The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEViLLS. (ABK) COUIUEB KEW8 OCTOBER 20, 1933 Entertains Rook Club. Mrs. C. E. Wilson liad members o. the Thursday Rook club and Mines. John Feaihcrslon, T. H. Haynes, M. G. Goodwill, A. M. Butt and W. F. Brewer as her guests yesterday alltmoon. Autumn flowers ctccoialcil tlie living and dining rooms where the four tables were arranged for the rook names. A salad course was served. • • • H»s Bridge Club. Mnies. Max D. Miller Jr., Elton W. Kirby and John L. Finley jr., were guests ot Mrs. (loss D. Hughes when she also hail members of (lie Thursday Luncheon club (or luncheon and a bridge Bits oj Netis Mostly Personal ! Dili ing Bid Wins Success Backed By Clever Playing game. The luncheon (able, arranged for the two course menu, had n centerpiece of pink roses. In the card games Mrs. Miller won the prize, hosiery. • • • Gun Is at Cluli. When Mrs. D. A. Lynch entertained the Mid-week Bridge club Thuisday she also complimented Mines. B. E. Hllen and N. R Johnson of Everett, Wash., housc- uuesls of Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway, Mrs. H. H. Houchlns and Mrs. A. B. Fall-Held, find Mrs. H E. Garlington ol Scarcy, Ark., who is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lynch. Dahlias and zinnias, in red and orange, were used as the ccntcr- • piece of the luncheon table along with Hallowe'en tallies in remeni- bciimj this coining holiday. . Hot dish mats went to Mrs. H A. Smith for club honors and tlif guest award, handkerchiefs, was received by Mrs. Fairficld. Armcrcl P. T. A. Has a Prosram. Mrs. Alice Womaek \vas Idulei of the program of ihe Armorrl Parent-Teacher association meet- Ing yesterday afternoon at the school. "Nutrition nnd Growth" was the Mines. Otto KochuUky. Hurry, W. Hnlnes, M. A. Isaacs, J. w.j Shouse, Hunter C. Sims :tnd flub-, ert Illayluck art attending Hie inrctlng of the county council of I 1>. T, A.'s at aimwnce today. | Mrs. F. 13. Joyner-is In Mcm-j phis today. i Mrs. C. W. Alllick Is in Chi-] cago for several days vwll with her uncle. She will retui'ii Kuti- day, - •; I liussell Phillips Jr., I:; quite 111 I from malaria lever. |, Mr. and Mrs. J. Urnliam Sml-i' bury Jr.. went to Memphis today!] where Mrs. Sudb'.ny will undeiRti'l a minor orwallon tomorrow at the j Methodist liospltnl. Mr. Gui!biir.v : will return tomorrow noon iind Mrs. Sudbury will come home; Sunday, ' ' ! Mrs. 11. II. Houchlns oml Mrs.I A. Comray. nti:omp:ink'd by Mrs.; Coinvny's uiiests. Mrs. li. K. Hi-| len imrt Mv.s. N. H. Johnson, ofi Everett. Wash., nnd Mrs. Godfrey While, of Osccoln, nrt> In ' ^^elll-, Today's Contract Problem Ili'lr'., a lllMlll 111 wlllcll Smith holds 100 honorH. and MIC- correct lilJillim will indl- i;il<> UK> lad. But '.vliat ulioulil tin- liiiiil contract bo, ami \\liy? A J '•> - :/. y A 1C Q s o :; 4 K8 * !• '. (Illlllill * A (lllllld) 4, A !C Q 10 7 1 V J 7 2 » ' " + AK Solullcm In next Issue. Solution to Previous Contract Problem phis today. H. A. „, . , , , ! HV WM. K. Ki-KKNNKV laytor and ^Johnj Spcrd , lr) , A ,, lrr |,an Hrldre Uague 'Die following hand Is a good in- tlcutlon (if (hi: clianitJlonshlp pla) "" Hint often Is called upon to ' till n ciamjeroiis contract. In a rubber bridge garni', neither .