The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1933
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Served by the United Press EHTHEVIEEE COURIER NEW THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTH BAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MMSOURI s HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—MO. 185 BlyUie»llle • Dully, Nc*». BlytneTiU* Oouri«. Valley Ifvitr BlytburtU* Htrald. ,,, ymiiMm i p APKAVQAS FRIDAY nPTnTWI? 90 10'Vl '"'' ' '"'' "''•'-. AHKrtiNartrt, iimmi, tK-lum'.U M, l.l.i.i SINGLE COPIES FlVfc ID Dm, SPURNIK ciaiaKrai : - I Whisky Only Companion, FLASHES 319 MIKSINft IN STOll.M TOKYO—Thin- huinlrrd ^ t'vintv-niiu- fiOirrmen \\vn- iuU- mta', aflfi .1 i:t(;riii ilf-itr f,f ^.W'U •red l.v 111 : |r nurn stunn. M.ILS :i30 Mii.KS AN JIOl'll P of Californian in Hours) ^^"1^-^^ Before Execution. SAN QIIF.NTIN PRISON. Oct. '20 lUl'J— Dallas ISjan, 3B.| lover ol poelry and fine; ui'.s yet, a confessed cold Wooded killer,] oropped lo his death on Ihe San Quenlln gallows today for .staying un aged man during the Olympic v-aines in L&s Angi-lf.s. ' Esan .spurn 'd clemency from Oov. Rolph. Jr.. ns.kina only "^ood whisky" as his companion in the iKHir. liiat pn-ccdeU his ilroth. He took ;i dunk "f .sliaishl vhu-ky \\\o hr/irs before he was hange'd. al. 10 0! A. M. Twelve n:!nut(-s later -n 1 was pronounced (i'~-ad. "E^an liad on hi:; breath l.ul lie died so!;'.-r." was the .slate incut of Dr. B. b. Stanley, priion ],liysician and ueling warden. The condemned man slrode firmly into ih" gallows loom. c'.imL-ed the 13 Mi-ps alone. Hi had ipiirntd ctfei.s of rcli :.o'.acc. As Dr. Stanljv went lo surnmo'. Esan the convict ',vas calmly play 1:1^ his phonograph. "You iiad belter turn it oil,' laid Stanley. "We are ready." "Okay, dccto,-," replied Egiui. He glanced i;nickly around hit tell. About one drink re- nuined Dentil Im-d |il:mi-s «as -el here tnduy li; Jimmy \Vrilell ul New Or- Cal..i tf;ins uhcn h'? pilnled his ,>!iss 38.1 I'iillri.icin :i:ii) milr.s .in llimr. Wedtll atsu M| tin- iirevlou.s lecnrd, M'.> milt's per hour, ir. u went Ksl al Chlrajo. IPrnvidect Syndicate With .•6103,216,184, Senate Learns. WASHINGTON'. Oct. 20 iUP> — \\hich the Ohase Niitional hank indirectly put in) SlOS.aiC,184.88 for •ilciin's Mighty Droadnauglit ol'thc Skies riili-r o! tlic W.1VC3, hr'«-• io nilu Hie alrway-i, i.nmc. iii^! al Brotigh. Knijland, the world's fii'-'l llyinji lialllesliij> far her Hoyal An- Poue. SiaiKiin^ nc-iirly a; fi-.-t hig.'.. with LI vvlng .span of 07 fei-i. the litant sliip tpi'ctnred ueluvy in Kicie vlinvl is the lirst plane io carry :i B mi ea]>ui):i. 01 tlrlnt; .s C;>;>laln Pjnches is .shown above al Ihe .s.nji'.s bow. manning nildiiblc (jim whicii can <le:i| 100 sl-.rils a miiuile. Tr.c aerial drea;l- M'ndicate which traded for 151 n,n: a hi has a speed of 132 mlto A(iKI) I'AVMAS'l'iJl KI.AIN (;AM»KII>I-:(>. JIUM.— An year-old pn) master wa^ shol | (ind here l<wl;ty \vhrn he ofTer- td arinei! rfsistjnre lo four «'€lt dn-'ird bjndits who \vay- l-iid him near [lie tomyany for uhhh he viurktd. CUT KRinSCOUNT KATKS WASlilN'<>TON — The ffdtral iMtrve tiunks of Chicago and Cleve'.iiid have reduced llieir rtdLseuur I rales from i to 'IVi per crnl, the federal reserve lieaul ^nnounred today. The reserve bank cf New Vcirh euts its lute (rein J ^!j lo i per tent >t:.(erday. HI mm iijcnlbs in .sluii'.-.i of the hunl: iiveul':d todav by jenalc slocl: The monev aclURlly was advan- cd bv the M'rtpotan corcoralion. .v iwil bv the Oiiay/ Securities cor- jCKilion, which in turn wr.s OMII- l.-y .siccklioldci.s ill UK- bank Control of 11^ Chase b.Ti'K, the ".'has 11 Sfcuriiic? cciDoratirjn. and .he Metpotan v:ere identical. WASllINOTON. Oel. 20. (Ul*) — Alleged' onemtlon of a "whisky xx)l r 10 sky-rocket alcohol stocks 3n the New York stotk exchanire was revealed todav to be under in- vctllentlon bv the senate slock rnfirkr'. comnilttcc. Ferdinand Pecorn, committee counsel, has been furnished a report on examination of the alcohol share accounts of at least 99] members of the stoclf exchange by Richard WhitneVi president, of the exchange. Whether charpej; of pool activities were borne out wtis not. disclosed. | The whisky boom began last' and continued until July ear. Its investigation :led In connection with m a tottia of whisky. 