The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Kecognized Hiding Talent in Pilchers, S Them to Field. (This is the ninth of a series ol articles on The Smartt'st Man in Jfia-'Cball—)lram-)i Rickey, flip brain lichliul Die worlil t-hn.mnlim ' SI. ).cnis Cardinals). 11V I1ARUV GllAYSON Sports i:dllor, NBA Scrvlrr BRANCH RICKEY concliccl OcorRe Harold Slsler at the University of Michigan. Sister «ns,',(i lefi-linnued pitcher. • ' , , When SislPr reported to the.-f>l. Louis Browns, managed iiy Kte'khy, in Chicago In 1915, lie was presented with n half dozen baseman mitts. Say that lift! Cliase wns Hie -srttUCKt first hnbc- mnn who ever played tlie ijatne, nnd you'll get an argument from « lot of fellows wlio won't exactly grayoe.irds, and who think ilml Rickey's decision to convert Sis- Icr into n first sackcr produced the game's best. ntckcy first saw Rogers Ilorns- , by as a thin kid miring shortstop for the Cardinals, wHlcli is where he put the Texan when he became ' innnnger of the SI. Louis club. Chick Hafcy wns recommended lo Rickey by a friend in Callfpr- lila as n pitclier. The Ijespectncled .-nlliletn wns signed to ti Syracuse farm' contmct. nnd given Instructions to report at Bradenton, Flu., i ill 1923. i In the usual pru-gn'me tallln;; practice. Hie pitchers lake a few swings before going lo Ihc outfield to shag flies while the regulars hit. Haley was one of the recruits pifeltitifr that dnj-. Rickey nnd Coach Joe Siigdcn were sitting on Ihc bench \vben Hafey went lo plnte for his Uirn with the willow. Hafey cnine through with three m- four drives that landed In the distant palmetto trees. Hitkey Rave vcnl to his pet ex|»c.»bn, ".Judas- Priest!" He cnlled Hufey to the bench, and told the tall youngster that he never wanted lo see him pilch again. "You will go to the Cardinals as a hitter," he told Jlafey. "I never hnvc seen you play the outfield, but you will lenni that. From now on you lake your turn in balling practice with the regulars." 1'restO! Change! First Baseman Is Caleher Harry McCurdy atlended Ihe University of Illinois, and was signed by the Cnrrtliinls us n Jiist baseman. The day lie reported, Rickey handed' him a catcher's milt. It < was the signal; for quite an outburst of' oratory, ,JU"(Uuncnl, and even tears on -(lie, l>ar|.' ot McCurdy, who hurt the ambitior of [ becoming a star fhst .sackc-t. Eventually McCurdy \va.s convinced; and for many years caught to) the Cardinals, White Sox nnd Plill- iiei John Leonard Martin \vnr. i' pitcher, outfielder. nnd second baseman before Seoul Charley Uar- rett purchased him for the Cardinals in -1025. Then he wn.s Iricd at shortstop, .second base, third base, and in the outfield before he clicked-in center in! 1931. You will' recall how .• mucjt of Mickey J Cochrane's property MIS' swiped in the world' scrips Ilml fall. When the Red Birds needed "a third baseman in 1933 and had Erni£ Orsatti for center fjcld, Mfirtiti switched to the far turn, and the late John McGrnw used/Iiini there instead of the polished Pie Trixy- nor in the first all-star game. H 1 ? finished a game on the nioinul while the Dean brothers were on slrik? last summer. Sisler. McCurdy, Hafcy. Martin and others were "coconut snatch- crsV' in the parlance of the Cardinal organization. The term is ona of' Rickey's, and grows out ol a tale. He heard the slory at a' chau- tauqua Jectiire, and brought it. into baseball when he became boss of the Browns. Whenever there is a good-looking athlele In the Cardinal camp, a fellow -who isn't making the grade at one particular position, B. R. suggests the possibility that hs is a coconut snatcher. '•'•> Ah, A Tale ot Easy Pickings The story goes like this: Once upon a lime in tile wilds of Africa, the monkeys developed a sjstcm of. removing coconuts- from the trees, it was designed to save ' tima. Some of-the monkeys climb- fd the trees every morning and! picked coconuts, dropping