Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on September 13, 1951 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1951
Page 5
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Union Pacific Wins Harriman Safety Award New York, Sept. IS--*--The t'nion Pacific railroad was announced today as winner among class A railroads of the E. H. Harriman Memorial award for out- itandiug safety performance. Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore lines won the class B medal and Cambria tc India railroad tb» class C award. The awards will be presented Sept. 20 at the 32nd annual award dinner of the American Museum of Safety here. Certificates of commendation ·will be presented to nine other railroads cited for their accident prevention performance during 1950. Among them, for classes A, B and C respectively, are: Western district--Missouri-Kan gas-Texas railroad; Duluth Missabe Iron Range railway, and Colorado Wyoming railway. Blackmarket Money Juggling Act Uncovered By JIM BECKER Honolulu, Sept. 13.-- m -- A fan v, Sept. 13 GREELEY DAILY TRIBI'NE Pa*e 5! May Increase . r . . , , ,, , Russia's U N Highway Commission of I Urged ' I in Place of Road Advisory Board Denver. Sept. 11----Colorado's fnited .Nations, X. Y.. Sept. U I long range highway planning to*- ·3i--Disregarding Soviet protest* mittee recommended today that a P A R I S F A N C Y -This Schlaparelli creation, an orange jersey hat worn far back on head, ends In plaited pigtail tied with rrosrrain bow and clipped with diamond barrette. ' i that tie United States ought to i pay half of the U. N. bills, a U. X. | committee has recommended a cut ] in thfe V. S. assessment and an in- I crease In Russia's dues to the U. I X . i The proposed contributions for 1952, approved by a committee on contributions but still to be approved by the general assembly, would cut the U. S. assessment from 38.92 per cent for 1951 to 36.90 per cent for 1952. a reduction of 2.02 per cent. The Soviet Union assessment would be raised from 6.9S to 9.85 an increase of 2.87 per cent. The largest proposed for any country for the next year. The committee report, issued day, made clear the U. X. is ovi'ng gradually to a top of 33% er cent for any one country, hich in this case would be the U. S. highway commission of at least seven members be set up instead of the present highway advisory Xaturita-White Water route and the Dove Creek-Naturita road. The federal government, it was stated, has some funds available for road development in the urau- board. The commission would ibm area which could be used to participate In grading, draining have i and placing of base surfacing. NO "definite policy making powers i black top. however, can be put in outlined by law." with A EC money. tastic blackmarket money juggling act that netted communist Chlni $32,000,000 or more in America! dollars for possible purchase o 'war materials was revealed toda; ·by postal authorities. ' The complicated money frau ·scheme Involved U. S postal monc ·orders, federal checks and nillltar payment certificates. ' Money orders were altered upwards, and later cunningly count- 'erfelted signatures on checks and certificates were forged. , ' Federal Postal Inspector R. Frank Ogden of Honolulu smashed ·the 'ring after eight months of ·plodding patiently thru Oriental back alleys. ' He revealed today that the Chi- 'nese reds had netted $4,000,000 a ' month In American dollars for ' eight months before loopholes in ·money order sales were plugged 'last February. ' Ogden said the money juggling : scheme was the largest In post office history. It was the first time since the department began its money, order service 160 years ago ' that criminals had successfully 'counterfeited the postal orders, The communist scheme began In Manila. Ramifications of the vas ' conspiracy reached into Hong Kong and_Amoy, C'dna, and resulted in 'the enlistment of black marke gang members in the Phillpplm ·capital, the British crown colony ;as well as air line employes in Weld Postmistress Heads Colo. Group to National Meet Denver, Sept. 13. -- Wl -- Sixty- two Colorado and Wyoming postmasters will leave Denver by train Friday enroute to Washington, D. C., for the annual convention of the National Association of Postmasters Sept. 16-20. The Colorado group will be headed by Mrs. Grace O'Neill, postmistress at Plattevllle. and president of the Colorado chapter Oliver J. Colyer, Torrlngton postmaster and president of the Wyoming chapter, will head the Wyoming elegation. An estimated 5,000 postmasters rom all over the country are ex to attend the convention. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS On The Serioui Bide The Parents' Consultation Senr ice has found that certain mother nd lathers seem to think it i "cute" to let their little ones join in the merriment of the cocktal hour. When tome Mommies say "Take a lip," they don't mean from t glass of milk. They're ialkin about the cocktail shaker whic his become enshrined in the lam ily hearth as a sort of househol |od. "It's difficult to believe tba any parent would let a child eve 4aste an alcoholic beverage, tfte i nerving its undesirable effects even to adults. Yet, some parent »re doing it," the Service observes idtfng: "Perhaps their judgmen is dulled momentarily by liquoi Whatever the reason, there is n those cities. '', · Because of the sturdy interna ·tlonal value "ot the American do] ;lar, the .plotters collected amazln; : profits on "paper transactions 'and then siphoned the. original I 'money back to the United States. ' The U. S, government didn't lose '·a penny, but the reds ran up bank accounts that could have been used ; to buy war materials anywhere ' in the world. Ogden's investigations reached ·hack to July of 1950, but there ' were even earlier intimations that ;'flourishing .blackmarket was operating In Manila. · On May 20, 1950, the Philippines government cracked down on the ' s a l e of money-orders and U. S. treasury checks being sold to Chi- 1 nese merchants at a 25 per cent profit. . The Federal Reserve bank in New York revealed about the same . time that many treasury checks .'mailed to the Philippines had been 1 "fraudulently raised"--s o m e to . large amounts. Most of the. checks ; were cleared thru Hong Kong. Money orders sent 'by Filipinos In Hawaii and Guam also had been ' handled illegally, it was found. Here is how the blackmarket money switch worked: Relatives and friends would send . money orders, drawn on American : .post offices and cashable In Manila, to.Filipinos there. The Manila residents would take the money orders to the post of. fice. But the gang had local money black marketeers posted to inter'_ cept the money orders. These men . paid more than the legal rate of ' Filipino pesos--two pesos. legally . exchange for ?1--to the holders. In turn the Manila black market. pors turned the money orders over to well-organized Chinese commit' nist gangs. The orders then were smuggled to Hong Kong aboard planes. Ogden said, with the aid of bribed employes. Another bribed employe at Hong Kong would retrieve them from hiding places on the plane. . In Hong Kong; the money orders were deposited in banks by Chi nese merchants. This establishes a bank account ill American dollars for the merchants, agents of red China. They then purchosed goods that could be bought only for dollars. This included scarce medicines and other products paid for with dollars deposited In Chinese hanks. Eventually the money orders nmrin the'ir way back to the post office upon which they had been drawn to he cashed. The postoffice had lost nothing, j The original holder In Manila had made a profit. And the Chinese reds had netted precious dollars which they could spend on the free market for poods they needed desperately and which wore denied them by the blockade of Red China ports. Eaton Officer at Luke T,nk AFR. Phoenix. Ari?..--2iid 1,1. Nathan 0. Frohman. son of Mr. and Mrs. Krii: W. Frohman. 30S Maple street, Katon. Colo., arrived IIPJ-P recently to assume duties with the 127th Pilot Training Wine. U. Frohman was jradualert from Colorado A and M this sprint; and re- cpived an ROTC commission. He was processed »l F. F,. Warrrn AFR. Wyoming, and assigned to Luke AF3. excuse lor their morally irreipon Bible .behavior. At best, a cockta party presents a questionable en yjronment tor a child. He should Hot be there, to begin with." Unrest Reported n Red Poland Vienna, Austria, Sept. 13. -- (fi -. picture uf the worst food short- ge since the war, a jolio epidemic nd widespread unrest in commit- 1st Poland was painted by west- rn sources here today. Poland's star radio commentator, tefan Martyka, was slain Sunday, 'his incident gained political em- basis thru the announcement ot lie controlled Warsaw press today liat he was the victim of "Secret 'ascist Brigands." Martyka was the man who sought o answer on radio Warsaw what e called the imperialist, warmon- ;er propaganda of the voice of merica and BBC broadcasts to Po- and. Unofficial