1 Washington Is Putting on of tills y i cell >v!ti«-wses said Egan „ ° ,-, . n | vias rcvcaleu i ... appavemly conrderod another lust! IrCSSUre to Lompel t\C- 1 the committee's dispute with! drink but changed his mind and; i .-i:,,.,,. i Whitney regarding infonnntion on r.tepped fioin hk cell for the gal- '• ClUCuOns. I stock exchange transactions lindhergh Says Atlantic Air Service Impractical LONDON, Ocl. M. (UP)-Col. Chnrle.s A. Lindbergh was reported loduy lo haw- said trniii-Alliintlc j commercial iivlalion was iinprurtl- | eal ».-> yel, even during (he sum i mer months. ! 'lln' Dully Telegraph. In u purported Interview with Lindbergh, <|uotrd him as wiylng greut tm iiciiilii-.- whose ovrrnHnlntt lie wo.* unable to foretell prevented winter .serviue. LindlxTgh Dtul Ids wife made :i (1'uns-Atlautlc IllKhl lust summer to .survey possibilities for a i northern alv route. I Leaders Say Relief Program So Far Has Failed to Help Farmer. WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 (Upt<- Pirsldoul House veil h conlemplht- Inn linmcdialc action' In the rrtid- "Tsieru lurm strike, Representative Cilnrle.s Traux, cDcm., O.) said leduy uuon Ic-r.vlng the White llmise where he ulsciissed tiie, gien- cnil nuilcallunil .siCuation. BflTHEfi III Pill! Workers in Ugly Temper Following Murder of Leader. Yesterday. Oct. 20 ST. PAUL. Ocl. 20 (UP)—Months of discontent marked by outbursts of violence flared Into open 're- ' volt In Die agricultural middle'- today as 2,000.000 farmers were, ordered io strike In ti '.d*s- 1 perale effort to force Immediate federal relief. ~\v A declaration of "economic warfare" to obtain ail increase In-the price of farm products and force n refinancing; of fiitm" debts was secret britiixurir-iji.', MI., m^- <•» • ^ i . . ., , • Pi--Three comtanles ot militia- "rectors of the National . _". . . . . . . HoH'I'lV Aueii*»liiHni\ Will m-?n wen; mobilized uL the stair siispiml nnd ether companies wfre crdcrul In icftdlneM lor duly us ol Progressive Mlncin inussM lo picket two mines of Pealody Coal company here miners prepaied to march on the mines, slate and (tiliral authorities expressed apprehension (it violence and possible bloodshed in a renewal ol Ihe bitter war between the Progressive United BUy Xflf Sfcll'..^ Milo Reno, dynamic national president, announced .llioV'strfte'. . order, to become elfectivn at nOtfft .-;. / tomorrow In the . 2fi states -. wh^rb . : .< mills of the OJHOcUllon have been ; <iu::ii)ijed. lie expects niUUonis-;bf ..'. non-members U> Join in the strike. A proclamation calling the strike ; declared it would lake the form .„. of: • ' • ' • •';,&'• l-Refusal lo Ml any r.tepped i Vf- ircirch 1 " '' ' ' '" ] October 1, 1DM. lo July. 1. 19U.! WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 (UP)— , v/hituey refiLscfl to circulate a • .-• x \i '' • . . C--,,-l • ., --.frtsAiire was on today al -\yash-jquesUonairr which iwould i^ic the i ax RCCeiptS equal m -- -jiiigton for reducing fancy- .sala-j public the first eomplefc Informa- Number tn Last Year lies drawn * u [tive.q. bi ' bl:5lRei « execu-jUSn t-ver available oil who andi many persons are Eamblin(!,| Broker' Found Haaging I ILLSEtK ' nftVl' ^ EW Y ^RKi OCL M'lUP) — ' II II I I Herbqit D. L/:dcrer, 44, of the U ti I i tirokeraifc firm of Edward P. , , i Even President Roosevelt, it is speculating or trading, und for; Payments of .state nnd county , rcpon! , (1 . llns glvf ,, consideration hW much and what it costs them. - Whitney's refusal caused I'eeora i. In -number are running al- to ,, le mauei . alu , lias (ji^^cd mcjii exactly rhe