The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1933
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBRR 20, in;« (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE TTIRRR Newa ot Blytheville Schools 'Hie enrollment, for ihe first of school totaled 1434 for ih" v.'hllc schools as compared to 1J35 for the first month last year. Wire Fence Improve* Appearance of Fiel< The new wire fence on the wes side of rhe campus at the centra schools 7:iis completed this week The fence replaces the woodei fence thai has cnclowd the foot ball field. The new fence Is clos \vtven wire, 1C Inches Wgh, sur mounted by several strands ot barb he Nnttona! Tuberculosis Assocl- ntloti. He •e4«»lnt*d the students with the Annual Christmas Oil Sale and the hew Tetl-two Campaign. Dr. Hay»s' nddresfi MS followed' »lih a short talk by Mr, Greenr. . with % P'.T cent of the pupils present. Junior and Senior Ugh sch'.ols re^Mcrn; 65 (rfr crnt, j . fjudbury 02 p-r cent and i/.mse si ! Norman Moore Kesigns I»r cent. I The highest ptrconlagc of alltnd- fillet- was rce^tered in Mre. Crate's i::ird grille at Central, with 59 per crnt, for ihe rooin. Grades reijis- itring 97 psr cent were the ninth j and tenth urados at the liigh school! win first and fourth grades at Cen-1 tral. I • The report, showed the following' number at each school with )>erfecl r.ttendance for the month: high j'-hool. H7; Junior high sc>K»>. 79; Ci-ntral, 13C: Lange. 80; Sudbury. 23'i; loial, 705. I The number of tardies reported I o • D1 . . • indicated that i»c hinh seiwol SMI- I OcnlOrS rOtH AIU1IU! il'-Ms are lens', punctual. Tar;l!*-s in Llit high school were 101, junior high 43. central 13, Langfr 21 and Suubury Cfl. From School Faculty N:>rm;in p. Moore, who has bt'-en mi Iisstriiciof In the- Blylhevil!e h:gh .v.'hool for t'-t'flve years, has resigned to enter the insurance bus- i::c.v>. Mit^ Grace Mapvs, of Spring- lield, .Mo., lias taken his place. She utieiided Springfield college whert, 1 slit ounn-d her li. S. cleifree. Later Miss Manes taught Ln the college, yhe has also taught commercial «>rk in schools Ui Kansas City and j Joplin, Mo.. and.Muskogc:;. Okla. Carnival December 8 Honor Roll Pupils The following puplk «orc placed on ilie scholastic honor roll for the first, month of Hie school year I" l!;<! intermediate department, of tlic elfmentary schoois: Genual school—Fourth grade, Stillle MallUs, Mary Babcock. Jack Chainbllii, Jcltye Clair Hutlman, Eeaulonne Juggers. George finbbard: Fifth gra'.le. SUM lav Me- Cutclttii. Vera Elizabeth Goodrich. Relty Margaret Dugcm; Sixth g:.vif, Kelly I-ou Kramer, Russell l-'arr, Manslleld Washuurn. l.snKi' si'nool— fourth grade, iv-arliliue Kills; l-'ifih grade, Harold Woods, Mary Lynn Jackson: Kixlli Kradi, Juanitii Wtiitr. Jamt.'i McMulliivs. iCucibiuy sdloo!—Fourth grfule. Doris Miilr. Sylvia Rtldman, Shir- Icy Rot'era. ClauUk BenmiU; Fifth arsde. Pttfff Burks, Rosie Enoclis. June Workman; Sixth grade. Cath- aiyu McGaus'ic-y, Kuth Sulherlun<l, B!!lj Woolen. plrno .wlo. Naomi Alexaijdfr; payer, "Fire Prevention,"-P«rl Ora-j ham; pap^M, "How I Can Prevent Plws," PAirWInr- E1IH. Raymond Crawford, Oraldlne Prremsn; | "The Life of CoHimlHis," C. D. El- ll.