The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUB COUKIBK NEWS KKIIJAY, OCTOHKK 20, 19&J THE Bi-YTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COUBIHB NEW8 CO., FUBWSHW9 . 0. B, BABCOCK, Editor aw. HAJNES, Advertises Mtntger gote NtUoial Advenuips R«fnes«ni»UVM; Arkttsu DalllM, Jiw, peiw York, Otilcuo, Dttro^t, St. Louis, DAllas, KIIISUS. City, UWf Rock, Everv Altemoon £xc«pt Sunday. Entered as second cji*s nultcf 4t the jwst office at Blythevttlc, AT- kiiisas, under act o[ Congress October 9, 1911. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION KATEG By carrier In me. City of filyllievUle, 15e per week or 16.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ol M miles, «J» per year, |1.50 tor six months, B5c (or three month*; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclujivt, |6.60 per year, In zones Eeven and elBl'ti 110.00 per year, payable in advance. Germany's Showdown May ken Europe There ;>re two ways of looking ft I almost everything, and the current war scare in iOtirope is no exception. If you like, you can consider Germany's withdrawal from tlic League of Nations a calamitous step, a threat to the peace of the world and a harbinger of exceedingly stormy weather just ahead. It certainly looks like that, on tlie surface; certainly it has produced more war talk than any t lung that has- happened .since !!H8. But it is also possible* fo .sec in it one of those sudden shocks which occasionally jar a chemical solution into crystallization. For there is this about il; into a meeting of statesmen who came to talk disarmament without having any very solid intention of doing anything concrete about it there stalked one man with nerve enough to toss a put- up-or-shut-np proposition on the table. * * * What Hcrr Hitler said, in elVect, was simply, this: We're, here to discuss arms reduction, and under the Versailles treaty all hand:; are pledged to do a little reducing. Since you don't seem to bo doing anything about this, Germany is out. •It was, in other words, something very like the calling 'of :t bluff. Whether this was Hitler's motive in taking that step may not be clear; that, however, is what it seeius to amount to. It" the Allied nations arc shocked and worried by this drastic action, they have only themselves to blame. » » • * They devised, in the Versaille.s treaty, ;i sure-fire means of keeping Germany's mind on the gains that could be had through a successful ntw war. They pledged themselves to cut their own armed foives, and then refused lo tlo il. 't'hey h'jkl arms conference after arms conference, and lot each one lizzie out in a I roth of empty words. During the years since the war Germany had a succession of very "moderate" governments — governments which were devoted to keeping the peace. Concessions on treaty revision or arms reduction could have been made to those governments with safety. They were not made, although they were re- quested ovtri |nd over again. Now Germany liss a jingoistic) government wlilfch projwsc.; to h.ave a -showdown. Menacing as the situation appears, It may be thnl this showdown will, in tl|p IOIIK tun, help to clear the air am) remove the sense of unreality from tile whole disarmament question. —Uruce Catton. Medkval Logic Judge Thomas A. Grcon of Chicago believes that habitual criminals ought to be electrocuted, and that moving: pictures of the executions should be taken and:exhibited for the education of first offenders. The habitual criminal, lie said, the other day, has forfeited the right to live in society, and should be done away with; and if beginners in crime could see, on a moving picture screen, all the