Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 28, 2009 · Page B8
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page B8

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Page B8
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B8 METRO STAR TRIBUNE WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2009 Get neighborhood updates at startribune.comweatherwatchers. 7 am 40 Mostly cloudy and mild 52 40 56 49 53 50 43 40 44 30 Partly cloudy 45 33 45 33 Noon 47 SE wind 8-14 mph 5 pm 52 Cloudy, but we stay dry weather Mostly cloudy and breezy Widespread rain Steady temperatures; rain Windy with flurries in the north Showers in the south Partly cloudy again TODAY NATIONAL OUTLOOK IN MINNESOTA your shots Henry Coleman Minnetonka ational Falls Thief River Falls 4836 o Bemidji o 5039 Grand Marai: Detroit Lakes 5039 o Brainerd 5139 St. Cloui oTWin Cities Keawooa S2M0 Mankato 5438 05344 0 504JT Buluth J5042 i-IF far T The Falls in the Fall Henry went to Gooseberry Falls during this picturesque time of year. The falls will be running strong with more rain coming Thursday and Friday. UPLOAD YOUR SHOT wcco.comweatherphotos SUN AND MOON TODAY Full Nov 2 Last Nov 9 New Nov 16 First Nov 24 Sunrise Sunset 7:46 a.m. Moonrise 3:36 p.m. Total daylight: 10 hours, 21 minutes 6:07 p.m. Moonset 2:12 a.m. YESTERDAY IN THE TWIN CITIES High Low Tuesday 55 35 Average 52 34 Record 75 (1823) 13 (1997) Hourly temperatures 12 a.m. 39 7 a.m. 39 2 p.m. 54 1 a.m. 37 8 a.m. 38 3 p.m. 54 2 a.m. 36 9 a.m. 38 4 p.m. 55 3 a.m. 39 10 a.m. 42 5 p.m. 54 4 a.m. 37 11 a.m. 47 6 p.m. 52 5 a.m. 36 Noon 51 7 p.m. 52 6 a.m. 38 1 p.m. 53 8 p.m. 51 Precipitation 24 hours to 8 p.m. yesterday 0.00" Month to yesterday 4.82" Above below average 2.99" Year to yesterday 21.84" Above below average -4.35" Yesterday's record 2.22" in 1971 Snowfall (at MSP airport) 24 hrs to 8 p.m. yesterday none Season to 8 p.m. yesterday 2.8" Heating degree days 2009 2008 Avg. 24 hrs to 8 p.m. yest. 20 31 22 Seasonal 675 477 621 TODAY'S HEALTH REPORT Air Quality Index Ultraviolet Index EE ETJ 57 moderate Minimal risk, no protection required 2 ACCU WEATHER COLD INDEX Wednesday 4, Low Thursday 6, Moderate b. " Friday 7, Moderate P. ' Satuidav S. Moderate Sunday 4, Low Monday 4, Low The Cold Index combines the effects of the local weather with a number of demographic factors to provide a scale showing the overall probability of transmission and symptom severity of the common cold. ) . 2S v J . Chtogo Cohimbus;' Ias ofi Kansas Qtv ---O Vegas W BU' Stlouis . ... , i I g X lrJ n .L . J Cold front Los Angeles Albuqueique IjjP i ' Nastaffle- Warm front f I jL Oklahoma '"e I tlan Stationary front V ssselC 70S ... . Showers Houston) fS&daifiD I 1 jjj Os yNewMeans 4 Rain Chihuahua y Flurries 90S-i Snow Temperature forecasts are the highs for the day; i 1 "S Montfiirey J weather patterns are for conditions at noon. Ice o Worthington 5341 Rochestei 5443 MINNESOTA TUE TODAY THU Albert Lea 5832s 5545pc 5646r Alexandria 5735pc 5038c 4840r Bemidji 5534pc 5039c 4838r Brainerd 5934pc 5139c 5141r Detroit Lakes 5734pc 5039c 4740r Duluth 5431pc 5042pc 5042r Grand Marais 4828pc 5040pc 5144r Hibbing 5726pc 5238pc 4938r I'ntl Falls 5330c 5239c 4938r Mankato 5734s 5444pc 5445r Redwood Falls 6132pc 5438c 5543r Rochester 5628s 5443pc 5745r St Cloud 5831pc 5239pc 5142r Worthington 5745s 5341pc 5340r Weather key: s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice Forecasts and information from AccuWeather, Inc. 2009 Yesterday's high: 91 in Okeechobee, FL Yesterday's low: -1 in Bodie State Park, CA U.S. TUE TODAY THU U.S. TUE TODAY THU Albuquerque 6334pc 5330sh 4733pc LasCruces 7534pc 6334sh 5535s Anchorage 3832c 3724pc 3522s Las Vegas 6953pc 6343pc 6544s Atlanta 5753r 7456pc 7760pc Los Angeles 7661pc 6848s 7252s Austin 7046s 7770pc 7757t Louisville 5646r 6651pc 7562pc Baltimore 5951r 6451r 6446pc Madison 5532s 5844pc 6449c Billings 5340pc 4023sf 4034pc Memphis 6356r 7055pc 7666t Birmingham 6257r 7655pc 7965c Miami 8980pc 8877t 8977s Bismarck 5737pc 4631r 4725c Milwaukee 5239pc 5847c 6150pc Boise 4636r 5031pc 4937c Nashville 5953r 7050pc 7564pc Boston 5343sh 5242r 5644s New Orleans 7864r 7869pc 8673t Brownsville 7556s 8678pc 8968t NewYork 6050r 5746r 6251pc