The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1937
Page 4
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A SLIGHT CHARGE Alterations SALE $16.75 TAILORED Man tailored Suits made of high guide wool materials. Single or Double breasted coafs. Pure crepe silk or salin gowns or )-aj;< at a below cast price. Trimmed in g,r- geous laces and cleverly styled, llu;; a supply. Prices will never )>: lower. VALUES TO $11.75 'J'lirllly wmnrn will ll.irill at this re;!|ark!il)!c dress liiir- Biilii. In this jiroiip you will find a splendid .sclcclinn ol line siiks In rjcli, sollti colors, also brauliful prints. Kxlivi Well made for perfect fit and satisfactory wear. Smart styles lhat arc complete in every fashio;i detail, sizes arc from 12 to W and Irom 38 lo •!(!. But w2 warn you 'hey will 150 fust so belter be here early. : UP TO $10.75 Hi this group of dresses yon will find many garments fjiat are' copies of much higher priced, models. lioth low sleeves and short sleeve styles. Splendid quality til.ks and rich sntliis. All of the wanted solid colors and n wide raiiu? of- prints in new patterns and designs, prr.'ses that you will be proud to o\yn and wear and Hie savings ccrlaliily arc worth while. $12.75 TO $14.75 DRESS5! You can now buy the dress you have admired and want- cil at a price jar lower than i'ou expected to pay. Ttic dresses in this group arc nil brand new fqr this season's wear and are complete in every detail ot -s|.ylc and fiish- |cn. r lh? colors arc the very newest. The mate-rials are (he choice of the market. A cetniilclc range pi si/xs for the bargain wise early buyers. $15.75 TO $19.75 ORES! Jn this group we r.ffcr a!) of our bclUr dresses to the \yoinnn \yiio demand Ihe best. The very finest silks that the markets afford.- The very finest workmanship. The y:ry nciycst exclusive styles. In this group yon will fiiici the correct frqcf; for every (jiiytiinc need. Dresses for .vjjcrts \vcar f aftcrnccn .and. dinner wear, and every gar- men! is an oiilstniKlin^ bargain. UP TO $5.95 A closp-pul Rroup of dresses from a previous season', put the styles nrc good and die irm- lerinls nrc (jcpd. There arc not many at 'tills price'and the early buyers will gel Ihein. So be early. UP TO $10.15 'fhis price is ridiculous tor these jood dresses." n\it L they nrc odds and ends and they must yo. Yen will want two or more of.these iviitn yon see them. Most all sizes lo slnrl with. $3.95 SILK HOUSE Hove are the siimrlcsl house cents you have seen in ninny a day. Mad? of heavy wcfglU silk in neat self color stripe.s. polor.s arc Ii::sc. Ae,ua. Wine nnd Eoy- al. Uandy for X'ma.s gifts, loo. $1.4? SUPS 'Ihc-sc .slips ore made of Silk. TaUcIn and Salin in four gore and straight bia.s slylcs. Elllirr tailored or luce trimmed. Full cut and tu!| length. Adjustable Fhculdcr straps, ncsh and Tea Rose. \ V, ifAS nrr ino:ir n Ticavy\vci?,ht Satin in a tuitntaT of Min styles. High coloui lh;U arc very nltrac live. Ycu will be nrcurt of Uics?. You will want several ot these lace trimmed pantio.; for personal us? and (jilts. Pure ;,i!U ,i:ni lich uvtir.;-.. Priced b:lo'.v cost. High grade rayon panties and step-ins nre cither lace trimmed or tailored. Wc:l flat scams. Ideal for everyday wear, All sizes. Pure silk negligees that p.rc trimmed with beautiful lace and \dli arid ID any woman's charm. Pastel shades in te\;ra! pretty ftylcs. Better buy one no-,v. Beautiful slips of Tailctu or Hatin in all siics- Ecveral smart'ilylcs to s,clecl'from!' Beautiful lace trimming or lace styles. Slips of exceptional style and quality at a pric.' that saves. ECO [PLETE CLOSEO1 REGULAR $1.05 ress HPIISD JUKI slrecl dresses mitde of vat (iycii last color prinls in a wide rang? of colors and patterns. Smartly .styled and nicely made, sizes from 12 to '1C. UP TO $1.95 A dc,-;.c onl group of blouses inc'ludinn Batisti Swiss and Soisctte. Solid colors and new 1 printed designs. The price is ridiculously >.o\'.'. AH sizes. ?4.ttS HANI) KNIT SWEATERS For .'.perls wear you nerd one of these innc 1 wcol hand knitted sweaters. A full ran'n- of fall colors and pastel shades. Several .':ty!cs to choose from. $1.25 FABRIC l-'in;nt i:ili ic gloves in Mic :;ca.son's intr.t- Viintctl rolovs. Slip on and ruff styles Uiat nit' itii.