 10 NEW PLYMOUTH BUYERS TRADE IN OTHER MAKES! Ride in the new Plymouth and you'll know why. In the car_behind the wheel_you'll discover how much more value low price now buys! iSiV' Hv>:vXt> •<;•• •: :<&: '?{ U.'.'.:', EASY TO BUY-Your pre«ent car will probably cover a large proportion of the 1941 Plymouth's surprisingly low delivered price... -with the balance in low monthly instalment*. ' Tone in Major Bowes* Amateur How, Thursdays, 9 to 10 P. M^ E, S.T. 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