same lh| : ; ycur u wilh Ally. Oen. Cummlnys. As to summon members of the ex:is last a check of receipts is-. tllc government moves more di- change, intending in the course M;ed retealc-d today. I reclly itno this question it is like- of time lo bring all of them here.! Last year's- record.; disclosed | y to i^ debutcil sit considerable i '.hat approximately 2.700 receipis j leimth in congress next winter. | been toned ai Ihe office of. whether anything can be dona the sherlrt and collector today I through legislation nnd if so in r. year ago. The number of re-1 what way had not been officially, ceipls issued this jear up until indicated. But enough is on rec-j tcday was slightly higher, but with- • O rd already to show that Wash- in 10 of the number In the cor-^ngton is rapidly converting this responding period last year. i cnee secret information into n No fl»ures on lux collections I matter of public interest, through Moml'iy. when payment! just as tiie government, is mov-: p s.Itho'.it penally wns si-heduUd lo-im; through the securities net lo FT i ml, were a\ailable today. ! protect the public from being vlc- j timized through misrepresentation Closing Stock Prices **» Bl £ ^^tc^loj protecl slockholders against inan- Plaiminu and Smith ami company, nnd [ot Isabel Leighton, author Gl'Cat i p'ayv me. was found Hanging ! ]!0tn an electric cord In his Piul; j'venii'.' .ipnilmeiit today. Police said liu had committed Miicicte. No nolc \vns loitnd. • ' Miss L'jight'u is Hie author All northeast Arkansas and ,, .- Mv &,„ ' K ranklin." n book southeast Missouri will bn mvllcd 1 Nln MO Miners and their rival Mine Workers union. One Progressive . leader was slain, shot In thi> back, and a United Mine Workers member uirrendu-cil to the sherllf • and . ~,vfis sflrlltd ft', of the .county as lf.,000 members of the 'Progressives marched through Ihe slreets l.ere yesterday. Sheriff Cole said Pet^ Haynes pioduce, Kvcstoekv inllV. butter, • 'or! exus cxcent (pr Virtees equal to . cost of production.' 2.— RefuttV. to .purchase les or merehandl*e.exMi>t as ritc- essnry and unobtainable, .other., . . - . : 3 .— I! e f lisnl lo Ir iwc. ' on r •• homes, a tanUmotint defiance • of mort- for«)(Kiire» nnd eviction 'or- to rare( . CRDlu i of Tnylorvltle would be charged tar ' uls OI1 debts until prices reach vem ibev i- Resort Proprietor A. T. and T 114 7-8 Anaconda Copper Bethlehem S-ecl Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tnnk General Electric General ,\fotor.-. International Handler Middlewcst Utilities .... Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard I'hilllps Petroleum 11 5-8 25 1-8 39 1-4 92 21 1-2 17 1-2 25 1-4 33 Is Indicted. agement executives who skim off a thick cup. of cream for themselves in the form of salaries and! bonuses. . The federal ~ trade cwnmifsion,' under a senate resolution, has just seni questionair'es to move than 2.CGO large corporations calling for salary lists. GSCEOLA. Ark.. Oct. 20.—Jim- linin Jones of Bivtheville was ac- ouitted of the chnrae of biiralnrv io »lt end the Armistice day celc bration here Saturday, November 11, which i-5 to be sponsored by Ihe Dud Cason post of the Americ-" Legion. TJic celebration, which will bo. nivthcville what the twach les-i tiv^l is to Forrest City and Ihe; --"'nji festival Is to Helena, is to' begin ot dawn and end when e' p - rwoue is loo tired to have any more fun. An elaborate program is being mapped out with such attractions " mi Preslilrm. Roosevelt's boyhood arilleii in ctt'aboratloii with Mrs. Jr.mes Roosevelt, the [resident's inolher. the will: his Accused Woman's Condi- lion Makes Freedom Necessary ,Says Lawyer. Attorneys for Mrs. R..P. Prulti. . . _ ,_, \vho with her husband is- accused! r. fnro : a <, n A CurrMnn \ ing-hlijlier prices for the th'lriga-li*'' of murder In the drowning ot u utors ™..r" „. , rBun p .."'had to buy-while-the i prices.