details of executions they would 1>R so 1 filled with horror and fear that they promptly would give up the life of crime and,'return to honorable ways. The only trouble with nil of this is that it lias been tried before, and it hasn't worked. -A century or so ago England tried hanging as many of its criminals as it could lead to the gallows; and it madq the hangings public,, as a lesson to youth. Instead of providing a useful lesson, these public hangings became popular spectacles; indeed, unperturbed young criminals .used lo attend them to pick the pockets of other spectators —although 'that crime itself was a capital offense. Our crime problem needs a more up-to-date solution than this one. Politics or Business Dr. Arthur E. Morgan, 'chairman of the goverbijierijj (; ;ljpdy which- has • the vast Muscle ShOals develppmcnt in charge, plans' to''have everybody'.who works-oh. that' project—yvejy.-down to pick-and-phov.u) -laborers — u h o a e n through civil : H^v.vicc • t«*ts.'" I'glitical prgssuT'c from congressmen who want j6iis''for their constituents has become MO .great'that h'e has bwn forced to lliis Htej),' he s-ays; -and he mills Kigiiilicjintly: "If the government goes into bupi-, ness, it has';'<joi'' to go-into it in a business-like "way." !'.. Riplit there' L?r. .Morgan has put his finger on one. of the most important elements in the, whole "case. Much of the ftiir of '.'the govcrnnieut • in business" arises from the ju^tiiittblc belief that big government job.-- are apt to become happy,hunting grounds for the patronage boys. . If Uncle Sam : is going into •liusiness on a large scale—as, appar.critly, lie is— it is highly, .important that politics be divorced from the passing out °' jobs. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Aw, coach, what's the difference whethor we win or rose? After.all,-we're oiily playing for fun." Healthy Body Essential If Miiid Is to Do Good Work BV DR.- MORRIS IfiSllBKlN . 7 . [re mind. litter, Journal , of ."the American The very word "emotion" means Mrdtcit A-ssocUitoii, and of Hyr | Jlsliirbance. Wi'.cn you become an ffla, th« Health Macazine j yry, tlie rate of your licm tea The • old saying," A sound mind) cnangcs, your breathing speeds up n a sounil body, 1 ' ntvcr was a- 1 your digestive juices scop flowing ablished more truly than-It Is- to- j your muscles tremble, a«t you lose ay. ! control of yourself. 1C your body functions'badly,' the j whcn 5'ou arc exceedingly sad ?o«er.and efficiency' of your., miud Jcllr energy seeins to \x dissipated will be reduced. This ! may bc'asso- hted, nol .only with weakness of he blood, 1 supply. to the brain,, the irean associated, with thinking, but, mjally with..a failure'of the.blood o,' ' supply suitable amounts ol •xygen; ' ;_;. . It-your • body b^faliguefl'greally, .oxiiis 1 'and poisons 'accinWilatc in he (system, and these poisons in licinEC]ves have a destructive, etlcct on the; nerve tissue. , Howgver, aside .from ;ihe help toat'-'ybu may give your'mental :unct|ojis'-by • takinj; su\thblu can CHURCH EXCUSES By Gco. W. B»rliaro - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - Bister nnd'Junior are the type? il children OIK would expect to see vlth :i inollier of my ancexlry. It . could gel Ihc pastor of ' my toirch to see and understand thcve s no doubt but what lie would bp !ad (o have mem In Sunday School and church. And if tile •icmljers especially the mothers •onId tjc made to see what it vault! mean to their children to 'liive llicm come In contact with ny cltlldren for even ihc liour »r •o each Sunday, it would not IK Kicessaiy for me to worry about cme one to take them lo church i •ach