«.; story, 'Columbus and lite Son,| Diego," Raymond Bolton nnd Elmer Ross Smith; poem, "Colitni- b>i£," Harold wood; play, "Hie Re-1 stralnt of Fire," Girl Scouts, P1GGLY WIGGLY T);c ft) pupils arc gltid lo have JuanlU DavLs Join HM> claw. Slw | has been going to whool ul Siul bury. The airl Scorns ot Ifltigc school fnjojfil n nnlurc study ul|> one rtt- lernoori last neck. TIic girls willi lhi>lr sponsor. Mrs. Rlinc-r, \tt-nl to Bigg's. Park. Wnilc there' they lousi.'d wlfiicrs for luncli. They] observed the different . kinds of [i<es, Lurk, bustxvs and. wild flowers. Specimens of leaves of tin-1 while oak, red oak. maple,.lombnnly 'uoplur ;ind .sumach were-'icolUicU'd as well as srveral wild (lowers ui.ill blooming now. such, u:; golden-1 rod and Ironweed. Eacli scout is| a nature booklet. Two Grading Systems Used in Local Schools The scholastic grades in the lo- ul filememary schools are given on Uo bases. In the first three, or ;,ri:nar.v, grades the results are recorded in Itrrus of "satisfactory" or ••unsatisfactory." It is felt thai Euch a system is iairer lo the small] children than any attempt to rate them Oil a Eve point, scale. In the intermediate grade-i the five polnr. state Is i.r.etl: \ represents excei- in:- work, B above average, C aver- to. B belov,- average, and P fail- tin. For the firs:, month in the primers grades, 2.301 satisfactory !^ra<les v:ere given as compared to 4CK unsatisfactory marks. In the intermediate department parsing grades v.ere assigned in 2.- i;:)J east-s anil 76 failures were retorted. Thix represents a failure - os only 2.4 per cent dgniret a rec- ojr.ized standard of 5 per cent. Juniors Elect T.-.e Juniors of Miss BawetL's room held their weekly meeting IVeeday morning. In the business meeting Josephine Johnson was elected reporter and N. B. Menan] elected chairman. 10-B Group Elects The fourth grade Cill?cnship club Iwld its regular meeting Friday morning- ami gave (he folloainsr prot-ram: Sony, by (he c-lub; "tr.<\ Story of CoHimbiis and Diego," Raymond Bolton; "Ho'A I Can Hcly to Prevein, Mrcs." J. P. Ellis; stories. Raymond Bell. Allen Rice. Bobbie Peterson and Gilbert Cowsert; potin, "September. 11 Mary Alice Scay; playlet, "The Wise Jackal." Allen Rice. Gilbert Con-sort. Johnny Milhorn. Margaret Allen Aitken and NTary Brooks; story. I Mrs. Rimer. •:. . :• I -i are abouL comptetc ror the animal Senior carnival lo be hclil ncc<-mber 8. The place is yel uncertain. Byron Morse is the manager, Jane Koshtltzky is slane man- agei, an<l Margaret Sliaver Is mau- age rof the plays. Miss Virginia Mart In of Dell Mil be ci'ownid "ilfss Carnival Queen" by (lie sta- i(r jjreGidenl. Djron Morse. Trained Dogs Presented in Program at School The R«d Razzoos presented tx program featuring Roy Lamb and his trained dogs Wednesday morning in assembly. Mr. Lamb offered selections on the Banjo and Guitar and his dogs went thro'jgh s routine of very clever tricfcs' Proceeds went to the Athletic Fund. The CA pupils are working on a They Billy Ifarrisoii; strgeanl-at-arms, Eslra. Livingston. Committees *ere appointed luid are as follows: Program committee: Mmnallne Fag*', chairman. Ruth DilSahwity. r era Saliba. Scholarship: Francis I.Utle, Mari- VT» Burnelte, Wobdrow Hall. House keeping toaimltue: Lavelle Deatte,.thai.-m&n, Vanlla Sax, EX- Livingston. '• ' Auberculosls Association Representative Speaks ____ u k .^.« „. „ .... i An assembly was called Thurs Trre junior and senior high school i day morning so that the student irive «rades on a basis of six Meks | might hear a' special message I b> unns l'3r. Hayes, state representative ot fiertalnlng to ncdire. lliey are bringing dilfcr nit kindt; of leaves to class and "learning to identify them. Much Irtire-si has been shcjivn in this project. Lange School Tne Lange Lit*iar\- society met ridiLjr afternoon of last »«ek and the following program was given. observing Ooiumbus Day and Fire Prevention -seek.:' • Son?, America, all; talk. "Ho-*Wc Can Prevent Fires." Mirvm Nunn; talk. •'HoW Girl Somite Prevent Fires.". Mary Emily Wilson; Freshens (he mouth ..Soulhes the throat VICKS COUGH DROP HEMORRHOIDS (Piles) cured without the knife. Skin cancer, tarlcosed