The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1940
Page 5
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TUESDAY, -DECEMBER 3, 1940. BLYTHEVILLE (AR^) COURIER NEWS BiniR HOMES urn on s 11 III Proper Maintenance Repays Owner .6 FHA Seeks To Reduce Damage To [Materials, Possible Failures Precautions lo be observed during Winter construction where low temperatures prevail have been is•sued by the Federal Housing Administration to assist home planners and builders in preventing damage to materials and possible failures caused by action of the elements. The best construction principles require that workers, materials, and construction be protected from unfavorable climatic conditions, and l-he principal problems in Winter construction are solved by protection and heat, according to the FHA suggestions. Lists Suggestions Among precautions covering fundamental points relating to sound Winter construction are: Keep all masonry materials dry and preferably not in contact with the ground. Store cement and lime in tight sheds with floor raised above ground. Stack framing lumber off the ground with ventilation below and protect with cover. All kiln-dried material should be kept exceptionally dry, preferably in a warm ventilated place, and never t in the building under con- FHA-lnsurzd Mortgage $2,600 Monthly Payments $15 The difference between * well>k«pt houu and dilapidated one in not »lifht. Even the moil expensive hcmi« will dip thurply in valn« if periodic painting* »nd repairs »re denied for lour- Protection from the w«al)ier in essential. Paint can provide this protection to wood and metal imrfnce* and at the same time help* to maintain the attractive clean appearance » homo should posscxi. Painting and many other repair* may be financed under the Modernization Credit Flan of the Federal Housing Administration. Modern Design Unites Current The architectural style called modern is something more than a new or unusual method of exterior treatment, Federal Housing Administration officials say. Modern home design, according to the FHA, is fundamentally related to developments in plan and structure of which the exterior structibn, during the plastering j treatment is but the final expres- operations. Most steel and iron products should be painted before delivery. In many cases it will be more economical to protect excavated areas by covering with straw, canvas, or other material that will serve as temporary insulation rather than to thaw out frozen ground later. Protect cellar excavations from run-off from atijoin- ing land. During cold weather sand and sion. Like Other Trends The development of modern home design has been similar in its trend to that of past architectiiral styles. Modern design is a result of the adaptation of modem materials and modern planning principles to present-day requirements of living. FHA officials look upon modern design as a movement which is of more than a transitory nature, and they believe that the basic elements, ad least, which charactei ize it are sound and will in all likeli- hood sooner or later become characteristic of a large volume of ovir housing. Design Characteristics The basic characteristics of modern design are defined by the FHA in its Technical Bulletin No. 2 as an attempt (1) to create a plan which will provide a functional rer lation between rooms arranged to suit present-day modes of living, to facilitate efficient housekeeping and to permit an economical use of materials; <2) to permit the exterior treatment to be dictated primarily by the plan, with .little or no regard for traditional concepts: to use materials efficiently, economically, and directly, boldly eliminating decorative features and relying upon texture and color of materials together with skillful arrangement of masses and openings. Legion Hut Being Remodeled, Improved The American Legion Hut is un- r' a number of improvements composition ropf. Ben Hall, R. S. Holt Building In New Residential Area Work has started on l\vo new cottsujes In a new residential area which will be opened at least for ivvo blocks between Main and Clm-knbawba avenue from M to ICth i-ircets. •v-i 1 nnd Mrs. Ben Hall nnd Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Holt arc erecting the two cottages, which will be in the SSOno ID $4000 class. The Hull, which Is on the southeast corner of !5th and Walnut streets, is of colonial siding and will have 11 roof of composition .shingles, the color yet to be selected. The five room white house will | have a .sun porch on the East and there will be- n detached garage. Oak floors, .several eloseks nnd built-in features of the kitchen will be included. The Holt residence, which faces the south, Ls across the street. This is to have exterior walls of white asbestos shingles with a green which are expected to be completed within a few days. { Designed to make the Hut more convenient to heat and to serve food, one-half of the rear porch; was converted into a service pantry' to be used in conjunction with the kitchen which has been modernized with addition of cupboards and other equipment, a door from the cloak room to the Woman's Auxiliary room was added and a door by the bar in the lobby eliminated, the present door into the men's room was closed and a new door made -opening into the lobby. The canteen in the arena has been rearranged and a number of improvements made there, it was announced by Commander G. R. Carter; The sun porch of this residence, also to be painted white, will be on the west. The same features will be included In this plan. rctT •Dandelions • sometimes ndues ;Lilll. grow coarse aggregates should be heated to a warm condition free from frost. Water should be heated to about 150 degrees F. Never heat cement. . Temperatures .