The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MAT 23, 1950 W.TTHFIVH.TJ! (A*TC.T COUKTE* WFWS Family Needs Offer Room Size Criteria n size, important to the tam- comfort, efficiency and happl- is often slighted when planning the house. In today's small homes, rooms can be cell-like unless ojxmed up by the omission of partitions, as between living- and dln- Ing-room; or by use of semi-pnrU- ttons, as between entrance hall and living-room; or by using largo picture-windows which lend the Illusion of spaciousness. By merging room areas, dual-purpose rooms fitting today's casual living are achieved. A house must enable, the family to sleep, eat, bathe, relax; and children to play. Measure Present Rooms How to determine in advance the size of rooms in a new house can be aided by measuring present rooms and furniture. A standard sofa projects about 30" to 36" from the wall; a dropleaf dlnlng-table measures about 38" x 48"; and so on. Allowance must be made In figuring eacli room size for easy traffic flow or circulation of people from room to room,, or within the room itself; end for arrangement of furniture. A living-room must be of adequate size for lamtly use, for entertaining guests, and for proper use of space. It must have wall space adequate for large pieces like piano and breakfront. Bedrooms must afford maximum privacy and comfort. Size of Hie kitchen Is determined by the size of the family and Its way of life. If tliere are frequent guests and parties, a larger kitchen is required. A kitchen that Is narrow and cramped may make It im- IMjssible for two people to work there together. The over-sized kitchen may burden She homernak- cr with upkeep and extra steps required between stove, refrigerator and cabinets. Bath Stie Suggested Although a standard bath-tub and plumbing fixtures may be contained in a bath-room as small as 5' x 5', this will be too small to be practical. The minimum practical size for a bath-room is 5' x 7'. | Clothes closets should be at least 2' deep to accommodate regulation garment bags, 2' 4" being a good depth. More than this has no advantage until this depth Is doubled, or Is at leas! 4' 8". The size of the pasement may be governed by construction costs, as well as by the family's requirements. A small or cellar costs much less than a full-size one, but may be inadequate to house heating and laundry equipment, game and recreation space and storage facilities. Are Termites Ruining Your Property? Government statistics say that Termite damage was second only to fire in «he United Stales. We will make an inspection and give you an estimate, if needed, without .cost. Our work is licensed by the Arkan- 'sas State Plant Board—we have 12 years of experience to guarantee you satisfaction. • FREE INSPECTION • SUPERIQRJERMITE CO. ... $ H. C. Blankenship ........ L. J. Zeller 309 East Kentucky Phone 2350 or 3579 p, •^y 7 ^•% f ^itn*Cr""^ "C ^ :"J^r2L.*'.^\ii z ,\ .^V',-, ?. M m CvJ(rf*<nt&- 1 ^ « V3 font T r i , , t rf , K ', ^ , cluding two bedrooms, living ourier News I'liolo plan, the living room In the turps - Jg I'DOIl) W ' ndOW ' S ' OCa(e<i '" the k " C " Cn - Thto <mm h °«* tas "»'r room and kitchen, and two hallways. A hnllway separates the kit(he hones has LIVING ROOM OFFERS rRIVACY-Ucparling from the conventional „ B luum m new home of Mr. and M,s, w E. Cherry at 601 East Parkway is- located at the rear The home fca wo picture windows, one in front and -one in back, The back picture window, located in the living r , . sep chen on the front and the living room on the rear. Built on a solid concrete foundation, Intmor walls of sheetrock covered with wallpaper. Floors are of hardwood block., except in kitchen and bath, where asphalt tile is used. The house also has an attic fan and an automatic, oil-burning ™." fur" »occ ncatlug system. Houses Built Stronger Today Than Three Decades Ago, Survey Claims Today's houses are better than houses of 30 years ago, according to the Construction Research Bureau, national clearing house for building information, following a survey among leading housing authorities. The survey was made to find the answer to the complaint that houses of today are "not as good as they used to be." "Building techniques are niore scientific than they were 30 years ago," commented Harold R. Sleeper, nationally known architect. "We have double floors, engineered roof strusses easily put Into place; better nailing techniques. Building frameworks are sturdily