Sunday, they would, if neces- j nry, In-lng' Ilic Sunday School to' hcai. l>ut the trouble about the. vholc situation is that they arc ill of a type that ancestry means g lo llicm. My parents were •'cry careful In mv Iruiniiu;. O! •OUITC. in my early life I was giv- :ii religious training and learned 0 love my church. Then at the •jrop'cr age my social training was. is you might say, given right, of vay over everything ami that is •he reason that I am looked up in nir crovd and my leadership na- urally followed and is now im- j 'iiestkined. Not so long ago. what j 1 would call n social climer un- •lertook to question my leadership bating that her ancestors came: ivoi- on tile Mayflower or some such boat but when fclie found out I •ny ancestors had arrived here i PERSONS OF 1 HUSH INTELLIGENCE •. . 6EUBVED THAT THE &AIZNACLE GOOSE ORIGINATED AS A THE GOOSE WAS CLASSIFIED AS NEITHER FLESH NOR. FOWL, AND WAS THEREFORE USED AS FOOD DURING PERIODS OF ABSTINENCE-/ A SOA _ CONSTRICTOR =, IN A PARIS ZOO FASTED FOUR V£4/?5 AMD A AMDNTH/ ^-f- LIES , TINY INSECTS THAT CAUSE THE ROUND GROWTHS ON OAK LEAVES, ARE: ALL FEMALES/ OFFSPRING ACE PQODUCED ALTCX5ETHER. By THE FE/WAL5JNSECT. O IIM tn WA SE»VKr. **. '0113 before Ilic Mayflower got in, i "IP"** ihc had nothing more to say. j Jus', how Ihc idea of the oriiii:i of tlie barnaclc-r.cOM' arose is nol .u? .iiun°e Caught in River | known, uut tij e belief wus widespread. Some writers even claimed MENOMINEE. Mich. iU!'i — A j 'P-inch miiskiihmge, one of the I tllat llle X ll!lli • secn tllp remarkable jilir-nomcnon lake place.. .Ilic 'ew ever to be caught on Ihc Me- j barnacles falling from the face ol rocks and aradually cliangrim '.:eininec river, is being exhibited' " by Emil Kossow as evidence of his skill. The fish was cautiireclj sfter a 35-iiiiiiule batllc. NEXT: Why is it tlilTR-iilt lo raleuLttf the movc-iicnts of the moon".' of your body, you"sjioi|lrt/dlso train ,-ou.r niifid suitably, to. derive- from t the.-greatest amount ol happiness and .the-Ifist amount of.iutteniig and -paUir •''.'•'• -•'.'•* 9 • '# ?rb.- human being i.s subject lo emcllons 'of various types. • He may be happy, or sad, pleated roc disgusted,, frightened or cVmn,gco,, 5r j „,, of us oux . uVo^cH-es'io'gi^ calm or.angry; lie may love or hate, j inpe .mention to w "rtUunen* \ I- *n • .h™"!^" " aV(! l hHr "-'° f OUr mc " l: " ^cucnf o "r ictU-oii-the bcdy as well as on daily lives. you feel lackadaisical, your respira lion is shallow, your muscular en durance Is lowered, and you find i difficult lo conccntrale or give sell cus attention lo varioiib problem Ital arise. . II alio ii well cilalilvmed .lha pleasant emotions urc beneficial t< (lie human foojy. Wn;n you EC [coil that you enjoy, your gastric jticcs b?gin to How lo prepare for digesilon. are hap;);-, you are likely to be confident in your ability to pi.'Horm u certain (y,K of worK. If you arc content, you urc free from trie unrest associated with dlscour- SEcmcnl and exhaustion. Since these emotions arc so significant to both the menial and physical licallh of tte bcdy, and flncc il has been well established thai emotion-; can be controlled to s;mc extent by .suitable, traintn': IIKCIN HKKi: TODAY m<H WtKTON, ion nl n millionaire. ciimcJi lo Mrmiihis in c-in- ueeliim \Tlrla hiq fntlicr'.t ni:^ Irxtilc plnnr. llr fnll.H jn lovf mllbjr>A,\ WAUI.%a, yrctiy .irrni- phl» elrl. 'I'Nt rninnnrf |iroprrs*r!i hnppily unlir Joan anj Uoli urr Invilril In n kouKc I'.Ttr . in :Mi*<*i*«i|i|ii. Thrnni,-b ikr ..lifminf: «,f BAIt. II.MIA i:ilUHT.Vl-:Y. \.fco i* lr r fn? (n \>ii, llnT,, Juan nnil Ilub become r*lrjuiEed, Joan rfrivcs l,n,:Ti lo Mrmi'hh nllhJI.1I WAHVlEr.r). Ilurln;; (he weAt fciv nrekit Itob turn.i to llarbaru'ri flattery for unnxiiTuthm tut ulirn he »vc\ .Joan at n ihinre kc rr:illzr.