The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1949
Page 13
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TTOWDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1»« WLYl'HEYILIJG (ARK,)' OQTJRIER KEWB PAGE THIRTEEN THi NATION TODAY— Three Men High in Government Circles Urge U.S. to Take Lead In Move to Spur World Trade By JftOMf Mirlow WASHINGTON, Nov. 3. W)—World trade got a big plug In « piece of teamwork by three ot the mo«t important men In the government. The three plungers were President Truman, Secretary of State Ache- ton, and Paul Hoffman, head of the Marshall Plan. Early this week Hoffman In Paris told the European nations they'd have to mend their economic w»ys if they want to stay healthy. How? By joining together to* — knock down barriers to trade, for example: By reducing tariffs on one another's goods so they can move freely across frontiers and widen the markets for all of them; by reducing or wiping out their quota restrictions (a quota is the limit |f one nation places on the goods It --. will let In from another country to compete against Its own products); by more efficient manufacturing and selling practices, and so on. What he said, in short, was that if the world is going to be prosperous we need better world trade, and plenty of it. This was an American telling Europeans how to get smart lor their dollars. But if we don't buy from them— )aylrj them In Solars' which they an use in buying from us—they'll ack the dollars with which to buy. Yet. the more we can sell hem. the belter off we are. Wants ID Create Business But what are we supposed own good. But is America so smart and to perfect that it can tell oilier people what to do without needing to make any changes itself? Acheson answered that question last night in a speech In New York by telling Americans what they need to do to have good world trade. This was the picture, as Achesoi painted it: All the nation*—including cms— have to join In making better trade all around if, there Is going to br world prosperity. H« said: "We have learned tha the recovery and prosperity o other countries are essential ti our national security and pros perity .... U.S. Has Responsibility "Mr. Holfman spoke . . . anoutj , some of the measures which we think the European countries need to take to Improve their competitive ability and go forward to new achfevments ..." But, Acheson said, this country k needs to tidy its own house if there's going to be real world trade, since we'll have to be a big part of it. He made this main point: We'll have to Increase our Imports from Europe, For yeai-s we've been selling more stuff abroad than we've been buying from abroad. And *jr years a'lot of Americans have thought this was as it should be: Acheson made it clear the Truman administration thinks otherwise-- For Instance, he pointed otu that last year we sold abroad American, goods worth J13 billion, but bought from abroad goods -worth only J7 bllion, a dlfferene ot $6 billion. What's wrong with that? This ls ! 'ho'w the Truman administration sees the problem; Europeans need dollars when they buy Irom 'us because we want to be paid in do about it? Acheson urged this country to do, at least In part, what Hoffman urged the Europeans to do: Chop down our tariff walls that keep Europeans goods out. But won't these Euro'pcan goods be competition in this country for goods made here? True. Acheson •says /there will be great pressures In this country to keep up the tarifffs and keep competition out. But lie argued this country has to think in world terms, no longer can think in terms of itself only, that the United States as a whole will benefit by better trade among naions Still, what about the Americans who might be hurt by European competition coming in here? Mr Truman, in a speech here yesterday, seemed to consider that. Speaking of helping the of the world raise its standard of living, he said: "If we can raise the standarc of living just two per cent In the rest of the world, our business never could catch up with the demand that would be on them." Frisco Promotes Superintendent Of River Division ST. LOUIS, Mo,, Nov. 3. —The following appointments were an- lounccd today by the St. Louis- San Francisco Railway (Frisco); X. R. Campbell to the position of assistant to general superintendent transportation, with headquarters at Springfield. Mo,, «nd J. L. Mumma to the position of superintendent on the River Division, with head- quarters at ChafTee, Mo. Both appointments ate eflecllve as of Nov. 1. Mr. Campbell has been wltli the Frisco since May, 190-1, starting as a freight trucker, baggageman and yard clerk on the Central Division. His positions have included: tcle- graplier. chief dispatcher, acslMant superintendent and superintendent on the River and Southern Divisions. t Mr. Mumma lias been wllli the Frisco since March, 1009, .starting as a station helper on the Northern Division. His positions Imve Included: operator, dispatcher, trainmaster and assistant, superintendent. Mouse Hunt by Plane •' Made in Montana City HAMILTON, Mont.