^ ' L •- '"- -"•-- Mill Worker* StnkC got (or aie'.thinKs'he'had.Ui.fien kept on Bpinc dowii," said Btno. in JiBUfylri«'tli«vn^w-' (roneralTem- 1th miirderlnj yelvllle Staples,. ^^^^ C06t ,j vels . ,. .',..^': ! ; is fellow townsman. AllhoUgh • *. ;> _ Re f afa \ . tp 'r»v 'takes' or >\nv Piogressive leiiderr, pleaded ugalnst te j cst ' on debt? out of money rieed^' violence the miners were obviously od tor . foot ^ clothing --or "o^iet, ir an angry mcod. ; necessities.- • '. . ,".'.'—' ]•" farmer found lie was; pay- 1 UUU ^MLll .1111.11 ,l\ll.n-li«i, • — _ . . . crowning of "Miss North- Lounty Health (Jrpani7.a- ouitted 01 the cnnrae 01 oiiraiarv Ms t Arkansas and southeast MIS-| • ' p • A II J . and ?n\nd larceny by a jury in jouri." a baby contest, a parade j lion Lai'iying Un Under circuit court here la!e ycslerdav. On the docket ihls morning a v e the Severn! caws of prisoners held In jnil wlio w p cre indicted by the er.ind jury. The court will hear pieas of euiitr and set dates for 16 J"*!E, F. Alston Heads 2 »?ii Manila NR.A Committee! d L-O 13 l-2l with awards for the best floats, a. nifflr>iilh« military contest an nir circus, a L/niiLUincb. ttreet dance, followed by a dance! ---- w at the armory, midnight shows at ; Miss Euphn H\xson. formerly or t l(x , ay _ the thealers. and a prominent Russellville. Ark., has been ap bnby ' born to Miss Opnl Hassell. \frs. .Pruilt'.i sister, were to seek Lei- 1'elensc on bond today because the accused \\oman Is'ex- pecting n baby. While the event is said to be several months otf. E. K. Alexander, one of MM. Pniitt's attornEys, declared he was anxiotts to secure ttic woman's release from a jail cell. He said he feared close confinement, might prove dangerous at this lime. Mr. Alexander said he was confident that prosecuting officials would agree to Mrs, Prtiitt's release on bond and that he planncc 1 to iisk Circuit j Judge G. E. Keck, now presiding over court at Osccola, lo set bone speaker for an address early in the pointed by the state board of with these will be health as nurse of the Mississlp- Mr nn(1 p, lcs i e( j n [ te r Prulti were ar- they allegedly rc- .AUGUSTA, C'.n., Oct. 20' (UP) — Approximately 4.000 collon mill operatives in Augusta and nearby Suulh Carolina towns struck lodiiy n protest against the laying oil ol one shift of workers ui local mills due lo introduction of the ttretch-out system. The btrlke affected the Sibley r.r.d Enterprise mills here and the mills operated by the Lorlng interests In Horse Oreek valley. South Carolina. . bareo on farm products, Troop*. U-Entane £«*»'«> ^ Hie call for the strike'.cllnww> a swift moving series of events,^ the middle vest protesllni failure of the national recovery, progi^m to Imnrove the dire plight, ofrjjho American firmer. ' '.'.''.'.--*. aovemor William . Langcr. .".of North DakoU ordered moWUta- tion of the national guard to enforce his embargo on removal ;of GO.000.000 bushels of wheat from the state. Railroads moved Wheat Heart Attack across the borders despite the or- to Tomato Man Q O V. Charles Bryan of Nebraska [described the plight ol the. fa'rpi- Luther GifToid, 59-year-old To- er as "worse than intolerable" aitd mnto former, died Wednesday declared "the fanner's throat : is Hadio Corp G 1-2 Simmons Beds is 1-8 St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texns Co selected chairman of the local N. R. A. Compliance Committee Wed' inovcd Miss Hasrcll's baby from MANILA. Ark.