^ th:it lit: xlill IOVCP* LIT. Jlc drciUr.-t I,, KCC her nc.Tt riay MMd try to brlnf about u rccun- cUJntloM. The B.IIMC nifiht Jaac'n bliftr. I'AT, U In tin aiitomnMIr' n.-.-l- ilrnt I but sh5 lalked so naturally am] I came conscious of cotniniser.tllnr; said lliore was aiiotlier bloud sirl j^liinees when she eutor^'i. t'n n the tame cuacli. This oilier'hotel lobby, irl's rnlallvcs appeared while! , f s nel was que S l.on,n B l,cr."| What was the lira mrl like?" Joan aaked nnliaiiiiily. The woiciniL licgan a careful description ot I'm 1 ilarl; blue | suit, curly lilonJ liair, nnd small i Intt. Kven before ?bo mentioned | HIP heavy silver loc:;ot willi Mat' links, Joan was notMing miseraljly. '• Tears rolled nntl'.-jdCMl down bcr | checks. I " was I'al." she said. "She Slie hud viclled all the cmpK<"- meat agencies en tile list civc.i her by th-> Travelers' Aid rcnrc- sciiiaiivo and m;iny others, an well. She had interviewed personnel managers iii department stores. She hail inserted a message in tlie chis^hiod columns of a morning and evenlii;; 'new-silver, bcg- j;in» f.';il lo call hcr. She had iried every means Elic could think has lots nf poise for hcr ;mc bull!'. 1 '" ""J 1 !'" sisl( ' r - CV "" V mnn * she's roallv InoMrriprieod. Tin sol" 1 " 1 IA( ' ''«'" s»BS«lcd lo her, V,',"!..","' 1 *t r < "'""'"" 1 . •"•""V •••<>!(- friciitcncd. so afviiid of what may "e 1 ^ ^i.'." ""?• .SSK 1 ./"::; UaPPC..-!" ' " " 1'at Is Juan'* •liter. He n«k^ WoT, nr»t to •«*! Joan as.iln. Pat, mlnerjiblR nnd keart^lck, Iran* avrny to ficvr York. Jonn lenvei <in lhe next train aftrr nlrluc tbe Traveler*' Aid to hold 1'at (or ker. KOW CO <)>' WITH THE STOKI CHAPTER XX WOMAN Travelers' I'm not a prince. I'm just one of the |>coi>lc. —Mnurice Chevalier. - * * * I've been here a lonj time iind I'm tired ot Ihls place. —Warren Billings In Ftolsom prison. el, with .lots of -oratory, .good- will d generosity. i A mv brewery h;is been con. '_.. __ Istruclcd and i.s in operation at the 'Hie Bljtlicvlllc foolball as dcfcaled yesterday by.the bis I. U. S. learn nC Memphis, so o . niythevillc scored in tlie last wriod ^'hcri Kootjcc. who .starlid. .Srrks Ta.\is for 1'alcsllnr t Uckle but later, was shifted lo| UKOCKTON. Ma.-s. <UI lie back.ucld, pasted '30 years 10 FrleiuLs of Henry Shactcr. wlio ormcrly conducted a UFCCJ car usincss lic-rc. rcccnlly received a able from him rcqiicslimj that l:cy send 50 used cars lo I'ales- inc. wlierc lie now lives. Tlic nu- omobilcs are beins bought up for use as taxis, Srmclcr explained. o*E GO\N& VMTO rf . -\Vlf\T VACANT V-OT-\*3 &O1N&TO1-ET CLUB WE-K^AlM AML>. BEAUTIFUL NEIGW3OWOOO, E &OIM& -TO RE^AA\'M r\ AND. WEEP -TrA/VT Pt-ACE . ONI>/ OME C&-M MAKE OO CLUB - T- DON'T ohns, fullrxick, who ran SO years or a touchd.own. Elliott " and Ebcrdt also starred for lh"c Dlylhc- lllc team.' • " - . IJlrickblrd -pics arc no{ merely .tothcr 'Goose stories: In lost, many poor'families found'the-birds .0 be very palatable. (.\J^»i»trson Pa.c BLYTHEVILLE ' 10 YEARS AGO Kioni the flln ot ibe Bljthertlie . DaUy Conrlct Siturdiy. Oct.' 30.. W13. E. D.'-'Olllcn. C. A: Cunningham . G. Llllle and il. S. Kirshner. ho journeyed to Carutherivillt orgnniie a notary club in th:il ; - Illinois Town Plans Huge Repeal Celebration represeulins the Aid and wearing "Xotliiiiii will hrtpucii. ol-lcr woman rua:-..:ir-ji! tier, "From .Miss ISell'j il(-Kt-,-i|itio!i. I llul lc ' uulcu J™»'s face Wi . s thin and worn tliu : fr ^'» Mr;im. worry and wenrinc'3. 