The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1950
Page 3
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TUBBIUY, DECEMBER M, 19M War-AlenaceG/ World Observes Christmas with Peace Prayer 1 B.r The A&nocUta! Pint Christians throughout K war- menaced world observed Christmas yesterday with a fervent hope for peace—or at least survival—in the year to comf. Th« Red clouds swirling out of ravaged Korea cast their shadows < 1 j». Yuletlde celebrations In free- d^li-lovlng lands the world over. The worried solemnity of this year's celebration of the birth of Christ was reflected In religious services, in the messages of church and state leaders and In gatherings about the family hearth. In many homes the customary rejoicing was muted by the knowledge that sons, husbands or lathers —fallen before the advancing communist host In Korea—would never return. Police Press Hunt For Stolen Famed Stone of Scone' By JOHN KODKRICK nounced scoon). the stone renre .... .. u -... ........... u.. ..UII.II.CLI AUUUUI, [ne slone renrp LONDON. Dec 26. w>, - Border | senled the nth Century mion^ „„„,-„„, „,..,...., „„.,.... ... , wem (he crmvm al £ a and Scotland. Whether or not the exploit was the work of Nationalist Scots, it served to dramatize Ihelr demands for more sell-rule-demands long aired In Scolland and In the houses of parliament. I Scots Sign Covenutil Though expressing complete hn ally to the king, almost 2.000.00 Scots last year signed the Scoltls covenant asking governing prlv leges similar to those held by North "Mdblocks divided England and Scotland today a.s Scotland Yard and police pressed a nationwide so.irch for Britain's priceless Stone o! Scone—stolen from Westminister Abbey Christmas Day. Working on the thervy thai extreme Scottish Nationalists were behind the theft of Ihe flat, rectangular stone on which British and Scottish kings have been crowned since the days of the Celts, "~e In England's northern coun- searched automobiles heading north. Tile historic royal symbol was Kliraked out of the musty old abbey In the darkness of early morning. The thieves broke a large splinter off one leg ol the ancient wooden coronation throne. Itself a priceless national possession, when they dragged the 336-pound slab from it's shelf under the seat. Thieves Attend Service Police surmised the thieves attended A Christmas eve service In thu abbey, concealed themselvet In • side chapel, then removed the stone. So skillful was their getaway that detectives and police were without hunt. a clue after an Intensive Brought to Ui> Abbey by Edward I In 129fl from the Little Perthshire. Scotland, Parish of Scone (pro- ern Ireland. The Scots call the stone tl e sone "stone of destiny." It was brough to Scone by Scotland's first kin Kenneth I. In the Ninth Centur He got It from the Celts, who a ready had worn It smooth as a cor onalion seat. Twenty-seven British monarch have been crowned on it, tnchidin the present ruler. George Vf. A cloud of fact and fiction slir rounds the sandstone slab, whic measures 26'.i by 16(4 by 11 Inche with a large rectangle roughly out lined on the lop. One Scotch legend says Jacob pll lowed his head on it when the ange appeared before him. Another leg end ha» It that the stone groan when > rightful sovereign sits o It but remains silent beneath a con rjueror, Pope Ends Strenuous Year By Telling oi 'Peace Crusade ' — " • nerhaM ihemr, »* '!" wh>t Chrlstm » 5 me « a ««. mankind face. perhaps the most strenuous the greatest dissension in its his year a pontiff ever experienced, today faced another trying period devoted largely to his continued crusade for peace. Called the "Pope of Peace." Pius has In fact known little peace slnct he ascended St. Peter's throne |fh 2. 