••lilo vulncriiblc, Mrs. Green Fen- Holland motored to dean. Mo., yesterday for Mary Alice Taylor. Louise VMS nnd Martha Leo Hal dcnls ill- Southeast Missouri 'I'cach- rrs cullc^e. who returned home: Tor (he weekend. Mrs. W. 11. HoiLslon nf Memphis sjKnt lust weekend with Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Cnuie and family- Snulli \Vcsl North E»st Box Supper at Gosnell Puss subject the principal address I'ilSS I'uss Nets $151 for Church "stulh-s "HoubleV'"two spade fallows thnt .Is the suit with whlcr 1 no trump 2 spadt. :i Heart. Pass - by Miss Anna Maude McCorvey. home economics instructor of the BlythevUle high school. The songs "Battle Hymn For Children" and "Ginger Up" were sung In unison. The hostesses were Mmes. W. A. Anderson. Lane Noweli and E. B. Ruckcr . who served refreshments lu the social, hour. * » . - • Cemetery Association Hap Monthly Meeting. The Maple Grove cemetery association met " Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. 1. O. Westbrook. In the business session it was deported that the cemtcry will ba burned off alter the first killing frost ant! that the drive for dues from let owners Is being continued. A letter was read from Mrs. Robert E. Lee King, who is now in Boyie, Miss. The hostess, assisted by hei daughters, Mrs. Donald Fletcher of Joiner and Mrs. R. L. Dcdmr.n. served cake, looped with whipped cream, -and coffee. A beauty and other at-. he would have-responded If Eas diiclious at th'j Gosnell box stip-ihad not bld : ll before him. Mrs per Insl night netted the sum of: S151.B5 which will be iiietl towardj.j. the erection of a new Osceola A wedding which came as a surprise to many friends was Hut o( W. P. Hale of Osceola and Mrs l«)a G. Bejiils of Goodman, tolemnlzed Tuesday evening at Merchants Are Cooperating to Make School A Success A Cooking School Is usually | (unctions even with the very well- planned for the women of a com- to-do families are no longer in munlty. But the School which opens next Tuesday at the city auditorium steins to have stirred then entire population. ! Merchants, ol course, want to .share In this big homemaklng forum, for they reallne thai great crowds of women who arc the representative women o( the city will attend every session. "Let us equip the kitchen. Let us show our wares. Let us have some part in the big show," many of them have begged. And, of vogue. The hostess of Hie White House l>elleves in an economical table, why shouldn't we all? 1 ' New devices will be shown in you arc one of the fortunate ones into whose hands the Cooking Si-hool gifts fall. Luxora Society — Persona! The =:" .•£'• "jb ss: s-^V'wm-s? , P ~£ brough, pastor of the Luxora Baptist church, • officiating. Tlie bride Is a daughter ot the lute Dr. and Mrs. Gulledge and member of an old family at Goodman. Mtss. For the past several months she lias made her home In Memphis. -*| Mr. Hule, well known farmer will make their home here. bid of three no trump was ftlher optimistic. The I'Uy . East opened the 'king of hearts and continued hearts, North refiis- ng to win until the third round _ _._„ Two small spades were discarded! Pittsburgh, fit., who nrc here for from dummy: ' ' • l a month's visit. A small club WHS won In dummy with the king and a club returned, for Mrs. George Thiirn. the lec turer, has strongly emphasized that her discussions and demonstrations will be planned In relation to tlic particular problem of Blytheville women; to show them unobtainable equipment and supplies would be foolish but to show them how to make the best use of W. M. U. met Tum- the stage kitchen. Mrs. Thurn will