111:011 she sal in a ()l ' c on llruadway, feel sure . . sislir will lake : Ll - llil: " •> frugal intal at s<n,p anil very good c;ire tjl lierscli. Kiie has "She cnald take ca:-c of herself for a monlii or :;;x wc^ks 01: what t:he has." . , . ., t ; , t "Hy liiiit iin;c ^iio mav find hatlgo ot that oroani- wl]r ^ , f ^ ^ ; ,, { ^ .'„, , |r . n 'icid<.' H':nsiiiiy. r.n dniibl, |- •-'••• - | GALENA, til. lUI'i— A gigulltic r celebration Ls l>eiii e ]>lnniiccl by residents here for tlie night o'l Nov. 7. in aiiticiiMtion of Ihe repeal of Ilic Nutionnl Prohibition Amciidnicnl. The 3Bih stale to vote on rciK-al ot prohibition :scheduled to vole Nov. 7. Ucforc protnmtion.' licciv-e fees i from Iwo lurqe brrwrrics ]irodn-i-<l c i tori ion ul Hie city's rn- nlong wili! license tci-s fiom U-um r . |>rt ' icnl Umc - A sirt-n on the plant blown i( H>u vote of thi- •' itrUc is favorable lo repeal. A lll = ziillon, approached 1'at as she c tcrcd llio Keiv York terminal. "Are you 1'al ^S r :lril]l; from Mcm- Uliis 1 .'" the M-oniau asked. "J have a telegram for her." I'al's hc;irt leaned, hut she was n clever litllo actress and her 1 iinrvousnosH was not n;i[ii\Tcnt. Siic Elauced IndiEcrctilly at the telcsnim and shook her head. "My name Is llosa Lee," she caiil pleasantly. 'J'lio woinaii licsilatcd, still cyc- iiiK 1'at doubtfully. '"Tbcre "was another blond girl in my car," I'nl said easily. "Just about my size, too." bhc looked liiiuk ami saw Hint the blond girl who liad Fat near her was examining her luggage. 'cinik-Ta 1:1:1! milk. lic;r thor.glitr, w i: r c riiniiiaK llieir troubled cnm^c. Ei'jr tundH were very lov.-. Unl'.'.«5 she could find -uric ; olio nriHt rclurn houin :;oon, Cjiinliny i-ciinin:; riti'l jiriicticin^ p;:lly ':t.o:iiiiiiii .i v:oi:ld not iu-ln . miirli lonii-jr. cat ho • will: l-.-:i:-L coilimnni-J "1 f a in i I;. 1 ." r PllK briik, i;.atl'--r-o--fa<:t. tjicer- •*• fill vnicc helped, but Joan knew liial it" ruo.i :i'i she was alone ;i|iiil-i Hie lerriijlo rtoiilils lurking in her mind would brriUj out to terrify her once tnnr*?. •Khrjiildu't ! go tn Ilic police?" .Saturday .sli'j asked. "That inis'ut lie very embarrassing for your siiiler. Why don't you try the cinploymciiL ; ( :;cii':ics ; a^kcd. firsl—the easily accessible oucj -iwi-ir." win-re you'd li= likely l-> ;;\> if >n:i . j (J . in were lookius for wtirk.' TliatV i,,.^,, j, lf Ihn place vlicrc you'll jirnbalily c;i:i'L I'rav-: withnnt Pal!" J'jl.n llioiisht il'Vj":ralrly. "1'H :>!a:nl in tlio brca-1 lino lirst!" Two girlH-. nllraUi'.-c, sclt- a^^-nrijd. \viiii tl:i; u:iinislD!utb]'j sliim;i uf lln>:-c wlin c;ir:i Iht-ir ouii way in ili<j v.ovld. snt down rf ;it l!:<: liibl';. Thvir :iuiTiia>^ fujrii-jon anil tlic .^irU v,-i.rij |i;;i:i].iti.^ to iillui'l a iiiovio. "lliivc. you hT' n Norm:i Slirar^r at liic OiE'ilrjl 1 .'" one oC lli'jiu a^kcd. linniii:; to Joan. "Slio'd Ii "Thank said the Travel-' 1 '"" 1 ''cr. I'll sive you a Ih: oi ; rrs 1 Aid rcprcaeulalivo » n d moved tin. Pat slurtcd off calmly hut quickened licr steps a moment later. "I want a fnxi in a hurry," she luld Ihe red cap. Site brealhed a hi^h of relief a jiiomc-nt later j :id': October 20^ 1652 \Vrcn, Endlish architect? born. lWO=Spain cedes Florida to U.S. citizen siood reasons ° tVie I6 fc . lv dmetit will be repealed add rushes." While sin: was glanced at -loan'* while, ansioua !,;;,.,..._•• face and said kindly, "V-in look ; .. v " 0 .', very tired, my dear. \Vo could ; j rl V()ll make you comfortable in our; .^ when she was spinning along Ilic I rnoius dowiilown until you dctida i Mreets in the cab. Ko t!ic family ' where \oi: want lo slny. - liad sent a wire, no doi'.bt plead-1 "Tliaiik you. Yo-.i tire, very kind Ins with her to come back! Well, but 1 '.Iiink I'd better yet fcllletl , slie v.