them to : olhcr monkeys that stayed on the ground and caught the mils. Each group developed such a facility that the various coconut pickers could perform their Hsk without looking, and the monkeys on the ground could snatch the coconuts out of the nlr with nn abandon and grace which wns a pleasure lo walrh. This went on for years. Tlic children of the coconut, pickers lie- came coconut pickers. The oft- spring or thq coconut .snatchcrs t«- came coconut snatches. A sort ofclnss consciousness ami utldc developed, iint, alas, one day one or the coconut .snatchcrs and two of the coconut pickers ot one patticiilnr family got sick lifter iat- ini; soinctlitng or other. This disarranged tlic coconut gathering .setup, and nnally one ol the older monkeys suggested thai a coconut simlcher might I*. uMo to pick col-omits, and thus 'brine buck an even distribution of strength. Well, bid or pass, the coconut snatclicr turned oul to be one of Ihe finest coconut pickers, anil was able to perform that task a ilot more gracefully and spmllly than he had been able to .snatch coconuts. Rickey relates this story to any rookie who gives him an argument about whore he should pluy. BJ.YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bums And Smith Mtiy Slcal Show I'Yom llcadliiiei's Poi-tageville to Play in State Cage Tourney PORTAGEVILU-;, Mo., March (1. —The stale basketball tournament, or which I'ortagevlllc will represent the region in tills si-cltoii, will b- held at Columbia March M to lo : . The nrsl round games will get underway Wednesday, Murcli H, ihe •»•"•"" » "">•» wisKcujait team will second round matches to lie March i lr ' lV( ' lleri -' Thursday ror cape oi- is ,,i,,i,,,.!.. „„., n iiic-dcau io parlici|)iite In tlie dtv Holland Boys To Capo Girai'deaii Kor Clae' M(jci "OIJ/AND, Alo—Jfollanci sclujul's boys basketball tea hlgli will Manley and Dotigan On . Washington Card Monday W/1SIIINOTON, D. C, (Special) —Two former Arkansas boxers will share honors in support of the phi] Fnrr-Jackle Davis 10-round feature /it the Washington auditorium Monday night, Mareli II. Hoy Mimlcy of Blylliovlllc, Ark , nnd stcelc, Mo., who will meet llod- dy Davis. Washington welterweight, in the scmi-windup. The tx>iil has attracted much attention as a "grmlge 1 ' affair. Manley won n decision over 1C. O. HHey and Davis drew with Lou Terry in their lust n gills. Ix-Roy Uouuiui, volcrnn Illythc- ville battler, meets nil up nnd coming young featherweight hi Joe Green, in n six round tilt, Dmigan last to ,loe Rivers in his last start. Unless the "lilack Scorpion" |,os- *.'f«s considerably more than H black mask ns his grappling stnck ,, Toml 0 , in trade tlic so-called feature match ,J , "",",.'" n , 1 .11 the armory on tonight's Amorl-:!*:.. al ."'^"i-,"!" lls !>n " ""'" g»mo.s."" The pairings, announced today ' th '' 1 ' (!mlsco1 county title m me "re us follows; | JIJ - VS ' division an dhas been work- Ike- ' •ly to'yield first honors, if any, to the seml-wlndup. . . Cyclone ,-hums ' and Professor Ralph smith nfo slalc<| to perform iiii'.the opimintr. match, two oul of three fiills, one liour or less. Uuras. wlio hhs n»t upiioarcd liere in some tline, is one of the host showmen on Hoy Welch's circuit. Smith Is a tumbler and acroljal of no mean ability and a match fast from start to llnisli is niillelpatnd when nunis and Smith .swap (; rlp.s nnd lest each other's sjX'cd, In the feature maluh'the "lilack Scorpion" or ''M^ked Terror." as promoters .bill fiiin, will (nke ( , : , the colorful and porststent "mean- ic," lam Chaney. Wlilln there- Ls always a ehance that an "unknown," iMdlni; behind a mask mighl slrlho' tciror inlo Die hearl of ills opponent there's better than nn even chance that I.on's not exactly linnrisoine countenance may (jo even finlhrr In frlghlen- hiB the "masked one." So It will probaliiy be a give and take proposition with Chaney likely to hold Ills own either at fncc making or blo w swopping, since the "Masked Terror" Li just Another slrnnger to lot'ttl mat fans he'll have lo show what he's uol even If he does hide his tnce. Wareli H-Soldan tst Ixinls) v.s •'"" " leil<li| y lo ' ' ' in top shape arei -oan tst Ixinls) v.s •" |) n top sa Wileallnnd; Cartersville vs HleV ' ''"' thl ' b ' 8 to i r "ament at Cape. ~ ' " " - ' Coach A, J. Deeds' bays have Northeast (Kansas City)• "willlam l>u> " |! ™ lccl ncw uniforms for their -- • - ! '-'ay in tho Cape toirrmmiont. Holland has shown marked abit- !