-nliMcly new. F*cr(cct litling and ideal for fall ami winter wcav. • , $5>.95 TWIN SWEATERS T'.vin swr.ilrr srls havr n c.ip rJcrvc sweater .in(i long ,«!ccvc coat in niatchiiis or contiBfliuj cnKrs. Marie of pure 'vool «ov- sicas or brushed wcol. $15,000.00 The New Kronomy Slioj) Quits . . . this ;ninoii incut will come like a bolt of lightning out i deny sjty to our tbousand.s of friends ami cusl ers. For ten years this shop has served t-he injf public of Blytheville and vicinity with '. grade standard brands nf women's coats . drosses . . . halx . . . hose . . . underwear shoes. Always offering the better things for women who wanted quality. During those years we Iniilt an enviable reputation for quality merchandise at the lowest possible ill- There has never been one dollar's worth of called "cheaii" merchandise in this store. It been hard for us to decide to quit but tlie dcci has been made and we are going to dispose of- entire stock in a sensational close-out .sate; ••, will open on Thursday, November 11, at .') and continue until every dollar's worth fit stock of merchandise is sold. We warn von this is not going to bo a long drawn out af Trices have been slashed and cut lo the lo< level in years and everything is going to move rapidly. dmiraJfon C O S TU /V\ £-+H O S i S R. Y Pure (bread fitt: l and reinfcircd at. j • wearing. A1U in sizes irom 8li '•' these so lie here $1,00 PURSKS Clew-out, group ol Mac!; and the wanted colors. A variety ot slylts and shapes. Nicely made. SHEER Admiration pine , are three thread ;. thread chillon : famous for Ion (Jhiflon that is s ringlcss. ;• $1.39 PURSti Smart *yles in, , ! .>t brown and shado.s. Every lr : brand new stylo. ;J II Email stylos in t v-/fi cry wanted color &\ ' every head si7.e.*r Email stylos cr cv Brims, toppers and all the other new styles in ali color.;. High crade fnr felto-solicls anil yrlours. Exclusive .styles and las-'iions. Ail head sizes in a good selection of styles. - 103 East Main SHO SACRIFICED We could sell this stock la de.'tler.s and probably gel more money for il. but we feel that the people of Klytheville and vicinity who supported this store for ten years are entitled to .share in the savings that this sale makes possible. Our losses will be tremendous but we want our friends and customers to benefit by them. Every'dollar's 'w'orl'ij af merchandise without exception is being marked down to record-breaking lows. We are arranging displays that will make it easy for you to make selections. We are training salespeople to serve you and we ask you to attend this sale expecting to find a store packed with the things you want and need at prices thai are the lowest'and savings the that you have seen in years and it may be many years before yon .see them again, (f von are a bargain wise buyer ... if your dollars mean anything to you and if you want good merchandise for less than the price of inferior yowls then be here when the doors open Thursday, November II at !) a.m. This sale strictly cash. No refunds. No exchanges. Every sale lin'al. . sheer cliiflon arc full fashioned Joint of wear. Perfect (Vtlins and ic season's most popular shad?s I-;. You will v.nnt many pair ot 1FFON NET AND LACE ,35 HOSE These net and lace ho.;^ arc ideal for dress and evening. Extremely she;r. The most popular shades in all sizes. Ideal for personal use and gifts. 1 .15 BiBUCED $1.95 PURSKS $2.49 PURSES Ri;)l >:a!iirr hij;-- »' i ( h r.ipjicr fa:sl:nrv.s, C o m- plrlc^ \v i t li ininor.s an<l chnii|:c pun-ics. Trp hnmiic and utK.Icr nun purses of lite, finest quality leathers. Extra will made. 1185 FELT HATS A rc.d bargain in fur felt hats. Correctly '.