1939. ' the 25th Holy Year ended—in many ways the greatest Jubilee in the history of the Catholic Church —the "rainbow of peace"'for which pontiff and millions ol pilgrims *" had not spread prayed in Rome over th» earth. tory—one that reaches to "the ends ol the earth." The ponttll's last act of the Ju bilee was the signing yesterday o: a papal hull extending the hols year lo the whole world (or all o 1951. giving all Catholics 'a chance to gain spiritual advantages for which some 4,000,000 pilgrims trav elled to Rome. Its extension, beginning 'with New Year's Day. the Pope said, wil mart the start of * "great crusade of prayer and penance" whose objectives will include peace. Senate Group Checks Food Costs W A SWT W/T.1~r\Jkr rv-^ m.m , -^ , . WASHINGTON. DM. M v _, _ „ Jerni*. investigating committee is working against time to complete 'n Inquiry Into recent food prlc« Increases. The group, headed by senator Gillette (D-Iowa), ha* until January 31 to do the Jon. i« authority will expire then. Among other things the committee has been looking Into reports that many food items shot up in price over night when President ished special federal taxes on colored oleo earlier this yrnr. British Cotton Peer Is Dead LONDON. Dec. it. Wv-Lord Darwen, 65. Quaker peer and Manchester cotton manufacturer, died here today. > Lord Darwen had been » lord-ln- waltlng to King George VI since •~ »•*- ••"_••< uLriLgi auu ine.iy^y, people are entitled to the facts. He | Succeeding to his title Is his eld said recent gyrallons in the egg | est son, Cedric P. Davics. 35, war I ...„.., Truman proclaimed tional emergency. Gillette says Congress and state of na- the market also need more investiga lion along with increases in mea and sugar prices. "Fluctuations in coffee price, clearly have I.een and. are being - stipulated.'' Glllclte s aid. "ant ^iope to get more information out that. loo. before the dead- Hn.'H.^ committee, known as the cnmmiltee on utilization of farm crops, was given an extra month of existence by ihe Senate last wcnk to complelc last minute In- nuirirs and write an official report Gillette dlclosed that among his wit'ilup tasks will be an Inquiry In to what has happened to oleomargarine prices since Congress abol- RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Times Today WflL KSOfTLY.STRflNGfR .. „ Warner New, , rl) shorl . Wednesday & Thursday "HOT ROD" -lames I.yrlon - Glorl, winter, ALSO NEWS * SHORTS . ._ . . > den of Lelch(forth adult educa tional settlement and also a Quaker. Huge Science Meet Begins in Cleveland CLEVELAND, Dec. 26 f.4", _ The argest science meeting of 1050. the - iiix-i-Lijiij Wi iy,iu, II U'th annual meeting of the Amcr Association for the Advnnce , ,„, Llltr .-vn vn nee- of Science (AAAS,. opened here loday. Thousands of scientists, many of whom gave nj> Christmas at home to attend, will hear some 2.090 reports on new advances In knowledge in almost every field of scientific work. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW Communily C'enler" MANILA, ARK. Malinee* Sal, & Sun I'h. 58 Tuesday 'Rookie Fireman' WILLIAMS Wednesday & Thursday "CRISIS" CARV GRANT For others, however, there w»s a measure of cheer In the announcement that more than 100.000 men fighting with the U.K. forces had been brought out succesfully Christmas Eve from a Red trap In northeast Korea. President Truman voiced the general feeling In » brief statement 'ran his home In independence, MO., where he celebrated the holiday qultely with his family. 'This saving of our men In this isolated beachhead Is the' best Christmas Message I ever had" the president said. The general spirit of lolemnlty was mirrored in the annual Christmas message of King George VI broadcasting | 0 Britons all over the \vorld. "»'e Musi I.earn lo la\t" If our world Is to survive In any sense that makes survival worthwhile," the -uler said, "it must tenrn to love, not to hate, to create not to destroy." Extending sympathy to British families whose men are fighting In Korea, he said: "it (, hard to feel happiness and merriment which naturallv belong to Christmas when the S rim shadow ol war hangs over the world." Pope Piu s Xlr underlined his Christmas plea fnr peace by ex- nding Holy year Indulgences vhi -n ...... i crtj indulgences ihroushoui tl, c Catholic world In 19J1. He called for a year of prayer penance and peace. - I'nntiff Closes Holy Vear The Pontiff, who closed the Holy \ear celebration in ceremonies at midnight Monday at Vatican city. hus gave all Catholics a chance to gam spiritual advantages for hich some l.oro.OM Pilgrims tra- . -lied to Rome in ihe past year. In Communist-ruled Warsaw, Poland s primate. Archbishop Stefan Wyszynskl issued a courageous pastoral letter read in all churches and calling on the faithful u> be devoted first to God and not to party or worldly things. Western Europe, fearful that It iiE"t be the scene of the next act or Red aggression, shared the general anxiety. West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer declared peace i. the ,?.T a . I L.;' m ° f " Is Government. but added, "there are situations --, ( . ..