„,!„,..,;.. V lo ™>ic from behind this soa- vllle vs. llcnton iSt. Joseph); e'a-'™ 1 ' winning many of their grimes man (Columbia); mcltlnnd Northeast . cilsimii) (lndc]«ndence)- vs. Can- i Prultland vs. Maryville; Portafc- i .. . ..„, •j-.i.^itu f f VJL- ' .. « 3 "1 tILCJI &l([|(Uft boot vs. Beaumont (St. Louis); Bis- i"'"''' Woncnl/i had led through mnrck vs. Warrenslnirg. i'^rly stages of games. I'ortagevlllc defeated MnUliew.s I 111 C. I-'oa-ler and A. Ifol- <j- • •— "\.i-_< njjiiijj'JVvT J ' Jl < ^ r - * "•' "-r tlltU /i l\llUCV liOi n the rCBlonni tournaincnl 15-HUi'nd boasts a pair of accurate shoot- to emerge regional champs, iimpi"? forwards while ".luninlne J'ie" tlms hnve Ihe from ! ''''M'lw Is undoubtedly the ' , — 'j "»i; f/^ni v.cji- I"!' in Hie county and Is very hard " ""' 011 si "juni|)-tiun" shot. Hits region In tlw stati: Caruthorsville Gets Pemiscot Track Meet CAHUTnEnsW.' Mo., „,,«„ ^'in VZK,™ ™™ ? r 7T ""r 1 ""' p " mlsc 1 «»">ly l " s "Prx,rt the .starting ne^m rack and Held mcel^wlll-be held l.nial fans believe the tovs .mv » this city -tilts year; with the Ca- : 8» .1.-: far ns Iho finals in tlie c'oe nitiieisville high-school-host,-and '"''el. ' ' '.' ^ the mccL win be under supervision'" New Chick Prospects ' Are Big and Husky The Chicks may have a couple of new faces in Ihe line-up when the 19^5 grid season oiwns this f a u 1/jyal Nunn, a towering young giant who tips the beam at 194 pounds hius moved here with his family from Wtlsburg, Kansas, and plans lo enter .school. He is a tackle of considerable experience, although he says he has never actually earned a high .school letter due to the fact that ills lather's work has kept him pretty well on the move in recent years and he lias not remained long in one school. Nunn said most of his experience was gained ot the EH Dorado, Kan high school. The other prospect Is a younger brother of Nunn who now weighs H8 ]K>nnds, but who will probably gain more avoirdupois before another grid season rolls around The addition of two new prospects will be more than welcome to Coach Carney Uislic, who last sen- son Ml the handicap of a slim squad of regulars, although he pi-- loted them through the most sue- WEDNESDAY, MARCH " " " J«U1JJ-LIIJ|1 SIJUl '- •"•!)•• *•*•«- 1II1J.H. M|l'- n.' is also a good defensive pluyer ! ccssfl1 ' season in the history of the The guards, J. Sluten and "Bed" I**' 100 ' .Samford are good defonslvc p»r- forniers. The only ouUstniuling sub- ."titiitc- is jc« Cohoon but Cohoon Farmers in three districts of lirown county, Neb., pooled Uielr efforts and constiiictcil ' n of Jack Hopke, athletic coach. H took 14 men to land a huge 1 e preliminaries will be held!wean sunfislt caught oft the New Pi' Mil. and the flna]., on. Apri i i'-taey coast In m, V iVveM,ed ». liU' schedule..wUI be nnnounceO 'more than isuo nounds ' latpr, a commiUcc or three to pass ' ' o" it- sometime - this week lioiflu- said today. Misfiring line is permit let! , r raw to drip down rp ow ihe cylinder walls into the crankcase. diluting ihe oil in Ihe Jailer "For Moving & Transfer J Today's *• jo^at AU_ j.. . *^_ - ,_. - MTS^Mkhelanddo Italian paiafcer and . f sculptor,bom- W5t s U.S. Supreme 1 Court renders Dred Scott decision. Annerkatvwriber, feeding birds nnd squirrels dial live In Washington yarks HP speaks of the creatures u's i,» longing to him. ' His