^lylccl in (lie smartrst Ai: hrad si/r,; in every wanted slvpc. A ;.p!rnri»l cclcction of hcttc; li,i^ a i a very loir piicr.' All slylrs, Kil colors, nil RlifiUl.AKfll.7S KNIT SUITS 6 .95 Two piece knit suits come in the popular Jail and winter shades. Made of pure wool and silk and wcol yarn. Correctly styled for sports wear. Several styles. I I UP TO $4.95 ROBES Lounging robes nnd ball) rolies of. silk, corduroy, or flnnntl. A \vidc range of colore and styles to choose from. Price Is far he- low ccst. All sixes to start with. 1 I UP TO SS-'IS SWEATEKS .97 Brushed wool, pure wool worsted, and silk nnd wcol sport s\yealcrs in n splendid selection of styles and colors. Every sweater a bargain beyond question. I I $MS CAPKSKIN GLOVES .47 Capcskin giote.s ccme In black and brown only. Smart slip on styles v.ilh flic new Cliffs. Long .wearing finalities as well ns smart appeanince and perfect lit. I I Blytheville, Ark $4.95 TWIN SWEATE; Two piece pure \voot weatcr self for s^orls wear. Clever styles in a wide range (if colors. Very fins quality at a price far below the actual value. A REMARKABLE SAVING c VALUES • SPORT COATS • DRESS COATS I VUIt THIMMKD A dow-oul KKiup t)f eoiilK llial ollVi's a.slm,ii<li,) K \ m - K 'M\». Hindu of mii-u wool coating also lalmc furs. K,n c qualii.v silk lining am) w«r,,, intcrlini.,^. Son are fm- and «ll, m sport «Vyl CB or lailovc,! .style*. .Just 27 ,,f «»,.«„,„, ^l/ b tl> S s $29.75 SPORT COATS This Rroui> ol spcrl coals conluins some .of the smartest coa to «<> have .••liown (his :;ca.son. 'nicy arc 'very finest pure wool coalings In tin 1 mrst wnnli'd colors. lix- ceptloniilly well made for perfect lit. , COATS AURIC FURS TAILORED COATS $39.75 FUR TRIM COATS Dress coat.; In bbck. brown ami llio wanli'rl bilchi col- f\f. Material:! arc of llu; my li!!.l anil nicHy ulm-", mcd willi prime i-| c |, furs.,/' Elylcd In the. vciv hcl'jla of j tashlui. All sixes 12 In '(•!. TO $19,75 COATS .lust 15 coats lo be .sold at I his price mid t)u; lirst J5 smart buyers will get them. 'I he .styles are good—the malcrials ,-md colors are good and the sale price j s less lhan the actual cost of the linings. • $J9.7§ to $28.75 ::iiothcr sensational bargain iiroiip cf_sp-jit coals in cither '[aijorcd or fur (rimmed moclo'ls. Cnrr.'cl in every detail of style and fashlo'i. Pure WCD! coalings in black', L-lue. brown, green, Dubonnet and pray. Regular $69.75 Here nre,.our,..]>u}l. fur lilmmrd oals and (hey : nre 'Offered at n. inirc thai shows n Ireraemlon.'i fnvinK. The very finest materials -UK- mast sclrcl fui'.i and tlu exclusive styling (omul only [n (.lie lilphesL priced (,'Hniiciitii. All e;l- (irs. COATS This grouo of :n fine eonis Is one . "- •• . '.'* ; , cf (he oulslnndln;! valui'j; In ' tills " sale. The women who huy • rlctliM will buy (lies- 1 . Every yvnntcd color Jn every new style, .Sixes from 12 ttj Jo for Ilin curly buyers, no sure lo se« Ilifsc. AMERICA'S FINEST SHOES FOR WOMEN AT TREMENDOUS PRICE REDUCTIONS $5 to $7.75 Vqlueif VITALITY AND ANNETTE FASHION FOOTWEAR A SELBYSHOE High. Grade Women's '.95 (ind $7.95 Values f Ties i SI raps • Oxfords 9 Pumps t 4 Lo W 9 AAA lo tt These famous shoes combine the utmost in style with finest shoemaking aijd lasting which insures ease, comfort and perfect fit and exclusive style. Made of the finest suede and kid leathers in high heel, Jounce! and mcdjtim heel styles. Sport and dress styles in all sizes. Aljonl 200 pair of shoes in this groiij) and every pair is of-Ihe latest shapes and last;;. Correct in style and perfect in lit. Oxfords and lies, pumps mid .simps. High ],oHs, low heels and mcdiim. heels. Colors are liliick, brown, green, dnbonnd and other .smart colors. Bargain buyers svjl) buy .scvmi) |«tir of Dicsc. 100 Pair $4.50 and This group of Kill pair ot oxfords, firs, straps and pumps consist;; nt odd pairs and discontinued lines of hlth tirade shoes. Colors brown, WHO ' nnil blarl; mostly nnd Ihe :,lzes run up lo !>. Kid. nuedc nntl patnit lcatUer.7. If your size Is here you will warn .several pair. 'The price in every ca.i2 is fnr l:elow actual cost. MODE ART AND NATURAL BRIDGE i IP 9 AAAlo'B Widths lieyuhir $6 Values arc our smartest styles in high quality style tialit thocs and (fir rale price is a real saving to you. Ever/ wanted style and color in the Mode Art group made of surrte. kid and leather combinations. Solid colors and mu'll-eoiors. Natural Bridge Sorties are made ci real buck-so soft and easy and so stylish. Be sure to s:e (his group.

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