veins, tonsils removed non-surgically. DRS. N1F.S ami VIES Office 511 Main I'honc SI Indians . . . Just a family that waited to the last minute to call the Cleaner. Avoid .such iiitonvenicncc by letting us clean your clothes as soon as they are soiled, then they will be ready to wear when you need them aK<tin. Remember, (o do the. best work your cleaner needs TIME, *o t'ive him plenty of it and you'll not, be disappointed in the way your clothes look. tx^-Tex - Restores Life To Fabrics UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE the Standard" CO AMERICA THESE PRODUCTS ARE TRUE VALUE BARGAINS. BUY ALL YOU CAN NOW IVORY SOAP, Medium . . 7c 99-«/lWr Pure. It Floats GUEST IVORY . 5c A« Fine as Soap Can Be CAMAY 6c The So:ip of Btmlilul Women LAVA SOAP, Medium 5e Gels tlie D.irl, Proltcls ' the Sliin P. & G. White Naphtha, giants, fi for 25c World's I-iri-fst Sfllilir Siup 0. K. SOAP, Quality Yellow .. 6 for 25c Full Value Unwrapped OXYDOL, Handy Box 5c 50^; More Suds. 4Tr l*ss Work CHIPSO, 3 for 25c Mikts Clothes Last I.on{;tr SELOX, Package 5c The Speed Soap IVORY FLAKES, Package 9c Kind lo Even-thing It Tnuehfs AT THE FOLLOWING DEAI.KRS: C. S. HEI.U 701 Lake I M. BUJiTLKY. 195» W. MaJn BUSY BE^ GHO.. 1545 Ash O. W. DAVIS. 612 S». First T. A. DAVIS, 43» W. A*h A D. DOWXAND. ' Cli lYankltn GAINS* BROS., S»wyer C«rn«r G. B. GBEAR. 21» K. Main HAM, Jt Rt'SK. Cherry ti K. R. II. L. HALSELL. IIAWLKVS GRO., 16M W. Main O. A. HOVCY, 3*9 N. Sirth N. JOHNS C.RO.. 303 W. M»ir. W. C. LEGGETT, M6 No. Sth CLYDE LUCIUS Sandy Rldte O. LUTES GRO.. IK W. Main McMULUSS -GRO., 322 W. Main L. E. McFALL, 210 K. Main /. A. McCUISTON, 213 So. First W. C. MAXWELL, «17 So. First B. T. WORTHY, 316 E. Main MOORI: BROS.. Dell Hnid J. W. MOOKE. 3M E. Main NADERS A N'AL'EKS JIlin i Division riui.uv.s GIIO.. 301 Dousnu W. A. riCARI), 1CH W. ChirkasauliJ W. T. 501 Franklia niTE PRICE GUO.. 1st A Main TAYLOR'S GRO.. S30 Lily SI. KELLY TRAVIS. 828 Franklin GEO. WILLIAMS. 221 l.lly St. LUXOR A GIN CO. LEF. WILSON CO.. S. SI. F. BftOWMEE, DeU J. N. HUNT, Lutiera S. FRENCH, Yarbro K. HI GREEV HuBmta DELL MERC. CO., Dell JESSE BROWN. Laxor.i D. BUNCH, Yurhrn W. F. WEBB. Huffman NEW DEAL GRO., Dfll KROGER STORE SPECIAL PRICES for FRIDAY and SATURDAY DRESSED HENS Fresh Full Dressed Hams Swift's Half or Whiilo, lll<> I'icnics, I'uimil Sic Roast U. S. Ucef ShuuliU*r, 1.1'. Kit Thick Ui!j, Ih W/if Uriskct, I'otinti 6!c Bacon Swift's Smoked In the 1'iw 1'otind lie (lh66S6 Cream Ib. IbC PorkRoast Pure Lard Ib. 6c Bacon Swifts Sliced Ho Ends ib. Salt Meat Sausage Fresh Ground ib, Pork Roast Fresh Found Bologna I'atiiliii l!y tin- Stick 1'on nil Chitterin APPLES Yorks 1,1). Ht-siils. K«. t 2 BANANAS G( " tlyn [ ir c 8 c: TWINKLE A - t - n r^l7 c COOKIES |Je eunut Anjfle FoOtl or OCl Silver I'^ir. ttich LJ COCOANUTS i-rcflh CC tl GRAPES ftngv ™ir rAHIl tAULl Heads, l.b. COOKIES cSr! ilt u..23 (J TOMATO SOUP oL20 l; CRANBERRI8S "'S S !{o;l (ilnlic !l) l.lis. CELERY wdl " i0i 'S 12 C TOMATO S^ BREAD 22-07.. l,ouf - - 10c 17-H7.. ttyc - - I"*: 17-0/. Whole Wheut Each lOc COFFEE Ciinovu, Maxwell House unrl Chase & Sanborn. l,b. Can Each 26c Potatoes Wyominjr Hosl r,imi( • n INiiind *£ lie Oranges C'nlifornia Y;i!enci:is. il Do/.on Cabbage Finn, Green Heads Pound LA 2ic Coffee Jewel, 2 l)5c Krirni'h, l.b. 21 c Country Club 1-U). Tins. Bath 24c ICE I' l!lu<! Ite? 1 Z Ibs. & MUSTARD Rmbnssy Quart Jar Iflc TEA rOT(\/[ Ollr -^ Iotjiers 9Q C LlAjUA 2-i,t). HOX £0 LARD Pure 8-IJi. Hkt. IVORY S04P' Medium CC liar SALAD CORN FLAKES ft. 10 C CHIPSO 2 ^ 15 C MILK Large Ho; Sma Small OXYDOL 2 P PANCAKE •"•"^y OLEO Eatmorc NAVY BEANS MfAI 1!cst Cl ' c;i! 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