-••;• •For : f ordinal^ building:, construction-;^ 'the"concrete should- have a temperature 'above 70 degrees F., but not above 100 degrees F., when placed. • Warm concrete should be placed _, L , . . L . , ,. , promptly in dry clean forms and adequa ely and attractively lighted. = maintained at a temperature of 50 F3 ^'jSl CLa _ s .. s degrees or higher for five days after placing. Care should be taken Adequate Outlets New Home Need - The number and location of lighting outlets and the design of the (fixtures in a new house deserve i careful study if the house is .to be Your Home Electric convenience outlets should j the prospective homeowner in se- be provided in adequate numbers Acting exterior wall material, but and in suitable locations to permit i tnere arc m a "y factors which tiuu all convenient attachment of household liquid help to influence.that choice, form areas and exposed concrete e iectncal equipment, according to! Suitability of material to ciimaLe, .surfaces are protected or heated to j tne Federa ! Housing Administra- I economy of upkeep, and relative !\ mn \ l _ a ;" 1 ..P :il !,_ reClUn ' ternperiiure tlQn Tn - ^ e . s |g n i n o a new home, jplentifulness in the locality should special circuits and outlets are [have an effect upon choice. Con- CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING There is a wide field of choice for ling up stones to avoid "patchy" ap- tliroughout the mass of the concrete. Exposed surfaces should be kept moist during this period. If concrete is poured on or in contact with the ground, the ground should be thawed and dried, if frozen, and protected against further freezing for at least five days. When thawing frozen ground upon which concrete is to be placed, great rare should be exercised to insure complete thawing to the bottom of the frozen ground, leaving no frozen material below thawed surfaces. Antifreeze compounds arc not recommended, although calcium sometimes required for power equipment such as electric ranges and neating. equipment and- motors. Floor Coverings Present Problem: Usually when a family modernizes its home the selection of floors and floor coverings is perplexing. Various processes have been developed to combine design, durability, and economy. Popular among home, moderniz- hloride'in quantities not exceeding ?«. , tocia >' * Patterned hardwood, * w *TT r»» r»h i»of» 1 Y H *iTC - iTiriltMrtllOMliri*^ 11 orv* 1 two pounds per sack of cement may be used as an accelerating admixture. Calcium chloride, should be dissolved in the mixing water before placing in the batch. Forms should remain undisturbed until the concrete has attained sufficient strength to sustain its own weight in addition to any temporary or permanent load that may be placed* upon it during the building of the structure. No slab or beam support should be removed in le-s.s Uian 21 clays unless shoring lias been placed prior to form removal. Read Courier News want ads. which permits, individuality in floor tinuing a discussion of materials, various characteristics of ~ stone, concrete, adobe, and steel are described here briefly by Federal Housing Administration officials. Materials previously described included clapboard, shingles, brick, and stucco. There arc several distinct types of stone walls. Coursed ashlar is f-he term used to describe the stone when it is laid in horizontal lines .similar to brickwork. The courses are usually uniform in height and size of stone. This type tends toward formality and is common j,o stately dignified houses. design and at the same time gives} Random _ ashlar is more informa i * i _ ^_r^ * _-i ^ r_ i _ * 1 _ * ii <nH r?nt:<*riV>£»e o nrotl TTT'.-I «*•« 11-*. a durable surface. Available in a variety of har dwood woods, the patterned floors are scientifically finished, waxed, and polished at the factory They are eligible for in- stal.'ation under the Modernization CrKiit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES Call 16 DELTA OFFICE SUPPLY STOKE R.R. and Ash Sts. DONT PUT. IT-OFF PUT ON A NEW R °O F NOW f Don't wait until big leaks bring big repair bills. Get a handsome new roof of Certain-lew! {ire-resisting asphalt shingles. Re-roof now — pay later under our finance plan. Lei us tell yon about it, quote you our new ID"-' Ortain-4t-ed Asphalt Shingles come in a wide choice of handsome colors and designs- Let us show you samples. a wall where the stone is coursed irregularly, al- ;hough still horizontally. This type is found in houses of