anchored with heavy bolts imbedded in the foundations. More accurate precutting of lumber to size makes for easier erection and reduces waste. "Architects have learned to design houses so that the rate of shrinkage and settling will be even all around," Mr. Sleeper pointed out. "Outside walls shrink the same as inside walls and partitions, floors and beams shrink the same as their supporting girders and sills. This scientifically eliminates cracks in walls and ceilings." ., Equipment Belter Thirty years ago, 'excess house space and bulk were reduced and the beginnings of equipment for greater 'comfort and convenience became evident. Home builders Boulder, Colorado gets its -water from its own GLACIER! "Bathing was once regarded as a MCNACE TO 'HEALTH: In 1845, Boston made bathing unlawful unless prescribed by a physician. 1 Ml abundance of pure, fresh water we Supply you costs only a few cents a day- and makes frequent Washing and bathing an inexpensive and convenient aid to good health.' WATER is your Cheapest Commodity -•-Use it FREELY! Blythcville Water Co. Biytiieville, Ark. could at that time iivstal thermostat-controlled heating; systems, automatic instantaneous hot water attachments, gns ranges, kitchen cupboards and complete bathrooms with built-in accessories for soap, towels, etc. But, compared to today's home, Real Estate Transfers (Clilckasawbn District) 'I'. J. and Alia Smith to O. N Morse, Lot ID of nlock 7 of the David Acres Subdivision, $1 anc other consideration. Antoniu C. Walker lo Harold c and Edcll Thompson, Lots 1, 2, 3 , and 5 In Block 1 and Lots 2, ,-(. the houses of JO years ago would 14. and 5 and the West 40 feet of to be me-.e shells. "The Anier-|Lot 1 In Block 2 of the Harold c lean familyv. home today offers equipment ?nd structural features unequalled -jnywhere In the world," said Mr. ?/eeper. These include compact, automatic, economical heating plants; automatic refrigeration and automatic gas and electric kitchen ranges. /Yutomaii'. dishwashers ana laundry machines lighten household chores. Ventilating funs, air-conditioning, over-all insulation," better protected electric circuits against overloading and possible fire make today's home superior. It was the consensus of tlVe authorities questioned In this survey by the Construction Research Bureau that building research and material testing by manufacturers, suppliers, architects and builders have led to better and more durable materials, thus offsetting increased cosls. Baseboard Heat Tested in Homes Highly .satisfactory comfort conditions in various types of houses equipped with baseboard heating were reported in R summary ol a' research project presented at the recent convention of the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers. Baseboard heating equipment, was installed in five houses which ranged in size from five to 14 rooms and which varied In shape and construction. The number of occupants ranged from two to six. The test results indicated following general conclusions: 1. Size, shape, or construction materials of the structures had little elfect on the overall performance of the baseboards. 2. Air temperature differentials from floor to ceiling and from room i to room were less than m houses heated by more convcntionary systems. 3. Baseboard radiation systems were free from inherent drafts. 4 Indoor relative humidity was -bscrvcd to be satisfactory without ihe use of hnmldlfication devices. 5. Highly satisfactory results were obtained from the us« of simple controls systems. the other consideration. The Is to be used as a play- Thompson Subdivision, $1 nnrt other consideration. Willie c. nnci Cornelia Bensley to Harold o. and Cornelia Be.islcy to of Section 10-15N-11E. a plot 20 by 130 feet. $50. Irene Crowdcr to Elmer Stone Lot 4 of the Willie Beaslcy Subdivision. $6.000. E. D. and rtovenc C. David to the City oi Blythcvlllc, Lot. 15 of Block 0 of the David Acres Subdivision $1 and " property ground. R. .H. and Daisy p. tocke to Joe A. and Myrtle McClure. Lot 10 of Block "0" of the John B. Walker Second Subdivision, S1.000 Ira V. Robblns to B. w. Fanght 30.02 acre., in Section I4-HN-11E $10 ami other consideration. Ethel Hancock to Dolmar Wilson. Lot 4 61 Uic Stanley Hancock Track In the NE ; 4 01 Section 17-15N-8B part of Block I of the R. L. Hay's addition to Lcachvillc. $250. Farnsworth Evans and Kathleen Black to Carl E. and KlU s. Coulter. '50 Housing Act Starts Land Boom NEW YOTIK—</!