~»t, me .SK-Urt HUMS •hen even ihe peaceful must gather heir forces and prepare their hearts for the defense of the values of life against a threatening attack." Holland Queen Alk» Ptae* Holland's Queen Juliana called in her subjects to Join other peoples to make the world "a secure ind fruitful place." In divided Austria, the Interior minister appealed to Soviet Russia to release "thousands" of Austrlans .aten prisoner In world War II and 'still suffering behind barbed wire" n Red prison camps. In the Holy Land Hself. the spirit 01 Christmas was dimmed b v new umbhngs of..Arab-Jew conflict An Egyptian foreign office spokesman In Cairo confirmed lewspaper reports that io.OOO Israeli troops were massed south and east of Bethlehem, giving rise to •speculation mat Israeli-Arab fight- ng might be renewed. Through mined fields and along barbed wire, pilgrims and diplo- nats made their way to the shrinw if Christ—In Arab-held Bethlehem and Israeli-occupied Nazareth In Hotel Blaze Christmas Fir* Rips Through Floor In Buffalo Building BUFFALO. N.Y., Dec. 26. (VPj—six men died when a Christmas nisli'i lire flashed through the lop door of a small past side hotel heie. M ,-,?'j e Coiml y morgue olficial Identified lour of the victims today as Clarence F. Wngncr. John Fd- ward Shea. Jack Swain and Charles t- Hollls, The others were Identified only by first names-Thomas and Mike All were burned badly. No ages or background on the men were < obtainable. All were' residents of Sam's Hotel! (Michigan and Myrtle), a few blocks from the downtown business section. A hotel spokesman salt! there were about 35 bedrooms on It- four floors, all occupied by elderh white men. Police said many were pensioners. The other occupants escaped Rescuers carried or led some out UMM Uni I' eJr " e<l h "- e '°° te d and lightly clad Into 11 degree nlj-h< air None ol the survivors was reported Injured. Three of the bodies were found In beds, two In a hall and one at a lire door, Dr. Max A. Schneider of Buffalo General Hospital said. Fire Commissioner Harold R Becker said an overheated heatine unit appeared to have started thr (ire. Tile estimated properly dnm- age was 58,000. •Becker said firemen brought the lire under control within about 10 minutes alter the first alarm wit turned in. Alcoholic Haze Finally Clears In Los Anqeles \ Here's How Many Own Two Cars, Money to Start '51 WASHINGTON, Dec. ZS. (AP) — About one half of the nation's 60.000,000 "consumer -spending units" owed no debts at all early this year. , c..,,...., R( , son , e B oard s ,, rv( , y Federal shows. Consumpi ftmilies living together and pooling incomes—and some individuals llv tistics show. a nio ,,g Oll , cr that: 1 • rour out of Icn American !.imlhe.s were worth $5,000 or more. counting all outstanding rtcbt.s. 2. About Mle j n )0 had Jlet worth of $25.000 snd up. Families with the biggest assets owed the ^.onc. The boar^ve-;;.: .nih-;.^:^L='.-:r PAGE TrTREl one-fourth of Ihe e-our Wo.000,000.000 consumer debt H ; i m cleared today, the Los morning «fter Vomort Wrecks Home ~' Errol Flynn; 'He Bothen Me, Daughter' HOLLYWOOD. Dec. 2(1. Ml _ A •oman forced her way Into the ome of Erro! Flynn, chased a maid nrled barbecue furniture Into a wimming pool and generally upset " place - Police reported today The niatd.< Mrs. Julie Miller, tele- honed police last night and said woman, upon being Informed that nf ?