sources said he was shot to death in his apartment y two unidentified men of the Pol- sh underground. By the account' of the western in- ormants, fully qualified to report m conditions In Poland: President Boleslaw Bierut's Red government is cracking; down again on the Roman Catholic church, the 'altli of almost all Poles, and Is call- ng three classes of young reservists ;o the colors to bolster an army already estimated at 300,000 men. A prominent Catholic editor, Msgr. Zygmunt Kaczynski, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment as a spy. and other Catholic leaders are. defendants in a series of secret trials.. It also recommended that revised boundaries be considered for the advisory board districts. Members said this might well mean a jump in size from the present seven-member board. The vote, taken just before noon, was unanimous. It. followed a lengthy presentation to the committee by Highway engineer Mark U. Watrous about reorganization of the administrative mechanics of the department as recommended nearly three years ago by Hal G. Sours, Columbus. O., consulting engineer hired by Lee Knouts, then governor. A three-man highway commission instead of a seven-member advisory board was recommended by the National Rssearch Council In a study several years ago. It also suggested a director of highways over the highway engineer. The long range committee took no action on the proposal to set up a director of highways but several members privately expressed opposition to it. Following Watrous' report the committee passe da resolhtion saying it recognizes the department "has accomplished a creditable job" in reorganization. The same resolution suggested a change from the advisory board to a commission. The long range committee, In the midst of a three-day meeting to hammer Its program in tUiape for the legislature, ratified an ac tion taken yesterday adding roads to the proposed state highway system. The roads are state highway HI jetween Naturita and White Watei by way of Uravan and Gateway; state highway 80 between Dove Creek and Naturita; state highway 145 between Rico and Tellurlde; state highway 71 between Bnifil and Rocky Ford; and state high way 10 between La Junta and Wai senhurg. The committee expressed belie: Sen. Frank L Gill of Hillrufc. republican floor leader in the state senate, told the committee. "I'm Ftill going along for opening up the southwest Colorado country even if the federal government doesn't give us a cent. It's country which is worth opening up under any circumstances and we should do our part In it." Just before the noon recess C. A. Walt of Grand Junction brought up the case of the Loma-Uangely oad, long sought by western Colo- ·ado interests. "It is very important the road be constructed," Walt said. He added he would go along with he idea that it be built under the iroposed county primary road sys- .em. Walt said, however, that while llesa nnd Rio Blanco counties have ncluded it on their county pri- nary systems. Carflcld county-he connecting link--has not. the federal government, thru tin atomic energy commission, shoulc participate in development of thj May Tighten Student Deferment Washington. Sept. 13.--10--The defense department said today It will continue deferring the draft of college students during thn com- ng academic year but added that the program may have to he "tightened up" when military manpower nears the bottom ot the barrel in ;he following year. Driver Fijri The average motorist pays cents in taxes every time he buyi ten gallons of rr"-«'!ne. Hard of Hearing? Beltone is glad to announce another great improvement. No cloth- Ing noises. You are scientifically fitted to your individual loss by Mr. Meyers, specialist with years experience. For the finest In hearing, call or write for appointment In your home or come to office. Beltone Hearing Clinic 1323 7th Ave. Ph. 3770-R TV Locates Sunken Sub London, Sept. 12.--Iffl--Britaiy revealed tonight that the sunken submarine Affray, lost lor 1 almost two months at the bottom of the English channel, had been found by use of underwater television. The · sub disappeared after It made a training dive April 16, carrying 75 men to their deaths. N O T I C E The Town of Platteville will receive bids for Heating Equipment for heating the Town Hall and Jail on Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 8 p.m. Type of Heating will be considered at the meeting. . Wm. Henderson, Clerk. 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