left eye Is blind, his right eye nearlj' useless. Physicians have .said he will not be able to ?ee at all by March 1. He will, however attempt to forestall total darkness by :ui operation. Thomas is nnworrled about the outcome of the operation. What lie wants to know is, '-Who's going to take care of my Wnh and liifls when I'm away?" A carved stone slab weighing more tlmn a ton, believed to be one of the World's earliest printing machines and estimated lo be more limn 2000 years old, has been brought io England from China Blindness Deprives Man Of His Favored Pets WASHINGTON (OP)—Blindness means only one thing to William E. Thomas, 79-h e won't be able to see his birds and squirrels For 10 years, Thomas has been I ore Knd.'ng thai Ute tal- * anccd food (or dogs it cheaper in Itie long lun. Willcr'i biologically leited FcccS prelect Heath end lejiglfen lift. HAUOWARB CO. Burton Service Sta. , ARK. MO. STATE LINE Super Shell Gas al Missouri Prices Frances' Sandwich Shop in connection WRESTLING ARMORY; WEDNESDAY, MARCH « LON CHANRY Iiu]ian:i vs.;.- !H,ACK SCORPION , Masked Terror : 2 Oul of 3 Falls. 2 Hour Limit CYCLONE BURNS vs. RALPH SMITH Jackson, Tenii. Out of :! I.- : ,i| Sj i H<m r ij, n | ( France has .become the second ' ' • molorcyclcs. JOHN IHJCHANAN ' Wood & Coal * THE NEW STANDABD COACH—f<« NEW STANDARD CHEVROLET NVorlil's hnvcsl-priced Six ... giving tlic brillijinl |ierfurinaiK'c and greatest optraling ccononiy ivcC offered }>y Clicv- rol«t . . :'bringing ; yoi, rill of ili'csc Hue Chevrolet features: by 1'islicr (willi No Draft Ventilation)... Improved Master !tlnc-l'l«iuc Kiigine , . . -Exini-Rnggcd X 1'Vatnc . . . IVcfstirc-Slronm Oiling . . . VvYatlirrproof Cahlc-Conirollc'd ISrnkes. A , ND ' ^ ania , tier at Plmt, Mich.. t1S5. With ha K°'° "'« fa* tfnttKt, th, [i,, p f-fO.OO tttldittonttl. Prices quoted i <"l*arll3rncr,i an Ihl at Flint onrfr without noHo.. lha NEW'-'MASTER DELUXE CHEVROLET The aristocrat of low-nriced cars longer, even larger, beautifully stream-' lined . . . the only car regardless of price that l.riugs you all of tlie following quality advantages: Turrel-Top Hotly by Fisher (with No Draft Ventilation).., Improved Kncc-Action Ride . . . Blue-Flame Valve- m-IIead Kngine vilh Pressure-Slreain Oiling ... Weatherproof CaLlc-ControlIcd Brakes . . . True Shock-Proof Steering. THE AUsrER OE IWE COACH—»J30 S60 AND UP. Lhl -IP. Lhl prfco of Mtiltr Do Lm, if flirt I. Mi;,,., fStO. With bumper,. ["••' tlf f fnd tiro fact, tfia list jjr/co is ^ r- ' ona '' / > '* 5M 7 t « 3 * e< ' ' n 'ft'J I?'« "« =, And so, wue.1 yon decide to buy your n«n- car, may we suggest iliat you see and drive llic 1935 Clicvrolols. Then this will become your conviction, loo. Yon will discover that Chevrolet has gone well beyond its l.ighcsl standards of the past to ,jnake these the most desirable cars iu Chevrolet history. Fine cr.ifis- manBhipand precision cngmceringareevidnnllnevcrylirieandinevcry part. With the result tJiat these new Chevrolet* give you much more yudily thau you are accustomed la getting at Chevrolet prices. Much more beauty— ninth more ability to serve long and dependably—an.-: miirA more performance. Their getaway, acceleration, and all-round opi'rilcd action are the most thrilling ever engineered into a Chevrolet prociucu Yet the New Standard Chevrolet is ihe hn-csl-priml Six in the world. Aud the Master De Luxe Chevrolet also is offered at exceptionally low pri«s for sitch a luxurious car. Moreover, these are the most economical Chevrolet.* ever built, w |,i c ], ; s highly important in these days when economy means so much. Come in today. Sec and drive these new- cars and choose Charola for quality at low cost. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DF.TROIT, MICHIGAN Cunpwt Ormtci-s low ieKcmJprieaL mj rw,- OM.A.C. term, A General .Afclon Valnt SHOU Blytheville, Ark.

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