various architectural periods and was common in the early American farm hous where stone was us Care should be exercised in lav earance where the stones vary in olor. Often stone walls are white- vashed. Most builders/: advise against a strong contrast > in the olor of the mortar joints. Gray, titular to the color -of the stone s. regarded as the best made for mortar. ' . ; : ' . Concrete ' houses are usually ormed of concrete block units laid similar, to "ashlar" stone. Like stone, the mortar joints should be <ept- neutral in color for best appearance. Concrete is also frequently whitewashed. Not all concrete houses are made of blocks, and where the walls are 'poured" patented forms to make possible air .spaces in the concrete may be used. Adobe is a term used to describe siin-bakcd .clay units which usually arc much larger than the average brick size. A hand-made product, confined exclusively to Southwestern United States, adobe is accepted by the Federal Housing Administration only jn California. New Mexico, and Arizona. Houses with walls of steel have been u.scd to a limited extent m recent years. When properly designed, they provide economics construction with the advantage o fire resistant. • Meyer Grabers Are Remodeling Residence Because It is Winter didn't make Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Graber postpone their plans for remodeling their home at ''1013 Holly street. They are already started on making a number of interesting improvements with work being done on the interior when the weather is too bad Cor outside activities. The living room is being enlarged to take in the former front porch «hrt when completed will be 20 by 26 feet with a 8 by 7& foot picture window on the front, to make one of the largest living rooms in the city. The exterior will have its front entrance on the side, as .formerly, with a stoop, concrete steps to harmonize with the stucco walls, and iron grill railings 1'ov. decoration. The rear porch Is being enlarged into a 14 by 8 foot sun porch which will have entrances from a bedroom and kitchen. Walls of the rooms are being i-e- decorated with sheeting placed on them, louvered doors are being added between 4the living and dining rooms, the kitchen is being mqcl- srnized. a second bathroom added and the nursery is getting some mere .shelves'and other equipment, to make this attractive residence ven more luxurious. PLAN Questions and ^b* Answers Q. Does the FHA plan apply only to a new homo? A. No. If an existing dwelling meets FHA requirements, It may be bought on the FHA plan; the down payment is 20 per cent or more. Q. Our reception hall Is.tiny and lends to be dark. How could it be decorated to look more like a .room and lc«s like, a box? A. By putting a lurge mirror on the wall opposite the front entrance door you can the appear- tince, of expanslveness.. If the wall is broken by a door, the door may be mirrored like the wall. IF: HE§STU Bedroom Should Be Something More Than Place To Sleep In Practically one-third of the average person's normal life is spent in bed, according to estimates." Our mode of living which has made the bedroom simply a place to sleep and dress has resulted in the tendency to make bedrooms smaller and to strip them down;to only the essential furniture required for sleeping and dressing. In this respect, Federal Housing Administration officials say that hlle the bedroom does riot need o be large, it should be large nough to allow the individual to .mke hlmsslf comfortable in his \vn room—particularly in compact louses where there is little other puce for privacy, Adaptable for Children . If bedrooms are not too; small i ' older children can use them for study and recreation. A saving in the actual size of a bedroom, as well as an improvement in its convenience, is obtained correct location of door arid window openings to obtain ' max!-' mum wall space for furniture. Dc^ sign of the loom and the '-relation"-" bhip of wall openings and wall spaces should permit an arrange-; ment of furniture which does'nob require walking around a bed In order to reach the bedroom entrance door, closet, and dresser. Consider Quiet, Ventilation Another point to be kept in mind is separating; the bedroom from the rest of the house and removing it The first floor Is being converte ™ **> from street noises as possi : into a modern five roonv apartment |blc:- In general. It might be said, a ,,«,« n-m ,-^nnri flnnr k (n ho inn, l bedroom should be located in a corner, thus providing for two exposures and cross ventilation. Closets are almost as important This 8iuull home contains two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bath, hi order to economize, the dining room has been omitted and the living room it* so arranged that it can do double duty and serve as a dining room during meal hours. Valued at $2,900, Una property was financed with u mortgage of $2,000 insured by the-Federal Housing Administration. Monthly payments on a 25- year mortgage of this amount, exclusive of local taxes and . hazard insurance, amount to about ?15. Former McCutchen' Home Remodeled, Enlarged The former O. W. McCutchci residence. 