—(*)—Dr J K Frenkel, pathologist at the federal laboratory here, needed some field mice for experiments. Ferd Fullerton and Lawrence llumjle said they'd go hunting lor mem. Fifteen minutes after they took off In Function's plant, they spotted harvesters working in a hay field. They landed In the field, borrowed a jeep and soon had a bag full of mice for Dr. Frenkel. PILOT WALKED OUT OF THIS—This spectacular picture, showing an officer, left, dashing into aiwall of lire to rescue the pilot of a flaming plane has just been released by the British Admiralty. The accident happened last May when a Sea Pury fighter plane cracked up and burst . into Barnes on the deck of the carrier Illustrious. U.S. Mud Is Studied By Army Scientists • ITH1CA, S. Y. —W— A lean of Cornell scientists is studying mud for the U.S. Army. They have found some hitherto unrecognized forces at work in common dirt- The purpose is to lear., to strengthen soil without tons of cement or otlur mixtures. Ever since men used mud lo make dwelling most everyone, including engineers." believed that, soil made of particles of the same sizes, nct-ird about the same. Gut clay soils with particles of exactly the same may behave differently. In some clays the tiny particles aie held in position by forces that act at a distance. These forces presumably are electrical Recently a force acting between living particles has been discovered by biologists. Differences in mineral composition affect the behavior of clay particles. Many forces originate at the surface belweeiva particle and water around it. Through these Two Monticello Firms Accused ot Stealing Manufacturer's Secrets LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 3. i/l'h- Two Arkansas maiuifncluring firms have been accused of stealing trade secrets from an Alabama rug company. The Alabama firm, Lawrence' Products Co. of Attalla, has asked a federal court here to restrain the Arkansas companies, from using the secrets. The Lawrence company also asked for $2,746,834 in damages. Named as defendants were the Monticello Charm Tred Mills and the Monticello Cotton Mills, both of Monticello, Ark. Ninth Crash Bad Luck For Lucky Roger Brandt LEWISTON, Mont. — <{?>-• Rog• lirandt esoaped eight plane crashes without a scratch But on the ninth his luck ran .out. His plane crashed while taking off and Brandt suffered a back Injury. In ancient times, .the deaf were regarded as idiots and put to death, Eager Beaver Luncheon. Given 'for Bridge Club DURANOO, Colo. —W>— Busy heavers—the four-legged, flat-tailed kind—gave Mrs. Wallace Lombard a lift tor her bridge party- For tally and place cards she used chips from IISIKII trees she'd found at a beaver dam near Klectra lake. The average length of life in the United.States jiow is 67 years. TURN YOUR SMALL CHANGE vy INTO MG MONEY /f//f, c quirttt ctungH citefliUr lo lh« lh« I A nickel, di ill?- A quirMr in lh« Irft-hand slot chjDtci (lie month. Tlic "CoojCJfnc« p lloc on cap rikci hilf dollars and p»p*r money. 2)4 > daj- will live I9J.25 in on* year. - (ronr pNilic wilh dnijn rniboin<t in told. f lock . *uh key. A peiiKCiul calendjr — -HUI IS ANOTHIK SflVICE Of . . .The Farmers Bank and Trust Co. The only St«t« Bank In Mississippi County bfloinlnj to the Federal Reserve System . . . Bomb-Battered Bonn Housing Government BONN, Germany- — W\— Some officials of the new German Federal Republic will have stuffed lions, pre-historlc mammoths are and rare butterflies as neighbors; They'll all be together-in the Alexander Koenig museum in this first capitol city or Western Germany. Bomb-battered Bonn is woefully short of office space New buildings are blossoming amid the war ruins. But it will be years before enough space is' available to house all the ministries of the infant republic, if they stay her. permanently. So one of the past will have - iat's left. Famous for Premium Quality for Three Generations forces, fine clays may have a large influence on the solidification of a mixture. Clays also can change their strength, according to what contaminates their surfaces. ATTENTION OWNERS! TRACTOR CHECK THIS NOVEMBER Overhaul Special! • < Yes, for the next 30 days you can make a really big saving by bringing your tractor to Russell I'-hil- lips TractorjCo. 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Enjoy it today! PREMIUM QUALITY BEER 61»4», FALSTAFF tJtiWINO COKf. *!. LOUIS • OMAHA • NEW ORLEANS THE CHOICEST PRODUCT OF THE BREWERS' ART

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