Buffalo 6149pc 5645r 5948pc Okla. City 6336s 6757pc 6344t Cedar Rpds 5627pc 6044pc 6448r Omaha 6134pc 5846pc 5840r Chrlston.SC 7258t 8263pc 8159pc Orlando 9075pc 8873t 9071pc Charlotte 5753r 7553pc 7455pc Philadelphia 6149r 5949r 6447pc Cheyenne 5236sh 3618sn 2822sn Phoenix 8556pc 6746pc 6749s Chicago 5445c 6049c 6654s Pittsburgh 6337c 5847r 6550s Cincinnati 6043r 6448pc 7257s Portland, ME 5233c 5037r 5235s Cleveland 6448c 6048r 6551s Portland, OR 5543sh 5345c 5751r Dallas 6647s 7467s 7150t Rapid City, SD 5639pc 4026r 3722sn Denver 6336c 3120sn 3420sn Raleigh 6254r 7452r 7154pc Des Moines 6032pc 6046pc 6146r Sacramento 6555pc 7041s 7145s Detroit 6150c 6246r 6251s St. Louis 5448r 6649pc 7057r Eau Claire 5723s 5644pc 5847r Salt Lake City 5832r 4527sf 4131pc Fairbanks 2819sf 2515sf 248pc San Antonio 7046s 7869pc 7756t Fargo 5740pc 5037r 4736r San Diego 7161c 6852s 7053s Fort Myers 9071pc 8873t 9071s San Francisco 6653pc 6748s 6751s Galveston 6956pc 7970pc 8168t San Juan 9276sh 8877sh 8777sh Green Bay 5332s 5642pc 6046c Seattle 5338pc 4843c 5446r Honolulu 8874s 8675s 8674pc Sioux City 6030pc 5440c 5839r Houston 6955pc 7970pc 7961t Spokane 4832pc 4530pc 4435r Indianapolis 5952r 6449pc 7257s Tampa 8775t 8774t 9073s Jacksonville 8670c 8668t 8468t Tucson 8749pc 5937pc 6038s Kansas City 5735pc 6449pc 6543t Wash., DC 6154r 6652r 6449pc WORLD TUE TODAY THU WORLD TUE TODAY THU Acapulco 8676t 8875A 8777c Manila 9077pc 8775pc 8875c AddisAbaba 7654s 7650s 7749s Mazatlan 9167s 8870s 8563s Amsterdam 5949c 6047pc 6146pc Mexico City 6952c 7355pc 7354pc Athens 7263sh 6958c 7059pc Mogadishu 8478sh 8478A 8577sh Auckland 6152r 6449pc 5950pc Montreal 5141c 4837c 5041s Baghdad 9150pc 8062c 8163t Moscow 4539r 4234r 3930sh Bangkok 9274pc 8975sh 8874s Mumbai 9573s 9175s 9175s Barbados 8877sh 8777A 8677sh Nairobi 7859c 7865A 8064t Beijing 6445pc 7146pc 6844s Nassau 9177pc 8878pc 8878s Belgrade 6148sh 5641pc 5134c New Delhi 9156s 9357s 9459s Berlin 5448c 4841r 5038c Oslo 5232s 4236c 3830c Bermuda 8073sh 8071pc 8171sh Ottawa 4637c 5037c 4837s Brussels 6146c 6047pc 6149c Paris 6437s 6650pc 6450pc Buenos Aires 7554s 8161pc 8870s Prague 5745pc 5541c 5432c Cairo 8969s 9069s 8566s Quebec 4034sn 4132pc 4836s Calgary 3932sf 3819c 4232pc Quito 6843pc 6849A 6850t Cancun 8878t 9073pc 8873s Reykjavik 4839pc 4443r 5445r Caracas 8271t 8373A 8472t Rio de Janeiro 8373t 7971sh 7872sh Copenhagen 5341c 4942r 4942r Riyadh 9365s 9064s 8765pc Dublin 6255c 6348pc 5950sh Rome 7251s 7048pc 6846pc Edmonton 4136sn 3821c 3422sn San Jose 8164t 7568A 7668t Frankfurt 5948c 6141c 6037c Seoul 6950s 6648pc 6850t Geneva 6037s 6647pc 6444pc Shanghai 7561pc 7561s 7764pc Guadalajara 7651t 7755A 7751r Singapore 9179t 8877A 8877t Havana 9273sh 9072A 8671s Stockholm 4843pc 4136c 4336pc Helsinki 5042sh 3734c 3932pc Sydney 6961sh 7462pc 7160c Hong Kong 8477pc 8374s 8574s Tehran 6854pc 6452c 6557pc Jerusalem 8164pc 7862s 7759s Tel Aviv 9270s 8470s 8267s Johannesburg 7551pc 8056s 8254t Tokyo 7757pc 6857pc 6657r Kabul 6733pc 6135c 6733s Toronto 6146c 5437r 5239s Kingston 8879r 8778r 8879r Vancouver 5137pc 4844c 5143r Kuwait City 9374pc 9578c 9170pc Vienna 6150pc 5446pc 5241sh Lima 7163pc 7661pc 7859c Vientiane 9170pc 8968s 9068s London 6554pc 6954s 6654pc Warsaw 5240pc 4536c 4334c Madrid 7351s 7550pc 7352pc Winnipeg 5143c 4637r 4536pc rucma ud all around BALLPARK FROM Bl With the days growing shorter and chillier, workers are scurrying to wrap up the exterior projects before commuters on the Northstar rail line start using the stadium's transit station on Nov. 16 projects for which there won't be a lot of time before the Twins' opening day in April. During the past week, workers have been pouring concrete for a double-wide sidewalk along N. 7th Street, which parallels the first-base line and will provide access for charter buses. On the grounds of Hennepin County's garbage burner, across from the third-base-line stands, landscapers have been planting trees and grass. And St. Paul artist Craig David has been on hand to oversee the installation of his murals on the ballpark's exterior walls along 5th Street. It's all part of the effort to stretch downtown Minneapolis two blocks beyond Target Center, all the way to the ballpark's left field corner, Ken-ney