1)20 West Walnut street which was recently purchased b Miss Lottie Ncel, is being enlargec und second floor Is to be left as It is with three bedrooms, \\ glassed-in sleeping porch and hall. On the first Tloor, the large " F. C. RQBfNSQN LUMBER 00, Phone 100 Announcement- \Vc wish to announce a change in our firm name. Wilson-Greer Paint Company to Arkansas Paint-Glass & Wallpaper Co* of Blytheviile Featuring a complete line of TRUE TAGG PAINTS AND VARNISHES ENTERPRISE WALLPAPER PITTSBURGH AUTOMOBILE GLASS PAINTERS' AND PAPERHANGERS' TOOLS See us before you buy Arkansas Paint-Glass & Wallpaper Co. Formerly the Wilson-Grcer Taint Co. of Blytheviile, Ark. IC5 K. Main - • Vhonc 7H .John D. Bunicttc. Manager IJ. C. "Hoi)" Colcman, lialcsjuaii Dick Stone, GUuxS Man Jrickwork Requires Good Workmanship Good workmanship is essential 'or good brickwork. Federal Hoiis- ng Administration officiiil.s advise builders. The brick should be bid level with uniform mortar joints not exceeding three-quarter inch in thickness. Joints should be rilled solid with mortar and be weathered or tooled. Bricks which ore sound, hard burned, free from cracks, and uniform In size should be u.scd. Good bricks also will not absorb too .5uch water. Q. In planning the bathroom lor my'house what consideration should be given the placing of the door? A. Preferably bathrooms should contain ''only one door. This door should swing into the bathroom and be arranged to open against a wall. The location of the door should assure maximum privacy for the bathroom and avoid direct view from other rooms Into the bathroom. A bathroom door having a width of 2 feet 4 inches is considered satisfactory. Q. What things should I consider in selecting a. neighborhood In which lo build n. new house? A. Some of the most important, factors you should consider are: Is the neighborhood appropriate for Ing room 1s being left as'li is, along, to^a bedroom-as the beds. Extreme with the sun porch on the South, ^cls essen ial in the planning ot while the former sun and dining closets. A large room with one rooms nrc being converted /-into two closet proves to be smaller than, a bedrooms the former .breakfast'.small room with two closets. Closets room is being made Into a hall and «° "^ nuvc to ^ Iar S e - According: bathroom, the 'former kitchen'. Is to to FHA officials a .closet which to be a dining room and the ; rear 22 Inches deep is more useful and porch is being made into a new provides more space .for hanging ' . • - . - - -•" «.i-.iM i:..n^ !u- clothes with minimum'area than a deeper closet. '•jLiie 1'ttrt. also suggests that the bathroom be easily accessible to all bedrooms in'the house and located for maximum privacy. Privacy between bedroom and bathroom is easily, afforded by proper hall space. One Color Advfe«d As to painting the bedroom, paint stylists suggest the use of one color oniy—but m all- its' shades from pale . to deep tones. . Graduations "of color from floor to ceiling banish monotony. Naturally, th'e .size, shape, and coloring of all bedrooms will be determined to a great extent by the kind of house one builds, the size of the lot, and the location of the housc on the lot, but individuality can easily be Incorporated in any bedroom plan if the ideas arc known far enough in advance by architect or builder. your means? . I s against undesirable it. protected buildings or kitchen which will features. _ • ,, k: A new sun porch is being erected on tiie extreme' East, where there will be a stairway going to the second floor, which Miss Nccl Ls to occupy. ' The entire house is heated by a furnace, A New Metal Warehouse Completed By Byrum The new metal'warehouse erected by Paul Byrum was finished today. The building, at the rear of the Hays Store on East Main and Franklin streets, Ls 50 by 112 feet, with a concrete foundation. It will be used for storage farm equipment. of Read Courier tsews want, uses? Is it a section which Ls 1m- proving- or deteriorating in value? How convenient to stores, schools, churches, and parks will you be? Are transportation lints near at. hand? BUILDING QUALITY Wise property owners know that cheap materials are the most costly in the long run when put into any building intended to be permanent. We know it, too. That's why we have always handled only the highest grade building materials on the market That's why the houses we have built for Blytheviile people will look better and last so many years, If you contemplate building, remodeling or repairing it will pay you to deal with us. F H A Financing THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Improve Your Property With Better Plumbing and Water Facilities Since modern plumbing contributes so much to the family's health and comfort this phase of modernization should not be overlooked by property owners contemplating improver ments. Consult your plumber, he will help you plan improvements that will enable you to enjoy the fullest benefits from your city water system. • Bernard AHen, Mgr. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodltr*

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