—E. F. Alston was ten, charging htm with operatins gambling house on what is known as Sheddan's Towhead. a i discussed Its duties and future icxns uo -- rlans and annwnced it was rsndy u - s - Slcrl 3G3 - 3 to receive complaints from any- New York Cotton COTTON MARKET NEW YORK, Oct. 20 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close Get Dec Jan March May July 918 925 918 913 942 91Z 920 945 918 9^4 948 931 945 975 943 932 989 960 Spots closed steady at 940, up 5 - - r.esday evening. The committee j point of land near Butler, which • 3 * . nic^.ccnH itc HMH(»; nnH f,inirn.h ns i^en a popular resort since the sellins of beer was legalized a few montlis ago. There is a question whether the site, which is "made" land, belongs to Tennessee or Arkansas. While the land ts attached to the Arkansas bank, it is claimed by Tennessee and Mr. Wroten is on- eralin; under license granted by authorities of Lnuderdale county, Tenn. Recent quartering of the ftov- erimienl concrete mixing fleet near Butler where twelve hundred men are employed, will make law en- Iforcemcnt on the Towhead boll 922 928 941 953 "958 cne as to violations of any NRA code. Other members of the committee are Blythe Chllders, Mrs. Hfctlie Mae Grimes, R.' A. Johnron. Oscar Fendler, William Club I r.nd Joe. Massey. Complaints must be in writing, and may be submitted to any member. The committee will re-jonvene again next week. McKee Charges Graft in New York Relief New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 20 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. More detailed plans will be an- 'make up Ihe personnel of the ld ' tl ' fle(I m miii ,„ nmuiced from time to time. Ncill unit, has been In health unit work M|ss Hossel , was recovcrcd from Mzing the seriousness of Reed, commander of the post who for six years. | ., , Th Pnlllts werc held- tlon Wednesday night is in general charge, vtl" be as-, Tlje unit is continuing its ac-| • ' municlp- ' ' ' ' sisted by a large corps ol work-1 tlvitles a' •-""'• =' ~««M. .mrt^,.. the 1 for'" " 1 COUrl I so the work Is curtailed. Clinics; R, E. L. Wilson's Will Admitted to I house and much ol the remainder j OSCEOLA, Ark.. Ocl. 20.—Coim-! 0 [ ^ e | )rosr om Is being carried I ty Judee Zal B. Harrison admitted OU ( murder v.ill be sought when here Ocl. 30. Tuberculosis ed of soreness in the cheat. Real his condi- he Is said to have gathered his family around him and bade them fare- v.-cll. He died before medical aid could be procured. , Funeral services were held thus morning at 10 o'clock at Gates ! cemetery, near Barfleld. The Cobb In » " • .• i pi 1 Undertaking company was ASSOCiatlOn Lays Flans C h arge O f funera! arrangements. iy juuee ii. narniuii .luum^v. oui. Plans f< to probate here yesterday the will When the quorum court meets | tl . al 5a i c ( of the late R. E. Lee Wilson and nest month representatives from I meeting of ...„ ,. r . granted letiers testamentary lo n large number of civic organiza- Tuberculosis" "a'socfatlon r at :rs. J. K. Cr.iin and W. t iolw throushoul the county will [[olc , Nobl? y^^ay aflcrr the executor:. F. Wilson, named In the will. nsk that a definite arfroprta- The executors, according to Mr-' tion be made for continuing the Plaas for the annual tuberculosis were made at a Mississippi County the noon. Dr. George Hr.yes of Little Rock I Ckt Dec Jon March M ay- July open high low close 892 810 916 911 945 959 905 938 942 957 971 985 892 909 918 931 943 958 901 918 926 940 952 90S Spots closed steady at 915. up 9 Chicago Wheat open Pec May Dec high low close 81 1-2 71 1-2 81 1-2 73 3-4 85 3-4 70 1-4 84 Chicago Corn open 40 3-4 high low close 45 39 3-4 43 1-4 NEW YORK. Ocl. 20 (UP) — : Charges of graft and political favoritism in the administration ol welfare relief were laid at the door of Tammr-ny Hall toda.y. Tammany not only dictated where relief supplies arc purchased 3Ut In some cafes failed to give full measure o( relief to needy oersons, Joseph V. McKce, Recovery Candida 1 ,: In the three-sided mayoralty campaign charged last night. He promised n relief pro£:am "that will keep every man, woman and ehl!tt from going hungry." Kanras Students Go Plng-Ponjj LAWRENCE, Kan. (UP) —The great American sport soon may be ping-pong, if figures compiled at the University of Kansas are typical. Fifty-one per cent of the men students, whose forefathers considered shooting Indians more necessary cult, it is and more diffi- by the she fleM re | )resentaUve or Arkansas iff's office, and the suit is brought it s understood, to determine def-| general fam manager for Lee Wi.