said. The hope is that the ballpark will be the catalyst for a new downtown district, perhaps something akin to San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter near Petco Park or Denver's LoDo neighborhood outside Coors Field a NoLo (or North Loop) District for Minneapolis, if you will. "You have an exciting, thriving entertainment district, and you already see housing development in the general area," Kenney said. "This area just seems ready to take off when the economy is right. I think it will have its own unique identity." Sprucing up outside Using a special stadium sales tax, Hennepin County fronted the $350 million public contribution for the ballpark, including $90 million for infrastructure: acquiring the site, locating utilities and other basic needs. It also has spent nearly $2 million to remodel and upgrade the garbage burner, moving its doors away from the ballpark and equipping it with air locks and spritzers to prevent Twins fans from having to see or smell the trucks coming and going. The team itself has ranged far beyond its original pledge of $130 million toward the ballpark. In the past couple of years, it has contributed at least $55 million more to cover niceties ranging from radiant heating in the stands to the ballpark's distinctive yellow limestone facing and the huge left field scoreboard. The biggest crowd-pleaser will be a large center field sign featuring the classic team logo with twin ballplayers clasping hands across the river; when the Twins hit a home run, the twins will shake hands. The Twins also paid for the $4 million Target Field Station on the ballpark's northeast corner that enables transit users to go between the Northstar commuter platform below and the light-rail line at street level. And the team joined with Target Corp., the ballpark's namesake, to build the landscaped $9 million plaza linking downtown to the new stadium. The Ballpark Authority, which is funded by the county's sales tax revenue, has spent $5 million to extend Target Plaza to 1st Avenue N, widen sidewalks and install lights. The Minnesota Department of Transportation financed a $3.3 million skyway that will take fans from Parking Ramp A into the ballpark. DAVID JOLES As improvements go on outside the stadium, the team has spent at least $ 5 5 million more than originally planned on ballpark amenities, including radiant heating in the stands and the giant left field scoreboard. Minneapolis has spent $100,000 landscaping a traffic island with new planters and lighting, but Kenney said the city's most important job will be managing ballpark traffic. The city's 3 percent entertainment tax will apply to Twins tickets, bringing Minneapolis about $3 million a year that it doesn't get now from Twins sales at the Metrodome. In a little more than two weeks, Northstar commuter trains will be gliding along the tracks below the ballpark, and Kenney said ballpark officials want to be as ready as possible. "We're doing everything we can so that they can have a great opening, and they're doing everything so we can hit our deadline," he said. Kevin Duchschere 612-673-4455 EXTRAS ALL AROUND THE NEW TWINS BALLPARK Millions in public and private funding - provided by the Twins, Target Corp., Hennepin County, Minnesota Ballpark Authority, the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the city of Minneapolis - have gone into beautifying the district around Target Field and making it more convenient and inviting for fans. Hennepin County garbage burner W' Hiawatha ' extension rg JjSX. I W jr VN "Target X jf , Twins tk " Plaza K Target. . j. i Improvements under design, construction or completed THE EXTRAS 1. $ 9 million for a enhanced plaza. 2. $3.3 million for a skyway to Ramp A. 3. $2.8 million fora plaza extension to lst.Av.N. 4. $1.1 million for wider sidewalks and pedestrian improvements along 7th St. 5. $1.1 million for bike and pedestrian improvements along 3rd St. 6. $350,000forbike and pedestrian improvements on 2ndAv. 7. $250,000 fortrees and pedestian lighting on 3rdAv. 8. $100,000fornew planters, lighting, landscaping and a flag pole Source: Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Ballpark Authority

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