j ''">' »««»»">" at the Baptist ,' I church. Mrs. R. A. Kimbrough was: cook with new discuss others lew utensils and tools ' V" u f c "' V 11 ?' "' "' ^""r lc is. and talk bricflj on: lcadei ' °f Hie Bible study. health diets and clilldmis diets, i Mrs. R. C. Langslon was hostess She will also finswrr nueslions from i 'o the two-table bridge club to the platform. A part, of every day's whlch she belongs Tuesday alier- program will be the giving away of »°° n - ' J1lc c l"o members and three . dishes cooked that day, of filled isucsts, Mrs. Charles Mifflin, Miis- market baskets and other gifts of <* Elizabeth Spann and Orleua interest to women. The last day Hires, enjoyed Mrs. Langston's will be the scene of a generous ells-1 hospitality. Nfrs. Charles Mifflin tribution by local merchants to women who have been faithful pupils of the week's sessions. was awarded the high score prize. Dr. Thos. p. Hudson and Mrs. Spencer McHenry were in Mem-. mid justice of the peace Is a life ((ielr Jocal shops nnd mal . kctei how , 0 ,", g "^L dC ! 1 ,.,° f ,,^ C ?^ T1W lto use familiar foods In radically ! new dishes, ts tlie aim of the four j. .. jji »»!Ut" uuJlt^, IO tllC All II VI liiu lUUi At ending the wedding were Mr imerM ,| nK prograllls p , anmd to Hales sister and her husband, Mr., and Mrs. Roy Krenon or In the hope of brealiinK the club suit. But Eaty showed out, discarding. Ji spade/ •'. Declarer won the trick with the ace. A small diamond wax led and won In dummy with the queen and the king of diamonds returned. East dropped the Jack.. Declarer then ted the queen of clubs and .ar,i let, to another spade. practically was now marked .vllh the king and xx of spades "and two good hearts, so the declarer returned the nine of cya- monds to his ace and East dropped the ten of spades. The:eight of hearts then was played^ .throw- iiiE East In the lead-wlth the nine. East cashed the. good (nice of 'hearts, but'was forced to lesid froin the king-jack of spades. Into the declarer's ace-queen, ahdi three -no irump was made. " '. Mrs. strongly emphasizes ;ncl Bnpllsl chinch. *JS='i' iT - Tatel ' n " c »<l<:<l (he meeting ofilher Pavham are confined to McitKxiist ,,, c cxec , l( | ve timtsl - of tllc M |s-! beds•»•»«! .malaria. | Eissippl. county federation at Bly- Mtss Grace Hnlc was the 'win- Ulev , lle ' Wednesday, contest with inning second of th; s l.oui:ie toanty Mrs. Hubert Stuart ts resting well following a major operation ""Mrs'." Mary Bivill, Mrs. J. C. En-''?' 8 '' IimlilKl ' s l ««pUal, Jones- canks, Mrs. M. E. Ccokc and Mrs.' Glnciys Jones vere members of 'be committer- in charge of ar- iMiganrnts with H. W. Helm as Leach vilic Society — Personal Rev. ai:cl Mrs. J. W. Moore visited in Pur;igo;ilci Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur La«r announce the birth of a 5-pound son, born Saturday night. He has been named BIHIe Thomas. Mother and babe are doing well. The Number 8 class met Sunday nflerncon to practice singing with r . Dr. nnd Mrs. A. K. Robinson -, -. . , and daughter, Mlfs ' Dorothv. at- «>c new Vaughan books. ,; iidcil the district'mcdicafmcet-1 Rev and Mrs. J. B. Copehmd vls- Mi. and Mrs. J. T. Coston en- tallied Tuesday evening with a dinner parly at their home here, the guests including Judge G. E. Keck and hU court stenographer, H. G. Partlow, of Blylheville, Prosecuting Attorney Denver Dudle yand the grand jury stenog- raplier, Miss Martha Pickett, both of Jonesboro and Miss Fayc Stevens ot Grider. Attending the meeting of the Mississippi County P. T. A. Council at Whltton today are Mrs. E. A. Thome, president of the Oecc- ola P. T. A., Mrs. S. M. Hodges, Mrs. E. D. Rose, Mrs. George Deere and Mrs. S. V. Frazier. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Tonilin- son:of..(Jolumbus l .Ml5s.. were bus-, iness jijlsitors here Mondiy, remaining over for a hort visit with jMr; and Mrs. Charles Coleman.' Mrs. Beulali Ross of Memphis was a business visitor here'Mon- day. Osceola women attending the meeting of the executive board of the County Federation ol Wo- mens Clubs at Blytheville Wednesday were Mesdames George Edrington, L. 6. Mitchell, S. M. Hodges, G. B. Segravcs. W. E. Hunt and P. P. Jacobs. Among the out of town ; attor- that her sessions will be packed full of homemaklng news: about. food, cookery, furnishing and equipping the kitchen. She will o'scuss new (ab'e settings and show a table set by one of the loca: merchants and point out l\ow . the table wares today are simpler, prettier, better quality and less costly than In former years. New silver, linen, glass and china will be a part of the stage display which includes the working kitchen. , Mrs. Thurn has also begged the Courier News to empliasize to tlie women that the old idea of "fancy" cookery will not lake lip the precious hours of the school. "Simple, low cost, cookery, Ihc kind that is necessary in day-by- day housekeeping, with the lighter things when 'women like to serve at bridge partjes. and for other intei-cstlng occasions, will make up the most, mportant part of the cookery discussions. Elaborate The Schcol opens Tuesday at- 2 phls Wednesday, o'clock at the city auditorium. All I Mesdamcs J. N. Hunt. Russell seats arc free. Every woman Is in-' Bowcn. Sam Cowen and Alvin vitcrt and every woman will find Wunderlich shopped in Memphis' a scat. But the Courier News re-1 Thursday. minds its readers that the early i Mrs. L. L. McDeaiman will re- comers will, of course, have the turn today after a short visit in Jest scats down in front, and those Halls, Tciin. Mr. McDcarman will who bring their pencils and note- j drive to Hulls for her. books will have the best opportun-1 Mrs R. C. Lungslon and Mrs ity of writing down questions and Walter Wood attended tlie lunch- having them answered from the eon given by Ihc County Fcdcra- platform. This is your School, uon of Women's Clubs at Blythc- Mal;e It- 5 p ours in every sense by ^ v ille Wednesday, early attendance, interested co-' operation, and grateful thanks If ing in Purngoitltl Wcilnesday. Mrs. H. N., Joncsbdrffpison,. near vlsllcd friends . here ' Thursday. " ..» drff " I lied Mrs. Copeland s son. Irvm Bar- Huffman. Sunday, No. S and Vicinity Mi. and Mrs. Floyd Hamlet of Braggadocio were guests Sunday of Mi 1 , nnd Mrs. E. Hamlet. Mr. Ham- i.l's =lbtev Accompanied them home to siicnd the week. A three-year-old child of Mrs. Mrs. L. K. lluuir of Onlvcslou. ; U've Lane died Saturday of colitis Tex., and Mrs. Ejirl llalchcr ot n.iui whooping cough. Services,were . Severe Winter Forecast ' ' ' MILTON, Pa. (UP)— Farmers In this section predict an unusually severe winter, because: bark on trees is - thicker this year than In years past, corn husks arc unusn : ally thick, and several heavy logs hung over the district in August. tilythcville were guests of Mrs. E. H. Tnbc-r. Mrs. L. G. Hycrley nncl Mrs. E. ' Mrs. W. V. Ward unrt Mrs. Lu- Thuisday lii-lC nt Number 8 cemetery by-tr.e Rev. J. D. Copelancl. ' ' ' Ton! caterpillars build large well like nests In trees and shrubbery itiu! evonluillv work havoc with the foliage; they can be destroyed by spraying used crankcasc oil on ll'.c. nesls. 