- Iniiely whether the responsibility son and Co.. and W. F. Wilson was for law enforcement rests wilh ; Mr. Wilson's private secretary'. officers of this county or of Lauderdale county, Tenn. the court It was voted to pay the 1 approprialion only after all other appropriations were paid. Insull Extradition Case Opens Saturday ATHENS. Greece, Oct. 20 (UP)— Samuel Insull, American utilities magnate, will answer In the court of appeals tomorrow • extradition charges brought against him by the American government, it was A Manila woman who toolc strychnine polion yesterday was^ reported improving at the Bly- thcville hospiUl today. The woman is said to have teen on a farm three miles south of Manila, where her family was picking cotton, when she svallowr- e<" the poison. She was listed on the hospital records as Mrs/ J. \v. May, a name given by her ! husband, but a report from M»n- la wns that the woman was known is a Mrs. Wesley Hargroves. ' Clinton Caldwell May Slrange Lake Fish lilt f he couny Ul II1L ITJUIU) makers at announced todsy. " of Parent-Teachers associations at Snawnee today. The Rev. E. K. Latimer Is Seek LeveeBoard Seat Taylor Residence on I _ West Main Damagedj Clinton Caltlwell. well farmer and attorney of May « 1-2 61 1-8 45 S-8 4S 1-4 ' Mrs. W. M Taylor's residence, 811 West Main street, was damaged by flre which broke out F.bout 10:30 o'clock, this morning. The damage, confined principally lo the roof, was estimated at S500 by Fire CWef Roy Head. The «'f>s covered by Insurance. Msnlla. may be n candidate If l!-e St. Francis L«vce Board at tlie election to be held November 6. according to unconfirmed riim- Baffles Canadians MONTREAL. (UP)—A strange fish, "with a head rescmblln; that of a parrot and ts«th on its tongue, is puzzling provincial fish and game department ofTlclals here. The fish was caught In a net In chairman of the seal sale campaign for this county. Two Girls First Air Hitch- The hearing was fixed for 10 A. At., and w«s expected to continue lor days \vhile Insull's staff of lawyers sought to save him from extradition on charges that he violated th5 federal bankruptcy iaws. Police were Instructed to con- Joe Craig Is Owner of Bennett's Dairy Bennett's Dairy, established here Ihree and a half years ago bv R. H, Bennett, has b«n purchased by Joe Craig, ot this city, 'vho has taken over operation'of the plant. In addition to handling pasteur- ized'Grade A milk and its products. It Is planned to add Qr»(S« A raw milk, which will be teidy ;tluct Insull from the hospital, :or distribution within (ew TUCSON, Arl2. (UP)— Tucson Lake St. Peter by J. O. Decheneau, I airport officials report they have Should Caldwell file as a on-(Notre Dame de p'lerrovlllc. Que.. : discovered the latest development tiidals a thvee-cornsred rare forl and snt here fcr Idenlincatlon. Tlie in hllch-hlkln?. \K a iiiiuc ~\.\Ji i\,\ in i cm .-.,»...-., oii» >'<->^ *»> .«..• .....i, _.---.- - — _..--. _ i r»* i T*« directorship from Dislrict O,'.;.i fi,h weljhn ifi pounds and thwe'Bobbte Spenea'^d Bonnie,Bw- Steal Pnrus at Crime Lecture AMARILLO. Tex. (UP) — While ^. 6 ,„„„„„ „.. r members of the Open Porum Club s im;l us four feel, four inch-[rins. comely molds, made their ap- listened to County Judge J. M. sess pearance at the local airport and Simpson on the subject of crime he has been under treatment since hi? preliminary hearing, to the court of appeals build- ln E . thumbed a ride to El Paso from a among boys, three women present lost purses to a sneak thief. The pursM were found, later, rifled of. $4 In cuh «nd « witch: days, according to the new owner. WEATHER Arkansas — Mostly cloudy, local rains tonight »nd Saturday. .. Memphis and vicinity—Prootbry showers tonight and Saturday. • The maximum temperature here yesterday was 78, minimum U, partly cloudy, according to Samuel P. Norrls, ortlcuU »«W«r ob-

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