>)—Tile new 30- \enr mortgage for veterans, nnthor- Md by Hip federal housing law of 1950, hits started n boom wilhln a boom In hnmo building. By broadening the market through bringing monthly payments down. Ib has started a rush to buy land for low- cost housing-development. In New York's siiburbnn Long Island area, fanners are getting near fabulous prices for acreage lo bo divided into building lots. One real estate broker tells of a potato farm thai sold for 5500 an acre in 1945 and now has bom resold to home builders for $-1.500 an ucrc. Cultivated fields fronting on one of the main highways of Ijong Is- d£ north shore arc being offered. for Commcrcinl siles nt $200 front foot. per a plot 50 hy ISO feet In Section 10- 1SN-I1K, $2.000. Clacnce w. Kellers, Jr., and Elizabeth Sellers lg 11. M. Wallace. Lot R of 1'iock 8 of (he David Acres Subdivision. Cieiirue W. nnd Di'loma Wiggs to Lesln Nonh, Lot 4 of Block 6 of the Wilson Third Addition, $1 nnd other consideration. J. C. and Hossie E, Crlncr to Dan W. nnd Hcrthn Bush Lot 9 of the J. C. Criner Subdivision In the SEJ4 of Section 15-15N-11E, $10 and other consideration. Leila F«yc Swift to nlchard M. and Hattic E. King, Ia(s 3 nnd 4 ol Hie center one-lliirtl of Lots 11, 18. 10 nnd 20 In Block 1 of the E. M. Bryan Subdivision, $1 nnd olher consideration, A, E. and Margaret Lewis lo lluby P. Gray, i/>t in of Block 5 of the David Acres Subdivision, $'157. Richard A. and Mildred p. Cnry to William Carl and Helen Marie Judd. West ISO feet ol Ihe NW[4 of Section I4-11N-11B, $1 nnd other coi-^di'rnlion. Calvin H. nnd Huby Irene Ralph lo KDbb.e Shuiisn, nil of the North 75 'cct of 'ol 10 in Block 3 of the Chicago Mill and Lumber Company Addition, $10 nnd other consideration. Clyde L. nnd Opal Vickcry to Jnmes F. and Eveclyn York, Enst 41 icet of Lot o in the Rebecca Pnt- teicson Subdivision, $1 nnd other consideration. Tom and Mary Williamson to Franklin nnd Stella ucnbow, pnrt of Lot 30 of Block 3 of the Original Survey of the town of Manila, $1,000. Osborne-MeKlnnon Company to Arthur B. nnd Imogens Hunch, West one-half of Lot 3 of Block "B" of tlie Osbornc-McKlnnon Subdivision In Manila. $0.050. Blythevillc Developcmcnt Company to Ervie White, lot 4 of Block 4 of, Wilson's First Addition, $205. Osbornc-McKinnon Company to Florence E. nnd Ellen L. Brown, West 50 feet of Lot 4 of the Block "C" of the Ostiornc-McKiniion Addition to Manila, $G,050. DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH and "Flexalum" Venetian Blinds Austin & Wicker • Spot Pain I — G)as« — W*)lp«p«r 112 So. 1st. Phon« 6207 pootectum> Most Important Point Advancement In 25 y«on New Fume-Proof, Sun-Proof House Paint produces a film of unusual whiteness. It will not discolor or darken from coal smoke or industrial gases. It'« (elf-cleaning, loo—removes surface dirt. Years of extensive exposure tests under many types of climate conditions, from strong sunlight and salt air to heavy industrial f"m« ureas, have proved the superiority of this new formula over ordinary house paint. Come in and ask us about new Fume-Proof, «*uo« Sun-Proof House Paint, '5' 3 (A Z I 3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2OI5 "PETE" The Pl «™»>er, Sez: Call on us for plumbing: service and installation*! We're on the spot for emergency repairs! Our prices arc reasonable! Terms Available! I.e( Us Install That Kxlni Bathroom or Modernize Your Present Bathroom OUSE. AINt Your home will hove that "freshly painted" look For yean, plus Ih* maximum of paint prole c lion, when painted with RED SPOT Advanced Formula House Paint. Self-denning whit* — ilayi brand new bright. New tint* and coLort — both smart and practical*) * m AC Ptr I Citron Y *• ""• i fijllw + /| *»-' Callu Con|j:n«(i ConUlwt AUSTIN & WICKER Red • Spot PAI NT— GLASS— WALLPAPER , Phone «I»f 112 So, 1st. Save Oil-Save Money THIS WINTER ENJOY THE NEW EXCLUSIVE Coleman Modumatic Comfort INSTALL THE FAMOUS COLEMAN OIL-SAVING WARM AIR F U R AUTOMATIC WORK-FREE HEALTHFUL DIRT-FREE A 810 STORAGE TANK WIU STORE NEXT WINTER'S OIL IF YOU INSTAU IT NOW *Modumatl< comfort means constant circulation ol >lt at an even comfortable uarmth modulated to suit out' side temperatures. iVo excessive fluctuation of heat and cold. Come in today and let ut explain (he many advantages of COI.EMAN MODUMATIC COMFORT. 2-Bedroom Home Completely Installed For As Low As $650 Frank Simmons Tin Shop !I7 So. Broadway Phone 2651

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