666 IJqilid, Tablets, Salve, Nose Drops Checks Malaria in 3 days, Colds first day, Hcacliches or Neuralgia m 30 minutes. Fine Laxative and Tonic Most Speedy Remedies Known Read Courier News Want Ads. G. G. Caudill General Insurance I Ofi N. Broadway I'hone 797 leys attending circuit court. . here ternoon v this week arc E. E. Alexander, Claude Cooper and Virgil Greene of Blythevillc. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Williams, Mrs. Frank-Williams and Mrs. Ida Tucker spent Thursday in Memphis. Mrs.' Ben Butler, Mrs. Clarence Butler and Mrs. McCorckle were BIytheviile visitors Wednesday af- COLOS...I RECOMMEND VlCKS NOSE DROPS TO END Acoio ... I RECOMMEND VfCKS VAPORUB • (Fun drolls of Vldra Colds-Control P!in in each Vicks package) VICKS cONTROL OF COLDS Rattler I'unclurcd Tire MEDFORD. Ore. (UP'—As J. C. Clark, local mining oiierator. drove his car down the roaci, he ran over a rattlesnake, shortly afterward a tire went flat. Examination showed a sharp u-hite fang, broken oil, ixinctrating tlie tube, Colds that Hang On Don't let them get n strangle hold. Fight germs qnlcklv. Crco- mulsion combines the 7 best helps Itnown to modern science. Powerful but harmless. Pleasant to lake. No narcotics. Your own druggist is authorized to rcluncl your ir.onev on the spot if your cough or cold is not-relieved by Crcomulslon. Adv. NOW COMES THE GOOD ONK FRANK SMITH PLAYERS Showing in Ihc liig warm, cozy lent {healrc lurateil opposite the A. N. 0. Armory. WEEK STARTING rt*) WON., OCT. Zv) Opcninic I'hi.y .\iondity Ni The laughing hit of the «iisun: 'TAMED and HOTT CATCfJY VAUI)KVil,l,B .JA/ZY ".M15SIC BAND CONCERT DAILY —PRICES— Adult.s feOc. "Children lOc La'dies Free. Monday night if accomiuiiriwl by a paid 2flc ticket ; / ....-.''. A'JSPICESvDUb CASON > 1'QSt, s AMERICAN LEGION ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ FOR ALWAYS U CRIES PLEASE Choice tobaccos rolled right—no loose ends > flfcjincst tobaccos ALWAYS 'thefinal workmanship ALWAYS luclncsplease I When smoking a Lucky, have you noticed the long white ash? That's, V( the sign of tine, choice Turkish ami Domestic tobaccos. And have yovi noticed how fully packed Luckies ire with these choice tobaccos—rolled right —so round —so pure —with no loose ends. Luckies always please! 8 >i . • " it's toasted * FOR THROAT PROTECTION-FOR BETTER TASTE For Parties, Too \rcher mil FASHIONED S'tK are Preferred Hallowe'en. ILL W^ Birthday Bridge Week-end Bridal IE Theatre X ^/^fe Cocktail Sho-.-'ers fflc $1.25 $1.50 SI .65 .New SlyU's in Ladies Shoes Arrived "Cliilrli-cn's Shoes Oxfords looter^) . V U EWtflft,*il JV> Misses Spoil Oxfords Good Slices'and Hosiery I NOTICE .'.;• •VChange ol' (hvnri'.-hij) and INainc ' This week I look ovrr Uic niaiiagciiietiL of HemicU'.s Dairy ;tiid am now making necessary cliitiigus to insure giving you tlie very lintsi grade of |>a.slemf«t| milk and shall strive l« give you the kind of service you want. Ti:i: name will lie changed to ('raid's Dairy. 1 shall appreciate your giving us a trial. Craig's Dairy .loe Craig, l'ro|iri<.'t(ir Pasteurized Dairy Pi

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