-uuldn'l K« back. If llicy on- risht :-.-.vay." i ly knew what tortuc it .liiul beer.: j •"i'hr-vr.'s a r. ry nieo woman's! Already nho was feeling licltcr. r.i; hotel ~ tun sf.'.-l you to. ll'.< not : tliough she had left tlio old Pal' c\|ieii-;i'.-e and it's near liic heart behind and had assumed a uew . () ( [] 1L . t iiy." -] he v.-o;iia.i n-rct'.- , identity. Bhe would write itmlghl • liow^i ilir; ;i'Idrc3o nnd liandril tlio ' cr inothcr not lo worry, | s ijp ,,[ paper in . : tn Kl'illi a 1h.-.'i i': iif tli.-m volunteorcrl. :: Ji litlln L!I- f-.-lt UK' at :U I In: sllicr's css- i'-! 1 . H:I'J add:-I, "I havj Hurl.. ;us [iri,;'iiriiig .for .:\cn.:" Tl.c rxdamallurv vol::!,:.:•. -u-oli." tin: oilier 'it jou land a job (nit she would not Rive them her address until they became accustomed to tlic Idea ot licr bcias away, more confident she could lake care of horseH. 'P A thirl wlillc lutcr JT.M «,•. c.<talili-:!icO in a ilrco: IMS I:!'.!room. fa^Udioii'-ly near, with rnt- llud curtains at the wi!irt-j-.v i,, add a hom^-likc loucb. Ilnl slit j did nut feel ;U homo. Kli-: w.u . ;.)n cnulil ba a mod-:!. what I il')-al Itimbci 3 And ••uimtimcj I POiC for ndverti^i.-;nciits. My face IIKI110 va* no 1'inelicr. inure troubled girl In all Now York : and heartsick. unutterably lonely ami di.-LMi;,;;ci] ita . I :ny foi tune lint in I iluii't l;ii»'.v." saiil ; i!ly. "if 1 could d'j arx liul!- • lik-:—" Warlns when slic j :;.|c went lo the wind'jw ami i "Aren't snM u:< the |T"pii:i'.i'i!i. movctl ahins with tlie crowd lufik'.d onl. bill luruc^l aw:iy witb ore yon 1 .' Well. >nu litui; ti,- : rii; llironsh Hio gales inlc tho big> shiiildcr. I'.il was ;:•> ynuri;; lo railway station. Searching Hie j be iilonc in Inb Krccit, ln-.\i!iler- lobliy,"she «iw llio Travelers' Aid inj plncc. spread like an ennr- ilcak. iiicntlfytiiB it by Ihe hsbtcil mou=. gllileriaii u- 1 ;-.!i'n:l r.i-r. globes, tlie two hcmUiilicres j I'at was alone here lonii;ln. ji;hl whlclj symbolize the agency's Joan was. ''" or little brave, reaching service. !unhappy Put: ni;ti jii(j oui « n.^.. ,.. , Joau spoke to the alcrl. pitas-! Joan's head was lliroiiuii.s. b!ic , number. anl-Iuccd 'woman at Ihe desk, dccidci! to go lo bed. Tomorrow "I'm Jon;i Warlic fro" 1 Muni'lm. 1 wired about iny sister--" "Vcs, Mlsa Waring. Wo rc- .-civcd the telegram and we bc- ilcvctl we had found your sitter • to ^;nl your: nH. Tf you lo l;:lk your iruublv.: I n:'! u|i." Sim <irc-.v a - llLT plir^C iiU'l S f Tlll!K- i look t!ir: i; ( rij ! "Kale Jones. WomliiK |nicnti." (ollii'.icd bv n !• ' .^tT want i.-'-:-. call .'t'l from •i' il. •". :\|iari- ----------- . she wuulil bcpin hcr tcarch fur | Yon'tl inul,- n Pal. the. search whicli must tuc- j Im.k " run, ecci! soon! turning licr face asninu liic |'il- low which was ! -" 00 » « cl "' lt: '' Icars. k c d llio aid, "r'orsct it! : .v. u model. It f,,j m you, cull of bul—" "Slut isn't here?" Joan cried.; ' " ' "Wr -lopped a girl wlio nii--'PWO weeks of luiiclmcs*. wtrwl llic descriplloii Ijiit sbu! - L email bills niounlins l-j IJVKI: v:iltl -^ln- wan lint rat \V sinus. , t-nvj. T'-vu »irXi ot mil -.1 (c^ir:. I'c.'haps »'< EliuulJ bm held Her, 'aud dvlcmiutil coiir.uc, be.- •i i' . fii.;i,t^nrd by her ; fi.mi-, anil willi ' in 1 - 1 A uc-k I-,|. (,1:^1 rlimh.i: ', lln: : !,ili!iir,.- . I'-avc New Yurk wnhoul Uuilins I'.il. Jo:i" lenk up Ilic tclcphoim iinil r.ilk.1 il. o aiicber Kaw -|L'|K-. ll.-il !;il- ;i li«r. H'u (Jo L'unlih'.icil)

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