£ u W " s '" E " r °P*. stormed nto the house, opened drawers and oors and smashed pots in the patio Officers w. H. Beck and L E larvey hurried to Ihe scene. They ..nslon, the woman charged Beck •1th a hoe but tripped and fell. I hey said her cryptic explana- on was "Flynn has been bothering my daughter for three -• • ""^ (Hunting ftner three days ol Christmas celebrating veteran police officials said thcv i ,, , aem j. * fen a ">'<h[ng like tli'e holiday binge In Ihe metropolitan ar "' U , occurred despite day, o f pre-Christmas warnings and ,(mi- bled law enforcement crews trying to keep Ihe holiday safe and sober The drab hangover Is a record of 11 traffic deaths, 362 persons facing drunk driving charges and a grand toUl of 1,222 arrests for drunken Officials blamed office partle- beginning Friday afternoon and continuing into the night, for much unprecedented tippling. They noted that more than U-a-thlrits of the arrests for drunkenness were In the first 24 hours of the big bat. There were at least 1.084 accidents. More than 900 persons were treated at hospital and an uncounted additional number were given aid. " me and ears," , She carried no cards of Identlli- atlor. and the officers booked her n suspicion of burglary under the ame of Jane Doe, THEATRE 2019 West Main Open IVcckdarn 6:IS Show Starts T:MI Saturdays i Sundays I:M Always a Double Feature Tuesday & Wednesday rrancU C. Hood. 4^19 Wahash Kansas City, Mo., says that HAD-' ACOL has dene so much for him to help give him the vitality he now has since he found out his system wa.i deficient in Vitamins Bl, B2, Niauin and Iron, that he wants to fill his pick-up truck Cull of HADACOL and give it to folks suffering from the same deficiencies -so they, too, can be put c-, ti,e roan to feeling better. This Is Mr. Hood'* statement- "Ucfore I started taking HADACOL I was very nervous and sleepy all the time. Seems like no matter how much sleep r tried to get. It didn't W0r , r.L? OUid i" st to " nnd turn all mglit. Then Ir the daytime I would be groggy and slecpy-i Just fell mlicrablc all the lime H rc.illy got me down- [ was Dcsirie mvsell in knowing just what lo do Thon one day I heard how HADACOL had hflped many other folks L/'J^U" 1 " laki "« 6 """I" ol HADACOL. I get R wonderful nlRlu's sleep and never wake up once during the night, rm not n bit nervous any more either. In tact, right now I Icel better lhan I have ever re^tn my life, th anks to HADA- Vcs, HAT1ACOI, l>ne.l Help thoiisands of ti, le rolks Kho suffermK from deficiencies of Vit- Arm B , ! ' B2 - Ni «ln and Iron H AD . ^ ,?}' *'o"ilerfiil in the way it. bullrts ,,p i hc hcmonlcbln content of your blood (when Iron Is needed i i°, rtC M, 3r "I" 8 pnclom Vitamins « id Mineras lo every organ » nd every part of your body Today, even hundreds of doctors arc recom ™ . VOK Owe tl To Vniirsrlf give HADACOL » chance Refuse subslltuies. don't let anyone tell you something else is "Just as ™r\ v nS ' Sl on Bfnu'ne HADA- f.^. r V ™ , »sk nothing because £ T L , S r d only nn a """< money-back guarantee. You'll feel "^•" wlth 'he first (en oottlc.- <uu take or yotir money bark. Trla' <, 7C only il.2S. Large Family or Hospital size S3.50 if yoi.r druggi.,, docs not have HADACOL, order ?'" ct . lr ° m The LcBlanc Corpor.i- | on. Lafayette, Louisiana. "J'"«M law, rh . ,.„,„„„ Co ,. I i ... --.---I..WV ..v.-iniiik luin-l HIM owned their own homes, but newly half of these were still mortgaged. S. A bit more than half ol all families owned cars, while two or more cars were owned by one out of every 25 families. The reserve board said its figure.'; on (ami'.y solvency werc cheery. Some tune Sf , o lt rc ,, 0 ,. l( , (] (|)al o e-th,rd of all the nation's fum- lleshurt spent more ihan (H ey look; n during 19W> R ., lcn |c( , 5 lower than Ihej are today The currency of the ftuw trtb* if Africa consists of iron •—••-•• used for the purchase «{ g to the XOU BUY AtH,,H PENN NEW RAYON CREPES NEW SPRING PRINTS NEW LOW PRICE Previews. . . Hi n price! They're lh« cream of our new Spring crop... fudged a( n special low! So Jfooef prints, so many smart *o many becoming colors, (hat >on're sure fo flnri yours.. .hurry I MISSES' AND HALF SIZES SWEATERS $300 Choice of Enlir* Slock of l''in« Ail-Wool Slyles Entire Slock BOYS SWEATERS Your Choice, Of Our Kndre Slock nt * New Low Price $000 2 MEMS WINTER WEIGHT JACKETS Enlire Slock Re-Grouped IMcerl — .. Ressrverl ENTIRE STOCK BOYS WINTER WEIGHT JACKETS $300 Odd \Mn Broken Sizes Drastically Reduced MEN'S ALL-WOOL GABARDINE TOPCOATS $|goo Choice of Entire Slock A liar-gain You C'Rn't Afford To Miss. 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